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Dangling Man: Harry Awaits
Parley With Grandmother

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Posted By: StormCnter, 10/17/2020 5:12:27 PM

What young man doesn’t dread confronting an irate grandmother? What, though, if you are Prince Harry and your grandmother is Elizabeth II? The New York Post reports that Harry has been summoned to Buckingham Palace to account for a video filmed with his wife, Meghan Markle, calling for voter participation in America’s November elections. It’s unclear exactly when this meeting might take place, while the Palace muses what to do with the errant couple. Members of the Royal Family do not meddle in politics, particularly those of a foreign nation. The Queen, as head of “The Firm,” bears familial responsibility no less than she does as Britain’s Head of State.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: DVC 10/17/2020 5:24:05 PM (No. 575701)
Harry needs to be slapped and told to 'ditch the witch' if he wants to keep his title.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: bighambone 10/17/2020 5:26:52 PM (No. 575704)
It’s just as likely Harry has to scramble out of the USA soon to evade being considered to have been living in the USA for enough time this year to be considered to be a US resident for US tax purposes and tax liability.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: Vesicant 10/17/2020 5:37:30 PM (No. 575710)
I get it that Canada didn't want to pay their bills, but why didn't the down-market duo go to Australia or New Zealand? They'd fit in perfectly with Jacinda Ardern and that crowd of Politburo morons.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: sanspeur 10/17/2020 5:41:39 PM (No. 575712)
yup 183 days then the tax man cometh .The grifters gotta move around to avoid “paying their fair share” .they lecture/hector us about yet are /have done nothing but marry ( on the UK £ ) and now force themselves into into the US scene for “charity” . look up “harry markle “ a brit satire blog that accurately presents their international scam . whinge & ginge , the harry formerly known as prince.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: Omen55 10/17/2020 6:06:57 PM (No. 575729)
If Harry wants to play Meghan's fool The Queen must strip them of all titles & tell him he'll have to make a choice. Royal or regular subject of the Crown.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: udanja99 10/17/2020 6:16:25 PM (No. 575737)
#3, probably because California’s divorce laws would ensure that Markle gets half of Harry’s assets.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: bighambone 10/17/2020 7:01:29 PM (No. 575757)
I believe the California divorce law entitles Meghan to half of the marital assets that came into being during the marriage, and that would not include Harry’s inherited wealth that is locked away in U.K. banks. We need a lawyer to comment on that issue.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: Miss Ann Thrope 10/17/2020 7:10:25 PM (No. 575763)
If they do divorce. I wonder how much she will "require" for child support. For the next seventeen years Archie will be her income stream.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: AGGW 10/17/2020 7:11:54 PM (No. 575764)
It is hard to believe that Harry would agree to being so heartless to cheat his grandmother out of a relationship with his child. And it may be that when the child is older, he may hold it against his parents for unnecessarily cheating him out of knowing his family in person. I hope he does.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: nwcudagal 10/17/2020 8:29:07 PM (No. 575818)
Old saying: Lay with a dog, you get fleas. New saying: Lay with a yacht girl you get ______ (fill in the blank).
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Reply 11 - Posted by: coldoc 10/17/2020 9:28:40 PM (No. 575861)
When lower case prince harry gets his comeuppance, his flea bitten wife will take him to the california cleaners.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: Nimby 10/17/2020 10:36:26 PM (No. 575881)
I wish Gammy tells this clown- you and your squeeze are stripped off everything royal
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Reply 13 - Posted by: thethirdruffian 10/17/2020 11:01:39 PM (No. 575892)
What a cuck.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: doctorfixit 10/18/2020 5:53:41 AM (No. 576007)
Dear Queen, Please pull your son out of the US and pull his stinking America-hating wife out with him.
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Reply 15 - Posted by: ROLFNader 10/18/2020 9:14:08 AM (No. 576186)
There oughta be a law against posting this crap.
