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Hunter Biden Helps President Biden Answer
Child’s Question on Key to Success

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Posted By: Imright, 4/14/2023 8:55:41 PM

While greeting embassy families and firefighters in Dublin, Ireland, on Wednesday President Joe Biden needed help from his son, Hunter Biden, in answering a child’s question on what the key to success is. Biden seemed to have a hard time understanding the child’s question until Hunter Biden stepped up and helped him by rephrasing the question. Hunter Biden also corrected the president when Biden was talking about former Sen. Jesse Helms (R-N.C.), by saying that Helms was from North Carolina, not South Carolina, as the president said.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: DVC 4/14/2023 9:02:07 PM (No. 1448187)
Careful, Joe's filters are kaput, he's liable to blurt out the truth...."Steal".
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Reply 2 - Posted by: smokincol 4/14/2023 9:55:37 PM (No. 1448231)
if diapers really was to tell the truth to anyone, especially a child, he would use words like: lie, cheat, steal, blackmail, arson, murder and other fluorescent adjectives
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Reply 3 - Posted by: DaBigGuy 4/14/2023 11:38:00 PM (No. 1448269)
"It's easy, child, just be patriarch of a crime family. Works best if you have a "D" after your name."
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Reply 4 - Posted by: mifla 4/15/2023 3:03:34 AM (No. 1448305)
The child should have asked him how many grandchildren he had while Hunter was standing there.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: Strike3 4/15/2023 7:23:11 AM (No. 1448354)
Quite an ironic situation considering that the Biden family has built their "success" based on sex, drugs, theft, murder and stupidity all rolled into one. Joe is probably taking more drugs than Hunter is at this stage in his ongoing collapse. FJB
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Reply 6 - Posted by: snakeoil 4/15/2023 10:31:04 AM (No. 1448465)
I like baseball manager Casey Stengel's answer: Success is keeping the players who hate your guts away from the ones who are undecided.
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INDIANAPOLIS – Conservative firebrand Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, declared Friday that he is "100% for President Trump" in the 2024 presidential election despite the ongoing legal issues facing the former president. Speaking with Fox News Digital ahead of his speech to the National Rifle Association convention, Jordan argued Trump was the only president to do what he said he was going to do, and did so successfully despite the entire political establishment standing against him. "No one has demonstrated that they will do what they said and get things done like he did, and he did it with everyone in that town against him. And that's what I still respect about
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Joe Biden on Friday delivered remarks to the people of County Mayo, Ireland. Of course his speech was a total disaster. Biden’s entire taxpayer-funded vacation to Ireland has been an embarrassment.Joe Biden lied to the Irish people about being a professor at UPenn. Over the years Joe Biden has repeatedly claimed he was a professor at UPenn. This is one of Joe Biden’s favorite lies. Joe Biden is a legend in his own mind. Joe Biden was paid $1 million by UPenn but he never taught a single class. WATCH:
Poll: Only 22% Say Joe Biden’s America
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Only 22 percent of Americans believe President Joe Biden’s America is headed in the right direction, down six points since January, a CIVIQS poll found Friday. While fewer Americans say the nation is headed in an increasingly right direction, 68 percent say it is headed in the wrong direction, up six points since January.The CIVIQS rolling job approval average tracked 472,851 responses between January 19, 2017, and April 13, 2023. The CIVIQS tracking model is meant to capture the shifts in attitude of various groups over time across all 50 states and Washington, DC. These changes can happen either over time or rapidly.
Are the wheels coming off Ron DeSantis'
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Anheuser-Busch CEO Behind Failed Bud Light
‘Apology’ Is A Former CIA Spy Handler
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The Anheuser-Busch CEO whose bid to quell the backlash over Bud Light’s Dylan Mulvaney debacle came off as flat as a beer left out in the sun was a CIA spy handler before heading up the brewing behemoth. Brendan Whitworth formerly worked as an officer in the CIA’s counterterrorism center, where he recruited and handled intel informants before becoming a private-sector executive, according to The Official Board. Whitworth has been roundly blasted over his statement Friday in response to Bud Light’s controversial decision to partner with Mulvaney, a transgender activist and social media influencer.
