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Responding to Lt. Col. Vindman about
my Ukraine columns … with the facts

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Posted By: earlybird, 11/23/2019 10:17:47 AM

I honor and applaud Army Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman’s service to his country. (Snip)But I also know the liberties that Lt. Col. Vindman fought on the battlefield to preserve permit for a free and honest debate in America, one that can’t be muted by the color of uniform or the crushing power of the state. So I want to exercise my right to debate Lt. Col. Vindman about the testimony he gave about me. You see, under oath to Congress, he asserted all the factual elements in my columns at The Hill about Ukraine were false, (Snip) Here are his exact words: “I think all the key elements were false,”


Solomon goes on from here to list and provide verification for 28 facts that Vindman said were “false”. The State Department’s George Kent verified that Hunter Biden’s being on Burisma’s board created the appearance of a conflict of interest. Other witnesses and officials have verified Solomon’s facts. Because Solomon’s articles were cited so many times during the “impeachment inquiry hearings”, it became important to the Democrats that he be disciplined for writing them and that they be debunked. Vindman was their errand boy. More Lawfare advice? Do read this important article, which is being cited elsewhere, but is here in its entirety.

Posted with permission of Staff.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: Rumblehog 11/23/2019 10:35:49 AM (No. 243169)
A most interesting Blog that Mr. Solomon maintains. He is becoming, and rightfully so, quite an influential voice in the Trump anti-Impeachment force.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: Midnight Rambler 11/23/2019 10:41:18 AM (No. 243182)
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Reply 3 - Posted by: Rama41 11/23/2019 10:45:49 AM (No. 243188)
An excellent response by Solomon, but this needs more exposure than just his website or Lucianne. Otherwise, he'll just be another tree dropping in the forest. He should at least be on the Sunday shows, but I doubt he'll be asked.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: fhancock 11/23/2019 10:55:47 AM (No. 243201)
The only Ukrainian collusion was by the DNC, Deep State and the Biden's...the only Russian collusion was by the DNC, Deep State, and Clinton...this is intuitively obvious to the casual other words if you blame Trump for any of this you are a liar or an idiot or both
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Reply 5 - Posted by: earlybird 11/23/2019 11:12:34 AM (No. 243227)
John Solomon is seen fairly frequently on Hannity, as I recall. (We don’t watch Hannity very often so that is hearsay.) I’ve seen him on other Fox Business programs. The best way for us to get these things out is to send links (and sometimes I copy whole articles) in emails to our family and friends...
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Reply 6 - Posted by: earlybird 11/23/2019 11:25:15 AM (No. 243246)
Excuse additional Reply, but I meant to mention that I didn’t know that Joe Biden had a hand in Hunter’s being on Burisma’s board… Directly? Indirectly? Read this: Fact 1: Hunter Biden was hired in May 2014 by Burisma Holdings, a Ukrainian natural gas company, at a time when his father Joe Biden was Vice President and overseeing US-Ukraine Policy. Here is the announcement. Hunter Biden’s hiring came just a few short weeks after Joe Biden urged Ukraine to expand natural gas production and use Americans to help. You can read his comments to the Ukrainian prime minister here. Hunter Biden’s firm then began receiving monthly payments totaling $166,666. You can see those payments here. So Joe primed the pump with Ukraine by urging them to expand natural gas production and “use Americans to help” - and he just happened to have a son who would sit on their board. Money begins to flow to Hunter. Therefore, when they ask incredulously “how on earth did Hunter Biden find his way onto the Burisma board with zero qualifications?”, the answer is “Joe Biden”.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: earlybird 11/23/2019 11:26:23 AM (No. 243248)
Correction: Vice President of the United States Joe Biden.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: chumley 11/23/2019 11:27:47 AM (No. 243250)
I don't honor Col Vindman or his service. Benedict Arnold was an American patriot before he was a traitor.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: kono 11/23/2019 11:58:34 AM (No. 243291)
May 4, 2016: DNC contractor Alexandra Chalupa writes email to bosses at party headquarters derailing her work to get dirt on Trump and Manafort from Ukraine. Validation: Did that derail her work? Or detail it? A tragic typo that never got fixed? Or a freudian slip? Had I more time to obsess on the shenanigans of politics and propagand- I mean journalism, I would certainly flag this as an element of concern/interest.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: Starboard_side 11/23/2019 12:26:35 PM (No. 243329)
So, he testified under oath, and in UNIFORM. Could he be in trouble with the military for lying, or something like unbecoming of an office type reprimand? The interesting thing about him, he seemed be the lookout man for all of the "deals". After all, he was concerned about others poking around not what was said on the call. And, he left the call to place two calls to people not in his chain of command - one he won't acknowledge but did say was an intelligence person he claims had the proper clearances to be alerted to the contents of the call.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: Truth Czar 11/23/2019 1:06:41 PM (No. 243358)
Vindman needs to be on the Army's Fat Body Program.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: mc squared 11/23/2019 1:29:24 PM (No. 243383)
Facts? That's all ya' got?
