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Secession: A Gift to the Communists

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Posted By: DVC, 12/22/2020 5:55:53 PM

There is much loose talk about secession among conservatives. Focused as they are on the outrages of the Left – the cheating, the immorality, the welfare-state entitlement, and the rabid anti-Christian beliefs that put men in women’s bathrooms – conservatives think that these represent the fundamental existential threat to the Republic. They do not. Over the horizon lies the largest, most well-funded, most well educated, communist power in the history of the earth. It is atheist, secularist, and mercantilist. It has a Navy larger than our own and air forces quickly approaching ours in size and complexity. The communists hate the United States.


He makes some good points. But, there are no "nuclear missile silos in Kansas" any more. We have our subs, about half in Washington state, and half in Georgia. The ICBMs are in Montana, North Dakota and Wyoming. If there is a split, the good guys get all the ICBMs and half the subs, at King's Bay. And if there are patriots at the helm of the SSBNs and SSNs at Kitsap, they will put to sea and support the Constitutionalists, reberth at King's Bay. The Lefty side gets NO nukes, the way I see it. But, maybe they have a traitor admiral in Washington state, who knows? Ugly, ugly thoughts, horrible times, but we live in the times we live in and we play the hand that we are dealt, as best we can.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: DVC 12/22/2020 6:07:25 PM (No. 639258)
If China struck us with a nuclear weapon, we'd reply with a nuclear weapon. They have unquestionably struck us with a bio-weapon. Seems like turnabout would be fair play there, too. Something really ugly that we already hae a vaccine for, for example. Just sayin'.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: GO3 12/22/2020 6:10:13 PM (No. 639262)
#1, simple. Hit 'em with small pox. Personally, I like the indirect approach with black rice fungus.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: reefdiver 12/22/2020 6:18:14 PM (No. 639264)
Most of the people of the US want freedom and a safe country to live in. This is only possible going forward if the leaders (especially the Republicans) step away from their perks, and desires to be liked by the media/liberals, and focus on the job we voters sent them to do. Forget about giving freebies to every special interest group and instead work to preserve the country. Stop selling us, our jobs and the country to foreign entities who do not want us to succeed. It is not that complicated, but it takes courage, like Donald Trump has shown. In spite of what the libs (media, entertainment, and Dems) claim, Trump is not our enemy.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: chance_232 12/22/2020 6:19:43 PM (No. 639265)
Ok....... so we should live under increasing liberal totalitarianism because China wins? We went to war with Great Britain, the greatest economic and military on earth at the time over LESS egregious acts that we endure today. A bureaucracy thats been weaponized with little over site. A two tiered judicial system, IF you can get a hearing or even afford it. Daily encroachments on our civil liberties. Federal Government, elected officials and judges complete disregard for the constitution, let alone rule of law. A press that has become little more than Pravda West. Lawlessness on the streets thats encouraged by the very party that hates us. Governors who restrict the movement of their citizens, destroy business and livelihoods while the press cheers. Speech not approved by one party is censored. Higher learning isn't. I've have to pay higher prices for services to pay for the same services that the government hands out to the gimme class for free. The media and some democrats are insisting on truth and reconciliation hearings to punish the opposition. And the spineless opposition party endures it for the sake of civility and getting along. Its way past time for a good watering of the Tree of Liberty.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: Sanchin 12/22/2020 6:47:43 PM (No. 639288)
A perfect example of Bull-feather propaganda and how they control the American people. China has never threatened to invade the United States. Yes, we are in a war. An economic war that China is winning because American politicians and corporations cannot plan beyond the next quarter or election. A military analogy with China attacking the US is silly because they would be overextended and the same goes for the US trying to put boots on the ground in China, Taiwan or North Korea. Hell, we cannot even subdue Afghanistan or Iraq. Unless you want a nuclear war (perhaps the elite globalist do if given enough advance warning to bunker down) then this is simply a stupid ploy to keep Americans focused on an enemy outside the United States when we have seen the real enemies are within the United States.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: jimincalif 12/22/2020 7:02:38 PM (No. 639300)
There are a lot of negatives to splitting up the USA, no doubt. It would be much better if things could go back to the way they were. But they can't. So we have a choice of the lesser evil, whichever that is. If we let the Dems and RINOs run things here China won't need to invade, they will own our decision makers. This is a near certainty, and now that these same people are doing our voting for us, there won't be any (nonviolent) way to stop them. At least with a split there is some probability of not ending up ruled by Chinese communists, or our own communists (as China puppets). At least for a while.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: RuckusTom 12/22/2020 7:06:36 PM (No. 639304)
