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The Democrats are engaged in a coup.
What do we do about it?

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Posted By: Deety, 12/15/2019 12:42:36 PM

Stories are freighted with an inherent power to influence, persuade, even form perceptions from whole cloth among those who hear them. Were it not so, Hollywood would be just another town. It is that raw power that has taught us to exercise extreme caution when we hear stories claimed to be faithful retellings of provable facts. For that reason, we raise the bar when the story involves the alleged commission of a crime. We set and maintain a high standard for evidence of the accusation throughout legal proceedings


As the article points out, the behavior of the Democrat party has indeed been that of an overt criminal enterprise. This is not a metaphoric critique of the Democrats - it is fact-based analysis of who they really are: a crime syndicate.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: Newtsche 12/15/2019 12:57:19 PM (No. 263087)
The other day, Greta Thunberg had a suggestion.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: Trapper 12/15/2019 1:00:32 PM (No. 263089)
THIS is the coup. The usurpation of power by the House:
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Reply 3 - Posted by: Rob_NC 12/15/2019 1:12:37 PM (No. 263113)
Tall tree.. short rope
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Reply 4 - Posted by: doctorfixit 12/15/2019 1:17:47 PM (No. 263122)
The only solution for the utter lawlessness and corruption of Washington DC is to shut off the money.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: MOBeef4u 12/15/2019 1:20:32 PM (No. 263124)
Pretty sure you’re not going to get the foxes to keep the other foxes out of the henhouse. With a complicit media and a deluded, uninformed or misinformed public I have little hope that anything will change. Maybe Durham and Barr will come through but I’m not holding my breath. Late spring or early summer? Meh.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: FunOne 12/15/2019 1:26:56 PM (No. 263134)
Republicans and Patriot-Independents need to turn out and vote in 2020! That is essential. If we can have a majority in the house and senate, and President Trump in the White House, then we are able actually start to clean up the mess.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: Maggie2u 12/15/2019 1:46:55 PM (No. 263149)
The most corrupt organization in the history of our country. A criminal enterprise masquerading as a political party.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: hurricanegirl 12/15/2019 1:57:59 PM (No. 263157)
It's not just the Democrats who are crooked. It's quite possible that at least 95% of Congress is bought and paid for by people who want to control the U.S. (and I don't mean the American voter). See OANN's reporting of Lindsey Graham's kick-backs from Ukraine as an example.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: davew 12/15/2019 3:02:33 PM (No. 263194)
After watching the OAN expose and seeing the interview with the high ranking Ukrainian minister, Teleschenko, I now understand why Eric Ciaramella had to hide behind this phony anonymous whistleblower scam. Taleshenko testified that Ciaramella had organized the meeting at the State Department where the Ukrainians were told to report dirt on US persons that had ties to the Party of the Regions. This eventually lead to the mysterious appearance of the forged Black Ledger showing that Manafort had actually signed for the bribes he received which seems stupid even by Democrat standards of fraud. This lead to his resignation from the Trump campaign when the document was leaked to Michael Issakoff and passed through Nellie Ohr to her FBI husband Bruce. Voila, Manafort was now a target like Page and Papdopoulous. Other Ukrainians identified in the document have already verified that their signatures were forged. The takeaway is that Ciaramella was aware of the corruption that was rampant in the Ukraine and Vice President Biden's central role in the conspiracy. By going to Schiff and concocting the Ukraine impeachment plot against Trump when he got wind of what Trump had lawfully asked for on the phone call he was attempting to prevent the investigation. This is know legally as obstruction of justice. He did it as a whistleblower so no one could legally associate the obstruction act with the person of Eric Ciarmella who knew what Trump asked for would expose his and others crimes. Very clever, Eric. You might just get away with it given the overwhelming support you are getting in the press to sustain your anonymity hoax. Did you come up with this on your own or did your friend Adam give you any help?
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Reply 10 - Posted by: TXknitter 12/15/2019 3:15:21 PM (No. 263200)
The word “stunning” is often overused but it fits beautifully here. It is stunning that the media goes along with the coup. I am continually stunned that the Republicans refuse to make it the most repeated talking point. Democrats had easy time getting to this point because the Uniparty is reality not a myth.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: GW_Rider 12/15/2019 3:56:18 PM (No. 263223)
I'm increasingly skeptical that all this can be resolved peacefully.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: DVC 12/15/2019 4:09:17 PM (No. 263235)
If they remove President Trump, I will go to Washington and contest the issue. My bet is that a million or two will be with me, and we will not be in a good mood.
