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A warning to conservatives: Don't get
complacent on impeachment

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Posted By: mc squared, 12/19/2019 12:03:33 PM

A march to ruin, a gang of Mafiosi has been unleashed on our great nation from the bowels of Capitol Hill. This is a modern-day NKVD, a Moscow show trial of revolutionary zealots that would made Felix Dzerzhinsky proud. This sham of a witch hunt is tailor-made for Hollywood, Adam Schiff playing Beria, CNN and the N.Y. Times playing


I agree with the author that there are many ways this will play out. Not all of them favorable to DJT ( and us). Keep your powder dry.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: udanja99 12/19/2019 12:25:59 PM (No. 266839)
The “forces unleashed” will be those of PDT and his supporters. He has already been impeached - what else have they got to throw at him? I predict that revenge is a dish he will serve them cold and I will support him every step of the way.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: Strike3 12/19/2019 12:34:03 PM (No. 266841)
The House has hit a brick wall and their bag of tricks is empty. Any undermining and deceit now can only come from Senate Republicans.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: Flyball Dogs 12/19/2019 12:37:19 PM (No. 266843)
Outstanding article. Must read (and send via link) But I have to ask fellow L Dotters: why, in the name of peace, does EVERYONE praise PDJT, but put in the qualifier he is “flawed”??? No one said that about Reagan or Bushes I and II. He is in no way “flawed” to me. Am I the only one?
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Reply 4 - Posted by: Dodge Boy 12/19/2019 12:39:34 PM (No. 266844)
The RINOs in the Senate concern me and can't be counted on. The same can be said for Chief Justice Roberts who was threatened with various consequences if he didn't rule in favor of Obiecare. Indeed, we cannot afford to become complacent. A civil war has broken out and we are in the cross hairs of the dims, msm, deep state, and the globalists. McConnell needs to cut this off at the knees before too many more RINOs get Then get rolling on criminal prosecutions of those complicit in the spying operation on the President. We had better stand up and fight. I'm behind the President bigly.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: Strike3 12/19/2019 12:42:35 PM (No. 266846)
By "flaws" they are taking his tweets and insults literally - not understanding that the man has a sharp sense of humor and can get under the skins of the pompous, self-important idiots who oppose him. I think his tactics are very effective - like everything else he has done.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: Wendybird 12/19/2019 12:48:56 PM (No. 266851)
Post# 3, I agree with your observation, and I see examples daily. Very annoying. Even strong supporters seem unable to admit admiration for the great straightforwardness of President Trump.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: Deety 12/19/2019 12:51:58 PM (No. 266856)
It is very heartening to see, in more and more articles and commentary and broadcast news, that the "Democrats" are being identified (correctly and finally) with terms such as "mafioso" "criminal" "crime syndicate" etc. We are certainly at the point in American history where denying the truth of this - the correct perception of Democrats as The Party of Crime - serves no useful purpose whatsoever. Their declaration of war on the rule of law must not go unanswered.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: earlybird 12/19/2019 12:54:05 PM (No. 266859)
We Conservatives should never ever allow ourselves to become complacent… Relatively happy, sane people, we forget that the enemy is there, plotting against us all the time. “Just because you are paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you” used to hang on my office wall...
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Reply 9 - Posted by: qr4j 12/19/2019 12:55:09 PM (No. 266862)
Nancy Pelosi's stunt worries me a bit. Which stunt, you ask? The one in which she is holding back the articles of impeachment from the U.S. Senate -- until she gets the rules she wants. Uh . . . since when does the U.S. House of Representatives get to tell the U.S. Senate what it must do and how? To use Pelosi's argument, the U.S. Senate could just as easily say they won't even consider articles of impeachment unless the House does what the Senate wants. We could play this game every day and twice on Sunday if we wanted to do so. I think, if I were Mr. McConnell, I would give the U.S. Speaker of the House of Representatives so many days to get the articles submitted to the Senate. If the articles are not delivered by the deadline, the leader in the Senate would vote to reject the articles no matter what the articles contain. The majority of the House has voted. There should be no "sending over" holdup involved. The Senate should be able to get on with business and not be interrupted with Pelosi dramatics.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: Deety 12/19/2019 1:01:06 PM (No. 266867)
Regarding a Senate trial: "Dear wavering Republican senator _______, Either you vote with We The Woke to convict Trump, or we will kill your lovely daughter ______. Don't worry, we know how and it's a piece of cake, according to our FBI collaborators. Looking forward to your loyal support, Anonymous DNC" PS Epstein did kill himself (haha!!!!) Does anyone doubt the Dims are not capable of this? ...... No one?
