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Hillary Clinton: Architect of the Coup

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Posted By: Harlowe, 6/5/2019 2:06:10 AM

RUSH: Speaking of Hillary Clinton, folks, we had this piece yesterday from the Federalist by Mr. H. A. Goodman, and it was one of those pieces that you read it, and you say, “Yeah, yeah.” You know it all, but you get kind of frustrated that you didn’t think of it all yourself. His point basically was (without rehashing the whole thing) that every bit of everything we know or think we know--every news item, every little bit of information that fed this narrative the past two years or three now, that Trump colluded with Russia--came not from American intelligence, not from British intelligence. It didn’t come from FBI intelligence.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: NotaBene 6/5/2019 3:12:42 AM (No. 90922)
Poor Seth Rich gave the thumb drive to Wikileaks and was arkansied. Illary was probably the harpy behind B.J., but I would be sorry to see Obola emerge unscathed from this amazing scandal. Perhaps Hussein, Biden and Susan Rice were just trying to cover for Clinton on the Rice email on Inauguration Day. Yet I would regret leaving a big league Communist as Hussein unpunished. They are all guilty. James Comey, John Brennan the Muslim, John Clapper, James Baker the consigliere, Peter Strozk and his mistress Page, Susan Rice, Samantha Powers the United Nations unmasker, Stefan Halper the DoD spy and his voluptuous Honeypot Ezra Turk, Maltese-Italian spy Joseph Mifsud, DoS Sidney Blumenthal and Victoria Nuland, Alexandra Chalupa and the Ukrainian Government, MI5, MI6, Alexander Downer the Australian Ambassador, Perkins Coies´ Law firm Michael Sussman, Bruselas Ohr and his homely wife Nellie, and Christopher Steele who has now been authorized by Teresa May to spill the beans under an immunity agreement. Hopefully this creep will show that the atrocious FBI lied to the Fisa Court because knew well that Steele and Fusion GPS´s Glenn Simpson had been selling the golden showers dosier so that II would be the October 2016 surprise. They lied so much that they just forgot Voter Fraud is what wins elections for Commies.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: Marjbaldwin 6/5/2019 4:21:45 AM (No. 90930)
Rush neglects to point out that all American citizens use BleachBit on their illegal servers to destroy evidence under subpoena, and that when caught are exonerated without indictment or trial. Rush also fails to mention that Americans are protected by the First Amendment right of the media to lie and cover-up for them whenever they are unfairly attacked, as was Miss Clinton, by misogynist Republicans. And last but not least, when Democrats engage in Soviet-inspired coup attempts, they of course have the God-given right to impeach Republicans for the very crimes they themselves are committing. Geez, Rush, how can you not inform your listeners about all this?
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Reply 3 - Posted by: MMC 6/5/2019 6:06:24 AM (No. 90963)
#2. We have Sean Hannity reminding us ad nauseum about the bleach bit, bathroom server.. 33 k emails.. it is part of his every monologue. Bless him, it needs to be hammered home- but I can’t listen anymore! We all know that the cover up was for Hillary- did she orchestrate it? It was probably hatched with her bench men- but is she that smart ? I think it starts with her- but it was /is a protection racket that included many.. protecting what? That is key.. and whom? And what are people willing to kill for? The whole dossier could have been on anyone a threat to revealing secrets- absolute power corrupts absolutely
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Reply 4 - Posted by: M2 6/5/2019 6:27:11 AM (No. 90971)
Rush is overloaded every one of his three hours on the air five times a week. His broadcasts are chock full of facts. He is a national treasure. The fact that he doesn’t mention a few things some feel are important is not fair to him. He is carrying the lion's share of exposing liberalism. I go to him for the facts. If he leaves out a few of them, I assure you it isn’t because he is unaware. It is because there is only so much time in his broadcast day. Nine out of 10 times he never gets to all the things he wants to say. He is our friend. Don’t lean on him.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: LC Chihuahua 6/5/2019 6:42:13 AM (No. 90982)
Hillary is in it up to her neck, but can't help but think much of this would not have happened without Obama's approval. From that perspective, who is the real architect of the Coup?
