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Johnson Will Soon Have a Single-Vote Majority—What
Does This Mean for Congress?

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Posted By: earlybird, 4/17/2024 9:08:48 PM

WASHINGTON—After a string of retirements and an expulsion, House Republicans will soon hold the slimmest majority in modern history. House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) is leading a Republican conference that can spare only one defection in a party that has already dethroned its own speaker over internal divisions. Such a thin advantage gives Republicans little in the way of leverage in a government that’s otherwise completely controlled by Democrats—particularly as infighting and the threat of a new motion to vacate against Mr. Johnson hangs over all that he does.


Yet some think it would be cool to dump Johnson NOW and elect Jordan or Biggs NOW? When pigs fly... Hang on, elect Trump and more Republican congresspersons. Patience. Or lose bigly...

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Reply 1 - Posted by: Californian 4/17/2024 9:14:50 PM (No. 1701304)
Watch another 2 RINO resign just before Trump gets elected when the polling has Ice Cream Man getting creamed by 10 points to turn the House over to their RINO/Democrat party who will then refuse to accept Trump's overwhelming victory and create a constitutional crisis. All in the name of saving democracy.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: Northcross 4/17/2024 9:20:29 PM (No. 1701306)
Meanwhile, every proposed bill or lack of a bill causes some dimwit R to want to vacate the speaker's chair. Nice work, Republicans.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: stablemoney 4/17/2024 9:30:08 PM (No. 1701310)
The only majority Johnson has is with the Democrats.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: danu 4/17/2024 9:34:14 PM (No. 1701311)
and when we get there, the cupboard will be bare
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Reply 5 - Posted by: jalo1951 4/17/2024 9:38:01 PM (No. 1701314)
It means America and the America people will continue to be f-ed over by the elite. But since they are our betters, just ask them, I guess we should be thrilled and tingly all over. And with all the rinos running loose it should easy to accomplish in both chambers. s/o
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Reply 6 - Posted by: BarryNo 4/17/2024 9:45:26 PM (No. 1701319)
It's all an illusion. Republicans only really comprise about 20% of either house or senate. The rest are Deep States and compromised pols. The Deep State Swamp Critters sit smugly in seats purchased for them by Globalist masters. The compromised squirm and fret, their existence between the Deep Stater whims and the blackmail restraining them. They don't want to be where they are, but they are trapped. Uncompromised Republicans push and pull on these unfortunate souls and occasionally make temporary incursions. There support lasts only till their masters crack their whips.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: DVC 4/17/2024 10:38:45 PM (No. 1701328)
Given that Johnson has proven that he is stupid as all get out, nothing good is likely to happen.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: jntsrgn 4/17/2024 10:59:37 PM (No. 1701340)
As soon as the Dems control the House they will declare by act of Congress that Trump is ineligible to hold Federal office due to Jan 6th. That is game OVER.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: RuckusTom 4/17/2024 11:25:24 PM (No. 1701351)
"... and an expulsion ...". They're not called the stupid party for nothing. If 2 more republicans retire between now and November - flipping the House to the democrats (with Hakeem Jeffries as Speaker), how quickly could they ram through big ticket items in time for the election? Things like amnesty, DC statehood (2 more dem senators) and two or three more SC justices? Who would stop them? How could they be stopped?
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Reply 10 - Posted by: Catherine 4/17/2024 11:26:44 PM (No. 1701353)
# 8 - that's scary. But so far they haven't proved anything about January 6th have they? I know they're working on it but, and I hate to say this out loud, they haven't managed to 'get' President Trump on anything but that Carrol woman and that was a joke and on appeal. Johnson better hang in there for a few more months.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: Tennman 4/17/2024 11:46:20 PM (No. 1701359)
It means the pubbies are frigging morons hell-bent on proving calling them the stupid-party is very, very generous
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Reply 12 - Posted by: Rinktum 4/18/2024 3:48:43 AM (No. 1701379)
Since the few contrarians we can always count on to betray us, it looks like we are royally screwed. No one has come along in the Republican leadership who can or even wants to have a come to Jesus meeting with this motley crew of traitors. There is always enough fools who will cross over and vote with the dems. The pathetic turn of events is when the leadership does it! While I absolutely loathe the democrat party, these Rinos are dead to me. I abhor them because they put their own petty grievances and/or vengeance above the will of the people and the good of the country. Never forget the day John McCain betrayed the entire nation in order to stick it to Trump when he waltzed in to save Obamacare. He was not going to give Trump that win. I despise these traitors because of the harm they have done to this country. #3, I bet a dime to a donut that Johnson has made a deal with democrats to protect his Speakership if he goes along with the democrat agenda. Anyone else have a chill go up their spine when we saw the photos of Mike Johnson and Paul Ryan on the stairs together after their closed door meeting? Was that when Johnson was turned or was he a ringer the whole time?
