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The Glass-Jawed Party

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Posted By: Magnante, 1/20/2021 4:38:20 AM

Somebody needs to explain to me why conservatives are so defeatist. It never fails. A setback occurs, and rather than rolling their sleeves and getting to work, they collapse into bawling, whining puddles. They’re like a glass-jawed boxer who take a hit and goes down immediately. But instead of hauling themselves back to their feet and slugging away, they just lie there, sobbing, “It’s over… there’s no point… wave goodbye to Lady Liberty for me…” There’s nothing new about this. During the Obama epoch it was eight years of, “Obama is eight feet tall. Obama can walk through walls. He can see you and you can’t see him…”

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Reply 1 - Posted by: web 1/20/2021 5:02:55 AM (No. 667291)
Guess it's because even though we know we have truth on our side, and believe the truth should prevail, everywhere we are surrounded by lies telling the world that we are crazy conspiracy theorists, who are violent and extremist. Of course all the propagandists on the left are just projecting their own hatred and fears on to us, but much of the country believes them because it is the only voice they hear. Hard to fight back and give your side of the story when everyone is screaming at you.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: chumley 1/20/2021 5:22:45 AM (No. 667297)
It gets pretty discouraging to be in a fight with bullies and your own professed friends wont even lift a finger to help. The bullies all jump in, but the friends...all wandering away. Republicans are happy being losers. That way they dont have to govern but they still get the bribes.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: beancounter 1/20/2021 5:24:07 AM (No. 667298)
Gee, J.R. I could tell you if the comments section wasn’t taken down. The problem is that we don’t have a party, glass-jawed or otherwise. It will take many years to build a populist party that can exercise any influence, and that’s only if elections get reformed, otherwise it won’t happen in our lifetimes.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: franq 1/20/2021 5:51:33 AM (No. 667306)
The author makes a fundamental mistake in assuming there ARE 2 parties.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: LadyHen 1/20/2021 6:29:50 AM (No. 667331)
Exactly how does one team not get discouraged and defeatist when the refs, the journalists, and the guy running the scoreboard have all colluded to rig the game and MAKE the other team the perpetual winners? Obviously some folks need a refresher course on organized cheating and it's stifling effect on true competition.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: mizzmac 1/20/2021 6:45:39 AM (No. 667351)
Link goes to ATs CYA statement re: Dominion.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: stablemoney 1/20/2021 6:47:08 AM (No. 667356)
It's not defeatism. It's the back stabbing.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: Califedup 1/20/2021 6:54:00 AM (No. 667360)
NMP (Never My President) Biden and NMVP Harris actually occupying the White House (let's face facts fellow citizens, NMP Biden is here strictly on a very temporary basis), does not invoke feelings of surrender but only contributes to the steadily rising rage at what they have done and will do to our beloved Country. Every time they speak, act, and appear on the propaganda media will only enrage all true patriots. Be prepared for the communist death democrats to take away what is left of our fundamental liberties and impose a crushing totalitarian nightmare on our country. Be prepared for a redistribution of our wealth, for a flood of illegal aliens, be prepared for a surrender to our foreign enemies including China and Iran, be prepared for food and fuel shortages, the final ruination of our medical system, rising crime, rampant inflation and at the very top of the communist agenda - the taking of our guns. Red states must band together and resist this onslaught by any means possible including refusing to obey any unconstitutional laws passed or imperial decrees issued by NMP Biden and the republicans and democrats in Congress. Forget about the republicans in congress. They will pretend to resist but after the usual phony posturing will willingly go along because it will enrich themselves. Remember the republican they hate us not just Trump and in the end they are the ones most to blame with this successful election coup. We must also never forget that the vast majority of Republicans in Congress in the end betrayed us including fake patriots like Cruz, Cotton, and others. Any republican senator or representative who attends this felony inauguration is a traitor. Any republican senator or representative who does not stand up when congress is in session and declares - This election was stolen by the communist death democrats and Biden is not a legally president is a traitor and we must remove them from office as quickly as possible. Remember that the republicans did this to us. If they had stood up as true patriots alongside of We the People, President Trump would be standing up today being sworn in as our legally elected President. Never forgive and Never Forget what the republicans have done to us and our country. We will never surrender, never give up, and work tirelessly to defeat these evil communist democrats and take back our country. We must organize at the local level and then take back each and every state house and radically change the voting