Prize-Winning Journalist Reveals How Ukraine
President, Officials Allegedly Embezzled
$400 Million
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Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist Seymour Hersh, fresh off his allegations that the U.S. was behind the Nord Stream pipeline explosions, has published a report that alleged the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is aware of widespread corruption in Ukraine and the embezzlement of US aid. Hersh’s report accuses the Ukrainian government of using U.S. taxpayer money to purchase diesel from Russia to fuel its military. He further suggested that Ukrainian officials are “competing” to set up front companies for export contracts to private arms dealers around the world.
The Leaker and the Media 1 reply
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In the aftermath of the outing and arrest of Massachusetts Air National Guardsman Jack Teixeira, the 21-year old leaker of national security documents, over there at The New York Sun, journalist Matthew Rice headlines a very appropriate question. Did the Press Find the Leaker Before Law Enforcement? Or Did the Law Use the Press To Flush Him Out? Accused leaker Jack Teixeira, 21, is arrested shortly after the New York Times showed up at his mother’s doorstep, with Teixeira then arriving at the house in a pickup truck. Rice writes this: The press appears to have discovered the identity of the young man
How Can Biden Model Success For The Next
Generation If He Can’t Even Explain
What It Is?
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Posted by Imright 4/15/2023 6:34:50 PM Post Reply
It was the most basic of questions a child might ask a world leader, and Joe Biden couldn’t answer it: “What’s the top step to success?” Biden was at the Dublin Airport during his “roots” tour in Ireland when a schoolboy posed the question to him. His first answer revealed his cluelessness.“Oh, well, making sure that we don’t all have Covid. What … are we talking about here?” Hunter Biden’s attempt to clarify by rephrasing the question for his father — “What’s the key to success?” — didn’t help. “I’m not sure I’m the best guy to explain it,” Biden said, before launching into a convoluted story about getting along with people
Watch: Elon Musk Sounds The Alarm During
Tucker Carlson Interview, Says AI Has
Potential To Destroy Civilization
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On Friday, Tucker Carlson dropped a sneak peek of his interview with Elon Musk that will air in full on Monday evening. In the short clip posted to Twitter, Elon warns that artificial intelligence could lead to the destruction of civilization.“AI is more dangerous than, say, mismanaged aircraft design or production maintenance or bad car production,” he said. “In the sense that it has the potential — however small one may regard that probability, but it is non-trivial — it has the potential of civilization destruction.” WATCH: (Tweet/Video)
Advertising expert ranks Bud Light's handling
of Dylan Mulvaney fiasco among the worst
brand gaffes in HISTORY and slams 'cowardly'
Anheuser-Busch's 'convoluted' statement
after weeks of silence
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Anheuser-Busch's handling of backlash to its Bud Light brand partnership with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney has been branded a historically-bad marketing gaffe by a leading expert. In a Bloomberg Opinion column on Saturday, advertising and brands expert Ben Schott called the Bud Light imbroglio 'a marketing case study for the ages' in 'how not to handle brand collaborations in a dangerously polarized space.' Schott ranked the incident alongside infamous brand 'gaffes' in history, such as the chairman of Barilla pasta's 2013 declaration that he 'would never do a commercial with a homosexual family'.
Joe Biden Directs Initiative to Protect
Sensitive Info After Mishandling Classified Docs
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Posted by Imright 4/15/2023 6:21:45 PM Post Reply
President Joe Biden on Friday directed the military and intelligence community to initiate measures to further secure sensitive information after classified material was mishandled. In April, sensitive materials were discovered on Twitter, 4Chan, and Telegram, appearing to originate from the social media platform Discord. Some of the documents unveiled the United States’ concern over Ukraine’s war against Russia, along with intelligence showing that Washington has spied on Israel and South Korea. The sensitive information has embarrassed the military and intelligence community by shedding light on material that apparently contradicts the communication delivered to the American public.
