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AOC Gets Wrecked for
Making a Ridiculous Claim
About 'Serving in War'

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Posted By: Garnet, 5/25/2021 3:14:56 PM

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, who lied about where she was on January 6 in order to ramp up a story of victimhood, is now arguing being on the U.S. Capitol grounds the day of the riot is equal to "serving in war." "Speaking to the weekly public radio show Latino USA on Friday, Ms Ocasio-Cortez said members of Congress effectively 'served in war' during the traumatising event that had "deeply affected lawmaking" and impacted the legislative process," the Independent reports. Former U.S. Army Green Beret and Congressman Michael Waltz has taken notice and is blasting his colleague for the comparison.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: subal 5/25/2021 3:23:04 PM (No. 796455)
She gets more stupid every day!
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Reply 2 - Posted by: Highlander 5/25/2021 3:31:43 PM (No. 796463)
These days, leftists like AOC, say the most illogical and outrageous statements to buttress their arguments without real consequences for their words
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Reply 3 - Posted by: phosita 5/25/2021 3:32:19 PM (No. 796464)
The only “battle” poor vapid Sandy has ever been in is one over the tip jar. My offer to sent her on a one-way journey to eastern Ukraine still stands. ЛНР and ДНР are lovely this time of year. As an added bonus, tanks and snipers are back on the move after the usual muddy spring.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: bobn.t 5/25/2021 3:32:26 PM (No. 796465)
She's a nutbag. Worthless uneducated human. Doesn't deserve to live in America. Needs to be tied behind a donkey in Muzzieland.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: usawatcher 5/25/2021 3:33:53 PM (No. 796466)
We certainly seem to have a bunch of pansies in Congress it seems. Lots of them crying about how scared they was,etc. sounds more like a bunch of little kids than supposedly grown men and women. Seems like a lot of this generation is afraid of something all the time.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: bobn.t 5/25/2021 3:35:02 PM (No. 796469)
Truly a euphemism for nutbag
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Reply 7 - Posted by: hershey 5/25/2021 3:36:41 PM (No. 796470)
Where are all the men and women who served in real wars? If she had been in a landing craft, or a fighter, or a bomber she would probably have been wearing a LGBT colored shirt that said 'Don't Shoot Me'...what a wanker...when I see her face it morphs into a jackass...
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Reply 8 - Posted by: comstock 5/25/2021 3:36:59 PM (No. 796471)
Stolen Valor. I thought that was illegal.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: paral04 5/25/2021 3:38:04 PM (No. 796473)
Except wasn't she at home in her luxury condo at the time? I read that somewhere.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: Nimby 5/25/2021 3:39:52 PM (No. 796476)
Srop her in Gaza. Let her witness what war is
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Reply 11 - Posted by: Nimby 5/25/2021 3:40:56 PM (No. 796480)
*Drop* not Srop.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: formerNYer 5/25/2021 3:49:15 PM (No. 796487)
Who's sicker AOC or the people that vote for this sick in the head creature?
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Reply 13 - Posted by: Edgelady 5/25/2021 3:50:34 PM (No. 796489)
She's simply silly. Silly people don't belong in government.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: SALady 5/25/2021 4:05:39 PM (No. 796498)
I am so glad that Republican women are strong and capable of standing up to the stress of being in Congress while not giving up a bit of their God-given femininity!!! Clearly, eternally butt-hurt lie-beral snowflakes like AOC -- who wasn't even at the Capital on January 6th -- sure melt down so easy. Bless her black little heart, it's time to get out of Congress and go fine a nice safe space to live in where nobody will pick on your or disagree with you and hurt your all-encompassing feelings!!!
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Reply 15 - Posted by: cny 5/25/2021 4:08:16 PM (No. 796500)
Let's send her to Afghanistan and then she can make a true comparison. I am sure she would appreciate the opportunity.
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Reply 16 - Posted by: lakerman1 5/25/2021 4:10:18 PM (No. 796504)
New York State is losing one congressional seat. Wil her seat be a target? The dimocrats play dirty, and I recall them doing in a loudmouth in NY, but I can't remember the name.
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Reply 17 - Posted by: enemyofthestate 5/25/2021 4:25:08 PM (No. 796510)
Looks to me like Cotez consumes Tide pods on a regular basis.
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Reply 18 - Posted by: zoidberg 5/25/2021 4:26:35 PM (No. 796511)
Drama queen, big time.
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Reply 19 - Posted by: DeplorableVet 5/25/2021 4:27:29 PM (No. 796512)
The only war time service she could provide would be on a "troop train".