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Reply 6 - Posted by: Pepper Tree 6/5/2019 6:58:25 AM (No. 90996)
Make that, her short neck, #5. These days, Hillary looks like a sea cucumber anchored to a rock sitting there in some oversized chair or other. The stagecraft is meant create an optical illusion that Hillary isn’t shaped like a too-ripe avocado.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: Pearson365 6/5/2019 7:38:43 AM (No. 91017)
Enough! Does anyone here believe that AG Barr or FBI Director Wray listen to Rush on their SUVs’ radios? They wouldn’t be caught dead listening to someone they consider beneath them. Rush, like Sean, Tucker, Sara Carter, Tom Fitton and others working to expose the massive Obama corruption are preaching to us and no one else. If President Trump was serious about prosecuting Obama, Hillary and their crime syndicates, he would have hosted a series of meeting with Barr, Wray and the conservatives uncovering this corruption, including Devin Nunes. Instead, we get Tweets, a giddy retirement party for Rod Rosenstein and the non existent John Huber. No one will be prosecuted, and I do not understand why not.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: Strike3 6/5/2019 8:02:48 AM (No. 91034)
Apparently under Hillary's slow, lazy demeanor, snarky attitude and dim-witted rhetoric there can be found a cunning black widow spider who can inject powerful poison on demand. She hides it well. The coup attempt was hers for her benefit but Obama was playing fast and loose with the FBI and the intelligence agencies from the time he took office. He had a lot to hide and a lot of dirt to dig and needed Hillary in the Oval Office to protect his fragile legacy. That's how it's done in the third world.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: Metalman2 6/5/2019 8:16:39 AM (No. 91046)
Obama had to own (get control) of the intelligence agencies quickly. Unfriendly agencies could easily have undertaken what Sharif Joe Arpaio did and discover who the real Obama is.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: bigfatslob 6/5/2019 8:31:54 AM (No. 91057)
#1 Thank you for the list and it is a long one. The problem is the conspirators are still active and working overtime some more than others. Seditious traitors like Hillary and Brennan won't keep quite because they have no fear of prosecution. Time will take care of Hillary and Hussein Obama will run for foreign soil if the internals of this coup start to see jail cells from which to write their books and memoirs for about 40+ years. I want to at least see the architects of this coup prosecuted for their crimes and we know who they are.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: gone2pot 6/5/2019 8:39:00 AM (No. 91060)
Good grief. Almost three years of knowing all this, where EVERYONE has known all this and what? Sheets and pillow sales are up and the Marxist deep state felons are STILL being rewarded and will NEVER pay for their crimes and the innocent victims whose lives have been and will stay destroyed by these same felons will NEVER be made whole. This is well beyond ridiculous. This government of ours, ALL branches is nothing but a crime syndicate at best, period.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: chillijilli 6/5/2019 8:42:09 AM (No. 91066)
By definition, a coup is choreographed. The question is by whom? The answer is cui bono...who benefits? These people always operate in a world of plausible deniability so it won't be an easy task to sort through the suspects. But find the person or persons who stood to benefit the most and you'll find the real perpetrator.
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Reply 13 - Posted by: Dodge Boy 6/5/2019 8:50:12 AM (No. 91076)
Billary's spying on Trump and his campaign and the subsequent coverup by her team, the deep state, and the msm, is obviously the largest scandal in the history of this great nation. But, to investigate it and ultimately punish those responsible, you have to prosecute at all levels starting with the bottom-feeding useful idiots. Start with Haspel, Rice, Strozk, etc., then work your way up to the more senior useful idiots like Comey, Brennan, Clapper, McCabe, and Valjar et al. Then continue with prosecution of senior leadership including Billary, Holder, Lynch, and Obie. I don't know which pubbies were involved, but, continue to suspect Jebbie Bush and John McCain. Yes, at the end of the day, it all comes down to one person - Hillary Clinton, who will soon find herself politically bankrupt and subject to the fitting of an orange jumpsuit.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: little guy 6/5/2019 9:05:20 AM (No. 91096)
How appropriate that we are near to the 75th Anniversary of D-Day as that is exactly what happened here! It required many, many hands to get together to "get it done" ... namely destroy Trump while helping Hillary get elected. Once she was elected, she would reward people in various ways but most importantly, she'd bury all the bodies ... and remember their locations for future black mail. The only thing Hillary & Bill really "did" actively was supply the ammo, namely the Steele fake report. After that, her flying monkeys took care of the rest! They were all on a mission and each did their bit for the benefit of all.