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Reply 13 - Posted by: WesternTradition 11/23/2019 2:11:58 PM (No. 243405)
If I committed a crime and found out that John Solomon was the prosecutor, I'd throw in the towel and plead guilty.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: bighambone 11/23/2019 5:23:31 PM (No. 243523)
How would Alexander Vindman know? As Vindman was just a glorified Russian-Ukrainian interpreter who thought that he was running USA foreign policy towards Ukraine instead of the constitutionally powered and elected US President. Vindman appears to have advised the Ukrainian Government to disregard Trump Administration foreign policy initiatives, and according to Vindman the Ukrainian Government told Him that they would appoint him as the Ukrainian Defense Minister, apparently after he retires from the US Army, so Vindman appears to have been operating rogue outside his chain of command. That should tell you something, since Vindman was born in the former USSR and came to the USA in accordance with the Old Russian Jewish Refugee Program when he was young.
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Reply 15 - Posted by: earlybird 11/23/2019 5:47:31 PM (No. 243541)
Re #14, it was rather disturbing to see how little those high-priced State Department “Ukraine experts” knew about what had been going on in Ukraine. Or were they just coached to play Sgt. Schultz? Taylor, Hill, Vindman. Even Kent, though he had a cursory view of corruption there. Are there no real experts? Seems to me that one real one would be enough.
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Reply 16 - Posted by: watashiyo 11/23/2019 8:13:41 PM (No. 243684)
Time to strip this fraud butt naked and send him off into the sunset.
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Reply 17 - Posted by: DVC 11/23/2019 8:29:54 PM (No. 243697)
Vindman is a liar, and I trust Solomon VERY much. Easy, easy choice between these two.
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Reply 18 - Posted by: George R. 11/24/2019 6:22:02 AM (No. 243901)
Vindman is a Political Hack! Acting s such in Uniform goes against the Code of Military justice. His superiors, if there is not a courts martial , should be highly and publicly reprimanded.
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Reply 19 - Posted by: Rinktum 11/24/2019 6:34:29 AM (No. 243906)
Wow. So much corruption. The State Department appears to be the vehicle in which massive amounts of money is kicked back to certain politicians. We are witnessing the standard operating procedure that has made so many politicians extremely wealthy. I can’t help but believe this kind of behavior is not just limited to the State Department. Our government has been for all intents and purposes a front for political corruption at its very highest levels. No wonder these politicians loathe this President. No other President has had the guts to call the corruption out and try and do something about the theft of America’s wealth by the men and women who have been elected or appointed to serve their country. Most Americans are disgusted by politicians and bureaucrats who have sold their souls for filthy lucre. The extent to which it is evidently commonplace and is just the way the game is played in Washington is disgraceful. Now, is it clear why they hate Trump and are willing to do anything to destroy him. You have ideologues in our government from top to bottom that hate the country and its founding. Then you have those who just want to cash in. However, it appears those two motivations merge at the very top. The world is watching to see if we can save our Republic from the political corruption that has engulfed our government. The first step is exposing it. Excellent work done by Mr. Solomon. Vindman and his cronies have been completely exposed for what they are along with persons who have been elected to the very top positions in our government. Mr. Solomon has revealed it, now let’s see if the political class has the courage and determination to deal with it legally. No pressure, guys. The Republic is hanging by a thread. You must get this right.
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Reply 20 - Posted by: Lawsy0 11/24/2019 7:46:33 AM (No. 243946)
I cut & pasted the article into a WP file so I could make the font darker; in the entire 6-page, single spaced document there was not one word that was superfluous! Excellent read.