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Dangling Man: Harry Awaits
Parley With Grandmother
15 replies
Posted by StormCnter 10/17/2020 5:12:27 PM Post Reply
What young man doesn’t dread confronting an irate grandmother? What, though, if you are Prince Harry and your grandmother is Elizabeth II? The New York Post reports that Harry has been summoned to Buckingham Palace to account for a video filmed with his wife, Meghan Markle, calling for voter participation in America’s November elections. It’s unclear exactly when this meeting might take place, while the Palace muses what to do with the errant couple. Members of the Royal Family do not meddle in politics, particularly those of a foreign nation. The Queen, as head of “The Firm,” bears familial responsibility no less than she does as Britain’s Head of State.
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Wells Fargo has fired more than 100 employees, saying they personally defrauded a coronavirus relief program from the U.S. Small Business Administration. In a memo sent Wednesday and obtained by NPR, the company said it had identified employees that it believes made false representations in applying for relief funds through the SBA's Economic Injury Disaster Loan program. The employees' actions were outside of their work responsibilities, the company said. "We have terminated the employment of those individuals and will cooperate fully with law enforcement. These wrongful actions were personal actions, and do not involve our customers,"
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The race for U.S. Congressional District 21 has been one to watch since the primaries when election officials announced Wendy Davis won the Democratic nomination and would challenge Republican incumbent Chip Roy on Election Day. The Candidates Roy is a former federal prosecutor, advisor to elected officials, and was first assistant attorney general to Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. Roy recently called Paxton to resign amid accusations against Paxton of bribery and abuse of office. Davis is a former state senator for State District 10 who led a 13-hour filibuster to block a bill restricting abortion rights in Texas. She was also the Democratic challenger in the 2014
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In Iran, this summer was a season of combustions. As fires and explosions followed hard upon one another, the New York Times reported that “for many Iranians, anticipating what will blow up next has become a kind of parlor game.” Some of these conflagrations must have been natural occurrences: A string of forest fires owed much to a period of intense heat. Some fires or blasts at industrial facilities were likely the consequence of derelict maintenance due to foreign sanctions or managerial incompetence. Others, however, were attributed to arson or the detonation of bombs.
Trump not done yet as
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Less than a month before the presidential election, one billed as “the most important of our lifetime,” Donald Trump’s chances in the forecasts have shrunk to impossibly small. More conventional Republican talking heads decry his tone and demeanor on cable news, confident that he will be rejected by the voters in November. Democrats appear to be poised to claim not just the presidency, but Congress as well in a decisive victory that will usher in a new, progressive era of politics. Sound familiar? Of course, these words perfectly describe not only 2020, but also 2016, and the ending of that story is all too well-known.
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James Lawrence, also known by his moniker “The Iron Cowboy”, is a record-setting triathlete who currently resides in Utah. He holds the world record for most Ironman-distance triathlons completed in a single calendar year, achieved when he did 50 in 2015. Last September, his Team Iron Cowboy competed in Eco-Challenge Fiji, considered to be the world’s toughest race, which was filmed for a series now available on Amazon Prime, World’s Toughest Race: Eco-Challenge Fiji. Here, he describes the travails of biking up Mt. Kilimanjaro, as told to Charles Thorp. Back at the end of 2015, I had just completed the world record for most consecutive Ironman competitions,
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Most Willie Nelson fans know at least a little about his idyllic Hill Country world headquarters, home to his ranch, his golf course, his recording studio, and his Old West movie set, Luck, Texas. But lesser known in the lore is Willie World’s gritty urban prototype, a sprawling fourteen-acre complex Willie owned for much of the eighties in the heart of Austin’s city limits. The property ran along South Congress Avenue near the now-famous Continental Club, barely a half mile south of what was then called Town Lake, stretching east from the intersection at Academy Drive. He’d bought it on the cheap, in 1977,
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It’s an article of faith among many conservatives, and some liberals, that we’re being swept by a Maoist cultural revolution destined to transform American society into a woke collective. Yet before surrendering basics like equality of opportunity, social order, and free speech to leftist authoritarians, we should consider whether they’re the ones who will wind up getting canceled. Most Americans don’t favor defunding police or instituting race quotas; they are wary of the costs connected with the Green New Deal and of allowing Washington to control local zoning. Many are already voting with their feet, fleeing places that promote these ideas and seeking out areas aligned with more recognizable American values.
