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US military bases fend off visits from
Chinese citizens: reports

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Posted By: PageTurner, 9/5/2023 12:58:27 AM

Chinese nationals have accessed U.S. military bases and other facilities dozens of times, U.S. officials said, according to a new report from The Wall Street Journal. Government agencies like the Defense Department and the FBI held a review the past year to limit the events, the Journal reported. Officials allegedly call the people involved in the incidents “gate-crashers” and have espionage concerns about their occurrence. The gate-crashers have reportedly shown up in places like a U.S. missile range in New Mexico and a U.S. government rocket launch site in Florida. A similar report about gate-crasher incidents in Alaska by USA Today


Pretending they're just little lost tourists.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: Richard from Norwood 9/5/2023 3:57:09 AM (No. 1549536)
Re: "“The relevant claims are purely ill-intentioned fabrications,” Liu Pengyu, a spokesperson with the embassy, told the Journal. “We urge the relevant U.S. officials to abandon the Cold War mentality, stop groundless accusations, and do more things that are conducive to enhancing mutual trust between the two countries and friendship between the two peoples.” Spoken like a TRUE fabricator!!!
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Reply 2 - Posted by: mifla 9/5/2023 4:12:54 AM (No. 1549539)
I'm surprised that they did not show the guards a letter from Biden inviting them onto the bases.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: SweetPea3 9/5/2023 4:50:37 AM (No. 1549548)
Both Japan and Germany did this in the 1930s. Student exchange programs and tourists were recruited and sent to photograph and journal facilities, bridges, dams, harbors and such to send back to the motherland.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: Jesuslover54 9/5/2023 6:01:36 AM (No. 1549552)
Meanwhile, Teslas are not allowed anywhere near sensitive facilities in China because of their surveillance capabilities.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: smokincol 9/5/2023 7:40:34 AM (No. 1549589)
all they have to do is call horseface kerry and, for a price of course, he'll get them whatever they want / need
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Reply 6 - Posted by: Rinktum 9/5/2023 8:04:27 AM (No. 1549629)
Time to send Chinese tourists packing. Deport everyone that is coming through our open borders. Do not accept foreign Chinese students. No more H1B visas. Hire only American citizens. Sometimes I believe because of the policies of this government we are too stupid to be a country. How about we put America and Americans first??
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Cuba uncovers human trafficking of Cubans
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HAVANA - Cuba has uncovered a human trafficking ring that has coerced its citizens to fight for Russia in the war in Ukraine, its foreign ministry said on Monday, adding that Cuban authorities were working to "neutralize and dismantle" the network. The statement from Cuba's foreign ministry gave few details, but noted the trafficking ring was operating both within the Caribbean island nation, thousands of miles from Moscow, and in Russia. "The Ministry of the working on the neutralization and dismantling of a human trafficking network that operates from Russia
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Big Labor bosses have a problem: Despite their vitriolic rhetoric and a small number of loud online activists, most workers want nothing to do with unions. A Gallup poll released last Labor Day spotlighted the issue: A strong majority of nonunion workers in the U.S. (58 percent) say they are “not interested at all” in joining a union, whereas just 11 percent say they are “extremely interested.” Since it takes a majority of workers in a given workplace to support a union before monopoly union representation can be imposed, union organizers face a basic math problem — one that explains why only 6 percent of private-sector workers are unionized today.
US military bases fend off visits from
Chinese citizens: reports
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Posted by PageTurner 9/5/2023 12:58:27 AM Post Reply
Chinese nationals have accessed U.S. military bases and other facilities dozens of times, U.S. officials said, according to a new report from The Wall Street Journal. Government agencies like the Defense Department and the FBI held a review the past year to limit the events, the Journal reported. Officials allegedly call the people involved in the incidents “gate-crashers” and have espionage concerns about their occurrence. The gate-crashers have reportedly shown up in places like a U.S. missile range in New Mexico and a U.S. government rocket launch site in Florida. A similar report about gate-crasher incidents in Alaska by USA Today
Lefties whine about red tape keeping them
from that great greenie cash heap in the
Inflation Reduction Act
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What's a hog wallow to pigs who can't jump in? Try a story in The Guardian, where greenie leftists parade their grievances about Joe Biden's bureaucratic obstacles keeping them from getting their hands on all that greenie cash in Joe Biden's Inflation Reduction Act: When President Joe Biden passed the Inflation Reduction Act a year ago, Adrien Salazar was skeptical. The landmark climate bill includes $60bn for environmental justice investments – money he had fought for, as policy director for the leading US climate advocacy coalition Grassroots Global Justice Alliance (GGJA).
