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The Left Has Pushed the Envelope

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Posted By: DW626, 5/25/2023 10:28:14 AM

The Left is waging a full-fledged cultural revolution against traditional America. And the Maoist results are often as absurd as they are terrifying. Special-counsel John Durham just issued his final report on wrongdoing within the FBI, CIA, and the Department of Justice. The summary confirms that our premier investigatory and intelligence agencies interfered in the 2016 and 2020 presidential campaigns. Directors and high-ranking FBI officials lied under oath. They misled Congress. They altered court documents and deceived federal judges.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: columba 5/25/2023 10:32:19 AM (No. 1477164)
"The Left is waging a full-fledged cultural revolution against traditional America." The Soviet Union attempted the same with Poland. The people who lived in Poland did not accept the idea. The resuts: The Soviet Union collapsed, and Poland Thrives. We can do the same.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: FJB 5/25/2023 11:15:55 AM (No. 1477195)
VDH fails to mention Obama, China Joe, or Nazi Soros. MAGA
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Reply 3 - Posted by: 2assume 5/25/2023 11:29:20 AM (No. 1477206)
It is the banking regulation that came out of the treasury department during the Biden administration. We must overturn this policy before it destroys more businesses.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: FleetUSA 5/25/2023 11:37:00 AM (No. 1477215)
A veritable litany of horror stories without shame.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: stablemoney 5/25/2023 11:39:51 AM (No. 1477217)
I don't believe federal judges were deceived.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: mc squared 5/25/2023 11:49:17 AM (No. 1477225)
This can all be explained by the video included with one of the Must Reads above: The Truth About Diversity and the Terrifying Reason the Commie Left Is Pushing It
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Reply 7 - Posted by: RayLRiv 5/25/2023 12:31:08 PM (No. 1477245)
...and the Right WON'T do SQUAT about it... ...and BOTH parties will do everything they can to stop the ONLY person capable of redirecting this country's course...Donald J Trump
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Reply 8 - Posted by: Laotzu 5/25/2023 12:44:52 PM (No. 1477252)
The Lef has Pushed the Envelope [and nothing will come of it.] Our Nation is dying. It killed itself.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: john56 5/25/2023 12:49:18 PM (No. 1477257)
Too bad we aren't going to be allowed to "push the envelope" if and when we are in power. Because payback will be a word that rhymes with Hillary.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: daisey 5/25/2023 5:15:52 PM (No. 1477434)
We love Victor Davis Hanson for his honesty on what is happening to destroy the the United States by Jobama and his commie cabal. And Gordon Chang is the go to guy for all things China vs the US. Neither have ever let us down with their info.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: Rumblehog 5/26/2023 9:42:17 AM (No. 1477899)
Demonrats are in the business of manufacturing "victims" of conservative-moral value in our society, forming in effect a "societal-class," to use against Republican't opponents in upcoming elections. They clutch their pearls and gasp, "Oh, the humanity!," during debates, while the so-called, "politically unbiased" moderator, winces, while asking the GOP'er, "Is that TRUE? Do Republicans REALLY stand for driving XYZs back into the closet (alternatively, back to the 1960's)?" while the now dumb-faced GOP'er mumbles a objections and obfuscations looking inept before millions of undecided voters, but more importantly, becoming canon-fodder to all the post debate "talking heads" and opinion pollsters further indoctrinating the masses with how to vote.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: Zigrid 5/26/2023 10:44:54 AM (No. 1477950)
Make America Great Again...will go down in history as the time....the people took back their government from the socialists....and rid the DC goons from our midst...let them go to Russia or china if they want marxists for America....WE want freedom.....