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Reply 21 - Posted by: Dodge Boy 11/24/2019 7:50:56 AM (No. 243950)
After having read through Solomon's piece the first time, I had to read more carefully a second time. Suffice to say that Biden and Hunter are in a lot of trouble. In the bigger picture, the State Department is obviously engulfed in major corruption. A political cancer that has metastasized over the years. Our only hope is that there are enough lawful people left in our government to begin purging this cancer. Our President, by his own hand, has exposed this evil corruption for us to see for ourselves, whereas before Trump was elected, corruption among the various US departments, Congress, and the msm was just another day at the office. Agree with #19 that US government corruption is not limited to the State Department. The CIA, the FBI, and the DOJ are just as corrupt. Of course, Congress and the various political action committees who fund their campaigns are just as bad. The President understands that there are many Obama and RINO appointees imbedded in all levels of our government and it is extremely difficult for him and his team to know who he can trust. And not surprisingly, Georgie Boy Soros and others like him continue to fund efforts to overthrow our government and destroy us. They need to be locked up, sent away, and his billions confiscated until he expires. The President's re-election is critical for salvaging the country. I don't know what are his second-term priorities, but, launching a comprehensive plan for cleaning up our government departments should be high on the list. Draining the swamp will take time, a long time because of the many thousands of persons who must be re-vetted and/or fired. Trump will be able to start it, but, others must follow in his footsteps. We need to find and install more lawful people in our government who are committed to draining the swamp and make sure they remain lawful once they are brought in. We need to continue standing with the President and his successors. I pray for the President's continued safety. May God continue to protect the President of the United States and his family.
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Reply 22 - Posted by: janjan 11/24/2019 7:55:19 AM (No. 243954)
Please post this on fb if you use it. The media will not report it.
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Reply 23 - Posted by: stablemoney 11/24/2019 8:10:48 AM (No. 243967)
Mr. Soloman's business is facts, deals in nothing but the facts. Vindman deals in personal aggrandizement, money and power, the facts not mattering, as they would not support the advancement of Vindman, quite the contrary, the facts accurately categorizing Vindman as not wise, and not important. Vindman does not want to look into the mirror and see the facts.
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Reply 24 - Posted by: Strike3 11/24/2019 8:46:56 AM (No. 243994)
I have found during my time on Earth that many people wear the inner workings of their characters and personalities on their faces, not all but most. For instance, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Al Gore are condescending, egotistical types who would just as soon step on you as say hello. Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Bernie Sanders, John Brennan have that slightly off-frequency crazy look, Pelosi maybe due to multiple facial surgeries but the crazy shines through. John Kasich, Kamala Harris, Dianne Feinstein, Michelle Obama, Joe Biden are perpetually angry and defensive. Joe can smile but it doesn't last long. Mike Pence, Steve Scalise, Ted Cruz, Candice Owens are quietly good and competent people. Using these mental templates, I can honestly say that Lt. Col Vindman is a Mama's Boy, a military poseur who has risen through the ranks on something besides merit and has a minimum of confidence that has been magnified by others but not earned. In other words, Adam Schiff's perfect witness, willing to sell his soul for a pat on the back.
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Reply 25 - Posted by: rsgonner 11/24/2019 9:07:48 AM (No. 244018)
Balancing the honor and integrity of Solomon versus Vindman gives absolutely no doubt who comes out on top. It is necessary for Vindman to be prosecuted, both for perjury to Congress as well as his numerous infractions under the UCMJ. The problem is, democrats always are given a pass. This has to stop if we are ever to get control of our Country and liberty again.
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Reply 26 - Posted by: EJKrausJr 11/24/2019 9:13:09 AM (No. 244024)
LC Vindman said he discussed @POTUS's phone conversation with Zilensky with others, including his brother and the probable whistleblower. Do the others have a "need to know" about the contents of the discussion? If not, then LCV committed a major security violation. Has LC Vindman done such an action before, discussed items he has knowledge about with others? Do these others have a NTK about the information? Is this a constant habit of LCV? If not, then Vindman is guilty of constantly committing breaches of security. My impression or belief (just saying like those testifying) that the others that LCV has talked with do not have the NTK requirement. Hey Adam Schiff, how about recalling LCV and asking him the above questions?
