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Trump will win again, then comes
the hard part

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Posted By: Big Bopper, 11/1/2020 9:14:41 AM

The polls are wrong again, and this time we have advance evidence beyond Trump’s say-so. Polling has always been an inexact science, and now it’s harder than ever. It’s hard to get a representative sampling of actual voters by making random telephone calls to people whose willingness to participate and trust of media pollsters are skewed politically.   In addition, pollsters have shifted from honest reporters to dishonest campaign tools. They deliberately slant their polls toward their favored candidates on the theory that people are more likely to vote for the candidate who’s winning.  Corrections*


I think he's right that the Left will riot, and I think he's right that the riots will fade quickly.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: GoodDeal 11/1/2020 9:20:15 AM (No. 591585)
Every person I know has lied to pollsters including myself. When asked who they will vote for the answer is always Biden. In reality, they will all vote for Trump.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: reefdiver 11/1/2020 9:21:05 AM (No. 591586)
President Trump will win again if we ALL get out and VOTE!
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Reply 3 - Posted by: Muguy 11/1/2020 9:34:36 AM (No. 591602)
Rush Limbaugh noted several years ago the fallacy of polls, and that they are not an accurate representation of opinion which is then used by the media as FACT. Polling has the variable that cannot be measured, and that is that many persons actually do LIE when actually asked to participate. WAY TOO MUCH credence is given to Fakebook and Twitter as a bell weather of the mood of the country. The polls are also skewed by these factors: too small of a sample, the demographic make up of those sampled, the questions asked and the way they are constucted, and when and were the sample is asked and when the sample comes from. The ONLY actual poll that matters is the one on ELECTION DAY, but the media reports the news they made up and use 'polls' AS news instead of actually reporting facts. NEVER FORGET THIS when 'the news' tries to INFLUENCE OPINION rather than reporting FACTS and TRUTH.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: Dodge Boy 11/1/2020 9:42:23 AM (No. 591609)
FTA - "The riots will soon fade. After all, if these rioting losers were able to exert hard effort for prolonged periods, they wouldn’t be rioting losers. The stock market will recover. The Democrats will retain the House, and the GOP will retain the Senate. Next year Trump will nominate his fourth Supreme Court justice and, before he’s done, he’ll nominate his fifth. Once a year, he’ll be impeached by the House and acquitted by the Senate." Beaton also comments that the dim party has destroyed itself with its marriage to marxism. I expect the radical leftists in the party will revolt, split away, and form a new socialist party. The dim party will have hollowed itself out having sold its soul. Nanie Pelousy will become the dim's poster child to be scorned and ridiculed for the rest of her miserable life. Chuckie will have been efffectively neutered. The msm killed itself with self-inflicted damage. Several msm news outlets will disappear and the drones will reported their "news" will be unemployable. A good number of hollywood elites will move to Europe - good riddance. And just watch how Spygate which has been lying in the weeds suddenly emerges as the top scandal in the nation's history. Unless Bidengate happens to steal this distinction. AG Barr already knows what his workload will look like for next year.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: Strike3 11/1/2020 10:00:34 AM (No. 591633)
It's the hard part that we know and love. A HoJo victory would drag America down into the abyss now occupied by most of Europe, Africa and South America, third world quagmires full of corruption, famine and oppression. And guess what, the air will be dirtier and the water will be mostly undrinkable so the joke will be on the AOC green weenies.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: justjoe1237 11/1/2020 10:10:03 AM (No. 591648)
The riots will fade because their whole purpose was to aid in defeating Trump by creating an atmosphere of fear and misery that the Democrat Party hoped would stick to Trump, since it was all on his watch. That didn't work. Once he is re-elected, the mayors and governors will not want to see their cities destroyed for no purpose, and with no hope of getting federal monies to rebuild. The rioters cannot be perfectly controlled, so it won't all stop on a dime, but it will trail off as more and more are actually arrested and prosecuted. The radical left of the Democrat Party will go ballistic when Biden loses, and will splinter off to become "The Democratic Socialist Party" or something like that. They will be largely irrelevant except for the votes they siphon from the regular Democrat Party, which will try to move to the centre. Bill Barr will get his long deserved kick in the butt and shown the door, nothing but a swamp creature. He can play his bagpipes and disappear into the sunset. President Trump will on the third try get a real AG, perhaps Ted Cruz. And we will finally see the coup perps get their just desserts, frog marched off to federal prisons. The main stream media will crumble into a million pieces as the delayed result of the internal explosion they themselves touched off. You know how Road Runner detonates TNT and nothing happens for two seconds, but then his face falls apart like jigsaw pieces? Yeah, like that. By December, nobody -- *nobody*-- will be watching CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC or reading the NYT or WaPo. Propaganda without a powerful regime is like perfume on a nun. What's the point?
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Reply 7 - Posted by: franq 11/1/2020 10:27:24 AM (No. 591664)
"...perfume on a nun..." Never heard that one. Excellent, #6.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: zephyrgirl 11/1/2020 10:30:41 AM (No. 591666)
When Trump wins, the Bernie/AOC wing that so willingly knuckled under to the party poobahs about Biden will be livid. They'll riot in in the streets for a while, but eventually will turn on the geriatric party poobahs who shoved Biden down their throats. They may go third party, or just take over the Democrat party. After all, Pelosi, Hoyer, Biden, Feinstein et al are within a few years of pushing up daisies. If the youngsters are patient, the party will be theirs anyway.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: acesfull 11/1/2020 11:03:26 AM (No. 591697)
Zepherh girl hits the nail on the head. Clockwork Orange, anyone?
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Reply 10 - Posted by: geminale 11/1/2020 11:39:45 AM (No. 591724)
They will not leave the Democratic Party. Being the other half of the two party system is too much of a platform to them for them to let go. There will be a coup within the Democratic Party. Any of the old guard, if they do not fully and completely embrace the socialist agenda, will be purged from the political system. If they resist, they will be erased through some sort of scandal/doxing — or worse. Mark my words, the Democrat party is on the verge of a massive transformation, whether they win the White House or not.
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Trump will win again, then comes
the hard part
10 replies
Posted by Big Bopper 11/1/2020 9:14:41 AM Post Reply