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With each day, it seems, we hear something new about how President Joe Biden and his ever-eager son, Hunter, used the power of Biden’s various political offices to make money for the Biden family. If even half of the allegations are true, Biden’s in big trouble. Will that make him think twice about running for a second term in 2024? American voters are a thick-skinned lot, and know pretty much that many politicians are scoundrels. But Biden is a different breed. His family has, for years, received mysterious piles of money — we’re talking millions of dollars here — from questionable overseas
Donald Trump Jr. calls for end to Bud
Light boycott
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Donald Trump Jr. says boycotts of Bud Light should end, telling his fans on Rumble the company’s conservative credentials are solid and the outrage over its partnership with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney was unjustified. (Snip) “We looked into the political giving and lobbying history of Anheuser-Busch. And guess what? They actually support Republicans,” said the former first son on Rumble. (Snip) Nobody at the senior level of the company had been aware of the marketing campaign, Trump Jr. said, touting their support for recent high profile GOP candidates like Sen. J.D. Vance (R-Ohio) and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.
Obama’s Dream: Minneapolis Becomes America’s
First Major City to Allow Muslim Prayer
Call 5 Times a Day
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Obama said he wanted change and this is was what he wanted.A few days before President Trump’s inauguration and while he was behind the scenes spying on Trump, conjuring up lies of Trump being a Russian spy, and doing all he could to cover up his corruption by going on the offense, Obama was widely recognized as being America’s first Muslim President. Under Obama major US cities began filling up with Muslims from the Middle East. This program of bringing in individuals from around the world has expanded under the Biden-Obama regime. The fruits of their work are now in the open.
Americans to Spend Billions on Biden’s
Obamacare for DACA Illegal Aliens
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Posted by Dreadnought 4/14/2023 12:26:30 AM Post Reply
American taxpayers are likely to subsidize billions of dollars in Affordable Care Act benefits for illegal aliens enrolled in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program under a plan by President Joe Biden. On Thursday, President Joe Biden announced a plan to open the Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare, and Medicaid rolls to hundreds of thousands of DACA illegal aliens. While DACA, created by former President Obama through executive action, has helped shield close to a million illegal aliens from deportation through the years, the Migration Policy Institute states that about 600,000 are currently enrolled in the program.
Meghan 'wouldn't want to play second fiddle
to Kate': Duchess 'would have gone to
the coronation only if she was assured
of a prominent position' - and will relaunch
her career after the event, royal experts say
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Posted by ladydawgfan 4/15/2023 12:28:57 PM Post Reply
Meghan Markle did not want to 'play second fiddle to Kate' and would only have attended King Charles III's coronation 'if she was assured of a prominent position', royal experts have claimed. The Duchess of Sussex will stay in California with her children Archie and Lilibet for the May 6 ceremony - before an expected career relaunch once her husband Prince Harry returns. It was this week confirmed that Prince Harry will attend his father's Coronation ceremony alone, and is not expected to be at any of other events during the weekend or be a part of the coronation procession.
