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Wake Up, RINOs!

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Posted By: Imright, 8/3/2021 1:30:00 AM

Historically, Democrats and Republicans were merely opposition parties. They had a few shared objectives — prosperity, liberty, and national security. However, they had very different ideas about how to achieve those objectives. It was a political environment well suited to debate and compromise.Then the election of 2000 happened, and something changed. George W. Bush won the presidential election by a mere 537 votes. Losing in such a narrow fashion was too much for the Democrats to cope with. In their rage, they went insane.The Democrat party has always had radical elements.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: dickiedeeb 8/3/2021 1:45:40 AM (No. 866233)
By far the largest demographic of covid cult deniers and genetic code injection refusers is republican males But is there even one DC repub with the balls to stand in the door and speak for Them? In my opinion not only the worthless cowards will not take back the house or senate but they will lose whatever they have gained to the communofascists Who knows maybe thats their plan...
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Reply 2 - Posted by: idahoskook 8/3/2021 1:55:33 AM (No. 866235)
Can we stop calling them RINOs and start calling them Kuntzigers? I really like the sound of it and I think it’s more descriptive overall. “ That Lyndsey Graham is a real Kuntziger” “Mitt Romney, a long time Kuntziger……..” I could go on and on, but you get the idea.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: BarryNo 8/3/2021 4:38:45 AM (No. 866284)
Rhinos are awake. They know what they're doing.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: Toby Ten Bears 8/3/2021 5:42:40 AM (No. 866291)
RINO's are bought and paid for. They are selected specifically to do what they do, throw a wrench into the cogs. What else makes sense?
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Reply 5 - Posted by: skacmar 8/3/2021 6:57:55 AM (No. 866324)
The RINOS are awake and charging. They think this is their time to help and compromise. Unfortunately, the rinos have about as much impact when they charge and hit their target as scared little bunnies. They don't have the power they think and run to their bunny holes when things get difficult.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: F15 Gork 8/3/2021 7:03:00 AM (No. 866326)
If I had life time employment, an unlimited expense account and access to even more money, why should I wake up? All I have to do is bring home the bacon and BS the rubes who voted for me.............nice work if you can get it.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: jj1319 8/3/2021 7:17:13 AM (No. 866344)
idahoskook has his thinking cap on this morning. Bravo!
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Reply 8 - Posted by: stjohnswood 8/3/2021 7:18:42 AM (No. 866348)
They're wide awake. They hope you're not.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: The Remnants 8/3/2021 7:23:58 AM (No. 866350)
I was listening to a program on Mother Angelica's EWTN yesterday, and one of guests said that "the devil has over-played his hand", and he elaborated a little, but I knew what he meant. There is so much chaos going now in the world, and the devil loves chaos, and God is order, but if God is missing everywhere, so is His order. People are beginning to realize that life with only chaos is not good.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: Saryden 8/3/2021 7:42:27 AM (No. 866368)
Unless we get rid of the counting machines, Marxists will always win our elections -- until it is Islamists who take them on. Then the fight gets even more vicious ... and we Conservative Republicans would have no side to support! I think we must have fair elections or there will be no champion of freedom and humanity remaining in this world.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: Daisymay 8/3/2021 7:54:37 AM (No. 866377)
What we need is a HUGE Purging in 2022 to wake up the RINOS who are left after it! If we didn't take them out this time around, we will certainly do it the next time they are up for re-election. We need to put the Fear of God into them. They need to KNOW we mean business. If they decide to continue as RINOS, they are in their LAST Term! We need a Landslide in 2022!! There should not be a RINO left who is up for Election in 22! Not One!
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Reply 12 - Posted by: Clinger 8/3/2021 8:12:12 AM (No. 866392)
Ok I get it but perhaps the problem is even worse. What if those we call RINOS are really democrats who knew they couldn't win a democrat primary or win as a democrat in their locale but could win a GOP primary and general election?
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Reply 13 - Posted by: Red Jeep 8/3/2021 8:27:07 AM (No. 866399)
The article states: "Historically, Democrats and Republicans were merely opposition parties. They had a few shared objectives — prosperity, liberty, and national security. " Not anymore. Inflation, political prisoners, open borders and socialism now seem to be the objectives of Democrat politicians (Democrat voters are clueless.)
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Reply 14 - Posted by: Ida Lou Pino 8/3/2021 8:35:24 AM (No. 866407)
All Pubbies and RINOs - - please follow the leadership of Fightin' Roy Blunt. Watch what Fightin' Roy does - - understand how Fightin' Roy does it - - then do what Fightin' Roy does. Let Fightin' Roy lead the way - - then follow in his footsteps!
