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God Help Us All:
Dr. Fauci Knows
Exactly What He's Doing

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Posted By: Magnante, 4/8/2020 7:06:50 AM

Last Thursday, the scientific mastermind behind the economic carnage and spirit-crushing isolation now constituting the two main pillars of America's ingenious new public health strategy delivered some bad news. Dr. Fauci says we'll have to keep living like this until the virus is eradicated. Even if "virus" isn't his nickname for the American people, following his advice still means a long, grueling haul. The economic shutdown and social confinement oppressing us have to continue for at least the minimum estimated 18 months it will take to develop a vaccine for COVID-19.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: JackBurton 4/8/2020 7:17:16 AM (No. 372347)
If he knew exactly what he was doing, he wouldn't have used medical jargon to scare people off from the HCQ/Zinc treatment that is curing people. He'd weigh the worth of our economic well being in preserving our health. After all, we lose 30-50k people a year to car deaths BUT WE DON'T BAN CARS. And he'd fight to get approval for treatments and vaccines faster than the usual, snail-pace but oh we're so perfect procedure we use when lives aren't at stake. This article would be easier to understand if I knew what the sarcasm font looked like on American Thinker.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: Daisymay 4/8/2020 7:17:54 AM (No. 372349)
I'm really tired of that Little Man who thinks he's a Big Shot! I think Trump will soon sideline him. His fifteen minutes of fame is about over! It's time to go back to work! Yes, there will still be some sick people, and yes, we might have to walk around with a mask on when we go certain places, but the quarantine should be over at the end of this month and we should cautiously go back to our regular way of living!
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Reply 3 - Posted by: judy 4/8/2020 7:24:35 AM (No. 372356)
The democrat media loves downer Fauci. I'm frankly sick of him. He's depressing. My guess is he will be hired by CNN or MSNBC.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: ussjimmycarter 4/8/2020 7:26:25 AM (No. 372359)
When did unelected "experts" take over our nation. Everyday it's another "order" from on high as though Zeus himself was firing lightning bolts from Mt Olympus at the PLEBS or us non-god like plebs! Dear Mr. President...take back the government from these "sky is falling...all day...every day...forever" guys!!! We are a FREE people! Good grief! The good Dr. is helping HIMSELF to fame and glory in the midst of a crisis!
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Reply 5 - Posted by: tsquare 4/8/2020 7:28:12 AM (No. 372360)
Population wide eradication...not attainable without a vaccine and decades of work around the world
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Reply 6 - Posted by: Flyball Dogs 4/8/2020 7:36:46 AM (No. 372366)
Interesting read. But here’s the thing: Donald John Trump is still President, and he reads people uncommonly well. I don’t think the Medical Midget is rolling him at all. To be sure, “opening our country” will take some unusual maneuvering, since the Communists (here AND there) will continue with the “blood on his hands” and “old folks will die” shtick. Still, I am trusting Trump. He has not failed me in 3 1/2 years. I don’t anticipate he will cede his legacy and love of this country to the Dwarf too much longer.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: Rinktum 4/8/2020 7:54:06 AM (No. 372375)
I try and not think of this confinement in the terms of my personal convenience, but it is very difficult. Common sense tells us that we cannot go on isolated like this indefinitely or even for a few more weeks. When the quarantine is eventually lifted, there may be nothing to go back to. Plus, there is the knowledge that if the economy is opened up, lives will be at risk and some may die which is a high price to pay. However, we must carry on as responsible as possible. We have learned how it is passed and have more knowledge regarding the proper procedures are for protecting ourselves. Those businesses that can open in relative safety, should. Employers should put into place the necessary requirements to keep their employees as safe as possible. We all have to do our part. There will be foolish people who will not which makes it imperative for each of us to be vigilant and protect ourselves. I do not envy the President. The democrats will crucify him for the decision. The media will begin a daily body count and blame the President. If we stay quarantined or if we lift it, the media will attack. The weight of the office of the Presidency is especially heavy right now and the President knows it. I trust he will make the best decision and will support him knowing that the media and democrats will use any negative number to damage him. It really is unconscionable that they cannot at this time especially lay aside their hate in order to come together to fight this scourge but they cannot not. As usual, the President will take the heat and make the best decision he can for the good of the country. Pray for him. It is going to be a very rough time.