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Reply 27 - Posted by: HotRod 11/24/2019 9:35:33 AM (No. 244042)
I truly wish all the politicians and media people would STOP calling everyone in uniform a hero- even if they do have a Purple Heart. Not everyone in uniform is a hero and Vindman is a case in point. We have seen other cases in recent history too. A soldier who deserted to the enemy and caused fellow soldiers to be killed searching for him. A prominent politician who served in Vietnam (and constantly reminded us of it) who got a Purple Heart for questionable reasons, and who was caught lying about his activities while there. I know it is currently in vogue, and politically correct to broad-brush everyone in uniform as a hero, but believe me, there are exceptions, as we have seen. I can say these things because I am a career military veteran. I have seen people like this throughout my career. Calling Vindman and his ilk heroes diminishes the service of true heroes!
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Reply 28 - Posted by: coyote 11/24/2019 9:38:09 AM (No. 244048)
Berisma's salary payments to Hunter Biden was just a high-tech laundering of bribe money.
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Reply 29 - Posted by: bighambone 11/24/2019 9:45:33 AM (No. 244063)
On top of all this, just a couple of days ago, Joseph Biden popped up in a new video essentially threatening Senator Linsey Graham by saying that he will regret it for the rest of his life if Graham initiates a Senate investigation of him and his son Hunter Biden looking into politically based international corruption. That comment by Biden sounded in tone like a Mafia style warning. It’s clear that the DC based “UniParty” and the associated bureaucratic “Interagency or Deep State” is all for sending as much US foreign aid monies to corrupt foreign countries all over the world, where a percentage of those monies can be syphoned off through criminal activities, including nepotistic corruption, which can allow US politicians to avoid the charge that they engaged in direct acts of bribery. No doubt some of the DC hate or resistance against President Trump is fear that he would stick his “outsider” nose into illicit DC establishment practices such as corruption that has made so many DC politicians rich.
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Reply 30 - Posted by: mobyclik 11/24/2019 9:53:47 AM (No. 244074)
If anyone deserves a Pulitzer Award, it's John Solomon. He's doing the work 98% of the so-called ''media'' REFUSE to do. I admire you, Mr. Solomon...and keep it up.
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Reply 31 - Posted by: bigfatslob 11/24/2019 9:54:59 AM (No. 244076)
With Hillary Clinton's certain to win in 2016 many democrats were visiting Ukraine including John Kerry, Hillary Clinton and others. They all loved the Ukraine for the total corruption and a dip in the cash cow till. You want to discuss Russian ties Obama "being a little more flexible after his election" to appease Vlad Putin the eternal president of Russia.
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Reply 32 - Posted by: fayebeck 11/24/2019 10:16:37 AM (No. 244098)
Dittoes and amen #27. Couldn't say it better BUT I would add first responders to the equation. Many of whom are collecting big bucks in pensions and disabilities and many run marathons. The "hero" thing has gone on for too long. Another overused thing. After about the 100th picture of "heroes" returning to surprise their families it became meaningless. Six months deployment these days do not match 3 or 4 years of World War 2. But it's the LOOK AT ME generation and it's becoming old and meaningless.
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Reply 33 - Posted by: little guy 11/24/2019 10:42:31 AM (No. 244131)
28 facts that are body blows of heavy weight proportions! Mike Tyson never hit that hard. This article should be shouted from the rooftops and appear in all media ... but it won't. Proving once again we are in a battle for the heart and soul of America as we all knew & loved it growing up. When any of your Demo-rat friends or relatives tell you the Bidens "did nothing wrong" just ask them point blank: "If Dick Cheney's unqualified son got a job on a billion dollar foreign corporation while Cheney was assigned to watch that country for corruption in order to protect American tax dollars going there, would you be okay with that?" Shuts them up quick.
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Reply 34 - Posted by: earlybird 11/24/2019 10:42:46 AM (No. 244132)
Anyone who volunteers for military service to protect our country is a hero unless proven otherwise. Time in a battle zone is irrevelant when one can be seriously wounded or killed at any time. The same is true of first responders. They run toward disaster - fires, for example - not away from them. I do not believe in the broad brushstroke painting, citing “many” this and “many” that without data to support such a claim. Vindman is a creepy weasel. I don’t consider him to be a hero. Bowe Bergdahl, ditto. But those are individual failures. Not representative of the many who serve and the many who do not come back or come back gravely wounded and disabled for life.