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Reply 15 - Posted by: LC Chihuahua 8/3/2021 8:48:05 AM (No. 866424)
RINOS are indeed Woke. They don't need to wake up. They know exactly what they are doing. Stop giving them the benefit of the doubt. These people are experienced politicians. For the most part the Republicans follow Democrat leadership rather than offer an alternative. What good are they? They are useless and worthless.
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Reply 16 - Posted by: NamVet70 8/3/2021 8:53:27 AM (No. 866432)
This is an excellent article. The one point I see missing is that Donald Trump is the only Presidential candidate we have seen in decades who actually speaks and acts in concert with most of the citizens of this country. All the rest either kowtow to the left or actually is aligned with them whenever not on the election campaign trail. With Donald Trump, this is the first time since Ronald Reagan that anyone really offered us a real choice. The left has so dominated education, media, the courts and most of the Federal agencies that only after 2016 have we actually been able to begin forcing many to reveal their duplicity. It is remarkable that the previous several cycles of losing Republican candidates have been exposed as true enablers of the left. It is true that they were trashed by the left as badly as Trump is during their campaigns, but even after that bad treatment they still lick the hand of the master that beat them. Paul Ryan in particular has been instrumental in driving the lean to the left of the "news" side of Foxnews. It is also remarkable that the left was getting beaten in the 2020 election so badly that they had to steal the election with so much coordinated fraud that it is impossible to hide from anyone with open eyes.
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Reply 17 - Posted by: Dodge Boy 8/3/2021 9:09:45 AM (No. 866447)
Mr. Green, so you expect somebody like Pierre Delecto to wake up. You must be joking.
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Reply 18 - Posted by: bigfatslob 8/3/2021 9:14:24 AM (No. 866449)
RINOs are quite comfortable where they sit on a perch. The spineless critters are there to play with the other side, constituents and conservatives be damned. A purge with no apologies accepted or a promise to do better toss them out but the time to restructure fighting the Marxist enemy may be over. Cloward Pleven has taken hold and increases in proportion daily by the hand of a senile, misfit, useless criminal named fraud Joe Biden or Mr. Asterisk as known to some.
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Reply 19 - Posted by: MDConservative 8/3/2021 10:07:39 AM (No. 866482)
Oh, my! Where has the author been? Wake up RINOs? These right-left, Commies vs Nazi storylines are the shiny object the boobs chase endlessly, like those cats and laser dots. At the base of all this is the fleecing of America by the profiteers, who bring us a series of "bi-partisan" stimulus and infrastructure bills costing TRILLIONS in newly printed money that already has little value. This cabal is the UNIPARTY. Doesn't matter if its Republican or's a cabal that includes both - the one bi-partisan thing going in Washington. Trump got his because SIX REPUBLICAN LEGISLATURES dispatched Biden electors with little more than cursory reviews of the election results despite apparent fraud. No one asks how THAT "statistical anomaly" happened. And, how did it happen? Well, let's not talk about it. It's Soros and his commies!! Until, and unless Americans are willing to face facts about a number of things, from border insecurity to election security, free stuff to hard work, opportunity to equity, "freedom" to freedom, the rest is just more entertainment for the boobwasie masses.
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Reply 20 - Posted by: bighambone 8/3/2021 11:17:29 AM (No. 866579)
The Democrats are claiming that over 80 million American voters supported Biden-Harris and by extension their leftist and socialist political agenda in the 2020 election and that they are just giving the American people the leftist and socialist Federal Government that they voted for. As far as the open borderline is concerned, the Democrats consider it to be a major generator of a future “New American” foreign born demographic of poor, uneducated, and easily manipulated socialist minded people who the Democrats can characterize as be oppressed peoples of color who will be easily transformed into future leftist and socialist Democrat voters in the years ahead after a series of Democrat designed “path to citizenship” amnesties are passed by the Democrats with cooperation of the RINOS. THe latest Democrat Defense for open borders is to aid all the third world populations who are now suffering due to climate change who must be allowed into the USA in unlimited numbers, regardless of the immigration law limitations, because “that’s who we are”. I agree with poster #12. The most serious problem that the Republican Party has today is at the State level where the State Republican Parties have been nominating RINOS who in many respects are covert Democrats to be their nominees for federal elected office. Notice that the Democrats do not tolerate any sort of similar situation at the State level so just about every one of their nominees is a certified leftist, liberal, or lately a socialist lawyer-politician whose political groundings are well known to the Democrat political leadership.