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: Strike3 4/8/2020 7:54:07 AM (No. 372376)
Eighteen months is not going to happen. It will be the American peoples' decision, not Dr. Fauci's and I see us calling his hand in the next month or two. If our economy is destroyed we will have far greater problems than this flu.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: PChristopher 4/8/2020 7:54:48 AM (No. 372377)
Fauci is doing China's and the Commucrat's job of destroying our economy. Way to go, buddy.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: spacer 4/8/2020 7:59:56 AM (No. 372380)
#6....Time and again we have witnessed President Trump and Americas enemies attack. Some how, some way, truth comes through. I too stand with the President.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: jinx 4/8/2020 8:01:18 AM (No. 372381)
I do not trust Fauci. He has a hidden agenda. We know he is a Democrat and that is enough for me. I hope Pres. Trump goes back to Dr. Ben Carson and leaves Fauci to the Democrats.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: ROLFNader 4/8/2020 8:01:35 AM (No. 372383)
Good points by all posters . I also wonder why it is that wearing a mask provides such protection that I can go into a store with hundreds of people - but can't go into a building or jobsite with a dozen or so co-workers. Every job is essential, as we're being forced to learn.
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Reply 13 - Posted by: Alecto2 4/8/2020 8:03:29 AM (No. 372384)
Not only is Fauci the disease, he's a pos.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: Clinger 4/8/2020 8:03:48 AM (No. 372385)
That's like suggesting the tribe hide in the cave until the saber tooth tiger lurking at the entrance dies of old age. These sophisticates have now frigging clue what other people do so that they can live. They think they can command that other people stop doing those things and somehow we'll all live through it. Oh wait we'll find those "essential" people and ask them to risk their lives so the money changers can play video games. And of course those essential people will foot the bill for the money changers to hunker down and hide. Kind of sounds like a form of slavery doesn't it.
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Reply 15 - Posted by: Strike3 4/8/2020 8:05:53 AM (No. 372389)
The sarcasm font is not necessary, #1, it's all sarcasm. This little man has achieved what the green weenie activists have been trying to do to us for years, he has control and the backing of the government.
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Reply 16 - Posted by: BeatleJeff 4/8/2020 8:19:58 AM (No. 372404)
Fortunately, Fauci isn't the decision maker. Donald Trump won't stand for an 18 month shutdown. Heck, he won't stand for an 18 week shutdown.The numbers just don't support a prolonged shutdown. Look for him to start opening things up in targeted areas by the end of this month.
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Reply 17 - Posted by: felixcat 4/8/2020 8:33:58 AM (No. 372414)
I"ve tried watching these press conferences but just cannot abide Drs Fauci and Birx. Fauci is a bureaucrat who happens to have a medical degree. He has been getting paid to manage an agency - the NIAID. He hasn't been getting paid for 40 years to find cures, treat actual patients, etc. As for Birx - okay - pretty scarves. Last night she was talking about getting tests out and covering gaps in terms of testing. So we keep the entire country locks down until all 3330 million of (including illegals?) get tested? My faith in President Trump is slightly faded but I know he is between a rock and a hard place. This country cannot survive with stimulus checks being mailed out every couple of months. Please, get some new medical advisors who have a connection with the real world - not bureaucratic hacks like Fauci and Birx. BTW - Birx is retired Army officer so she is drawing her military pension and govt pay while so many have lost their jobs.
