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Poll: One In Six Biden Voters Would Have
Changed Their Vote If They Had Known
About Scandals Suppressed By Media

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Posted By: earlybird, 11/24/2020 8:10:59 PM

A new report from the Media Research Center shows that the media’s lack of coverage and big tech’s suppression of certain issues and scandals surrounding Democratic Presidential Nominee Joe Biden could have cost President Donald Trump the election. The survey results report that 17 percent of Biden voters would not have voted for the Biden-Harris presidential ticket if they had known about at least one of the eight news stories that were suppressed by big tech and mainstream media outlets. “This is not happenstance. This is not coincidence. This is not oversight and this is not just a mistake,”


The Democrats promoted early voting… No surprise, right?

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Reply 1 - Posted by: Jesse Jenkem 11/24/2020 8:24:30 PM (No. 615592)
Doesn't matter, the Democrats and their voting machines would have "found" the needed votes regardless.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: Italiano 11/24/2020 8:26:49 PM (No. 615594)
They are morons regardless of whether they knew about Hunter, and deserve what they get.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: bighambone 11/24/2020 8:37:06 PM (No. 615605)
Big tech and the fake media fooled a lot of Americans who have not been paying attention into voting for Biden through all those slick Biden campaign ads that completely misrepresented Biden’s mental and physical abilities to effective perform the job of President. In essence Biden cannot speak two sentences without getting lost, and those ads whenever they showed Biden talking, he was actually reading words written by some handler and placed on a electronic device for Biden to read.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: Faldo 11/24/2020 8:51:59 PM (No. 615618)
How timely, was just wondering where Brent Bozell has been the last several weeks...his last posting (link below) was referring to debate moderator, Kristin Welker? Who's suppressing Brent Bozell…? Paging... Mark Levin, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham and Cucker Tarson.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: sanspeur 11/24/2020 8:52:09 PM (No. 615619)
Who needs a woo-flu shot ..the brain power injectables by-den is getting are worth way more .
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Reply 6 - Posted by: Faldo 11/24/2020 8:52:41 PM (No. 615621)
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Reply 7 - Posted by: Venturer 11/24/2020 9:11:05 PM (No. 615632)
Anyone who did not know of Biden's corruption did not want to know, and those who did know voted for him anyway. Yes they deserve Biden---but I don't--like it or not we have him. It proves one thing Hiding in your basement where the media cannot ask questions will get you elected.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: NYbob 11/24/2020 9:11:53 PM (No. 615633)
Well they all had TVs and they must be pretty thick to not draw a conclusion from the coverage, brief as it was, of President Trump rallies vs the painful, confused, rare appearances of the old man bully pervert. Any voter who couldn't evaluate the nature of biden from his lifetime as a DC parasite, really should not vote. They should focus on tying their shoes.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: curious1 11/24/2020 9:26:26 PM (No. 615641)
People, read the constitution. The election hasn't taken place yet. You're letting the commie 'news' propagandize you and you don't seem to realize it. ObiteMe hasn't won yet. And since we know they cheated, what are the good citizens in those swing states going to do? Maybe they should man up and look up what happened in Athens TN just after WWI when the corruption was as blatant. When there were still men and not cucks sitting around whining.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: FL_Absentee_Voter 11/24/2020 10:04:44 PM (No. 615656)
#8 - My mother-in-law has a big-screen TV but no cable. Gets all of her news from the big 3 broadcasts and the spew. Voted for you-know-who and is already convinced that HE is responsible for the vaccine. Seriously.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: Chuzzles 11/24/2020 10:10:03 PM (No. 615658)
A big part of me is so not sympathetic to these people. They could have researched this, they did not have to take the media's word for it, yet they did. The Biden crime family has been news for at least a year or more, so I don't buy it that they didn't know. They didn't want to know is the problem.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: Chiritwo 11/24/2020 10:32:14 PM (No. 615664)
Doesn't matter, he didn't get enough votes to win. The machine and mail in ballots gave him the right number of votes not American people. Very sad.
