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A brilliant Twitter thread perfectly explains
what drives today’s conservatives

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Posted By: Magnante, 7/10/2021 3:33:17 AM

Darryl Cooper, aka MartyrMade, is a researcher, writer, and podcaster who has put together one of the most brilliant Twitter threads you will ever read. Over the course of 35 tweets, he examines fact after fact from the last five years to explain why conservatives – the people who used to believe in our government, in law enforcement, in the election process – have become cynical, disillusioned, and prone to accepting conspiracy theories to explain the manifest breakdowns in the American system. It’s a brilliant analysis

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Reply 1 - Posted by: coyote 7/10/2021 3:55:10 AM (No. 841086)
This is a concise summary of all we have been dealing with for the past four plus years.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: Timber Queen 7/10/2021 4:07:08 AM (No. 841089)
Its been a long journey since the Tea Party days. I remember the excitement of jam-packed town hall meetings and citizens speaking truth to powerful congresscritters. I remember how the 9/12 March on DC seemed a triumphant moment. Surely, they could hear us now! I also recall that Mike Pence, then a congressman, was the only elected official invited to address the crowd. That held a lot of weight for me until January 6, 2021. Was he already a Deep State plant in 2009, or was he co-opted later to traitor status? I get numb reading the news and interacting with the few liberal friends who still talk to us. Its like walking on egg shells. They know nothing, other than TK and I have been captured by a cult. I just don't have the energy anymore. Its like talking to a wall. I have better conversations with my German Shepherd, Blackjack (formal name is General Pershing). I'm in mourning for my country. I pray for President Trump's safety and God's Benevolent Hand to be on our people. MAGA - Through prayer, patience and strength of will. One Nation Under God.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: HisHandmaiden 7/10/2021 4:26:22 AM (No. 841092)
Brilliant, indeed, and definitely a Must Read and share. Take heart folks, God is still Sovereign, He is allowing all this evil to be exposed... The Best is Yet to Come. MAGA
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Reply 4 - Posted by: Sully 7/10/2021 5:01:10 AM (No. 841093)
Excellent piece. I feel likeI don't have to document the fall of the Republic on fb anymore. Someone has done it in one succinct thread.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: DCGIRL 7/10/2021 7:16:40 AM (No. 841134)
Every day I read letters to the editor in my local paper from liberals telling us that we are crazy about election fraud. They scream that it was a fair election. Well, it wasn't. It was fraud in your face in multiple different levels. I'm in PA and I'm tired of getting the run around from our legislators. We want the audit NOW.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: judy 7/10/2021 7:39:02 AM (No. 841153)
Why do libs object to election audits if they are so confident they won..don't say it's a waste of tax payer $$.. after all they spent 5 years & millions to get rid of Trump. Why do they object to voter ID when they are required to show IDs at Doctor offices, hospitals, drug stores, banks? It's very concerning when people do not trust courts, government agencies & congress ... one sided justice is obvious. Remember when the taliban tore down statutes in Afghanistan people said communist do this...remember when countries had election fraud, we sent teams to monitor their elections...remember when the US broke up Big companies when they got tooo powerful...
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Reply 7 - Posted by: Dodge Boy 7/10/2021 7:53:26 AM (No. 841170)
What a powerful read this twitter feed is. The Great Election Fraud of 2020 was a turning point for America. Thanks Pence. Don't doubt for a minute that something terrible was planned for President Trump and his family had he won. America hangs in the balance now. The dims and the left have spread like a cancer. The Statue of Liberty weeps. But, we are the cure, but, forget about changing the mind of the typical liberal. Their TDS is near-terminal. Conservativism, stand up. Stand up. And may God help us all. And may God continue to protect President Trump, Melania, and the entire Trump family.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: Muguy 7/10/2021 8:21:31 AM (No. 841190)
It is plain to see that the institutions we used to have confidence in have been weaponized and turned against those who would challenge the integrity of the schemes pushed upon us by the entrenched of BOTH parties, career government employees afraid to blow the whistle for fear of losing their cushy circumstances, and that there is little untouched by the influence of money which has almost completely corrupted our nation. Read the list, and you will see the unfolding of this conspiracy of the government lying its eyes out creating FAKE charges, unfounded documents, and how the government and the media has made it ALL OUT attack on the world we grew up in. All these "movements" created in the social media attempting to change the TRUTH for LIES in attempts to pressure and bully those who would stand up against them. The children are the target-- early indoctrination about assimilating into the collective rather than to have the INDIVIDUAL be allowed to create their own destiny without