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Feds criminally investigating
Baltimore prosecutor Marilyn
Mosby and husband,
president of the city council

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Posted By: Magnante, 3/22/2021 7:33:11 AM

Remember Marilyn Mosby, the incompetent state’s attorney who tried to railroad 6 Baltimore cops in the death of Freddie Gray, and whose inflammatory rhetoric hobbled police and made the riots there worse? She somehow managed to get re-elected, and her husband Nick returned to the City Council in 2020, after serving in the Maryland House of Delegates, and is now president of the Council. (snip) Quite the power couple, but they likely are not enjoying that status much lately, since news has emerged that the FBI and IRS are investigating them and have issued a bunch of subpoenas.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: BarryNo 3/22/2021 7:36:37 AM (No. 731200)
So? And you can trust the Feds to investigate their own, these days?1
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Reply 2 - Posted by: Nimby 3/22/2021 7:36:44 AM (No. 731201)
They are Democrats! Enough said
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Reply 3 - Posted by: Toby Ten Bears 3/22/2021 7:38:46 AM (No. 731205)
LOL... Investigating!! LOL
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Reply 4 - Posted by: HerbVA 3/22/2021 8:16:41 AM (No. 731239)
She’s black; she’ll skate.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: terrywhite 3/22/2021 8:19:32 AM (No. 731242)
"She somehow managed to get re-elected." That is the problem that can't seem to be fixed. Citizens not taking their civic duty seriously.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: mobyclik 3/22/2021 8:21:48 AM (No. 731247)
Just goes to prove there are racists in the FBI and IRS, right Mr. and Mrs. Mosby?
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Reply 7 - Posted by: hisself 3/22/2021 8:24:03 AM (No. 731253)
So the FBI is investigating. She is PPP (politically preferred pigmentation), female, and a Democrat! When was the last time a female democrat went to prison for corruption? Now, if she were white and the governor of Illinois. . . No excitement without an indictment (kudos to Don Surber)!
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Reply 8 - Posted by: mifla 3/22/2021 8:52:39 AM (No. 731289)
Treat them like conservatives. Raid their home in the middle of the night, handcuff them in front of the media, and take them in for questioning.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: Venturer 3/22/2021 8:59:37 AM (No. 731299)
I wouldn't place too much faith in the FBI investigating 2 Democrats
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Reply 10 - Posted by: Mushroom 3/22/2021 9:27:14 AM (No. 731331)
Sounds like someone didn't get his 10% cut
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Reply 11 - Posted by: Lawsy0 3/22/2021 10:23:18 AM (No. 731395)
Or a white one, either, per #7's sage notice.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: MDConservative 3/22/2021 11:08:49 AM (No. 731465)
Mosby and her old man were at the core of the monkey business that ended up as the Baltimore riots a few years back. So was Mayor Rawlings-Blake and Governor Hogan. There is evidence that these weasels were going to allow Malik Shabazz and his cast of professional demonstrators to put on a show demonstration versus the cops to release the building community pressures following Freddie Gray. One need only watch the various videos to see the sham in action. One could see the cops releasing those "arrested" in this theatre from the paddy wagons once they got around the corner, supposedly out of sight. Meanwhile, the media got its visuals of angry citizens bravely taking on authority. Hogan got a few ill-equipt State Troopers on the line to show his law-and-order flag. The TV helicopters were televising everything in living color...and then the local knuckleheads got involved. No investigations afterwards. Rawlings-Blake resigned to take the heat. Only ONE person was ever prosecuted, and only because the perp's mother shamed him into turning himself in. The case was later dismissed. The arrest records of all others were lost. Millions paid out. And Larry Hogan became the savior of the "Pearl of Maryland". Mosby must have really peeved someone...
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Reply 13 - Posted by: BarryNo 3/22/2021 1:02:59 PM (No. 731572)
What we're seeing Nationwide is simply an upgrade of the Democrat operations. People in places KNOW their vote isn't going to be counted, or will be changed, so why bother? The Dems have merely used technology and the MSM to bring it easily nation-wide. If we don't object to it in a meaningful way, this IS forever, folks.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: RuckusTom 3/22/2021 5:21:00 PM (No. 731794)
"Facts don't matter when you're "morally right"". AOC. Pretty much applies to Mosby as well. At least the mayor of Baltimore gave rioters space to run wild so as not to hurt their feelings by arresting them (or cracking their skulls).