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Reply 21 - Posted by: stablemoney 8/3/2021 11:32:53 AM (No. 866602)
The Republicans are not an opposition party. That is the problem.
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Reply 22 - Posted by: NotaBene 8/3/2021 12:06:41 PM (No. 866660)
Democrats were anti-American long before Dubya. Remember Cloward-Piven?
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Reply 23 - Posted by: PrayerWarrior 8/3/2021 1:53:00 PM (No. 866785)
#9 The devil knows his time is short so he's working overtime. So are the demonrats i.e. the Obama/Biden regime. Rules for Radicals talks about overwhelming the system so it collapses. We are seeing a demonic work of destruction of a republic in overtime. Only a mighty move of God and revival will stop the end of this democracy. The people of God are called to pray, repent and humble themselves and ask for a healing of our land. Miracles still happen today.
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Reply 24 - Posted by: RedWhite&Blue2 8/3/2021 2:28:22 PM (No. 866814)
The Devil helps frauds who lie cheat steal That’s why Alinsky dedicated to Lucifer That’s why Satan is the Democrat mascot That’s how the election remains stolen We normals here on earth can pray And we can fight this unholy war But are we fighting? Or just talking?
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Reply 25 - Posted by: Zigrid 8/3/2021 2:59:47 PM (No. 866862)
How about the spineless whims in DC... instead of rinos... they don't deserve that name...nothing republican about them...they are tax and spend democrats....don't give up...President Trump will be back and clean out the swamp... it make take longer than WE thought... but it's coming....
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Reply 26 - Posted by: pmcclure 8/3/2021 9:26:34 PM (No. 867274)
These creatures are supernaturally blind and foolish.
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Former President Trump on Wednesday filed court papers challenging a Justice Department order that his tax returns be handed over to Congress, and blasting the moves as 'illegal retaliation' for his political career. It marks the latest twist in a years long battle to delve inside the Trump finances. In a filing in federal court in the District of Columbia, Trump's lawyers said the House Ways and Committee lacked a legal basis for seeking his tax returns and that it was seeking to reveal his tax information for political gain.
CNN faces calls to fire 'silent' Chris Cuomo
for 'unethical' journalism by helping his
brother Andrew draft statements on sex
harassment scandal while IGNORING
the story on air
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CNN is facing mounting calls to fire its star host Chris Cuomo for breaching journalism standards by helping his brother Andrew respond to sexual harassment claims while ignoring the subject on air. Chris's show Prime Time with Chris Cuomo aired on Tuesday night at 9pm after round-the-clock coverage by every major news outlet about the report into his brother by New York Attorney General Letitia James. He ignored the subject entirely. Now, outraged viewers and media pundits are calling for his resignation or termination by CNN, saying it's a clear conflict of interest
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Former Obama staffer Valerie Jarrett is asking Americans to donate money to Obama’s presidential library, just days before he is about to hold a celebrity filled birthday bash at his mansion on Martha’s Vineyard.Jarrett has a lot of nerve to make such a request.Oprah Winfrey is expected to be at the party. Maybe she could cough up the needed cash.FOX News reports:Valerie Jarrett seeks donations for Obama Presidential Center amid birthday bash controversyValerie Jarrett, the former senior adviser to President Obama, faced mockery online Tuesday after appealing to her Twitter followers to cut a $6 or $60 check for the Obama Presidential Center in honor of the 44th president’s birthday.
