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Banking on dad's win? Hunter Biden tries
to delay release of records till after
election day in Arkansas baby daddy case

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Posted By: PageTurner, 3/12/2020 7:07:41 AM

Seems Joe Biden's Super Tuesday II scarf-up has not only excited former Obama administration officials, hoping for a Bourbon restoration, but emboldened a very unscrupulous person out there: Biden's corruption-tainted son, "artist" Hunter Biden. Here's what RedState had to say about it: Hunter Biden and his attorneys really do have a lot of nerve. They have been stringing an Arkansas court along for months now, not providing information in the child support case against Biden by Lunden Roberts. Biden was scheduled to be giving a deposition on March 11.


He wouldn't have an interest in waiting until dad gets elected, would he?

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Reply 1 - Posted by: F15 Gork 3/12/2020 7:25:19 AM (No. 343779)
Justice in America is dead - long live the swamp.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: stevendm 3/12/2020 8:11:22 AM (No. 343820)
It's time for the FBI to swoop in.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: banal_resentive 3/12/2020 8:53:48 AM (No. 343866)
A family of self-centered, grifting bums. Yet roughly half the nation is willing to vote for Joe. Boy, we are in trouble.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: DVC 3/12/2020 10:08:31 AM (No. 343977)
He chickened out and coughed up enough $$ to satisfy the stripper.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: bighambone 3/12/2020 10:48:45 AM (No. 344032)
Will you have to figure that he figures that when his Dad is elected President and it comes out that he is criminally responsible for not accurately reporting his income taxes from foreign sources that he would then become the first recipient of a Joseph Biden presidential pardon.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: lakerman1 3/12/2020 1:14:19 PM (No. 344197)
robert biden, aka Hunter, may be copying the Mafia with his 'artist' game. the Mafia laundered dirty money wioth pizza shop purchases of cheese. and in some cases, the mafia took over the cheese factories, to simplify bookkeeping. robert Biden needs a way to launder his consulting/banking/directorship money, and by using his 'art' he can hide it quite nicely. art buyers often maintain anonymity, thus making it possible to overstate the selling price, and that is laundering. Yale law School must be oh so proud of the cocaine addict, hey?
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Banking on dad's win? Hunter Biden tries
to delay release of records till after
election day in Arkansas baby daddy case
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Posted by PageTurner 3/12/2020 7:07:41 AM Post Reply
Seems Joe Biden's Super Tuesday II scarf-up has not only excited former Obama administration officials, hoping for a Bourbon restoration, but emboldened a very unscrupulous person out there: Biden's corruption-tainted son, "artist" Hunter Biden. Here's what RedState had to say about it: Hunter Biden and his attorneys really do have a lot of nerve. They have been stringing an Arkansas court along for months now, not providing information in the child support case against Biden by Lunden Roberts. Biden was scheduled to be giving a deposition on March 11.
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What is it with the left and its seeming desire to kill others? First we had a far-left Denver city councilwoman, Candi CdeBaca, endorse the intentional spreading of coronavirus among political opponents in order to kill them, with a repulsive "#solidarity Yaaaas!!" Now we have leftists mocking Sen. Ted Cruz for self-quarantining, after being exposed to a coronavirus patient at the CPAC conference, in order to prevent any spread of the disease to others, including political opponents. That includes leftists in Congress and anyone else. Given that coronavirus exposure sometimes turns well people into "superspreaders," it was a highly responsible and empathetic thing to do. Cruz put others before himself
Monday Schadenfreude: Plame flames 8 replies
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Whoever wins the Democrat primary on June 2 for New Mexico’s third congressional district will be an overwhelming favorite to win the general election in November. It is very unlikely that Valerie Plame will be that person. She probably will not even make the Democrat ballot. Valerie Plame and her then husband, Joe Wilson, loudly decamped from Washington, D.C. and moved to New Mexico’s version of Marin County, California: Santa Fe in 2007. They remained there quietly until 2019 when Ms. Plame announced that she was
Trump has a field day with addled Joe
Biden's 'endorsement'
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Joe Biden is 'confused' as heck, not just about where he is, but who he wants to be president. Get a load: (Snip for tweet) Not surprisingly, President Trump is having a field day. (snip for tweet) Imagine what the Biden campaign staff meetings are like now. It's never good news when a rival candidate is cheering your candidate's statements. It's ridiculous, actually - this man the Democrats have rallied around now made these statements with a teleprompter, with rehearsals, and still managed to endorse the other guy. In fast-moving sports, that's an own-goal, an accident of spatial vector miscalculations and overexcited players. Joe's none of that. He's just a mean and confused old man.
