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Cohen’s book foreword: Trump
‘wouldn’t mind if I was dead’

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Posted By: Mauigirl, 8/13/2020 11:37:51 PM

NEW YORK (AP) — Michael Cohen’s memoir about President Donald Trump will be released Sept. 8 by Skyhorse Publishing, which confirmed the news Thursday to The Associated Press. The book is called “Disloyal: The True Story of the Former Personal Attorney to President Donald J. Trump.” “‘Disloyal’ is the most devastating business and political horror story of the century,” according to a Skyhorse statement shared with the AP. “It is a story that you haven’t read in newspapers, or on social media, or watched on television. These are accounts that only someone who worked for Trump around the clock for a decade — not a few months

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Reply 1 - Posted by: stablemoney 8/13/2020 11:40:36 PM (No. 509227)
Cohen better hope Trump never goes away, because mentioning Trump's name is the only way Cohen has of getting a living.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: Rumblehog 8/14/2020 12:03:55 AM (No. 509249)
No doubt half the population of this great country agrees with POTUS on this one.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: DVC 8/14/2020 1:11:52 AM (No. 509283)
That isn't a very exclusive club, Mikely boy.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: Strike3 8/14/2020 3:40:34 AM (No. 509341)
We wouldn't mind if you were dead either. A lawyer who reveals anything about his clients is even lower than normal lawyers.
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Cohen’s book foreword: Trump
‘wouldn’t mind if I was dead’
4 replies
Posted by Mauigirl 8/13/2020 11:37:51 PM Post Reply
NEW YORK (AP) — Michael Cohen’s memoir about President Donald Trump will be released Sept. 8 by Skyhorse Publishing, which confirmed the news Thursday to The Associated Press. The book is called “Disloyal: The True Story of the Former Personal Attorney to President Donald J. Trump.” “‘Disloyal’ is the most devastating business and political horror story of the century,” according to a Skyhorse statement shared with the AP. “It is a story that you haven’t read in newspapers, or on social media, or watched on television. These are accounts that only someone who worked for Trump around the clock for a decade — not a few months
Kushner: There’s A Good Chance
Another Country Will Make A Deal
With Israel In The Coming Days
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Posted by Mauigirl 8/13/2020 6:50:27 PM Post Reply
2020 saved its weirdest twist for August: Jared Kushner’s going to win a Nobel prize. They’ll never give it to Trump, not even if he negotiates world peace. But Jared, the White House’s foremost Democrat, might be acceptable to the committee. His most intriguing comments this morning after normalized relations between Israel and the UAE were announced haven’t been noticed much elsewhere, to my surprise: “There is a good chance that another country could make a deal with Israel in the coming days,” Kushner said at the White House. Speaking to reporters after he unveiled the historic agreement, Trump suggested more diplomatic breakthroughs between Israel and its Muslim
COVID-19 death rates reveal the
states that failed the test:
New York and New Jersey
9 replies
Posted by Mauigirl 8/12/2020 6:38:53 PM Post Reply
It’s hard to know what’s worse — the dying or the lying. More than 32,000 New Yorkers have died from the coronavirus, a toll higher than any other state. New York also ranks second to the worst out of all 50 states, in deaths per million residents. Only New Jersey did worse. You wouldn’t know it, listening to Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who brags that his administration “tamed the beast.” Or the media that praise him and chide states with much, much lower death rates.
Collin Morikawa wins PGA Championship,
golf's first major since coronavirus
pandemic shut sport down
7 replies
Posted by Mauigirl 8/9/2020 9:55:06 PM Post Reply
Collin Morikawa held off Paul Casey, Jason Day and Bryson DeChambeau to win the PGA Championship at TPC Harding Park in San Francisco on Sunday, finishing with a 13-under par for the tournament and 6-under in the final round. It was Morikawa’s first major title. He had previously didn’t play at the Masters Tournament and The Open Championship a Collin Morikawa holds the Wanamaker Trophy after winning the PGA Championship golf tournament at TPC Harding Park Sunday, Aug. 9, 2020, in San Francisco. Collin Morikawa holds the Wanamaker Trophy after winning
How Bad is Bill De Blasio?