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Reply 13 - Posted by: Heraclitus 11/24/2020 11:18:47 PM (No. 615682)
Did R candidates in your States inform the public? Did they ask why local papers did not report of these critical issues? Did they produce campaign ads that pursued some of these evidences of Biden's shallow and duplicitous character? He is a liar from the beginning, a phony and a fraud. Did they defend the President where the D ads were outrageously false? Did they talk about any of the Trump Admin successes? Did they insist that people look into the Biden campaign assertions about shutting down the fossil fuel sector of our economy? For the first time in years, this year, we paid significantly less per gallon of heating oil. We pay less at the pumps. We are not susceptible to conditions in the ME. These are a couple of things that hit the home budgets and really matter. Did anyone talk about the ME and how interesting that we have no stories of slaughters, tortures, mass migrations to escape ISIS's murderous rampage? They didn't in NH. And both candidates lost. And of course the President lost the State also. Our local papers, including the purportedly "conservative" ONE had it in for DJT. Once they realized that the papers and news briefs would not report all the news they ought to have done it however possible. So, State campaigns are in huge extent responsible for keeping citizenry from becoming informed, because most (sad to say) won't even bother to Question the reportage or lack of it.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: Skinnydip 11/24/2020 11:56:23 PM (No. 615702)
#4, he doesn't write that many articles on Newsbusters but he does post on FB quite often.
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Reply 15 - Posted by: 24tea@Mag 11/25/2020 12:40:10 AM (No. 615716)
The Biden voters are still dumb and get what they deserve. Too late to change, but we’ll remember the word liberal and how you ruined America.
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Reply 16 - Posted by: smokincol 11/25/2020 1:40:06 AM (No. 615725)
ignorance is no excuse and making such a statement is totally illogical if not deceptive. if these 1 out of 6 would have only opened their minds and changed the channel on their stupid box they would have heard the truth. there was plenty of opportunity to listen to what President Trump had to say, or for that matter, Rush Limbaugh.
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Reply 17 - Posted by: RedWhite&Blue2 11/25/2020 1:59:01 AM (No. 615733)
If you believe the propaganda on your tv “news”...... You may be an idiot! We’re surrounded by them!
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Reply 18 - Posted by: George R. 11/25/2020 6:07:16 AM (No. 615783)
I don't believe any one of the imbeciles who voted for Biden would ever change their vote... In order to have voted for him in the first place requires an abiding hatred of the USA and little would overcome that!
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Reply 19 - Posted by: Oldenoughtoknowbetter 11/25/2020 7:44:42 AM (No. 615844)
Democtatss are always victims. I didn't know, no one told me, I was too busy. Now they, like Republicans, are victims of fixed voting machines and will be now on regardless of who they vote for in the future. They too have been disenfranchised.
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Reply 20 - Posted by: tootall 11/25/2020 8:29:37 AM (No. 615883)
This leads me to believe that if any one or some of the of the legal challenges manage to reverse the MSM's propaganda, the protest from the left will not be as severe as one might expect. The activists, hard liners leftists, and biased MSM won't react too well, but the people will be ok with it.
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Reply 21 - Posted by: Paperpuncher 11/25/2020 8:48:04 AM (No. 615908)
Except for the dead ones.
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Reply 22 - Posted by: udanja99 11/25/2020 8:52:48 AM (No. 615919)
My sister in law sent out an email to everyone in the family bragging about voting early for Hellary in 2018. She never emails me but she did on that occasion. I replied and asked how she could vote for someone who had a 40 year history of complete and well known corruption. I knew that she was aware of all of it because my brother in law is a conservative and keeps up with politics. She said that it didn’t matter - she was voting for the vagina. (Though she said “woman”) She has a massive case of TDS because Trump stole Hellary’s coronation and this time she voted for Fingers once again knowing full well about Hunter, China, Ukraine and all the rest of it. Even if they are well informed, the left just doesn’t care.
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Reply 23 - Posted by: udanja99 11/25/2020 8:54:02 AM (No. 615923)
Oops. Make that 2016. Need more coffee...