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Reply 13 - Posted by: Geoman 5/26/2023 1:03:02 PM (No. 1478067)
The lingering idea that Donald Trump is equal to a one-man Revolutionary Army is absurd. Refusal to look in the mirror, as opposed to issuing yet another screed against "wimpy Republicans, when trying to figure out how things got so bad so quickly, is equally absurd and has contributed to the current level of citizen inertia.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: HisHandmaiden 5/26/2023 3:09:10 PM (No. 1478122)
America needs more Patriots like VDH who may also be farmers and professors at universities in our most un-American states. For now, parents of middle and high school students must realize their children in most universities will be taught anti-America concepts, so start at local community colleges where you can research the instructor and syllabus… unless their children already understand the CCP design and are able to ask intelligent questions. I politely raised my hand in my advanced English class at UMD when the professor started his lecture on current events and politics. Subsequently dropped the course, but still have gotten two post-degrees about what was important to me. [The most recent a Masters in Biblical Counseling, to come alongside teen girls and ladies in my Cupertino Bible church in love and caring.] My guide in life is my Savior and Lord, who shows us how to teach by asking godly questions… That’s why 5-y-o Yorkie pup, Miss GoGo Qadash, and I walk 1-2 miles each day, sharing kindness and love. We meet all our neighbors and welcome new ones. MAGA
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Reply 15 - Posted by: bobn.t 5/26/2023 7:39:09 PM (No. 1478246)
Lock and load, civil war is on the way: immediately after the 2024 election.
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Reply 16 - Posted by: bobn.t 5/26/2023 7:46:05 PM (No. 1478249)
#7I Iḿ 100% behind Trump, MAGA 2024 ALWAYS
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The Left Has Pushed the Envelope 16 replies
Posted by DW626 5/25/2023 10:28:14 AM Post Reply
The Left is waging a full-fledged cultural revolution against traditional America. And the Maoist results are often as absurd as they are terrifying. Special-counsel John Durham just issued his final report on wrongdoing within the FBI, CIA, and the Department of Justice. The summary confirms that our premier investigatory and intelligence agencies interfered in the 2016 and 2020 presidential campaigns. Directors and high-ranking FBI officials lied under oath. They misled Congress. They altered court documents and deceived federal judges.
The Babe hit # 714 and then said goodbye 4 replies
Posted by DW626 5/25/2023 6:15:32 AM Post Reply
Babe Ruth is #3 on the home run list behind Bonds and Aaron. However, 714 is one of those magic numbers for baseball fans like me. 60 (later 61) and 714 were the big baseball numbers that we grew up hearing about. Frankly, I never thought that anyone would catch Ruth's 714. At the same time, I cheered Aaron all the way, especially after he got to 700 and eventually passed Ruth in 1974. Babe Ruth hit # 714 on this day in 1935. Like everything else, he did it with style and noise. This is how it went down:
A Shortage of Doctors? 16 replies
Posted by DW626 5/22/2023 7:54:10 AM Post Reply
A recent CNN headline — "We don't have enough doctors" — is quite accurate. The explanation given for the M.D. shortage is completely wrong. CNN notes the "health-care workforce shortage is 'more acute' in Black and brown communities." The black community represents 13 percent of the U.S. population, but only 5.7 percent of American physicians are black. The implication is clear: only black doctors should or can treat black patients or, at a minimum, will treat them properly. This is racist dogma. The vast majority of American doctors (and nurses) are blind to skin color, religion, ethnicity, and even criminal behavior.
They Admit the FBI Had No Russian Collusion
Evidence, But Defend the Agency Because
They Hate Trump
8 replies
Posted by DW626 5/20/2023 7:16:09 AM Post Reply
The Durham report explicitly said there was no evidence of Russian collusion, though the FBI went ahead on a bogus investigation regardless. Disgraced FBI Agent Peter Strzok is central in signing off on this clown show. The kernels behind this hoax predate the release of the findings by Special Counsel John Durham. The Horowitz report released five years, which the liberal media erroneously said exonerated the FBI of political bias during the 2016 election, provided a preview of the antics within the J. Edgar Hoover Building. As Wall Street Journal columnist Kimberley Strassel aptly noted, Horowitz was careful with the language regarding bias.
Wait, That's How Many Clinton Probes the
FBI Quashed Ahead of the 2016 Election?
7 replies
Posted by DW626 5/19/2023 1:21:20 PM Post Reply
The FBI’s dirty laundry continues to be aired, stemming from the 300-page report filed by Special Counsel John Durham, who investigated the origins of the Russian collusion hoax. No solid evidence of collusion existed for the FBI to execute any investigations into this political circus. The Steele Dossier formed the basis for the counterintelligence investigation, even though the brass at the bureau had evidence that the document was not just an opposition research project funded by the Clinton campaign but loaded with Russian disinformation. This development was suppressed to secure illegal spy warrants on Trump and his aides.
