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Biden has managed to drive both Israel
and Saudi Arabia toward Russia

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Posted By: Big Bopper, 3/9/2022 12:12:23 PM

Joe Biden canceled the Keystone Pipeline on his first day in office. Since then, he’s put a moratorium on numerous American oil and gas projects. The result, naturally, has been less production of inexpensive American oil and gas, more importation of expensive foreign oil and gas, and less abundance of both. This has produced ever-increasing prices at the pump and in your utility bills. The oddity is that all this is political posturing is premised on the absurdity that burning American oil and gas produces greenhouse gas emissions, but burning foreign oil and gas does not. I shouldn’t say this is an oddity. It’s the way


If Biden were a Russian agent, would things be any worse?

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Reply 1 - Posted by: formerNYer 3/9/2022 12:13:42 PM (No. 1094937)
xiden is a chinese agent which is worse.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: Lawsy0 3/9/2022 1:16:35 PM (No. 1095002)
Joe Biden hated Israel enough on his own, only now he has the Muslim part of Obama's brain implanted into his own. If you are just now ''praying for the peace of Jerusalem,'' you are 7 decades too late.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: Sully 3/9/2022 1:31:08 PM (No. 1095009)
Can't somebody pull their head out of the butt long enough to ask Brandon a simple question: If you cancelled the Keystone XL to save the planet, why didn't you cancel the russian pipeline? Could it be you cancelled XL for a different reason after all? Like devastating the US middle class?
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Reply 4 - Posted by: Strike3 3/9/2022 1:47:14 PM (No. 1095021)
Whatever situation that Biden gets his filthy hands into, one can expect the worst possible outcome. The border - wide open to drugs & terrorists. Afghanistan - dead soldiers and civilians, $81 billion in modern equipment given to an enemy, COVID - Billions spent and hundreds dead from the "cure," hundreds of small businesses closed permanently, the US Military - from the best in the world to a bunch of woke pansies.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: john56 3/9/2022 4:45:39 PM (No. 1095124)
No wonder. It's more profitable to be an enemy of the United States than a friend of the United States. The current regime would rather buy fuel, provide cash and aid, and indirectly finance the military of America's enemies than its allies. Ask all those folks who assisted us in Afgahistan how that worked out for them. Well, assuming they're still alive. I think if i was a resident of a foreign land and the Americans showed up to "help," I might decide not to assist them, because once they left, I'm dead meat.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: mifla 3/10/2022 5:27:40 AM (No. 1095513)
I think we are all going to find out what a world without a strong USA is going to be like. It will not be pretty.
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For God's sake, and ours, Joe needs a ventriloquist 6 replies
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Joe Biden seldom talks extemporaneously. He has a teleprompter in front of him, so all he has to do is read aloud. Even at that, however, is too much for him. On his recent trip to Europe, he lacked the focus to simply read what was in front of him. The choreographed show was basically one big photo-op for him to portray himself as a leader, statesman and sentient being. He failed.He insisted on ad-libbing over and over, to the detriment and detriment of himself, Ukraine, America and the world.
KBJ's promise to recuse herself from the
Harvard discrimination case is meaningless
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Ketanji Brown Jackson made a promise in her Supreme Court confirmation hearing this week before the Senate. KBJ is the person whom biologist Joe Biden assures us is “a black woman” in accordance with his earlier promise to nominate a person of that sex and color as a great act of noblesse oblige for which he, as a non-black non-woman, we think, should be honored in history, especially in view of his dementia. We have to take Joe’s word for all this. Since she’s not a biologist, KBJ herself is unable to confirm that she’s a woman and it’s not clear whether she’s able to confirm that she’s black.
The things they don't teach at Harvard
-- Black Woman Brown Jackson canot define "woman"
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Joe Biden promised that in picking a nominee to fill the upcoming opening on the Supreme Court, he would not consider any white or Hispanic or Asian people and not consider any men at all. He promised to consider only black women. Only about 2% of American lawyers fall into that demographic. In overtly discriminating against the other 98%, Biden committed an obvious violation of the Civil Rights Act, but I rather doubt Biden’s Department of Labor will file suit. True to his promise, Biden found a black woman lawyer to nominate. Her name is Ketanji Brown Jackson. It was Biden who touted his nominee as “a black woman”
Vlad the Mad is playing Russian Roulette
with six chambers loaded
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Posted by Big Bopper 3/17/2022 4:19:54 PM Post Reply
I explained a month ago that a Russian invasion of Ukraine would be a disaster for Russia in today’s global economy. Russia would be financially crippled by sanctions and would alienate its European oil and gas customers. Moreover, I explained, the Ukrainians are not defenseless, and would probably put up a spirited fight. The Russians had little to gain in an invasion and much to lose. I confidently concluded that Vladimir Putin was not foolish enough to invade. Events have proved me right in every respect except my conclusion. It turns out that Putin was indeed foolish enough to invade. His invasion has not gone well.