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The Journalism Competition and Preservation Act (JPCA) is a bait-and-switch attempt that claims to help conservative news sources but would instead purge them from the marketplace of ideas. Congress should reject it for the freedom-killer it is. JCPA would give media companies — broadcast and print — an exemption from federal antitrust laws, so they can operate in a coordinated fashion to negotiate prices that social media companies like Facebook would have to pay them to carry their content. It would ensure that these tech billionaires would have to direct some of their riches into content providers.
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Nearly a year ago, after COVID hit us hard, I spent my endless at-home time online, looking at whatever I could find on pandemics. I found one treatise on possible methods of dealing with a pandemic. One method was presented as a cautionary tale about how not to treat a pandemic – and naturally, it was a template for 2020’s treatment protocols (snip) It then describes a world with national leaders imposing draconian rules and restrictions, from face masks to temperature checks. “Even after the pandemic faded, this more authoritarian control and oversight of citizens and their activities stuck and even intensified
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The American Left and its wholly owned subsidiary, the Democrat party, has declared war on America by openly and ruthlessly attacking American society, its norms and foundational principles. While they previously had been somewhat restrained in their efforts to transform the nation, any pretense of subtlety has now been abandoned. Consequently, their asinine and self-indulgent theories and totalitarian tactics are on display for all to see. Yet this coterie of the credulous does not grasp the irrational absurdity of many of their cultural and societal pronouncements.
Report: White House
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It begins. Faster than anyone anticipated. As Joe Biden falls 3 times in a light breeze boarding Air Force One, the latest sign of dementia he presents, and as his first-ever press conference looms next week, the public is being prepared for a transition of power to Kamala Harris. The gay conservative site Outspoken reports that it has received leaked emails revealing: …the White House is shifting toward a communication strategy that seeks to elevate Vice President Kamala Harris in all official White House business.
Jealous Dubya Bush emerges a pathetic,
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No, I hadn't see this news item late last week, about George Bush suddenly not "owing" another president his "silence," in his string of lip-curdling insults directed at President Trump. Guess I don't view him as worth watching much. But sure enough, he had plenty of hateful things to say about President Trump for the left-wing media, and he's the smaller for it. Here were his three worst whoppers, as cited by Business Insider: In an interview with the Texas Tribune's Evan Smith, Bush described how watching the January 6 attack "really disturbed" him, both then and now.
Feds criminally investigating
Baltimore prosecutor Marilyn
Mosby and husband,
president of the city council
14 replies
Posted by Magnante 3/22/2021 7:33:11 AM Post Reply
Remember Marilyn Mosby, the incompetent state’s attorney who tried to railroad 6 Baltimore cops in the death of Freddie Gray, and whose inflammatory rhetoric hobbled police and made the riots there worse? She somehow managed to get re-elected, and her husband Nick returned to the City Council in 2020, after serving in the Maryland House of Delegates, and is now president of the Council. (snip) Quite the power couple, but they likely are not enjoying that status much lately, since news has emerged that the FBI and IRS are investigating them and have issued a bunch of subpoenas.
New emails deepen
the mystery surrounding
election night in Fulton County
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Posted by Magnante 3/22/2021 5:33:55 AM Post Reply
Fulton County, Georgia, was one of the locations that had a lot of mystery surrounding its vote counting on election night. Poll workers sent observers home that night, yet they continued counting votes for hours afterward – a count that shot Biden, who had been trailing, into the winner’s circle. Georgia’s officials vigorously denied all wrongdoing. However, emails that John Solomon’s outlet, Just the News, obtained via a public records request seem to support Republican concerns.
Jill Biden – the Edith Wilson of the
new administration
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In the early days of America, presidential First Ladies were hostesses at the White House. In recent decades, they’re goodwill ambassadors for feelgood causes. One exception to this rule was Edith Wilson, who, in 1919, appointed herself as acting president when her husband, Woodrow Wilson, was felled by a stroke in the second-to-last-year of his administration. It’s beginning to appear that Jill Biden, married to a decaying, increasing mentally incapacitated man, has chosen Edith as her role model.