BREAKING: Anheuser-Busch CEO Speaks After
Company Gets Crushed
31 replies
Posted by mc squared 4/14/2023 8:38:39 PM Post Reply
After alienating "fratty" customers and hiring biological male Dylan Mulvaney to promote Bud Light, resulting in a $5 billion loss over the past few days, Anheuser-Busch CEO Brendan Whitworth is finally weighing in. "As the CEO of a company founded in America’s heartland more than 165 years ago, I am responsible for ensuring every consumer feels proud of the beer we brew, We’re honored to be part of the fabric of this country. Anheuser-Busch employs more than 18,000 people and our independent distributors employ an additional 47,000 valued colleagues. We have thousands of partners, millions of fans and a proud history supporting our communities, military, first responders,
An emotional Joe Biden was moved to tears
after meeting a priest in Ireland who
gave his son Beau the last rites
28 replies
Posted by NorthernDog 4/15/2023 10:15:30 AM Post Reply
President Joe Biden was moved to tears on Friday during his trip to Ireland after he learned a priest at a Catholic shrine he was visiting had performed the last rites for his son, who died in 2015. The chance meeting with Father Frank O'Grady surprised the president, who later said: "It was incredible to see him. It seemed like a sign," according to the Associated Press. The priest who accompanied Biden on a tour of the Knock Shrine pilgrimage site said the reunion brought the president to tears. "He was crying, it really affected him, and then we said
Chicagoans Blame Walmart for Closing Down
Despite Losing Millions Due to Theft
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Posted by ladydawgfan 4/14/2023 3:23:52 PM Post Reply
Local leaders in Chicago's Chatham neighborhood, located in the south side, held a press conference to demand the area's Walmart to not close down, going as far as to blame the company leaving the area is the reason they not are economically thriving. "We have healthcare deserts. We have food deserts. And we wonder why! Our communities look like they look! That we have violence every single day! It is not just on us, it is on the corporate citizens that come into our community and ravage our community. And Walmart, you should absolutely be ashamed of yourselves. You are the reasons that our communities lack the investment that they have,"
Non-binary ex-Biden energy official escapes
jail time in luggage grand larceny case
28 replies
Posted by Beardo 4/14/2023 12:11:25 PM Post Reply
Sam Brinton, the embattled former senior Department of Energy (DOE) official, was able to escape jail time earlier this week in a grand larceny case dating back to July 2022. According to Clark County, Nevada, criminal court records, Brinton was ordered to pay $3,670.74 to the victim in the case and $500 in additional fees including a criminal fine. Clark County Judge Ann Zimmerman then handed Brinton a 180-day suspended jail sentence, a sentence that doesn't need to be served, and ordered Brinton to "stay out of trouble." Zimmerman also determined Brinton was guilty of theft of an item with the value less than $1,200.
Biden’s poll numbers look grim as he
preps for reelection bid
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Posted by NorthernDog 4/15/2023 8:53:27 AM Post Reply
Joe Biden became president promising a 180-degree turn from Donald Trump. But the two men do have one big thing in common: similarly poor approval ratings heading into the start of their reelection bids. Biden has not yet officially announced he’s running again next year, though he has said he plans to. Polls show his approval rating is hovering in the low 40s, right around the mark where some of his predecessors who were denied second terms sat at this point of their presidencies. According to FiveThirtyEight, Biden’s average approval rating stands at 43 percent, about 9 points lower than
Massachusetts Air National Guardsman Facing
15 Years in Prison For Leaking the Truth
About Ukraine War
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Posted by earlybird 4/14/2023 7:55:47 PM Post Reply
Jack Teixeira, the 21-year-old Massachusetts Air National Guardsman accused of leaking a trove of classified military intelligence, was charged Friday in federal court with “retention and transmission of national defense information and willful retention of classified documents.”(snip)Teixeira became a National Guard “cyber transports systems journeyman”—which is similar to an information technology specialist—in February and started leaking highly sensitive military documents to his small Discord chat group in early March, according to the New York Times. As his unit provides intelligence for combat support and homeland security, Teixeira was granted a “top secret security clearance” in 2021.
House Republicans to Introduce Legislation
to Block State, Local Prosecution of Former Presidents
22 replies
Posted by ladydawgfan 4/14/2023 10:32:46 AM Post Reply
As the controversy continues over Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg‘s politically motivated indictment of former President Donald Trump in a case that no sane prosecutor would bring against anyone not named Donald Trump, House Republicans are about to introduce multiple bills that would restrict state and local prosecutors from prosecuting current or former presidents. Any such cases could instead be moved to federal court, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan told Just the News on Thursday. Jordan said the lead bill would give current and former presidents the option to change venues. The lead bill is slated to be introduced early next week at the latest. Jordan explained its significance:
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