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Elon Musk orders Twitter workers to commit
‘hardcore’ this week — or get fired

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Posted By: Dreadnought, 11/16/2022 4:30:53 PM

Elon Musk has reportedly given an ultimatum to workers: Commit to a “hardcore” Twitter or leave the company. “If you are sure that you want to be part of the new Twitter, please click yes on the link below,” Musk told employees in an email that was sent to them Wednesday morning. The existence of the email was reported by the Washington Post. Those who fail to sign the pledge by 5 p.m. Eastern time Thursday were told that they would be dismissed with three months of severance pay. Musk told employees that Twitter “will need to be extremely hardcore” moving forward, according to the message.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: Faithfully 11/16/2022 4:48:14 PM (No. 1335176)
This is a new approach to workers?
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Reply 2 - Posted by: watashiyo 11/16/2022 4:54:26 PM (No. 1335177)
They'll fake it and try to sabotage Twitter. These people are evil and very deceptive. Hope Musk succeeds in cleaning the house.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: NYbob 11/16/2022 5:44:05 PM (No. 1335222)
Aside from scarfing free lunches, putting anything remotely honest or conservative in twitter jail, filling their quota of fake accounts, what do the uberliberals do at twitter work? A lot of woke twitterers would rather whine than work so it will be an interesting culling of the herd over there. Love his blunt object approach to the job requirements. In or out, decide or find another job. What a new experience for the babied generation of twits.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: doctorfixit 11/16/2022 7:36:47 PM (No. 1335334)
They should know hardcore, they being hardcore marxist sociopaths.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: mifla 11/17/2022 4:23:43 AM (No. 1335574)
A neat trick to get a few more employees to quit.
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There is nothing funnier than watching leftist Punchinellos beclown themselves over the latest “We’ve got Trump NOW!” hijinks. Remember when the FBI raided Trump’s home supposedly looking for “nuclear secrets” a few months back? Guess how that turned out? I’ll let the quislings at the Washinton Post spell it out: Federal agents and prosecutors have come to believe former president Donald Trump’s motive for allegedly taking and keeping classified documents was largely his ego and a desire to hold on to the materials as trophies or mementos, according to people familiar with the matter. In other words, Trump was keeping souvenirs
Ron DeSantis on Rumored 'Civil War' with
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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) tamped down the establishment media’s efforts to escalate a supposed rift between former President Donald Trump and the governor, telling reporters that “people just need to chill out.” The remark came at the end of a news conference on Wednesday, following the governor awarding $8.7 million for Hurricane Ian recovery. When asked about the potential “Civil War” brewing in the GOP, with people supposedly choosing between Trump and DeSantis, the governor dismissed the speculation.
Harris County DA Kim Ogg launches 2022
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Sacramento, Calif. — California not long ago was reveling in a record budget surplus. Now the Legislature’s fiscal analysts are projecting a $25 billion deficit next fiscal year as tax revenues decline. The nonpartisan agency on Wednesday put the Capitol on alert by recommending state lawmakers cut spending when they reconvene in January — and even hold back some already-budgeted funding in order to avoid the shortfall. The starker outlook poses a new set of challenges for Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom after years of flush budgets buoyed by a booming stock market and thriving tech sector. And advocates who scored massive victories over two years of skyrocketing surpluses are now worried
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While most states have long finished their vote counting outside of the normal processing of absentee ballots, states like Colorado and Arizona are in the midst of “curing” periods that have prolonged election day into what now feels like election month. Maricopa County took center stage this cycle after needing over a week to count its ballots. All of Nevada’s major races were finally called by the weekend, but things were a cluster there as well. Of course, California is technically the worst but tends to get more of a pass because it’s not a toss-up state. Still,
Darrell Brooks Jr., Wisconsin Christmas
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Darrell Brooks Jr., the man convicted of killing six people when he plowed his red Ford SUV through a Christmas parade last year in Wisconsin, was sentenced on Wednesday to six consecutive life sentences without the possibility of parole for each count of first-degree intentional homicide. Brooks, 41, stared, glared, and disrupted Waukesha County Judge Jennifer R. Dorow as she delivered over an hour of emotional remarks before kicking him out of the courtroom. Brooks returned to the main courtroom nearly an hour later – and began loudly fighting with the jurist – before he was sent back to an adjacent room, where he learned his fate.