John Brennan, Enemy of the People 5 replies
Posted by DW626 5/19/2023 10:55:38 AM Post Reply
The just-released Durham report confirmed that the FBI not only failed to corroborate the Steele dossier, Hillary Clinton’s oppo-doc against former President Donald Trump, but it regularly ignored existing, sometimes dispositive, evidence to keep the investigation alive. Some officials were credulous. Others were devious. But no one “stole” our democracy — other than perhaps intelligence officials and the journalists who helped feed the collective hysteria over Russia. John Brennan, Hamas-loving authoritarian and partisan propagandist, almost surely knew it was a con from the start. Yet he spent four years on television sounding like a deranged subreddit commenter. Even after privately admitting he knew there was no collusion,
Destroying Meritocracy Is Deadly 11 replies
Posted by DW626 2/16/2023 6:27:22 AM Post Reply
A recent epidemic of airline near misses deserves both attention and reflection. In mid-December, a San Francisco-bound United Airlines Boeing 777-200 airliner, just a little over a minute after taking off from Maui, Hawaii, suddenly dived. It lost more than half its altitude and came within 800 feet of crashing into the Pacific Ocean before pulling up. About a month later, an American Airlines jet crossed the runway at New York City's John F. Kennedy International Airport just as a Delta Air Lines plane was accelerating for takeoff. The two aircraft nearly collided.
Mike Pence subpoenaed by special counsel 9 replies
Posted by DW626 2/11/2023 5:50:51 AM Post Reply
Former vice president Mike Pence was subpoenaed as part of a special counsel investigation into former president Donald Trump's actions leading to the events of Jan. 6, 2021. On that day, Trump-supporters protested the Electoral College certification of then-candidate Joe Biden. The subpoena was issued by special counsel Jack Smith, who was tasked by U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland in November 2022 to investigate the classified documents seized by the FBI from the former president's residence in Florida.
We Deserve Reparations From Stupid People 17 replies
Posted by DW626 2/9/2023 5:54:47 AM Post Reply
The City of San Francisco, the bayside burg that gave us Nancy Pelosi and sidewalk toilets, is now proposing the ultimate in nonsense – a few million bucks of reparations for everyone whose grandparents came from the right continent at the right time. Actually, it’s more generous than that, because you may also be eligible if you were a victim of the Drug War – that is, if you were a s***b** drug dealer justly imprisoned for slinging poison before the narcotics were effectively legalized by the same leftists whose hometown proposes this giveaway. Well, if a bunch of people who were never slaves should get free money
Seymour Hersh claims Biden ordered the
attack on the Nord Stream pipelines
11 replies
Posted by DW626 2/9/2023 5:09:29 AM Post Reply
A report is circulating that Biden expressly ordered U.S. Navy divers to blow up the Nord Stream pipelines through which Russian natural gas flowed to Europe. If that’s true, Biden committed an act of war. I have a proposal, though, to keep Putin from launching an ICBM in our direction. The allegation comes from Seymour Hersh, 85, the journalist the highlight of whose long career Wikipedia describes. In 1969, Hersh broke the story of the My Lai massacre that had happened the year before. Since then, Hersh has alleged that U.S. intelligence tricked the Soviets into shooting down Korean Air Flight 007 in 1983;
Celebrating Black History Month with A Song 13 replies
Posted by DW626 2/8/2023 6:09:40 AM Post Reply
In celebrating Black history month this year, I thought it would be fitting to finally recognize a triumph of African American literature that has, ironically, been falsely accused of racism. That achievement is embodied in a 1946 Walt Disney movie entitled Song of the South. I assume many of you have not seen the film because Disney has succumbed to the accusations of racism by refusing to re-release it in any form. Nonetheless, you may at least recognize the film’s buoyant Academy Award winning song, “Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah” which arguably forms the musical backbone of the movie.
