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Aldi's founders have ways of making you
shop! The miserly, feuding German brothers
who fought for Hitler before surviving
prisoner of war camp and creating
supermarket empire now worth £27.5 Billion

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Posted By: Imright, 2/22/2021 11:32:51 PM

The opening of a new supermarket in the Birmingham suburb of Stechford nearly 31 years ago unfolded with neither fanfare nor razzmatazz.There were no adverts to speak of, not even an 'opening soon' sign hanging outside.Cosseted by the comfortable embrace of familiarity (Tesco, Sainsbury's et al), shoppers greeted this new retail arrival, with its low-budget layout, boxes piled up under the harsh strip lighting and a limited product range (600 basic items and not a brand name in sight) with a hefty dose of suspicion.'One looks in vain for avocados or kiwi fruit,' remarked The Times, of the store, a year later. The absence of such exotic non-essentials

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Reply 1 - Posted by: ColonialAmerican1623 2/23/2021 1:59:32 AM (No. 705323)
I know people who love Aldi's but I got violently sick from there and had difficulty eating for a year.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: OhioNick 2/23/2021 2:11:17 AM (No. 705330)
Aldi manages to keep unions out of their stores by paying their employees $2 over the local prevailing wage. Join a union and your salary goes down.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: Rather Read 2/23/2021 3:03:42 AM (No. 705343)
My daughter won't shop any where but Aldi's
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Reply 4 - Posted by: chumley 2/23/2021 5:45:34 AM (No. 705377)
My daughter saves a ton shopping there, but I dont much care for it. Its just not a really welcoming atmosphere. I've read articles saying all the food is at least as good as what can be found elsewhere, but to me it just doesn't look right. Cant really put my finger on why.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: jalo1951 2/23/2021 6:45:54 AM (No. 705395)
Went once never went back. Like #4 can't put my finger on exactly why but I was not impressed. However, I know people who go there and love it and save on their grocery bills. I am glad that I have lots of choices to grocery shop. We have different needs and preferences and can shop where we want to. That is until the dems figure out how to screw that up too. I assume that having a choice on where we shop will end up being racist.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: TruthFetish 2/23/2021 7:15:23 AM (No. 705415)
Sometimes I just have the urge to drive past five conventional supermarkets to go to Aldi's. It's a whole other mindset.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: Ida Lou Pino 2/23/2021 7:24:09 AM (No. 705418)
With other supermarkets - - you make up a shopping list - - then you buy the things you need. With Aldi - - you go there to see what they're selling that day. You shop for bargains - - but not for necessities. We learned that from shopping in their European stores.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: Venturer 2/23/2021 7:37:38 AM (No. 705436)
I have been there, I wasn't that impressed, but different strokes for different folks.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: jhpeters2 2/23/2021 7:50:07 AM (No. 705453)
Aldi Nord (North, ?) owns Trader Joe's. Not much difference, except TJ's has a lot more employees to service customers - far more customer service oriented. Aldi doesn't answer phones. Got a question about what is in stock? Don't bother calling. Get in you car and drive cross town to find out if the red cabbage sauerkraut is available, and while driving there ask yourself why am I doing this?
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Reply 10 - Posted by: navybrat 2/23/2021 8:32:04 AM (No. 705488)
I am not in a grocery store long enough to care about atmosphere. I care about saving money shopping for my needs. I can see through fancy eye catching displays and slick ads which Aldi does not have. I can also read labels. I shop at other stores but go to Aldi to buy some of the things I use for less money.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: Sanddollar 2/23/2021 8:32:39 AM (No. 705489)
I shop weekly at Aldi's. Prices are reasonable, produce is nice and the checkout procedure is fast. I like packing my own groceries as I can pack the bags my way. The bigger grocery store is much more expensive and the checkout process takes three times as long.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: BirdsNest 2/23/2021 8:37:19 AM (No. 705493)
Closest Aldi to me is 60 miles away. I dont shop there often but when I do, I stock up.
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Reply 13 - Posted by: petrichor 2/23/2021 9:03:26 AM (No. 705515)
No Aldi's in WA. I miss it, though I've found the same bargains with Walmart Great Value items. Some things I buy discounted. Some not. I liked Aldi for it's hardline sales. They have some fabulous bargains there.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: ROLFNader 2/23/2021 9:05:59 AM (No. 705520)
I like yard sales but not so much when grocery shopping. That's what our Aldi's reminds me of. Beats buying food at the Dollar Store, though. Will say that the place is full every day so whaddo I know?