Who won the GOP debate? President Trump 4 replies
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A bit differently from my colleague, Andrea Widburg, I enjoyed the presidential debate. I found it intelligent, lively, not too destructively argumentive, and well-controlled in content. Bret Baier and Martha McCallum at Fox News did a terrific job of moderating, urging candidates to get their points across within the time so that they could cover all the topics. Right on. And they called out candidates who were not answering the questions, which was another point in their favor. All the candidates had their moments, all displayed certain strengths. The pair who had the weakest performances -- Asa Hutchinson and Chris Christie -- were the Trump-haters. All they did was offend,
FBI lovebird Peter Strzok tweets about
the 'nasty' inhumane conditions in Georgia
jail that President Trump will be forced into
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FBI lovebird Peter Strzok has a special little cold spot for President Trump, and not just because he got fired for unprofessional behavior on while on the government's dime during Trump's term of office. He hates the guy insanely, enough to plot against him with his famous "insurance policy" as he told the FBI official he was having an affair with, and all one needs to do to see it now is to look through the convoluted logic of his Trump-hating tweets. His banner picture at the top of his Twitter account features legal indictment papers of Trump. So he tweeted this one:
Maui company says request for water to
fight wildfire delayed several hours while
state consulted with farmers
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A Hawaiian company says that its efforts to divert water to fight a devastating wildfire last week were delayed for hours while a government agency, led by a man who has pushed for "water equity," consulted with local farmers. The West Maui Land Company, which manages several agricultural and residential subdivisions along with water jurisdictions, says that it requested water the day of the catastrophic wildfire in Maui from the Commission On Water Resource Management but was initially denied for several hours. The company alleges the reason for that delay was that the commission had to clear the move with local farmers
Hawaiian Electric Was Warned of Its System’s
Fragility Before Wildfire
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Hawaiian Electric has known for years that extreme weather was becoming a bigger danger, but the company did little to strengthen its equipment and failed to adopt emergency plans used elsewhere, like being prepared to cut off power to prevent fires. Before the wildfire on Maui erupted on Aug. 8, killing more than 100 people, many parts of Hawaiian Electric’s operations were showing signs of stress — and state lawmakers, consumer groups and county officials were saying that the company needed to make big changes. In 2019, Hawaiian Electric itself started citing the risk of fires.
The Race to Save Yellowknife From Raging Wildfires 4 replies
Posted by PageTurner 8/19/2023 10:35:15 AM Post Reply
When jay bulckaert answered his phone, he was standing in a fire break clearing brush in Kam Lake, just outside of Yellowknife, the capital city of Canada’s Northwest Territories. Just miles away, a massive wildfire is stalking the city and threatening to move closer as the winds shift. Thousands of people have left Yellowknife since an evacuation order was announced Wednesday evening. Not Bulckaert, though, nor the other volunteers who showed up Friday morning to do whatever they could to stop the fire from razing the city of 20,000. “It’s all hands on deck,” he says. They divvied up tasks as soon as they met
Fulton County machine to shove President
Trump in their rat-, roach- and bedbug-infested jail
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Posted by PageTurner 8/17/2023 9:04:10 AM Post Reply
What's a political prosecution without a little humilation and torture on the side? Every left-wing dictator knows this, and so does the far-left political prosecution team in Fulton County, Georgia, where yes, they plan to shove President Trump and his 18 co-defendants into a bona fide human rights-violating dump of a prison. According to the Washington Examiner: When former President Donald Trump and his 18 co-defendants in the Georgia election case turn themselves in, they will be booked at the notorious Fulton County Jail, a consistently overcrowded, bedbug- and fire ant-ridden detention center
Donald Trump indicted: Former president
to be booked in notorious, bedbug-ridden
Georgia jail
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Posted by PageTurner 8/16/2023 12:28:26 PM Post Reply
When former President Donald Trump and his 18 co-defendants in the Georgia election case turn themselves in, they will be booked at the notorious Fulton County Jail, a consistently overcrowded, bedbug- and fire ant-ridden detention center that is being investigated by the Justice Department over alleged civil rights violations. Trump and several of his allies, including former chief of staff Mark Meadows, lawyer Rudy Giuliani, and former Georgia Republican Party Chairman David Shafer, were indicted late Monday and charged with multiple crimes related to their alleged efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election in Georgia. Trump has denied all wrongdoing.