Biden's only objective in Ukraine, as
in Afghanistan, is that the bad guys win
well before the midterms
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Posted by Big Bopper 3/14/2022 2:44:03 PM Post Reply
Last August, Joe Biden abandoned Afghanistan to 13th century barbarians. The result was and is an ongoing bloodbath. Getting out of Afghanistan may or may not have been a good move, but the way Biden did it was destructive and disgraceful. Biden’s generals told the press that they recommended to Biden a more orderly approach. Biden denied that. He essentially said his generals are liars. Paradoxically, Biden simultaneously contended that his cut-and-run was “an extraordinary success.” If he believes that, then why doesn’t he say, “Yeah, the generals recommended a more measured withdrawal, but I was smart enough to override them in order to obtain this extraordinary success.”
Biden has managed to drive both Israel
and Saudi Arabia toward Russia
6 replies
Posted by Big Bopper 3/9/2022 12:12:23 PM Post Reply
Joe Biden canceled the Keystone Pipeline on his first day in office. Since then, he’s put a moratorium on numerous American oil and gas projects. The result, naturally, has been less production of inexpensive American oil and gas, more importation of expensive foreign oil and gas, and less abundance of both. This has produced ever-increasing prices at the pump and in your utility bills. The oddity is that all this is political posturing is premised on the absurdity that burning American oil and gas produces greenhouse gas emissions, but burning foreign oil and gas does not. I shouldn’t say this is an oddity. It’s the way
Americans are no longer a serious people
or culture
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Posted by Big Bopper 3/4/2022 11:36:29 AM Post Reply
I love my country. But I have a problem with the current occupants. Americans are fat, fatuous, failing and flailing. Let’s look at some evidence. A serious people: *Would not imagine for even a second that the way to reduce crime is to defund the police. *Would not seriously contend that the way to reduce inflation – a natural effect of too much money in circulation chasing too few goods – is to increase even further the amount of money in circulation. *Would not allow biological and even anatomical men to beat women in women’s athletics simply because those men say they feel womanly at the moment.
Ukraine's finest hour 9 replies
Posted by Big Bopper 3/1/2022 10:24:38 AM Post Reply
Thus spake Winston Churchill in 1940 after the Nazi’s overran France: “I expect that the Battle of Britain is about to begin. Upon this battle depends the survival of Christian civilization. Upon it depends our own British life, and the long continuity of our institutions and our Empire. The whole fury and might of the enemy must very soon be turned on us. Hitler knows that he will have to break us in this Island or lose the war. If we can stand up to him, all Europe may be free and the life of the world may move forward into broad, sunlit uplands.
Send in the Mossad 13 replies
Posted by Big Bopper 2/26/2022 12:32:20 PM Post Reply
The Mossad is the feared Israeli intelligence and espionage service established upon the creation of Israel in 1949. The Mossad is effective and efficient. Along with collecting intelligence, the Mossad from its outset has carried out “targeting killings.” They eschew the word “assassination” because that implies murder. They say their killings are in self-defense because their targets are terrorists bent on destroying Israel. Occasionally, the Mossad acts quasi-judicially. The most notorious was their 1960 kidnapping of Adolf Eichmann in Argentina. They covertly transported Eichmann to Israel where he was tried for war crimes in organizing and administering the Holocaust. He was found guilty, correctly and fairly, and was hung.
Boebert the Betrayer vs. Frisch the Fascist
-- shootout at Shooters Grill
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Posted by Big Bopper 2/24/2022 9:50:21 AM Post Reply
I received an email from a guy named Adam Frisch. He’s running for Lauren Boebert’s seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.You remember Boebert. She’s the owner of a local Colorado institution called “Shooter’s Grill.” Naturally, it’s located in Rifle, Colorado. Boebert says and does things that trigger Democrats. Such as wearing a sidearm to work – both her former work in the Grill and her current work in the House. She doesn’t suffer fools lightly, but insofar as I know she doesn’t shoot them. Frisch is a Minnesota native who made more than a good living as a Wall Street banker after marrying a rich heiress.