Pence: ‘Congress has no right to my
testimony’ about Jan. 6
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Former Vice President Mike Pence said he was closing the door on appearing before the House Jan. 6 committee in a new interview, saying Congress “has no right” to his testimony. In an interview with CBS “Face the Nation” moderator Margaret Brennan, parts of which were aired on Wednesday, Pence said he was “concerned” about the members all being appointed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.). “I am closing the door on that,” Pence told Brennan of testifying before the panel. “But I must say again, the partisan nature of the January 6 committee has been a disappointment to me,” he added. “It seemed to me in the beginning, there was
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McConnell blames midterm failures on MAGA
candidates who ‘frightened voters’
with chaos
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Posted by Imright 11/16/2022 10:58:19 AM Post Reply
Faced with questions about his ability to lead after the midterm election debacle, a defiant Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell deflected blame from his own culpability in the Democrats retaining control of the upper chamber and instead blamed it on public dissatisfaction with MAGA candidates. The embattled McConnell spoke to reporters on Tuesday, defending his dismal performance and the refusal to adequately fund candidates who were endorsed by former and perhaps future President Donald J. Trump such as Blake Masters in Arizona, instead spending money to support RINO Lisa Murkowski in Alaska against her America first opponent, also a Republican.
John Fetterman won't be able to answer
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An adviser for Sen.-elect John Fetterman is reminding people that he will not be able to answer questions in the usual way due to health-related conditions. Rebecca Katz, a longtime Fetterman adviser, responded to a HuffPost reporter's tweet, saying that there are "two things we need to get out of the way" as reporters are covering the orientation for new members of Congress. "John Fetterman has a suit and will wear it to the Capitol," Katz tweeted. "He is still recovering from a stroke and has lingering auditory processing challenges. The way Hill reporters are used to yelling questions at
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As it faces an uncertain financial outlook and the prospect of a prolonged recession, the Walt Disney Co. has hiked the price of its admission to its Disney World parks in Orlando, Florida. The price hikes — the second increases in less than. a year — will see the price of admission to the Magic Kingdom soar as high as $189 for peak dates. News of the price increases comes as Disney CEO Bob Chapek recently warned of impending layoffs and hiring freezes as the woke company deals with a weak profitability outlook. Walt Disney World Resort will raise the price of admission to all of its parks –
Pelosi Steps Down from Leadership, Will
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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced Thursday she will step down from her leadership role after two decades in the post. “I will not seek re-election to Democratic leadership in the next Congress,” Pelosi said. The first female speaker added that she will continue to represent the people in San Francisco in the House. The California lawmaker will relinquish her position as head of the Democratic caucus, which she’s held for 19 years, to make way for a “new generation to lead.” With her leadership still in high demand in her party, Pelosi will likely help manage her successor’s transition
Nancy Pelosi, 82, will announce decision
on her future Today: Anti-Squad Hakeem
Jeffries tipped to take Dem House leadership
- amid rumors she will step down from
Congress and hand seat to daughter
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With Republicans set to take over the House of Representatives and Democrats slated for leadership elections at the end of the month, outgoing Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi's will tell people her plans on Thursday. Pelosi, 82, announced through a spokesperson that she'll 'address her future plans' later today with speculation already having begun as to whether she'll remain the leader of the Democrats. Rumors have suggested that Pelosi would step down from Congress entirely, potentially leaving her extremely left-leaning district in San Francisco to her daughter Christine.
