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Cuomo Is No Hero

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Posted By: Pluperfect, 3/28/2020 4:58:20 AM

New York Governor Andy Cuomo, like President Trump, is delivering daily coronavirus briefings. Unlike President Trump, he is being swooned over by liberal reporters. At American Greatness, Julie Kelly collects some examples. Here is just one: “If social media is a reflection of how people are feeling, Cuomo’s image during the coronavirus outbreak is one of authority, yet hope—a role people value enough to begin visualizing his presidency,” one smitten CBS News reporter cooed. This is odd, if only because New York is the epicenter of COVID-19 infection in the U.S. The disease is more widespread there, and more problematic, than anywhere else.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: Trigger2 3/28/2020 5:28:51 AM (No. 360521)
Cuomo sees all those wind mills chopping up birds as a way to save his precious multiplying bugs that you can no longer get rid of because he's banned just about every pesticide to keep up with utopia CA. He wants to hog all federal assets to put himself in line for the DNC convention to get installed as the new fancy dancy demonrat commie nominee. Anyone voting for him to be president would get what they deserve. Everyone above the NYC line despises Cuomo but NYC & Long Island love him because all taxpayer dollars flow to those areas for votes because that's where his voters are. Any Green deal under him would be on steroids and of course, all demonrat enclaves would be exempt from having them.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: F15 Gork 3/28/2020 7:22:51 AM (No. 360565)
Cuomo as a replacement for Sleepy Joe? You bet! My dead cat could replace Joe Biden in a heartbeat!
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Reply 3 - Posted by: jeffkinnh 3/28/2020 7:49:55 AM (No. 360576)
Cuomo is the latest in dem "heroes". The requirements are: they have a pulse, they don't trip over their tongue too much, they never supported law enforcement, they don't have #MeToo problems. Once they have the required credentials, the media gets to work. Any old records are discovered and then hidden. They are declared brilliant. Their every utterance is celebrated. Anything confusing is "explained". Anything ugly launches a massive character attack on the accuser. If possible, bad stuff is buried. If the hero is dead, the media props him up like a "Weekend at Bernie's". Lately, "heroes" are almost impossible to find because they don't meet the qualifications. Dems/media are getting increasingly desperate to seek them out and even make them up. Many of the recent "finds" have degraded beyond the power of journalistic resurrection. New York is a pretty safe liberal state but as Andy steps outside its bounds, questions like the ones in this article arise, too public and too concerning to be buried. When you join all Andy's very public and even boasted about missteps with New York being Coronavirus Central, a certain foul odor of causation and responsibility arises. It's a fragrance that won't wear well, even on a "hero".
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Reply 4 - Posted by: Rotten in Denmark 3/28/2020 8:04:06 AM (No. 360588)
He is being groomed to swoop in and save the DEMOCRAT party from Old Alzheimer’s Joe.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: Red Jeep 3/28/2020 8:35:51 AM (No. 360602)
Cuomo is a pedantic arrogant fool. He talks down to people like they are super stupid in a monotone, boring tone. Cuomo is another reason why upstate New York ( that huge land mass above New York City) should secede, New York City and Long Island are who elect fools like Cuomo and since they are packed in the City like grains of sand on a beach when a virus breaks out they all get it. Cuomo is a jerk.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: walcb 3/28/2020 9:02:40 AM (No. 360641)
FTA: "Nice going, Governor! Open borders take priority over everything, including your own constituents’ lives."