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Reply 20 - Posted by: DVC 5/25/2021 4:31:43 PM (No. 796519)
Does she even believe any of these insane, ridiculous fantasies that she is weaving out of smoke and fairy dust? Is she taking too many drugs these days?
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Reply 21 - Posted by: TLCary 5/25/2021 4:45:57 PM (No. 796531)
To my knowledge the only one with a weapon was the BLM agitator and CNN paid contributor that had a knife.
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Reply 22 - Posted by: Gordon Freeman 5/25/2021 4:46:45 PM (No. 796532)
I guess that's what happens when you're believing your own lies. And because the people around you don't call you out on it, you start to slowly exaggerate those lies. Then all of a sudden there you are saying some of the most craziest things.
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Reply 23 - Posted by: The Other Guy 5/25/2021 5:04:16 PM (No. 796543)
She should have coffee with Hillary. They could compare the similarities between dodging sniper fire and the Capitol war zone.
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Reply 24 - Posted by: bad-hair 5/25/2021 5:06:00 PM (No. 796544)
So apparently you need a purple heart ? This kind of BS does not sit well with those who lost friends and family "serving in war". Cool it girl. Nice publicity in your little district but if you're thinking senate you might want to shut up.
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Reply 25 - Posted by: web 5/25/2021 5:08:59 PM (No. 796546)
Congress critters are confronted by actual constituents on the Capitol grounds, who are demanding an honest election, and they think they are in a battlezone. Kinda tells us something about how screwed up our government is. The few times I've ever tried to get a response out of my "representatives" in Congress, I never heard a word back from them. Guess I don't have enough power and money to get their attention. We have a government of, by and for the special interests, lobbyists, and power brokers, while we are labeled extremists and otherwise ignored.
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Reply 26 - Posted by: NYbob 5/25/2021 5:10:15 PM (No. 796547)
Why not? Our scum media won't hold her accountable. She bravely follows in the heroic footsteps of Hillary who didn't dodge any enemy fire, Tom Harkin who claimed he flew combat sorties over Cuba, John Kerry who wrote up his own medal citations so he could bug out back to his valet level assignment, Al Gore who had a security detail with him while he toured the secure areas of Vietnam, Sid Blumenthal who claimed to be a fighter pilot in Vietnam, finally the most disgusting stolen valor of them all, the truly evil LBJ connived his way into being awarded a Silver Star with valor, with Douglas MacArthur's name on the citation. He hitched a ride on a plane in the Pacific in 1942 as a congressman for a 'fact finding' mission. The plane returned to base with a mechanical problem before getting anywhere near any action. For that the liar grabbed a Silver Star. These crimes are only possible because of a corrupt press paid for by horrible people.
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Reply 27 - Posted by: Jethro bo 5/25/2021 5:14:29 PM (No. 796552)
The good news is she is the best, of the best, of the best for Democrats. It doesn't get any better.
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Reply 28 - Posted by: deerejon 5/25/2021 5:18:46 PM (No. 796558)
Sandy,Sandy,Sandy,Do you know where people go when they Lie.( She probably thinks to Heaven.)
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Reply 29 - Posted by: janjan 5/25/2021 5:22:04 PM (No. 796561)
How dare this little twit put herself in the same category as our military who actually did go to war, partially to protect the speech of morons like her. She needs to shut her filthy mouth.
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Reply 30 - Posted by: cor-vet 5/25/2021 5:26:22 PM (No. 796567)
After seeing a unsolicited video, sent by a friend, of Mz. Cotex administering a class 'A' Lewinsky to some unknown fellow, I'd say the closest to 'war' that she's ever been, was in a crib outside of the base gates.
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Reply 31 - Posted by: Ida Lou Pino 5/25/2021 5:28:14 PM (No. 796570)
Been down to the southern border lately, honey? No? Why? No more bar tips to be stolen there?
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Reply 32 - Posted by: jinx 5/25/2021 5:39:09 PM (No. 796583)
Give her a one way ticket to either Seattle or Portland during one of their "peaceful protests". Let her see what real people have to put up with every night in those riot filled cities by real domestic terrorists, Antifa and BLM. She says these stupid things to get attention which the MSM is happy to give her. They have basically created a monster with a big mouth.
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Reply 33 - Posted by: DVC 5/25/2021 5:46:37 PM (No. 796594)
Marxism is a sign of a serious mental disorder. Maybe too many drugs, too.
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Reply 34 - Posted by: udanja99 5/25/2021 6:36:03 PM (No. 796636)
Sandy, bless your heart, tell it to Steve Scalise.
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Reply 35 - Posted by: mifla 5/26/2021 5:13:50 AM (No. 796925)
Keep talking, keep talking. The 2022 political ads will write themselves.