government interference. This article points out just HOW MANY efforts have been made to keep it moving forward-- just like requiring a person to tell lies to cover up other lies hoping to avoid being found out. The Devil is the Father of Lies, and all the phony 'movements' created perpetuate the false notion that our Country is guilty of everything instead of being a force for good. Get a copy of Mark Levin's new book "American Marxism" and see a reasoned and WELL DOCUMENTED explanation of where all this came from-- and what can be done to expose it. Everyone talks about winning in 2022 as if it will somehow fix everything. The damage being done now is so extensive we will almost certainly have to do more than elect feckless representative and the Article V Convention of States movement is all that is left for the PEOPLE to take back their government from the corrupt pols who get on tv and complain but are outnumbered.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: dave wright 7/10/2021 8:51:34 AM (No. 841211)
I feel like Truman Burbank when he finally figured out that his reality was just a TV show directed by the invisible Cristof to sell ads. Fake doesn't begin to describe it.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: downnout 7/10/2021 8:55:34 AM (No. 841216)
This is a keeper.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: udanja99 7/10/2021 9:14:00 AM (No. 841236)
Remember when we were all concerned that Smidgen was giving guns and millions of rounds of ammo to all of the government agencies, even the Dept. of Agriculture? And they were stockpiling even more ammo and depleting the amount available to the public? And we wondered what was going on? Now we know.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: Zigrid 7/10/2021 9:15:31 AM (No. 841241)
Excellent piece... it validates my feelings ...exactly...the most frightening part was the last line..."thank God President Trump lost... he's still alive" biggest fear has been for 5ive years... the intelligence community will find a mental midget and encourage him to take President Trump out... just as they did with President Kennedy and President Reagan... Reagan was an ole toughie and he outlived them... but poor Kennedy... he didn't have a prayer...I pray every night for President Trump and his family...especially Baron...and quietly thank him for his love of country...May God bless and keep the Trump Family safe.....
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Reply 13 - Posted by: Rinktum 7/10/2021 9:19:58 AM (No. 841249)
Very informative article that condenses our political journey these past through years. It will be shared by me because I have hope that maybe one mind will be changed. As I always do before I comment, I read what everyone has written. Today they were particularly heart wrenching because they mirror my thoughts and feelings regarding this whole mess and I am not alone or crazy. Good people whom I admire are feeling the same way. Watching my country implode because evil people have done evil and criminal things in order to take control has been so very difficult. It makes me want to scream but what good does that do? Coming here to this site, saves what little sanity I have left. To be maligned and hated because you believe with good reason that this election was stolen is frustrating. Do they not see what I see? Can they not see that the battleground states suddenly stopped counting their ballots for apparently no good reason other than the fact that President Trump was ahead by very good margins. Then to come back in the morning with Biden overtaking his lead in every one of these states is a hard pill to swallow. One man testified under oath that he moved a truck load of ballots from one state to another. The video of Georgia workers pulling out suitcases of ballots from under a draped table after all Republicans had been sent home and then watching them run the ballots through multiple times. And there were many other abnormalities that were not even addressed. The death knell tolled when Republicans scurried away instead of taking a stand. What a difference their support would have made. Then when no court had the courage to even listen to any evidence. Even the SCOTUS wanted nothing to do with it. It was then I began to see this for what it was, a bloodless coup d’etat and pretty much everyone was in on it. The media shut down any conversation of a stolen election and called anyone questioning it, conspiracy theorists when in reality we were the victims of a political coup created and executed by our own fellow citizens. I know God is in control and that His ways are higher than our ways. Having acknowledged that is there anything more frustrating than to watch the guilty go unpunished and see them go about using a wrecking ball on every aspect of this great country, it’s people and it’s culture. It truly is maddening. Thank you LDotters for helping me to cope with one of the most disturbing situations that I never expected to deal with in my life. The exposure of the total corruption of our government for top to bottom has become a reality. The country is being run by godless, anti-American zealots who believe they are entitled to rule over the rest of us from cradle to grave. They have rejected our founding and the very ethos of who we are as a people. God is certainly going to have to sort this out because unless He intervenes in the hearts of men, I sincerely do not know how we can turn this around.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: Italiano 7/10/2021 9:39:16 AM (No. 841270)
We were probably more united in 1861.
