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Trump wants to appear in handcuffs if
he’s charged in NYC: report

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Posted By: Imright, 3/22/2023 4:56:58 PM

Former President Donald Trump has reportedly said he wants to be hauled into court in handcuffs if he’s slapped with unprecedented charges in the “hush money” case involving porn star Stormy Daniels. Trump, 76, told advisers of his plan, saying that if he has to go through the ordeal of getting arrested and arraigned, he’d prefer making it a “spectacle,” the Guardian said Wednesday, citing unidentified sources close to him. The ex-president — who’s seeking the Republican nomination for a third White House bid in 2024 — also wants to avoid any special treatment

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Reply 1 - Posted by: GoodDeal 3/22/2023 5:43:25 PM (No. 1431246)
Might as well put on the black-and-white striped prisoner's outfit while he's at it.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: happywarrior 3/22/2023 5:53:27 PM (No. 1431248)
Leg chains too!
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Reply 3 - Posted by: mc squared 3/22/2023 6:11:37 PM (No. 1431254)
Please don't throw me into the briar patch......
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Reply 4 - Posted by: Hybernicus 3/22/2023 6:17:15 PM (No. 1431257)
AOC will be jealous.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: Dreadnought 3/22/2023 7:03:17 PM (No. 1431280)
Sources? Do better, Guardian. The "sources" is today's New York Times in an article by Michael C. Bender and Maggie Haberman titled "Trump at Mar-a-Lago: Magical Thinking and a Perp-Walk Fixation." The headline and article are written to frighten and to comfort the Times' core Upper West Side readers; but, the actual content of the thing is highly recognizable and assuring to this forum's core participants (to the point of fist pumping and cheering while mocking it.) It would be here if not for their paywall. The article's sources are "persons close to Trump" and (unstated but almost 100% sure) Trump himself.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: SALady 3/22/2023 7:29:19 PM (No. 1431286)
If the Demon-Rats don't drop this, Trump (the master showman) is going to milk it for everything it is worth!!! And I have no problem with that. Because through this action, the Demon-Rats are creating a new precedence that the Republicans will be able to use against Slick Willie and the Hilldebeast Clinton, Øvomit, Nasty Nancy Pelosi, all so many other Demon-Rats!!! The thought of seeing them in handcuffs being wheeled off to jail just makes my heart happy!!!! And there are so many real crimes and misdemeanors to charge them with that really happened!!!
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Reply 7 - Posted by: Kate318 3/22/2023 7:37:13 PM (No. 1431293)
Even Trump’s detractors on this site admit that Trump has wrestled total control of this charade. The left doesn’t know what just hit them.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: MDConservative 3/22/2023 8:35:01 PM (No. 1431336)
The truth appears to be coming out. This entire escapade is a Trump made-for-media and MAGA outrage, concocted by a master of celebrity promotion. Once he announced his "expected" arrest FPDT has been the center of the news universe, exactly where he wants to be. He has kept this pot boiling for nearly a week already, and all to his benefit. Surrender? Hell, he wants the cuffs, the orange suit, perhaps even leg irons. Imagine that will be blasted universally for days on end. Wait until you see his smiling mug shot. This circus offers all sorts of delicious potential if your name is Trump. And what are DeSantis and Haley going to do? Voice support? Ignore the apparent railroading by a NY Soros prosecutor? There isn't enough popcorn.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: padiva 3/22/2023 9:23:54 PM (No. 1431349)
GB PDT ! I pray for Melania and Barron The boomerang is going to be explosive. Is PDT calling the DA's bluff? Put up or shut up? Either way, PDT will make mincemeat of the DA.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: judy 3/23/2023 1:45:33 AM (No. 1431419)
Reportedly said???! Come on NY Post you are losing your credibility
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Reply 11 - Posted by: smokincol 3/23/2023 2:01:33 AM (No. 1431425)
what's the old saying? "a picture is worth a thousand words"? and our President knows when to use both at the most appropriate time, kinda like, for emphasis
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Reply 12 - Posted by: Hazymac 3/23/2023 7:43:54 AM (No. 1431523)
Maybe PDJT should insist on the full three piece suit: handcuffs attached to a belly chain, and ankle restraints, with orange or striped jumpsuit. Make it good.
