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James Comey
Should Be Arrested

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Posted By: Moritz55, 1/5/2020 12:54:34 PM

In October 2016, and then on two subsequent occasions, then-FBI Director James Comey lied to the secret court overseeing warrants under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. Full stop. Here is that lie: I, the undersigned, having been designated as one of the officials authorized to make the certifications required by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978, as amended, do hereby certify with regard to the [redacted] requested in this verified application targeting Carter W. Page, an agent of the Government of Russia, a foreign power, as follows . . . The foreign intelligence information sought by the authorities requested herein cannot be reasonably obtained by normal investigative techniques.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: cjjeepercreeper 1/5/2020 1:08:07 PM (No. 279521)
If I held my breath waiting for his arrest I would turn blue and pass out many times. This whole thing is a freaking joke.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: Hardright 1/5/2020 1:12:38 PM (No. 279526)
He's untouchable. He's a democrat.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: rochow 1/5/2020 1:13:45 PM (No. 279528)
I have callouses on my knees praying for this to happen!!! Could we get a more definite date when this fabulous event is about to occur???
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Reply 4 - Posted by: DVC 1/5/2020 1:15:13 PM (No. 279531)
This has been obvious for several years. I hope it happens, but I wonder if any high bureaucrat will EVER be held seriously responsible for these crimes.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: chumley 1/5/2020 1:17:25 PM (No. 279532)
Arrested? He should be hung like a lowly horse thief.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: Pearson365 1/5/2020 1:22:51 PM (No. 279541)
So too should Obama, the leader, Hillary, Biden, Lynch and 3 to 4 dozen other Obama regime officials. But we all know that none of them will be indicted because, as Dem loyalists, they are all better than us. Only Gen Flynn, Roger Stone and George Papadopoulus faced ruinous trials and prison time because Asst AG Rosenstein and SC Mueller wanted these 3 and several others to create lies about Trump and Russian collusion. Why Rodent Rosenstein and Mueller are enjoying a nice DoJ pensions while Trump’s supporters are hoping for pardons will forever be a stain on AG Sessions and Barr.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: Dodge Boy 1/5/2020 1:30:14 PM (No. 279550)
Not just him. The list is long.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: Rolltide 1/5/2020 1:32:02 PM (No. 279556)
And John Kerry too. Hard to pick which one is the most vile, but Kerry, Comey, and Brennan are up there. Of course Obama, ValJar, Clapper, Clinton, McCabe..... on and on it goes. At least we have President Trump and the hope that at some point someone will be held accountable. They have all been exposed as being treasonous but since they are democrats, that’s only enhances their resumes.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: ToryWhite 1/5/2020 1:37:04 PM (No. 279561)
Lisa Page is the latest of the Comey cabal to take her marching orders from Comey's jejune and ultra-obtuse reactionary behavior--also courtesy of the total lack of legal accountability thus far for criminal public servants with free stay out of jail cards. Lisa is now, frequently and suddenly, sticking her nose out of the tent (as a new media darling who is probably mostly trying to get herself a new salary and fringe) as she opines on 1. The President's nefariousness (we already knew you aren't a fan, Lis) and, most hilariously, now the Iran (variously) drone attack, assassination of a (variously) well-established and brutal terrorist, poet and, possibly, mystic. Lisa, romantic at heart, might pick poet. Though "mystic" has a nice Persian ring to it. Well, we're not surprised-she may as well move on to treason on a larger geopolitical (her word, possibly) scale--along with many of her less-than-scholarly cohorts and, well, partners.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: stablemoney 1/5/2020 2:47:38 PM (No. 279628)
This is taking years too long. The DOJ has done nothing but recuse, refuse to prosecute, pretend to investigate, smudge out the documents, refuse to release any documents, fail to call a grand jury, pretend a Utah U.S. attorney was investigating the case, and otherwise do nothing. DOJ, DO YOUR JOB! You are pathetic!
