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'They stood silent while their boss supported
an insurrection': Psaki insists
it's Biden's 'right' to kick
Trump picks off military boards
as Afghan vet joins Conway and
Spicer in refusing to resign in 'unprecedented' purge

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Posted By: Imright, 9/9/2021 12:31:23 PM

Jen Psaki said Thursday Joe Biden has the right to fire Trump-appointed military academy advisory board members because they ‘stood silent’ while the former president’s supporters stormed the Capitol. 'There are some people, of course, on these boards who have supported or stood by silently while their former boss supported an insurrection,' the White House press secretary told CNN's New Day. 'That's not really okay with us.'She also insisted that every president has the 'right' to appoint people they feel are aligned with their values on these advisory boards, even though they are non-partisan.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: Nimby 9/9/2021 12:35:21 PM (No. 908904)
Murderers have no rights
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Reply 2 - Posted by: Quigley 9/9/2021 12:37:25 PM (No. 908907)
Dims need no evidence. Their statements are memes which The Gullibles gargle with glee.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: AmericaYes 9/9/2021 12:38:01 PM (No. 908908)
Just as covid is being used to destroy individual freedoms, Jan 6 will be used as justification to destroy political enemies. Can our nation long endure?
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Reply 4 - Posted by: idahoskook 9/9/2021 12:38:12 PM (No. 908909)
They are deliberately and blatantly dividing the country and they smile while they are doing it. We have been in a Civil War for two decades and most of us are oblivious to it. I really don’t see how we recover from this at this point without biting rock bottom first. Sadly, that is where we are headed and things are about to get much worse. Much worse.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: jalo1951 9/9/2021 12:42:00 PM (No. 908911)
That was no more an insurrection than calling the covid shot an immunization. It was a riot and the shot is an inoculation. And this administration sucks.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: downnout 9/9/2021 12:49:12 PM (No. 908921)
Bull droppings, Jen.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: singermom9 9/9/2021 12:54:19 PM (No. 908929)
THEY were silent as BLM and ANTIFA burned, and looted and killed in our cities last summer. Remember when the Black Panthers carried rifles into the US Capitol when they invaded it? Here is the story: Or how about when the Democrat Weather Underground bombed the US Capitol. They knew who did it and yet NO ONE was arrested or charged. Now they are worried when conservatives want to peacefully protest on Sept 18 people being held in jail for months without being able to see a judge (what happened to "speedy trial"). And charged with stupid, inane charges like "trespass" or "parading" and Pelosi wants to make those things felonies? Our Reps have done nothing to help and THE PEOPLE are fed up. They want to protest and the authorities are "worried"? While BLM and ANTIFA riot, loot and kill and not a person sits in jail who committed those atrocities. Corruption abounds in our capitol. They should all be embarrassed.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: itsonlyme 9/9/2021 12:54:53 PM (No. 908931)
Lieutenant Michael Leroy Byrd United States Capitol Police Shot and killed unarmed Ashli Babbitt The Deep State Swamp made sure he was cleared. Nancy "Witch" Pelosi and her cabal ghouls.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: Clinger 9/9/2021 12:56:50 PM (No. 908934)
Somebody want to slide a copy of the FBI report finding no coordinated insurgency over the lil' Peppermint Patty?
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Reply 10 - Posted by: rytwng 9/9/2021 12:58:55 PM (No. 908935)
The orange hair valley girl proves again she is stupid.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: OkieTom 9/9/2021 12:59:27 PM (No. 908937)
Orange Woman Bad, and she's a big fat liar.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: bpl40 9/9/2021 1:12:11 PM (No. 908950)
This is such a baseless, vicious lie, one doesn't know where to begin.