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If there’s one thing Joe Biden must do as Donald Trump faces a mountain of legal challenges, he must keep his mouth shut. The temptation to comment must be overwhelming, especially for the White House staff and those lined up to work on Biden’s 2024 campaign. Yet, for various reasons, the urge to offer a poorly timed jab from Joe, which usually falls flat, has to be tempered in these unprecedented times. While he may be an incompetent clown presiding over America’s precipitous decline, Joe Biden occupies the Oval Office and the powers and privileges of the bully pulpit. Even a lousy quip can
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The American Library Association framed recent efforts to remove alleged sexually explicit content from school libraries as a “record number” of attempted “book bans” in two decades. Material written to show sexually explicit and pornographic images to children have been uncovered in recent years at government school and public libraries, prompting drives from conservative lawmakers and parents to remove the content. Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL), for instance, recently pushed to remove volumes such as “Let’s Talk About It,” which shows graphic depictions
Watch: GOP Lawmaker Mockingly Asks if
It's 'Another Insurrection,' When Gun
Grabbers Interrupt Hearing
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A House Republican turned the tables on Democrats on Thursday, when gun-control advocates were arrested inside the Capitol during a joint Judiciary and Oversight Committee hearing on firearms. GOP Chair Pat Fallon (Texas) mockingly compared the two-person protest to the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.As reported by the Washington Examiner, reports from within the hearing room said one of the protesters, the parent of a student who was killed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, accused the Republicans of taking her son away, and a man shouted
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While most lawmakers focused on TikTok’s ties to communist China at today’s hearing with its CEO, Shou Zi Chew, Congresswomen Doris Matsui (D-CA) and Yvette Clarke (D-NY) focused on what, for them, appeared to be a more important priority: stopping algorithms from becoming racist. The House Energy and Commerce Committee called the hearing amid widespread concerns on Capitol Hill that TikTok, the product of Chinese company ByteDance, represents a national security risk to the United States.
Truth Social promos propel three songs
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Posted by Imright 3/23/2023 5:45:38 PM Post Reply
Three recently released singles have made it to the top of the iTunes charts thanks, in part, due to their launch and promotion on former President Donald Trump's social media platform, Truth Social.Three songs that either launched on the app or received heavy promotion on it currently stand in the top ten of the iTunes charts. They are "Trump Won" by Natasha Owens, "Justice for All" by Donald Trump & J6 Prison Choir, and "End of the World" by John Rich & Tom MacDonald. All three songs hit #1 on the chart at some point after launching on Truth.
Will We Go Gently Into That Good Night? 7 replies
Posted by Imright 3/23/2023 1:24:40 PM Post Reply
The most challenging pieces I author address overwhelming topics, or verbalize what many of us are thinking yet fail to say; obviously, “blackpilling” isn’t the goal, and the threat of violence from lowbrow political mobs is a serious concern. Apparently, I’m not the only one: each year, I read thousands of well-considered articles, blogs, and emails presented by frightened, angry, or resigned individuals. They believe the America we knew is gone, never to return. I speak to many more who express much the same sentiment. We commiserate with each other.
Breaking: Manhattan DA Bragg Melts Down
In 5-Page Letter After GOP Demands Testimony
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On Thursday, the office of Alvin Bragg, the Manhattan District Attorney, declined a request from leading House Republicans for testimony and documentation related to his inquiry into the possible indictment of former President Donald Trump. Leslie Dubeck, the general counsel for Bragg, wrote a letter to Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), the Chair of the Judiciary Committee, James Comer (R-Ky.), the Oversight Chair, and Bryan Steil (R-Wisc.), the House Administration Chair, stating that the Republican request is an unparalleled investigation into an ongoing local prosecution, calling it “an unprecedented inquiry into a pending local prosecution.”
Poll: Biden Approval Slumps to Near Lowest
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Approval of President Joe Biden has dipped to near the lowest point of his tenure in office, a poll released Thursday reveals. The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research conducted the polling and the results chart fluctuations in voter support for Biden over recent months.The president notched an approval rating of 38 percent in the poll, after 45 percent said they approved in February and 41 percent in January. His ratings hit their lowest point of his presidency last July, at 36 percent, as the full weight of rising gasoline, food and other costs began to hit U.S. households.