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Reply 15 - Posted by: Bohallx 6/5/2019 9:10:54 AM (No. 91099)
The leaders of the coup are frequently just Colonels, frequently Lt. Colonels, and almost never the Generals. The reason is the Generals are part of the Ancien Regime itself and were promoted to those ranks by the current leaders ~ e.g. Clinton, Bush, Obama... with approval by Congress ~ Pelosi, Ryan, Reid, McConnell (and a few others). There's no gain at all for the Generals to run a coup. There's a world to be gained by the Colonels. Take Sally Yates for example. All the list makers do not list her but they do list Peter Strzok ~ who is more likely already a Lt. General in the Russian Army .... and has nothing to gain ~ but Sally has a LOT TO GAIN. Recall when, as acting temporary Attorney General, Sally refused to obey a direct order by the new President of the United States. She was applauded by one of the old'bull General types ~ Halper, and some of his buddies..... She was showing her metal to those who came before and most likely imagined that she would be ON TOP within weeks.
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Reply 16 - Posted by: Rightfromthestart 6/5/2019 10:43:33 AM (No. 91168)
Bees don’t have to be specifically instructed to coordinate , protection of the ‘Queen’ is instinctive.
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Reply 17 - Posted by: ginadee 6/5/2019 11:29:30 AM (No. 91205)
How long have we been talking about this? It is past time for action. Action must be taken against those who participated in this attempted coup. I think those involved on OUR side want the truth to come out but are reluctant to prosecute a former FLOTUS, Secretary of State and great humanitarian via the Clinton Foundation. (a little sarcasm going on there) I do wish they would stop talking about it and LOCK HER UP! ... or just shut up about it.
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Reply 18 - Posted by: Edgelady 6/5/2019 12:09:57 PM (No. 91240)
Well of course it was Hillary - duh!
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Reply 19 - Posted by: CountryDoc 6/5/2019 12:44:25 PM (No. 91270)
I think Hillary is the dumb one willing to do everyone's dirty work and unaware of the risks in her deceived mind. She was bold and stupid but the stealthier ones have been operating for decades. Those are the ones we need to punish with higher priority and disrupt their methods of embezzlement/extortion of the U.S. economy
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Reply 20 - Posted by: Nevadadad46 6/5/2019 9:32:37 PM (No. 91597)
If you remember Tonya Harding and the hit on Nancy Kerrigan? Okay- fine. The whole Trump-Russia-Obstruction crapola mess was just like that. Imagine Hillary as Tonya Harding (it's easy, just think of trailer trash, right?). Harding only complained to her manager and sexual partner, Jeff Gillooly that "Someone ought to break that beeyatche's leg!". Oops! Jeff took her complaint as an order! And his little minions, Shane Stant and his Uncle Derrick Smith were hired by Harding's boyfriend Jeff Galooly and her ex-bodyguard, Shawn Eckardt, to break Nancy Kerrigan's leg. If this sounds familiar, raise your eyebrows. Anyway, the dirty deed was done dirt cheap and the rest was history. Then the players turned themselves in and confessed- except, by coincidence, Tonya Harding! She was perfectly squeaky innocent- right? All she did was complain to Jeff that "Somone ought to break that beeyatches leg!" She didn't actually "order" the hit! Well, here you have the same thing with Hillary and the Deep State. Hillary just complained that that "bast**d Trump was cleaning her clock and someone should take him out!". And the Deep State took action. Hillary is perfectly "innocent"! And if you believe that, I have some desert land in Las Vegas to sell ya.
