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Kim Potter made a mistake. Her jury did
not, but maybe the law needs to be reviewed

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Posted By: earlybird, 12/24/2021 10:59:22 PM

The conviction of former Minnesota police officer Kim Potter for manslaughter brought closure for the family of Duante Wright and many in our society. The fact, however, is that it will not bring closure on the problem that originally lead to a hung jury until the judge sent the jury back with an instruction to try again. (snip)As with the jury in the murder trial of Ahmaud Arbery, these jurors showed again that they exhibit the objectivity and integrity too often missing in our commentators and politicians. The question is not whether the jury got the law right but whether the law itself is wrong in its vague criteria.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: Venturer 12/24/2021 11:23:37 PM (No. 1018125)
The charge should have been --------"Police officer charged for being white.," The reason to satisfy the criminal element waiting outside the Courtroom.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: DVC 12/24/2021 11:31:52 PM (No. 1018135)
She should NOT be put in prison.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: ussjimmycarter 12/25/2021 4:06:59 AM (No. 1018180)
I really hope this poor woman wins her life back on appeal! Her many years of service override some jerk prosecutor seeking political points! Pray for her!
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Reply 4 - Posted by: Trigger2 12/25/2021 4:43:38 AM (No. 1018183)
I agree. She was found guilty for being white.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: doctorfixit 12/25/2021 5:45:09 AM (No. 1018207)
"Closure" is a leftwing made-up meaningless word. The left perverts language. The punishment is unwarranted, a verdict of negligent homicide would have been more appropriate. Like Chauvin, this woman is simply too stupid to be a police officer. You can't tell the difference between a taser and a Glock? The real crime here is that police officers have to deal with scum like Duante Wright over and over and over again until something like this happens. Duante Wright should have been locked up for good long long ago. There have to be ways to get and keep predators out of civilization permanently.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: MDConservative 12/25/2021 6:15:12 AM (No. 1018217)
Let’s just say the cops can shoot anyone with no explanation necessary. She killed a guy, a bad guy, so it’s okay. And if she plugs you by accident that’s applaudable, right? Your estate can sue. Accidents happen. Be nice if we could put race beside, but no. Nine jurors were white, certainly wallowing in white guilt to find her guilty. Potter was a 23-year veteran. A training officer, and she either panicked, or was incompetent. You want that officer to respond to your call?
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Reply 7 - Posted by: Toby Ten Bears 12/25/2021 6:54:32 AM (No. 1018227)
Shooting a black = prison. Shooting a white privilege honky = Congratulations!
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Reply 8 - Posted by: rytwng 12/25/2021 6:59:44 AM (No. 1018229)
It was an ACCIDENT. The thug caused himself to be shot by resisting arrest. She saved her partners life and her own. She should never have been charged.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: homefry 12/25/2021 7:16:52 AM (No. 1018235)
Kim Potter made a mistake. Her jury did not, but maybe the law needs to be reviewed I agree, she made a mistake and the perp was killed. It was an accident though, and she should not go to jail for it. She should never be a cop again though.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: Red Jeep 12/25/2021 7:42:44 AM (No. 1018250)
Duante Wright caused the death of Duante Wright.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: Califedup 12/25/2021 8:20:05 AM (No. 1018258)
Officer Potter should have been given a medal for removing this future killer of the innocent from our society. Duante Wright was on the path of becoming a murderer of the innocent. Office Potter should never have been charged with any crime. Duante Wright was a violent thug who robbed children at gunpoint and tried to choke a women he was robbing to death. This madness of making black thugs into martyrs cannot not be allowed to continue. As to his family getting "closure" over his death, they are the ones who produced and raised this evil spawn. I feel no pity for them. And let us all not forget that he was also a product of the communist death democrats ghetto plantation system. If Ex-Dictator Obama had a son he would be just like Duante Wright. Jonathan Turley is an enabler of this warped justice system currently ruling over us.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: udanja99 12/25/2021 8:23:05 AM (No. 1018262)
Meanwhile, Alec Baldwin is home celebrating Christmas with his family…
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Reply 13 - Posted by: Namma 12/25/2021 8:48:56 AM (No. 1018276)
The officer made a mistake. Ellison is the prosecutor. This fact gives me cause to wonder. He hates cops. He is Muslim. How many doctors are in jail because they made a mistake. And the guy who was shot shoujd have obeyed the officers command of stop. He did not the guy was a nasty crook. He was fleeing because he knew he was facing jail time. He caused his own demise
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Reply 14 - Posted by: Strike3 12/25/2021 8:55:39 AM (No. 1018279)
What needs to be reviewed is the practice of putting female police officers out on the street with belligerent criminals who respect nobody. A man would have restrained Wright without the use of weapons. Give her a desk job. Posters are correct, a black officer would not have been found guilty.