Lia Thomas is a bad man 28 replies
Posted by Big Bopper 2/21/2022 9:43:11 AM Post Reply
I don’t hate Lia Thomas because she’s a transexual; I hate her because she’s a cheat. At the Ivy League Championship Swim Meet last weekend, Thomas easily won four events, setting pool and league records. She may be the most-improved swimmer in history. She was ranked 462nd in the country a few years ago, and is now ranked Number 1. The difference is not that her swim times have gotten better. It’s that her competition has gotten worse. Her Number 462 ranking was against men, while her Number 1 ranking is against women.
Putin is not foolish enough to invade Ukraine 16 replies
Posted by Big Bopper 2/13/2022 9:38:55 AM Post Reply
Putin is not afraid of Joe Biden, the newly-woke U.S. military, the Keystone Kops at the NSA, CIA or sundry other alphabet organizations right down to BIPOC and LGBTQ, or his speechwriter “doctor” Jill, or the yes-men (er, persons) in the White House. The Kamala Kackle gives him pause, but he has people to handle her. No, Putin is not afraid of any of them. In fact, it’s that collection of nitwits that tempts him. Here’s what he’s afraid of, for good reasons.
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Pence ups the ante for a potential 2024
run: Trump's VP announces a swing of appearances
in Iowa just 24 hours after revealing
his 'Freedom Agenda' for Republicans
67 replies
Posted by Imright 4/1/2022 6:16:12 PM Post Reply
Former Vice President Mike Pence will travel to Iowa later this month, another key indicator he's pursuing a 2024 presidential bid. Historically, the Hawkeye State has held the first-in-the-nation presidential contest, the Iowa caucuses, which have launched and killed many a presidential campaign. Pence will headline the annual Story County Lincoln Highway Dinner in Ames on April 23 and pay a visit to the state's ultra-conservative 4th Congressional District earlier in the day, according to The Washington Examiner. This week Pence also launched a policy platform - the 'Freedom Agenda' -
The law of unintended consequences comes
for Disney
51 replies
Posted by Magnante 4/1/2022 4:59:54 AM Post Reply
Back in 1967, the Reedy Creek Improvement District agreement was created to lure Disney to Florida. The agreement allows the district governmental powers to facilitate recreational projects and tourism. Florida's legislature felt that it would benefit the state if recreational organizations had the power to act as their own government in areas like property development, water control, public utilities, law enforcement, and fire protection. The mouse eagerly took the cheese, and today most of the land is owned by Walt Disney World. It's been a pretty sweet deal (snip) Now Florida legislators are threatening to pull those special privileges if Disney continues to strike at HB1557
New vehicles must average 40 mpg by 2026,
up from 28 mpg
42 replies
Posted by Ribicon 4/1/2022 3:16:06 PM Post Reply
Detroit—New vehicles sold in the U.S. will have to average at least 40 miles per gallon of gasoline in 2026, up from about 28 mpg, under new federal rules unveiled Friday that undo a rollback of standards enacted under President Donald Trump. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said its new fuel economy requirements are the strongest to date and the maximum the industry can achieve over the time period. They will reduce gasoline consumption by more than 220 billion gallons over the life of vehicles, compared with the Trump standards. They're expected to decrease carbon dioxide emissions—but not as much as some environmentalists want—and raise new vehicle prices
Joe Biden Tells Parents: Affirm Your Teens’
Transgender Claims
33 replies
Posted by Imright 4/1/2022 11:47:21 AM Post Reply
President Joe Biden released a video Thursday to encourage millions of insecure and vulnerable teenagers to embrace the elite claim they can transform into a popular “transgender” person of the opposite sex: I want you to know that your President sees you. Joe, Kamala, Doug, our entire administration, sees you for who you are … deserving of dignity, respect, and support. But we know it’s hard when there are those out there who don’t see you, don’t respect you.Biden also threatened the loving American parents who disagree with their teenagers’ claims to be members of the opposite sex, saying:To parents of transgender children, affirming your child’s
Report: Jen Psaki Leaving White House
for Peacock Streaming Show
32 replies
Posted by Dreadnought 4/1/2022 11:26:41 AM Post Reply
White House press secretary Jen Psaki plans to leave the White House in May to host a show on NBC’s Peacock streaming platform, according to a report. Axios reported the news citing “a source close to the matter.” Biden’s press secretary will be the host of a show for MSNBC on NBCUniversal’s streaming platform, Peacock. Psaki, who is currently on leave after a second case of coronavirus, will leave the White House “around May” according to the report. Psaki worked as a political pundit on CNN before joining the White House, and will also participate in that capacity at NBC and MSNBC.