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Reply 13 - Posted by: rikkitikki 9/9/2021 1:21:35 PM (No. 908960)
Wait, Psaki...would that be the 'insurrection' for which there is no evidence of organized collusion...except for the FBI's participation? The "insurrection" for which Pelosi refuses to release surveillance tapes? The "insurrection" in which the only victim was an unarmed protester, shot at point-blank range by capitol cop through a crack in a doorway? The "insurrection" that was actually nothing more than a protest against election fraud, fraud that has now been proven beyond any doubt that Biden stole his election? IOW, the insurrection that never happened?
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Reply 14 - Posted by: gop_guys 9/9/2021 1:24:32 PM (No. 908963)
Insurrection, my word? We saw an insurrection in Afghanistan recently. There is no end to their lying & twisting of facts.
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Reply 15 - Posted by: singermom9 9/9/2021 1:24:52 PM (No. 908964)
Civil War: 618,222 men died WW2: 70–85 million people dead 1/6/2021 - One unarmed civilian woman 5'2" and 120 lbs. By a capitol policeman
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Reply 16 - Posted by: Heraclitus 9/9/2021 1:26:05 PM (No. 908965)
#3 YES. They have been doing their utmost to destroy all opposition, regardless of context. The motivation is the totalitarian impulse that runs deep in the Dem/Left Party. As we have been saying again and again, 1/6 was not like any kind of insurrection ever anywhere in the history of the world. Unarmed people? No-one purportedly to be targets was harmed? The REAL crime was and continues to be the LIES, the almost seditious perversion of the Criminal "justice" system, the mendacity of Big Media, the FAILURE of adequate responses from Congress --in particular Republicans-- to the outrageous accusations and condemnatory rhetoric aimed at fellow Americans, accusations of horrible crimes made out of the proverbial "whole cloth".
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Reply 17 - Posted by: 24tea@Mag 9/9/2021 1:28:30 PM (No. 908969)
Stick it Joe. See you in court!
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Reply 18 - Posted by: Lawsy0 9/9/2021 1:43:14 PM (No. 908983)
Psaki is a lying Psant.
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Reply 19 - Posted by: vwlarry 9/9/2021 1:45:09 PM (No. 908985)
When does the civil war...the REAL, bloody kind, begin? It cannot be too far in the future. WE ARE RULED OVER BY CRIMINALS.
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Reply 20 - Posted by: AGGW 9/9/2021 1:49:25 PM (No. 908988)
And she stood silently by while her boss committed treason, surrending to the enemy and arming them, etc.
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Reply 21 - Posted by: paral04 9/9/2021 2:12:59 PM (No. 908994)
Oh, and all the mayhem that her management supports like BLM and ANTIFA is OK?
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Reply 22 - Posted by: BarryNo 9/9/2021 2:21:58 PM (No. 908997)
Remember the story of the Boy who cried Wolf? They keep screaming about an insurrection, they are going to get what they asked for.
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Reply 23 - Posted by: Namma 9/9/2021 2:30:27 PM (No. 909009)
Lying orange hair girl bad, there was no riot at the capitol building on Jan.6. But there was a murder!
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Reply 24 - Posted by: AltaD 9/9/2021 2:35:31 PM (No. 909015)
I'm beginning to understand why Brits dislike and mock gingers.
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Reply 25 - Posted by: mathman 9/9/2021 2:46:32 PM (No. 909027)
Cheer up. September 11 is coming. Creepy Zhou will give his speech. He will walk off after 45 seconds. He will quote Trumpalipazure as his reason for leaving. No questions will be allowed. He is the conquering hero. Ozymandias the Great. Naught else beside remains.
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Reply 26 - Posted by: curious1 9/9/2021 3:04:12 PM (No. 909050)
Did anyone speak up and call her a liar?
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Reply 27 - Posted by: edgar 9/9/2021 3:11:22 PM (No. 909057)
... and what about those being silent as our military sinks into the abyss of failed leadership? They are the ones that need to go. I did not know it is a board members duty to denounce riots. I am sure all board members, regardless of who appointed them have condemned every riot in the USA since they were appointed to the boards.
