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PolitiFact’s lie of the year is just
a liberal talking point all dressed up
for prom

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Posted By: Imright, 12/16/2021 6:47:59 PM

PolitiFact, a fact-checking site that purports to be an unbiased source of information, has chosen its 2021 “Lie of the Year” and it’s a doozy.The organization picked the one topic that could be found on every Democratic talking points sheet from January until December: The Capitol Hill riot. Specifically, they decided to select all of the claims and statements “downplaying the realities and significance of the Capitol insurrection.” That sounds more like they are attacking anyone with a difference in opinion on just how “historical” the event was, rather than actually picking a concrete lie that can be disproven by facts. (Like many of President Joe Biden’s statements and anecdotes.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: MickTurn 12/16/2021 7:53:20 PM (No. 1009543)
The 'Fact Checkers' are actually Marxist with their Head up a nether region. It's so easy to prove they are lying, they depend on everyone being stupid enough to believe their lies!
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Reply 2 - Posted by: BarryNo 12/16/2021 8:11:18 PM (No. 1009565)
What the Democrats are trying for is to justify keeping Trump off the ticket in those States where they control the Legislatures. What we need to do in turn is prepare a MASSIVE write-in campaign. We must all be prepared to not only write our candidate in where these Cheaters block him, but then force them to acknowledge his victory, when the write in campaign puts him over the top. We must second guess these criminals and prepare. We cannot let them do what they did, last time. We must prepare to stay on site at the polling places 24/7, till all votes are counted. We must scout all entrances into those sites and make sure they don't smuggle ballots in. We must be nosy and look in closets, look under tables, haunt drop boxes. WE MUST NOT GIVE THEM AN INCH IN WHICH TO STEAL IT, AGAIN!!! If we can, we should have people with legal and/or law enforcement backgrounds to arrest them if they try. Is that intimidating? Tough. Vote fairly without cheating and we'll be the nicest, sweetest people you'll ever see.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: DVC 12/16/2021 8:59:17 PM (No. 1009589)
Politi-fraud. Never a fact for miles around.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: JimBob 12/16/2021 9:11:24 PM (No. 1009599)
First sentence correction: The phrase PolitiFact, a fact-checking site ..... needs some 'sneer quotes', like this: PolitiFact, a 'fact-checking' site ...... or maybe a stronger 'sneer', such as PolitiFact, a so-called 'fact-checking' site.....
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Reply 5 - Posted by: Trigger2 12/17/2021 5:03:11 AM (No. 1009783)
What PolitiFact BS. They're getting out the communist demonrat talking points early to manipulate the 2022 election.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: Hazymac 12/17/2021 8:23:00 AM (No. 1009892)
I abandoned the Tampa Bay Times because of their comprehensively dishonest imprint called PolitiFact. It's anything but factual. Leftist propaganda all the way. These people lie for a living. They should be out of business.
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Nicholas Sandmann reaches settlement with
NBC in Covington Catholic High School controversy
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Nicholas Sandmann settled Friday with NBC-Universal, he said.The media had lambasted the Covington Catholic High School student from Kentucky, now 19, over a confrontation at the 2019 March for Life in Washington, D.C."At this time I would like to release that NBC and I have reached a settlement," wrote Sandmann on Twitter, adding that the terms were confidential. Following the 2019 incident in Washington, D.C., many media outlets and Democratic politicians criticized Sandmann for a confrontation with a Native American elder at the Lincoln Memorial following the march. Sandmann was recorded on video wearing one of former President Donald Trump's "Make America Great Again" campaign hats
Christmas misery as Radio City's Rockettes
CANCEL all remaining shows due to COVID
and NYC becomes America's Omicron epicenter:
Cases of variant across the US jump 31%
in 24 hours
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The world-famous Rockettes have been forced to put their famed kick-line on ice for the remainder of their Christmas Spectacular shows at Radio City Music Hall after production members were hit with Covid-19 on Friday as cases in New York City continue to climb.'We regret that we are unable to continue the Christmas Spectacular this season due to increasing challenges from the pandemic,' a press release stated. The Rockettes, who have been a beloved holiday staple enjoyed by kids and adults since 1933, are the latest not be able to return to the stage anytime soon because of the resurgence of the virus and the new Omicron variant.