systems so that never again will the communist death democrats and their foreign allies have the ability to take away our rights for a free and fair election and just as important take back our education system from the communists. This also includes not sending away our kids to the colleges and universities for indoctrination into communism. We must also either destroy or take over the republican party and ruthlessly purge all of the creatures of treason and evil starting with China Mitch and McCarthy in the House who is nothing more than a Ryan Stooge. We must all unite and fight back against Tyranny. We face a long, dangerous, and difficult struggle but we will win in the end because God is on our side in this Just and Righteous Cause for Freedom and for our Children and Grand Children so that they will live under a free Republic. Free America! Never Give Up and Never Surrender. There JR Dunn fixed your article for you.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: pixelero 1/20/2021 6:55:30 AM (No. 667362)
Must read.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: jimboscott 1/20/2021 7:06:08 AM (No. 667371)
It is because the 'jaw' is really the conscience. Democrats do not possess one. That is why Teddy Kennedy can kill a woman and not lift a finger to try to rescue her as she gasps for the last bit of oxygen in an ever-decreasing air pocket as she lies submerged in car whose drunken driver only thinks of his political future. And, that is why nobody can remember the NAME of the Senator from Idaho who resigned in disgrace because he TOUCHED the FOOT of an undercover cop in a Minneapolis Airport public restroom. That is why Bill Clinton can get serviced in the oval office, commit rape on Juanita Broaddrick, attack Kathleen Willey, expose himself to Paula Jones and who knows HOW many more... and remain a revered leader of the #metoo party... while Newt Gingrich has an affair and is ousted from the House. That JAW is the sense of morality. Conservatives need to toughen up a bit and see the bigger picture. Democrats are, in this regard, like a boxer with no freaking HEAD when one thinks of the JAW as a conscience.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: Kitty Myers 1/20/2021 7:25:03 AM (No. 667381)
Here is the correct link:
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Reply 12 - Posted by: F15 Gork 1/20/2021 7:26:18 AM (No. 667382)
After the back stabbing of President Trump is done, our party once again resumes its normal position - cowering in the tall grass hoping a crumb falls from the democrat table into their tiny hands...
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Reply 13 - Posted by: Kitty Myers 1/20/2021 7:34:53 AM (No. 667387)
"Somebody needs to explain to me why conservatives are so defeatist." This time it's different. This time we watched in horror as the election was stolen right before our eyes. We watched as most of the GOP turned their backs on President Trump, many of whom wouldn't even be there if not for Trump. Even SCOTUS refused to help. This was not a mere 'setback,' this was a coup.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: Mofongo 1/20/2021 7:35:54 AM (No. 667388)
Until they figure out they’re fighting a Mafia, it’s all paid jabber.
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Reply 15 - Posted by: Bur Oak 1/20/2021 7:47:24 AM (No. 667398)
Work at the local and state level to get secure election laws in place. Nothing will change until we have honest elections. Additionally, we need to become "fruit inspectors." Judge people by their actions not by their intentions nor what they say.
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Reply 16 - Posted by: Sanchin 1/20/2021 7:59:52 AM (No. 667412)
The republican party/GOP is like that old Volvo you used to own. It gave you a sense of security, a bit of style without being ostentatious, and it was comfortable. Unfortunately, the model year was 1985 and in today's world, it is unsafe, unreliable, and quite frankly just not up to the job. The idea of restoring and overhauling is impractical because A. you can no longer find the parts needed B the chassis is bent beyond repair and C the undercarriage is rotted out. All that before you even look at the engine and everything else. So no it is not defeatist to scrape the car. It is time to move on.
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Reply 17 - Posted by: RayLRiv 1/20/2021 8:36:19 AM (No. 667457)
I'm not depressed at all. I'm firm in my conservative beliefs and convictions. I live in the most conservative of all 120 counties in KY (with the best Congressman - Thomas Massie, MIT engineer. Could care less about Mitch McConnell's betrayal but he's old, represents the eGOP and he and the eGOP will become irrelevant soon.) KY State House has a supermajority of 75 Republicans to the DemoRATS 25, a 28-10 Republican majority in the KY Senate, there's talk about impeaching DemoRAT Gov Andy Beshear, the numbers of Kentuckians interested in an Article V Convention of States continues to grow, there's a majority of 29 states where the GOP controls both chambers (DemoRATS have only 15 of those) and Texas is grumbling about suing the Federal government and talking secession. Several other states are already saying they'll align with Texas IF the Lone Star State considers that route. To paraphrase Messala in 'Ben Hur' : "There is rebellion in the wind." But it WON'T be crushed. I'm gonna continue saying the same things I say and I'm gonna continue believing the same things I believe in and nobody's gonna take that away from me. Time to RESIST and time to have fun doing so!