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Reply 7 - Posted by: Rinktum 3/28/2020 9:04:36 AM (No. 360643)
As a Governor of New York or any state where population is heavily concentrated in one area, one of their first priorities would be to have an excellent plan for an eventuality of some kind of outbreak like this one. A playbook should have already been written for that eventuality. Not only to care for the people but to keep them from infecting others by moving out of the area. There is no way of knowing where New Yorkers have traveled and if they have brought the virus with them they are putting more innocent people at risk wherever they go. Cuomo was unprepared and did not have a vision to protect his people and deal with this pandemic. Democrats never do because their first response is to call for the government to save their sorry hides when they have done nothing to mitigate the damage. If NYC is going to be the epicenter in the country, they need to shut it down. No one comes out...until the crisis has passed. Sounds harsh but this threat could drag out for months if cities who have a large flare up of the virus do not quarantine themselves. It is just the reality you have to deal with when people are densely populated in a city. Any leader must be pro-active and that takes hard work, planning and the willingness to make tough decisions. Unfortunately, Cuomo is not that.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: Dodge Boy 3/28/2020 9:05:57 AM (No. 360645)
If it were ever possible to watch Andy and Fredo jump out of a mafia staff car one morning while getting to work, it would be most fitting. Andy as a replacement for Plugs, John? Surely, you can't be serious. Besides, Andy is being "swooned over" by lefty reporters who keep spreading their virus germs.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: BeatleJeff 3/28/2020 9:09:03 AM (No. 360649)
When he first started these daily briefings, Cuomo actually sounded sensible and measured. But as tends to happen with all Rats, he's overplaying his hand. The media attention is going to his head, and the partisan shrillness is beginning to leach back into his comments. Trump already handed him his butt once over false respirator claims. That should be a warning sign to the DNC that Cuomo is no messiah in regards to their Biden problem.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: Paperpuncher 3/28/2020 9:25:32 AM (No. 360682)
#5 "Cuomo is a Jerk" Correct and shows the fruit does not fall far from the tree. The Cuomo family are all Jerks!
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Reply 11 - Posted by: Strike3 3/28/2020 9:28:17 AM (No. 360687)
Cuomo forced himself to say a few good things about Donald Trump in order to attach himself to the most popular man in the country. Now, his recording is stuck on "Mo Money, Mo Money, Mo Money," the usual democrat chant. New York City will be one of the last hot spots to recover and we out here in flyover country will be getting out our little violins every day to support the cause.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: udanja99 3/28/2020 9:33:30 AM (No. 360692)
Andy, if NY needs more money perhaps you could tap into that $6 billion that went missing from HHS while you were running it.
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Reply 13 - Posted by: DVC 3/28/2020 10:52:43 AM (No. 360797)
I know this is about Fredo's dumber brother, but can anyone verify that De Bozio had NYC do some sort of a special event to show solidarity with Chinese after Trump shut down travel from China - and probably dramatically increasing the contact with Chinese who were in the city and recently returned from China? Is this the root cause of the ultra high virus numbers in NYC?
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Reply 14 - Posted by: bighambone 3/28/2020 11:00:50 AM (No. 360806)
Notice that the so-called mainstream (liberal) media, now including Fox News, has not stepped in to cut short Cuomo’s complaining and general rant sessions, while in contrast that media including Fox News has now started to cut away from President Trump’s official corona virus task force briefings long before they are complete, with some of the liberal media suggesting that those White House briefings should not be carried live from now on, leaving Cuomo to drone on alone. That should tell you something. Clearly the media game is to conduct as many interviews as possible with doctors, politicians, and even the man or woman on the street all over the country to obtain varying opinions that they then use to create as much controversy, political and otherwise, along with sensational presentations, sometimes fake or otherwise misrepresentative, designed to keep as much of the confused great unwashed as possible watching their reports.
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Reply 15 - Posted by: jacksin5 3/28/2020 11:19:20 AM (No. 360828)
If Prince Andrew, son of Mario the Pious, had the common sense the MSM is attributing to him, he would find a way to push De Blasio out of the way. At least then, NYC may be pulled out of the morass if Coumo ceded the city to the Feds to manage the Covid Crisis. DeBlasio is in way over his head, and is still causing problems, not solving them.
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Reply 16 - Posted by: little guy 3/28/2020 12:20:18 PM (No. 360886)
Like all blowhards and bullys, Randy Andy can't handle it when the going gets rough. This dope has been in charge for over 9 years and is totally flat-footed when an emergency hits. By comparison, GW Bush had been POTUS only from January 20th, 2001 when 9/11 hit just 9 months later. This year's budget for NY State is $150 billion but NYS' annual budget has averaged about $130 billion a year since Cuomo took office. That's a total of $1.170 TRILLION during his reign that he has squandered on social programs and hare-brained ideas. Like about $180 million for highway signs saying "Welcome to NY", or another $400 million on t.v. and radio commercials touting NYS' wonderful industry ... that ran within the state! Wind farms, solar junk, casinos, free education and medical care for illegals who arrived yesterday. On and on. Now he's complaining he doesn't have equipment that the other 49 states also need! Everyone can now plainly see what an incompetent boob Cuomo is and he is not POTUS material. BTW --- he has a huge sexual harassment record barely under the rug.