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Reply 24 - Posted by: Lucky5 11/25/2020 10:06:50 AM (No. 616032)
My own 78 year old mother, much to my entire family and all her friends dismay, wanted Biden to win. She hates PT. She just could not get past it. She has CNN on all day long in the background at her house and she loves Don Lemon, Steven Colbert and all the late comics. When I talked to her, I felt sick. She loves my entire most despised hit list. Our entire family is conservative. I was raised conservative. I talked to her for two hours, she said you will never change my mind! I was not trying to change her mind, I was honestly trying to understand how people like her get to that place. When I was at her house, the Hunter scandal was running on the bottom of the screen on CNN, saying it was " Russia disinformation". I asked my Mom, what do you think of this?, and she knew nothing about it and did not want to hear about it. She was quoting all the people and sources above with ease. I felt like I was talking to a brainwashed person. She has a dear friend of 40 years who came to America from a communist country, who told her, that is what the left wants, they want to have us be communist and that is where are heading. Her friend sent her a long list of what is happening. My Mom just dismissed the entire thing. I came to realize my mother is very shallow in the area of politics. This is not like all my rabidly liberal friends and people I work with, who desperately want all those things. My mother has just totally drank the kool aid from the media. She questions nothing. I found this terrifying and depressing.
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Reply 25 - Posted by: Strike3 11/25/2020 10:15:30 AM (No. 616046)
No they wouldn't have. Joe has that magic "D" after his name and these people can only process one letter at a time. He is an incompetent, corrupt old fool and they don't care. We need to face the fact that half of this country is stupid and they only give us trouble because we let them.
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Reply 26 - Posted by: BillW. 11/25/2020 6:58:54 PM (No. 616506)
Agree with this. Alas, people with Biden-Heels-Up lawn signs only watch CNN/MSDNC so they simply didn't know about the Bidens' collusion with Red China and could get past BLM being a peaceful civil rights organization instead of a bunch of admitted Marxists beating white people at every opportunity. Such incredible stupidity. --Veterans for Trump 2020
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Reply 27 - Posted by: judy 11/26/2020 6:26:41 AM (No. 616822)
Is one in six the live voters or the ones in the cemetery???
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Reply 28 - Posted by: JackBurton 11/26/2020 10:10:30 AM (No. 617052)
Sometimes the media works at keeping us ignorant. Sometimes it isn't really work.
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I still haven't read the Powell complaint. The reason is because I've been trying to get a handle on the SCOTUS issuance of injunctive relief against Cuomo's draconian and targeted restrictions on the Free Exercise of Religion in New York. This is a big story. Part of the story is that the Court was evenly divided on the First Amendment issues after Ginsburg's death--with Roberts siding with the liberals against the First Amendment (I say that with a purpose). That had resulted in decisions that left anti religious freedom decisions in place in California, because of the 4-4 split. There's no split any longer with Justice Amy on the Court,
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Attorney Sidney Powell filed a federal lawsuit late Wednesday alleging “massive election fraud” and multiple violations of the Constitution and Georgia’s state laws in the 2020 general election, as well as issues pertaining to Dominion Voting Systems. The civil action alleges that the purpose of the scheme was for “illegally and fraudulently manipulating the vote count to make certain the election of Joe Biden as president of the United States.” A similar separate suit was filed in Michigan. The Georgia suit (pdf) was filed in the U.S. District Court Northern District of Georgia Atlanta Division against Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp, Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, and other election officials.