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RUSH: Speaking of Hillary Clinton, folks, we had this piece yesterday from the Federalist by Mr. H. A. Goodman, and it was one of those pieces that you read it, and you say, “Yeah, yeah.” You know it all, but you get kind of frustrated that you didn’t think of it all yourself. His point basically was (without rehashing the whole thing) that every bit of everything we know or think we know--every news item, every little bit of information that fed this narrative the past two years or three now, that Trump colluded with Russia--came not from American intelligence, not from British intelligence. It didn’t come from FBI intelligence.
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Speaker Nancy Pelosi told senior Democrats that she’d like to see President Donald Trump “in prison” as she clashed with House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler in a meeting on Tuesday night over whether to launch impeachment proceedings. (Snip) “I don’t want to see him impeached, I want to see him in prison,” Pelosi said, according to multiple Democratic sources familiar with the meeting. Instead of impeachment, Pelosi still prefers to see Trump defeated at the ballot box and then prosecuted for his alleged crimes, according to the sources. They said she was expressing solidarity with pro-impeachment Democrats
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Thursday on ABC’s “The View,” Whoopi Goldberg was briefly “bleeped” during her comments on President Donald Trump’s visit abroad.Co-host Joy Behar said it was “rich” to watch Trump’s conduct at the anniversary of D-Day in Normandy.Goldberg said, “I don’t want to talk about him there because it irritates the (bleeped) out of me.”After Goldberg’s audio was restored, she continued, “All those people who went and gave their lives – they didn’t have bone spurs, they went. People went to fight the ugly that was happening. They went and did it.
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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) sounded under the weather as she attacked President Trump over his proposed tariffs on Mexican imports during a presser on Wednesday. A reporter asked Pelosi if President Trump’s threat of tariffs against Mexico is working.Pelosi slammed her hands on the lectern as she lashed out at President Trump on Wednesday and asserted his proposed tariffs are “dangerous territory” and said this is not the way to deal with immigration.“This is dangerous territory. This is not a way to treat a friend. It’s not a way to deal with immigration,” Pelosi said.
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Former Congressman and current Democratic presidential hopeful Beto O'Rourke has laid out a plan he says would help the country "realize the full potential of our democracy." O'Rourke's campaign says the "Voting Rights and Democracy Reform Plan" could increase registration by 50 million voters and turn 35 million additional voters to the polls by 2024. O'Rourke's plan is built around three parts. One would focus on increasing voter turnout. The plan would allow same-day voter registration. Twenty states and Washington DC allow same-day registration now.​ Sixteen and 17 year olds would be automatically pre-registered.
Watch: Elizabeth Warren Claims Climate Change
Is A 'Bigger Threat Than World
War II' On Eve Of D-Day Anniversary
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Posted by JoniTx 6/5/2019 10:32:58 AM Post Reply
Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) made her first campaign stop in Michigan on Tuesday, and launched a shocking $2 trillion "infrastructure investment" plan designed to address the burgeoning problem of climate change, which Warren claims is a bigger threat to the American way of life than the enemies the Allied Forces faced in World War II. (Video) Speaking to the job training organization Focus:Hope just days before the 75th anniversary of the D-Day invasion, which turned the tide against Nazi German in western Europe, Warren claimed
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Posted by ladydawgfan 6/5/2019 12:15:25 AM Post Reply
President Trump’s threat to impose tariffs on all Mexican imports until Mexico takes serious action to control its border with the U.S. shocked the Washington Beltway, Wall Street, and the Palacio Nacional in Mexico City. These centers of financial and political power, lulled by a U.S. Congress that has refused to act and activist federal judges who have stymied Trump’s border control efforts at every step, were jolted awake by Trump’s ultimatum. But they should not have been surprised. The president issued a similar threat back in April. And, Trump promised from day one of his presidential campaign that he would make stanching the flow of illegal immigration,
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