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Reply 15 - Posted by: 24tea@Mag 2/23/2021 9:12:03 AM (No. 705527)
See, it’s all about the Almighty Dollar and greed. Doesn’t matter who you are helping, just what you are saving. Scum in my opinion - both those who buy and those who sell.
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Reply 16 - Posted by: Zigrid 2/23/2021 9:25:28 AM (No. 705543)
Not a fan of Aldi's....their meat and chicken is suspect as to origin...I like my country fresh eggs and Amish's a personal far... I'm sure the cancel culture has plans for them...the social media mob is always looking for ways to work through their anger....china's Walmart doesn't like the competition...the power is still with WE the people... WE walk with our wallets...
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Reply 17 - Posted by: Thos Weatherby 2/23/2021 9:26:44 AM (No. 705544)
This is how one Aldi's treats their patrons. There were two German brothers. Aldi's comes from one brother Trader Joes comes from the other. Start at 5:55 to see the wonderful (s/) Aldi's management.
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Reply 18 - Posted by: smokincol 2/23/2021 9:33:54 AM (No. 705553)
feel bad for the brother who was captured on the Eastern Front because the Russians weren't the most hospitable vanquishers of the Germans. the brother who was captured in Africa was fortunate to have been taken out of the fight, which most likely saved his life. it took determination and guts to make a decision like that after the war and especially in Germany, a country which had to almost totally rebuild itself and if it weren't for the efforts of the Americans, mostly, the resurgence would not have taken place. other factors were involved there, too.
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Reply 19 - Posted by: TXknitter 2/23/2021 9:45:58 AM (No. 705568)
Well, my family has a slim choice of grocery stores in their area. HEB with their Democrat CEO who banished My Pillow very quickly. No local pushback or protest of HEB’s disgusting move to hurt Mike Lindell either. The bloom is off the rose for this Texan when it comes to HEB now. Wal-Mart full of dubious made in China or other foreign country food items. As far as quality check by reading labels, Aldi’s is better than most and their prices can be very very good. If we had a Trader Joe’s, I would shop there too.
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Reply 20 - Posted by: kidsmom 2/23/2021 9:48:10 AM (No. 705575)
Headline is misleading. Most men of a certain age were "encouraged to enlist" or conscripted in the German Army in some capacity during WWII. One of the brothers was in the tank corps under Rommel in North Africa. Rommel later committed suicide after being exposed as one of the conspirators in the plot to assassinate Hitler. The headline makes it sound like they worked in the concentration camps. As for Aldi, my husband and I are retired and find the low prices and ample selection of staples there help those like us on a limited budget. We have the time but not the gas to go from store to store price shopping; and home delivery is not an option. Additionally, frugality is not "miserly." I expected better from Daily Mail.
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Reply 21 - Posted by: msjena 2/23/2021 9:49:05 AM (No. 705576)
Aldi isn't one-stop shopping but it can't be beat for things like baking supplies (flour, sugar,etc.), eggs, butter (usually), extra virgin olive oil, maple syrup. I also buy their skinless, boneless chicken breasts (esp. the organic), paper products, specialty coffee, dishwasher tabs and, depending on what they have, candy. Shopping there is an adventure, too, because you never know what you will find. I bought a box of 50 face masks for 6.99. Walgreen's has the same for 29.00. Other bargains: tissue boxes, $1.15, 59 oz. orange juice not from concentrate, 2.15, 8 oz block of cheddar or mozzarella cheese, 1.99.
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Reply 22 - Posted by: Mike6 2/23/2021 9:54:38 AM (No. 705588)
The Aldi brothers were lucky they were not shipped to the Soviet Union and hanged. However I would not shopped at their supermarket.