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Reply 28 - Posted by: happywarrior 9/9/2021 3:26:26 PM (No. 909069)
I have loathed this woman since she was Kirby's press secretary during the 0bama regime.
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Reply 29 - Posted by: columba 9/9/2021 3:29:04 PM (No. 909070)
There WAS no insurrection --- Yet. Stand by
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Reply 30 - Posted by: Blue Hen1 9/9/2021 3:39:35 PM (No. 909076)
Doesn’t matter they’ll all be reinstated when trump wins re election
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Reply 31 - Posted by: earlybird 9/9/2021 3:48:31 PM (No. 909083)
Vile creature.
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Reply 32 - Posted by: ALynnMcW 9/9/2021 4:11:06 PM (No. 909106)
And they impeached Trump on the basis of Schumer’s lie that he had evidence in their version of a stolen election called Russia Russia Russia. At least republicans didn’t murder anyone. Or lie about what they were doing. Explain the difference between the “stolen” elections. Can’t can they?
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Reply 33 - Posted by: sw penn 9/9/2021 5:03:32 PM (No. 909173)
'They stood silent while their boss supported an insurrection', said the usurpers spokes liar
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Reply 34 - Posted by: rocket-j-squirrel 9/9/2021 6:04:45 PM (No. 909210)
I wonder if this stupid arrogant little female dog has ever cut herself and saw blood or sawdust. Raggedy Ann or Dr. Jill's pail fetcher? We're living in a fairy tale only a Grimm person could concoct.
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Reply 35 - Posted by: 4Justice 9/9/2021 6:55:14 PM (No. 909278)
Shut up Sack-head!
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Reply 36 - Posted by: broken01 9/9/2021 8:01:33 PM (No. 909352)
Orange Woman is not only bad she’s down right stupid.
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Reply 37 - Posted by: Geoman 9/9/2021 9:19:15 PM (No. 909421)
As long as the people's first and only response to the latest commie outrage is to blame republican politicians, there will be no semblance of an uprising of traditional Americans as some predict. In the past, even the threat of angry Americans stayed the hands of some of our would-be tyrants of the far left.
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Reply 38 - Posted by: anniebc 9/9/2021 9:29:15 PM (No. 909433)
How long, Lord?
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Reply 39 - Posted by: mifla 9/10/2021 5:58:12 AM (No. 909648)
Our southern border is open. Hear the silence over that Jen?
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Watch– Jon Voight Endorses Larry Elder:
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Actor and Trump supporter Jon Voight has proudly endorsed Larry Elder in the election to recall California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D).In a video posted Sunday evening, Voight urged his fellow Americans to rid California of the “horror” that is Gavin Newsom, ushering in a new era of the once Golden State.(Tweet/Video) Voight stated: My fellow Americans, we are in a disgusting war of left-wing mentality. How can we live with our children being exposed to this left, our governor Newsom, and his demands for shots? How can we be taken down by such wrongdoing against our freedom, our rights as humans, as Americans? Let us vote for Elder, Larry Elder.
USA is missing patriotism 20 years after 9/11 5 replies
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Where can patriotism be?We relived 9/11. That whole day and night my street heard sirens. Ambulances. Police cars. Fire trucks. Emergency vehicles. My friend Dr. Bob Lahita, who runs New Jersey medical facilities and is on their emergency responder list, manned the triage unit across the river 24 hours nonstop.I also remember the cohesion, unity, togetherness immediately afterward. The patriotism. Taxis flew the American flag. Buildings sprouted stars and stripes. People wore red, white and blue buttons, caps decorated with symbols. It was one-for-all. For patriotism. For the United States.