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Reply 17 - Posted by: SavageRider 3/28/2020 12:47:56 PM (No. 360928)
Gov. Cuomo has run out of things to say about the situation in New York. He gave his Patton speech yesterday. Today he is demonstrating how to use a bag ventilator and give us exquisite details about ventilation systems. I’m going to my recorded Deputy episodes. The storylines are a little preachy, but Stephen Dorff in a tight henley and jeans is much easier on the eyes.
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Reply 18 - Posted by: Chuzzles 3/28/2020 1:31:35 PM (No. 360990)
Well Duh Captain Obvious. Of course he is no hero John, but he just might be the dark horse candidate this year, for at least the VP spot come convention time. He is sure being road tested like he is. Suddenly all moderate and making nice with the President and the public too. But most of us haven't forgotten his proud signing day of that infanticide bill either. He announced his war on the unborn that day, and that is unforgivable. He and Cali share the same irresponsibility when it comes to being ready for any virus outbreak as well. They spent their monies on pet projects rather than be an adult and restock their medical supplies like they should have.
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Reply 19 - Posted by: RedWhite&Blue2 3/28/2020 1:42:26 PM (No. 361005)
Watching him prattle on in that drone and empty voice ....he is the perfect sleeping pill! Take two cuomo’s and fall asleep quickly. What a boring fool! Veterans for truth Veterans for Trump 2020 2024 2028....
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Reply 20 - Posted by: Smart11344 3/28/2020 1:46:51 PM (No. 361010)
My feelings are this....if he looks mafioso, which I think he does. I don't care what he has to say. The other Cuomo, I think who is on CNN. Another demented guy.
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Reply 21 - Posted by: DVC 3/28/2020 1:56:53 PM (No. 361023)
Andrew the Dim will never be president.
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Reply 22 - Posted by: starboard 3/28/2020 3:36:12 PM (No. 361113)
"America was never that Great"
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Reply 23 - Posted by: Philipsonh 3/28/2020 4:31:54 PM (No. 361138)
To Reply #5 There are two bills in the NYS House to split the State into two parts. There are at least 15 activist groups advocating splitting the State into 3 parts. 90% plus of the State is North and West of Westchester County, but it is NYC and environs that rules the roost. Most folks outside NYC do not want to be in the same State. Just check how well the NYC subways are doing. That is evidence why people want no part of NYC. I live 1 hour from the Adirondack Mountains.The difference between NYC and Upstate is like being on two different Planets.
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Reply 24 - Posted by: Red Ghost 3/28/2020 5:07:08 PM (No. 361160)
As someone that worked in NYC government during and after the 9/11 and Anthrax attacks the lack of preparation for this type of an event in NYC and NYS is criminal. Right after the Anthrax attacks in 2001 Rudy Giuliani was still Mayor and tasked every city agency to prepare for possible bio/chemical attacks. Rudy left office 3 months after the attacks and no plan ever came to fruition in my tenure that ended in 2007. At that point Mike Bloomberg had been Mayor for 5 years. Nineteen years after the 9/11 and Anthrax attacks the City and State are on the verge of a disaster because of their incompetent and nearly criminal lack of planning for a crisis they surely knew would come. After refusing to purchase 16,000 ventilators( and from a public policy point of view, a half billion is a lot of dough even in the NYS budget), Cuomo in this three terms and previous governors and mayors should have been purchasing over the last 19 years, the items they are now blaming Trump for them not providing them fast enough. And because we have a criminally corrupt press, not one of them will ever ask the question of any of these current and previous politicians. Make no mistake today's tragic circumstances in the Wuhun Flu epicenter is the fault of Mike Bloomberg, George Pataki, Elliot Spitzer, David Patterson, Bill DeBlasio and the new Democrat presidential front darling, angry eyes Andrew Cuomo.
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Joe Biden has taken a commanding 25-point lead in close counties where in 2016 Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were within 10 points of each other, a poll released Saturday revealed.The Fox News poll shows Biden ahead with 57 per cent support to Trump’s 32 per cent in close counties – defined by the poll as counties where Hillary Clinton and Trump were within 10 percentage points of each other in 2016.The former vice president also has a 49-40 per cent lead over Trump in the national head-to-head matchup, according to the first Fox poll taken after Biden became the assumed Democratic candidate.
