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The Trump effect is gathering steam

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Posted By: Magnante, 10/28/2021 3:35:35 AM

As retrospection becomes ever more clear, knowledge of the impact of the Trump presidency has been taking form — especially when compared to the bunglers who came next. Perhaps most importantly, and without obvious intent, he managed to bring out the worst in his enemies. The U.S. will never be the same again. For starters, let's look at Adam Schiff and Gerald Nadler. Once just off-the-rack hack politicians, now they're cartoons...of sleaze-ball villains. (snip) By provoking his opponents on the left into recklessly exposing themselves as the true villains they are, he has vaccinated the nation from becoming ever more infected with their nonsense.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: Flyball Dogs 10/28/2021 4:33:06 AM (No. 959419)
Mr. Ross lays an excellent foundation for PDJT. And he will be able to build on it in short order as the Communists continue to show themselves. “…quasi-humans of the Deep State,..” PERFECT.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: Jesuslover54 10/28/2021 5:19:13 AM (No. 959440)
Trump, it turns out, is a great teacher.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: Rinktum 10/28/2021 5:29:46 AM (No. 959444)
The comparison of the Biden administration to the Trump administration is so stark that anyone can understand the great divide between them philosophically. We, as a country, are living through the most horrific single year we have ever known. The absolute devastation that the Biden administration has had on every family in this country is unparalleled. Biden started out illegitimately and has continued on this path of lawlessness with unconstitutional mandates and actions no other President would have even considered. He has made Americans angry and quick to challenge tyrannical decisions they know are wrong. Yet, this administration pushes forward. Why would they do this when it is clear the American people are angry and unwilling to yield. Democrats have decided that this is the time for them to go all in on their anti-American agenda. They have the full support of the media and have sown up every agency willing to do whatever necessary, Constitution be damned. This leaves we the people in the fight for our lives. So great if the confidence of these anti-American zealots that they leave a mentally unfit incompetent fool who has known nothing but self-serving deceit his entire political life to head their party. They actually believe they have won and are on the fast track to fundamentally transforming this country. The Virginia election is going to be a bellwether opportunity for them to prove that they have the power and there is nothing that an angry electorate can do to stop the inevitable. It will be a pivotal moment going forward. Will their election thievery, once again, win the day for them or will the American people rise up and say, no more.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: Krause 10/28/2021 6:27:43 AM (No. 959461)
We found out there are a lot of outlaws in our government. They are running the country right now. Extremely poorly, I might add. They're having their chance, and are spectacularly blowing it, for the world to see. In the long run, I think we'll be good, and the outlaws will be permanently damaged.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: Strike3 10/28/2021 6:44:47 AM (No. 959467)
It's no wonder the left hates Donald Trump so much. He is the first president since Reagan who did things for the good of the people and he did them in a wise and efficient manner. The democrats were maddened by his success and the republicans are still in shock. Both parties are pretty much just useless at the moment.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: BillW. 10/28/2021 7:01:46 AM (No. 959478)
Einstein warned, "The world is a dangerous place; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it." This evil Deep-State tyrant stole the election, deliberately started destroying American on Day One, and has no business being president. It's time for another civil war. Get rid of Obiden at gunpoint.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: downnout 10/28/2021 7:08:34 AM (No. 959481)
One small quibble…President Trump does have an Ivy League education…MBA from University of Pennsylvania.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: spacer 10/28/2021 7:11:18 AM (No. 959484)
Many of us here and on other sites have written of the Trump Effect. Intentional or not, I believe Donald Trump drew these people into their own stew intentionally, he drew daylight to the corrupt evil. We are better off for it. Thank The Good Lord for Donald John Trump.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: Otis Gill 10/28/2021 7:30:24 AM (No. 959495)