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Reply 15 - Posted by: LC Chihuahua 12/25/2021 9:08:43 AM (No. 1018293)
And another 1000 law enforcement officers resign. Protests to defund the police in 3...2...1. Let's just make it illegal for the police to apprehend a fleeing suspect (/s). People make mistakes. That includes the police. When a police officer makes a mistake, all too often a gun is involved. When will someone come up with a nonlethal method to stop a perp that is just as effective as a gun? Always be aware of who is carrying a gun around you because if something goes wrong, it can go wrong in a big way. Case in point: Kim Potter. Always be careful when pulled over by the police. One false move, and you can have guns drawn on you, and one mistake after that could be the end.
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Reply 16 - Posted by: bigfatslob 12/25/2021 9:34:09 AM (No. 1018328)
The people of Minnesota have to now decide where to place thug Wright's big bronze statue. Pretty soon there will be more monuments and statues to thugs than we had of Civil War Confederates or the white slave owner founders of our nation. Off topic but the new series of Cops Reloaded will give you an example of what all police have to deal with when arresting blacks. I wouldn't do that job to deal with this new 'chosen race' in our society. Blacks now run free and these kinds of courts will continue against whites. Not guilty! Wright cause his own death. MAGA
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Reply 17 - Posted by: Laotzu 12/25/2021 9:54:14 AM (No. 1018342)
The only reason that Democrat Prosecutors haven't used this same law against ER Doctors or Firemen is that they are not an obstacle to Democrat power. Stand in the way of Democrats, and they will use everything in their power to destroy you.
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Reply 18 - Posted by: Toodles3956 12/25/2021 10:13:44 AM (No. 1018362)
It was a terrible mistake and there should be consequences. That being obvious, isn't it about time the black community teach their kids to obey what the police tell them. They can't outrun a bullet. Stop being so darned stupid and you will live another day! Every one of these cases dealing with the police had the poor misunderstood victim trying to get away from the police. They didn't!
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Reply 19 - Posted by: little guy 12/25/2021 10:26:03 AM (No. 1018374)
Hey, Turley, give us all a break with your fuzzy thinking! Spraying whipped cream on a poop sundae and putting a cherry on top won't make it go down easier. You left out the most important part, ya big dummy: Kim Potter wasn't a civilian interfering or some busybody trying to play cop. She was a POLICE OFFICER and the local taxpayers asked her to risk her life everyday on their behalf. For this she got a salary. She put herself in harm's way because society asked her to assume that risk. Did you ever notice how the police will leave you alone if you don't break the law? To accidentally kill someone in the line of duty as an LEO should put you into a wholly different group. Take away her job, her gun, etc. but to try her for basically murder like a drunk in a bar fight is utter nonsense! The only thing this will really do is make the smarter cops retire early and the young citizens who can think choose a different occupation. What's left is civil servants ... basically the non-workers turning to the employer of last resort ... becoming cops.
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Reply 20 - Posted by: Blue-Z-Anna 12/25/2021 10:41:32 AM (No. 1018390)
If you're not as tough as the criminals you've got no business being a cop. Why not just put it out there and say if you run from the police they will shoot you every damn time.
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Reply 21 - Posted by: Zigrid 12/25/2021 11:06:52 AM (No. 1018412)
Every police officer is subject to making errors...but an error was made and now the policeman must step up and follow it a just verdict...probably...but let's see what the punishment is....