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Reply 13 - Posted by: Rumblehog 12/15/2019 4:29:08 PM (No. 263259)
Simple - call Barack Hussein Obama as the FIRST witness in the Senate Impeachment Trial. Hussein is the "donkey in the tent" for all this crap. What did then President Hussein know, and when did he know it? Hussein had to be involved in the Ukraine money laundering & election tampering efforts, since it had George Soros finger prints all over it. Hitlery was no longer SoS and should have had no influence over Ukraine, or did she? Inquiring minds want to know.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: HammerDax56 12/15/2019 5:55:25 PM (No. 263305)
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Reply 15 - Posted by: Geoman 12/15/2019 7:29:53 PM (No. 263348)
Any self-respecting free society should summarily execute coup mongers and break their things.
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Reply 16 - Posted by: judy 12/16/2019 2:50:24 AM (No. 263525)
This includes the media. They support the dems 10000%.Start by firing Wray.
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Reply 17 - Posted by: Muguy 12/16/2019 8:42:37 AM (No. 263678)
This whole thing is a bunch of hooey. Nothing but hearsay, hurt feelings, and a re-tread of the 'collusion' hoax! The fear and apprehension we feel is that our vaunted system of "Checks and Balances", "Innocent until proven guilty" and gross influence of the media to take down a duly elected President going around the "Rule of Law" is all based on what the demonrat socialists SAY, and not by what the President has said or done based on facts.
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Former congressman and Hawaii governor Neil Abercrombie, the Hawaii Tribune-Herald reports, has called for Democrat presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard to resign “the sooner the better” following her vote of “present” on the articles of impeachment against President Trump. Abercombie is co-chair for the campaign of Kai Kahele, a Democrat running against Gabbard, and the former governor cited Gabbard’s missing votes “on everything” as the reason for his resignation call. On the other hand, fallout from the call has focused on Gabbard’s impeachment stand. “Throughout my life, whether through serving in the military or in Congress, I’ve always worked to do what is in the best interests of our country,”
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The Democrats are engaged in a coup.
What do we do about it?
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Stories are freighted with an inherent power to influence, persuade, even form perceptions from whole cloth among those who hear them. Were it not so, Hollywood would be just another town. It is that raw power that has taught us to exercise extreme caution when we hear stories claimed to be faithful retellings of provable facts. For that reason, we raise the bar when the story involves the alleged commission of a crime. We set and maintain a high standard for evidence of the accusation throughout legal proceedings
Nolte: Massive Media Fail As Poll Of Polls
Prove Trump's More Popular Than Obama
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Real Clear Politics, a non-partisan (and indispensable) site that tracks countless polls and averages them, also tracks the job approval numbers for President Trump and former (thank heaven) President Obama in a way that allows us to see how the two presidents compare on this same day during their respective presidencies. On the very same day the deranged media and demented Democrats announced two articles of impeachment against Trump, his average job approval rating is higher than Obama’s was on this same day during his first (failed) term as president. On this same day during his (failed) presidency, Obama averaged just a 43.5 approval rating.
President Trump Scoring with Black Voters,
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Ana Navarro-Cardenas managed to produce one of the most offensive tweets of the year in response to the news that multiple polls show black job approval of President Donald Trump now at 34%. She tweeted, "Zero chance this is accurate. Zero. The poll must have only been conducted in the homes of Ben Carson, Kanye, that sheriff guy with the hat and those two Cubic Zirconia & Polyester-Spandex ladies." You can almost smell the fear oozing from her keystrokes, competing with the hate that was already there. This is so blatantly racist that only a liberal could have spouted it.
Nation's Progressives Give Thanks That
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This Year
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U.S.—In honor of Thanksgiving week, the nation's progressives have begun to give thanks that they have so much to be angry and offended about this year. "Thank you, unspecified deity who may or may not exist, for giving us so much stuff to be outraged about," said Staci Walder, 42, of Portland, as she prepared her vegan, kale-wrapped turkey. "I'm truly humbled that you've blessed me with the Trump presidency, the patriarchy, the laws of economics, and biological facts to rage against." "Every year, it's important to pause and recognize how much we have to be angry about."