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Reply 35 - Posted by: Strike3 11/24/2019 11:17:40 AM (No. 244166)
Totally agree with #27. I too wore a uniform for four years and did a job. Period. It was during a time when one was more likely to be spit upon than have a crown placed upon his head but I wouldn't trade the experience of service for anything. There are real heroes out there, most of them dead or wounded and we should not blur the distinction.
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Reply 36 - Posted by: Obviousity 11/24/2019 11:28:47 AM (No. 244175)
One image of Vindman is Putin having let himself go chunky.
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Reply 37 - Posted by: clipped wings 11/24/2019 12:46:08 PM (No. 244257)
A man who was in Ranger School with Vindman claims that the porky LTC was a “chow thief,”—who stole food from fellow students. That is serious. Students are not fed well in the course—deliberately. Other students tried to “Peer him out” by rating him down, but higher politics won out. He’s a slimy one, IMO.
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Reply 38 - Posted by: NotaBene 11/24/2019 12:52:14 PM (No. 244260)
The highlight of the impeachment pantomime was when LTC Vindictiveman said: “that will be Lieutenant Colonel Vindman for you Mr. Nunes”. The nerve of this martinet Ukrainian Jewish refugee in full dress uniform is amazing. Probably the three offers by Ukrainian government to be Ukrainian Defense Minister went to his head. The Army is complicit in this lack of Discipline and should have posted away from the White House NSC the instant he admitted to talking to Amb. Kent and Eric CIAramella. This is insubordination and probably treason (loose lips sink ships) and paints the US Army as complicit in the Deep State coup against President Donald Trump the Great. The Navy did not distinguish herself either in the Eddie Gallagher case. It is not just the enrichment of the Biden and Kerry families, Washington DC is rotten to the core. Makes one wonder how much money was funneled through the corrupt Ukraine to end up with a political system that love Ukraine more than America.
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Reply 39 - Posted by: RedWhite&Blue2 11/24/2019 1:29:06 PM (No. 244292)
Sic the UCMJ on this sorry ass stooge liar. He and his ilk of rat liars need Justice! Veterans for Trump 2020 Drain the deep state swamp
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Reply 40 - Posted by: Italiano 11/24/2019 4:40:56 PM (No. 244411)
I'm, way past the obligatory knee-jerk "I respect his service" mantra. He's a puke now, he was probably a puke back then.
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Reply 41 - Posted by: cor-vet 11/24/2019 5:35:41 PM (No. 244451)
Poster #27 & #35 have said anything I would say, but much more eloquently. Thank you both for your comments.
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Reply 42 - Posted by: rikkitikki 11/24/2019 5:44:29 PM (No. 244459)
In referring to the lies Vindman told under oath, as this article reveals, I perceive no obligation, whatsoever, to give any more honor to such a traitorous liar than I would to Benedict Arnold. Serving in the Army does not give anyone carte blanche to then lie under oath, and certainly not regarding his commander in chief. Regarding Arnold and his injury in the Revolutionary War, as the old adage goes, 'bury Arnold's injured leg in Arlington with full military honors, but dump the rest of his traitorous carcass in Chesapeake Bay.'...or words to that effect. And that is the attitude America should have towards the traitorous liar, Vindman.
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Reply 43 - Posted by: Janylou 11/24/2019 5:48:13 PM (No. 244460)
You know you are over the target when you are taking heavy flax
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Reply 44 - Posted by: lana720 11/24/2019 5:53:11 PM (No. 244467)
John Solomon is all over Fox News, Sean, Laura, Levin. They're possibly the only ones who allow him speak the truth and have the background that hardly anyone else, except Sarah Carter and Dan Bogino, has. The colossal waste of energy, money and bandwidth involved in this mess is time that should have been spent working with what is left to prevent another internal intel “flare-up.” We have enough of the enemy within who could start something YUGE to hurt us while our guard is down. Praying that the line is being held by some devoted intel employees.
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Reply 45 - Posted by: msavalla 11/24/2019 6:32:57 PM (No. 244504)
A breath of fresh air, truth, accurate documented reporting and the death Nell for the swamp.