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Reply 18 - Posted by: felixcat 4/8/2020 8:35:36 AM (No. 372416)
Excuse 2nd post and typos: 330 million
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Reply 19 - Posted by: Dodge Boy 4/8/2020 8:45:32 AM (No. 372421)
I have commented before that since the impeachment circus didn't work, the dims and msm will continue searching for another way to damage the President and to prevent AG Barr and Durham from blowing the lid off of their Spygate investigation. Enter Fauci and company. They have chosen to take advantage of the virus pandemic by creating panic among the citizenry while taking jobs, money, and wealth away from us, and causing a stock market crash. And making us sit at home like a bunch of putzes watching tv. All because the dims, deep state and msm still cannot get over the outcome of the 2016 Presidential Election. Thanks to Fauci and the other panic-stricken lefties involved, the President has his hands full handling this pandemic. It would be great if a public upswell were to occur over the coming week where all of the citizens and businesses rise up and forcefully demand a phased re-start of the economy while rejecting Fauci's unnecessary doom and gloom. Common sense should be allowed to prevail. The President would then have room to better lead the country out of the political quagmire the dims and msm have created for him. Meanwhile, I think he is doing a pretty good job of navigating the country through this mess despite the evil forces at work.
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Reply 20 - Posted by: Gently 4/8/2020 8:55:58 AM (No. 372431)
I think President Trump is putting Fauci front and center almost every day so that anyone of goodwill can ultimately put a face to the enemy in plain sight... this is a relatively quick and important read.
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Reply 21 - Posted by: LadyHen 4/8/2020 9:03:12 AM (No. 372437)
If we all starve to death or die of exposure, hey, then he saved us from the Chinese virus, right? If we finally put a gun to our heads or murder our "loved ones" due to the pressure of social isolation and financial ruin hey, then he saved us from the Chinese virus, right? The doctors' prescription is death, not from the virus. The virus is more merciful. It only kills off 2%. Fauci and Birx will only leave 1% alive in their wake. But hey, at least they saved us from the Chinese virus. President Trump, end this now!
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Reply 22 - Posted by: Rumblehog 4/8/2020 9:12:37 AM (No. 372449)
The CDC isn't even mentioned in the U.S. Constitution, and yes, there were infectious diseases at that time too. This all comes from the tail wishing to wag the elephant, and it won't be tolerated at all. This doofus, who has been wrong on so many things dealing with viruses, will need to retire after this goes on the decline. No government bureaucracy has the right to stop anything related to business. The FAA can't ground all air travel, and the CDC can';t stop the economy. President Trump needs to push this clown back into the box and stop cranking him up.
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Reply 23 - Posted by: jimincalif 4/8/2020 9:27:49 AM (No. 372472)
Moving the goal posts - standard operating procedure when looking to achieve and maintain power. The whole “flatten the curve” theory was to spread out the illness over a longer time to keep the medical system from being overwhelmed, but the same number would eventually get it. With just a couple exceptions, we’ve achieved this, hospitals are not full, indeed they are sending staff home for a lack of patients. So, objective achieved, rather than reopen the economy, now the objective is changed to eradication. Easier to control the population with fear than force. They see how easily everyone has rolled over and accepted house arrest. They are going to stick with this because it is working!
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Reply 24 - Posted by: walcb 4/8/2020 9:31:25 AM (No. 372479)
I have thought this all along. How does flattening the curve really do any good. Is the curve flattened at a level that is higher than where it would be if the virus was left to run its course as opposed to if we did our best to stay in less contact with others and washed our hands, etc.? So the same number of people get infected no matter what we do they just get infected at different times.
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Reply 25 - Posted by: Kate318 4/8/2020 9:39:58 AM (No. 372502)
Bingo, #24. This “flattening of the curve” business was supposed to gibberish the medical community time to ramp up for the millions of patients that were coming their way. Many ERs are empty and nurses are forgetting furloughed or reassigned. Enough. Dr. Faustus may not be a fan of herd immunity, but that’s like saying he’s not in favor of trees sprouting their leaves in the spring. Too bad, Doc. It’s nature, something the medical community abandoned long ago.