The author describes Adam Schiff and Gerald Nadler as "cartoons...of sleaze-ball villains" an apt description for most of the Marxist Democrats/ Trump exposed them all, including prosecuting Epstein after the Obama administration let him off with a slap on the wrist in 2009 (work release). Epstein then went right back to what he was doing (as a registered sex offender) right under the nose of the Justice Dept. and FBI. I wonder what even happened to the Maxwell case. It's unbelievable that more has not been revealed. Epstein and Maxwell were not the only sleaze-ball villains flying to that island. Justice must be served.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: MDConservative 10/28/2021 7:33:29 AM (No. 959499)
FTA: "By provoking his opponents on the left into recklessly exposing themselves as the true villains they are, he has vaccinated the nation from becoming ever more infected with their nonsense." That's quite a reach. I don't think PDT handed the bully pulpit over to Fauci, Blix, et al, to later expose them. THAT was the biggest mistake of his administration. No President does that. And what happened was predictable. The bureaucrats ran with the political powers that placed them there - the UNIPARTY. The herd is still rumbling across the plains. Ready for your fourth "jab"? Ready to have your kids "jabbed"? Ready to bet your livelihood on being "jabbed" or not? Ready for the next series of obvious, gross lies to come? THAT, not PDT's legacy, is the impetus for this sudden urge to resist the government. "Let's go Brandon!" is the American sound of keys jingling.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: Clinger 10/28/2021 8:06:00 AM (No. 959530)
Trump flushed the democrats out exposing them as as full fledged totalitarians, fascists and communists. Trump exposed the depth and breadth of the swamp. Trump demonstrated that we can punch back. All of which I didn't need Trump's help with but I'm still grateful to have had it. Most of all for me, the part I didn't have a full appreciation for on my own, Trump showed me the predominant GOP loyalty and priority is Swamp first, Party second and Country a vague after thought that need not interfere with enrichment through corruption.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: LesUNo 10/28/2021 8:06:38 AM (No. 959531)
You absolutely nailed it #10. President Trump got rolled and the disaster that followed has turned out to be incalculably horrific.
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Reply 13 - Posted by: Ditto1958 10/28/2021 8:12:41 AM (No. 959536)
Yet their constituents still re-elect them
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Reply 14 - Posted by: bpl40 10/28/2021 8:30:44 AM (No. 959550)
#7, as long as we are quibbling. President Trump has an undergrad business degree from Wharton. Not an MBA. It is the only top business school that has a baccalaureate program. Otherwise agree with everything!
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Reply 15 - Posted by: nhsailmaker 10/28/2021 8:52:31 AM (No. 959569)
America and the world will immediately be better off when those two evil forces are removed from earth
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Reply 16 - Posted by: Kafka2 10/28/2021 9:05:21 AM (No. 959583)
The comparison of the Biden and Trump administrations reveals the Democrats and MSM lied, Lied, LIED when they proclaimed, "Orange man bad." The truth is Trump good. It is Biden who is "deplorably bad."
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Reply 17 - Posted by: Casper27 10/28/2021 9:19:28 AM (No. 959596)
Please writer. Great article, but you left out the cartoon characters from the Republican party. Here are a few. Turtle McConnell; Shorty Graham; Ugly Blunt; Playboy McCarthy; Mittens who walks like he is keeping a quarter between the cheeks; Ryan his magpie buddy; I could keep on and on. Just saw gas at 3.17 a gallon in NC. this morning. How dumb can you be to vote for this stupidity, just because you don't like a man's self confidence like Trump. He got it down to 1.60 a gallon. All these states with Republican leaders allowing elections to be stolen. The Bush's and Cheney's voting for Hillary. It is insane. They got rid of Kennedy and you got Vietnam. They stole this election and look: the mess. Borders, Afghanistan, schools, pandemic fraud, oil, stocks....
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Reply 18 - Posted by: Dodge Boy 10/28/2021 9:47:22 AM (No. 959642)
Mark, that would be the Trump Train, sir. And it is moving very fast now. Look out. And yes, indeed, the dims recast themselves as the best cartoon characters of all time - Humpty Dumpty Nadler, Chuckie Cheese Schoomer, Nasty Nanie, Jug Ears Obie, Adam the Schifter. And of course, biden the cheater and Kamalie Mattressback. The list goes on. But, a number of pubbies joined the show, too - Pierre Delecto, The Lizzard One from Wyoming, and the Turtlemesister for starters. Among others.