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Just two weeks ago, first daughter Ivanka Trump visited Dubai in a show of support for women’s rights. At the same time, a British court found, two of the Middle East Kingdom’s princesses are presumably imprisoned there, after being kidnapped and tortured at the behest of the kingdom’s brutal ruler. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum abducted his two daughters, forced them to return to Dubai, tortured them and began a campaign of intimidation against his now ex-wife, according to a damning “Fact-Finding” judgment by the English High Court court this week.
Fool & His Money, Part II: Bernie bros
snicker about infiltrating Bloomberg's
campaign and ripping him off
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Posted by PageTurner 3/7/2020 12:58:49 PM Post Reply
Michael Bloomberg, whose presidential campaign staff reportedly earned six-figure salaries, presumably as the best money could buy, also attracted greedy thieving grifters, like flies to a pile. Acccording to the Daily Caller: Staffers for former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s failed presidential campaign say they went rogue and canvassed for Sen. Bernie Sanders after the Nevada debate debacle, The Nation reported Friday, citing anonymous sources. People who worked with the team knew the campaign was over after Sen. Elizabeth Warren blasted Bloomberg during the Feb. 19 debate in Nevada, the report noted.
As Bernie Sanders Pushed for Closer
Ties, Soviet Union Spotted Opportunity
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YAROSLAVL, Russia — The mayor of Burlington, Vt., wrote to a Soviet counterpart in a provincial city that he wanted the United States and the Soviet Union to “live together as friends.” Unbeknown to him, his desire for friendship meshed with the efforts of Soviet officials in Moscow to “reveal American imperialism as the main source of the danger of war.” That mayor was Bernie Sanders, and the story of his 1988 trip to the Soviet Union has been told before. But many of the details of Mr. Sanders’s Cold War diplomacy before and after that visit — and the Soviet effort to exploit Mr. Sanders’s antiwar
Democrats rig California's vote, wonder
why turnout is so low
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It ought to be a matter of shame for California that it's still counting its primary ballots from days ago in stale three-day old news. The latest estimate is that they've got five and a half million so far counted and around three and a half million votes to go. Election day, as CalMatters notes, is a misnomer, California has 'election month.' But nope, they're bottling it and marketing it as "enfranchisement," saying that all the many, many, many ways to vote now in California now are why it's taking so long to count the ballots still sitting around. "California counts its votes in its own good time,"
The Democratic Party Is Wounded And Dangerous 20 replies
Posted by PageTurner 3/6/2020 5:23:52 AM Post Reply
Beware the wounded animal. In pain and desperation, it will do violent things. It seems to me no coincidence that Joe Biden's big win on Super Tuesday was followed by Democratic senator Chuck Schumer threatening conservative members of the Supreme Court on Wednesday. Joe Biden is hardly Lancelot to President Trump's dragon. The Democrats and the Deep State needed a first-class warrior; instead, their best option is a walking advertisement for Alzheimer's awareness. In his best days, Joe Biden was the political equivalent of Jack McCall, shooting his adversaries in the back.
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A dispute between the US Soccer Federation and the women’s national team escalated on Wednesday, leading to a player protest and a humiliating apology from the federation. Ahead of a 3-1 win over Japan in the final of the SheBelieves Cup in Frisco, Texas, the team turned their warm-up shirts inside out during the national anthems and team photo, hiding the national team logo, but not the four stars signifying their four World Cup wins.(Snip) The most recent development in the dispute arose from a court filing in which the federation argued that women had less physical ability than men and that this was “indisputable science”
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Now that the number of new people infected with the coronavirus in China is slowing down, the country's Communist Party is ratcheting up threats against the West, with a particularly nasty warning about access to life-saving drugs aimed at the United States.(Snip)The article also claimed that China could impose pharmaceutical export controls which would plunge America into "the mighty sea of coronavirus." The disturbing threats made during a global pandemic as well as the scary consequences if that threat becomes real highlight just how tight China's grip is on the global supply chain. Already, the Food and Drug Administration has announced the first drug shortage related to the coronavirus.
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Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) called for authority over the coronavirus outbreak to be handed to an emergency bipartisan group of experts and to Congress rather than President Donald Trump. Sanders called on President Trump to declare an “emergency” — something Trump already did on Jan. 31 — and then added that the president should essentially, be replaced: Because President Trump is unwilling and unable to lead selflessly, we must immediately convene an emergency bipartisan authority of experts to support and direct a response [to coronavirus] that is comprehensive, compassionate, and based first and foremost on science and fact.
NYT Op-Ed Writer: Yeah, I Made
A 'Trivial' Math Mistake on MSNBC.
Also, You're Racist For Noticing.
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Look, folks, I have white parents. That’s what my mom, a liberal Democrat mind you, would say jokingly as to why I, for lack of a better term, sucked at math. I’m a bad Asian. I don’t like math or science. Well, I like science—I’m fascinated by stuff that explodes—but I never excelled at it. None of the Vespa kids did well in math.