'It’s his statement, not mine': Manchin
responds to Biden's statement that named
him THREE times and confirmed that the
$1.8trillion Build Back Better plan would
be delayed until next year because Democrats
still can't agree to terms
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Posted by Imright 12/17/2021 7:35:23 PM Post Reply
Sen. Joe Manchin offered a frosty response on Friday to President Biden's statement that the Democratic holdout broadly backed his bill and its $1.8 trillion price tag.'The president put out a statement. It’s his statement, not mine,' he told Politico.A day earlier the president name checked the West Virginia senator three times as he admitted it was unlikely Democrats would reach their end-of-year goal of passing the Build Back Better bill. Biden said he had briefed party leadership on his discussions with Manchin. 'In these discussions, Senator Manchin has reiterated his support for Build Back Better funding at the level of the framework plan I announced in September,' he said.
Biden NatSec Advisor Jake Sullivan: “We
Safely and Effectively Drew Down” in
Afghanistan (Video)
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Posted by Imright 12/17/2021 7:08:53 PM Post Reply
Joe Biden’s National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan on Friday said we “safely and effectively” drew down in Afghanistan.13 US service members died and many more were wounded in a suicide blast in Kabul because of Joe Biden’s botched withdrawal.“For the first time in 20 years there are no US troops in harms way in Afghanistan this holiday season,” Sullivan said during remarks before the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). “We safely and effectively drew down our diplomatic presence.
The O’Keefe Project: Project Veritas’s statement 0 replies
Posted by Imright 12/17/2021 6:47:59 PM Post Reply
I followed up this morning on my post looking at the current New York Times story on the investigation of Project Veritas with PV attorney Paul Calli. I asked Mr. Calli for the questions submitted by the New York Times to PV and the response given to the Times, both of which were omitted from the story. Mr. Calli has provided the following as O’Keefe’s unquoted response to the questions submitted by the Times (the Times reporter addressed is Michael Schmidt). Mike, Mr. O’Keefe responds to your email on your deadline, as follows. Please include Mr. O’Keefe’s response in its entirety and do not selectively edit it:
‘I wish it were a mistake’: Angel
mom presents a ‘tale of two presidents’
and brings receipts
12 replies
Posted by Imright 12/17/2021 5:15:14 PM Post Reply
Angel Mom Virginia Krieger said she wrote letters to both former President Trump and to President Biden begging for help with the illicit fentanyl crisis and the difference in reactions from the two leaders is telling.Krieger is an Ohio mother who tragically lost her 26-year-old daughter, Tiffany, to an accidental overdose of fentanyl and heroin. Her daughter bought a fake Percocet pill and it caused her death because it was laced with opioids.“A tale of two Presidents. I wrote to Donald Trump about my daughters death begging for help with the illicit fentanyl crisis and I also wrote a similar letter to Joe Biden. These are their responses you decide
Report: Establishment Media’s Readership
Collapses Up to 48% Without Trump’s Presidency
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Posted by Imright 12/17/2021 5:08:07 PM Post Reply
The establishment media’s online readership has reportedly collapsed without the aid of Donald Trump’s America First presidency.The Hill, Washington Post, New York Times, Politico, Wall Street Journal, CNN, and Vox Media have lost a large percentage of monthly unique visitors since Trump led the nation, according to Comscore data cited by the Journal.“Newspapers, television, all forms of media will tank if I’m not there,” Trump predicted in 2017, “because without me, their ratings are going down the tubes.” Politico’s readership has reportedly declined the greatest amount at 48 percent. The Post‘s page views are reportedly fewer by 28 percent, followed by the Times at 15 percent, then the Journal and
Elon Musk offloaded more Tesla shares
for $884 million as the stock slid, bringing
his selling spree to $14 billion
12 replies
Posted by Imright 12/17/2021 12:52:38 PM Post Reply
Elon Musk offloaded more Tesla shares on Thursday worth $884.1 million, bringing sales by the electric-vehicle maker's CEO to a total of nearly $14 billion since early November.In his second round of sales this week, the billionaire disposed of 934,091 Tesla shares, regulatory filings showed. That's the same amount Musk sold on Monday, pulling in $906 million — about $22 million more than the haul four days later.Tesla's stock has tumbled in recent weeks, and on Thursday, it slid alongside high-growth tech stocks, as investors weighed the Federal Reserve speeding up cutbacks in stimulus and its potential three interest-rate hikes in 2022.