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Reply 19 - Posted by: Lawsy0 10/28/2021 10:00:17 AM (No. 959662)
I am most thankful to Trump for shining the light of truth on all the little emperors in Washington DC who now are running around buck-nekkid! That is every petty little emperor (guys, gals and in-betweens). These are sights you cannot un-see for the rest of your life.
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Reply 20 - Posted by: Zigrid 10/28/2021 10:20:14 AM (No. 959685)
Go President Trump...the biden/obama administration is showing the world what a great President you were for four years....the comparison is shocking...if the thieves hadn't stolen the would have keep US safe from china/iran/russia...and mostly the house and senate...and I include the rinos like mcconnel and romney and chenny ....BUT...I won't admit that America is done for...not by a long shot...MAGA is alive and well out here in fly over country...
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Reply 21 - Posted by: Blue-Z-Anna 10/28/2021 10:52:36 AM (No. 959717)
This is a fine collection of excellent posts by my fellow L daughters but it's too bad we don't have elections anymore.
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Reply 22 - Posted by: PrayerWarrior 10/28/2021 11:10:49 AM (No. 959741)
While he was president, Mr. Trump expressed his interest in indexing the tax on capital gains to inflation. Sober logic! WOW! What president would be that smart to think of that? A businessman, of course! That change of indexing the tax on capital gains to inflation would shake up the economy in a big positive way and help the middle class! When we sold property in CA, we would have loved President Trump's proposal to tax on gains tied to inflation. As it was, we had to pay tens of thousands of dollars in taxes even though inflation was behind the rise in price. BTW CA is thinking about taxing its citizens who are leaving the State. Hmmm, TaxiCAlifornia. Glad we left when we did.
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Reply 23 - Posted by: Butch 10/28/2021 11:10:57 AM (No. 959742)
Penn is an Ivy-League university, and its Wharton School of Finance is one of the finest business schools in the world. So Trump really is an Ivy League grad, and one of a small number whom I admire these days.
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Reply 24 - Posted by: DVC 10/28/2021 11:56:34 AM (No. 959783)
Great points. Trump has forced these sleazeball, nasty totalitarians to exposing themselves and many of us now see how corrupt the overwhelming majority of elected officials, the political commentators and the media actually are.
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Reply 25 - Posted by: dbdiva 10/28/2021 12:31:00 PM (No. 959814)
We must give the LORD credit for most of this since He is the One in control of everything. Mr. Biden was not anointed to be President so the fact that he is such a disaster in everything he does should come as no surprise to anyone. I believe the LORD is allowing all of this to happen in order to shake people out of their massive gullibility. Our real President WAS chosen "for such a time as this", I believe. The LORD is not finished with him yet which is why I believe DJT will return into his duly elected position at some point. On a lighter note I noticed my newspaper (which used to run pages and pages of anti-Trump letters to the editor) now goes days at a time without publishing any letters at all! My guess is that with President Trump out of the picture for now the paper is receiving very few of those types of letters but I also think the letters extolling the "magnificence" that is Mr. Biden are few and far between or most likely non-existent.