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NBC News anchor Chuck Todd raised eyebrows Sunday morning when he asked if President Trump had "blood on his hands" for his delayed response to the coronavirus outbreak. During an interview with former Vice President Joe Biden, Todd pointed to the Democrat's campaign messaging on the pandemic, which says a failure to take aggressive action "could cost lives." "Do you think there is blood on the president's hands considering the slow response?" Todd asked. "Or is that too harsh of a criticism?"
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The Duke and Duchess will step down as senior members of the Royal Family at the end of this month and have now set up a permanent home in Los Angeles. The pair flew to California by private jet just before Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau shut the border. But Meghan and Harry now face the prospect of being forced to give up their nobility if they are to be settled in the US full-time. The Oath of Allegiance act must be taken by any new US citizen under the Naturalisation Law.
Doddering Joe Biden Unfit to Lead in Time
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Posted by ladydawgfan 3/29/2020 1:47:14 AM Post Reply
Whatever you think about President Trump and his response to this global pandemic that sparked from a Chinese “wet market” selling wildlife, you cannot exactly be heartened to behold the response offered by Democrats. The party’s presumed nominee, former Vice President Joseph R. Biden, finally mounted the barricades this week to personally combat the Wuhan virus by — what else? — setting up a television studio in his Delaware home to offer “counterprogramming” to the president and his crisis team of doctors, public health officials, industry leaders, and economic experts. Watching Mr. Biden stumble, mumble and dodder through a simple speech in his living room while looking lost and lonely
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Poll of the week: A new ABC News/Washington Post poll finds that President Donald Trump's approval rating among all adults in 48%, while his disapproval rating is 46%. Trump scores a very similar 49% approval rating and 47% disapproval rating with registered voters. What's the point: There's no doubt now that Trump is experiencing a bump in his popularity following his response to the coronavirus pandemic. The ABC News/Washington Post poll is quite similar to the Monmouth University poll that came out earlier this week, for instance. But what is interesting to me is that Trump's jump is coming disproportionality from non-voters. Normally Trump does considerably better among voters than among adults.
The US will NOT pay for Harry and
Meghan's security in LA, says Donald
Trump as he insists he's a fan of The
Queen… but the royal couple 'must pay!'
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Posted by Ribicon 3/29/2020 5:28:48 PM Post Reply
President Donald Trump has said Prince Harry and Meghan will have to pay for their own security costs once they settle to live in Los Angeles. In a tweet on Sunday, Trump said: 'I am a great friend and admirer of the Queen & the United Kingdom. It was reported that Harry and Meghan, who left the Kingdom, would reside permanently in Canada. Now they have left Canada for the U.S. however, the U.S. will not pay for their security protection. They must pay!'(Snip) Trump has the final say over whether the couple can have US-funded diplomatic protection in the US,
Americans can rejoice:
Trump will not pay for
Harry's and Meghan’s security
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Posted by Magnante 3/30/2020 5:03:27 AM Post Reply
Chutzpah is a Yiddish word meaning incredible audacity. The most famous example is the man who murders both his parents and then throws himself on the mercy of the court because he’s an orphan. Neither Prince Harry nor Meghan Markle is Jewish, and it’s doubtful if they even know the meaning of the word “chutzpah,” but they’ve sure got it – and Trump was not amused. One of the things that was immediately obvious about Meghan Markle was that she was “woke.” That is, in keeping with her “B” level actress status, she eagerly copied all the political shibboleths of the big Leftist stars
Billionaire David Geffen sparks fury with
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post assuring the public that he is safe
and self-isolating in the Caribbean
on his $590 million superyacht
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Posted by Ribicon 3/29/2020 4:00:31 PM Post Reply
As millions of Americans self-quarantine inside cramped apartments, or risk their own health to provide vital services, billionaire David Geffen wants the public to know that he's also doing his part in the coronavirus pandemic. 'Sunset last night…' Geffen wrote in an Instagram post on Saturday morning, accompanied by a picture of his $590 million superyacht floating in the waters of the Caribbean. 'Isolated in the Grenadines avoiding the virus. I hope everybody is staying safe,' added the music mogul, who is worth an estimated $7.7 billion. The post, which has since been hidden from public view, drew furious backlash as a 'tone-deaf' response
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