Banning the Sale of Firearms and Ammunition
Because of Wuhan Virus? An Illinois Mayor
Just Signed an Executive Order to Do It
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Posted by ladydawgfan 3/13/2020 4:13:52 PM Post Reply
The mayor of Champaign, Illinois has declared a town emergency over the Wuhan coronavirus that includes a potential ban on the sale of firearms and ammunition. According to a local report from WAND 17, Champaign Mayor Deborah Frank Feinen has issued an executive order that would give her office "extraordinary powers." She has issued the order despite the town and surrounding area not having a single case of the disease. "The executive order allows the city to be flexible to properly respond to the emergency needs of our community. None of the options will necessarily will be implemented but are available
A Tale Of Two Pandemics:
Media Downplayed Swine
Flu Outbreak Under Obama
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Posted by RockyTCB 3/13/2020 6:30:04 AM Post Reply
The potential impact of the coronavirus might still be unknown, but the media hype is already plain as day. Particularly when you compare how they are covering this pandemic with the last one, which happened to occur when Barack Obama was in the White House. To get a sense of the differences in how the press treated these two outbreaks of brand new viruses, let’s look at how the New York Times and CNN – the bellwethers of mainstream journalism in print and on TV – covered each at similar points in the outbreak. The day after the World Health Organization declared
EXCLUSIVE: This is the gay escort found
overdosed on meth in a South Beach
hotel room with top Florida Democrat
Andrew Gillum - a married father of
three who says he was just
drunk at a wedding
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Posted by zephyrgirl 3/13/2020 6:12:56 PM Post Reply
This is the hunky gay escort found naked and overdosing on crystal meth in a hotel room with a leading Democrat, can reveal. Andrew Gillum, a married father-of-three who narrowly missed out on becoming Florida's first black governor, was too 'inebriated' to speak when cops arrived at the ritzy Mondrian Hotel in Miami's South Beach party district. He was inside the room early Friday with two more men, one of them a 30-year-old male escort named Travis Dyson who was being treated by paramedics for a suspected drug overdose.
Woman who survived coronavirus shares
her early symptoms
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Posted by ladydawgfan 3/13/2020 1:18:08 AM Post Reply
At last comes a measure of reassurance about the effects of the global pandemic: A woman who has fully recovered from coronavirus is a living, breathing beacon of hope. Elizabeth Schneider, 37, had a relatively mild experience with the sometimes-deadly virus, for which she treated herself at her home in Seattle, Washington. So far, the Northwestern state has suffered the highest number of deaths — at least 30 — in the US from the disease. Schneider, who has a doctorate in bioengineering, told the Agence France-Press she was sharing her story “to give people a little bit of hope.” Her story is more common than one might think:
Joe Biden Advises Americans to
Stop Hugging Each Other
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Posted by Imright 3/13/2020 2:27:24 PM Post Reply
Former Vice President Joe Biden's presidential campaign placed a video of Biden on YouTube on Thursday in which he told Americans they must abandon “the deeply ingrained habits in our country like handshakes and hugs.”Biden was giving his advice on how the nation should deal with the coronavirus.“We must, all of us, follow the guidelines of health officials and take appropriate protections to protect ourselves and, and critically, to protect others, especially those who are most at-risk from this disease,” Biden says in the video.
The silver lining in the Wuhan Virus 22 replies
Posted by ladydawgfan 3/13/2020 5:07:52 AM Post Reply
The Wuhan Virus is causing major disruptions in the U.S., from the stock market to the economy to social gatherings of all sorts. The virus itself is still not nearly up to the disease standards of the common flu or swine flu, even though the media hype of it has been off the charts. But that's not my point here. Rather, I see three upshots to this Wuhan epidemic in the U.S. There are probably more, but these three stand out in my mind. 1. Businesses now see that their precious supply chains and just-in-time inventory models are laden with risk.
Nikki Haley for Veep? No Way! 20 replies
Posted by gundisalvus 3/13/2020 1:52:24 PM Post Reply
Rumor has it President Trump is considering swapping Vice President Mike Pence with former American ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley. “This is not a prediction,” said CNN political analyst Paul Begala, “it’s a certainty.” Haley would be a great choice—if Trump intends to utterly abandon the agenda that got him elected. There is a reason the rabidly anti-Trump Bill Kristol floated Haley as primary challenger to Trump in 2020; warhawks of a feather flock together.
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There has never before come a time when I felt the need to ponder the fate of toilet paper. But here we are: the year is 2020 and the wealthy United States is running out of toilet paper. As it turns out, toilet paper was invented by the Chinese in the 1st Century. By the 6th Century, it was in widespread use. The toilet paper roll with easily detachable squares was patented in 1891. But in March of 2020, American retailers ran out of toilet paper because the Chinese coronavirus fear seized the sanity of our people. We have finally come full circle with toilet paper: the Chinese giveth
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