It's going to be kind of hard to release any nukes without the codes from the president and his nuclear football.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: DVC 12/22/2020 7:30:50 PM (No. 639340)
#7, those weapons are programmed by the people who put them together, and are re-settable. Once you "own them", resetting the codes is a straightforward process. So, if we split, and 'own them', we'll have to get some of the nuke weapons techs to work on them. There ARE people trained to do this. We just need a few of the right folks on our side. And I can assure you that the folks who handle this are very patriotic folks, likely to be on the side of the Constitutionalists.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: DVC 12/22/2020 7:37:05 PM (No. 639346)
Way off topic.....but we are in extreme eastern Colorado right now, and the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction is very impressive. Beautiful. I hope you have clear skies to the SW where you are now.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: RuckusTom 12/22/2020 7:48:08 PM (No. 639361)
#8 That's assuming those weapons techs haven't been thrown in jail, assassinated or paid off.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: HPmatt 12/22/2020 7:57:36 PM (No. 639383)
I like the idea of splitting. Let those that want to free ride, and not pay taxes, and borrow more than they tax - to wastefully spend - and even give to foreigners, are okay being told what & not to do, live under a system that does not follow our Constitution.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: DVC 12/22/2020 7:59:50 PM (No. 639388)
#10, a lot of them are in the military, and many/most are strong patriots. And there are retired folks, too. They don't erase you memory when you retire, trust me.
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Reply 13 - Posted by: Faithfully 12/22/2020 9:06:08 PM (No. 639435)
Why not? You idiots live here on your own and we will live here, prosperous.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: doctorfixit 12/22/2020 9:34:54 PM (No. 639457)
It's not secession to kick the coastal socialist city-states out of the US. America desperately needs a divorce. It is the most important issue facing the American people. We have an opportunity to avoid another devastating Civil War. The split will NOT be by states. The enemy are concentrated in the coastal cities. These city-states need to be removed. Free America can then restore Freedom & the Constitution.
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Reply 15 - Posted by: FormerDem 12/22/2020 10:06:32 PM (No. 639472)
What exactly is China going to do that Nancy Pelosi wouldn't? Kill babies and sell parts? Close churches? Decertify the religious to teach and to operate hospitals? Threaten dissenters? Promote violence, egg on a cultural revolution, erase history? Hog all the country's resources for the oligarchy?
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Reply 16 - Posted by: heartlandconservative 12/23/2020 12:43:58 PM (No. 639907)
Washington ain't the answer, local and State is where the real power lies.
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Posted by DVC 12/22/2020 5:55:53 PM Post Reply
There is much loose talk about secession among conservatives. Focused as they are on the outrages of the Left – the cheating, the immorality, the welfare-state entitlement, and the rabid anti-Christian beliefs that put men in women’s bathrooms – conservatives think that these represent the fundamental existential threat to the Republic. They do not. Over the horizon lies the largest, most well-funded, most well educated, communist power in the history of the earth. It is atheist, secularist, and mercantilist. It has a Navy larger than our own and air forces quickly approaching ours in size and complexity. The communists hate the United States.
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Our country has lost confidence in the election process. It's clear that our system needs an overhaul, and it's not too soon to start thinking about ways to prevent 2020's disastrous outcome. The following proposal, which optimizes transparency, would restore voter confidence in our election process. Confidence through Redundancy Designers working on data-processing systems for satellites where physical repairs are difficult use triple-modular redundancy, which triples the hardware units processing each piece of data. "Voter" hardware would look at each result and accept a result only if it achieved two or more matches. Accounting's double-entry system is based on a similar concept
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Perhaps the most dogmatic Trump-hating network of all was very concerned about Venezuela corrupting our elections via Smartmatic voting machines. Yes, CNN! Watch this report from CNN, hosted by Lou Dobbs in his pre-FBN career, and reported by Kitty Pilgrim, who was always, in my view, a straight shooter. The report raises the question: why should U.S. elections be subject to manipulation by a foreign country, Venezuela, a country that is totally hostile? The video is four and a half minutes long, and the picture quality is not good, but it is compelling television in light of claims being made now about Dominion and Smartmatic.