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Reply 11 - Posted by: RedWhite&Blue2 12/19/2019 1:07:49 PM (No. 266877)
I wish I had his “flaws” Did you see the rally last night? In Michigan? “Schumer used to kiss my ass!” What’s not to love about DJT?
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Reply 12 - Posted by: Cynical Backstory 12/19/2019 1:11:59 PM (No. 266882)
Don’t know about everyone else but my plate just totally overfilled last night. I’m fighting mad now. Just how much crap do those commies think we’ll take anyway? Oh that’s right. People with full bellies don’t revolt. They discount the horrible example we have in Venezuela, of just how quickly bellies empty out when people are ruled by marxists. Wars, revolts, unrest, and everything in between is accompanied by starvation, misery and oceans of blood. My God, I can’t believe it’s coming to this. But it is. And when America stumbles the rest of the world falls.
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Reply 13 - Posted by: Smart11344 12/19/2019 1:30:39 PM (No. 266897)
Never count your chickens before they hatch. The RINOs scare me, but may swing to vote for Trump. The fat lady hasn't sung, yet and probably never will. Pelosi is one nervouse woman. Talks big, but truly knows she is on thin ice. 2020 should be a big year for the Republicans come election time. The dirty play by the dems didn't help them.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: DVC 12/19/2019 1:33:41 PM (No. 266900)
If they remove this President, I will be going to Washington to protest, and I will not go unarmed. And I will be very angry at these thugs.
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Reply 15 - Posted by: Chiritwo 12/19/2019 3:56:54 PM (No. 266980)
Nancy will send the impeachment over to the Senate when she's guaranteed a vote to have him removed. When is someone in DC going to inform this lawless mob that USA does have laws and we're going to start abiding by them. Still waiting and all I hear are crickets. It's getting very frustrating having to watch all this unfold, thinking an honest adult is going to step in and bring sanity back to our country. So far, just talk. Thanks DC for helping to sell our country out. Except for a few Republicans, President Trump has had to travel this road by himself. He's done a great job but come on, step up to the plate and help him!!
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Reply 16 - Posted by: thewarden 12/19/2019 4:18:39 PM (No. 266990)
And don’t count on the Republicans to ‘impeach’ any Dems in the future. What a joke. They will cower in the corner as always—because they are part of the problem and they are spineless—and the Dems know it.
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Reply 17 - Posted by: bad-hair 12/19/2019 5:33:57 PM (No. 267036)
Complacency has exited my repertoire.
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Reply 18 - Posted by: ussjimmycarter 12/19/2019 6:34:06 PM (No. 267065)
In my career as an IT Program Manager I've always had to ask hourly "then what"... The DemocRATs have not done this and now they find themselves out of ammo ready to start a month long trial in the Senate that will make it mandatory for Warren and Sanders to do anything but sit silently in the Senate trial and stay off the campaign trail! "Then what" was never considered! Pelosi is not very smart and neither are the RATS! Fun stuff, no?
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Reply 19 - Posted by: enemyofthestate 12/19/2019 7:06:58 PM (No. 267093)
Time for me to send another check to the Trump campaign. Won't be the first; won't be the last.
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Government watchdog group Judicial Watch on Friday filed a lawsuit against Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) and the House Intelligence Committee for failing to respond to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. Specifically, Judicial Watch wanted information about private phone records that were released as part of the Democrats' partisan impeachment push against President Donald Trump. The revelation came about on page 153 of the House Intelligence Committee's report on its investigation into Ukraine. Page 153 of the report has this citation: 49 AT&T Document Production, Bates ATTHPSCI _20190930_00768, ATTHPSCI _20190930_00772, ATTHPSCI _20190930_00775 Which goes to this paragraph:
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A warning to conservatives: Don't get
complacent on impeachment
19 replies
Posted by mc squared 12/19/2019 12:03:33 PM Post Reply
A march to ruin, a gang of Mafiosi has been unleashed on our great nation from the bowels of Capitol Hill. This is a modern-day NKVD, a Moscow show trial of revolutionary zealots that would made Felix Dzerzhinsky proud. This sham of a witch hunt is tailor-made for Hollywood, Adam Schiff playing Beria, CNN and the N.Y. Times playing
American Airlines mechanic pleads
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A California mechanic who worked for American Airlines for more than 30 years has pleaded guilty to tampering with an aircraft in a deal to avoid a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison, according to reports. Abdul-Majeed Marouf Ahmed Alani, 60, admitted using a piece of foam to sabotage the plane’s air module system — which reports aircraft speed, pitch, and other flight data to pilots — on a July 17 flight from Miami to the Bahamas with 150 passengers aboard the aircraft. “I do admit the guilt,” he said through an Arabic interpreter in Miami federal court Wednesday, according to the Miami Herald.