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Reply 15 - Posted by: Birddog 7/10/2021 10:07:30 AM (No. 841297)
Long way of saying..."Republicans went from their Historic/Reaganesque position of 'Trust but Verify' to... 'Trust NOTHING & NO ONE!, until thoroughly Verified by verifiable means', not only of the Press, but EVERY aspect of every event/Govt/Agency/Individual". We once were happily/politely/pleasantly Optimistic as a whole, and granting "Benefit of a Doubt" to one and all...until we learned through hard experience that this Republic has been totally infested with Judases, Brutuses, and Lucies holding the football, all working in concert..."Once can be chance, twice mere coincidence, Three times is Enemy Action", 3,000 times? Best harden your personal perimeters.We have run out of Cheeks to turn, ANY motion or heat signature outside the wire should be considered an immediate and dire threat.
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Reply 16 - Posted by: Laotzu 7/10/2021 10:16:42 AM (No. 841309)
The Left can snap its fingers and produce an entire educational program that purportedly includes 400 years of proof of America's racism, for which it wins international prizes and becomes required reading for nigh every student in America. The Right gets scammed out of leadership of the most powerful country in the history of humankind, and it takes two years to write 25 coherent paragraphs summarizing that. And still not one plan for what to do about it. Because the moment you start making progress toward fixing the Country, they'll do the same thing to you. And they'll succeed at it. Plan your exit strategy now. Before they send you to the camps.
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Reply 17 - Posted by: 3XALADY 7/10/2021 10:16:55 AM (No. 841311)
As usual, #13 'speaks' what is in my heart. After the two impeachments didn't work, I knew they would move on to something else but didn't know what it was. No wonder * blabbered about what they had put in place, they were so excited they couldn't stand it. We (or I) still didn't understand what that meant. DH and I had a gawdawful bus ride from deep down in Florida to the Capitol grounds in August 2010 in support of the Tea Party. Thousands of people were there and I don't think that gathering or any of the others was noticed by our powdered princes and princesses. They didn't care then and they don't care now. For years I wasn't too concerned because I knew there were more of 'us' than 'them.' Now I am not so sure and it frightens me.
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Reply 18 - Posted by: marbles 7/10/2021 10:37:10 AM (No. 841331)
# 13 Be strong, stay informed , keep faith and never ever give in or give up. " Wheels of justice grind slow but grind fine " .Sun Tzu
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Reply 19 - Posted by: clayusmcret 7/10/2021 10:39:12 AM (No. 841334)
Kicker is we can provide examples of every line stated in the thread. Every one.
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Reply 20 - Posted by: MDConservative 7/10/2021 11:14:05 AM (No. 841365)
What do "The People" offer that the Elites cannot these days? We fall in love with parties, politicians and media celebrities. They offer "the way out" and The People follow. Like many, I was in DC for the Tea Party. It took 10 seconds to see where this was shortly headed when I saw the score of wrapped buses touting the professional organizations lining the street. The grassroots were being clipped, torn out by the pros. Didn't take long for the Tea Party to deflate, of not collapse. I'll accept that PDT saw things as they are, a "swamp". His Achilles heel was his inexperience in government, trusting "allied" politicians and hiring those recommended or vetted by Fox News as "contributors". From T-Rex to Mad Dog to Bolton and's hard to find any appointed that one could call a success. Running a business is NOT the same. The Profiting Class was likely counting on Hillary, then thinking if they surrounded PDT with their acolytes they could continue their game. It just didn't work out. PDT had to go. And so he did. And it was all legal like, compounded by the amateur hour and showpony lawyers who see everything in terms of litigation and settlement. No, the fight was in those SIX REPUBLICAN LEGISLATURES, and no one ever went there until it was too late. And with that we see the breadth and width of the's not just Washington that is swampy. Meanwhile, how many are involved in local politics? How many working on school board elections? County council or town boards? Working as poll watchers? Even running for office? That's where change will come. Don't just stand something!
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Reply 21 - Posted by: mc squared 7/10/2021 12:37:59 PM (No. 841429)
An amazing post and posters. I feel better now that I know there are good people out there. Sometimes I think there aren't any.
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Reply 22 - Posted by: PCMM 7/10/2021 1:09:44 PM (No. 841445)
Oh boy, a summary of what we already know! Great! Fantastic! What is the lesson for you slower, sanctimonious folks in a salon? Answer: Yapping online means nothing. The world is governed by the aggressive use of force and once the conservatives had been convinced that violence/extremism in defense of liberty was outdated, the game was over. It’s a miracle that there’s not one good man in New York or DC willing to pop a pundit or politician. Our enemy no longer has any fear because northern men are cowards.