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Maren Morris tells Tennessee to ‘f------
arrest’ her after introducing her toddler
to drag queens
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Posted by Mad Dog 3/22/2023 10:50:46 AM Post Reply
Maren Morris, a Texas-born country star, told the state of Tennessee to arrest her during a speech at a pro-LGBTQ concert just weeks after the state announced a ban on drag shows near schools. "And yes, I introduced my son to some drag queens today, so Tennessee, f------ arrest me," Morris said Tuesday in the headline-making clip, winning her praise from The Washington Post, Variety, and a host of other liberal media outlets. Morris said her son, at just two-years-old, was excited to meet drag queens.
Sen. Kennedy’s question on legal procedure
stumps Biden judicial nominee in front
of Senate committee
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Posted by Moritz55 3/22/2023 7:35:10 PM Post Reply
President Biden trial court nominee Kato Crews was stumped by questioning from Sen. John Kennedy, R-La., during confirmation hearing testimony on Wednesday. Crews, a nominee for district judge of the U.S. District Court of Colorado, was asked by Kennedy how he would "analyze a Brady motion," with Crews answering that he had not "had the occasion to address a Brady motion" during his four and a half years on the bench. After stumbling over the answer, Kennedy asked Crews if he knew "what a Brady motion is." Crews, who currently serves as a magistrate judge, admitted that the concept was "not coming to mind"
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Yeah, who knew? As a non-coffee drinker in a coffee-obsessed world, I’m pleased to know that at least in this case, I’m not a genetically-coded “inherently racist” white supremacist, by virtue of my whiteness. I am a “cis” white male, though, so I do qualify as “all of the above” in every other ridiculous left-wing sense, so there’s that. Anyway, a recent idiotic article posted on makes the argument that drinking coffee perpetuates white supremacy. Yeah. The ridiculous piece suggests that because coffee was “created by black people,” if you enjoy drinking the stuff, you’re “helping an industry built on racism.”
California bill would ban police dogs
from arrests, crowd control; cites racial
bias, trauma
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The California Assembly's Public Safety Committee has approved a bill that would ban the use of police dogs for arrests, apprehensions and crowd control, apparently a first-in-the-country measure. The authors of the bill cited the need for the removal of police dogs due to racial bias and violence against Black Americans and people of color. Assembly Bill 742 seeks to ban the use of police dogs for arrest, apprehensions or any form of crowd control. (Snip) "The use of police canines has been a mainstay in this country’s dehumanizing, cruel, and violent abuse of Black Americans and people of color
'I Just Want to Feel Like Myself,' Tearfully
Admits America's Most Famous 'Trans Kid'
Jazz Jennings
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Posted by zephyrgirl 3/22/2023 3:46:18 PM Post Reply
There are a lot of deeply disturbing and unlikeable members of the trans cult. Jazz Jennings is not one of them. He was transitioned by his mother at the tender age of five. By the age of eleven, Jazz was on puberty blockers. At 17, even though a minor, Jazz underwent multiple genital surgeries to remove his penis and have it inverted. This process was botched and several attempts were made to remedy it, but the reduced size of Jazz’s penis due to years on puberty blockers made an already brutal surgery even worse.
BREAKING: Soros-Funded DA Alvin Bragg
CAUGHT HIDING Nearly 600 Pages of Exculpatory
Evidence from NY Grand Jury in Trump Case (VIDEO)
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Posted by ladydawgfan 3/22/2023 4:19:26 AM Post Reply
Attorney Robert Costello, the former legal adviser to Michael Cohen, spoke to Tucker Carlson on Monday night after he testified to the Manhattan Grand Jury investigating President Donald Trump. [Snip] And it now is being reported that New York District Attorney Alvin Bragg was HIDING exculpatory evidence from the Grand Jury! According to FOX News legal mind Gregg Jarrett, Soros-funded DA Alvin Bragg HID nearly 600 pages of exculpatory evidence to the New York Grand Jury investigating President Trump. Gregg Jarrett: I mentioned it yesterday, I think, when Bob Costello got into that Grand Jury room and told them, “Wait a minute. You don’t have the hundreds of pages
Trans flight attendant, 25, who gained
fame in United Airlines commercial kills
herself at Colorado home after leaving
heartbreaking suicide note apologizing
to 'everyone I let down'
28 replies
Posted by zephyrgirl 3/23/2023 1:42:33 PM Post Reply
A trans flight attendant who fronted a United Airlines campaign about trans awareness has taken her own life after sharing a heartbreaking post to social media with the message 'I am so sorry'. Tributes have been paid to Kayleigh Scott, 25, after she was found dead at her home in Denver, Colorado, on Monday. Kayleigh appeared in a United commercial in 2020 to celebrate Transgender Visibility Day, which falls on March 31.