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Reply 23 - Posted by: DVC 2/23/2021 9:55:02 AM (No. 705590)
Some of their stuff is fine, but they are very limited. I used to get their yogurt, but the portions are too large, and eating a container gives me more calories than I need from a yogurt as a snack, so I don't get them any more. I know, I could eat a portion and refrigerate the rest.....but that isn't convenient and just doesn't happen. Some of their brands are good, others....bleah. They have a cookie which is a dead ringer for the Girl Scout Thin Mints that I love, but won't buy anymore because of the leftism that has ruined GSs. Dirt cheap, too. I only buy them once or twice a year, again, because this is easier than not eating too many when they are in the cupboard. Not a big fan, we probably get 1-2% of our food there, if that.
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Reply 24 - Posted by: Old Army Vet 2/23/2021 9:57:40 AM (No. 705596)
Been to Aldis, don't like it.
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Reply 25 - Posted by: poliposter 2/23/2021 9:57:51 AM (No. 705597)
Many of Aldi food products are manufactured in the USA by the same producers who manufacture more well-known (ie expensive items) at the bigger chains. Their store brand cereals are made by General Mills, for example. They have a decent selection of gluten free items. They often pop up in lower income areas which helps low income people eat more nutritiously.
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Reply 26 - Posted by: skacmar 2/23/2021 10:07:31 AM (No. 705612)
Aldi is great. You can get almost everything you need at a great price and the food is good. Sometimes they have things that are different than the local stores that are really good. They also have some good inexpensive wines. If you don't like it, don't shop shop there! I wish they would send their cashier to teach the cashiers at all of the other grocery stores around me how to check people out. They are speedy! I think that people are being snobs and are stuck on lower prices equal lower quality. I have not found this to be true. Judging by the lines at the Aldi's (now 2) in my town, a lot of people agree with me.
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Reply 27 - Posted by: Lawsy0 2/23/2021 10:25:04 AM (No. 705626)
I bought into all that Nazi crap, then I realized it was Nazi crap. My friend who travels says that Aldi's if on nearly every street in the EU. I have thankfully achieved the ripe old age when youngsters ask if they can help. I don't want to abuse THAT system.
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Reply 28 - Posted by: BeatleJeff 2/23/2021 10:48:00 AM (No. 705657)
I have never stepped foot in an Aldi's. been in Lidl a few times, but never an Aldi's.
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Reply 29 - Posted by: Bazi 2/23/2021 11:32:51 AM (No. 705705)
Aldi is fun to browse. My great surprise find last summer was their Orange Mimosa....made with fresh squeezed orange juice. Quite delicious. It sells out quickly because it's so popular. As with anything, it's hit and miss. Aldi does carry some national brand names, too. It's nice to have several grocery shopping options.
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Reply 30 - Posted by: Chuzzles 2/23/2021 11:49:43 AM (No. 705722)
Trader Joe's and Aldi's are owned by the same two brothers. Aldi's is popular on the Eastern half of the US, whereas TJ's is very popular out here on the West coast. Love TJ's. The thing to do with these two stores is use them for things like snack foods, many canned goods/freezer products, wine, beer, a lot of their dairy products are great as well. I have found many of the spices and herbs they feature are priced great, about half of what you pay for the same product in a regular store. Having said that, I would not buy fresh meat or even produce there, regular stores have fresher product. When it comes time for their holiday goodies, they have the best supplies of candy products and very well priced. I find it amusing that the Brits aren't used to Aldi style stores.
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Reply 31 - Posted by: earlybird 2/23/2021 11:58:13 AM (No. 705731)
I like Aldi’s for some things. Chicken, ground sirloin, cheap dairy products, raw honey, some grocery items, marvelous spaghetti (the best I’ve ever found in a grocery store), produce of all kinds at great prices and quality. Eggs. Bread we like seems to have been produced by Oroweat under Aldi label. Identical. Some of their frozen foods. Some good nongrocery items. Orchids. Once I got used to not seeing name brands (other than Best Foods/Hellman’s Mayo which is cheaper than at the supermarket) I found their own label groceries to be very high quality. I question why anyone would get sick on anything from there unless maybe it was a prepared item kept in the cold case. We don’t buy those anywhere. I can see how the negative changes at Trader Joe’s could have come with Theo Aldi and his family. To someone who shopped years ago at Joe Coulombe’s original store in Pasadena, the changes that occurred after he sold were not for the better and the company ethic suffered. We have a number of them close by. Since Covid I have given them up.
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Reply 32 - Posted by: earlybird 2/23/2021 11:58:55 AM (No. 705733)
#1 didn’t mention what made them sick.