Syracuse professor is accused of defending
9/11 with claim it was 'an attack
on heteropatriarchal capitalistic
systems' that 'many white
Americans fight to protect'
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A professor at Syracuse University has drawn strong reactions for a tweet calling the attacks on September 11, 2001 a strike against 'heteropatriarchal capitalistic systems'.Jenn M. Jackson, an assistant professor of political science, made the remarks in a series of tweets on Friday, a day before the 20th anniversary of the attacks that killed 2,977 people. 'We have to be more honest about what 9/11 was and what it wasn't. It was an attack on the heteropatriarchal capitalistic systems that America relies upon to wrangle other countries into passivity,' wrote Jackson,
Bad News for Biden: the Chanting Movement
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The movement seemed to start spontaneously last weekend.As we reported, suddenly, folks at college football games and other events like concerts were chanting “F**k Joe Biden!” What’s sort of amazing about it all is that college students are generally some of the most liberal folks you’re going to find on the planet. But, obviously, not the folks we’re seeing behind all this, and that’s a positive right there.Now, I’m not necessarily a big fan of expletives. But this isn’t just random cursing. It indicates they are engaged and involved in what’s been going on — and they’re letting Biden know that they’re not happy with what he’s done,
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Many media and political figures expressed outrage online after former President George W. Bush appeared to use his speech commemorating the 20th anniversary of 9/11 to compare January 6 Capitol protesters to the Islamic terrorists who viciously attacked America, killing nearly three thousands innocents and wounding more than double that number.Speaking at the 9/11 memorial service for Flight 93 in Pennsylvania, Bush recalled the September 11 attacks while warning of future terrorist threats to the United States.“We have seen growing evidence that the dangers to our country can come not only across borders but from violence that gathers within,” he said.
Washington University student senator
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A student senator at Washington University is being accused of snatching up 2,977 American flags to commemorate the lives lost in the 9/11 terror attacks on the 20th anniversary before throwing them in trash bags. Fadel Alkilani, who serves as chairman of the student senate finance committee at the St Louis, Missouri university, is allegedly seen filling blue trash bags with the minature flags used as part of the 9/11: Never Forget Project memorial. A video posted to Twitter by the Young Americans for Freedom, show as the cameraman confronts Alkilani.
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Lowville, New York—Lewis County General Hospital will stop delivering babies after September 24 because too many maternity unit workers have resigned over COVID vaccination mandates. That’s according to Lewis County Health System Chief Executive Officer Gerald Cayer, who held a news conference Friday in Lowville. He said 6 employees in the maternity unit resigned rather than get a COVID shot and another 7 are undecided. According to Cayer, the hospital will be unable to safely staff the unit and will pause delivering babies after September 24.(Snip)Cayer said 165 hospital employees have yet to be vaccinated against COVID-19; that’s 27 percent of the workforce.
George W. Bush's swipe at domestic extremism:
Who was he talking about?
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Posted by Magnante 9/12/2021 3:45:47 AM Post Reply
George W. Bush appeared at Shanksville, Pennsylvania, on Saturday to honor those who died on 9/11. It was an interesting speech, but not necessarily in a good way. (snip) Bush said that Islamic violent extremists are the same as domestic violent extremists when it comes to their “disregard of human life.” The big question is whether Bush was referring to Antifa and BLM or to the January 6 protesters—and, interestingly, everybody assumes he was speaking about the latter. (snip) Considering that the January 6 protesters killed no one and destroyed nothing, the words are inapposite to them. They apply perfectly to BLM and Antifa
Never before have I so enjoyed hearing
the ‘F word’
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Posted by Magnante 9/13/2021 3:16:31 AM Post Reply
I held off on writing about the “F*** Joe Biden” chants that began at college football games a couple of weeks ago. I had three reasons. First, I’m not a fan of obscenities because I think they cheapen speech. Second, these chants were initially small groups at Southern colleges, which really didn’t seem like a “thing.” Third, I wasn’t going to get excited until I learned whether the chants had legs. Well, it turns out they do have legs and they’re becoming large chants at multiple games (including New York baseball games). And most importantly, Joe Biden knows about them and isn’t happy.