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Reply 26 - Posted by: RedWhite&Blue2 10/28/2021 12:42:33 PM (No. 959825)
President Trump is the best CIC in my life But I have to ask Where are the heroes? To come me to America’s rescue? Besides Ron DeSantis? Pr MJT? There should be hundreds of DeSantis’s and Greenes’..... I can only not think of a handful Why aren’t there hundreds of brave men and brave women who purport to represent us speaking out and fighting all this fraud this illegality this Marxist onslaught???? The only true heroes I see are the people Folks like us, parents, workers, the people It’s time for American Revolution 2 We’re being held hostage by dirty rat liars In our own country! FJB MAGA
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Reply 27 - Posted by: garyhope 10/28/2021 3:29:27 PM (No. 959939)
I'm extremely pessimistic, depressed and cynical about the future of our once free and great country. It's not just Bi-DUMB that is the POTUS,....It's Hussein Obammy, The Clintons, George Soros and God know how many other treasonous players involved in our deliberate and planned demise and destruction. Bi- DUMB is just a showroom dummy or marionette with others pulling his strings. He's totally incoherent, stupid, obnoxious, patheticlly riden with Alzheimer's Disease and a long time pedophile and sexist abuser of women victims. Our country is in great and real danger from the left wing commie fascist traitors in our midst. And not just from our politicians, but also from our media, schools, colleges, actors, celebrities and many local governments. We are in a world of hurt and treason. We will be lucky to survive.
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Reply 28 - Posted by: Deborah Grannet 10/28/2021 7:07:47 PM (No. 960115)
Oh #10, if only we— and Trump— were as prescient as you. /s
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Reply 29 - Posted by: ussjimmycarter 10/28/2021 8:19:38 PM (No. 960173)
I thought Biden’s Admin was incompetent. I now understand that what they are doing is designed to ruin America forever! They are terrifying and very dangerous! And is all being blamed on a senile old pretending to be in charge! We are stuck for 3 more years and the evil will accelerate!
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Reply 30 - Posted by: DebraAnn 10/29/2021 9:04:46 AM (No. 960514)
#8, Exactly! Thank the Good Lord for Real President Trump...Can't wait to vote for him again.
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A new poll of likely voters conducted for Fox News (whose polls traditionally favor Democrats) shows a collapse in the lead Terry McAuliffe enjoyed about 2 weeks ago into an 8 percent lead for his Republican opponent Glenn Youngkin. (snip) When news leaked out that the campaign had already paid former Perkins Coie election law practice head Mark Elias $53,680 and a Fox News reporter contacted the campaign for comment, a reply apparently intended for other campaign staff was quickly sent as a reply, and it read, “Can we try to kill this.” That looks like sheer panic.
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Attorney General Merrick Garland yesterday demonstrated that he is unfit for office as the nation’s chief law enforcement officer, much less as a justice of the Supreme Court. Whatever reservations you may have about Mitch McConnell, be grateful that kept this hack off the Supreme Court. Garland basically stonewalled on all the difficult questions that he faced. He defended his now-notorious memo to the FBI, written in response (in 4 days!) to a letter from the National School Boards Association, even as GOP senators repeatedly pointed out that the NSBA now has apologized for it. No apologies were forthcoming from Garland.
Is Jill Biden asking about a 'process'
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t's been known for awhile that the honeymoon between Joe Biden and Kamala Harris has pretty much congealed. In August, Kamala Harris was reportedly asking about how to get rid of failing old Joe: Jack Posbiec tweet: "Hearing K discussed the 25th tonight in a non-joking way for the first time" Now in October, Jill Biden, who's Joe's gatekeeper and Mrs. Wilson, reportedly is asking the same of Kamala (snip) If the report is true, that's some White House they've got there over in the Biden administration.
The Trump effect is gathering steam 30 replies
Posted by Magnante 10/28/2021 3:35:35 AM Post Reply
As retrospection becomes ever more clear, knowledge of the impact of the Trump presidency has been taking form — especially when compared to the bunglers who came next. Perhaps most importantly, and without obvious intent, he managed to bring out the worst in his enemies. The U.S. will never be the same again. For starters, let's look at Adam Schiff and Gerald Nadler. Once just off-the-rack hack politicians, now they're cartoons...of sleaze-ball villains. (snip) By provoking his opponents on the left into recklessly exposing themselves as the true villains they are, he has vaccinated the nation from becoming ever more infected with their nonsense.