Him ‘Worst Mayor in the History
of This Great Country'
13 replies
Posted by Mauigirl 8/9/2020 7:50:53 PM Post Reply
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio. The hizzoner. “Comrade Bill,” to some detractors, “Big Bird” to others, NSFW descriptors, among the most ardent of his opponents. No matter what you call NYC’s 109th mayor, he has managed to anger nearly everyone in The Big Apple at some point during his 2,413 days in office. Including a NY U.S. congressman, but we’ll get to him in a bit.
Chicago shootout at funeral sends
at least 14 to hospitals, police say
20 replies
Posted by Mauigirl 7/21/2020 10:00:47 PM Post Reply
A horrific shootout outside a funeral home on Chicago's South Side Tuesday night wounded at least 14 people, police said, in the latest chapter of violence gripping the big city. "All we saw was just bodies laying everywhere," witness Arnita Gerder told WMAQ. "Shot up everywhere, all over. Legs, stomach, back, all over the place. We thought it was a war out here." A vehicle was traveling on 79th Street when people inside opened fire on funeral attendees, the Chicago Police Department's First Deputy Superintendent Eric Carter said during a news briefing. The attendees exchanged gunfire with the vehicle, which sped off before crashing a short distance later.
The Utter Gaslighting by Media About
‘Unidentified’ Feds Detaining
‘Protesters,’ ‘Trump Occupation’
11 replies
Posted by Mauigirl 7/21/2020 7:09:08 PM Post Reply
You want an example of pure media gaslighting? Democrats and media have been going all in with the crazy story that federal authorities sent “unidentified troops” into Portland to snatch random poor innocent people off the streets. (snip) Now of course, this is insane. They’re DHS folks, mostly Customs and Border Patrol, who are able to operate within 100 miles of the border, which includes Portland, helping out the Federal Protective Service who protect federal buildings and property. They had DHS badges and POLICE across their vests.
It's Time To Demilitarize the Police 29 replies
Posted by Mauigirl 7/21/2020 6:50:48 PM Post Reply
In a free society, citizens should be able to easily distinguish between civilian law enforcement tasked with keeping the peace in our communities and the armed forces tasked with protecting our country from foreign adversaries. Unfortunately, thanks to the federal government flooding our neighborhoods with billions of dollars of military equipment and property over the years, the line between peace officer and soldier of war has become increasingly blurry. Police officers have an incredibly difficult and often thankless job where they lay their lives on the line every day. Without the rule of law, a civilized society cannot exist, and our officers deserve our gratitude.
Vaccine developer Johnson & Johnson
targeting 100 million doses of a
COVID-19 vaccine by March 2021
11 replies
Posted by Mauigirl 7/21/2020 2:22:48 PM Post Reply
A representative for Johnson & Johnson told a congressional committee on Tuesday that the company is hopeful a COVID-19 vaccine will be brought to market next year with 100 million doses produced by March. Dr. Macaya Douoguih, head of Clinical Development and Medical Affairs at Janssen Vaccines of Johnson & Johnson, said she is “very much encouraged” by the company’s pre-clinical results and announced that their first clinical trial is starting this month. “We will be starting our phase three in September.
A Paradise restaurant’s trying
first six months: blackouts, closure,
and pandemic protocols
4 replies
Posted by Mauigirl 7/19/2020 1:55:37 PM Post Reply
Nicki Jones considers herself a little bit of a risk taker. It’s how she explains her shift into the restaurant business at a particularly, well, risky moment: after losing everything during the Camp Fire. Jones lived in Paradise, California for more than 20 years before she unceremoniously lost her home and her two local businesses in the 2018 wildfire, which torched more than 150,000 acres, destroying nearly 19,000 buildings in its path. Officials recorded 85 deaths from the fire, though reporting in the months since has indicated there were more victims. Paradise was hit particularly hard.
U.S. Attorney for Oregon requests
investigation into reported arrests of Portland
protesters picked up in unmarked vehicles
13 replies
Posted by Mauigirl 7/17/2020 7:35:12 PM Post Reply
As arrests of Portland protesters by unidentified federal agents gained national attention Friday, the U.S. Attorney for Oregon announced he would request an investigation into the matter. “Based on news accounts circulating that allege federal law enforcement detained two protestors without probable cause, I have requested the Department of Homeland Security Office of the Inspector General to open a separate investigation directed specifically at the actions of DHS personnel,” Billy Williams said in a statement Friday.