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Reply 11 - Posted by: bad-hair 1/5/2020 2:56:48 PM (No. 279637)
I'm beginning to think that if it's this hard to indict and prosecute, I may have to consider a life of crime.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: davew 1/5/2020 3:17:38 PM (No. 279658)
Lying to the FISA court is the least of Comey's crimes. He conspired with Rosenstein and Mueller to have a Special Prosecutor appointed after he was fired based on the charge that the President did it to obstruct justice. Comey knew at the time that there was no evidence of Russian collusion so the plot itself was obstruction of justice at a minimum and possibly treason to overthrow the elected POTUS. I also lose patience with the wheels of justice in this and the Ukrainian corruption case as well. I think Barr and Durham know who needs to be charged and for what but the bar of proof is very high and juries can be easily politicized given the degree of press coverup that is evident. We may have to be satisfied with a political victory rather than a legal one in November 2020. As was said at the end of the twisted movie of the same name , "Forget it Jake, its Chinatown".
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Reply 13 - Posted by: bighambone 1/5/2020 3:24:54 PM (No. 279664)
High level DC super bureaucrats know that the first rule of bureaucratic survival is to always cover one’s butt and not to initiate any action that would discombobulate their political “rabbis” thus causing their removal from their appointed bureaucratically positions. That is unless the involved super bureaucrats first receive the go ahead “with a wink and a nod” in the form of plausible deniability from their political masters. And that certainly includes both the Directors of the CIA and the FBI collaborating, opening, and running a fraudulent investigation controlled by those super bureaucrats against a Presidential nominee, his campaign crew, a President-elect, and an elected President of the USA. So the directions for launching and running such an investigation could only have come from the highest level at the White House, and the Department of Justice, which means that former President Obama, Vice-President Biden and their Attorney General would have to be the people who gave that “wink and nod”.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: john56 1/5/2020 3:49:09 PM (No. 279684)
If and when Mr Comey and the other coup plotters are perp walked, I expect they will be treated as they treated folks like Paul Manafort (held without bail in solitary confinement awaiting trial) and Roger Stone (with 6 am televised raids). But I doubt it.
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Reply 15 - Posted by: DVC 1/5/2020 4:58:52 PM (No. 279722)
Comey is but one of about three dozen who deserve serious prison time.
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Reply 16 - Posted by: Norway 1/5/2020 7:47:52 PM (No. 279832)
Arrested, tried, convicted, hanged.
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James Comey
Should Be Arrested
16 replies
Posted by Moritz55 1/5/2020 12:54:34 PM Post Reply
In October 2016, and then on two subsequent occasions, then-FBI Director James Comey lied to the secret court overseeing warrants under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. Full stop. Here is that lie: I, the undersigned, having been designated as one of the officials authorized to make the certifications required by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978, as amended, do hereby certify with regard to the [redacted] requested in this verified application targeting Carter W. Page, an agent of the Government of Russia, a foreign power, as follows . . . The foreign intelligence information sought by the authorities requested herein cannot be reasonably obtained by normal investigative techniques.
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As the House and Senate continue their struggle over the coming Senate impeachment trial of President Trump, a federal judge in Washington issued an opinion that was largely lost in the crush of New Year’s stories. The opinion could loom large in the trial, however, and one line in particular may be repeated like a mantra by the Trump defense team: “The House clearly has no intention of pursuing” the witness.
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No one can be sure what her intent is. I'm not sure she even knows but her decision to wait before transmitting the articles of impeachment to the Senate is setting a bad precedent that puts politics ahead of the U.S. Constitution. For all the work that's gone into addressing the charges against President Donald Trump, it's hard to argue they rise to the level of impeachable offenses.