The complicated vaccine game resisting
physicians must play
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Posted by Magnante 10/27/2021 9:08:28 AM Post Reply
We are living in a game come to life. As with any game, there are rules. But sometimes in life, if you want to survive, you learn how to game the game. We no longer live in your grandfather's world, where medical care was physician-directed. Increasingly, control is in the hands of an opposition force comprising hospital administrators, insurance executives, lawyers, and elected and unelected government officials. Physicians are now mostly cogs on the medical wheel, where the cogs are rapidly being worn out. On top of Medicare compliance, insurance precertification, and time-wasting electronic records, we have foisted upon us a "vaccine."
Must-see TV: Sky News Australia takes
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Have you got 2 minutes to spare watching a teenage climate scold get her comeuppance? A commentator on Sky News Australia ripped the hypocrisy behind the children’s crusade demanding extreme measures to solve a problem that for thirty years or so has been about to end humanity in ten years. Those with no adult responsibilities for the consequences of their actions feel free to make demands they wouldn’t want to live with, if ever implemented. Patrick Moore, one of the founders of Greenpeace who retains a skeptical mind, tweeted out a two minute segment
Why Democrats' Scheme to Tax Unrealized
Capital Gains Should Terrify You
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Posted by Magnante 10/27/2021 3:32:51 AM Post Reply
Our current secretary of the Treasury, Janet Yellen, is busy trying to find a way to tax wealth without calling it taxing wealth. She has eyes on taxing unrealized capital gains. What this means simply is taxing people for money they have not earned or received. That's it in a nutshell. That definition should leave even those who have never had a course in accounting or finance shaken. Not only is Janet Yellen considering this, but the Democrat party is on board as well.
What Questions Must We Ask Concerning
COVID Vaccinations for Children?
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Posted by Magnante 10/26/2021 3:35:04 AM Post Reply
The FDA is meeting on October 26th to give advice to parents on vaccination for children ages 5-12 and the Biden administration is poised to roll out vaccines for this age group for COVID-19. Is this a good idea and what information do parents need to make this decision for their kids? (snip) For ages 0-19, the survival rate is 99.9973%. This means that for age 0-19 there will be one death for every 37,000 infections (snip) For age 12-17 there have been 22 deaths and 21,000 adverse events reported. In the late teens and twenties, 111 deaths have occurred
Dartmouth College Dems try to shut down
College Republicans’ event and fail badly
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Posted by Magnante 10/25/2021 4:12:15 AM Post Reply
Dartmouth College Republicans hosted three up-and-coming conservative voices in an event Sunday night. Remarkably, all three of these articulate, patriotic voices are young (snip) But for the Dartmouth College Democrats, what united the three was their allegedly intolerable political views. Predictably, there was abundant vitriol. (snip) Dartmouth Democrats don’t want young Republicans to speak unless the roster is first approved by Democrats as acceptable (snip) The contrast was palpable: conservatives (of all ages) were unintimidated, and civil. Those bent on silencing others seethed with anger, displacing reason as well as issue analysis with nasty personal slurs.
YouTube fail: It made a 'Let’s Go Brandon'
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Posted by Magnante 10/24/2021 3:17:09 AM Post Reply
Bryson Gray, a rapper and Trump supporter, recorded a rap song called “Let’s Go Brandon” (not to be confused with Loza Alexander’s hip-hop chart-topping “Let’s Go Brandon” song). Gray’s song was doing well on the charts so, two days ago, YouTube figured out a way to remove it. It claimed that the song contains medical misinformation. Aside from being untrue, YouTube managed to take the song from being well-ish-known and turned it into a massive hit. Talk about a censorship fail. To be honest, because I’m not a fan of rap, I hadn’t heard of Bryson Gray before now. This is an important point because I’m not the only one.
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Biden administration is considering awarding
$450,000 per person to families separated
at the border under Trump's zero-tolerance
policy: Payout could run to more than
a billion dollars
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Posted by Imright 10/28/2021 5:45:47 PM Post Reply
The Biden administration is considering paying out a whopping $450,000 per person to families separated at the southern border as it tries to settle lawsuits with migrants who say the policy caused them lasting psychological damage. Officials from the Departments of Justice, Homeland Security, and Health and Human Services are considering the payments that could total close to $1 million for two people within the same family, people familiar told the Wall Street Journal. The American Civil Liberties Union, which represents the separated families, has identified about 5,500 children separated from parents at the border during the course of the Trump-era policy.