Biden shows his true colors in his me-first
Maui disaster response
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Posted by PageTurner 8/15/2023 12:32:55 PM Post Reply
In Maui, a disaster of epic proportions is unfolding, one week after wildfires razed its historic city of Lahaina. It's not just that there was little warning and a chaotic evacuation. Now it's the body count -- 99 people are confirmed dead now, and some 1,000 remain missing. If they're dead, and Lahaina has only 12,000 people, the math isn't pretty -- ten percent of the population may be dead, which has a whiff of Ukraine. The cadaver dogs, with rarified training to detect bodies incinerated to ash in flames, are far too few for a mass casualty event like this, so they still have 75%
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Pence: "It Should Not Take That Long"
To Defeat The Russians; U.S. Must Spend
More In Ukraine
45 replies
Posted by Beardo 9/5/2023 10:12:55 AM Post Reply
Mike Pence explains why he favors sending more money and weapons to Ukraine, telling FNC's Shannon Bream that it won't take "that long" to defeat Russia. "Joe Biden said in his State of the Union address that we're there as long as it takes... I'm going to tell you, it shouldn't take that long," Pence said during an interview on "FOX News Sunday" (full interview here). "I really do believe that what we need is to provide the resources, the -- the equipment, the missiles, the aircraft that Ukraine needs to repel that Russian invasion in a much more rapid pace than the Biden administration has done."
Harris says she's ready to step into role
of president if Biden is unwell: 'May
have to take over'
38 replies
Posted by NorthernDog 9/6/2023 8:47:03 AM Post Reply
Vice President Kamala Harris said during an interview Wednesday that she was ready to fulfill her constitutional duty to assume the presidency should President Biden be unable to govern as questions swirl around his health and age. Biden, who is 80 and is turning 81 in November, continues to be the oldest serving president in U.S. history. Should Democrats win again in 2024, he will be 82 before he is sworn into a potential second term and would be 86 at the end of it. Harris described the idea of possibly stepping into the role of president as "hypothetical" but
Watch: Biden Leaves Everyone Confused
as He Walks Out in the Middle of a Medal
of Honor Ceremony
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Posted by Imright 9/5/2023 9:44:17 PM Post Reply
An incredibly odd scene unfolded at the White House on Tuesday during a ceremony to award the Medal of Honor to a Vietnam veteran. Army Captain Larry Taylor flew UH-1 Huey and AH-1 Cobra helicopters during the war. During one harrowing mission, he rescued a four-man reconnaissance team that was under heavy fire. Because his Cobra attack helicopter only had room for the two pilots onboard, the soldiers clung to the skids until Taylor was able to drop them off at a nearby American position. Taylor flew around 2,000 combat missions and is one of the most decorated helicopter pilots in U.S. Army history.
Jill Biden tests Positive for COVID with
'mild symptoms' and will remain at Rehoboth
Beach home - as Joe tests negative after
spending holiday weekend with her
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Posted by Imright 9/5/2023 4:30:02 AM Post Reply
First lady Jill Biden has tested positive for coronavirus, her office confirmed on Monday night - as the White House said Joe Biden has tested negative. The 72-year-old is 'experiencing only mild symptoms' and will remain at the couple's home in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, a statement said. Meanwhile the White House said the president has, so far, tested negative for COVID, as cases of the virus are on the rise again globally. The couple spent Sunday night together at their Rehoboth Beach home before Joe flew to Philadelphia Monday to mark Labor Day with a speech to union workers.
Four-day workweek, 46% raise: UAW makes
'audacious' demands ahead of possible
strike against Big 3 automakers
34 replies
Posted by NorthernDog 9/5/2023 6:23:42 PM Post Reply
A four-day workweek at full-time pay, a 46% wage increase and a share of company profits are among the demands of the union representing approximately 150,000 workers at the Big 3 U.S. automakers -- General Motors, Ford and Stellantis. The United Auto Workers, or UAW, has vowed to launch a strike on Sept. 14 if the union and the automakers fail to reach an agreement by then. Even UAW President Shawn Fain last month described the workers' set of demands as "audacious." He has defended the ambitious agenda in a series of public statements, citing billions in profits enjoyed by the
Pence warns Republicans against ‘siren
song of populism’
31 replies
Posted by Dreadnought 9/6/2023 4:23:52 PM Post Reply
Former Vice President Mike Pence on Wednesday called on his party to turn away from what he described as a growing threat of populism led by his former White House boss Donald Trump and “his imitators.” In a speech delivered at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics at Saint Anselm College, Pence said that “Republican voters face a choice” between conservative principles and the rising populist movement within the party. In his sharpest language to date against the Trump wing of the GOP, Pence said that the populists were substituting limited government and traditional values for “an agenda stitched together by little else than personal grievances and performative outrage.”