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Reply 13 - Posted by: Trigger2 4/18/2024 5:02:12 AM (No. 1701401)
Only one RINO can upset the apple cart? I'd say it's more like 20.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: mifla 4/18/2024 5:23:23 AM (No. 1701408)
It means that every House Republican needs to watch their backs as they go down the stairs in the Capitol.
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Reply 15 - Posted by: EQKimball 4/18/2024 6:13:36 AM (No. 1701431)
When it comes to voting discipline, the House Democratic caucus is as reliably a solid bloc as the North Korean politburo. The Republicans meanwhile resemble the Stanford Marching Band. Ever wonder why?
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Reply 16 - Posted by: enemyofthestate 4/18/2024 7:03:18 AM (No. 1701444)
What does it mean? It means that Rebooblicans rarely miss an opportunity to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.
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Reply 17 - Posted by: little guy 4/18/2024 8:43:41 AM (No. 1701518)
Hakeem Jeffries will be Speaker within a few weeks. Republicans will have given up happily their majority. They are stupid, feckless and as corrupt as democrats, maybe even more corrupt. ALL of our so-called elected leaders are deliberately destroying the greatest country on the face of the earth. ALL. It's over.
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Reply 18 - Posted by: Surroundedbyblue 4/18/2024 10:26:28 AM (No. 1701584)
The difference would be what if the Dems had the speakership?
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Reply 19 - Posted by: bighambone 4/18/2024 12:58:33 PM (No. 1701702)
It means that by the time the Republican National Convention comes around that the wimpy Congressional Republicans will most likely hand over control of the House of Representatives to the progressive Democrats resulting in the coronation of a new progressive Democrat Speaker of the House thus giving the leftist and progressive Democrats complete control of the Congress and the White House. Beyond that, once all the tens of millions of illegal aliens are counted in the next US Census, which will cause a good number of Congressional Districts to be moved from their present locations into leftist and progressive Democrat politically controlled so-called “sanctuary cities” and areas because of the massive illegal alien population increases in those cities and areas that the wimpy Republicans will never again be able to gain control of the House of Representatives on into the future.
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Reply 20 - Posted by: Lucky5 4/18/2024 1:46:52 PM (No. 1701733)
As usually destroy any power or lead we have. What is wrong with Republicans in government?
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Johnson Will Soon Have a Single-Vote Majority—What
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WASHINGTON—After a string of retirements and an expulsion, House Republicans will soon hold the slimmest majority in modern history. House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) is leading a Republican conference that can spare only one defection in a party that has already dethroned its own speaker over internal divisions. Such a thin advantage gives Republicans little in the way of leverage in a government that’s otherwise completely controlled by Democrats—particularly as infighting and the threat of a new motion to vacate against Mr. Johnson hangs over all that he does.
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At a certain point after following politics closely, you move away from reacting to events and begin to focus on proactively predicting events. (snip)Let there be absolutely no doubt, removing Johnson right now is giving the speaker gavel to Democrats. This Machiavellian way to remove Donald Trump has always appeared to be the Deep State insurance policy.(snip)If the Democrats take control of the House, disqualifying Donald Trump from federal office will be the purpose of their first legislative act. They already hold the Senate. They will do this. Thomas Massie knows this. So, ask yourself, who exactly is controlling the action of Thomas Massie;
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The first Trump trial is here, set to begin on Monday, with the allegation being that the former president violated New York law by having his company misreport payments to Stormy Daniels as “legal fees” rather than campaign expenditures. Much of the commentary on the case — at least from those defending the former president — has consisted of accusations that Manhattan District Attorney (DA) Alvin Bragg is abusing his power on a political vendetta and that Judge Juan Merchan is a biased partisan.(snip) Better, then, to (snip) explain why the DA’s case is wrong as a matter of law.