Some Milwaukee Neighborhoods Reported
Unusually High Election Turnout
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Some 13,000 fewer people voted in Milwaukee in the 2020 election, compared to 2016. But in several neighborhoods, the number of ballots cast dramatically increased. In one city ward, more than 105 percent of the eligible voting population cast ballots, based on demographic data from 2010—the most recent the city makes available. Another four wards had turnout over 92 percent.(Snip) Milwaukee, a city of nearly 600,000, is divided into more than 300 wards, each reporting election results for its residents. Ward 235 recorded 1,768 votes of which 1,391 were for Biden and 339 for Trump. But the ward only had a voting-eligible population of 1,680, according to the Milwaukee
Appeals Court Grants Expedited Review
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The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals on Wednesday granted Lin Wood’s emergency motion seeking an emergency review of a lower court’s decision that had rejected his efforts to delay the vote certification in Georgia. However, the court said that the appeal could only proceed if Wood could address certain jurisdictional issues. Wood, an attorney with Trump’s reelection campaign, announced on Twitter, “Thanksgiving Eve News! 11th Circuit granted my Emergency Motion for Expedited Review of lawsuit challenging validity of GA election procedure. (Snip) The appellate court presented Wood with two questions about jurisdiction (pdf): “Please address whether the district court’s November 20, 2020 order denying the ‘Emergency Motion for Temporary Restraining Order’
Legal group files lawsuit challenging more
than 200,000 ballots in Georgia
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A conservative legal group filed a lawsuit Wednesday arguing that more than 200,000 votes in Georgia may have been either illegally counted or improperly uncounted, a number that dwarfs the current lead Joe Biden enjoys over President Trump in the state's official tally. The Thomas More Society's Amistad Project announced its latest battleground state litigation, claiming government data indicates that "well over 100,000 illegal votes [in Georgia] were improperly counted, while tens of thousands of legal votes were not counted." (Snip) alleged that "systematic failures by state and local election officials" were facilitated by "private monies donated by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg through a leftist organization called the Center for
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As I detailed in this earlier story, several individuals — led by GOP House Member Mike Kelly — filed suit in Pennsylvania state court alleging that the “no excuse” Absentee voting procedures adopted by the Pennsylvania General Assembly violate Sec. 14 of the Pennsylvania State Constitution. That provision establishes four narrow categories of “electors” who are eligible to request and vote by absentee ballot. The Plaintiffs — including two individuals who lost election contests for the United States House of Representatives and Pennsylvania House of Representatives — claim that all votes cast by individuals who were not eligible to vote under the provisions of the Sec. 14 of
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Joe Biden’s choice for national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, slammed President Donald Trump’s Middle East policies during an interview in late 2017 with China’s government-controlled CGTN network. Sullivan appeared on the network to discuss Trump’s decision to relocate the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem and recognize the city as Israel’s capital, the Daily Caller first pointed out. “This was a political decision, not a foreign policy decision. This was about Trump and his supporters. It was not about moving the peace process forward,” Sullivan said in the interview, which aired Dec. 9, 2017. He went onto say the move “created turbulence and turmoil” in the region.
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Sidney Powell promised to release the Kraken and show Americans the scope of election fraud on November 3, 2020. Shortly before midnight on Wednesday, she filed a 104-page complaint detailing everything she asserts took place in Georgia. This post will give you a very brief overview of the allegations. (snip)As a matter of law, the pervasive pattern of fraud is so overwhelming it precludes the “mistake” defense. This pattern is shown through expert reports and statistical analyses proving hundreds of thousands of votes for Trump were either lost or transferred to Biden
Point: Sorry, Tucker, your outrage is
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In what appeared to be an effort to stop the hemorrhaging of viewers after his attacks against Sidney Powell, Tucker Carlson reverted back to being the commentator on Fox News's highest-rated program on Monday. Or did he? After re-watching the clip of Monday’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight” twice, it appears to this humble writer that Carlson’s interview with Dr. Robert Epstein was an attempt to change the topic from fraudulent voting machines to Big Tech, specifically Google, as the difference of shifting six million votes to Joe Biden.
Matt Drudge Logs Off 43 replies
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It was the kind of story that would once have had Matt Drudge deploying font sizes that newspapers used to reserve for declarations of war. On Oct. 14, Twitter and Facebook blocked users from spreading a New York Post article alleging that Hunter Biden had brokered meetings between his father, then the vice president of the United States, and executives at a Ukrainian energy firm where the younger Biden held an $80,000-a-month sinecure. The Post’s article included photos of what appeared to be an exhausted and intoxicated-looking Biden in various states of undress.
A left-wing troll fools conservatives once
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Right-wing Twitter users were fooled by an obvious prank on Tuesday after an admitted troll claimed that “antifa” was preparing to descend on conservative areas of the country. The prank, carried out by political activist and performance artist Adam Rahuba, involved a tweet in which President Donald Trump was ordered to concede the 2020 election.“If you do not concede by Sunday at noon, we will begin to block roads in conservative areas,” Rahuba tweeted at Trump. “Your supporters will not be able to go to work or the grocery store to feed their families. We are armed & will retaliate to attempts at vehicular manslaughter.”