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Reply 33 - Posted by: Jesuslover54 2/23/2021 12:06:23 PM (No. 705739)
Got great deals on South American grapes. 10# of nice russet potatoes for 69 cents. But it is hit and miss, so you have to put it on your circuit, grab the deals, and if nothing appeals just move on.
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Reply 34 - Posted by: earlybird 2/23/2021 12:07:01 PM (No. 705741)
Re #16, re their meat and chicken country of origin, it is USA. Clearly marked on labels on packages. Their chicken is very good. I like it because their chickens are younger. I am not buying parts of ancient birds. Chicken tenders in refrigerator now, label says ‘HATCHED, RAISED AND HARVESTED IN THE USA”… And they guarantee everything they sell with a double guarantee - replacement and money back. Their store is not flashy but it is clean and everything in the produce department is fresh and wholesome. And far less than our chain markets.
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Reply 35 - Posted by: felixcat 2/23/2021 12:24:02 PM (No. 705759)
Too bad about HEB. The Publix or Wegman's of Texas. Shopped with them when I lived in McAllen, TX. As for Rommel - technically his death was a suicide but when you are bored to take the cynide pill, well, wouldn't quite call it suicide. Have Aldi and Lidl here in Virginia. Prefer Lidl to Aldi but I don't out of my way to shop at either.
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Reply 36 - Posted by: DVC 2/23/2021 2:58:09 PM (No. 705891)
#18, massive understatement on the way the Russians treated captured Germans. I had a business trip to a Russian city in Siberia,Krasnoturyinsk. It has (probably closed now) a large aluminum smelter, so I expected it to be located on a large river for hydropower, as essentially all aluminum smelters are because they take huge amounts of electricity. But no big river. In my time off from my business meetings I looked around and asked about the history. The aluminum smelter was built in WW2 for the aircraft industry, and was built near a coal mine and an aluminum ore source, and they burned coal for the electricity to smelt the aluminum. And the smelter and power plant were built by German prisoners of war. There is a memorial there to the 900+ German POWs that never returned home, put in place by a German organization. Throbably were worked to death, as was pretty much the norm for prisoners held by the Russians in WW2. And I did notice a lot of blonde haired people living there, too, so I'm pretty sure some of the prisoners had children with local women. German POWs were a labor resource that was exploited mercilessly by the Russians. Of course, the Germans did much the same with people that they didn't like, but not for European and American POWs the way that the Russians did with German POWs.
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Reply 37 - Posted by: Zeek Wolfe 2/23/2021 3:12:03 PM (No. 705905)
I shop at Aldis all the time. About six months ago I saw something strange. A checkout clerk looked exactly like Reichfurher Heinrich Himmler. He had shaved sidewalls above the ears, a little moustache, old fashioned spectacles and a shirt buttoned up to the neck. I told him who he looked like and he gave me a quirky smile. Eggs were .49 a dozen that day, so who is to complain?
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Reply 38 - Posted by: Mike6 2/23/2021 3:15:33 PM (No. 705910)
The Aldi Brothers were lucky that they were not sent to the Soviet Union, were they would have been hanged.. I often shop at Trader Joe's, and I like it. Is TJ also owned by the Aldi Brothers? General Andrew Vlasov had an 50,000 man anti-communist Russian Army in WWII. They fought the evil Red Army on the Eastern Front. Some surrendered the the Allies in May 1945. The Allies treacherously shipped all of them back to Stalin. After a nasty kangaroo trail in Moscow, most of the Vlasov men were hanged.
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Reply 39 - Posted by: WimeTarmerFable 2/23/2021 4:40:57 PM (No. 705965)
My Wife makes a pizza every friday night (she is a huge hit on Instagram and FBook) and uses the dough from Aldi's. We fouind out recently that it is made by a purveyor here in the Twilight Zone! We just got their dual coffemaker, drip and "Capsule" and it works great! We shop there a lot.
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Reply 40 - Posted by: GoodDeal 2/23/2021 5:20:33 PM (No. 706033)
I would rather buy groceries at Walmart.