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– The Stuff You Never See Explained
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Before getting into bigger picture analysis and intellectual discussion about FISA and the 702 reauthorizations, let me just reveal some inside DC crap that drives me nuts and at the same time will help y’all understand the nonsense. First, the Intelligence Community (IC) tells congress, particularly the House and Senate Intelligence Committees, that all hell will break loose if they don’t reauthorize full electronic surveillance of Americans. Congress is petrified of the IC. Speaker Johnson and all of the key participants are totally siloed from understanding that 702 has nothing to do with incidental collection of American data whilst the honorable IC were doing foreign intercepts.
Video proof “irate” AG Bill Barr was
in on the coup against President Trump.
It’s time to hold him accountable…
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By this point, it’s clear to everyone that Bill Barr was a dirty pawn of the Deep State, installed to undermine President Trump from the inside. Yet, we’ve now got a rare look at just how evil he truly was. Barr wasn’t merely “concerned” about the 2020 election; he was outright “irate.” Not over the injustice of it all, mind you, but because he was incensed by any investigations into the sham. If this doesn’t scream his direct involvement in the coup against Trump, what does? Here’s what Trump spokeswoman Liz Harrington had to share about “irate” Bill Barr and his urgent push to halt any probes
Behind EV Push, a Wealth Transfer From
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President Joe Biden’s new EV mandates will likely prove to be a sizable wealth transfer from rural red regions of America to urban blue sections, and to wealthy Democrats who reside in them, according to reports. On March 20, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) finalized its tailpipe emissions rules for the auto industry starting in 2027. These rules are the strictest in history and will effectively force carmakers to have one-third of new car sales be plug-in electric vehicles (EVs) by 2027 and more than two-thirds by 2032. This represents a dramatic increase from current EV sales, which were about 8 percent of the new car market in 2023.
CDC Releases Hidden COVID-19 Vaccine Injury Reports 23 replies
Posted by earlybird 4/4/2024 11:27:41 AM Post Reply
The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has released previously hidden reports of facial paralysis and other adverse events following COVID-19 vaccination. The 780,000 reports were received shortly after the COVID-19 vaccines were rolled out and show that people experienced a wide range of post-vaccination problems, including heart inflammation, miscarriages, and seizures. “Loss of consciousness and seizure immediately following injection. Went to ER by ambulance,” one person reported. Another stated, “Diagnosed with Bells Palsy today due to left-sided facial numbness and paralysis.”
Republicans Score Win in Court Battle
Over Pennsylvania Ballot Requirements
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Pennsylvania rules that require mail-in ballots to be dated are legal, a federal appeals court has ruled. A state law that says voters must fill out, date, and sign envelopes containing the ballots is not prevented by the Civil Rights Act of 1964, a majority said in the March 27 ruling. The act bans denying “the right of any individual to vote in any election because of an error or omission on any record or paper relating to any application, registration or other act requisite to voting.”
Calls for Impeachment After Federal Judge
Appears on CNN, Criticizes Trump
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Calls for impeachment and a misconduct warning emerged late on March 28, after a sitting federal judge criticized former President Donald Trump, who is running for president, during a cable news appearance. U.S. District Judge for the District of Columbia Reggie Walton appeared on CNN and criticized President Trump after the former president targeted another judge and that judge’s daughter. New York State Supreme Court Justice Juan Merchan “is suffering from an acute case of Trump Derangement Syndrome,” President Trump said this week.
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A judge in Texas struck down a Biden administration rule on March 28 that required states to measure and report the greenhouse gas emissions from any vehicles using the national highway system. The rule was issued by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT)’s Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) in 2023 as part of President Biden’s efforts to slash carbon emissions in half by 2030. Specifically, it required state transportation departments and metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs) to both measure their transportation-related emissions on the U.S. highway system and set their own emission reduction targets.