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Reply 18 - Posted by: dovestar 1/20/2021 8:50:23 AM (No. 667467)
Because they hath not the Holy Spirit to enlighten and strengthen them. May the Holy Spirit be with all of us, the Blood of Christ cover us, and our dear Lady's Mantle of Protection surround us. Amen.
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Reply 19 - Posted by: Socio 1/20/2021 8:55:22 AM (No. 667473)
The Right watched in utter shock as the theft of the 2020 election from the American people was being streamed right before our eyes, then watched our judicial system all the way to SCOTUS collude with the Democrats to seal the steal while our elected officials whom went sent to Washington represent act like nothing more than dogs at the end of the Democrats leashes made to keep their own constituents at bay. We now have big corp, giant tech, the banking industry and MSM openly persecuting, defaming and censoring the Right, pundits and officials calling for their reeducation, even extinction to cheers! All while the Right is told they must fight this enemy that will use every dirty trick in the book, while you are made to be on your knees, your hands tied behind your back, that you must accept getting beat about the head at will, that if you dare work one hand loose and swing back even once it will make it even worse for all of you, that all the big bad Democrats need is just one excuse to curb stomp you in to oblivion. Over a century of turning the other cheek, getting back stabbed by our own officials over and over, to get to this point in history it is not hard to understand people giving this up.
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Reply 20 - Posted by: Yuban 1/20/2021 9:00:56 AM (No. 667479)
I believe the author here is confusing Conservatives with Republicans. The Conservatives I know are doing just fine. We do not rely on the government. I hate the fact that Biden is now the POTUS but he is merely a pimple on the arse of mankind. This is why you do not rely on any earthly human to make or break you in life. Happiness and joy are always available to those that love God, family and friends. Have a blessed day my friends.
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Reply 21 - Posted by: udanja99 1/20/2021 9:14:13 AM (No. 667495)
Republicans in congress obviously look on us as abused wives who will take beating after beating, refuse to press charges against our abusive husbands and will stick around because we have nowhere else to go. The last few weeks have changed that scenario forever. Until there is a Patriot Party or a MAGA Party I am done voting.
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Reply 22 - Posted by: FormerDem 1/20/2021 9:30:40 AM (No. 667518)
I am wondering how many of those wimps are trolls, because what they are really doing is announcing threats in a way that would be near-illegal if they admitted their political affiliation. They are posing as conservatives screaming with terror - then it passes. I do believe Trump won a landslide - our side has so much power. What we have to do is figure out how to use it, under the circumstances. We also have a huge audience and market for everything. (bybye Kohl's) What we have to do is talk to each other, and that is what they are scaring us off doing. No no. Let's do talk. Let's do boycott. Let's not give so much airtime to people with nothing to say except that they are hiding under the bed over AOC's latest drivel.
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Reply 23 - Posted by: The Remnants 1/20/2021 9:58:00 AM (No. 667559)
Great posts Nos. 16 and 18 We need to be aware and act and acknowledge we desperately need the help of God and pray always.
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Reply 24 - Posted by: The Remnants 1/20/2021 10:44:23 AM (No. 667630)
#23 - by "act" - I mean I changed my registration from Republican to Independent. Not much, but why have allegiance to a party that does not have allegiance to you.
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Reply 25 - Posted by: MDConservative 1/20/2021 10:53:09 AM (No. 667645)
"Conservatives" are nice people. They don't like conflict. They don't like bad news, either. They trust far beyond even occasional betrayal. They want things to freeze to their ways of thinking. They "BELIEVE". Politics is an ugly, rough-and-tumble game that turns vicious on occasion. It is how society divvies up the proceeds. It's how palms are greased while others are emptied. It takes from one and gives to another. And few want to see it that way. They prefer the civics book version, with honest men and women considering laws in legislatures and Congress in the public's best interests before wisely passing them for future generations. It doesn't work that way. It never has. The "have nots" will always grab for those who have. They will offer the moon to those, many well-meaning, who see "society" as responsible for individuals, who bear little responsibility for themselves. And in the midst of all this are those stuffing $$$ into their accounts, making heroes of their brand of elected accomplices. Wise up, folks. Some here talk about civil war or watering the liberty tree with blood, others about forming a "third party"...yet, too lazy to try an alternative - taking over the Republican Party that has every legal advantage in hand, from ballot access to financing rules and laws. It also has "legitimacy" bestowed by the American belief in a two-party system. (Ask Ross Perot, George Wallace or even your local Libertarians about that.)