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Reply 46 - Posted by: leonardo 11/24/2019 9:48:11 PM (No. 244620)
If President Trump manages to win the presidency AND the House, I wonder if he would consider asking our friends in France for the guillotines that they must have in storage. We could then have a parade of Swamp Traitors to these devices to rid ourselves of them once and for all.
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Reply 47 - Posted by: bighambone 11/24/2019 10:05:31 PM (No. 244630)
Anyone with an advanced degree can show up in DC, especially individuals of foreign origin, and claim to be a foreign relations expert, especially when their expertise relates the foreign country of their birth. As who would know different? When that happens you never know if they harbor split allegiances between the USA and the country of their birth. Remember in Vindman’s case when he was born in the USSR, Ukraine was a Soviet Socialist Republic within the USSR. Since the Ukrainian Government offered him the position of Defense Minister of Ukraine at least on three different occasions according to Vindman himself, you have to figure that the Ukrainian Government believes that Vindman would be loyal to Ukraine while engaging against Russia, so it is remarkable that Vindman is still working at the White House office of the US National Security Council after a corrupt foreign government offered him a cabinet level position in their government that you would believe would only be open to Ukrainian citizens.
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A month before the 2016 presidential election, the FBI met Christopher Steele in Rome and apparently unlawfully shared with the foreign opposition researcher some of the bureau’s most closely held secrets, according to unpublicized disclosures in the recent Justice Department Inspector General report on abuses of federal surveillance powers. What’s more, Steele, the former British spy who compiled the “dossier” of conspiracy theories for the Hillary Clinton campaign, was promised $15,000 to attend the briefing by FBI agents eager to maintain his cooperation in their Trump-Russia collusion investigation codenamed Crossfire Hurricane. That investigation was so closely guarded that only a handful of top officials and agents at the FBI were allowed
NYT: US attorney leading Russia probe
investigating whether US intelligence
agencies hid information
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The federal prosecutor leading the probe into the 2016 Trump-Russia investigation might be pursuing a basis to accuse former US intelligence officials who served under former President Barack Obama of hiding intelligence about Russia's election interference, according to The New York Times. (Snip) John Durham, the US attorney tapped by Attorney General William Barr to look into the investigators, is questioning past disputes between different US intelligence agencies' analysts over sharing highly sensitive information regarding Russia's scheme to meddle in the 2016 US election. Durham and his team of investigators have looked at emails and interviewed a small group of intelligence analysts from several US agencies, including the CIA, FBI and National
Barr privately ordered re-examination of
Michael Flynn's case, US officials say
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Washington- Attorney General William Barr is ordering a re-examination of several high-profile cases, including that of former national security adviser Michael Flynn, US officials briefed on the matter say, in a move that could bring fresh scrutiny of the political motives behind actions at the Justice Department. US Attorney Jeffrey Jensen of St. Louis has been tasked with taking a second look at some aspects of the sensitive cases, one of the officials said. It was not clear which other cases were under review, and what form the reviews had taken.
U.S. and U.K. Intelligence Agencies Worry
About John Durham – Scrutiny of CIA
Draws Media Apoplexy…
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Posted by earlybird 2/14/2020 11:02:12 AM Post Reply
There was once a time, not that long ago, when the mainstream left was highly critical of the CIA, and scrutiny of dubious claims by U.S. intelligence was a common occurrence. Of course all of that changed when those same intelligence agencies were weaponized to target a political enemy that was also the enemy of the left, namely Donald Trump. (Snip)Using information from U.K. media, and looking closer at yesterday’s New York Times report about investigations of the CIA, in this outline we will explain where corrupt U.S. and U.K. interests merge; what specific action was taken, & why the mortar is crumbling.
Jessie Liu Resigns Treasury Dept.
Following Nomination Withdrawal…
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Posted by earlybird 2/13/2020 6:22:38 PM Post Reply
Not surprisingly, several media outlets are reporting Jessie Liu resigned from the Treasury Department effective Wednesday evening. Interestingly, in the discussions of the issues around Liu all MSM are ignoring her involvement in the James Wolfe case/cover-up. Ms. Liu moved from being U.S. Attorney in DC into the Treasury Department in a quest to become the Undersecretary for Terrorism and Financial Crimes within the agency. However, that treasury position required senate confirmation and President Trump withdrew her nomination.