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Posted by Dreadnought 2/23/2021 10:47:28 AM Post Reply
Governor Greg Abbott requested statewide designation for major disaster relief from President Biden. Biden denied the statewide designation and only approved some counties in Texas, not all of them. Abbott asked for a declaration that covered the entire state because the winter storm knocked out power and heat throughout the state, as well as leaving millions of Texans without water. Texas has 254 counties. Biden approved only 77 counties for disaster relief. The governor calls it an important first step but it falls far short of what Texas officials requested. Biden signed the declaration late Friday. It covers much of the Texas population.
Watch: Biden Randomly Stops Talking Mid
Sentence And Gives Camera Blank Stare
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On Monday during a speech at the White House, President Joe Biden suffered from another brain freeze when he completely jumbled his speech.The comments were made at a ceremony for the 500,000 Americans who have died from Coronavirus, 100,000 of which have happened in the very little time Biden has been in office.Biden couldn’t even read what he was supposed to say from the teleprompter: “The only way to spare more pain and more loss, the only way— these millstones no longer mark our national mourning— these milestones, I should say, no longer,
Joe and Jill Biden will travel to Texas on
Friday in aftermath of storm, power cuts
and clean water crisis hitting state
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Joe and Jill Biden will travel to Houston, Texas on Friday, the White House announced, to visit the state as it recovers from a winter storm. 'The president will meet with local leaders to discuss the winter storm relief efforts, the progress toward recovery and the incredible resilience shown by the people of Houston and Texas,' White House press Jen Psaki said at her briefing on Tuesday.She also said Biden would visit a COVID health center during his trip to see vaccines being distributed. (Photos) More than 7.9 million people in 202 Texas counties still had issues with their water supply as of Monday evening,
USPS unveils new sleek
looking mail trucks
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Truck yeah!The US Postal Service on Tuesday unveiled a modern replacement for the iconic Grumman LLV mail truck that has been in use since the late 1980s.The new design consists of a waste-high front hood that resembles the front beak of a duck in front of an extra-high windshield.Oshkosh Defense has been contracted to build between 50,000 and 165,000 of the new trucks over the next 10 years — replacing vehicles that have been in service for as long as three decades, USPS said in a statement.Oshkosh’s design is not completely finalized,
Buffalo Public Schools claim 'all white
people' perpetuate systemic racism and
force kindergarteners to watch video of
dead black children warning them about
'racist police and state-sanctioned violence'
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A public school system in New York has introduced a new curriculum to teach that 'all white people play a part in perpetuating systemic racism', and show kindergarten classes videos of black children shot and killed by police, instructing them about the dangers of police brutality. Buffalo's schools are expected to follow lesson plans devised by Fatima Morrell, the associate superintendent for Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Initiatives. Morrell's lesson plans, obtained by City Journal, teach pupils and their teachers how to be, in her words, more 'woke.'
Equality Act Expected to Advance in
Congress This Week: 'It Treats People
of Faith as Second-Class Citizens'
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WASHINGTON – The Equality Act is expected to advance in Congress this week. It's a controversial bill designed to overhaul the nation's civil rights laws to include LGBT Americans, but many worry it will trample on the rights of women and people of faith. Under the Equality Act, disagreement is considered discrimination. It includes gay marriage, biological males competing in women's sports, and doctors performing procedures--like gender reassignments--that go against their conscience.(Snip) Under the bill, Christian beliefs are unlawful. Churches could be prevented from requiring employees to abide by their biblical beliefs about marriage and differences between men and women.
Alaska was openly ‘targeted’
by Biden executive order,
Murkowski claims in Haaland
confirmation hearing
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Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, sounded the alarm about President Biden's oil restrictions, pressing his Interior secretary nominee, Rep. Deb Haaland, D-N.M., on an executive order she said targeted her state. "When we see these executive orders coming out of the White House that not only impact a resource-based state like Alaska, but actually call us out by name," she told Haaland during her confirmation hearing Tuesday. "We're one of only two states in the nation that were specifically targeted by President Biden's Day One executive order," Murkowski said.
MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell Says He's
Losing Money Amid Dominion Lawsuit
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MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell says he expects to lose $65 million in pillow revenue this year because of retailer boycotts over his claims that the 2020 US election was rigged. That projection, Lindell told Insider in an interview Monday after being served with a defamation lawsuit from Dominion Voting Systems seeking $1.3 billion in damages, is evidence he isn't pushing election-fraud claims for the money.
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