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Exxon’s win Tuesday against New York state’s climate-change lawsuit couldn’t have been more complete: Not only did the judge find the Attorney General’s Office failed to prove fraud, he also blasted the case as “hyperbolic” — and praised Exxon. State Supreme Court Judge Barry Ostrager said the state’s lawyers failed to show the company ever “made any material misstatements or omissions” that could mislead any “reasonable” observer. The AG’s Office had claimed Exxon defrauded investors in violation of the Martin Act and other laws. But Ostrager flagged the “politically motivated statements by former New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman,” who launched the Exxon probe — which
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New Jersey is moving quickly to extend driver’s licenses to immigrants without legal status and others who lack paperwork. After years of pressure from immigrants and their advocates, lawmakers Monday heard testimony on a bill that could get final votes next week. Gov. Phil Murphy has said he supports the measure. The hearing before the Assembly Judiciary Committee included testimony from undocumented immigrants and advocates who said the bill is about creating safer roads and getting more drivers to get insurance. “What is important to note is that not only is this a policy that will have a great positive impact for our whole state, but it will also
Authorities searching for unaccounted
Saudi nationals following Pensacola
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Several Saudi nationals who had contact with the gunman who killed three at a Naval base in Florida are still unaccounted for, according to authorities. Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani, a 21-year-old Saudi national training at Navy Air Station in Pensacola, killed three and wounded seven during a shooting rampage that is now presumed to be a terrorist attack. Authorities announced that Alshamrani had visited New York prior to carrying out the attack and had held a dinner party where he showed footage of similar shootings. The FBI was already questioning six Saudi nationals who were connected to Alshamrani after two were caught filming the attack.
Jogger slaps Georgia TV reporter’s
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A brazen creep slapped a TV reporter’s behind as she reported live from a race in Georgia. WSAV-TV’s Alex Bozarjian was on air, with joggers mugging for the camera as they dashed past her at the Savannah Bridge Run 10K Saturday, when a man in a hat and sunglasses appeared to smack her as he ran past, video shows. The journalist could be seen recoiling in shock and staring off at the man, before composing herself and continuing her broadcast. “To the man who smacked my butt on live TV this morning: You violated, objectified, and embarrassed me,” Bozarjian tweeted later on Saturday, alongside footage of the on-air assault.
Saudi shooter held a mass shooting
video party, plus an online rant
pointing to terrorism
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Posted by mc squared 12/8/2019 12:12:42 PM Post Reply
No one was ready to jump to any conclusions yesterday but the gap between what we suppose and what we know is getting a lot smaller. The AP reports that shooter Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani held a party to watch mass shooting videos earlier this week. Other Saudi pilot trainees were at the party: The Saudi student who fatally shot three people at a U.S. naval base in Florida hosted a dinner party earlier in the week where he and three others watched videos of mass shootings, a U.S. official told The Associated Press on
NYT Begs SCOTUS: Throw out Case
Instead of Ruling Against Gun Control
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Posted by mc squared 12/3/2019 4:11:53 PM Post Reply
The New York Times editorial board is asking the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) to toss out a challenge against New York City gun control rather than rule against the controls at the center of the challenge. Breitbart News reported that SCOTUS was hearing a challenge to the NYC gun control on Monday, December 1, 2019. The gun control prohibited licensed firearm owners from transporting their firearms to all but seven city-approved gun ranges. On December 2, 2019, the NYT editorial board begged SCOTUS to discard the case, pointing to the fact that NYC repealed their gun control when it became evident that SCOTUS would take the case.