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Reporters joke that the easiest job in Washington is CIA spokesman. You need only listen carefully to questions, say, “No comment,” and head to happy hour. The joke, however, is on us. The reporters pretend to see only one side of the CIA, the passive hiding of information. They meanwhile profit from the other side of the equation, active information operations designed to influence events in America. It is 2021 and the CIA is running an op against the American people. Leon Panetta, once director of CIA, explained bluntly that the agency influenced foreign media outlets ahead of elections in order to “change attitudes within the country.”
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Opposing the commission, which is the closest we might get to a truly bipartisan account of the insurrection, is the wrong thing for the country but the right thing for the party. So naturally Senate Republicans seem increasingly determined to oppose it, notwithstanding the surprising mini-revolt yesterday by the House GOP. Any attempt to beat a filibuster and pass the House bill to create a commission begins with the seven Republicans who voted to convict Trump in February, but two of those seven sound like they’re voting no — and one of them might be unmovable.
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Black activists from the New Black Panther Party and other groups staged an armed march in Tulsa, Oklahoma on Saturday.Organizers held a Second Amendment “March for Reparations” and marched through downtown Tulsa.“The struggle for Reparations must be escalated,” a news release from organizers read. “We must fight on every front to achieve redress and Reparations for the atrocities committed upon Tulsa Massacre descendants; and we must intensify the fight to achieve Reparations for all 40-million Blacks still grossly affected by racism, inequality, wealth disparity, police brutality and the like. Tulsa will mark a new beginning in the upgraded fight
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A lot has happened in the last two weeks that may result in the retirement of Dr. Anthony Fauci. The face of the government’s Covid-19 response may have finally met his Waterloo. The way things are going, a forced retirement at age 80 may be the best outcome that “Dr. Doom” can expect. It turns out that all roads to Covid-19 – even more than we expected – lead back to Fauci. Finally, after a year of stonewalling and obfuscation, the news about Fauci’s apparent role in directing U.S. government funding to the notorious Wuhan Virology Lab
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Listen up, proles: your failure to unquestioningly obey the useless mask mandate is going to cost you. The surge in passenger misbehavior on airlines, partially attributable to mask mandate resistance, is ending steerage class passengers their access to intoxicants while airborne. American Airlines has announced that it: …will delay selling alcoholic beverages this summer to main cabin passengers due to the uptick in bad passenger behavior in recent months that includes refusing to wear masks (snip) Ruling class members can relax, though. Those who can come up with the money for business and first class seats apparently are exempt from the booze ban
Texas Democrats stage dramatic walk out
before midnight to block state GOP's
new voting bill which Republicans call
'comprehensive and sensible': Gov. Abbott
says he will call special session
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Posted by Imright 5/31/2021 6:09:28 AM Post Reply
A voting bill in Texas that was on the verge of Republican Gov. Greg Abbott's desk failed to pass Sunday night after Democrats walked out of the House chamber before a midnight deadline.The bill known as Senate Bill 7 would have imposed a raft of changes that Republicans in the state see as a sensible approach to securing election integrity.It would eliminate drive-thru voting, empower partisan poll watchers and impose new requirements in order to cast a ballot by mail in Texas. But about two hours before a midnight deadline to pass the bill, Democrats began filing out of the chamber in greater and greater numbers, denying Republicans the quorum
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President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden went out to lunch at a French restaurant with Vice President Kamala Harris and her husband Doug Emhoff on Memorial Day.The executive group dined at the Washington, DC, French restaurant Le Diplomate after the ceremony at Arlington Cemetery to remember America’s fallen warriors. (Tweet/Video) The Hors d’Oeuvres menu includes Steak Tartare du Parc, Escargots à la Bourguignonne, Foie Gras Parfait, and Gougères.The mid-day lunch menu includes a $20 dollar American hamburger with “pommes frites,” a $35 dish of Beef Bourguignon, or a $59 dish of Lobster Frites. Several Washington residents posted videos of the group and cheered as they left
Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott says
he will STRIP state lawmakers of
their pay and veto their budget after
Democrats 'abandoned their duties' by
walking out on the voting rights bill
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Posted by Imright 5/31/2021 8:40:18 PM Post Reply
Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott has threatened to veto the state legislature's budget after Democrats blocked the GOP's new voting rights bill by walking out of the House chamber in the middle of the night.'I will veto Article 10 of the budget passed by the legislature. Article 10 funds the legislative branch. No pay for those who abandon their responsibilities. Stay tuned', Abbott tweeted on Monday. He made the announcement after the Democrats staged the dramatic walkout pass Sunday night that stopped the new bill from reaching his desk for approval. Ted Cruz also urged Texas legislators to hold a special session to pass the new bill
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