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9-in-10 wildfires are set by humans

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Posted By: earlybird, 9/15/2020 7:29:05 PM

Dear Facebook, Before you flag this as fake news, my source is the National Weather Service. NWS reported that 87% of the wildfires were caused by humans this year -- 7,072 in California alone. Not all were arson, of course, because humans are pretty careless. But enough are arson to cause concern in light of Democrats setting cities aflame this summer. The last thing we want is the Antifa arm of the Democrat Party expanding into rural areas. (Snip)The Daily Mail reported, "Stark data showed that 36,383 of the 41,599 fires that have ripped through the nation in the first nine months of the year were started by humans,

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Reply 1 - Posted by: snowoutlaw 9/15/2020 7:43:55 PM (No. 541973)
Smokey the Bear used to say "Care Will Prevent 9 out of 10 Forest Fires" but in 1947, it became "Remember... Only YOU Can Prevent Forest Fires."
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Reply 2 - Posted by: Starboard_side 9/15/2020 7:45:04 PM (No. 541974)
87%, is a nice number to use for media and friends, and many others are lightning strikes. Without clearing brush and other over-grown forest areas, they allowed the prospect for these massive wildfires. Also, with many mountain communities having one road in, and out, it presents a dangerous situation for the people who've built there, and firefighters. I did hear Gov. Newsom remind President Trump that 57% of all the forest areas in California are Federal lands, thus, was pushing for more Federal money to fight the fires. Presume the Feds then have full control over those lands since Newsom has reminded it's the Feds' responsibility. However, have outside groups been allowed to dictate Federal forest management?
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Reply 3 - Posted by: JHHolliday 9/15/2020 8:02:13 PM (No. 541990)
I read the other day that four had been arrested for setting these fires. One was a committed Antifa member. This what it’s coming to. Make sure your firearms are clean and loaded.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: or gate 9/15/2020 8:05:57 PM (No. 541994)
Facebook is a cuss word.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: mc squared 9/15/2020 8:07:27 PM (No. 541996)
Wrong,. I heard Obama say it was AGW.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: DVC 9/15/2020 8:48:19 PM (No. 542023)
It has been my expectation that many/most of these Left Coast fires are antifa-Demonrat political arson. Probably 90% is a good bet.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: ussjimmycarter 9/15/2020 8:56:41 PM (No. 542026)
Climate change with a twist of RAT deceit! How can this be? Ha! I knew it all along! These people deserve the firing squad as traitors!
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Reply 8 - Posted by: red1066 9/15/2020 10:46:54 PM (No. 542076)
Notice that there are no forest fires in Canada.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: ColonialAmerican1623 9/15/2020 11:44:45 PM (No. 542108)
It makes a lot of sense since we found out the governor is related to Nutty Nancy. FL calls them "controlled burns" Inconvenient but helpful.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: panther361 9/16/2020 12:07:16 AM (No. 542122)
I would strongly advise these little commies to not expect such an easy ride in the rural areas.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: Trigger2 9/16/2020 2:09:43 AM (No. 542192)
Is anyone surprised? I would have bet that the arsonists are all demonrats doing what they do best - do anything that feels good. So what if people are burned alive. It's called them doing their part in reducing the world's population.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: XCenturion 9/16/2020 3:01:48 AM (No. 542207)
According to California governor Gavin Newsom the fires are a direct result of Global Warming. RECALL GAVIN!