A federal appellate judge challenged Supreme
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In the case of Tah v. Global Witness Publishing, Inc., which emerged from the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, nobody but the parties involved cared about the issues in the case. It became noteworthy, though, because Judge Laurence Silberman used the dissent, not just to disagree with the majority’s ruling, but also to warn against the danger of a national media that is completely allied with the party controlling all of Washington D.C. However, I find the case even more exciting because it attacks the notion of Supreme Court infallibility.
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The first test of a project backed to spray millions of tonnes of chalk into the stratosphere, in an attempt to 'dim the sun' and cool the Earth, could happen in June. Harvard University experts will test the system by sending a large balloon 12 miles above the Swedish town of Kiruna and have it drop 2kg of chalk dust into the stratosphere. The aim of the estimated $3 million mission, backed by billionaire Bill Gates, is to have the chalk deflect a portion of the sun's radiation, stop it from hitting the surface, and cool the planet. The idea has been heavily criticised since its inception...
Fully vaccinated Americans can only
socialize with ONE unvaccinated household
of low risk family and friends at a time,
new CDC guidelines say amid worries
of big reunions
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Posted by Ribicon 3/23/2021 5:17:26 PM Post Reply
Fully vaccinated Americans can gather with unvaccinated family members and friends without any restrictions who live under one roof, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said on Monday. In a clarification of its guidelines for those who have received one of the three approved vaccines, the agency said that visits should be kept to one unvaccinated household at a time amid fears of large gatherings, CNN reported. Officials also reiterated the unvaccinated people must be at low risk for severe illness or death from COVID-19. More and more research suggests those who are fully vaccinated are less likely to be asymptomatic and spread
Kamala Harris To Host Event On
Empowering Women With Bill Clinton
Despite Epstein Associations
And #MeToo Accusations
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Vice President Kamala Harris and former President Bill Clinton will be speaking together at an event Friday hosted by the Clinton Foundation on the topic of empowering women in the United States and around the world.The Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) event will feature the two speaking one-on-one and will focus on the challenges that women have had to endure during the coronavirus pandemic, and how to empower women throughout the world.(Tweet) Harris is set to speak with Clinton despite the former president having faced allegations of rape and sexual assault from multiple women spanning decades.
Biden Calls on Congress to Ban ‘Assault Weapons’
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President Biden urged Congress to ban “assault weapons” and high-capacity magazines following the Boulder, Colo., shooting in which ten people were killed. “I urge my colleagues in the House and Senate to act,” Biden said at a press conference. “We can ban assault weapons and high capacity magazines in this country once again.” Biden also called on the Senate to pass a bill already approved by the House, which tightens background checks for potential gun buyers. “The United States Senate, and I hope some of them are listening, should immediately pass the [bills] that close loopholes in the background check system,” Biden said.
Kamala Harris’ apparent refusal to salute
military honor guard panned as ‘disgraceful’
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In what amounts to being more about respect than required actions, Vice President Kamala Harris is getting plenty of scrutiny for not saluting the military honor guard when boarding or disembarking Air Force Two.To be sure, there is no specific regulation that calls on the president or vice president to salute military personnel, but it has become a modern tradition for the president to salute the honor guard stationed at the steps for Marine One and Air Force One.A tradition that was started by Ronald Reagan, as a sign of respect.Making matters worse for Harris,
Donald Trump Blows Up the Last, Great
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While the last election is still fresh in the minds of most Americans, the next one is going to become an issue a lot sooner than most people think. Republicans are poised to retake the House due to redistricting alone. That and the historical fact that the first midterm for a newly minted president is almost always a bloodbath has Democrats dreading what looks to be coming. That’s why you see such a push to get rid of the filibuster now. Democrats know they are on borrowed time, and they want to push through what they can now. There has been one thing that the left have been hoping will save them
Obama on Boulder shooting: 'Disaffection,
racism and misogyny' drive killings
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Posted by Ribicon 3/23/2021 4:59:09 PM Post Reply
Former President Barack Obama on Tuesday released a statement on the Boulder shooting saying recent killings are being driven by “disaffection, racism and misogyny”—despite Colorado officials identifying the gunman who slaughtered 10 inside a grocery store as a Syrian-born immigrant. Authorities have not alleged a motive for suspect Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, 21, but his brother told the Daily Beast he was “very anti-social” and suffered from paranoia and possible mental illness.(Snip) “It will take time to root out the disaffection, racism and misogyny that fuels so many of these senseless acts of violence. But we can make it harder
Dem Sen. Murphy: Not Passing Gun Control
Sends Message to Mass Shooters ‘That
It’s Okay’
33 replies
Posted by Imright 3/23/2021 6:04:08 AM Post Reply
On Monday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “All In,” Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) stated that not passing gun control legislation unintentionally endorses mass shooters and “these minds that are starting to become unhinged imply that it’s okay.”Murphy said that the U.S. is a country with a high amount of guns and gun violence, and “we’re also a country that sends an unintended but meaningful message to mass shooters of endorsements. I mean, when Congress doesn’t do anything year after year, decade after decade in the wake of mass shooting after mass shooting, these minds that are starting to become unhinged imply that it’s okay.