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Reply 23 - Posted by: 4Justice 7/10/2021 1:49:14 PM (No. 841485)
Before cracked down on registrations, I used to use my name and I had a second handle called "The Terrier" because I thought of myself as a Terrier with a sock (meaning I don't let go or give up). That was many years ago...nearly 15- 20. Still, I NEVER give up. I NEVER allow myself to be disillusioned (for more than a minute). And I will NEVER surrender!! NOTHING is impossible if you persevere and it matters to you. Any one of us can make a major difference. Everyone of us who cares CAN turn it all around. It is all in one's resolve and character. If you really don't care, then you will allow the woke tyrants take over. If you do care, you will do everything in your power to stop them. It's that simple. All of us have the ability to change the world....we just have to do it and stop complaining...or being scared...or being complacent...or thinking it's not so bad....We all must take action if we don't want to be enslaved. Freedom used to matter to Americans. Many of us sacrificed and died for it. Now I wonder if any Americans are left. Do we want all those people who sacrificed everything for our freedom to have died in vain? I won't give up... -- The Terrier (JanineC)
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Reply 24 - Posted by: 4Justice 7/10/2021 1:56:51 PM (No. 841498)
One more thing... speaking of FAKE CASES, Here is the list of people charged with the Capitol breach. There are horror stories about how some are being treated like they are in a 3rd world prison. I believe it, because I know (from a close friend who survived it) Federal prisons (not the Club Fed for rich, powerful white collar crimes) are nightmare places where torture and disappearances happen.
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Reply 25 - Posted by: 4Justice 7/10/2021 1:59:02 PM (No. 841499)
I'm sorry for the duplicate posts...I hit the button by accident on the phone. Twice. Here's the link:
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Reply 26 - Posted by: dolphin 7/10/2021 2:45:54 PM (No. 841523)
Yes. Yes. Yes. And as to those arrested, #25: I'm convinced that they are separated and kept in solitary so we won't know who wasn't really arrested. Because it was a set up.
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Reply 27 - Posted by: Deborah Grannet 7/10/2021 5:12:37 PM (No. 841587)
Thank you for that link, #25. I am in Ohio, and we have been kicking around the idea that folks in each state, through our liberty groups, start learning about the cases of those from their state, and advocating for them, maybe even raising money for their defense. At the very least, it gives us a concrete way to fight back, maybe even highlight their cases in local media. The caveat is that some may prefer to have their case handled as quietly as possible, in the hope for leniency, and we would of course have to honor that. On the other hand, if there are some fighters... we would love to help them fight! And contradict the current phoney 'insurrection' propaganda, as well as putting some of our GOP Congress critters on notice that we expect them to fight for justice. Anyone else have thoughts?
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Reply 28 - Posted by: starboard 7/10/2021 5:40:48 PM (No. 841597)
#2 I sort of liked Pence too, especially after his debate with Kamala. Great performance against, the I'm not finished one. Although, one thing I never cared much about him was his being joined at the hip with his wife. The imagery wasn't good for a VP and always bothered me that he had to bring her everywhere. I think she had a grip on him and his January 6th decision. Another consideration of influence is his BFF Paul Ryan. Both, Pence and Ryan will never recover politically for what they did to the Republican party.
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Reply 29 - Posted by: DVC 7/10/2021 6:54:38 PM (No. 841643)
They have taken away the soap box. They have taken away the ballot box, once. Probably permanently, it seems. The jury box is teetering badly with a police officer imprisoned when he did nothing wrong becoming an all too common thing, and a woman murdered in the Capitol not even getting to a jury. We are nearly down to only the final box. I wish it were otherwise.