Pence on Trump 2024: ‘It’s Time for
New Leadership’
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Posted by Imright 11/16/2022 11:46:21 PM Post Reply
Former Vice President Mike Pence said Wednesday during a CNN town hall event that it is time for new leadership when asked about former President Donald Trump’s 2024 presidential run. Pence said, “Let me just say that it was a great honor for me to be part of the Trump/ Pence administration. In four short years, we reviled the economy, unleashed American energy, appointed conservatives to our courts at every level. But in the end, our administration did not end well. And I write about that in my book.
Here Are the Republicans Who Voted Against
McConnell's Leadership Bid
31 replies
Posted by Imright 11/16/2022 5:16:04 PM Post Reply
On Wednesday, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell was overwhelmingly reelected to lead the Republican conference for another two years. The 37-10 vote—which was conducted behind closed doors—comes after an underwhelming midterm election cycle for Republican Senate candidates that opened McConnell up to a challenge from Florida Senator Rick Scott, the head of the National Republican Senate Committee and a longtime rival of McConnell's who has sought to make inroads into Republican leadership for years.
Top Democrat Chuck Schumer says we should
welcome more migrants because the population
is 'not reproducing on its own' - and
wants amnesty for 11 million migrants
31 replies
Posted by Imright 11/16/2022 5:08:39 PM Post Reply
Sen. Majority Leader Chuck Schumer made a fresh pitch for amnesty Wednesday when he claimed the U.S. is 'short of workers' so Congress needs to pass a 'path to citizenship' for 'however many undocumented there are here'. 'We're short of workers, we have a population that is not reproducing on its own with the same level that it used to,' the New York Democrat reasoned. 'The only way we're going to have a great future is if we welcome and embrace immigrants… get a path to citizenship for all 11 million or however many there are here.'
Billionaire Jeff Bezos tells families
to not buy new cars and TVs as the US
economy faces recession - while Amazon
gears up to 'fire 10,000 staff this week'
amid crashing sales
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Billionaire Jeff Bezos said people can prepare for recession by holding off on buying big-ticket items like TVs and cars as he predicts the US economy may be in contraction by 2023. Americans can 'take risk off the table' by keeping their cash for a rainy day, said the Amazon founder as he outlined his top tips for surviving a recession. Speaking to CNN Business, the entrepreneur said people should hold off on big purchases and keep some 'dry powder' for the future.
Did Mike Pence just announce he's running
for president?
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Posted by Dreadnought 11/16/2022 9:48:41 AM Post Reply
America's #1 cable news channel was the outlet that former vice president Mike Pence chose on Tuesday evening to do everything but formally declare that he will be a candidate for the Republican presidential nomination in 2024. In an extensive live interview with Bret Baier from New York, where he is promoting his political memoir, So Help Me God, published yesterday (including an hour-long town hall on CNN tonight), Pence used the high-profile platform of Fox News to position himself as a sane, moderate, Christian-inspired alternative to President Trump as well as any other candidates among the growing number who plan to challenge President Biden in two years.
Mike Pence: Dan Quayle and Al Gore his
role models, not Trump
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Posted by WhamDBambam 11/16/2022 9:18:39 AM Post Reply
Recalling how former Vice Presidents Al Gore and Dan Quayle fulfilled their roles in certifying elections they lost was much more influential in former Vice President Mike Pence’s ceremonial ending of the 2020 campaign than his boss, former President Donald Trump. In one of several interviews to promote his new book, Pence said he looked to the examples of Quayle and Gore in deciding to certify the election of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris on Jan. 6, 2021.
McConnell defeats Scott in last-minute
race for Senate GOP leader
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Senate Republicans voted Wednesday to elect Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) as their leader over National Republican Senatorial Committee Chairman Rick Scott (R-Fla.) who announced his desire to replace McConnell at an acrimonious conference meeting Tuesday. A large majority of GOP senators voted to elect McConnell leader after a motion backed by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and other conservatives to delay the leadership election until after the Dec. 6 Georgia runoff failed.
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