Judicial Watch obtains docs of DC
examiner’s request to cremate Ashli
Babbitt 2 days after getting custody
of body
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Posted by Imright 8/4/2021 10:42:39 AM Post Reply
The Washington, D.C. Office of the Chief Medical Examiner (OCME) reportedly submitted a request to cremate deceased Jan. 6th rioter Ashli Babbitt, an Air Force veteran, only two days after her death.This and other findings were discovered in more than 1,100 pages of documents from the OCME obtained by the conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch via a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit filed in April.The documents obtained by Judicial Watch show that on Jan. 8th, two days after the Jan. 6th riot, OCME made a submission through the “OCME Online Permit” application form for “cremation.”Moreover, the documents state that this “transaction was completed successfully.”Look:
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Women's wrestler Tamyra Mensah-Stock set social media aflame with her national pride Tuesday after she proclaimed her love for representing the US at this year's Olympics. The 28 year old had just made history, becoming the second American and the first black woman to win the Gold in the sport's 17-year history in the games, and appeared overwhelmed with joy. Standing with the American flag draped around her she was asked what it felt like to represent the United States.'It feels amazing' she exclaimed. 'I love representing the US, I freaking love living there. I love it
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Florida has placed Ben & Jerry's parent company Unilever on its list of 'scrutinized companies' after the ice cream maker's decision to end sales in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis made the announcement Tuesday after he directed the state's board of administrators to place the company on the list, which is made up of companies that participate in boycotts of Israel or limit commercial activities with the Jewish state. The designation means Unilever has 90 days to force Ben & Jerry's to reverse its boycott or become
Photo shows moment right after Cuomo
allegedly groped executive assistant
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This takes Candid Camera to a whole new level.This snapshot of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo was taken right after he allegedly groped an executive assistant in his home.The photo, released Tuesday as part of the official report into sexual harassment allegations against Cuomo shows the governor smirking while he sits back on a couch with an aide.The staffer, named only as “Executive Assistant #1,” one of the primary complainants in the report, told investigators that the governor had asked her to snap selfies as the two worked together
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Canceled: Anthem-Protester Gwen
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Gwen Berry, a U.S. Olympic hammer thrower who turned away from the American flag during the playing of the national anthem, failed to medal during finals on Tuesday.According to the New York Post, Berry finished in eleventh place out of twelve competitors, registering a distance of 71.35 meters.In June, Berry made headlines when she snubbed the American flag during the national anthem after finishing third at the U.S. Olympic track and field trials in Oregon. In addition, she pulled out a back t-shirt that read “Activist Athlete”
Why I Refuse to Be Vaccinated 53 replies
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I have been vilified for refusing to be jabbed with an experimental vaccine. I have been told that I am among the worst people on the face of the earth as that refusal is putting an inordinate number of people at risk of near certain death. That it is my civic duty and obligation to be swept up in the hysteria and march meekly in lockstep with whatever the omniscient government bureaucrats tell us to do. That I must sacrifice personal choices and freedom for the benefit of the collective.
Mystery Surrounds Latest Police Suicides
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Posted by Imright 8/3/2021 9:13:32 PM Post Reply
The reported suicide death of Metropolitan Police Department Officer Kyle DeFreytag on July 10 is the second suicide announced in just two days and brings the total number of officers who have taken their lives since defending the Capitol on January 6 to four. The third officer to die was Gunther Hashida, who was found dead in his home Thursday. He also died from suicide, according to an emailed statement from the police to the Hill.“We are grieving as a Department as our thoughts and prayers are with Officer Hashida’s family and friends,” the department wrote in the statement.
‘I’ll Represent the Oppressed People’: Gwen Berry
Promises to Protest on Medal Stand if She Wins
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Posted by ladydawgfan 8/3/2021 1:26:33 AM Post Reply
U.S. Olympics hammer thrower Gwen Berry now says that she will protest against the United States on the medal stand to “represent the oppressed peoples” if she medals this week. Berry raised eyebrows by refusing to stand at attention for the national anthem during the U.S. Olympic Trials in June when she won the bronze in the hammer throw. But until this weekend, Berry would not say if she intended to mount any protests if she medals at the Games in Tokyo. On Sunday, Berry put to rest any questions about her intentions. During an interview after she made it through the qualifying round in Tokyo,
Biden calls on Cuomo to RESIGN in wake of
NY AG's report that he sexually harassed 11
women: President ignores Cuomo's protests
of innocence and suggests he could
be impeached
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Posted by Imright 8/3/2021 5:14:43 PM Post Reply
President Joe Biden called on Gov. Andrew Cuomo to resign Tuesday afternoon, following in the footsteps of Democratic Congressional leaders. 'I think he should resign,' Biden said, after telling reporters that he stood by his previous statement that if the investigation found accusations of sexual harassment against Cuomo were credible the New York Democrat should step aside. The president answered, 'let's take one thing at a time here,' when asked if Cuomo should be impeached and removed from office. He also demurred when asked if Cuomo should be prosecuted.