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Voters are ready to jail or fire senior law enforcement officials who illegally targeted President Trump, but most think they are unlikely to be punished. The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone and online survey finds that 52% of Likely U.S. Voters consider it likely that senior federal law enforcement officials broke the law in an effort to prevent Trump from winning the presidency. Thirty-nine percent (39%) say that’s unlikely. This includes 36% who say it’s Very Likely they broke the law to get Trump and 24% who say it’s Not At All Likely. These findings are virtually unchanged in surveying since February of last year.
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TIME magazine has named its Person of the Year, a teenager who skipped school to travel around the world telling people that they are horrible and the planet is doomed. It’s a living. Perhaps her Malthusian visions will be fulfilled by future experience. But it’s not very likely. In fact, her position is at odds with what we know: that a more responsible approach to climate requires action from China and India, not the West.
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Former President Barack Obama’s “body man” Reggie Love endorsed Mayor Pete Buttigieg for president on Thursday. “A lot of what is said about Pete echoes what critics said about presidential candidate Barack Obama — too young, too different, maybe another time — but I believe there is never a better time to fight for change than right now,” Love said in a statement reported by CNN.
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Secretary of State William Seward wrote it and Abraham Lincoln issued it, but much of the credit for the Thanksgiving Proclamation should probably go to a woman named Sarah Josepha Hale. A prominent writer and editor, Hale had written the children’s poem “Mary Had a Little Lamb,” originally known as “Mary’s Lamb,” in 1830 and helped found the American Ladies Magazine, which she used a platform to promote women’s issues.
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Venezuela's opposition leader Juan Guaido led thousands of his supporters through the streets of the country's capital on Saturday to demand the departure of President Nicolas Maduro. In a speech, Guaido called on his supporters to remain in the streets in the upcoming days, reminding them how civilian action ousted Bolivia's Evo Morales only six days before.
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Kentucky’s Libertarian Party appears to be relishing its role as a potential spoiler in the state’s gubernatorial contest – as incumbent Republican Gov. Matt Bevin trails the state's Democratic attorney general in the results of the closely watched contest Tuesday. "We are always happy to split the vote in a way that causes delicious tears. Tonight there are plenty of delicious tears from Bevin supporters," the party said in a Facebook post Tuesday night.
You don't have to break a law to be
impeached. Trump's defenders need
a better argument.
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Posted by Moritz55 10/28/2019 11:03:08 AM Post Reply
The tactics some Republicans are using to defend President Donald Trump against being impeached (or indicted) by the House and convicted (or removed from office) by the Senate include confusing the public about what these terms mean. One thrust is to suggest that for a president to be impeached, he must have committed a crime.
Hillary Clinton says Tulsi Gabbard is a 'Russian asset' groomed to ensure Trump reelection 48 replies
Posted by Moritz55 10/18/2019 12:58:23 PM Post Reply
Hillary Clinton said that Rep. Tulsi Gabbard is being groomed by Moscow to run as a third-party spoiler candidate in 2020 to help President Trump win reelection. The former secretary of state pushed the theory on the Campaign HQ podcast hosted by David Plouffe, President Barack Obama’s campaign manager in 2008.
Erdogan threw Trump's 'don't be a fool' letter in the trash, sources claim 32 replies
Posted by Moritz55 10/17/2019 1:19:19 PM Post Reply
Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan had a simple response to President Trump’s Oct. 9 letter warning him against taking action along the Syrian border: He threw it “in the bin.” Sources close to Erdogan confirmed to the BBC Thursday that the Turkish strongman “thoroughly rejected” the letter in which Trump threatened to “[destroy] the Turkish economy” if he took military action in Syria following his announcement several days earlier to withdraw all U.S. troops from the northeast of Syria.
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Elizabeth Warren says Donald Trump ordered
strikes on Iran to distract from his
impeachment trial as Democrats brand the
president a 'monster' for plotting 'war crimes'
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Posted by Imright 1/5/2020 6:07:02 PM Post Reply
Elizabeth Warren has accused President Donald Trump of ordering strikes on Iran and taking the country to the edge of war to distract from his impeachment trial, as Democrats slam the president as a 'monster' for threatening to commit potential war crimes against the Middle Eastern country. Speaking on Meet the Press Sunday morning, Warren alluded that Trump may be charging the US into a war in a rage over his impending impeachment trial. 'We know Donald Trump is very upset about this upcoming impeachment trial. But look at what he's doing now.