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Biden Says His Uncle May Have Been Eaten
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President Joe Biden said Wednesday that his "Uncle Brosie" may have been eaten by cannibals on the Australian island of New Guinea during World War II. Biden made the comments to the press around 12:05 p.m. Wednesday at Wilkes-Barre Scranton International Airport in Avoca, Pennsylvania, before departing for Pittsburgh to speak to union steelworkers and make an election pitch that includes tripling tariffs on Chinese steel and aluminum to protect American producers. On Tuesday, the president visited Scranton and pitched a new tax plan he said would benefit middle-class American families. He later visited his childhood home before speaking at the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America Local Union 445.
Majority of Young Muslims in UK Want Islamic
Law: Poll shows British Muslims want Islam
as the national religion and an Islamic
political party
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Posted by OhioNick 4/17/2024 12:04:10 AM Post Reply
1 in 3 Muslims living in the UK want Islam to be declared the national religion and for everyone to live under the brutal system of Sharia law which calls for beheadings and amputations. Less than 1 in 4 Muslims opposed the move while the majority were unwilling to commit. Among younger Muslims 18-24, 1 in 5 believed that making Islam “our national religion” was “very desirable”, and a total of 43% supported redefining the UK as an Islamic state. Only 16% opposed it. This younger group who are the future of Muslims in the UK was also the one most likely to sympathize with Islamic terrorists.
Mike Johnson Praises CNN’s Jake Tapper
Off-Air: ‘You’re Always Fair’
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Posted by Imright 4/17/2024 9:48:19 PM Post Reply
Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) had kind words for far-left CNN host Jake Tapper Wednesday after the cameras appeared to turn dark. “You’re always fair,” a mic’d up Johnson said during an exchange heard by Breitbart News moments after Johnson’s long appearance on CNN’s The Lead with Jake Tapper. Johnson joined Tapper remotely from outside the House floor in the Capitol as a handful of reporters looked on. He remarked during the interview that he had known Tapper, a proven leftwing partisan known for broadcasting false claims, for a long time.
New NASA Mars Crew Has a Muslim, No White
People: “To reach out to the Muslim
world… to help them feel good about
their historic contribution to science,
math, and engineering.”
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There’s the Right Stuff and the Woke Stuff. NASA no longer has the right stuff, so all it’s got is the DEI stuff. Remember this? In July 2010, NASA chief Charles Bolden, an Obama appointee, told Al Jazeera that his boss had given him three priorities… “to reach out to the Muslim world… to help them feel good about their historic contribution to science, math, and engineering.” [SNIP] Now the four-person crew for the “virtual” mission to Mars has been unveiled and they carefully screened out the white people.
“The Food is No Good at All” – African
Illegals at NYC City Council Complain
About Free Food and Housing (VIDEO)
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Posted by Imright 4/18/2024 8:19:46 AM Post Reply
African illegals at a New York City Council meeting complained about the free (taxpayer-funded) food and housing provided to them. More than 1,300 illegal aliens from Africa swarmed New York City Hall on Tuesday after they were falsely promised work visas and green cards. The illegals were lined up outside of New York City Hall as far as the eye could see. Africans in Islamic garb swarmed the sidewalk. Many of them are from Guinea and entered the US through the Mexican border. WATCH:
Pelosi: I Question if Netanyahu Is ‘Capable
of Peace’
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Posted by Imright 4/18/2024 4:24:20 AM Post Reply
On Wednesday’s broadcast of “CNN NewsNight,” Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) stated that she has “always questioned” whether Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “was capable of peace,” and that there needs to be an investigation beyond the one Israel is doing on the strike that killed World Central Kitchen workers in order for Israel to get more weapons. Pelosi said, “Netanyahu has to come around. He has not been a peace-oriented person. I’ve always questioned that for decades now as to whether he could — was capable of peace, wanted to do peace, or was afraid of peace.