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Reply 22 - Posted by: Norway 12/25/2021 11:24:11 AM (No. 1018431)
A good woman accidentally kills a very bad man resisting arrest. Woke jury sides with very bad man.
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Reply 23 - Posted by: mc squared 12/25/2021 11:35:40 AM (No. 1018439)
If you are committing a crime and get shot, even accidentally, tough noogies. She was a white cop and that doesn't mean much anymore.
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Reply 24 - Posted by: bighambone 12/25/2021 11:44:12 AM (No. 1018445)
Chances are the long term effect of the guilty verdict will show up as an adverse cause of a major failure of Minnesota law enforcement agencies abilities to recruit potentially well qualified police trainees in the future. As who would want to serve 25 years as a career police officer in Minnesota, where making an unintentional mistake during a physical encounter involving a noncompliant violent suspect could end your police career anytime during those 25 years, putting you in prison, while the suspect many times goes free with liberal courts and politicians moving to handover millions of taxpayers dollars to the suspect and his or her lawyers?
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Reply 25 - Posted by: SweetSweetback 12/25/2021 12:17:34 PM (No. 1018461)
Closure means bupkis. Nothing. This so-called "racist past" is a NEVERENDING atonement hanging like the perpetual Sword of Damocles over our collective "white deviled" heads. Lest we throw off "our chains" and fight back against this insidious culture.
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Reply 26 - Posted by: Kumoan 12/25/2021 12:52:29 PM (No. 1018483)
Isn't it classically feminine to denigrate ones self and ensure all people are aware of a procedural mistake? What would have happened if she quickly became aware of her confusion over grabbing the wrong device, but shut up and said nothing rather than confess to all and sundry? Now, if the perp was white, there would be nothing more done. Because the 10 pager [his rap sheet] was black, this was demorat bad, but there was still a chance she could have escaped communist retribution. Moral: don't build the cross, bring the nails and a ladder in this sunset era of western civilization.
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Reply 27 - Posted by: Geoman 12/25/2021 2:17:54 PM (No. 1018564)
Officer Potter is a product of the 1990s liberalization of policing. Society, via their elected officials, decided to reduce or eliminate physical fitness standards that were found to be discriminatory against women. That is also when "diversity" consultants ran rampant through police departments in order to run off the legacy dinosaurs, the white male "rednecks," and populate police departments with officers of color and women of any color. Having lived through policing in the 80s and 90s, the influx of women and minorities was neither all good nor all bad, just like the white male cops who suddenly found themselves being shunned by their chain of command and the society they had sworn to protect. One huge difference during Officer Potter's 26 year tenure is how criminals of all races responded to the societal changes, that only accelerated in the 2000s. Once killing a police officer on duty was stricken from the list of capital crimes, punishable by death in many states, the boldness and unwillingness of criminals to submit to the authority of the state that is vested in police officers only skyrocketed. To make matters worse, the liberalization of mental health treatment resulted in the increase in suicide-by-police, the aftermath of which often had a deleterious effect on the officer forced to employ deadly force, especially when the exigency of circumstances (e.g., a violator exits a vehicle holding a gun and pointing it at the officer) did not allow for the training manual's "escalation of force" mantra. Prosecutor: "So Officer Cracker, within 14 seconds of pulling over the victim's vehicle, he lay dead on the streets with two of your bullets callously pumped into the victim's head. Your baton was still hanging off of your belt but YOU decided to go straight to deadly force, against your departments explicit training... When I first became a motorcycle cop, I made many traffic stops and by and large the violators were unhappy but generally cooperative and those found with active warrants against them, submitted to arrest without incident. Fast forward 2.5 decades and the change in our cultural norms has emboldened criminals to violently resist, often with fatal outcomes. The violator shot by Officer Potter wasn't simply resisting Officer Potter but was acting out against the State of Minnesota and the authority represented by her badge of office. Once a violator physically resists a lawful arrest, the fear of being killed or maimed or of seeing your partner killed or maimed creates a palpable shadow over the police-violator encounter. If you, the cop, are physically strong and/or well trained and experienced in pressure point control techniques and joint manipulation, then you seldom have to resort to an impact weapon, such as a baton; however if you lack the requisite strength, training, and experience in physical combat. then you either submit, allow the violator to escape, or use deadly force, which is not exclusive to gun play. Deadly force is that which is likely to cause death or serious bodily injury, so if you whack a violator attacking you in the head with a baton, that is often considered deadly force for which you may be criminally liable. Enforcing the law on the streets of a state or municipality is not for the weak of body or mind, so departments that recruit and employ those types have a high degree of liability when things go wrong. I have no definitive answer to the problem but I do know that the "internet armchair police" who, in the luxury of hindsight, mockingly criticize Officer Potter's actions with no experiential frame of reference, do no service for society.