Iran puts an $80million BOUNTY on Trump's
head, threatens to attack the White House
and announces they will no longer abide by
the 2015 nuclear deal after top military
leader called the president a 'terrorist in a suit'
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Posted by LittleHoodedMonk 1/5/2020 1:55:07 PM Post Reply
Iran has reportedly placed an $80million bounty on Donald Trump's head and threatened to attack the White House in response to the president's warning that any strike on American interests in the region will bring massive retaliation. According to an NBC News reporter, an organizer for a funeral procession for Gen Qassem Soleimani called on all Iranians to donate $1 each 'in order to gather an $80million bounty on President Trump's head'. The organizer is said to have made the remarks during the procession in Mashad. Iran has also announced that they will no longer abide by any of the limits of its 2015 nuclear deal.
Opinion: America’s love affair with the
single-family house is slowly cooling
34 replies
Posted by mc squared 1/5/2020 10:07:07 AM Post Reply
For decades, land-use regulation across the U.S. has emphasized single-family houses on large lots. This approach has priced many people out of the quintessential American dream: home ownership. It also has promoted suburban sprawl — a pattern of low-density, car-dependent development that has dominated growth at the edges of urban areas since the end of World War II. Now, however, Americans may be starting to question the desirability of a private house. In the past year, the Minneapolis City Council and the state of Oregon have voted to allow duplexes and other types of multi-unit housing in neighborhoods where currently only single-family homes currently are allowed.
There Is Something Fundamentally
Wrong With Democrats
33 replies
Posted by Pluperfect 1/5/2020 4:29:59 AM Post Reply
It’s odd how the political left cheers America’s shortcomings and mourns its victories. The United States killed the top terrorist on the planet Thursday, and Democrats were…upset. Perhaps “upset” is too vague, they were a combination of angry and scared. They were angry that President Trump ordered an air strike on Qassem Soleimani, a man responsible for the deaths of more than 600 American soldiers and thousands more wounded. They tried to pretend they were glad he was dead, that he deserved to die, but their quick condemnation of the action that took him out exposed what they were really thinking.
Maxine Waters: Trump’s Mental Health an
Impeachment Consideration
32 replies
Posted by ladydawgfan 1/6/2020 3:31:44 PM Post Reply
While laying out a case for President Donald Trump’s impeachment during an appearance on MSNBC’s “Kasie DC” on Sunday, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) raised questions about Trump’s mental health as one of her arguments. Waters called Trump “a liar” and told host Kasie Hunt there were issues dealing with the president’s mental health, noting psychiatrists have previously diagnosed him from afar. “[W]e know several things about this president,” she said. “We know he’s a liar. We know that it has been documented by The Washington Post that he’s lied thousands of times. I think it’s over 15,000 times that they’ve actually documented. We know that there is a matter of trust.
Tucker Carlson’s Inane Claims
About the Soleimani Raid
32 replies
Posted by Garnet 1/6/2020 5:04:57 AM Post Reply
When the news broke about the death of Qassem Soleimani in an American airstrike, it was inevitable that the Democrats and the media would denounce the action and once again declare President Trump unfit for office. More surprising was the opprobrium heaped on the raid and its underlying rationale by Tucker Carlson. The Fox News host is usually fairly sensible, if given to the hyperbole and simulated indignation required by the talking head genre. Moreover, he tends to be supportive of the President and his policies. Carlson’s response to the Soleimani killing, however, was uninformed, uncharacteristically hostile to Trump, and generally unhinged.
Street-level view of homelessness — is this
the year to entertain new notions of the crisis?