Wild brawl erupts at Phoenix
high school basketball game
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A high school basketball tournament in Phoenix took an unexpected turn over the weekend when a wild brawl broke out, shocking video shows. Players from Mesa Skyline High School and Cesar Chavez High School were lining up to shake hands late Saturday after the Phoenix Union High School District Coyote Classic tournament when a student from Mesa threw a punch, setting off an ugly free-for-all involving coaches, players and spectators, video obtained by the Arizona Republic showed. “It was a terrible scene,” Skyline coach James Capriotti told the newspaper. “It was a really bad look after a really good game.” Prior to the fight, the atmosphere had been “very volatile”
US attorney Bianca Forde arrested
during drunk driving stop in NYC
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A federal prosecutor was busted Saturday during a DWI stop in Manhattan — and wasn’t even behind the wheel. Assistant US attorney Bianca Forde found herself needing a defense lawyer Saturday when she was arrested for trying to keep cops from administering a sobriety test to her boyfriend in Hell’s Kitchen, police and sources told The Post. Forde, 35, was riding shotgun with her boyfriend when cops pulled over their 2020 Chevy Camaro about 12:15 a.m. at the intersection of 11th Ave. and W. 40th St., police said Forde — who works in the Criminal Division of the US Attorney’s Office in Washington, DC
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Robert De Niro says he'd like to see
Donald Trump get hit in the face with
a bag of excrement 'because he needs
to get humiliated'
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Posted by LittleHoodedMonk 12/20/2019 5:08:14 PM Post Reply
Hollywood legend and staunch 'Never Trumper' Robert De Niro has called for the president to be hit in the face with a bag of feculence. De Niro's remarks, made in a interview with Michael Moore on the liberal film director's podcast, are just the latest explosive insult the actor has hurled at President Donald Trump. 'I'd like to see a bag of (deleted) right in his face. Hit him right in the face like that and let the picture go all over the world, De Niro said. 'And, that would be the most humiliating thing because he needs to be humiliated,' he added. De Niro said that whichever Democrat gets the presidential
Maxine Waters: ‘I Was Right’ Something Is
Wrong with Trump — He Doesn’t Deserve
to Be President
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Posted by Imright 12/21/2019 5:11:19 AM Post Reply
On Friday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “All In,” Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) said she felt vindicated about her early calls for the impeachment of President Donald Trump. Waters said, “I had began to notice him and pay attention to him during the primary campaign in the way he conducted himself. And then my staff and I did our own kind of investigatory work to the degree that we could. We saw the connection between Putin and our president and Manafort and Papadopoulos and all of these individuals who were in this little group of people who were connected in some way to the oligarchs of Russia, to the Kremlin and to Putin.
Democratic candidate Elizabeth
Warren releases a $10.7 trillion
plan to create 10.6 million green jobs
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Posted by NorthernDog 12/20/2019 2:35:43 PM Post Reply
Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., released a $10.7 trillion plan Friday that would rebuild the economy using “100% clean energy” and create 10.6 million union jobs. “To support the millions of skilled and experienced contractors we will need to plan and execute large construction and engineering projects in the new clean economy,” her plan says. The plan would “support the first responders, healthcare workers, social workers, and other public and private employees who respond to climate-induced disasters,” by committing to “investments in retraining, joint labor management apprenticeships, and creating strong career pipelines to ensure a continuous supply of skilled, available workers.”
California Governor Blames
Trump, Republican Party for
State's Homeless Problems
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Posted by MissMolly 12/21/2019 4:28:21 AM Post Reply
The sixth Democratic presidential debate took place Thursday night in Los Angeles, one of several California cities with out-of-control homeless problems. California Governor Gavin Newsom, who has called the state's growing homeless crisis a "national emergency," watched from the audience at Loyola Marymount University. After the debate, a reporter asked the governor why is was President Trump's responsibility to take care of the housing crisis that California has itself created. "Well, he's president of the United States," Newsom said, "and I imagine he cares about people of the United States, and he cares about the largest state in the United States of America.
Seattle Times updates style
guide to capitalize 'Black';
keeps 'white' lowercase
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Posted by Ribicon 12/21/2019 9:26:44 AM Post Reply
The Seattle Times has issued a new style guideline instructing staff to capitalize the word “Black” when referring to a culture, ethnicity or group of people, the newspaper announced Thursday evening. The word “white,” however, will remain lowercase when referring to people with “light-colored skin, especially those of European descent,” the newspaper said. The publication explained that capitalizing the term “Black” is necessary because it is a reflection of shared cultures and experiences, like foods, languages and music.” The word “white” however will remain lowercase because it merely refers to the physical description of people “whose backgrounds may spring from many different cultures,”
Trump Has Engraved Envelopes Hand Delivered
To Democrats On Capitol Hill —
With His F*** You Letter To Pelosi Inside!