Ilhan Omar’s Opponent Massively Outraises Her, Signals Trouble for Her Re-Election Campaign 13 replies
Posted by Mauigirl 7/17/2020 2:46:16 PM Post Reply
Rep. Ilhan Omar is facing a tough primary challenge from her opponent, Antone Melton-Meaux. That’s something she likely wasn’t expecting as she basked in the national spotlight over the last two years. Is her radical district getting tired of her antics and penchant for getting nothing done but cable news hits and Twitter dunks? Signs say maybe so. This per the Star Tribune. Millions of dollars are pouring into the primary race for Minnesota’s Fifth Congressional District, where opposition to Minneapolis U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar is fueling an unprecedented surge in donations to her top Democratic opponent, political newcomer Antone Melton-Meaux.
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2024 Presidential Election Could Be
Between Andrew Cuomo and Mitt Romney
63 replies
Posted by tisHimself 8/14/2020 4:58:35 AM Post Reply
A new poll indicates that voters would favor a 2024 presidential election between Democratic New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and Republic Senator Mitt Romney. The poll released Thursday by Canadian polling firm Leger surveyed over 1,000 registered U.S. voters who listed the candidates as their top choices for GOP and Democratic nominations. Neither of the current candidates, President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden, were listed as choices.
‘It Was a Planned Attack.’ Chicago Mayor
Lori Lightfoot Says Looting Was Organized
55 replies
Posted by Pluperfect 8/13/2020 4:32:02 AM Post Reply
A day after looters smashed-in retailer’s windows, carried away loads of high-end merchandise and overwhelmed police officers in downtown Chicago, Mayor Lori Lightfoot says the violence was an organized raid and not a demonstration of angry protest. “When people showed up on Michigan Avenue in the downtown area with U-Haul trucks and cargo vans, and sophisticated equipment used to cut metal, and the methods that were used, and how quickly it got spun up… that wasn’t any spontaneous reaction,” Lightfoot told TIME in her fifth-floor offices at Chicago’s City Hall on Tuesday.
Dallas Soccer Star Reggie Cannon Calls
Fans “Disgusting” for Booing and Chanting
“USA!” as Players Knelt for National Anthem
47 replies
Posted by Imright 8/13/2020 1:17:10 PM Post Reply
Several soccer fans out of a crowd of about 3,000 in attendance booed and chanted “USA!” at an MLS game Wednesday night at Toyota Stadium in Frisco, Texas between FC Dallas and Nashville SC as players and refs knelt in unison for the playing of the national anthem before the game. In a post-game press conference, Dallas star Reggie Cannon went off on fans for chanting “USA!” and booing the players, calling the fans “disgusting” and whining that his team has been through “absolute hell” the past six months because of the pandemic. Cannon ranted for over two minutes about the booing of the players for kneeling in support
Retail and Restaurants Flee Democrat-Run
New York Forever
44 replies
Posted by ladydawgfan 8/13/2020 4:58:53 AM Post Reply
Crime, taxes, disease, and an anti-science approach to social distancing have chased a number of big retailers and restaurateurs out of New York forever, reports the far-left New York Times. “In the heart of Manhattan, national chains including J.C. Penney, Kate Spade, Subway and Le Pain Quotidien have shuttered branches for good,” per the Times, which adds other big box retailers, like Victoria’s Secret and the Gap, have chosen to reopen in other states while their Manhattan locations remain shuttered. On top of that, Victoria’s Secret, which had been paying $937,000 a month in rent, is no longer paying that rent.
Wisconsin Forces Employees to Wear Masks
at Home Alone During Zoom Meetings
43 replies
Posted by ladydawgfan 8/13/2020 4:51:15 AM Post Reply
Wisconsin’s state government is forcing government employees to wear masks while at home alone during Zoom meetings. Yes, you read that correctly … Even if you are in your own home. Even if you are in your own home alone (not that that should matter), the fascist Democrats who now run the Wisconsin state government are forcing employees to wear masks during online meetings: In an email to employees sent out on July 31, the head of Wisconsin’s Department of Natural Resources not only reminded employees of Gov. Tony Evers’ mask order going into effect on Aug. 1, he also said that every DNR employee must wear a mask …
Barr: ‘There Will Be a Development’
in Durham Probe on Friday
42 replies
Posted by Imright 8/14/2020 12:23:49 AM Post Reply
On Thursday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Hannity,” Attorney General William Barr said that, on Friday, there will be a development in U.S. Attorney John Durham’s investigation. Barr stated that the development is “not an earth-shattering development, but it is an indication that things are moving along at the proper pace, as dictated by the facts in this investigation.” Barr also vowed that there will be “significant developments” in the Durham probe prior to the 2020 election and maintained that the investigation is not being done on any schedule that relates to the election.Barr said, “I’ve said, there are going to be developments, significant developments
FAQ: How to care for your face mask (and why
you shouldn’t hang it from your rear-view mirror)
41 replies
Posted by NorthernDog 8/13/2020 3:32:18 PM Post Reply
With a majority of states and businesses mandating face coverings to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus and more research emerging that supports wearing them, masks have become an essential commodity. Now, masks of all shapes and styles as well as other types of reusable coverings can be easily purchased online and in a number of stores nationwide. But the increased dependence on the coverings has sparked countless questions. Chief among them: How do I take care of my mask so it continues to be as effective as possible? We interviewed three medical experts to get their recommendations for
Jamie Lee Curtis warns of Trump fans
stealing mail trucks to win 2020: 'Let's not
let it happen!'