The 'Trump Did Nothing for 187 Minutes
on January 6' Narrative Just Got Shredded
9 replies
Posted by Imright 12/17/2021 12:15:36 PM Post Reply
It’s déjà vu all over again. There’s the big bombshell that turns out to be total nonsense—a nothing burger. But even this story comes without the bun. There’s no meat. There’s no bun. There’s nothing. The January 6 Select Committee was established by Democrats to get Trump. Everyone else has gotten over this riot. We have much more important things to worry about, but Mark Meadows, Trump’s former chief of staff, turned over text messages. Fox News hosts and family members were included. It’s a gross invasion of privacy, but you know how far the anti-Trump wing of America, which includes some Republicans, will go to attack this man.
Report: Biden’s DOD discharges 103 unvaccinated Marines 12 replies
Posted by Imright 12/17/2021 8:34:00 AM Post Reply
Joe Biden’s Pentagon is continuing to discharge unvaccinated service members despite concerns by Republican lawmakers. According to ABC News on Thursday, 103 Marines were purged by Biden’s officials for refusing to take COVID vaccines.The report said at least 30,000 service members remain unvaccinated across all branches of the U.S. military, despite Biden’s vaccine mandate. The Marine Corps said 95 percent of its members received at least one dose of the vaccine, which is the lowest rate of all military branches.This comes after Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) requested the Pentagon explain its actions and whether or not the discharged service members had requested any exemptions.
Joe Biden Releases Statement on Build
Back Better Raises Concerns About Bill's Future
8 replies
Posted by Imright 12/17/2021 12:42:18 AM Post Reply
On Thursday night, the White House released a statement from President Joe Biden on the reconciliation spending bill, also known as Build Back Better. The bill, which passed the House last month, has received considerable attention in the past few days, especially when it appears the Senate may be moving on to voting legislation, rather than trying to pass the spending bill before the year's end. (Tweet)The statement was something of a lengthy one, taking quite a few words to try to get across what Biden may hope sends an optimistic message.
Trump tells Mike Huckabee he SAVED Merry
Christmas from the 'woke' when he entered
the White House and it's 'embarrassing'
department stores use red, white and snow
decorations under 'Happy Holidays'
5 replies
Posted by Imright 12/17/2021 12:31:19 AM Post Reply
Former President Donald Trump sat down for an interview with former Arkansas Gov. Mick Huckabee for Huckabee's Newsmax Christmas special and boasted that he saved 'Merry Christmas' from the 'woke.' Trump pointed out that bringing 'Merry Christmas' back, over the non-denominational 'Happy Holidays,' was part of his original campaign message when he first ran for president in 2015. 'The country had started with this "woke" a little bit before that, and it was embarrassing for stores to say, "Merry Christmas,"' Trump said. 'You see these big chains.
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The Salvation Army pays a big price for
its foray into wokedom
65 replies
Posted by Magnante 12/16/2021 3:57:22 AM Post Reply
In November, the Salvation Army officially went woke, declaring that, after soul searching, it was calling upon all White people associated with or donating to the Salvation Army to admit their racism and repent. After an angry response from the public, the Salvation Army itself repented...of its wokeness and it walked back its message. It was too late, though. Local Salvation Army chapters are seeing 50% drops in both volunteers and donations. Get Woke; Go Broke. (snip) Antifa won’t pony up money or labor and those normal people who usually do aren’t going to this year.