BREAKING: Suspect in Boulder mass
shooting identified as Ahmad Alissa
31 replies
Posted by Skinnydip 3/23/2021 11:23:49 AM Post Reply
The suspect who has been detained in Monday's mass shooting in Boulder, Colo. has been identified as Ahmad Alissa. The 21-year-old suspect is alleged to have entered a King Soopers grocery store in Boulder and killed 10 people. Boulder Police Chief Maris Harold said that Alissa is from Arvada, which is 20 miles south of Boulder, according to the New York Post. "I want to say to the community, I am so sorry this incident happened," Harold said, "and we are going to do everything in our power to make sure this suspect has a thorough trial and we do a thorough investigation."
Developing: Karl Rove to Hold Major
Fundraiser for Never-Trumper Adam Kinzinger
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Posted by Imright 3/23/2021 2:49:52 AM Post Reply
Karl Rove will hold a bigtime virtual fundraiser on March 31 for vocal Trump-hater Adam Kinzinger.Top GOP donors from Illinois are expected to attend this fundraiser. Adam Kinzinger, the poor man’s Mitt Romney, is one of the most vocal Trump-haters in the US Congress. Kinzinger gladly voted to impeach President Trump in January along with 9 other Republican lawmakers. (Tweet) The Chicago Sun-Times reported: A fundraiser for Rep. Adam Kinzinger, R-Ill., will be headlined by Karl Rove and co-hosted by a who’s who of Illinois Republicans, a show of political strength coming as ex-President Donald Trump vows revenge against GOP House members
Bill Kristol reassures everyone there’s no
crisis on the border and this is all Trump’s
fault. Of course it is.
30 replies
Posted by Imright 3/23/2021 6:11:26 AM Post Reply
Columnist and Never-Trumper turned Democrat Bill Kristol tweeted out on Monday that there is no crisis at the border, only an ongoing problem that is the fault of the Trump administration and not that of President Joe Biden.Kristol tweeted: “There is no crisis at the border. There is a recurring problem at the border, which is being addressed, and which could be considerably ameliorated by a sensible and humane overhaul of our immigration policies and practices, practices the Trump administration made worse.”Back in February of 2017, Kristol declared that Americans were disposable and proclaimed that population replacement would be advantageous for national power:
Just In: Republican-Controlled Wisconsin
Assembly Authorizes Investigation of 2020
Presidential Election
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Posted by Imright 3/24/2021 3:52:06 AM Post Reply
The Republican-controlled Wisconsin state assembly on Tuesday passed a resolution to authorize an investigation into the 2020 presidential election.The resolution passed on a 58-35 party-line vote.The committee will now have subpoena power to compel testimony and gather documents.The Associated Press reported:The Republican-controlled Wisconsin Assembly passed a resolution Tuesday to authorize an investigation into the 2020 presidential election that President Joe Biden narrowly won in the state.The resolution, opposed by Democrats, is needed to give the committee authorization if it decides to issue subpoenas to compel testimony and gather documents, said Rep. Joe Sanfelippo.
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