Biden Gets Booed at Ground Zero, Then
Says More Offensive Things at Memorial
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Posted by Dreadnought 9/12/2021 1:54:12 AM Post Reply
There’s a reason that the folks who plan Joe Biden’s days decided that he shouldn’t give any official remarks today as he visited the three 9/11 sites for remembrance ceremonies. I think they knew that if he opened his mouth and stuck his foot in it on such a solemn occasion, this time it would be before the world and it would be too hard for media to ignore. So as we reported earlier, they prerecorded some remarks for him where he spoke, gazing off into the distance, about “unity,” and looking like death warmed over. He did show up at the 9/11 ceremony at Ground Zero and then later
Justice Breyer: Trump’s 2020 Election
Case Did Not Meet ‘Normal Criteria’
For Supreme Court
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Posted by Black Conservative Voice 9/13/2021 4:27:11 AM Post Reply
Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer said on this week’s broadcast of “Fox News Sunday” that they did not hear President Donald Trump’s 2020 election case because it did not meet “normal criteria.” Anchor Chris Wallace said, “One of your arguments against seeing the court’s political is the fact that it refused to even hear the appeals from the Trump campaign about the 2020 election. Didn’t even hear it them.” In a video, former President Donald Trump said, “No judge has had the courage, including the Supreme Court — I am so disappointed in them...
CNN poll: America turns irate, glum 31 replies
Posted by Ribicon 9/13/2021 12:15:06 AM Post Reply
Americans are fuming and pessimistic at this time, that’s for sure. A new CNN poll finds that 74% of U.S. adults now say they are “very or somewhat angry” about the way things are going in the U.S. today—that includes 88% of Republicans, 70% of independents and even 67% of Democrats. But wait, there’s more. Another 69% of U.S. adults now say that things are going “pretty or very badly” in the country these days—that includes 91% of Republicans, 72% of independents and 49% of Democrats. And by the way, illegal immigration is still a concern for many in this nation. The CNN survey also found that 77%
Biden Removes US Missiles from Saudi Arabia,
In an Obama-Like Move to Appease Iran
31 replies
Posted by Come And Take It 9/12/2021 9:46:22 PM Post Reply
The wheels of insanity in the OBiden Administration are about to fall off again. Rather than solidifying President Trump’s policy of peace in the Middle East, OBiden’s actions are likely to blow the entire region up into another OBiden mess. President Trump went to the Middle East and visited world religious leaders on his first overseas visit in an effort to bring peace to the Middle East. President Trump inherited ISIS terrorizing the Middle East as well as Iran and both these terrorist entities were backed by the OBiden gang. President Trump’s strategy was peace, not horror and destruction.
Evangelical Lutheran church installs 1st
transgender bishop
31 replies
Posted by Ribicon 9/12/2021 1:46:35 PM Post Reply
San Francisco—The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America installed its first openly transgender bishop in a service held in San Francisco's Grace Cathedral on Saturday. The Rev. Megan Rohrer will lead one of the church's 65 synods, overseeing nearly 200 congregations in Northern California and northern Nevada. “My call is… to be up to the same messy, loving things I was up to before,” Rohrer told worshippers. “But mostly, if you'll let me, and I think you will, my hope is to love you and beyond that, to love what you love.”
Transgender MMA fighter who used to be
in US Army special forces wins debut
- reigniting debate over trans
women in sports
29 replies
Posted by Ribicon 9/12/2021 12:11:37 PM Post Reply
The second openly transgender MMA fighter in the US has won her debut match—reigniting the debate over trans women in sports. Alana McLaughlin, 38, won her first professional fight in the Combate Global prelims Friday against Celine Provost, ending the match with a rear-naked choke 3 minutes and 32 seconds into the second round. McLaughlin, from South Carolina, began her transition in 2010 after spending six years in the US Army special forces.(Snip)McLaughlin had been training for more than a year in preparation for the bout, she told the outlet, and it was scheduled originally for August, but postponed after Provost tested positive for the coronavirus.
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