40 replies
Posted by ladydawgfan 8/13/2020 1:34:26 AM Post Reply
Celebrity activist Jamie Lee Curtis says she’s worried that President Trump’s supporters may steal the 2020 election by making off with United States Postal Service trucks. The “Halloween” star left Twitter users confused on Tuesday after peddling a conspiracy theory of enormous size and scope. “I swear, in broad daylight, the driver of the red truck had a red cap on with white letters,” she tweeted nearly 560,000 fans while attaching an image of a damaged USPS vehicle. “Conspiracy? Outright attempt at stealing the election by denying the access of the @USPS ? Let’s not let it happen! @JoeBiden.”
George Soros calls Trump ‘dangerous,’
believes he will do ‘anything to
stay in power’
39 replies
Posted by Imright 8/14/2020 6:00:44 AM Post Reply
Prominent Democratic donor George Soros called President Donald Trump “dangerous” and asserted that Trump would do “anything to stay in power,” in a wide-ranging interview Tuesday with Italian newspaper La Repubblica. The 90-year-old Hungarian-American and billionaire philanthropist told La Repubblica that Trump is a “confidence trickster” who unexpectedly won the 2016 U.S. election and was inadvertently working to “undermine democracy from within,” per a translation of the interview on George Soros’ website. (Tweet) Soros added that Trump was a mere “transitory phenomenon” suggesting that his ascension to power was an anomalous four-year period in U.S. history
Lose the nasty words, Mr. President —
it does you no good
38 replies
Posted by Pluperfect 8/14/2020 4:08:05 AM Post Reply
President Trump continues to be his own worst enemy: On Thursday, he stooped to calling presumptive vice-presidential nominee Kamala Harris a “mad woman.” That doesn’t promote his agenda. It doesn’t help him with women. It doesn’t shore up his image as worthy of the nation’s highest office. It’s just, as Trump would say, mean and nasty. Sure, Harris isn’t the first target of Trump’s ad hominem attacks or over-the-top language. But making everything personal is unbecoming. It turns off voters who like his policies but dislike his rhetoric.
Demonstrators planning to
protest on Dan Ryan Saturday
38 replies
Posted by AltaD 8/13/2020 1:40:03 PM Post Reply
Demonstrators are planning to shut down the Dan Ryan Expressway on Saturday to protest police brutality. Organizers have been meeting with law enforcement for weeks to coordinate the march. The demonstration will start at 12 p.m. Saturday at Robert Taylor Park, near 47th and Federal, before heading north on the Dan Ryan. In an interview with WGN News on Wednesday, FOP President John Catanzara said he wants federal help to prosecute anyone who steps on the expressway. State police say they will protect the rights of those seeking to peacefully protest while ensuring the safety of the public, and released the following statement:
Why It Should Matter to Women That
Kamala Harris Slept Her Way Up
37 replies
Posted by MissMolly 8/14/2020 4:20:32 AM Post Reply
It is no secret but public knowledge that Kamala Harris slept her way up into California political life by being a very public escort and mattress for California Democrat Kingmaker Willie Brown. Willie Brown is 30 years older than Harris and was very married at the time. It was public. It was an embarrassment. With Joe Biden’s photo metaphorically the definition of the 25th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, voters will decide in November whether they want Harris to be their president some time in the next four years. Of almost equally significant concern is what Harris represents to hard-working women across the country who devote years to their careers
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