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There are 53 GOP Senators. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will need 50 votes to confirm a new Supreme Court Justice, with Vice President Mike Pence standing by to break any tie. One GOP Senator, Lisa Murkowski from Alaska has already signaled today that she will not vote to confirm any new Supreme Court Justice until after Inauguration Day in January. That means Cocaine Mitch can only endure two more defections and still be able to confirm a new Supreme Court Justice. In my view, the following Senators are solid votes to confirm pretty much any nominee sent to the Senate by Pres. Trump in the next 45 days: John
Ginsburg was confirmed in 42 days;
Trump nominee should get same
speedy consideration
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Posted by earlybird 9/19/2020 1:36:47 PM Post Reply
Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton made valid arguments Saturday in convincing President Donald Trump to nominate a successor to the U.S. Supreme Court following the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Friday. “Ruth Bader Ginsburg was confirmed 42 days after she was nominated by President Bill Clinton. @RealDonaldTrump‘s nominee should get the same speedy consideration by the Senate,” Fitton wrote in one tweet.“COUP KARMA: If the Left can impeach and try to remove a president during an election year, a Supreme Court justice can certainly be appointed during an election year,” he added in a second post,
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Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died Friday at the age of 87. (Snip)After Donald Trump’s election in 2016, many on the Left expressed dismay that she chose to stay on the court rather than resign and let President Obama nominate her replacement. (Snip)Given that she herself put the country in this difficult position, we should not allow our thinking to be clouded by any false sentimentality about her death.(Snip) Democrats may assume that Ginsburg’s dying wish is a given. And they will pretend that it is some time-honored precedent. With the election only six weeks away, they assume there just won’t be enough time to act.
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We stand at the crossroads. Over the next several years, the noble sentiments and ideas that gave birth to the United States will either be repudiated or reaffirmed. The fateful choice before us will result either in the death of a grand hope or a recommitment to an extraordinary political experiment whose full flowering we have yet to realize. The choice will involve either contempt and despair or gratitude and the self-respect worthy of a free people who know long labors lie before them and who proceed with hope toward a dignified future. In the name of justice and equality, those animated by contempt and despair seek to destroy long-standing but fragile
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The news of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's passing has driven much of the left bonkers. They know that President Trump may nominate a constitutionalist replacement and rather than a robust opposition, are vowing death and destruction in response: Here's Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and note the innuendo in her tone: “If Mitch McConnell isn’t going to honor RBG’s final wish, we will. We will. And we have to.” Thank you, ⁦@AOC⁩. For your voice. For your fight. Tonight. And always. (Snip) Doesn't sound like a democratic response she has in mind. No smiles, no sexy red lipstick, no pricey designer clothes, she's got a dirty tshirt with something written
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Former President Barack Obama issued a statement late Friday night on the passing of Supreme Court Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The statement was posted to the online site Medium.In the statement, Obama demanded the Republican controlled Senate not vote on any replacement for Ginsburg until a new president is sworn following the November presidential election. Obama cited his failed 2016 nomination of Judge Merrick Garland to back up his support for Ginsburg’s reported dying “instructions” that her replacement be nominated by a new president (“My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed.”)
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Left-wing Hollywood filmmaker Rob Reiner is declaring war on Republicans over who will replace the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court. He has also accused Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of disrespecting Ginsburg by vowing to give President Trump’s nominee a floor vote in the Senate. The Princess Bride director made the fiery comments in a tweet on Saturday morning. “Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s body isn’t even cold and Mitch McConnell is dancing on her grave,” he said. “This is war. Dems have powerful weapons. Now is the time to use them.”
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Democrats should use every tool at their disposal to prevent what would be a "monument to hypocrisy" in Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., replacing Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg before November's general election, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton argued Friday. Her comments came just hours after McConnell vowed to hold a vote on President Trump's replacement nominee.“The Democrats who are in the Senate will have to use every single possible maneuver that is available to them to make it clear that they are not going to permit Mitch McConnell to enact the greatest travesty, the monument to hypocrisy
AOC Threatens Packing Supreme Court
In Response To McConnell, Trump
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Far-left Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) threatened that Democrats should consider packing the Supreme Court if Republicans move to fill the seat vacated by the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg. NPR reported that Ginsburg “dictated” the following statement to her granddaughter Clara Spera: “My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed.” “The very last dying wish of RBG was that her vacancy not be filled until the new president takes office in January. That was her dying wish,” Ocasio-Cortez said on Friday.