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Reply 26 - Posted by: Buckrog 4/8/2020 9:43:35 AM (No. 372512)
I recall years ago when gas prices were sky rocketing towards $4 per gallon which maybe was 'normal' in some places, but not normal in most. The American people finally said, 'Enough! Do something about this or we will.' And someone did and gas prices came down and life was more or less back to normal where we could gas up without taking out a second mortgage. Yes, we're talking about apples and oranges in terms of the problems. But the American people are going to get just as fed up the longer this goes on.
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Reply 27 - Posted by: Kate318 4/8/2020 9:46:44 AM (No. 372518)
Oh, Lord. Forgive the second post, but it was supposed to read: ...supposed to GIVE the medical community...
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Reply 28 - Posted by: planetgeo 4/8/2020 10:05:31 AM (No. 372541)
Well it looks like at least he finally achieved the title he's been hoping for all these years, "Sexiest Dweeb Alive."
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Reply 29 - Posted by: Sorosisbehindit 4/8/2020 10:28:25 AM (No. 372579)
Take a look at the CDC regular flu map. It has been hanging around since October 12th. More have died from it than covid19. And it may still be going strong this summer. If we shut down our country every time there is any risk to any person, we will be living in a police state, and waiting in line for cheese and bread and toilet paper. This 65 year old woman is not staying locked up for a year on the advise of this little Napoleon!!!
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Reply 30 - Posted by: lisa belanger 4/8/2020 11:04:17 AM (No. 372627)
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Reply 31 - Posted by: MickTurn 4/8/2020 12:09:18 PM (No. 372761)
This Clown's advice is straight out of the Leftist Playbook. Shut down America and Blame President Trump. WHEN is this shill going to be FIRED?????
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If you watch cable news, something I have assiduously avoided these past few weeks, you will be told that Barney Fife is in charge of the country, that the President lies, mismanages, exaggerates, and has totally botched America’s response to the coronavirus pandemic. (snip) Real Clear Politics, as a poll aggregator, combines a number of public opinion polls into an average. Their most recent results show 49.8 percent approval for Trump’s handling of Coronavirus compared to 47.7 percent disapproval. These polls reflect the typical oversampling of Democrats meaning the real numbers are likely even higher for Trump than reported.
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The media are not only rude and confrontational at press briefings, but they’re also re-writing history about how and when information on the virus came to light. Facts don’t matter. There is only one goal: Get Trump. Toward that end, manipulating timelines has become quite popular as evidenced most recently in this AP report: As the first alarms sounded in early January that an outbreak of a novel coronavirus in China might ignite a global pandemic, the Trump administration squandered nearly two months
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While the Trump administration is forecasting some 100 - 240k or more deaths from the coronavirus scare (and lots of hell) over the next few weeks, South Korea is well on its way in sliding out of its bell curve since the middle of March. South Korea was also hit pretty hard with this virus, being right next door to China. (snip) South Korea has a crowded population of some 52 million people crammed into a geographical location about the size of Indiana, a perfect situation for a pandemic to spread – but it didn't.
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For weeks now, nearly every media outlet has behaved as though the Covid19 virus was a cause for celebration. They broadcast the numbers like they show the stock market or election returns. It is positively ghoulish. Even Fox News, which used to have more sense, has capitulated to the hysteria; that network, too, is all in on manufacturing panic and fear. They are engaged in panic-mongering. They are encouraging the wholesale destruction of the American economy. The worst are hoping and wishing for that outcome.
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Can any government statistics on COVID-19 deaths be trusted? It is an open question now that we are learning that the highly respected, world-class Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has been lying to us. (snip) That the CDC isn’t telling the truth to Americans is no conspiracy theory: it’s right out there in the open for everyone to see. The CDC openly admits that it is fudging the COVID-19 death figures. We know this because, among other truth-tellers, a plainspoken small-town physician from Kalispell, Montana, has pulled back the curtain.