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Russian writer, historian, and political prisoner Alexander Solzhenitsyn was one of the most consequential men of the 20th century. He not only singlehandedly destroyed communism as an idea, but also had many things to say about the West which were greeted then about the way they'd be greeted by the Squad and progressives today. Yet they are worth revisiting in this turbulent era today. Like many of us, Solzhenitsyn had been de facto silenced by the Western media and denounced as a nut for recounting the true history of the Bolshevik Revolution and its bloody aftermath ase well as making warnings to the West.
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Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is not ruling out a 2024 presidential bid—even if it means running against his old friend Donald Trump, according to a report. “I would not, no,” Christie told conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt on Monday, Fox News reported. “I would not rule it out.” “If I go and look up Christie 2024, will that URL already be reserved?” Hewitt asked.(Snip) But the two-term Garden State governor has distanced himself from Trump since contracting the coronavirus—and launching a public service campaign urging Americans to wear masks to guard against the pandemic.
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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) signaled that they are open to increasing the amount for the stimulus checks after President Donald Trump threatened to veto the COVID relief bill unless the direct payment was increased to $2,000 per individual.“Republicans repeatedly refused to say what amount the President wanted for direct checks. At last, the President has agreed to $2,000—Democrats are ready to bring this to the Floor this week by unanimous consent. Let’s do it!” Pelosi wrote on Twitter on Tuesday.
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As feared, the so-called COVID relief bill is another behemoth Christmas tree offering by politicians spending your money on behalf of Uncle Sugar. This allegedly $900 billion bill ostensibly was written to help people wracked by the economic hit by COVID. It’s anything but. It’s another spendulous travesty and should be vetoed by President Trump – before Christmas. Opening the economy while encouraging best health practices is the best response at this point. Congress has thrown $3.3 trillion at help during the coronavirus pandemic. It’s time to let the people run their own affairs.
Joe Biden: I Can Work with Republicans
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Prepare for supplies to tighten for the cheap, effective therapeutic treatment for early stage Covid-19 infection, hydroxychloroquine (HCQ). Just as the medical establishment in the US is relaxing its absurd and lethal suppression of the cheap, generic drug, following President Trump’s endorsement of it early in the pandemic, HCQ’s continued availability may suffer. The world’s second largest pharmaceutical facility producing the precursors for HCQ has been destroyed by an explosion and fire. (snip) it would take at least six months to rebuild the plant, as most production lines were damaged by the fire
Dr. Birx says she will retire after
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Washington—Dr. Deborah Birx has announced she plans to retire after being outed on Sunday for not following her own holiday travel guidance, calling the experience “overwhelming.” In an interview with Newsy, the White House coronavirus task force coordinator said she would help the incoming Biden administration but then planned to head for the exits. “I want the Biden administration to be successful,” Birx said, noting that she has worked in the federal government since the Reagan administration in 1980.(Snip) The infectious disease expert, 64, was outed on Sunday for not following her own travel guidance when she was joined by three different generations
Report: Democrats feeling gloomy over election 32 replies
Posted by Dreadnought 12/22/2020 2:30:28 PM Post Reply
The Washington Post reports that “Democrats see grim prospects in final election results despite Biden’s win.” The main reason for Democrats’ pessimism is Joe Biden’s poor performance in precincts the Democrats think they should carry easily. The Post’s Michael Scherer writes: Voters in the once Democratic Ohio county that surrounds the shuttered Lordstown General Motors plant delivered a decisive victory last month to the sitting president who had promised and failed to save their jobs. In the heavily Hispanic South Bronx, the liberal sanctum of San Francisco and the immigrant-rich neighborhoods of Miami, President Trump also shrank Democratic margins by drawing thousands more to his side
New Study Shows Mask Mandates Had Zero
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Posted by ladydawgfan 12/22/2020 1:19:19 AM Post Reply
Obviously, no amount of evidence, data, trends, facts, studies, or science will ever convince most ‘public health officials’ that masks aren’t doing squat to stop the spread of COVID-19. Cases and deaths continue to spike (yes, many of these are super-sensitive PCR test-driven numbers, but still) despite the fact that well over 90% of the country are complying with their absurd mandates. Yet, predictably, the virus keeps going right on virusing, as highly contagious respiratory viruses, unfortunately, tend to do, especially once cold weather hits. Nevertheless, those of us who are mask skeptics have a difficult chore in front of us.
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