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Reply 26 - Posted by: DVC 1/20/2021 10:58:21 AM (No. 667655)
When voting no longer counts because the voting machines, electronic and political are fundamentally corrupt, and when the laws, as written, have no more force because the judges, all the way to the top, are corrupt, exactly HOW does one move forward? If you are foreordained to lose all elections and lose ALL court cases on matters of law pertaining to rights and voting, the game is OVER. Failing to recognize that is just foolish.
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Reply 27 - Posted by: DVC 1/20/2021 11:05:33 AM (No. 667664)
He thinks we should read NR.....proof enough that he's part of the problem, along with NR. Sorry, the "fighting conservatives" who are just a worthless wing of the Uniparty criminal class who run DC is not of interest to me. They are distractions, nothing useful to actually get our country back. Historically, when things go this far off the rails, purely political means have never been useful. Look at what Italy had to go through to rid itself of their fascists. We are, sadly, on a very similar path, only a century later.
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Reply 28 - Posted by: Muguy 1/20/2021 11:09:59 AM (No. 667671)
You can speed in your car, but it is documented as speeding if you don't get caught and get a ticket? These folks were caught, but since the courts would never hear any of it, and hundreds upon hundreds of persons came forward with affadavits risking their own personal safety, they must rely on the threat of legal action to stanch and bury the charges by suppressing the hearing of evidence. This is a tactic which keeps much from being challenged with evidence in court-- the threat of ruination by lawsuit. The socialists now want to spy and rat on citizens who use their free speech rights, and we are tuning into something we NEVER grew up in.
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Reply 29 - Posted by: LWGII 1/20/2021 12:49:24 PM (No. 667766)
Mr. Dunn, how long do YOU sit at a poker table and bet after you find out the game is rigged against you?
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Reply 30 - Posted by: kono 1/20/2021 2:22:48 PM (No. 667876)
It's understandable for a fighter to get defeatist after realizing the ref is on the other fighter's side. The mainstream media have been diehard Liberals for most of my life (close to 60 years), and that same dynamic has mostly transferred to big tech / mainstream social media. With ABC-CBS-NBC-CNN-PBS + NYT-WaPo (and now fakebook, twitter, instagram, amazon, apple, and google) all fighting on the Democrats' side (and with the Left indoctrinating students at all levels), it's amazing for Conservatives to have hung on to half the voting population (or even more).
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Reply 31 - Posted by: jacksin5 1/20/2021 2:39:17 PM (No. 667900)
The only messages I have received from the Republican Party since the election are demands for more money. That's it, just more money.
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Reply 32 - Posted by: slipstik 1/20/2021 2:46:23 PM (No. 667911)
Goodbye Thinker. You were great while you lasted, but you are accepting the gaslight so I can't listen to you anymore. Then you wonder why conservatives are giving up...
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Reply 33 - Posted by: vinegrower 1/20/2021 4:35:44 PM (No. 668025)
I am ready to play the game but it is difficult to play the game if the rules are rigged. It is hard to get motivated when you know the other side is going to cheat and the refs are going to allow the cheating. Completely changing the subject just love President Asterisk* and Vice Pres Hot Sheets!
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Reply 34 - Posted by: Goose 1/20/2021 8:06:46 PM (No. 668336)
Scene, Animal House. Blutarski: Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?" Scene, Bad Boys II. Agent: "I hear you boys are gonna do something stupid. I'm in." Scene. Wrath of Khan. Kirk: "Now, Mr Spock." Scene. Civil War, Mobile Bay. Farragut: "Damn the torpedoes. Full speed ahead."
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Though the populist tide seems to have ebbed, it will rise again, and soon. The problem that ignited populist sentiment in the first place, whether on the left or the right, remains: the country’s economic and financial system has failed much of the population and is rigged to the benefit of a government-business elite. Resistance to this inequity elevated Trump and pulled the Democratic Party to the left and will continue to roil American politics until things change. The economy’s “rigging” has developed gradually over time and often from the best of intentions.