Bill Gates Just Bought A Whopping 1.7
Million Shares Of Anheuser-Busch: REPORT
31 replies
Posted by Beardo 9/6/2023 10:51:03 AM Post Reply
If you needed another reason to hate Bud Light, here you go. Bill Gates is putting some serious chips on the beer making a comeback after he bought a whopping 1.7 million shares of the anti-American brand’s umbrella company. (snip) If you’re wanting to see an outright collapse of Bud Light like yours truly, you gotta be loving this, because this doesn’t do anything but inject more poison into a brand that’s crumbling more and more with each passing day. (snip) This is worse than Dylan Mulvaney from where I’m sitting.
Biden admin quietly reverses Trump-era
rule, bans transporting fossil fuels by train
29 replies
Posted by JunkYardDog 9/5/2023 1:35:23 PM Post Reply
The Biden administration quietly rescinded a Trump-era regulation allowing companies to transport liquefied natural gas (LNG) via rail in a victory for environmental groups. In a federal filing Friday ahead of the holiday weekend, the Department of Transportation's Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) formally suspended the 2020 authorization of LNG transportation in rail tank cars. The rule will remain in effect until either a permanent rule regarding LNG rail tank car transportation is proposed and finalized — a process that may take several months — or June 30, 2025.
Africa Climate Summit Hears Calls for
Carbon Tax on World’s Richest Nations
28 replies
Posted by mc squared 9/5/2023 12:26:00 PM Post Reply
Economic success must have a price and a global tax on carbon emissions can help redress Africa’s chronically low Gross Domestic Product (GDP) rates, Kenya’s President William Ruto declared Tuesday as the first Africa Climate Summit began. He pointed to “climate change” driven by successful, dynamic economies in Europe, North America and Asia, as a drain on Africa’s economic progress and it’s time to have a global conversation about a carbon tax on the world’s richest nations. “Those who produce the garbage refuse to pay their bills,” Ruto said, according to AP, echoing others who have also called for carbon tax impositions
Biden wanders off during Medal of Honor ceremony 27 replies
Posted by Hazymac 9/6/2023 8:12:32 AM Post Reply
Is there anyone less fit to be around men of authentic valor than cowardly, self-dealing Joe Biden? Breaking all protocol as well as common decency, he wandered off the set during a Medal of Honor ceremony, leaving the honoree, Capt. Larry L. Taylor, awkwardly on the podium alone. Here's what he did: (Snip) Seriously, he wandered off, leaving Capt. Taylor, the White House's guest of honor, to fend for himself, well before the closing prayer and other protocol niceties. Why the hell did he do that? Your guess is as good as mine given that all the White House will give on such a matter is gaslightings. Here are a few possibilities: One, Biden
Liberty Safe Confirms They Gave Feds Access
Code to Gun Safe During Raid on January
6 Protester
25 replies
Posted by Dreadnought 9/6/2023 10:44:33 AM Post Reply
Liberty Safe, "America's #1 heavy-duty home and gun safe manufacturer," according to their website, issued a statement late Tuesday night confirming that they'd given the FBI an access code to a customer's gun safe in response to a request on August 30, 2023. That request came during a raid on the home of a man who'd attended a protest on January 6. The statement reads: On August 30, 2023, Liberty Safe was contacted by the FBI requesting the access code to the safe of an individual for whom they had a warrant to search their property. Our company protocol is to provide access codes to law enforcement if a warrant
Trump’s co-defendants are already starting
to turn against him
25 replies
Posted by Dreadnought 9/5/2023 8:01:24 PM Post Reply
The finger-pointing among Donald Trump’s inner circle has begun. And as his four criminal cases march toward trials, some of his aides, allies and co-defendants are pointing at the former president. In court documents and hearings, lawyers for people in Trump’s orbit — both high-level advisers and lesser known associates — are starting to reveal glimmers of a tried-and-true strategy in cases with many defendants: Portray yourself as a hapless pawn while piling blame on the apparent kingpin. “History has shown the 18 co-defendants that Donald doesn’t care about anyone but himself,” said Michael Cohen, Trump’s former lawyer,
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