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Trump never had COVID, say three of ‘The
View’ hosts who now believe he faked the
whole thing
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Posted by Imright 10/17/2020 4:10:26 PM Post Reply
Two of the hosts of the ABC talk show “The View” admitted this week that they believe President Donald Trump’s coronavirus diagnosis was fake.Their admission came Thursday, a day after tech giants Facebook and Twitter began suppressing an unconfirmed story about Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden’s youngest son, Hunter, that media pundits had claimed was a “conspiracy theory.” The first admission was made by co-host Whoopi Goldberg as she was responding to a fellow co-host’s complaints that the idea of herd immunity — which is currently being considered by the White House — “seems cruel, seems callous.”“It doesn’t look good anywhere,” Goldberg responded before suddenly trotting out
A tabloid got a trove of data
on Hunter Biden from Rudy Giuliani.
Now, the FBI is probing a
possible disinformation campaign
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Posted by Log Cabin Preacher 10/18/2020 1:23:03 PM Post Reply

When a New York tabloid published the alleged contents of a computer hard drive purporting to document the Ukrainian and Chinese business activities of Hunter Biden, the newspaper cast the information as a "smoking gun."
Enter the FBI.   Less than three weeks before one of the most contentious presidential campaigns in history, federal authorities are investigating whether the material supplied to the New York Post by Rudy Giuliani, President Donald Trump's personal lawyer, is part of a smoke bomb of disinformation pushed by Russia.   Corrections**

‘Trans Lives Matter’ — Biden Pledges to
Sign Bill to Force Schools to Allow
Boys to Play Girls’ Sports
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Posted by earlybird 10/17/2020 3:24:38 PM Post Reply
In yet another glaring example that today’s Democrat Party is not the same Democrat Party of not all that long ago, Joe Biden pledged on Friday to sign the so-called “Equality Act” — a bill would that force public schools to allow biological boys who identify as transgender girls to compete in girls’ sports. Let’s just let that sink in for a moment. As the Daily Caller reported, the Equality Act passed the House with unanimous support from Democrats in May 2019 but didn’t come up for a vote in the Republican-controlled Senate. This is yet another example of what will happen to this country if Biden wins the White House
Twitter refuses to unlock New York Post
account unless Hunter Biden posts deleted
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Twitter has refused to unlock the New York Post's account since Wednesday unless the outlet deletes six tweets about its reporting on 2020 Democratic nominee Joe Biden's son, Hunter Biden, the Post reported. Both the San Francisco-based social media platform and Facebook came under fire this week after the two blocked users from sharing a Post article showing purported communication between 2020 Democratic nominee Joe Biden's son, Hunter Biden, and an adviser to a Ukrainian energy company. The younger Biden's work in the country while his father was vice president was at the heart of President Trump's impeachment trial earlier this year.
Pelosi Gives Trump Administration 48-Hour
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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has given the Trump administration 48 hours to address differences between what Democrats and Republicans want in a second coronavirus relief bill.Drew Hammill, deputy chief of staff to Pelosi, tweeted Saturday night that the speaker and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin spoke for an hour regarding the relief bill.“While there was some encouraging news on testing, there remains work to do to ensure there is a comprehensive testing plan that includes contact tracing and additional measures to address the virus’ disproportionate impact on communities of color,”
Obama to stump for Biden less than two
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Posted by earlybird 10/17/2020 3:57:09 PM Post Reply
Former President Barack Obama will head to Philadelphia on Wednesday to campaign on behalf of the Biden-Harris ticket, his first appearance on the trail thus far. With just two weeks until the election, Obama will rally support in a battleground state that President Trump won by less than a percentage point in 2016. Current polls show Democratic opponent Joe Biden leading Trump by more than five percentage points, according to a Real Clear Politics average. (Snip) Meanwhile, vice presidential hopeful Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., has tweaked her campaign events after multiple staffers tested positive for the coronavirus, but her husband, Doug Emhoff, will hold a rally in Philadelphia on Saturday.