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As we reported two days ago, Joe Biden completely made no sense when he was trying to explain the Wuhan coronavirus relief bill. It was really bad and it explains why they’re afraid to have him deliver an address to Congress or do any kind of a real solo press conference, because at this point they have to be afraid this is all going to fall apart if he does anything live and this all becomes too obvious to the American people. But there’s only so long that they can hold this off. And it’s getting worse, as video today revealed. Biden was holding an event to announce the nomination
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Posted by Imright 3/8/2021 11:38:50 PM Post Reply
Joe and Jill Biden’s German Shepherds were shipped back to Delaware after a “biting incident” involving White House security, CNN reported.Major was adopted by Joe Biden and his handler wife Jill in 2018 from an animal shelter.Major and Champ moved into the White House in January and they’re already gone. The condition of the victim was not disclosed but it was serious enough to remove both dogs from the White House.CNN reported: The two German Shepherds belonging to President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden were returned to the Biden family home in Delaware last week
Pelosi’s HR1 bill a blatant power grab for Democrats 30 replies
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Nancy Pelosi’s top priority is to turn America into a one-party nation ruled by Democrats. Her bill HR 1 trashes the U.S. Constitution in an attempt to rig the system and make it virtually impossible to elect a Republican president or Congress again. It’s a power grab. The bill eviscerates state voting laws and forces all the states to conform to a set of rules that includes automatic voter registration. Anyone who goes to a DMV or applies for food stamps, Medicaid or other social services, or attends a public college will be automatically enrolled to vote. Noncitizens are obligated to identify themselves and opt out,
Biden seems to forget defense
secretary’s name, calls him
'the guy who runs that outfit'
29 replies
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President Biden on Monday seemed to forget Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s name at a White House event—calling the Pentagon chief “the guy who runs that outfit over there.” Biden was announcing the nomination of two female generals to lead US military combatant commands. “And I want to thank the sec—the, the, ah former general. I keep calling him general, but my, my—the guy who runs that outfit over there,” Biden said.(Snip) Earlier at the event, Biden mentioned the Defense Department leader by his name, “Secretary Austin,” while appearing to read from a teleprompter.
Oprah interview bombshells: Meghan claims
she was suicidal when she was five months
pregnant, Kate made HER cry and Royals
refused to make Archie a prince because
they were worried how 'dark' he would be
27 replies
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The Royal Family was left reeling this morning after Meghan Markle tearfully revealed that the stress of royal life made her suicidal when she was five months pregnant, claimed Archie was denied the title of prince because he is mixed-race and said Kate Middleton made her cry before she married Harry in a bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey.The couple also chose to reveal that they are having a baby girl to the tens of millions of people watching the CBS show broadcast in the US before accusing the Royal Family of racism and revealing the deep rift 'Megxit' has caused with Prince Charles and Prince William.
Meghan Markle openly
accuses the Royals
of racism
26 replies
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I’m probably second to none in my dislike for Meghan Markle. There’s something unattractive about a mature woman marrying into the British Royal family with one of the world’s most expensive weddings, hanging out with the Queen, living in insane luxury…and then whining non-stop about the horror of her life. There’s something even less appealing when that woman accuses the Royal family of race hatred. And the problem is that, when it comes to that left-wing diva, Meghan Markle, it’s hard to believe most of what she says. After weeks of hype, CBS finally televised Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s interview with Oprah.
Watch: John Solomon Gives Stunning Update
in Durham’s ‘Russiagate’ Investigation
24 replies
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Without question, the vast majority of Americans who support former President Donald Trump were angry and frustrated throughout 2020 passed with barely a mention of then-U.S. Attorney John Durham’s criminal investigation into the FBI’s fraudulent “Russiagate” counterterrorism operation directed at his 2016 campaign.In the weeks before the November election, word got out that then-Attorney General William Barr wasn’t going to announce any indictments or even a report on Durham’s investigation because he did not want to influence the outcome.So far, in fact, the only indictment to come out of the Durham probe is that of former FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith, who essentially got a slap on the wrist
Democrats renew calls to remove
J. Edgar Hoover's name from FBI building
24 replies
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Rep. Steve Cohen vowed to renew the push to remove former FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover’s name from the bureau’s downtown Washington headquarters, according to an interview released Monday. Appearing on Yahoo! News’ Skullduggery podcast, the Tennessee Democrat said the effort is getting a fresh look after the release of a new movie highlighting the FBI’s secret program to discredit civil rights activists. The Washington Times in 2019 first reported Democrats’ bid to strip the longtime FBI director’s name from the bureau’s headquarters. Mr. Cohen said the impetus to revive the bid is the new movie, “Judas and the Black Messiah.” The movie details
Jill Biden, the Meghan Markle
in the WH, is egregiously
guilty of elder abuse
23 replies
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“There must have been a moment, at the beginning, when we could have said –-no. But somehow we missed it.” Tom Stoppard The millions of Americans who were paying attention throughout the 2020 election campaign all became painfully aware of the fact that Joe Biden’s cognitive abilities were slipping and slipping fast. His wife, as the person closest to him, should have been the one to call the campaign quits in order to reduce stress on the man. Instead, apparently so anxious to become the First Lady by any means necessary, Mrs. Biden continued to push her failing husband’s campaign forward as if he were mentally qualified.
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