Why Aren’t We Allowed To Talk About
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Since 2015, George Soros has been executing a plan to reshape the country through local district attorney elections by pumping unprecedented amounts of money into races that typically only see candidates spend in the low five figures. Here’s why he has an interest in these local races. Soros is exploiting the reality that all politics are local in some way. To transform America, you have to transform the way towns and cities operate. A recent exchange on Fox News involving former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, Fox News host Harris Faulkner, Democrat commentator Marie Harf, and Fox commentator Melissa A. Francis
The Death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg:
Left Now Will Pay Price for Turning
Courts into Political Battlefield
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Posted by MissMolly 9/20/2020 4:39:21 AM Post Reply
As news of the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg spread, the left-wing twittersphere exploded. Ginsburg was widely seen as single-handedly holding back the blood-thirsty reactionary Trump-crazy hordes. The Independent’s Holly Baxter lamented: “Sometimes it felt like she was America’s last hope.” Ginsburg’s passing loosed fear, frustration, anger, and defiance among the liberal legions. The politics of her replacement immediately dominated their thoughts. Many cited as holy doctrine her comment, reported by her granddaughter: “My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed.” Others insisted that if Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell
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A leading Democratic activist and former adviser to Hillary Clinton argued on Friday that President Trump's replacement for Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg will inevitably be "illegitimate." "Any Supreme Court with a Trump justice confirmed to Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s seat at this point in the calendar would be fundamentally illegitimate, and Democrats must be prepared to act accordingly," Brian Fallon, who served as press secretary for the Clinton campaign, tweeted Friday. Fallon added early Saturday morning that Democrats should add seats to the nation's highest court if the "GOP rams Trump pick" through the Senate.
Pelosi: House has 'arrows in our quiver'
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Posted by Imright 9/20/2020 12:15:18 PM Post Reply
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Sunday morning that the House has plenty of options available to delay the Senate from acting on President Donald Trump’s nominees for the Supreme Court.“Well, we have our options,” she said on ABC’s “This Week,” replying to host George Stephanopoulos’ question about whether the House would consider launching impeachment proceedings to block the confirmation of a Trump Supreme Court nomination.“We have arrows in our quiver that I’m not about to discuss right now, but the fact is we have a big challenge in our country. The president has threatened to not even accept the results of the election
'He sacrificed his own life to protect innocent
civilians’: Parents of Kenosha shooting
victim speak out
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Posted by MDConservative 9/19/2020 10:30:59 AM Post Reply
The parents of Anthony Huber, who was killed at a Kenosha protest Aug. 25, are "deeply disappointed that the President, members of the media, and others have said that Anthony deserved to die for attempting to protect others from a person who had just killed someone," according to a statement released Friday by their attorneys. Huber, 26, was fatally shot after he tried to use his skateboard to disarm Kyle Rittenhouse, 17, of Antioch, Illinois.
Amy Barrett — Immediately, If Not Sooner 34 replies
Posted by MissMolly 9/19/2020 5:56:37 AM Post Reply
When Ruth Bader Ginsburg died Friday evening, she did so with a message for posterity which, for all the history that Ginsburg might have made as a woman on the Supreme Court, was pristine in its self-description of her time on the Court. “My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed,” she said. The arrogance of that was par for Ginsburg’s course. Yes, yes, Ruth Bader Ginsburg lived an interesting life, and yes, yes, she was an accomplished woman. Those things are beside the point. It is neither ghoulish nor inappropriate to look to the future of the United States Supreme Court
‘My Position Has Not Changed’: Lisa
Murkowski Confirms She Opposes
Replacing Ginsburg Before Election
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Posted by Imright 9/20/2020 2:56:49 PM Post Reply
Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) confirmed in a Sunday statement that she opposes replacing the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg before the November election.“For weeks, I have stated that I would not support taking up a potential Supreme Court vacancy this close to the election. Sadly, what was then a hypothetical is now our reality, but my position has not changed,” Murkowski said, according to The Hill.“I did not support taking up a nomination eight months before the 2016 election to fill the vacancy created by the passing of Justice Scalia. We are now even closer to the 2020 election – less than two months out – and
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