Returning to Neocon Roots – DeSantis
Backtracks on His Tucker Carlson Ukraine
Position as Territorial Dispute, Now Says
“I think it’s been mischaracterized,”
and “Putin is a war criminal”
27 replies
Posted by Kitty Myers 3/23/2023 8:19:36 AM Post Reply
After attempting to navigate through the politics in order to curry favor with the base Republican voters on a Ukraine position, when confronted by Piers Morgan who is a pro-NATO war voice, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis now says his former position on Ukraine has been “mischaracterized” and Vladimir Putin “is a war criminal.” The walk back highlights once again that Ron DeSantis is an empty vessel using poll testing to formulate his policy stances. (snip) If the professional Republicans are NOT targeting a Republican politician, you can be assured that Republican politician is a member of the GOPe club operation.
DeSantis Finally Hits Back at Trump in
New Interview, Meltdown Commences
27 replies
Posted by Dreadnought 3/22/2023 12:41:15 AM Post Reply
If you were one of those people hoping that the presidential primary season would hold off a few more months, I regret to inform you that the gloves are good and fully off. Donald Trump has been savaging Ron DeSantis (up to and including suggesting he’s a pedophile) for months, but up to this point, the Florida governor had held his fire. That is no more after DeSantis did an interview with Fox Nation in which he finally responded to some of Trump’s jabs. It’s only March, so I’m going to do my best to not get in the weeds yet. There will be a time for choosing eventually, but for now,
DeSantis Says ‘War Criminal’ Putin
Should Be ‘Held Accountable’ Days
After Saying Ukraine Not a ‘Vital’
U.S. Interest
25 replies
Posted by Dreadnought 3/23/2023 12:57:45 AM Post Reply
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis toughened his stance on Russian President Vladimir Putin, calling Putin a “war criminal” who should be “held accountable” for the invasion of Ukraine, just days after he claimed the Ukraine war is not a “vital national interest.” DeSantis angered Republican hawks, Never Trumpers, and neocons less than two weeks ago when he characterized the Ukraine-Russia conflict as a “territorial dispute” that is not a “vital” U.S. interests. DeSantis told Fox News’s Tucker Carlson: While the U.S. has many vital national interests — securing our border, addressing the crisis of readiness within our military, achieving energy security and independence, checking the economic, cultural, and military power of the Chinese
There is a deadly fungus among us and
new cases are soaring
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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that cases of a deadly fungus tripled in the United States from 2019 to 2021. The fungus, Candida aurist, has caused illness and death since it was first detected in the United States. The CDC rates it as an “urgent threat”, the highest level of concern. There are three reasons the CDC has rated the fungus with its highest level of concern- it is multidrug-resistant, it spreads easily in healthcare facilities, and it can cause severe, invasive infections with high mortality rates. The authors of the CDC report wrote that the fungus “has continued to cause illness and death
The Pentagon Supports Child-Sex Changes,
Argues Red States Have Created a 'Public
Health Crisis'
24 replies
Posted by Imright 3/23/2023 2:07:55 AM Post Reply
President Joe Biden’s Pentagon is arguing for gender-affirming care for minors as young as seven years old who belong to military families. In a March edition of the American Journal of Public Health, Department of Defense providers expressed their support for children to be put on hormone blockers and sex change surgeries despite the dangers of its long-term effects, both mentally and physically. “Affirming care has only recently become politicized; protection of gender-affirming medical care for military-affiliated [transgender] youths may require a declarative position without tolerance for personal biases,
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