Democrat Senator Under Fire After Speaking
at Communist Group’s Gala
51 replies
Posted by earlybird 12/16/2021 4:19:02 PM Post Reply
Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) spoke during a recent gala held by a communist group, hailing the event as a “remarkable occasion.” Blumenthal was present when the Connecticut People’s World Committee, a branch of Communist Party USA, held an awards ceremony earlier this month. He was introduced as a “special surprise guest.” “I am really excited and honored to be with you today and to share this remarkable occasion,” (snip) “You don’t have to agree with anyone or everyone, with any party or any particular union or organization. I’m here to honor the great tradition of activism and standing up for individual workers that is represented by the three honorees here,”
Omicron 'is here, it's spreading and it's
going to increase': Masked Biden says
unvaccinated are looking at a 'winter
of severe illness and death', tells Americans
to get boosted and issues stark warning
over new variant during meeting with Fauci
48 replies
Posted by Ribicon 12/16/2021 8:55:20 PM Post Reply
President Joe Biden issued a stark warning about the risks the Omicron variant poses to the unvaccinated in particular, as the nation braces for a steep escalation in cases amid an expected surge in hospitalizations. 'It's here, it's spreading and it's going to increase,' Biden cautioned in remarks Wednesday afternoon. With the highly transmissible new variant spreading at an alarming rate, amid an ongoing surge in the Delta variant, Biden warned of the trauma facing Americans who have not received covid vaccines. 'For the unvaccinated, we are looking at a winter of severe illness and death,' said Biden. He also gave yet another hard sell for Americans to get booster
NYPD's first female commissioner Keechant
Sewell is officially introduced by Mayor-elect
Eric Adams in front of mural depicting
black revolutionaries Malcolm X, Nat Turner
and cop killer Assata Shakur
42 replies
Posted by Imright 12/16/2021 4:00:45 AM Post Reply
The first female commissioner of the New York Police Department was officially named on Wednesday at a ceremony held in front of a mural depicting celebrated black revolutionaries.Keechant Sewell, 49, is only the third black NYPD commissioner in the force's 176-year history, and ends a 30-year line of white men leading the force.Sewell, currently chief of detectives in Nassau County, was formally declared the next commissioner - ahead of officially taking over on January 1 - at the Queens housing project where she grew up.She stood in front of a mural depicting Malcolm X, Assata Shakur and Huey P. Newton.
Staggering student-loan debt burdens hundreds
of congressional staffers
39 replies
Posted by Imright 12/16/2021 9:16:23 AM Post Reply
Lawmakers can't agree on how to save college students from years of stifling loan debt. It's an ideological tug-of-war that can't end soon enough for millions of Americans. It's also a fight that's personal for many congressional staffers who work under those members, and who are still paying off the bills for their own educations — with some having paid over decades.An Insider analysis of congressional financial disclosures for 2020 and 2021 found that Congress itself was profoundly affected: About 360 high-ranking staffers owed money on student loans. Dozens of these staffers either work for House or Senate leadership,
A Covid-19 'viral blizzard' is about to
hit the US, expert says, with 'millions'
to be infected soon
37 replies
Posted by NorthernDog 12/17/2021 9:01:08 AM Post Reply
The coronavirus will hit millions of Americans in a "viral blizzard" within a few weeks as infections from the Omicron variant pile on top of Delta, an expert predicts. Already, hospitalizations are rising as the holiday season gets into full swing. Long lines for Covid-19 testing formed Thursday in metro areas, including New York, Boston and Miami. The Delta variant remains a problem. And Omicron, with its high transmissibility, could strike millions more soon, said Michael Osterholm, director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota. "We're really just about to experience a viral  CORRECTION*
How George Soros funded progressive ‘legal
arsonist’ DAs behind US crime surge
37 replies
Posted by Imright 12/16/2021 5:49:06 PM Post Reply
