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Top health officials defend Trump against
Bob Woodward's coronavirus claims

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Posted By: Pluperfect, 9/13/2020 4:44:48 AM

President Trump’s most senior health officials leaped to his defense against allegations that he mishandled the COVID-19 pandemic, insisting that he based his decisions on the best scientific advice and saved lives. Trump has been under intense pressure ever since it emerged in Bob Woodward’s book Rage that the president knew the virus was airborne and highly contagious, even as he sought to reassure the public that its risk was limited. The result was a slew of claims that he lied to the country and failed to meet the basic responsibilities of his office.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: Flyball Dogs 9/13/2020 5:20:57 AM (No. 539070)
Let’s stipulate some facts. 1) Bobby Woodward is a known liar and Swamper. 2) he is not the brightest bulb. 3) his definition of “bombshell” is different from mine. 4) he has an agenda 5) he wants to maximize his profit from a book about PDJT.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: DCGIRL 9/13/2020 5:31:36 AM (No. 539072)
Could not give a crap what Woodward has to say. I'm not sweating a thing that in that book. This is what the democrat party did to the people in the U.S. They throw everything at us for four years and they have made us numb.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: ARKfamily 9/13/2020 6:12:52 AM (No. 539082)
It is mind boggling that the facts are twisted in this manner but, hey, do anything that might work. I firmly believe that if governors had taken President Donald Trump's cue, they would have notified doctors, hospitals, and nursing homes to prepare for the onset of this virus. Nope, Democrats were determined to reverse the travel ban and keep the "impeachment" debacle going.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: Red Jeep 9/13/2020 7:14:28 AM (No. 539109)
From the article: "Trump has been under intense pressure ever since it emerged in Bob Woodward’s book Rage that the president knew the virus was airborne and highly contagious..." Well, DUH, viruses are contagious. No revelation there. We knew that. It has been fun and maddening to watch Liberal media pull their hair out about Woodward's latest smear job. What did they want the President to do cause a panic that stripped grocery stores bare and have people waiting in long lines at the gas stations? Geez, grow up.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: jeffkinnh 9/13/2020 7:51:51 AM (No. 539143)
The absurdity of this is, EVEN TODAY, we don't KNOW exactly what to do about the COVID virus. We don't know how deadly it is. We don't know how it transmits itself. We don't know what age groups are most vulnerable and in what ways. We don't know it's long term damage on human bodies. We don't know the most effective ways to stop its spread. We don't definitively know if the shutdown worked or not. It's not that we don't have ideas about all of these issues. It's that we don't have definitive answers. When COVID started, most of the advice was based on dealing with infectious diseases, IN GENERAL, not this specific virus. We didn't have enough information on THIS virus to answer those questions specifically. Even today, the data collected is fuzzy. How many people have had the virus? We don't know because many have been asymptomatic. The lack of precise information on THAT prevents us from knowing how fatal the disease is, i.e. how many people who get it will die? How many people has COVID killed? When people who die in car accidents who also happen to have COVID are counted as "COVID deaths" the answer to the question cannot be accurate. As to treatments, since individual patients all react differently did a treatment work or was THIS patient simply more resilient? Prevention, how effective is social distancing, masks, cleaning, etc? All these steps are fraught with such variability that we do NOT know. For example, what type of mask was used and is it effective? Was it used properly? Was it used at all times? My wife participated in a hand washing demonstration with her students. They put a goop on their hands to simulate "germs". Then the kids washed their hands and checked their hands with UV light to expose the "germs". Most kids did well. One came back with his hand glowing with "germs". This kid could have been a Typhoid Mary if it had been for real. The president showed leadership in the face of a ill defined problem with ill defined solutions. All you could do was, day by day, make a new evaluation, estimate of likely future outcomes, and modify plans to deal with what might happen. Many people, in such an amorphous environment, panic. They just cannot deal with the uncertainty. Real leaders KNOW this and lead with reassurance and confidence and accept, privately, that certainty is just not available. They do the best they can without transmitting worry.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: Rama41 9/13/2020 8:06:54 AM (No. 539156)
We've known since the earliest days that Democrats have seen the Coronavirus as an opportunity rather than a disease. The New York Times called it the Trumpvirus from day one. No matter what the president would say, democrats would say the opposite. Just look at the 1st house bill, larded with Democrat policy objectives and grants to arts councils. And let's not forget the president being beat up daily at his news conferences. But why in God's name did he have to go talk to Bob Woodward? I suspect Wallace will add to the bleeding this morning on his program, just 2 weeks before he hosts rhe first debate.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: DW626 9/13/2020 8:35:47 AM (No. 539184)
#6 Miss Lindsey talked him, the President, into it. Why President Trump agreed to sit down with the WaPos bum, I know not.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: Strike3 9/13/2020 9:01:20 AM (No. 539208)