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Reply 28 - Posted by: Winnie SC 12/25/2021 2:23:25 PM (No. 1018571)
This woman should have been promoted and given the key to the city for wasting that subhuman scum.
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Reply 29 - Posted by: Winnie SC 12/25/2021 2:24:30 PM (No. 1018573)
I mean, who knows how many lives she saved by putting that feral animal down?
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Reply 30 - Posted by: skacmar 12/25/2021 3:17:37 PM (No. 1018597)
If prosecutors would do their jobs and actually lock criminals like Duante Wright up, things like this would never happen.
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Reply 31 - Posted by: watashiyo 12/25/2021 5:44:17 PM (No. 1018652)
After raking in millions, his parents will build a monument for the son .....not in his memory but for making them filthy rich.
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Kim Potter made a mistake. Her jury did
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Posted by earlybird 12/24/2021 10:59:22 PM Post Reply
The conviction of former Minnesota police officer Kim Potter for manslaughter brought closure for the family of Duante Wright and many in our society. The fact, however, is that it will not bring closure on the problem that originally lead to a hung jury until the judge sent the jury back with an instruction to try again. (snip)As with the jury in the murder trial of Ahmaud Arbery, these jurors showed again that they exhibit the objectivity and integrity too often missing in our commentators and politicians. The question is not whether the jury got the law right but whether the law itself is wrong in its vague criteria.
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Posted by Imright 12/26/2021 8:00:07 PM Post Reply
President Joe Biden extended Kwanzaa greetings on Sunday to people celebrating the holiday.“As we begin the seven days of Kwanzaa, Jill and I send our best wishes to everyone celebrating,” Biden wrote on social media. “May this time of reflection on the rich heritage of African American culture bring peace, unity, and joy.” (Tweet) Black nationalist activists created and promoted the Kwanzaa holiday in the 1960s.President Bill Clinton was the first American president to recognize the Kwanzaa holiday in a statement in 1997. Subsequent presidents have recognized Kwanzaa in official White House statements, including President Donald Trump.
Kamala Harris says DEMOCRACY is the biggest
threat to national security: VP also insists
she stands by Biden's decision to withdraw
from Afghanistan
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Vice President Kamala Harris appeared to misspeak during her CBS interview Sunday when she said 'democracy' is the most significant national security threat facing the United States. She had been trying to echo Democrats' warning about threats to the 'integrity' of the American democratic system as her boss, President Joe Biden, tries to push his voting rights agenda through Congress. In the final portion of her wide-ranging interview released over the week, Harris also defended the Biden administration's chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan in August, instead blaming its predecessor for first setting the deadline to leave.
Exclusive — Former CBP Commissioner
Mark Morgan: Joe Biden Let 600,000 Migrants
Illegally Enter Without Testing or Vaccine Mandate
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Mark Morgan, former acting commissioner of Customs and Border Protection, said on Thursday’s edition of the Breitbart News Daily podcast with host Alex Marlow that the Biden administration exempts migrants crossing the southern border from coronavirus testing and vaccine mandates while imposing such decrees on Americans.President Joe Biden has repeatedly framed acceptance of COVID-19 vaccination as a “patriotic” action, most recently linking vaccines with “patriotism” and getting vaccinated as a “patriotic duty.”
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