Navy ship to be named after Supreme Court
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg
30 replies
Posted by NorthernDog 4/1/2022 9:55:46 AM Post Reply
A Navy fuel ship will be named for the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg in recognition of her efforts to advance women's rights and gender equality, Navy Secretary Carlos Del Toro said Thursday. The future John Lewis-class replenishment oiler — a ship that transfers fuel to the Navy's operating carrier strike groups — will be the eighth such vessel to be named for an historic figure who fought for civil and human rights. Others include former Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall, abolitionist and women's rights activist Sojurner Truth, gay rights icon Harvey Milk and civil rights leader John Lewis.
Will Smith Resigns from Academy after
Slapping Chris Rock
29 replies
Posted by Dreadnought 4/1/2022 8:53:46 PM Post Reply
Will Smith announced on Friday that he has resigned from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, after he slapped Chris Rock during the Academy Awards on Sunday. “I am heartbroken. I want to put the focus back on those who deserve attention for their achievements and allow the Academy to get back to the incredible work it does to support creativity and artistry in film,” Smith said in a statement. “So, I am resigning from membership in the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and will accept any further consequences the Board deems appropriate.” Academy president David Rubin said he had received Smith’s resignation. “We will continue to move forward
White House Refuses to Rule out Joe Biden
Pardon for Hunter Biden
27 replies
Posted by Dreadnought 4/2/2022 12:15:05 AM Post Reply
The White House refused to rule out President Joe Biden issuing a presidential pardon for his son Hunter Biden or for his brother James Biden as federal investigations continue over their foreign business dealings. “That’s not a hypothetical I’m going to entertain,” White House communications director Kate Bedingfield said during the daily press briefing when asked about a potential pardon “I don’t have anything to add from this podium. Bedingfield was reluctant to address any aspect of the Hunter Biden story, after CNN, The Washington Post, and the New York Times recently published stories about the federal tax probe
Breaking News: House PASSES bill to legalize
marijuana: Three Republicans join Democrats
to move bill to the Senate despite GOP
saying fentanyl, Ukraine and gas prices
should be the priority
27 replies
Posted by Imright 4/1/2022 1:26:35 PM Post Reply
The House of Representatives voted Friday to federally legalize marijuana with a vote of 220-204, mostly along party lines, sending the legislation to the Senate. Three Republicans - Reps. Matt Gaetz, Brian Mast and Tom McClintock - voted alongside the Democratic majority, while two Democrats voted no with the GOP. It marked the second time the Democrat-led House passed a bill to decriminalize pot, the first happening in December 2020. The Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement Act decriminalizes possession, distribution and manufacture of cannabis - and no longer classifies it as
WAR! DeSantis Suggests Ending Disney's
Special Self-Governing Status
26 replies
Posted by Hazymac 4/1/2022 7:09:17 PM Post Reply
Back in 1967 when Disney World was just a gleam in Mickey’s eye and states around the country were vying for Walt Disney’s approval to build his second theme park, the Florida legislature passed the Reedy Creek Improvement Act, which gave the Walt Disney Company a special carve-out, making it a self-governing enclave. The Act gave Disney “the ability, the power to build a nuclear power plant, an airport manufacturer, distill and distribute alcoholic beverages and lots of other things,” said Dr. Richard Foglesong, author of Married to the Mouse in an interview with a Florida TV station last year.
Sarah Palin is running for Congress: Former
Alaska governor and one-time VP candidate
warns that 'America is at a tipping point'
caused by the far-left 'destroying the country'
25 replies
Posted by Imright 4/1/2022 8:59:16 PM Post Reply
Former Alaska governor and vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin announced she's running for a seat in the House in order to combat the 'far-left,' who she said is 'destroying the country.' Palin has joined a crowded field of nearly 40 candidates looking to fill the seat vacated by the late U.S. Rep. Don Young, whose death last month threw Alaskan politicians in a frenzy. In a statement, Palin said: 'Public service is a calling, and I would be honored to represent the men and women of Alaska in Congress, just as Rep. Young did for 49 years.
Bungling Biden tells families they can
save $500 a MONTH by switching to renewable
energy: White House issues a correction
saying saving is over a year - which is
still met with disbelief
25 replies
Posted by Imright 4/1/2022 12:08:04 AM Post Reply
President Joe Biden vastly overpromised Americans that they can expect savings of $500 a month by transitioning to renewable energy, which the White House corrected by saying the savings would actually come over a year. In a fumble during his speech on gas prices on Thursday, Biden touted rebate programs for consumers switching to green energy but incorrectly cast how much would be saved. 'If your home is powered by safer, cheaper, cleaner electricity like solar or heat pumps, you can save about $500 a month on average,' Biden said. The White House corrected Biden's remark in a transcript, making clear he meant to say the savings he predicted
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