New Fox Poll Explains Stunning Reversal:
Youngkin Bursting Ahead, McAuliffe Collapsing
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There’s been a major shift when it comes to the governor’s race in Virginia over the past two weeks. As we reported earlier, now the Real Clear Politics average of polls is showing Youngkin ahead of Terry McAuliffe for the first time just a few short days before the election. That’s in part due to a stunning Fox poll which shows Youngkin up over McAuliffe by eight percent. As Fox notes, that’s basically a complete reversal of the race from two weeks ago. It was 51-46% with McAuliffe up two weeks ago. Now, however, it’s Youngkin up, 53-45% among likely voters. That’s a stunning move within two weeks
Biden says Pope Francis told him to continue
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Posted by Moritz55 10/29/2021 12:20:00 PM Post Reply
President Biden said that Pope Francis, during their meeting Friday in Vatican City, told him that he should continue to receive communion, amid heightened scrutiny of the Catholic president's pro-abortion policies. The president, following the approximately 90-minute-long meeting, a key part of his trip to Italy for the G20, told reporters details of their discussions. Biden said that Francis told him that he should keep receiving communion. The president said the pope blessed his rosary, and added that they discussed fighting climate change as part of his Build Back Better agenda. "We just talked about the fact that he was happy I'm a good Catholic," Biden said.
Michelle Obama to Guest Star in Final
Season of ABC’s Woke Comedy ‘Black-ish’
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Posted by Imright 10/29/2021 5:48:57 AM Post Reply
Hollywood’s love affair with the Obama’s continues to burn hotly, with former first lady Michelle Obama set to guest star in the final season of ABC’s sitcom Black-ish.Producers of the show announced Thursday that Michelle Obama will appear in the eighth and final season, describing her as a “trailblazer.” No details about her role have been announced. The new season is set to debut in 2022.(Snip) ABC’s Black-ish has repeatedly promoted left-wing politics and far-left positions. Actress Tracee Ellis Ross, who plays the show’s family matriarch, served as a host of last year’s telecast of the Democratic National Convention where she praised Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.
Pope Francis: Let There Be No More Borders
or Walls to ‘Hide Behind’
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Posted by Trapper 10/29/2021 9:35:11 AM Post Reply
ROME — The great takeaway from the coronavirus pandemic is a rejection of borders and walls, Pope Francis told the BBC on Friday morning. “Climate change and the Covid-19 pandemic have exposed our deep vulnerability and raised numerous doubts and concerns about our economic systems and the way we organize our societies,” the pope asserted in a special audio message for the launch of the COP26 Climate Conference. “The most important lesson we can take from these crises is our need to build together, so that there will no longer be any borders, barriers or political walls for us to hide behind,” he declared.
Breaking: Vatican Abruptly Cancels Live
Broadcast of Biden Meeting with Pope without Explanation
35 replies
Posted by Imright 10/28/2021 9:51:27 AM Post Reply
President Biden had dropped everything, including dealing with multiple crises at home, to jet abroad to Europe for summits in Rome, Italy and Glasgow, Scotland, where presumably would be more popular than he currently is at home.But a strange thing happened on Thursday when the Pope suddenly canceled a live broadcast with the U.S. president without providing an explanation. The Washington Post reported on the odd occurrence:The Vatican on Thursday abruptly canceled the planned live broadcast of U.S. President Joe Biden meeting Pope Francis, the latest restriction to media coverage of the Holy See.