For the last several years, billionaire philanthropist George Soros has been quietly financing a revolution in criminal justice reform, doling out tens of millions of dollars to progressive candidates in district attorney races throughout the country amid movements to abolish bail and defund the police.Working with an activist attorney, Soros, 91, mainly funnels cash through a complicated web of federal and state political action committees as well as non-profits from coast to coast, public records show.Last year, the Foundation to Promote Open Society, a nonprofit in Soros’ orbit, gave $3 million to the Community Resource Hub for Safety and Accountability,
Biden warns of 'winter of severe illness
and death' for the unvaccinated
35 replies
Posted by NorthernDog 12/16/2021 9:03:49 PM Post Reply
President Biden said Thursday that Americans unvaccinated against the coronavirus are facing a winter of "severe illness and death." "It’s here now and it’s spreading and it’s going to increase," the president said about the omicron variant while meeting with his coronavirus response team. "For unvaccinated we are looking at a winter of severe illness and death if you’re unvaccinated for themselves, their families, and the hospitals they will soon overwhelm." (Snip) Biden’s warning comes almost a year into his presidency after repeating many times on the campaign trail that he was the candidate who would "shut down the virus"
Video shows group of teens attack 67-year-old
during NYC bus spat
31 replies
Posted by Ribicon 12/16/2021 9:14:04 PM Post Reply
A group of teens, including one wielding a hammer, beat up a 67-year-old man after a confrontation that started on a Brooklyn bus, according to video and the NYPD. Footage of the incident on the B6 bus in East Flatbush obtained by The Post shows one of the group yelling at the older man as a woman tries to keep them separated. “Get off the bus!” the woman tells them repeatedly in the video.(Snip)The man is soon surrounded by the group, who all start taking swings at him, including the boy with the hammer. “You’re gonna kill him!” one woman on the bus screams,
Here Comes the Wave as Yet Another Dem
Flees the Sinking Ship
28 replies
Posted by Dreadnought 12/16/2021 10:19:34 PM Post Reply
Let the parade begin! Democrats who see the writing on the wall and who have been around in Congress for a while are seeing this as a good time to pack it in. The latest to retire is five-term Rep. Alan Lowenthal (D-CA). Lowenthal is the 20th Democrat who will be retiring or otherwise moving on at the end of this term. He’s 80 years old and has been serving in political positions since 1992, almost thirty years. Generally, you hear a lot of retirements after the holidays. The fact that there have been so many already has to be worrying the Democrats because there are likely even more coming,
Did Chevrolet Have to Make America Cry
With Its New Christmas Ad
27 replies
Posted by ladydawgfan 12/17/2021 4:06:37 AM Post Reply
I am not sure who told Chevrolet that what we really needed this Christmas was to ugly cry over an ad they produced for the holidays, but whoever it was needs to go sit in the corner and think about what they’ve done. You may have seen the shortened version of this ad, titled “Holiday Ride,” on TV. But you don’t get the full emotional impact without seeing the extended four-minute version, which is a tear-jerker and hit me harder than listening to my child ask me why Mufasa wasn’t waking up. [Video] All the jokes aside, this ad is possibly one of the most needed
'She's a lobbyist for Senator Karen':
Now Elon Musk turns his fire on MSNBC's
'(Lack of) Joy Reid' after she claimed
he culturally appropriated his Karen insult
for Elizabeth Warren from black people
27 replies
Posted by Ribicon 12/16/2021 11:17:29 PM Post Reply
Elon Musk's bizarre feud with a senator and a television host intensified on Thursday, with news anchor Joy Reid accusing him of 'misappropriating black vernacular for misogynistic purposes' by using the insult 'Karen'—and Musk referring to Reid, in turn, as a lobbyist for Elizabeth Warren.(Snip)'Elon wasn't happy, so he did what he always did, and stomped his little feet and insulted Senator Warren,' said Reid. 'Calling her an 'angry mom' and referring to her as Senator Karen. 'So for so many reasons—being a freeloader, and a selfish and disrespectful one, and for misappropriating black vernacular for misogynistic purposes—Elon Musk is the absolute worst.
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