Democrats have changed their minds on the characteristics and effects of the virus more often than Elizabeth Taylor changed husbands. It was serious, it was mild, it was catastrophic, it is basically harmless, we're all gonna die. Wear masks, don't wear masks. No groups bigger than 25 people, rioters can march by the hundreds and it's okay. Millions are at risk because a computer program in Britain said so. Eight months of living with this nonsense has taught us more than all of the experts combined. Some people will get sick, some people will die, just like every other illness that has visited the human race for centuries. If optimism is Donald Trump's only fault then he has a lot of company out here.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: udanja99 9/13/2020 9:03:13 AM (No. 539212)
Woodward is still trying to relive his Watergate days when he and his pal Bernstein lied their way into getting a Republican president to resign. Then he was silent during 8 years of Clinton selling our missile technology to China, shutting off our soft coal production so that Indonesia could benefit from it, letting Bin Laden escape 3 times and diddling interns in the White House and on and on and on. Then he was silent during 8 years of 0bama selling our uranium to Russia, letting our people die in Benghazi, sucking up to terrorists, organizing the Arab Spring, destroying Libya, sending $billions to the mullahs, destroying the economy, destroying race relations, and on and on and on. Only the leftist kool-ade slurpers believe anything that the washed up old has-been says.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: gone2pot 9/13/2020 9:11:33 AM (No. 539221)
This is a comedy-come-true moment for the Marxists. Remember Rush's Larry King interview with Ken Starr and how Rush once again demonstrated absurdity by being absurd? Larry King asked, "Ken Starr, are you a space alien"? Well, Bob Woodward IS the spoof Larry King now and he is doing what the spoof Larry King did in the Rush parody. It's that simple. I just wish American voters could see the obvious. Objective thought died in a car crash when it took a holiday.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: HotRod 9/13/2020 9:48:29 AM (No. 539270)
I predict that few people, other than some deranged democrats and MSM types will buy the book. I doubt that sales will cover the publication and distribution expenses. However, those expenses will be paid for by dark money from America's enemies, foreign and domestic!
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Reply 12 - Posted by: oldmagnolia 9/13/2020 10:32:18 AM (No. 539325)
The rats through Woodward destroyed and deposed a republican president (put aside your opinion on Watergate). They are emboldened that they can do it again with the same low life Woodward.
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Reply 13 - Posted by: Kafka2 9/13/2020 11:33:17 AM (No. 539382)
For January and February the Democrats and MSM were saying the virus was not a problem and spent all their effort trying to impeach President Trump. They claimed President Trump was paranoid and bigoted for stopping flights from China. In March, after failing to impeach President Trump, the Democrats and MSM claimed he had failed to do anything about the virus and nearly everybody who got the virus was going to die. Is it any wonder that President Trump was trying to down play the panic the Democrats and MSM were creating? Neither of the extreme positions that the Democrats and MSM took during this period were the truth, yet they and Woodward accuse President Trump of lying?
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Reply 14 - Posted by: Skeptical1 9/13/2020 11:42:37 AM (No. 539392)
These manufactured scandals require the suspension of all critical thinking. From the article: "the president knew the virus was airborne and highly contagious...". Was this, at the time, some kind of state secret? Medical science had established it as fact, but disclosed it only to the US president? Was it published in a peer-reviewed journal, marked "for President Trump's eyes only"? And amazingly, all the other countries in the world, backward little places like Japan, UK, and Germany, stayed mum? We're supposed to believe that "airborne and contagious" is the kind of fact that CIA or somebody would discover and brief the President on. More likely, if there were such a briefing, it would be by CDC or similar functionaries drawing from open sources. Or President Trump may have seen something on the news. In any case, if he were downplaying the virus's seriousness, it was in open view of the world at the time. Personally, I think that when Trump talked about not wanting to panic people, he was thinking about war-gaming of worst-case scenarios. Keeping that kind of thing out of the hands of the sensationalizing press would have been completely appropriate.
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Reply 15 - Posted by: Smart11344 9/13/2020 2:01:34 PM (No. 539523)
MY dislike for Woodenhead goes back at least 50 years.
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Reply 16 - Posted by: bighambone 9/13/2020 2:56:38 PM (No. 539584)
Bob Woodward should fly over to Wuhan, China and interview the Chinese scientists who bioengineered the COVID-19 virus in the bio-weapons laboratory there and who allowed it to escape out into the local community. That is if they are not all dead because of the large viral loads they would have most likely have inhaled, or because the Chinese Communist Government there decided that they all should become organ donors. Fraudulently blaming President Trump for the virus is not going to fly. Common sense will tell you that no politician in the world is going to solve the COVID-19 puzzle, that can only be accomplished through advanced medical science.
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Reply 17 - Posted by: Lawsy0 9/13/2020 3:19:31 PM (No. 539609)
The basis for any heresy is to surround a big enough lie with a lot of little truths so that you swallow the entire glut.