The polls are wrong again, and this time we have advance evidence beyond Trump’s say-so. Polling has always been an inexact science, and now it’s harder than ever. It’s hard to get a representative sampling of actual voters by making random telephone calls to people whose willingness to participate and trust of media pollsters are skewed politically.   In addition, pollsters have shifted from honest reporters to dishonest campaign tools. They deliberately slant their polls toward their favored candidates on the theory that people are more likely to vote for the candidate who’s winning.  Corrections*

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First, the triumph. Against all odds, he won the presidency with promises to shake up a sclerotic Washington establishment. He did that and more. He moved the U.S. embassy to the ancient capital of Israel over objections from the establishment who predicted a violent reaction from the culture of complainers that passes for Palestinian people. That move proved the first step toward an outbreak of Mideast peace.
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The Left has embraced cop killers, rioters, arsonists, avowed Marxists, voting frauds, cancel culture and censors. They justify their accessory to crime and their trampling of Constitutional and human rights on the grounds that it serves a greater cause – the defeat of people who disagree with them. This ends-justifies-the-means approach to morality – or to put it more simply, this abandonment of morality – is progressing inexorably to its natural conclusion. The Left now actively roots for the virus to kill people they don’t like, such as President Trump. Drunk on their fantasy, they hope that his death is painful and humiliating and that his wife dies too.
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First, there’s economics. I wouldn’t call Pope Francis the “Commie Pope,” as some do, but it’s a fact that his admirers have included Cuban communist dictator Raul Castro and self-described American socialist Bernie Sanders who implied that the Pope is a socialist. Understand that this former Argentine priest named Jorge Bergoglio was shaped by Argentinian economics and politics. In the early 1900’s, Argentina was wealthier on a per capita basis than Canada or Australia – it was about the tenth wealthiest country in the world.
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The best of the “Mad Max” movie series is the second, called “Road Warrior.” In a post-apocalyptic Australian desert, a former cop named Max, played by a young and buff Mel Gibson, drives around with a sawed-off shotgun in a tricked-out American muscle car wearing tight black leather and a large chip on his shoulder. The reason for that chip on Max’s shoulder – the reason he’s mad – is that he was such a good cop in the first movie that a bunch of weirdo thugs sought to defund him. Max was too tough for them, so they settled for his wife and infant son.
In the name of anti-racism, we've declared
white people racist on the basis of their race
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Young black men in America are eight times more likely than young white men to commit murder and five times more likely to commit other violent crimes. On the basis of that data, is it fair for me to conclude that a young black man standing in front of me is a mugger and murderer?
If Jefferson, Churchill and Gandhi
were racists, shouldn't you be too?
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Well, no, you shouldn’t. But here’s my point in asking the question. These were great people. In launching the best nation in the history of the world, Thomas Jefferson wrote, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”
The Democrats' tragic romance with the rioters 4 replies
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President Trump’s re-election chances looked iffy as summer heated up. Ugly video of clashes between cops and black men made conservatives seem on the wrong side of the race debate. The left seized the opportunity to make theater of the issue. It was a box-office hit But the left’s fondness for theater invariably leads them to act up, and then overact. Predictably, they escalated their theater from drama to melodrama to Rambo movies. Peaceful protests grew into riots. Buildings were burned, stores were looted and people were killed. Their smash-hit theatrical production became, well, just a smash-up.
Michael Jordan had a dad 6 replies
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James Jordan was a serviceman and then a textile worker. He studied mechanics under the G.I. Bill and married the former Deloris Peoples. They loved their children. One son was athletic. James taught and encouraged him. In baseball the kid was good, but in basketball he was extraordinary. After the son grew up, James was murdered as he slept in his car alongside a highway on a road trip. His body was dumped in a swamp and recovered 10 days later, badly decomposed and identifiable only by dental records. His murderers looted his car. Among the items the murderer’s stole were two NBA Championship rings given James by that son, Michael.
Whatever happened to, "There's no
such thing as race"?
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Posted by Big Bopper 8/27/2020 5:13:18 PM Post Reply