BREAKING: As of November 25,
2019, Donald Trump Is President
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Posted by Deety 11/26/2019 1:24:36 AM Post Reply
What's more, not only is Trump President, there's still a chain of command and he's still the top of it. Oh, and the Secretary of Defense is senior to the Secretary of the Navy in the chain of command. This seems to be a point of confusion among many. Historically, people should recall — except, apparently history isn't a big topic in schools these days — that during the Korean War, General of the Army Douglas MacArthur commented to the press that Truman's restrictions on operations beyond the Yalu River, and thus beyond North Korea and in Mao's China, were "an enormous handicap, unprecedented in military history."
Trump Caught America’s Biggest Lawbreaker 5 replies
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Last week in his now-classic style of quips to the media President Trump said, “I caught the Swamp.” To the tens of millions of Americans who elected him, Trump is telling them he’s fulfilling yet another campaign promise. But this one is something perhaps (if not certainly) no other president could claim. It’s not just the Swamp that Trump caught -- it’s actually America’s biggest lawbreaker. Three years into the Obama administration, while America was under the throes of being “transformed” into post-constitutional socialism, we wrote a Thomas Paine-style pamphlet, or e-book, entitled The Law That Governs Government: Reclaiming the Constitution from Usurpers and Society’s Biggest Lawbreaker.
An Open Letter to Greta Thunberg 28 replies
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Greta Thunberg: You have declared yourself a leader and said that your generation will start a revolution. You have comported yourself as a credentialed adult and climate change activist who has fearlessly addressed politicians and world leaders. You have dropped out of school and declared that there isn’t any reason to attend, or any reason for you to study since there will be no future for you to inherit. You have, rather than attend your classes, been leading Friday Climate Strikes for all students in your generation across the globe. Your attendance at oil pipelines has been striking.
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Meghan Markle won't
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Hollywood celebrity is tough to shuck, at least for Meghan Markle, last seen in a starring role as Duchess of Sussex. Instead of marveling at her fairy tale ending with her marriage to Prince Harry in the U.K., she's made it clear she wants to go back to the Hollywood celebrity circuit, that "b" list group that makes loud leftwing noises to get attention -- and movie roles. Harry can come along for the ride if he wants, but he's probably going to get chewed up and spat out in the long run. She'll dump him when he gets inconvenient. It's pretty clear by the latest stunt she pulled
Pelosi: No Matter What Happens in the
Senate, Trump Will Be 'Impeached Forever'
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Posted by Imright 1/13/2020 7:08:53 AM Post Reply
No matter what the U.S. Senate does, President Donald Trump will be "impeached forever," House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told ABC's "This Week. "Let's be optimistic about the future, a future that will not have Donald Trump in the White House one way or another," Pelosi told host George Stephanopoulos on Sunday. "Ten months we will have an election if we don't have him removed sooner. But, again, he'll be impeached forever." Pelosi said she plans to send the articles of impeachment to the Senate this week, and she also explained her delay: Well, what I did say is, I would be consulting with my members
EXCLUSIVE: Meghan Markle has the ‘full
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Meghan Markle has the full support of her mother Doria Ragland as she and Prince Harry quit as senior royals, while a friend of Markle's exclusively reveals that she has no 'intention' of ever returning to the UK to live. (Snip) But Meghan has the backing of her Los Angeles-based 63-year-old mother, who 'was really worried about Meghan... and is relieved that her daughter is putting her mental health and well being first,' the insider said.
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Sen. Cory Booker announced Monday that he will end his campaign after failing to qualify for the Democratic debate planned for Tuesday in Iowa. "It was a difficult decision to make, but I got in this race to win, and I've always said I wouldn't continue if there was no longer a path to victory," Booker said in an email to supporters Monday. The New Jersey Democrat's announcement came a day before six presidential candidates will participate in the CNN/Des Moines Register's debate in Des Moines, Iowa. He did not qualify for the event. It also came as the Senate gears up for the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump.