'Any man who takes six months of leave
for a newborn is a loser': Silicon Valley
tech entrepreneur slams Pete Buttigieg
for taking paternity leave and says 'correct
masculine response' is for men to 'work
harder to provide for kids' future'
34 replies
Posted by Imright 10/28/2021 9:22:08 AM Post Reply
A Silicon Valley venture capitalist says that men who take six months of paternity leave are ‘losers’ and that ‘in the old days men had babies and worked harder to provide for their future’ which was ‘the correct masculine response.’Joe Lonsdale weighed into the raging debate sparked by Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg’s decision to take paternity leave after he and his husband, Chasten, welcomed adopted twins into their family. Buttigieg was criticized for taking paid time off while the country continues to suffer from the effects of a major logjam at ports that has exacerbated the supply chain crisis.
Video: A Student Stabs Another Student
Repeatedly In A Nebraska High School While
All Their Classmates Look On
32 replies
Posted by Black Conservative Voice 10/29/2021 7:44:16 AM Post Reply
GET YOUR KIDS OUT OF PUBLIC SCHOOLS! South High students are still shaken by what they saw in the lunchroom Wednesday. There are multiple videos showing the moments when one girl apparently attacked another over a cafeteria table. Another angle shows a student attacking the girl with overhand blows. In another, you can even see the knife on the table. The other students' just watched the girl get stabbed and they tried to justify their actions later! "Everybody was mostly shocked that she had a knife during the fight cause I don't think they realized until after," said Andre Robinson, South High student.
Facebook changes company name to Meta 32 replies
Posted by Dreadnought 10/28/2021 2:56:07 PM Post Reply
Facebook on Thursday announced that it has changed its company name to Meta. The name change, which was announced at the Facebook Connect augmented and virtual reality conference, reflects the company’s growing ambitions beyond social media with the metaverse, a classic sci-fi term Facebook, now known as Meta, has adopted to describe its vision for working and playing in a virtual world. “Today we are seen as a social media company, but in our DNA we are a company that builds technology to connect people, and the metaverse is the next frontier just like social networking was when we got started,” Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said.
‘We got to take these motherf–kers
out’: Rutgers professor calls white
people ‘villains’
31 replies
Posted by Ribicon 10/29/2021 12:11:15 PM Post Reply
A professor at New Jersey’s Rutgers University said she believes that white people are historically “committed to being villains”—and that her unfiltered solution to addressing white supremacy would be to “take them out.” Brittney Cooper, a professor of women’s and gender studies and Africana studies, addressed the history of colonialism during a discussion last month about critical race theory with the Root Institute.(Snip)“White people’s birth rates are going down… because they literally cannot afford to put their children, newer generations, into the middle class… It’s super perverse, and also they kind of deserve it,” she said.
'You are the problem': AT&T tells white
staff they are racist, asks them to confess
their 'white privilege' and to promote
'Defund the Police as part of re-education
program by CEO John Stankey
31 replies
Posted by Ribicon 10/29/2021 9:26:34 AM Post Reply
White employees of AT&T have been told to read an article saying that they are racist, are told to confess to their 'white privilege' and acknowledge 'systemic racism,' and must engage with set texts or else they will be penalized in their performance reviews.(Snip)Most employees are not forced to engage with the Listen Understand Act program, but managers at AT&T are now assessed annually on diversity issues—with mandatory participation in programs such as discussion groups, book clubs, mentorship programs, and race reeducation exercises, according to Rufo's source. The source told Rufo that employees are asked to sign a loyalty pledge to 'keep pushing
The Trump effect is gathering steam 30 replies
Posted by Magnante 10/28/2021 3:35:35 AM Post Reply
As retrospection becomes ever more clear, knowledge of the impact of the Trump presidency has been taking form — especially when compared to the bunglers who came next. Perhaps most importantly, and without obvious intent, he managed to bring out the worst in his enemies. The U.S. will never be the same again. For starters, let's look at Adam Schiff and Gerald Nadler. Once just off-the-rack hack politicians, now they're cartoons...of sleaze-ball villains. (snip) By provoking his opponents on the left into recklessly exposing themselves as the true villains they are, he has vaccinated the nation from becoming ever more infected with their nonsense.
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