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If Joe Biden is the best Democrats
can offer, party is in trouble

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Posted By: Pluperfect, 8/13/2019 6:06:17 AM

Former Vice President Joseph R. Biden is hopping around Iowa these days on one foot — the other being permanently lodged in his mouth. Poor guy can’t get through a speech without slandering someone, slurring a people or simply saying something incredibly stupid. Still, Mr. Biden’s support in polls nearly doubles his next-nearest rivals. The rest of the endless Democratic field is 30 points behind him. You know your party is in trouble when “Joe Biden” is the best it’s got. And it’s not that Democratic voters around the country are trembling in excitement over Mr. Biden. He is just the least terrible in a deeply terrible field. Democratic politicians

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Reply 1 - Posted by: jeffkinnh 8/13/2019 6:32:02 AM (No. 150651)
The dem party is not "in trouble", it is moribund. One of the funniest and saddest causes of its condition is that the media has enabled the dem party to the point of expiration by pushing their crackpot ideas and pimping out personalities. If the media had been functional and did honest critiques of bad ideas, the party would have had to deal with their internal idiocy long before it became fatal. Everyone knows that catching a serious disease in its early stages greatly improves the chance of surviving it. Now it is too late. All the people associated with the party have caught a PTD, politically transmitted disease, that is fatal over the long term and it's to late for penicillin. The only question is, will the party take the Country with it in its death throes? Delusional hatred of the opposition. Vicious smearing of all who disagree with them. Promotion of envy and uncontrolled anger between groups. Support of foreign influences that have long hated this Country. Tearing down of the core structures of the Country that have worked well for over 200 years and continue to do so, JUST so they can take power. Uncontrolled corruption of people and the government. This is what the dem party offers today. The reality that we are even listening to them instead of rounding them up for sedition shows that the Country is already poisoned. Can we recover?
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Reply 2 - Posted by: M2 8/13/2019 6:50:15 AM (No. 150667)
Watch out for Michelle, even in her denial.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: Kitty Myers 8/13/2019 6:55:27 AM (No. 150673)
If [insert any Dem running for POTUS] is the best Democrats can offer, party is in trouble.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: jinx 8/13/2019 7:34:57 AM (No. 150690)
I think they plan on running him and IF he wins, his VP will have to take over. Watch out for who he 'picks" as his VP. It will be a woman; she might be black. I really don't think Michelle wants the job. She has always loved being on stage with the stars.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: Troutgreen 8/13/2019 7:36:52 AM (No. 150693)
They were just warming up with Epstein. I wager Biden doesn't make it to the primary. Old age and dementia will be what the Medical Examiner puts on the report. Then Hillary! comes huffing and puffing to save the day. She's never going away.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: JackBurton 8/13/2019 7:39:27 AM (No. 150694)
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Reply 7 - Posted by: DVC 8/13/2019 8:36:45 AM (No. 150745)
Yes, Mr. Hurt is exactly right. The best short summary--- FTA:"And it’s not that Democratic voters around the country are trembling in excitement over Mr. Biden. He is just the least terrible in a deeply terrible field." Yes, this is clearly the case. The Dems are fielding no serious candidates, or at least that have shown up so far. They are all a bunch of socialists, race baiters and fools. None of them is even remotely electable, include Idiot Joe.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: radrelic 8/13/2019 9:33:44 AM (No. 150858)
Biden as the new normal--or is that near normal?
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Reply 9 - Posted by: BigGeorgeTX 8/13/2019 2:14:30 PM (No. 151183)
If any of these clowns are the best the Democrats have to offer... Yes, they are in deep trouble. Any sane person can see that, but there is a lot of mental illness on the Left.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: hotcorner 8/14/2019 10:01:24 AM (No. 151927)
It will be Clinton again - can't you see the campaign of pity for the woman as 2016 was stolen? The hate will be suffocating and voter fraud, harvesting of ballots and cheating rampant, difficult to stop.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: Penny Spencer 8/14/2019 1:56:04 PM (No. 152203)
#4 is right on all points. Big MO doesn't want anything to do with returning to the White House. If Joe gets the nod, he will just be the token candidate. Remember, he gets to "choose" his running mate. anyone he (the DNC) wants. As soon as Joe resigns, Kamala/Stacy/Cory/Beto/Liz/Pete/Kilroy will become POTUS.
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Being president of the United States is hard and requires an essentially heroic work ethic and the ability to think and speak clearly? What a lot of malarkey. All you have to do is roll up your sleeves and get down to work, the same way that Sen. Eastland and Barack and I used to do in the good old days. You need me. This is basically Joe Biden's pitch to the American people. It is how powerful men always talk when anyone dares to question their presumed right to rule. Cut it out with that tedious needling bullcrap about facts and timelines and whether my words make any sense —
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Guards at the New York City jail facility where Jeffrey Epstein is said to have killed himself are suspected of falsifying log entries to show they were checking on the alleged sex trafficker and other inmates with greater regularity than was the case, according to a Tuesday report. Surveillance video reviewed after Epstein’s death shows guards at the Metropolitan Correctional Center did not make some of the checks they claimed to have made in their logs, a source told the Associated Press. The New York Times reported, citing unnamed officials, that the guards fell asleep at some point and did not check on him for up to three hours.
If Joe Biden is the best Democrats
can offer, party is in trouble
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Posted by Pluperfect 8/13/2019 6:06:17 AM Post Reply