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Reply 30 - Posted by: mamabear 7/10/2021 7:04:14 PM (No. 841648)
Thank you #13. The cry of your heart matches that of many Americans and freedom-loving people around the world. You are not alone. Permit me to add: 1. God works through people: men and women of good conscience and goodwill who are inspired and strengthened to do the right thing regardless of potentially negative consequences. 2. God hears the desperate, heartfelt cries/prayers of His people. 3. Timing and Place are everything with Him. Yes, "God is in control" - with a firm grip on His creation, His plan of redemption and His people. Yet He has said in Scripture that the kingdoms of this world belong to satan (St. Matthew and St. Luke chapter 4.) Plus, the arrogant, willful, sin-full, rebellious choices of mankind play a role. But again in Scripture, we find that even the wicked have a place in Gods' plan (Proverbs 16:4; Psalm 145:17-20) and He is well able to deal with them - usually by means of their own wickedness. Yes, things look pretty bleak right now. But, we cannot just say "God is in control" then roll over and go back to sleep. Or worse yet, pretend we do not see what we see. It is up to us to ask God for His help and persevere in prayer until the Hoover dams and Jericho walls erected around Truth are broken and fall down or it becomes clear that this nation is doomed and God has another way to sustain or deliver His people. The alert and praying people of God always make the difference. We need to pray specifically: (1) for God to raise up brave men and women of good conscience and goodwill, protect them and their families from harm, put them in the right place at the right time, connect them to brave men and women of good conscience and goodwill in political leadership and give them all the courage to do the right thing. (2) Ask Him to help/guide/enlighten this nation as we have been pushed onto a new level of deception, depravity, violence and profanity where our Constitution, laws, love for Him and kind regard for each other is no longer valued or respected. And (3) pray His will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Yes, "His ways are higher than our ways. And only He can intervene in the human heart." May God have mercy on America and deliver us from evil. Amen!
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Reply 31 - Posted by: NotaBene 7/10/2021 8:54:44 PM (No. 841737)
#2 and #13, Timber Queen and Riktum, are wonderful thinkers. Thank you for being here for us. I remember when TQ was trying to convince Ldotters that Trump was the guy in 2015. Boy, was she right! The coup has been depressing, as is the knowledge that this Democrat oppression is based on an illegitimate election. The Supreme Court, FBI, CIA, DoJ, IRS, NIH, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google, Time magazine and Bill Gates are all co-conspirators. Indeed it is lucky that Donald Trump escaped with his life. What a great leader we still have. What to do? SteveBannon daily brings on people supporting the 3 November and the Corona virus engineering in Rumble. What I do is to donate to many of the sites he mentions. There are still fighters out there and financial help is the least we can do. I guess it is also time to donate to Lucianne again. We must fight these evil Globalists.
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One of the real sticking points for American parents is the left’s insistence on forcing sexuality onto kids. In leftist world, kids must be exposed as early as possible – in preschool is best – to all 52 or 76 or 103 (or whatever) different “genders” and sexual practices the LGBTQ community is currently claiming. (snip) To leftists, though, saying that aloud is “homophobia,” so the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus created what they seem to think is an “enlightened” video about their “coming for your children.” Tim Rosser and Charlie Sohne composed the song which is really, really bad.
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the Islamist group's judges reveals
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A Taliban judge has given a terrifying glimpse into life under the Islamist group and the fate that awaits Afghanis if the country falls back under their control. Gul Rahim, 38, spoke matter-of-factly about cutting hands and legs off thieves, issuing permits for women to leave their homes and toppling walls on gay men as a form of execution in his Taliban-controlled district in central Afghanistan. He added that his aim is to introduce the Sharia law punishments across the whole of the country if the Taliban can re-take control once America departs, saying: 'That was our goal and always will be.'
U.N. Rights Chief Demands Reparations
for 'Slavery, Colonial Rule, and Racism'
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The U.N. human rights chief on Monday demanded comprehensive reparations be made to compensate countries that have suffered what she called the deadly legacies of slavery, colonial rule and racial discrimination. Former Chilean Socialist President Michelle Bachelet presented to the U.N. Human Rights Council a report she hopes will change the definition of racism and highlight its impact. It comes after her intervention last month calling on the world to immediately dismantle systemic racism against people of African descent and “make amends” to the oppressed while groups like Black Lives Matter should receive “funding, public recognition and support.” Others have also joined her demands for massive financial redistributions
FBI Urges Americans To Monitor ‘Family
Members And Peers’ To ‘Prevent
Homegrown Violent Extremism’
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The FBI took to Twitter Sunday to encourage families to watch out for “homegrown violent extremism.”“Family members and peers are often best positioned to witness signs of mobilization to violence. Help prevent homegrown violent extremism,” the FBI’s tweet read in part. Family members and peers are often best positioned to witness signs of mobilization to violence. Help prevent homegrown violent extremism. Visit to learn how to spot suspicious behaviors and report them to the #FBI. #NatSec
Texas Democrats to Walk Out of Legislative
Session to Block GOP Voting Bills
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In a last ditch effort, Democrats in the Texas state legislature reportedly plan to walk out of a special session to prevent a number of key Republican-sponsored bills from passing. At least 58 Democratic state lawmakers plan to leave Texas and fly to Washington, D.C. to rally support for federal legislation, NBC News first reported. Most of the fleeing state lawmakers will travel on a pair of prearranged private jets, the New York Times confirmed. By exiting the chamber indefinitely, the Democratic lawmakers are denying the Texas GOP quorum, or the minimum number of members that must be in attendance to hold a valid session.