30 replies
Posted by MissMolly 1/6/2020 4:10:19 AM Post Reply
I know, I know. The homeless smell bad sometimes. They look scary, with layers of clothing and dirty hands. They litter our streets with cardboard boxes, fast-food wrappers and empty bottles. They sleep on sidewalks or in tents under bridges, testing sanitation limits. It sounds pretty awful, I admit. This is the picture you and I see in our cities and towns. It makes us want to turn away and escape to our tidy houses. It makes us angry, too. Most of us work or worked when we were younger. Most of us portion out our paychecks for housing, food, clothing and occasional recreation.
Thanks to Trump, the
Forty-Year Appeasement of
Iran Is Over
29 replies
Posted by Magnante 1/6/2020 5:18:03 AM Post Reply
The assassination of Iranian general Qassem Soleimani is an unusual, possibly aberrant, event. The killing of this individual leader of a sovereign state may lead to all-out war between Iran and the U.S. — or, on the other hand, the assassination may bring an end to the cycle of Iranian violence countered by U.S. and world diplomatic flatulence and appeasement. (snip) the Iranians have been in an undeclared war with the U.S. since the ayatollahs and their religiously inspired and power-mad henchmen took over the reins of government from the despotic but pro-American Shah in the seventies.
'We'll do it for half': George Lopez
doubles down on Iran's bounty on Trump
28 replies
Posted by Pluperfect 1/6/2020 4:46:50 AM Post Reply
George Lopez doubled down Sunday on the bounty Iran has put on President Trump — for half. The comedian replied to another Instagram user’s post Sunday that Iran had offered $80 million to any person who assassinated Mr. Trump’s “during the televised funeral of General #QasemSoleimani after he was assassinated last week.” Mr. Lopez replied: “We’ll do it for half.” As of 10:40 p.m. Sunday had received almost 350 replies and nearly 1,200 “like” reactions. Some of the reaction was outrage though. “@SecretService should take a look at this. The Left is sick,” Ryan Fournier, founder and co-chairman of Students for Trump, wrote on Twitter.
Golden Globes: Patricia Arquette
Lectures Trump over Iran Strike
28 replies
Posted by Imright 1/6/2020 3:38:04 AM Post Reply
Actress Patricia Arquette attacked President Donald Trump during her rambling Golden Globes acceptance speech on Sunday, lambasting the president for his recent tweets in which he spelled out his hardline approach toward Iran.Arquette, who won a Golden Globe for her supporting role in Hulu’s The Act, sported dark sunglasses and open cleavage while delivering a semi-coherent acceptance speech in which she invoked Iran, Australia, climate change, and the 2020 presidential election.
Rush Limbaugh signs ‘long-term
agreement’ to renew radio show
28 replies
Posted by Imright 1/5/2020 6:10:37 PM Post Reply
Rush Limbaugh has renewed his radio contract and intends to continue hosting The Rush Limbaugh show well into the 2020s.The popular conservative talk radio host’s contract was set to expire later in the year. Premiere Radio Networks, a syndication company, said Sunday that Limbaugh had renewed his contract but did not release many details of the agreement, according to CNN. PRN did not say exactly how long Limbaugh’s new contract is but noted it is a "long-term agreement." President Trump, however, broke the news of the agreement and said it was just a four-year deal
Chelsea Clinton reaps $9 million
from corporate board position
26 replies
Posted by ConservativeYankee 1/6/2020 2:06:34 PM Post Reply
Chelsea Clinton has reaped $9 million in compensation since 2011 for serving on the board of an internet investment company, according to Barron’s, the financial publication. Barron’s reported Sunday that Clinton has profited handsomely as a board member for IAC/InterActiveCorp, a media and internet investment company that has an ownership stake in 150 well-known brands, such as Vimeo, Tinder, Angie’s List and Home Advisor. Clinton, the only child of former President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, has served on IAC’s board since 2011 and receives an annual $50,000 retainer and $250,000 worth of restricted IAC stock units, Barron’s reports.
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