Queen issues statement on Meghan
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Queen Elizabeth II has responded to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s request to “step back” as senior members of the royal family, Fox News has learned on Monday. She also said she has agreed to allow the couple to move part-time to Canada. “Today my family had very constructive discussions on the future of my grandson and his family,” the reigning monarch shared in a statement. “My family and I are entirely supportive of Harry and Meghan’s desire to create a new life as a young family. Although we would have preferred them to remain full-time working Members of the Royal Family, we respect and understand their wish
Five Reasons Meghan Markle May Not
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Posted by earlybird 1/13/2020 3:16:38 PM Post Reply
Prince Harry and Princess Meghan astounded the world — and the Royal family, apparently — when they announced they were giving up on their senior royal duties and decamping to Canada. In fact, Meghan has gone already — appearing to leave Harry to pick up the pieces at home. And it’s a shame, because the UK really did seem ready to embrace its new American princess when the pair tied the knot in a fairytale wedding at Windsor in 2018. Furthermore, the British people really do support the monarchy and do tend to cut them a lot of slack. So what could possibly have gone wrong? –All those flights–
Virginia democrats propose law
blocking cops, active military
from carrying guns
30 replies
Posted by Hazymac 1/13/2020 10:29:05 AM Post Reply
It seems as though every day brings us something new out of Virginia relating to their now Democrat-led legislators and gun laws. What’s the latest? State Delegate Dan Helmer filed a bill this past Wednesday that would allow the Attorney General, Mark Herring, the ability to determine which states’ concealed carry permits Virginia would continue to recognize, and potentially making it almost impossible for people to protect themselves if they do not live in Virginia. Not that they plan to let Virginians protect themselves either. It appears that this would include members of the military that are stationed at one of the many Virginia bases.
Michael Bloomberg Is Spending All His
Money to ‘Get Rid of Donald Trump’
30 replies
Posted by Imright 1/13/2020 7:22:11 AM Post Reply
Every cent he has is going toward ousting President Trump, billionaire Michael Bloomberg (D) said Saturday in Texas.“Number one priority is to get rid of Donald Trump. I’m spending all my money to get rid of Trump. Do you want me to spend more or less? End of story,” the 2020 presidential hopeful told Reuters during an interview on his campaign bus.Bloomberg said he believes he can win the presidency in 2020 by getting moderate Republicans on board with him because they would not vote for progressive candidates such as Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT).He continued: One of the reasons
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Liz Warren told Morning Joe this past week that she is willing to ban construction of new homes if the home is not “carbon neutral.” Does she even know what she’s talking about? Liberal lunatics like Liz Warren, the former Harvard law professor, believe you can build a home in 2020 in that does not use coal, oil or gas for heating or cooling. These people are truly nuts. Western Journal reported: If your home isn’t carbon neutral, Elizabeth Warren might not let you build it. And if that means no new homes get built, she’s OK with that. In an appearance on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Wednesday,
Useful Idiots on the Right: The Never Trumpers 29 replies
Posted by ladydawgfan 1/13/2020 5:39:17 AM Post Reply
One could perhaps have excused them their earlier indiscretions of November 2016. He was, after all, an unknown quantity, an outsider of questionable conservative pedigree. Indeed, Donald Trump had been a fairly typical New York liberal Democrat for much of his life. And he had led a less than stellar moral life. And so the pile-on at the time by National Review and others could perhaps have been forgiven, although not really, when one considered the alternative. As I had written at the time: Do we not grow weary of the sanctimonious ones? The Never Trumpers that endlessly hector and scold,
The Way We Live Now, Monarchy Edition 28 replies
Posted by MissMolly 1/13/2020 4:31:58 AM Post Reply
The number one story in the news in Great Britain (and a major story around the world) is the apparent abandonment of the Royal Family by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, better known as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The story obviously has a strong personal element, but it also strikes me as emblematic of our time. The British monarchy is not just ancient, but profoundly old-fashioned. It is founded on a concept of duty, exemplified by Queen Elizabeth II, that is utterly at odds with the 21st century. Being a Royal is a great job, most would say, but it inherently involves sacrifice.
Impeachment Articles Must Be Challenged
in Court
26 replies
Posted by ladydawgfan 1/13/2020 5:31:40 AM Post Reply
The latest reporting I've seen is that the Senate will take up President Trump's impeachment trial next week. What's wrong with that, you ask? I've already said what's wrong: the Schiff-Nadler Star Chamber violated President Trump's Fifth Amendment rights to procedural due process, rendering the resulting impeachment articles null and void as "poisoned fruit." The GOP leadership should do what the Founders would have done: challenge the legal legitimacy of the impeachment articles. The logic blueprint I will present below — Mr. Jefferson knew logic — will help make the case in court.
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