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Reply 18 - Posted by: pensom2 9/13/2020 4:29:13 PM (No. 539680)
FTA: "Experts in crisis communication say honesty and accuracy are crucial tools in public health emergencies when trust is essential..." 1. Democrats are morons who are always hiring "expert consultants" to tell them what to think and do (see, e.g., "Obamacare"). I once worked for a billionaire who was an extreme liberal. This guy had a good business sense, but he was forever hiring consultants to give him recommendations that were pretty obvious to anyone. 2. Hey Bob: If you knew the President was hiding essential facts from the public, but sharing them with you, why didn't you come out and tell us? Why did you wait until you could publish a book, after 150,000 had died? What's wrong with you, Bob? The blood of thousands is on your hands!
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Reply 19 - Posted by: Timber Queen 9/13/2020 6:36:18 PM (No. 539789)
#6-7 President Trump knows exactly who Bob Woodward is and played him like a fiddle. Remember, Donald Trump has been using and trolling the media for his benefit for 50 years. He only talked to Bob on the phone for limited amounts of time. Out of the 18 calls I doubt old Bob got more than an hour. Woodward got Trumped. Just as PDT trolls twitter, he just trolled a whole book. MAGA: Love the boss.
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Reply 20 - Posted by: Heraclitus 9/13/2020 6:50:05 PM (No. 539803)
Investigate the CDC. Investigate the WHO and China. Early recommendations were all over the proverbial map in the beginning, and President Trump had no recourse other than to take the advice and direction from his medical experts... "experts", who themselves vacillated over and over. Most of us watched the task force briefings. The Sec of HHS first told us not to wear masks, weren't necessary. BUT, the most critical, important indications of how seriously POTUS took the information he was given was that HE HAD TO shut down the ECONOMY in order to FLATTEN THE CURVE. The booming economy was most likely the indicator that he would win re-election rather easily. And most of us watched the bizarre panic of our neighbors when sanitizers, liquid hand soaps, TP, Kleenex and Paper towel disappeared from grocery stores and pharmacies. I still can't find latex-free gloves, or any, actually. Shelves remain partially filled. And we remember the task force telling us that the medical workers needed masks, we could get by with bandanas tied around our faces. No need to recount more of that. However, we DO need to have the Biden and Dems' responses, chronologically. NOW.
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Reply 21 - Posted by: msjena 9/13/2020 10:14:46 PM (No. 540005)
Saw a few minutes of Woodward on 60 Minutes (I couldn't watch the whole thing). Apparently Woodie thought Trump insulted him after Woodie asked a "heartfelt" question explaining his privileged white guilt and asking if Trump ever felt the same. Trump responded, you really drank the Kool-Aid , didn't you and, no. That hurt Woodie's feelings. I never knew the journalist's feelings were supposed to be part of the story.
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Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden claimed without evidence on Thursday night that President Donald Trump was responsible for every single person who has died from the coronavirus, which originated in China.“If the president had done his job, had done his job from the beginning, all the people would still be alive. All the people—I’m not making this up. Just look at the data. Look at the data,” Biden stated.One study suggested that a large number of people may not have died if certain measures had been implemented weeks earlier, but the study in no way stated that earlier action would have saved “all the people.”
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Sen. Bob Menendez (D-N.J.) led a group of Democratic senators to call for the National Rifle Association (NRA) Foundation to be immediately removed from the list of charities eligible to solicit and receive contributions from federal employees on Friday. Twelve senators, including Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), wrote a letter to the head of the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), Michael Rigas, requesting the NRA Foundation be removed during the Combined Federal Campaign’s (CFC) annual fundraising drive, set to begin Sept. 21. The letter follows the lawsuit from the New York attorney general seeking to dissolve the powerful pro-gun interest group announced last month.
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Joe Biden has one major goal when it comes to the presidential debates: Don’t let President Trump get away with a single thing. Aides and allies to Biden say the Democratic nominee needs to be ready to fact check Trump in real time and not let the president get away with exaggerating or distorting his record. And they say he needs to aggressively hold him accountable when the candidates meet on state Sept. 29 in Cleveland. (Snip) There is a palpable fear among some Democrats about whether Biden is up for the challenge, and whether being too aggressive could backfire.
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On Tuesday, in an article I wrote titled, “Gavin Newsom Needs to Be Less of an Instagram Influencer, More of a Governor,” I was heavily critical of California Governor Gavin Newsom in using people’s tragedy as a platform for his agenda, likely without the permission of the people had lost everything: “Most recently, “candid” (see: staged) photos were taken of him chillin’ near the ashes and debris where someone’s house once stood. Decked out like he was headed down the runway at a fashion event, perfectly manicured hands and sculpted hair, the governor likely didn’t have permission from those property owners
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Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee, including Sen. Kamala Harris, are calling on the Justice Department’s watchdog to investigate whether a probe led by U.S. Attorney John Durham violates Justice Department policy. Durham, is investigating the origins of the Trump-Russia probe and other intelligence-gathering activities related to Donald Trump and his associates. “We write to request that you investigate whether U.S. Attorney John Durham’s investigation complies with Department of Justice policies, including policies that protect criminal investigations from political influence,” a group of 10 Democratic senators wrote to Inspector General Michael Horowitz on Thursday.
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