Stop Apologising for Saving Black Lives 7 replies
Posted by earlybird 2/13/2020 5:10:48 PM Post Reply
Idiot conservatives were doing the idiot thing this week, screaming “racism!” in response to an old tape of former Mayor Michael Bloomberg defending stop-and-frisk, one of the policies that drove New York City murder rates down to Mayberry levels. They weren’t being ironic. In the 2015 tape, Bloomberg makes the blindingly obvious point that if “95% of murders and murder victims are young male minorities” — as is true in New York City — then police should be questioning about 95% of young male minorities. To stop crime, he said, you “put a lot of cops where the crime is, which means in minority neighborhoods.”
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Navy SEAL Who Killed Bin Laden
Tells Buttigieg: ‘Stop Playing War Hero’
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Posted by Pluperfect 2/14/2020 4:18:21 AM Post Reply

The former Navy SEAL responsible for killing al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden offered some harsh advice for Democrat presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg, who often touts his five months in Afghanistan on the presidential campaign trail. “My advice for Pete Buttigieg… Stop playing war hero. You’re gonna get called out,” wrote Robert O’Neill on Twitter.(Snip for tweet)Former South Bend, Indiana mayor Buttigieg, coming off two strong performances in the Iowa and New Hampshire primaries, often references serving as a naval intelligence officer as a primary qualification for his fitness to serve in the Oval Office.

Pink Floyd rocker Roger Waters
bashes Donald Trump as 'tyrant,' 'mass
34 replies
Posted by JunkYardDog 2/14/2020 10:30:37 AM Post Reply
Controversial former Pink Floyd rocker Roger Waters bashed President Donald Trump at an event Tuesday in New York City, showing support for 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders. The British bassist and songwriter, who hasn't been with the band since the 1980s, spoke at a Q&A to promote his concert film, “Us + Them.” According to Rolling Stone magazine, the moderator noted that the film showed Waters’ music getting its message of “humanism” to connect with young people all over the world.
DOJ won't pursue criminal charges
against McCabe
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The Justice Department said Friday it will not pursue criminal charges against former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe, after a nearly two-year-long investigation into accusations brought by the agency's independent watchdog who claimed that he lacked "candor" when questioned about leaking to the media. In a letter to McCabe attorney Michael Bromwich obtained by Fox News, Justice Department attorney J.P. Cooney said the investigation is now “closed.” “We write to inform you that, after careful consideration, the Government has decided not to pursue criminal charges against your client, Andrew G. McCabe,’” Cooney wrote.

Biologically Male Runner To Compete In USA
Women’s Olympic Trials
29 replies
Posted by ladydawgfan 2/14/2020 1:13:25 PM Post Reply
A biologically male marathon runner who identifies as a transgender woman is set to compete in the USA Olympic trials later in February. Megan Youngren “is set to make history on Feb. 29 as the first openly transgender athlete to compete at the U.S. Olympic marathon trials,” Sports Illustrated reported. Youngren qualified for the trials after a strong performance on Dec. 8, 2019 in the California International Marathon. “People will try to put it down by saying, ‘That’s too easy because you’re trans.’ But what about the 500 other women who will qualify?” Youngren told the magazine. “There’s probably someone with the exact same story.”
Roger Stone jury reportedly stacked with
leftist activists; Obama-appointed judge
allegedly ignored
25 replies
Posted by ladydawgfan 2/14/2020 8:34:55 AM Post Reply
New findings strongly suggest that, thanks in part to left-wing Judge Amy Berman Jackson, convicted former Trump campaign official and longtime political consultant Roger Stone’s guilt wasn’t determined last year by an unbiased jury but rather by one stocked with partisan left-wing operatives. Among the alleged operatives was former Tennessee Democrat congressional candidate Tomeka Hart, a far-left activist who’d been posting negative stories about President Donald Trump and his alleged (and since-debunked) Russian collusion crimes to social media long before she was selected to serve on Stone’s jury last November.