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Posted by ladydawgfan 11/25/2020 3:47:52 PM Post Reply
If Anthony Fauci made another dramatic plea about COVID and nobody listened, would he really make a sound? Better: If nobody other than the Democrat Party and the liberal lapdog media listened, and clapped like trained seals in response to everything he said? The latter was the case on Wednesday morning when Fauci hooked up with Scooter George Stephanopoulos on ABC’s “Good Morning America” in an attempt to scare tens of millions of Americans into “sacrificing” their Thanksgiving in the name of all-things COVID. Stephy lobbed a softball right down the middle of the plate for the attention-whoring emerging and infectious diseases expert, which he promptly hit into the left-field stands.
Joe Biden urges nation to ‘forgo
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President-elect Joe Biden on Wednesday called on Americans not to gather with extended families for Thanksgiving, saying it was a “patriotic duty” to limit the spread of COVID-19. Biden said during an at times campaign-like speech in Wilmington, Del., that he and his family were setting an example by not celebrating the holiday as a large group. “This year we are asking Americans to forgo so many of the traditions that we’ve long made this holiday,” Biden said. “This year, because we care so much for each other, we’re going to be having a separate Thanksgiving for Jill and I, who will be at our home in Delaware with
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supporters saying we need to 'move
forward together' after constantly
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Supporters of Donald Trump are mocking Alyssa Milano after the diehard Democratic activist and fierce critic of the president and his Republican backers offered to extend an ‘olive branch’ to the MAGA crowd. ‘I'd like to extend an olive branch to Trump supporters. I am ready to move #ForwardTogether,’ the star of the hit TV show Charmed tweeted to her 3.7 million followers on Tuesday. ‘There’s so much work to do to heal the nation. Let’s be a part of the solution and not add to the problems we face.’ Milano then invited Twitter followers to reply with the hashtag #ForwardTogether.
Meghan Markle shares 'grief'
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Meghan Markle is sharing the "grief" and "pain" she felt after having a miscarriage this year. The 39-year-old duchess of Sussex went public in an op-ed for the New York Times published Wednesday about having a miscarriage in July while pregnant with her second child with her husband, Prince Harry. In the op-ed, titled "The Losses We Share," Markle said she had a miscarriage during an ordinary morning in July. Markle was with Archie, her now-18-month-old son with Harry, when she realized something was wrong. "After changing his diaper, I felt a sharp cramp. I dropped to the floor with
Republican Gov. Phil Scott says Vermont schools
will question kids about Thanksgiving plans
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Posted by ladydawgfan 11/25/2020 4:43:03 PM Post Reply
Vermont Gov. Phil Scott said Tuesday that school officials will question returning students about whether they attended gatherings with people outside their household during Thanksgiving to determine if they need to quarantine over coronavirus concerns. “Unfortunately, we know some will still get together and schools have asked for help,” the Republican governor tweeted Tuesday. “[The Vermont Agency of Education] will direct schools to ask students or parents if they were part of multi-family gatherings and if the answer is yes, they’ll need to go remote for 14 days or 7 days and a test.”
Barack Obama says he 'could not
have been prouder' of daughters
Sasha and Malia joining protests
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Posted by NorthernDog 11/25/2020 7:52:25 PM Post Reply
Sasha and Malia Obama were among the thousands of people who took to the streets this summer to protest police brutality, according to their father. Former President Barack Obama said his daughters felt "the need to participate" in the Black Lives Matter protests after the death of George Floyd this summer, in an interview with People published Tuesday about his presidential memoir, "A Promised Land." Obama said Sasha, 19, and Malia, 22, didn't join in the protests for the attention, but rather "they were very much in organizer mode" and did it of their own volition. "I didn't have to
Steps needed to build an apolitical, robust
and secure voting system in America
25 replies
Posted by MissMolly 11/26/2020 4:41:29 AM Post Reply
The practice of democracy in our constitutional republic flourishes in the presence of contradictions. Democracy, itself, is bound by our inalienable rights, bestowed to us by our Creator. These rights, not given to us by our government by any majority or by any vote, cannot be rescinded, for they were not wrought by man. Voting is a contradiction for it is both public and private at the same time. Its process is intended to be secret, but transparent. Its agency is intensely partisan, but its effect is intended to be unifying. The legitimacy of voting must survive despite the contradictions intrinsic to the process.
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