YouTube deletes Trump video,
freezes CPAC account
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YouTube deleted a video of former President Donald Trump from the American Conservative Union’s account and prevented the group from live-streaming the former president’s Sunday CPAC speech. In a statement, ACU Chairman Matt Schlapp said the group learned that its account had been frozen for seven days over a video from Friday in which Mr. Trump announces his class-action lawsuit against the Silicon Valley titans such as Google and YouTube. That loss of access to its video account meant the ACU, which runs the Conservative Political Action Conference, could not upload Mr. Trump’s speech or any other live content from its CPAC 2021 Part 2
Massive Demonstrations in Cuba Demanding Freedom,
Waving American Flag, Taking on Police
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As we previously reported there are thousands out in the streets across Cuba, from small towns to big cities, calling for freedom from the Communist government and chanting “we are not afraid!” People are saying it’s the largest mass protest since 1959. If you know your Cuban history, that’s the last time the government changed hands — when Fidel Castro took power. So, that’s an incredibly significant thing to say. From NY Times: Carolina Barrero, a Cuban activist, went even further. “It is the most massive popular demonstration to protest the government that we have experienced in Cuba since ’59,”
Breaking: President Trump Releases Letter
from US Attorney Who Claimed AG Barr
Told Him Not to Investigate the 2020
Election Results in Pennsylvania
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President Trump mentioned yesterday at the CPAC event in Texas that the US Attorney in Pennsylvania sent the President a letter recently where he claimed former AG Bill Barr told him not to investigate the crimes and corruption that occurred in the 2020 Election in that state. Tonight the President released the letter.Yesterday President Trump told the CPAC crowd in Texas that recently a former US Attorney in Pennsylvania sent the President a letter stating that he was told by AG Barr not to investigate election crimes in Pennsylvania.
Medical Journal: ‘Parents Should Lose Veto Power’ over Children Going Trans 31 replies
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Governments should exclude parents who oppose the hormonal and surgical transformation of their children, according to an article published in the establishment Journal of Medical Ethics. When parents reject their childrens’ claim to be transgender, “parents should lose veto power over most transition-related paediatric care,” wrote author Maura Priest, a candidate professor at Arizona State University. Trained medical scientists should defer to the childrens’ wishes once they decide that the children are “informed and competent”
Texas Democrats leaving state to stop
GOP voting bill
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AUSTIN, Texas — Democrats in the Texas Legislature on Monday began bolting for Washington, D.C., and said they were ready to remain there for weeks in a second revolt against a GOP overhaul of election laws, forcing a dramatic new showdown over voting rights in America. One large group was set to leave Austin on private planes before the GOP could pass a voting bill in a special legislative session ordered by Republican Gov. Greg Abbott(snip) It was not immediately clear how many of the 67 Democrats in the Texas House of Representatives planned to go, but it was expected to be enough to bring the Legislature to a halt.
Peter Schweizer: Our Copy of Hunter Biden’s
Laptop Confirms ‘Joe Biden Was a Direct
Beneficiary’ of His Son’s Deals
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Peter Schweizer, president of the Government Accountability Institute (GAI), said on Monday that his organization had confirmed that President Joe Biden “was a direct beneficiary” of Hunter Biden’s financial deals with foreign interests. “We do have a copy, by the way, here at GAI of [Hunter Biden’s] laptop and all the files,” Schweizer said on the Sean Hannity Show. “It confirms that Joe Biden was a direct beneficiary.” LISTEN (interview begins at 1:05:05): Schweizer explained how GAI cross-referenced Secret Service travel logs during Joe Biden’s tenure as vice president to corroborate the authenticity of Hunter Biden’s emails. He remarked: GAI asked, “How can we demonstrate whether the emails are real?” …
Get Ready for the Wokest Olympics Ever! 29 replies
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As a kid back in the early 1970s, when excessive fighting almost ruined the National Hockey League, there was a running joke that went something like this: “The other night I went to a fight, and a hockey game broke out!” Today, it seems like that joke could be re-written: “The other night, I went to a protest, and a basketball game broke out!” Political activists in sports are not a new phenomenon. Baseball legend Jackie Robinson was willingly thrust into it by breaking the color barrier in the Major Leagues in 1947. Robinson endured indignities, which included not being able to stay in the same hotels
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