26 replies
Posted by DynomiteThings 12/21/2019 8:07:52 AM Post Reply
The White House on Wednesday dispatched some staffers to head up the Capitol. They brought with them beautiful cards with hand-drawn calligraphy on them. They looked like Christmas cards. But inside the envelopes addressed to lawmakers were copies of President Trump’s brutal letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.
Transgender worker suing Nike for
$1.1 million cites pronoun abuses
26 replies
Posted by NorthernDog 12/20/2019 8:44:40 PM Post Reply
A transgender former Nike contractor is seeking $1.1 million in damages from the sporting goods giant for allegedly allowing gender identity-based harassment. According to a civil lawsuit filed this week, Nike and Mainz Brady Group, a staffing firm that hired workers for Nike, discriminated against computer engineer Jazz Lyles, who identifies as transmasculine and prefers the pronouns they/them/their. The complaint was filed with Multnomah Circuit Court in Oregon. During Lyles' tenure at Nike — from May 2017 to September 2018 — the engineer was repeatedly "misgendered" by coworkers, the complaint said. While Lyles notified management about the issue multiple times
Tucker Carlson calls out DC establishment
conservative nonprofits for selling
out and protecting hi tech bullies
that censor conservatives
25 replies
Posted by Magnante 12/21/2019 6:25:50 AM Post Reply
I was frankly shocked by Tucker Carson’s courage last night; he’s not going to be getting a lot of cocktail party invitations from the cream of the beltway conservative establishment anymore. If you missed Carlson’s epic denunciation of the big DC establishment think tanks – the likes of the Heritage Foundation, American Enterprise Institute and Competitive Enterprise Institute -- do yourself a favor and spend the next six-and-a-half minutes watching the video embedded below. He points out that Google, Facebook, Twitter and the others are all enjoying special legal protection that enables them to get away with censoring conservatives, and that the biggest and richest conservative think tanks support
Trump Lawyers Ask If Pelosi Delay
Means He Isn’t Impeached Yet
25 replies
Posted by MissMolly 12/20/2019 4:02:59 AM Post Reply

Lawyers close to President Donald Trump are exploring whether House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s decision to temporarily withhold articles of impeachment from the Senate could mean that the president hasn’t actually been impeached. The case is a rhetorical one following Wednesday night’s vote to impeach the president on two articles. The U.S. Constitution grants the House of Representatives full authority over impeachment. But the argument is part of an effort by the White House and Senate Republicans to maximize their leverage as lawmakers debate when and how to conduct a trial on charges that the president abused his power to solicit an investigation into political rival Joe Biden,

Bernie Sanders: Americans Should Support
Impeachment Because Trump
Is a ‘Pathological Liar’
24 replies
Posted by Imright 12/20/2019 1:58:24 PM Post Reply
Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) was unable to provide a sound argument in favor of the impeachment of President Trump during the Democrat debate on Thursday, reverting to vague talking points and calling the president a “pathological liar.” Moderators kicked off the event by asking candidates how they can persuade more Americans to support the impeachment of the president. “To the candidates — last night, at this hour, the House of Representatives voted for only the third time in American history to impeach a president,” PBS NewsHour’s Judy Woodruff said.
Food fight! Nancy Pelosi's
'Animal House' impeachment
24 replies
Posted by Pluperfect 12/20/2019 4:55:43 AM Post Reply
Amid all the impeachment hysteria and sleight of hand, here is your guide to what actually happened in Congress this week. First and foremost, President Trump did not get impeached Wednesday night. And he still hasn’t at the moment of this writing, more than 12 hours after House Democrats approved two articles of impeachment in the most nakedly partisan impeachment vote in over a century and a half. The giant, block-lettered, wartime headlines in the New York Times giddily declaring “TRUMP IMPEACHED” is completely false. Fake News, you might say.
Booker Downplays Trump Economy —
Americans Don’t Measure Their ‘Well-
Being’ Based on GDP, Stock Market
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Posted by Imright 12/20/2019 2:17:30 PM Post Reply
During Friday’s “New Day” on CNN, 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) discussed a new CNN poll that shows the United States economy’s highest rating in almost 20 years. Booker said the economy is “overall good” but Americans are “not measuring their well-being” based on the GDP or stock market.“Right now, all Americans know that we’re doing nothing on health care costs, prescription drug costs,” Booker told host John Berman. “We know that we have a tax system that’s way, weighted in the hands of the wealthiest
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