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EXCLUSIVE: Linda Tripp, the Clinton sex
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private phone calls with Monica Lewinksy,
dies at age 70 'after being
diagnosed with pancreatic cancer less than a week ago'
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Posted by ScarletPimpernel 4/8/2020 3:44:35 PM Post Reply
Linda Tripp died this morning with her husband and daughter at her bedside, has learned. Tripp, whose taped conversations with Monica Lewinsky nearly brought down the Clinton presidency, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer less than a week ago when she took herself to hospital suffering from stomach pains. Husband Dieter Rausch and their daughter Allison Foley were the only relatives allowed to be in Tripp's room in the ICU due to coronavirus protocols. Speaking exclusively to Diane Spreadbury, one of Tripp's closest friends for more than two decades, described her as, 'A wonderful person.'
Bernie Sanders Is Suspending
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Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders said Wednesday he is suspending his 2020 presidential campaign, bowing to the commanding delegate lead former Vice President Joe Biden has established. Sanders made the announcement during an all-staff conference call. He will give public remarks at 11:45 a.m. ET, his campaign says. Sanders' decision comes weeks after the coronavirus pandemic upended the Democratic race. The worsening outbreak delayed primary contests and the party's nominating convention and has halted all in-person campaigning, forcing the two candidates to hold virtual events from their respective homes. Sanders suspended his campaign after voters went to the polls Tuesday
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What is the origin of the new coronavirus? It is an alarming topic. Still, a notable portion of the public—particularly conservatives—believes that the virus emerged from a laboratory rather than nature, according to a new poll released on Wednesday. Three-in-10 (29%) say it most likely was created in a lab—23% believe the current strain of the coronavirus was developed intentionally in a laboratory; another 6% say it was most likely made accidentally in a lab, according to a new Pew Research Center poll. A plurality of the respondents—43%—said the virus came about naturally while a quarter say they aren’t sure
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On Tuesday night, Real Clear Politics’ Susan Crabtree reported her sources have confirmed that President Trump is firing seven inspectors general “in one fell swoop.” She believes the group will include IGs who were appointed by either President Obama or a previous administration. She wrote that the President “wants his own people in those positions now” and noted that, during his briefing on Tuesday afternoon, he said he had “put in seven names.” [Tweet] Crabtree indicated this group includes Intelligence Community IG Michael Atkinson, who received the whistleblower complaint last August. After the acting DNI, the general counsel of the DNI and the DOJ Office of Legal Counsel
Obamacare architect calls for 18-month
complete national lockdown: ‘The truth is,
we have no choice’
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Posted by ladydawgfan 4/8/2020 10:38:12 AM Post Reply
Dr. Zeke Emanuel — the architect of the bloated Obamacare legislation — essentially called for an 18-month national lockdown to stem the coronavirus outbreak. Ezekiel Emanuel was the former health-policy adviser under Barack Obama. He’s also the brother of former Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel, who was Obama’s White House chief of staff. Zeke Emanuel has been spent his entire medical career in academia or government, so it’s safe to say that he doesn’t have to worry about missing a paycheck during a nationwide shutdown. Like fellow government bureaucrat Dr. Anthony Fauci, Emanuel offered a bleak picture of America’s future. “Realistically, COVID-19 will be here for the next 18 months or more,” Emanuel told MSNBC.
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Posted by earlybird 4/9/2020 11:00:09 AM Post Reply
Dr. Anthony Fauci did it again. The first time Fauci was noted signaling to his allies in media was when he signaled to ABC’s Jonathan Karl after an antagonistic exchange with President Trump at a task force briefing [SEE HERE]. Today, another briefing, and CNN’s Jim Acosta had a similar antagonistic exchange with President Trump. Once again Dr. Fauci hangs back to give Acosta a similar signal. Subtle like a brick through a window. WATCH: (Video)
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