DeSantis, Inc. Underestimates Donald Trump 24 replies
Posted by DW626 2/7/2023 12:29:53 PM Post Reply
The 2024 Republican presidential primary has hardly begun, but a consensus has already formed in conservative media that Donald Trump is toxic and unelectable. This narrative, commonplace but seldom challenged, is being pushed aggressively by pundits who are obviously partial to Florida governor Ron DeSantis. Many of these personalities insist that Trump has an obligation to step aside, and they pretend that Trump is attacking DeSantis unprovoked, despite the governor’s obvious intentions to run. The DeSantis hype is not limited to media personalities
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Ron DeSantis gives America the chance
to move on from its punch-drunk stupor
41 replies
Posted by AltaD 5/26/2023 9:05:22 AM Post Reply
Ron DeSantis’ entry into the 2024 race for the White House offers a fighting chance for America to dodge a Donald Trump versus Joe Biden rematch that almost nobody (except Trump and Biden) craves: According to most polls, this punch-drunk nation just wants to move on. (Snip) He’s controlled state spending, taxes and regulation to nurture the economy, and even reformed Florida’s once-insane liability laws. And he delivered big-time on other issues. His 2022 Parental Rights in Education Act handed power back to families by preventing schools from hiding woke brainwashing and social transitions
Trial Update: Prosecutors say couple could
have given President Biden's medical records
to Russia
26 replies
Posted by Dreadnought 5/26/2023 12:02:15 AM Post Reply
The trial of Dr. Jamie Lee Henry and his wife Dr. Anna Gabrielian started Tuesday in Baltimore. Both are accused of offering to use their positions to spy for Russia and to hand over private medical information on US officials and military personnel. Dr. Jamie Lee Henry was both a doctor and an Army major with a secret security clearance. Prosecutors have said during the trial that it was possible he could have handed the Russians Joe Biden’s medical records. Prosecutors alleged the couple could potentially provide the Russian government access to President Biden’s medical records, among other high-profile patients, in systems accessible online.
Michigan bill would ban cat declawing
as cruel and unnecessary
23 replies
Posted by Daria 5/26/2023 3:19:30 PM Post Reply
Lansing — Michigan could become the third state to ban the declawing of cats under a bill introduced Thursday in the state Legislature. House Bill 4674, sponsored by Rep. Jimmie Wilson, Jr., D-Ypsilanti, would ban the common practice except for "therapeutic" purposes, which would not include protecting against damaged household furniture or other scratches. New York and Maryland have already banned cat declawing as cruel and unnecessary, said Leaha Skylar Dotson, Wilson's legislative and policy director. "There's a lot of misconception that we're just trimming off the nail," Dotson said.
Beer industry "in shock" from Bud Light boycott 23 replies
Posted by Dreadnought 5/26/2023 12:12:13 PM Post Reply
Good. The beer industry isn’t celebrating the victory of conservatives over Bud Light. They are peeing in their pants like a drunk who waited too long to go to the men’s room. Nice image, right? That is the word from an interview by Fox News of Beer Business Daily editor and publisher Harry Schuhmacher. The entire beer industry is floored that Bud Light is still taking heat over its now-infamous promo with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney and the backlash has put rival beers in high demand, according to the publisher of prominent trade publication Beer Business Daily. “The whole industry is in shock.
Parents infuriated as migrants enroll
in Chicago schools without health records
after years of COVID rules
23 replies
Posted by AltaD 5/26/2023 9:11:03 AM Post Reply
Chicago parent Jennifer Preston weighs in on migrant children being allowed to enroll in Chicago public schools without proper documentation during 'Fox & Friends First.' Chicago-area parents are voicing their outrage over public schools allowing migrant children to enroll without health documentation, as cities across the U.S. are dealing with an influx of migrants into their communities. Mother Jennifer Preston joined "Fox & Friends First" on Thursday to discuss the hypocrisy of requiring vaccination records from residents, while migrants are allowed to enroll without such documents.
Left-wing extremism linked to psychopathy
and narcissism: study
22 replies
Posted by Beardo 5/26/2023 4:59:07 AM Post Reply
Left-wing extremism is linked to toxic, psychopathic tendencies and narcissism, according to a new study published to the peer-reviewed journal Current Psychology. “Based on existing research, we expected individuals with higher levels of left-wing authoritarianism to also report higher levels of narcissism,” the authors wrote. (snip) “In particular, certain forms of activism might provide them with opportunities for positive self-presentation and displays of moral superiority, to gain social status, to dominate others, and to engage in social conflicts and aggression to satisfy their need for thrill seeking.” The study on left-wing authoritarianism also showed that many times they do not practice what they so loudly preach.