Harvey Weinstein will likely die in
prison if not freed, lawyers claim
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Posted by Pluperfect 10/17/2020 4:51:28 AM Post Reply
Harvey Weinstein is broke and will likely die if he remains in prison, his lawyer said Friday at a hearing over whether the former powerhouse producer should be freed on bail pending an appeal of his Manhattan rape conviction. “[Weinstein’s] physical and mental condition has so deteriorated, I do not think it’s an overstatement to say that if he is not released as part of this application, his chances of surviving in prison are rather low,” one of his lawyers, Barry Kamins, told Judge Angela Mazzarelli during a virtual hearing in the Appellate Division First Department.
Biden: Muslims Will Serve ‘At
Every Level’ of His Administration
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Posted by Pluperfect 10/18/2020 4:53:20 AM Post Reply
The sparse attendance and conspicuous lack of enthusiasm at Joe Biden’s rallies seems to have led old Joe’s handlers, despite his 10,000-point lead in the polls, to decide that another round of Islamopandering might be just the shot in the arm their campaign needs. After all, hard-Leftists such as Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and Linda Sarsour are all Muslims, and all were firmly in the Bernie Sanders camp before the Democratic National Committee shivved their man yet again. Their support for Biden has been decidedly tepid. And so it was time to send them some love. On Wednesday, Biden released a video message to Muslim Advocates,
NBC repositioned ‘nodding lady’
Mayra Joli behind President
during town hall without
realizing she supports him
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Posted by clayusmcret 10/17/2020 12:20:58 PM Post Reply
Arguably the biggest sensation to come out of the debacle of a town hall NBC had with President Trump was the so-called “nodding lady.” Positioned directly behind the President’s left shoulder for one of the most widely used camera angles, she was applauded by some and attacked by others for nodding her head and displaying thumbs up in agreement when the President answered many of the attack questions posed to him by Savannah Guthrie. But she wasn’t originally positioned there. Before the town hall began, a Caucasian lady was originally positioned there.
Vindman strikes again,
using his wife to make
phony claims about Trump
26 replies
Posted by Magnante 10/18/2020 9:02:30 AM Post Reply
Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman is at it again, this time crying persecution to gin up votes for corrupt Joe Biden, as if his own failed bid to topple President Trump weren't reason enough to hide his head in shame. He's working with the #NeverTrump Lincoln Project, a group of former Republican sore losers, using his wife, whose Twitter handle is @NatSecHobbyist to put out the phoniest of phony videos (snip) Now he, and his suspiciously partisan and privy wife Rachel Vindman are claiming 'threats,' working with the dishonest remnants of the old Bush machine running this sleazy Lincoln Project to try to sway voters to despise Trump
Compilation of Signs at D.C. Women’s
March: ‘We Are Not Ovary-Acting’
26 replies
Posted by Imright 10/17/2020 7:07:52 PM Post Reply
Participants brought signs with various sayings written on them such as “We Are Not Ovary-Acting” to the Women’s March in Washington, D.C., on Saturday.One marcher wearing a Biden/Harris shirt held a sign that read “Pussy Power,” while another sign read “GOP Hates Democracy.”Another participant held a sign reading, “If I wanted a Republican in my vagina, I’d sleep with one! Pro-Choice Pro-Freedom.”In what appeared to be a reference to Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s Catholic faith, one marcher brought a sign with the words “Keep Your Rosaries Off My Ovaries” written on it.
Tensions rise after free speech
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Posted by DogFacedPonySoldier 10/18/2020 9:27:04 AM Post Reply
An event billed as a free speech rally and a protest against Twitter turned violent Saturday. The event featured some well-known conservative personalities, but organizers were forced to cancel the rally minutes after it started. A large crowd of demonstrators gathered at UN Plaza in San Francisco to oppose a small group, holding what was billed as a free speech rally protesting what they say is Twitter's censorship of some of its content.
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