Bloomberg Adviser Gets Short With NYT
Reporter About Candidate’s Height
25 replies
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A Michael Bloomberg adviser was cut down to size by a New York Times reporter Thursday after trying to claim the Democratic presidential candidate was not self-conscious about his height.Times White House correspondent Maggie Haberman disputed one reporter's claim that the Bloomberg campaign was secretly happy about President Donald Trump calling the former New York City mayor a "5'4″ mass of dead energy.""The height thing is one of the few things that actually bothers
New Film Shows How the War on
Poverty Failed and the Real Hope
for America’s 'Forgotten' Cities
22 replies
Posted by MissMolly 2/14/2020 4:13:31 AM Post Reply
When Donald Trump won his historic upset victory in 2016, media outlets briefly turned to the "forgotten" men and women of rural America and those in once-great American cities now crumbling. The "Great Revolt," as Salena Zito explains it, describes a political realignment aimed at revitalizing broken communities. Yet according to a groundbreaking new film, the true answer to urban decay, broken families, and ballooning debt from dependence on social programs isn't more government but a return to the traditional sources of meaning: faith, family, work, and community. Filmmaker Christopher Rufo traveled to three crumbling American cities — Youngstown, Ohio; Memphis, Tenn.; and Stockton, Calif. —
Michael Avenatti convicted of trying to extort
19 replies
Posted by ladydawgfan 2/14/2020 2:41:08 PM Post Reply
Michael Avenatti, the lawyer who represented a porn star in a lawsuit against President Trump, was found guilty of trying to extort Nike. A New York federal jury on Friday found Avenatti guilty on three counts, including extortion, wire fraud and transmission of interstate communications with intent to extort. He faces up to a combined 42 years in prison. Avenatti, 48, who did not testify in the case against him, pleaded not guilty to charges alleging that he tried to extort up to $25 million from Nike by threatening to publicly expose corruption at the sports footwear company unless he was allowed to conduct an internal probe of the company.
U.S. and U.K. Intelligence Agencies Worry
About John Durham – Scrutiny of CIA
Draws Media Apoplexy…
19 replies
Posted by earlybird 2/14/2020 11:02:12 AM Post Reply
There was once a time, not that long ago, when the mainstream left was highly critical of the CIA, and scrutiny of dubious claims by U.S. intelligence was a common occurrence. Of course all of that changed when those same intelligence agencies were weaponized to target a political enemy that was also the enemy of the left, namely Donald Trump. (Snip)Using information from U.K. media, and looking closer at yesterday’s New York Times report about investigations of the CIA, in this outline we will explain where corrupt U.S. and U.K. interests merge; what specific action was taken, & why the mortar is crumbling.
San Francisco car break-ins are so common
that the city's district attorney is proposing
reimbursing residents whose windows are smashed
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San Francisco's district attorney is proposing creating an auto-burglary-assistance fund that would reimburse residents for the cost required to repair shattered windows from break-ins. The DA, Chesa Boudin, is proposing using $1.5 million from the mayor's office to fill the fund. If it passes, it could be the country's first fund of this kind. (Snip) The city has been experiencing an epidemic of car break-ins in recent years. In 2019, 25,677 people reported car break-ins, according to data from the San Francisco Police Department. The police department only makes arrests in about 1% of cases. Unsuspecting tourists often are victims
Durham Investigation Must Be Wrapping Up
Because Barr Has Become Enemy Number One
18 replies
Posted by ladydawgfan 2/14/2020 2:23:31 PM Post Reply
To hear the media tell it, Attorney General William Barr and his boss, President Donald Trump, are on the verge of breaking up. Or maybe Barr is acting as the president’s lapdog. It changes depending on the outlet and the hour. But one thing seems almost certain: U.S. Attorney John Durham is wrapping up his investigation into the origins of the Russia collusion probe because the same narrative machine that kicked in to give us impeachment has now demanded that Barr testify in front of the House Judiciary Committee in March. And he’s agreed. It stems from the absurd sentencing recommendation from some federal prosecutors
'Hottest mom in the world': California
mother, daughter often mistaken for
sisters despite decades-wide age gap
18 replies
Posted by JunkYardDog 2/14/2020 10:52:47 AM Post Reply
Well, if this isn’t an advertisement for clean living, we don’t know what is. A 43-year-old mom from California claims that she and her 19-year-old daughter are often mistaken for sisters, and she chalks it all up to her lifestyle of healthy eating habits and strict skin care regimen. “I was pretty young when I had [my daughter], so it’s not entirely impossible that we could be sisters,” Joleen Diaz told Jam Press.
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