Revealed: Rupert Murdoch Hosted Ron DeSantis
at His California Ranch and Told Him FOX
News Will Support Him
21 replies
Posted by Imright 5/26/2023 5:24:42 PM Post Reply
FOX News owner Rupert Murdoch hosted Governor Ron DeSantis at his California Ranch in Bel Air in 2020. He told him FOX News would support his potential run for president in 2024. Since then Murdoch and FOX Corp fired its top host Tucker Carlson who was a favorite of the Trump-MAGA crowd. FOX News has since implemented a soft ban on President Trump. The news channel is suffering from this new direction. FOX News has lost nearly half of its audience since firing Tucker Carlson.
MLB Franchise Announces Christian Faith
Night Amid Controversy Over Anti-Catholic
Drag Group
20 replies
Posted by Beardo 5/26/2023 6:02:48 PM Post Reply
The Los Angeles Dodgers announced a “Christian Faith and Family Day” on Friday amid backlash over the team’s decision to invite an anti-Catholic group to their annual LGBT Pride event. The Christian event will be held at Dodgers stadium on July 30, giving fans a chance “to celebrate and be part of a day of worship.” The team has faced criticism from Christian groups after adding the “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence” (SPI) to their list of honorees at their annual “Pride Night.”
Jerry Nadler Sure Seems Carefree About
World War III Starting
18 replies
Posted by ladydawgfan 5/26/2023 12:41:48 PM Post Reply
Representative Jerry Nadler (D-NY) sure seems carefree about World War III potentially starting over Ukraine. On Thursday, a reporter caught up with the septuagenarian, who promptly spilled the beans that he would not care whatsoever if Ukraine invaded Russia, let alone if they did so with U.S.-supplied weapons. “Are you concerned that they will enter into Russian territory?” The Epoch Times’ Liam Cosgrove said of Ukraine. “I’m not concerned. I wouldn’t care if they did,” Nadler said. After the reporter explained that Russia could view this as a U.S.-backed invasion of Russia, the congressman was dismissive and even smirked about the intensification of the war.
FDA Detects Serious Safety Signal for
COVID-19 Vaccination Among Children
18 replies
Posted by tisHimself 5/26/2023 5:27:28 AM Post Reply
Children of certain ages who received Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine face an elevated risk of heart inflammation, according to a new federally funded study. Vaccinated children aged 12 to 17 face a heightened risk of myocarditis, a form of heart inflammation, and a related condition called pericarditis, U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) researchers found. The number of myocarditis and pericarditis events in that age group met the threshold for a safety signal, the researchers reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association on May 22.
FDA Bans Farmers from Caring for Their
Own Animals Without Costly Vet Approval
16 replies
Posted by ladydawgfan 5/26/2023 6:47:02 PM Post Reply
For the last, oh, I don’t know… forever… ranchers and farmers large and small have taken care of their livestock with antibiotics and antimicrobials that were available at farm stores. These medicines treat common illnesses and infections that people who own large animals and livestock are very familiar with and qualified to treat. They have been trusted to do so for as long as these medicines have been available. The first chicken antibiotics were introduced in 1948. Since then, there has been no call nor reason to regulate these items. Many farmers and ranchers tend to many of their animals’ veterinary needs,
WHO do you think you are? Outrage over
'unprecedented land grab' that 'could
see World Health Organization force Britain,
the US and Australia into lockdowns in
future pandemics'
15 replies
Posted by Imright 5/26/2023 4:29:54 PM Post Reply
New powers could potentially plunge Britain, the US and Australia into lockdown measures at the whim of the World Health Organization, it was claimed today. The UN agency – heavily criticised for how it handled Covid – is considering 300 amendments to its legally-binding rulebook. One measure floated, MPs and campaigners fear, opens the door for member states to be made to comply with any advice issued during future pandemics, such as enforcing vaccine passports and border closures.
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