North Carolina HS student charged after
slapping female teacher in profanity-filled
classroom tantrum in front of laughing classmates
31 replies
Posted by mc squared 4/17/2024 10:36:16 AM Post Reply
A North Carolina high school student was charged after he allegedly slapped his teacher multiple times during a viral profanity-laced classroom rant earlier this week. The rage-filled youngster, identified only as a minor, confronted the educator inside Parkland High School in Winston-Salem, where he violently attacked her, according to video posted to social media. After the initial impact, the teacher seemed unfazed by the slap as the student continued to run his mouth. Do you think that affected me anyway,” the unidentified teacher said, sitting back in her chair, legs crossed. “Want me to hit you again,” the juvenile asked as he menacingly approached the teacher.
Federal Court Overturns West Virginia
Law Protecting Women’s Sports from Male Intrusion
31 replies
Posted by Dreadnought 4/17/2024 12:04:31 AM Post Reply
A federal appeals court on Tuesday overturned a West Virginia law that prohibits male athletes from competing in women’s sports in the state, arguing that it violates Title IX, the federal law barring sex-based discrimination in schools. In a 2-1 ruling, the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals allowed transgender-identifying males to participate on women’s sports teams in the state. This was one of several pending lawsuits addressing the issue of male participation in women’s sports, with both sides laying claim to Title IX to support their cases. In the West Virginia case, Becky Pepper-Jackson — an eleven-year-old boy interested in trying out for his middle-school girls’ cross-country team
Biden's aides call Donald Trump 'Hitler
pig' - as cruel nickname is revealed in
staffers' text messages following reports
he dozed off in courtroom
29 replies
Posted by Imright 4/18/2024 4:34:14 AM Post Reply
Multiple aides working for President Joe Biden allegedly have a nasty name for their boss' opponent, former President Donald Trump. It was reported that several of the current president's younger staffers and other Democrats close to Biden use the nickname 'Hitler Pig' for Trump. A staffer referenced the nickname when reporter Maggie Haberman accused Trump of sleeping at his trial in New York City Monday. .Hitler Pig sleepy' was what one person allegedly captioned the New York Times reporter's comments to CNN Monday.
New York Gov. Kathy Hochul Celebrates
Budget Gains with $2.4 Billion for Migrants
24 replies
Posted by Imright 4/17/2024 9:51:34 PM Post Reply
On Monday, New York’s Democrat Gov. Kathy Hochul celebrated her victory of getting mostly everything she wanted in her $237 billion budget fight, including an additional $2.4 billion in spending for migrants. Hochul boasted that she beat politics as usual, saying, “I heard way too often for my tastes: That’s always how it’s been done. That’s never worked for me, it never will. We had some very tough conversations for how we can change the entrenched status quo,” Politico reported.Indeed, the budget plan includes $4 billion more than she asked for in January.
Senate Democrats kill both articles of
impeachment against DHS Secretary Mayorkas
24 replies
Posted by Moritz55 4/17/2024 4:38:05 PM Post Reply
Both articles of impeachment against Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas were deemed unconstitutional by the Senate on Wednesday in a party-line vote. The first of two articles of impeachment alleged Mayorkas engaged in the "willful and systemic refusal to comply with the law" regarding the southern border in his capacity as DHS secretary. The second claimed Mayorkas had breached public trust. Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., proposed a point of order declaring the article unconstitutional, to which the majority of senators agreed following several failed motions by Republicans.
NPR CEO: You Better Believe I Partnered
With Gov't to Suppress 'Misinformation'
About Pandemic, Elections
24 replies
Posted by Dreadnought 4/17/2024 3:21:33 PM Post Reply
By golly, I think we've discovered the qualifications that got Katherine Maher hired to run Government Radio. Christopher Rufo has done extensive digging into Maher's track record, none of which had anything to do with journalism until NPR made her its new CEO in January. Maher did work at Wikipedia as its CEO during the pandemic and the 2020 election, where she took an active role in content control. And by content control, Maher made clear in a remote address to the Atlantic Council in 2021, she means imposing censorship on any information or discussion to which the government objected on both topics (transcript via RealClearPolitics):
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