Judicial Watch: DC Medical Examiner’s
Officer Requested Cremation of Ashli
Babbitt’s Remains 2 Days after Murder —
Email Sent to DC Govt. Was Returned
in Chinese Characters
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Posted by Imright 8/3/2021 10:13:54 PM Post Reply
US Veteran Ashli Babbitt and her cold-blooded killer Lt. Mike ByrdIn July The Gateway Pundit confirmed that Capitol Hill Police Lt. Mike Byrd was Ashli Babbit’s shooter.Lt. Byrd killed Ashli Babbitt in cold blood on Jan. 6 in the US Capitol.The Democrats, Pelosi, the Deep State, dirtbag FBI Director Chris Wray, and the mainstream fake-news media have all been protecting Lt. Mike Byrd.They are all protecting a cold-blooded killer and see nothing wrong with it. This is who they are.
Mexico bars US from returning many migrant
families, threatening to make border crisis worse
36 replies
Posted by Come And Take It 8/3/2021 12:17:36 AM Post Reply
Mexico has barred the United States from sending migrant families back across the border, using emergency measures put in place at the start of the pandemic, the Washington Examiner has learned, a development that threatens to exacerbate the border crisis. The decision to prohibit a great number of non-Mexican migrant families from returning to Mexico is expected to force Border Patrol to release more people into the U.S. because it lacks space at existing facilities to hold the thousands coming into custody daily.
NIH Director Collins: Parents of Young Children
Should Wear Masks Inside Home
35 replies
Posted by ladydawgfan 8/3/2021 3:19:13 PM Post Reply
National Institutes of Health director Dr. Francis Collins said Tuesday on CNN’s “New Day” that parents should wear masks in their homes to protect children under 12 who can not yet get vaccinated. Collins said, “It’s clear that this variant is capable of causing serious injury in children. You have heard those stories coming out of Louisiana pediatric ICUs where there are kids as young as a few months old who are sick from this. That is rare, certainly younger people are less likely to fall ill, but anyone that tried to tell you ‘Ah, you don’t have worry about it if you’re a young, healthy person,’
Obama scales back plans for 60th birthday
party amid coronavirus concerns
32 replies
Posted by Imright 8/4/2021 6:29:56 AM Post Reply
Former President Barack Obama has scaled back plans for a Martha’s Vineyard 60th birthday party to which hundreds of guests had been invited, citing revived concerns about the coronavirus.Hannah Hankins, a spokeswoman for the former president, said in a statement obtained by Fox News that the "outdoor event was planned months ago in accordance with all public health guidelines and with covid safeguards in place." "Due to the new spread of the delta variant over the past week, the President and Mrs. Obama have decided to significantly scale back the event to include only family and close friends.
The Problem With Peggy 32 replies
Posted by Imright 8/3/2021 1:22:32 AM Post Reply
Peggy Noonan’s column in the Wall Street Journal on Saturday is a very clear exposé of the profound political division in America today. Her position is that Donald Trump is a deadly combination of crazy, dishonest, and incompetent, that there can be no possible question that he was and is unsuited to be president, and that he was unquestionably honestly defeated in the presidential election. More, he deliberately incited a violent assault upon the U.S. Capitol on January 6, his party is afraid of him even though his support is thin and diminishing, and Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s investigation into the events of January 6 must be pursued with energy
Biden administration moves to block evictions
in most of U.S. following liberal backlash
31 replies
Posted by Come And Take It 8/4/2021 12:59:46 AM Post Reply
The Biden administration announced a temporary ban on evictions across most of the country on Tuesday, a move that bent to intense pressure from liberal House Democrats but that President Biden acknowledged may not prove constitutional. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a moratorium on evictions for 60 days for U.S. counties with “substantial and high levels of community transmission” of the coronavirus, according to an agency news release. About 90 percent of the country will be covered by the ban as the virus’s delta variant spreads quickly throughout the country, Senate Majority Leader Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) said in a statement.
Valerie Jarrett Asks For Donations To
Obama Library Ahead Of His Martha’s
Vineyard Birthday Bash
30 replies
Posted by Imright 8/4/2021 12:15:24 PM Post Reply
Former Obama staffer Valerie Jarrett is asking Americans to donate money to Obama’s presidential library, just days before he is about to hold a celebrity filled birthday bash at his mansion on Martha’s Vineyard.Jarrett has a lot of nerve to make such a request.Oprah Winfrey is expected to be at the party. Maybe she could cough up the needed cash.FOX News reports:Valerie Jarrett seeks donations for Obama Presidential Center amid birthday bash controversyValerie Jarrett, the former senior adviser to President Obama, faced mockery online Tuesday after appealing to her Twitter followers to cut a $6 or $60 check for the Obama Presidential Center in honor of the 44th president’s birthday.
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