Former Vice President Joseph R. Biden is hopping around Iowa these days on one foot — the other being permanently lodged in his mouth. Poor guy can’t get through a speech without slandering someone, slurring a people or simply saying something incredibly stupid. Still, Mr. Biden’s support in polls nearly doubles his next-nearest rivals. The rest of the endless Democratic field is 30 points behind him. You know your party is in trouble when “Joe Biden” is the best it’s got. And it’s not that Democratic voters around the country are trembling in excitement over Mr. Biden. He is just the least terrible in a deeply terrible field. Democratic politicians
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While most Americans are spending time this summer enjoying the sun in the comfort of their houses’ yards, the New York Times is out with a new exposé on how lawn care is problematic, once viewed through the lens of social justice.Lawns are contributing to pollution and climate change, asserts narrator David Botti, and their origins are far from woke, in a seven-minute video on the history of American lawns.Botti says lawns are part of the “colonizing of America,” which transformed the landscape from “pristine wilderness” to “identical rows of manicured nature.”“These lawns come on the backs of slaves,” he continues, zooming in on
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Council Bluffs, Iowa—Democratic voters here love Mayor Pete, but they may be penalizing him because he’s gay. It’s not that they hold it against Pete Buttigieg, mayor of South Bend, Indiana, but they fear the rest of the country may not be ready for a 37-year-old, married, openly gay man to sit in the White House, so they are reluctant to help him win the party’s presidential nomination. “Pete Buttigieg is interesting to me, but, honestly, he is probably not electable, and the last thing I want is Donald Trump in office,” said David Cline. “I do believe his sexuality is an issue for folks, which is too bad.
Over 90,000 Sign Petition To Rename
Street Outside Trump Tower After Obama
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The street outside Trump Tower may be renamed “President Barack H. Obama Avenue,” at least if nearly 100,000 people get their way. As of Wednesday, 93,627 people have signed a petition from the left-wing site to rename the stretch of Fifth Avenue in New York City between 56th and 57th Avenue after the 44th president in order to spite President Donald Trump. (Photo) The woman behind the petition told Newsweek that she wants to honor Obama because Osama Bin Laden was killed by American forces during the Obama administration.
Stacey Abrams: RNC Going to Send
Off-Duty Officers to Scare ‘Voters of Color’
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Posted by M2 8/14/2019 9:31:08 AM Post Reply
Tuesday on MSNBC’s “The Rachel Maddow Show,” former Georgia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams accused the Republican National Committee of planning to send off-duty law enforcement officers into minority neighborhoods to “scare voters, particularly voters of color.” Abrams said, “We know that we also face foreign influence that is being denied by the White House, by the would-be tinpot dictator of Donald Trump, but also that Moscow Mitch is stopping voter rights legislation and election security legislation. But we also know they just lifted a consent decree that’s kept Republicans and the RNC from going into local communities and intimidating voters by having off-duty
CNN’s Cuomo explodes in
profanity-laden rant over
his nickname, threatens violence,
likens Godfather reference to n-word;
CNN supports him
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Obviously, the stranger who called Chris Cuomo “Fredo” touched a very sensitive nerve in the anchor for the third-rated cable news operation. As the son and brother of 2 governors of New York, Chris may feel himself an underachiever, perhaps occupying his position of prominence solely on the basis of his family ties. That could explain the vehemence, verbal thuggery, and victimology of the unhinged rant that followed. (snip) CNN rushed to defend their anchor, heedless of the threat of violence and impolite language:
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“They’re Nothing, These Girls”: Unraveling
the Mystery of Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein’s Enabler
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Posted by MissMolly 8/13/2019 5:38:04 AM Post Reply
Is it possible prosecutors have lost track of Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged co-conspirator in his pedophile ring? For the past few weeks, rumors have circulated that she’s 400 pounds and living in Florida, or that she’s living the high life in London or the Continent, but according to the Washington Post, authorities are having a hard time locating her. Those who know her say that it’s possible she is as much of a Houdini as Epstein. Both of them liked having secrets, and the way those secrets kept people off balance. “Jeffrey always wanted to give the impression that he was an international man of mystery—‘I control everyone
Mooch dined with Nikki Haley
days before dumping Trump
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Did Nikki Haley recruit the Mooch to “the resistance?” Over the weekend, fleeting Trump comms chief Anthony Scaramucci forcefully broke up with President Donald Trump in interviews and on Twitter, comparing the president to a nuclear reactor on the verge of a meltdown, and suggested the GOP may need to run a candidate against him in 2020. He followed it up with a tweet saying, “To those asking, ‘what took so long?’ You’re right. I tried to see best in [Trump] based on private interactions and select policy alignment. But his increasingly divisive rhetoric—and damage it’s doing to [the] fabric of our society—outweighs any short-term economic gain.”
Trump: Voter ID must play 'very strong
part' in deal on election security
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Posted by Imright 8/13/2019 10:29:12 PM Post Reply
President Trump on Tuesday said Congress should not consider any "final agreement" on election security that does not include provisions mandating voters present identification while casting ballots. “No debate on Election Security should go forward without first agreeing that Voter ID (Identification) must play a very strong part in any final agreement. Without Voter ID, it is all so meaningless!” Trump tweeted Tuesday. (Tweet) Trump has long touted unfounded claims that he only lost the 2016 popular vote by 3 million ballots because of “millions of people who voted illegally.”
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