Back when we thought the way to end racism was to make people less conscious of race, social engineers proudly pronounced that there’s actually no such thing as race anyway. From the outset, this was socially well-intentioned but scientifically silly. Society long ago classified people on the basis of their appearance or “phenotypes.” White (formerly called Caucasian) people generally look different than black (formerly called negroid) people who look different than Asians and so on. This difference in appearance is not a “social construct.” It’s real and it’s measurable and it relates to different geographic origins and ancestry.
Will black men vote for a black woman? 23 replies
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A black writer recently asserted in a headline that 99% of black men are misogynistic. I think the true figure is less than 99%. But the writer has a point, even if he exaggerated to make it. Black male rap lyrics, for example, are notoriously demeaning to women. Curiously, blacks don’t demand a stop to them. Black men’s disrespect towards women seems directed mostly toward black women and less toward white women. It’s generally known and the data show that black men are the demographic most likely to date and marry outside their race.
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Waters Blasts Black Voters Who Choose Trump
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Democratic California Rep. Maxine Waters said Friday that it was “shameful” that young black voters might consider casting a ballot for President Donald Trump. Waters joined SiriusXM’s “The Joe Madison Show” to discuss the state of the presidential election, and she had harsh words for any “black young men who think somehow they can align themselves with Trump.” Waters said that she didn’t understand how any black American could cast a vote for Trump, saying, “It just hurts me so bad to see blacks talking about supporting Trump. I don’t know why they would be doing it. I don’t know why it is on their minds.”
FBI Investigating ‘Trump Train’
That Surrounded Biden Bus
In Texas, Report Says
44 replies
Posted by JoElla Bee 11/1/2020 4:56:15 PM Post Reply
The FBI is reportedly investigating a “Trump Train” incident  in which dozens of supporters of President Trump driving pickup trucks in Texas surrounded a Biden campaign bus on an interstate. “The Federal Bureau of Investigation is looking into a Friday incident in which a group of Trump supporters, driving trucks and waving Trump flags, surrounded and followed a Biden campaign bus as it drove up I-35 in Hays County, a law enforcement official confirmed to The Texas Tribune Saturday,” the paper reported. The incident, caught on video and posted across social media, prompted the Biden campaign to say they were canceling an event in the state.
Residents Call Trump Caravan in Marin
County 'Terrorists'; Allege Racial Epithets
42 replies
Posted by Dreadnought 11/2/2020 10:24:48 AM Post Reply
Residents of Marin County near San Francisco claimed that a caravan of Trump supporters that rolled through the area reminded them of “terrorists,” according to the San Francisco Chronicle. The Chronicle reported: Allen-Peirson said she was worried that the Trump convoy had purposefully selected Marin City as a minority-majority community in a county that is 80% white. Marin City has had a strong African American presence since World War II, when many people worked in wartime shipyards. “I’m concerned about Marin City, because it’s the only Black community in Marin and there is only one entrance and one exit,” she said. “Are they going to attack us
FBI Probing Allegations That Trump Backers
Put Biden Campaign Bus in Peril
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Posted by JoElla Bee 11/2/2020 7:09:18 AM Post Reply
The Federal Bureau of Investigation is looking into allegations that Trump supporters endangered a Biden campaign bus on a Texas highway Friday, according to people familiar with the matter. (Snip)Campaign staff members and Democratic candidate Wendy Davis, who is running for the U.S. House seat for Texas' 21st district, became concerned for their safety after the vehicles surrounded their bus and forced it to slow down and veer out of its lane, according to Tariq Thowfeek, the communications director for the Biden campaign in Texas.
Where’s Hillary? Clinton absent
from trail as Biden deploys
Obama in election's final days
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Hillary Clinton has been absent from the campaign trail in the final days of the presidential race, even as former President Barack Obama ramps up his role as surrogate-in-chief for Democratic nominee Joe Biden. A slew of surrogates spanning the ideological spectrum of the Democratic Party have fanned out across the country to stump for Biden, but Clinton -- the 2016 Democratic nominee and former secretary of state under Obama -- has been noticeably missing. The Biden campaign has deployed Obama, in addition to some of the former vice president's rivals from the Democratic primary, including Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt.,
Biden: ‘Nothing to’ Hunter Biden Laptop
Story, ‘My Son’s an Honorable Man’
36 replies
Posted by earlybird 11/1/2020 5:00:53 PM Post Reply
During an interview with Iowa’s KCRG on Friday, 2020 Democratic presidential nominee former Vice President Joe Biden stated that “there’s nothing to any” of the “smear” stories about his son, Hunter’s laptop and “my son’s an honorable man.” (Snip) “By the way, there’s nothing to any of that, nothing to any of that. It’s all a smear. Every major outfit, every serious investigator has pointed out that this is a smear. (Snip) We have four days left, and all of a sudden, there’s a laptop. (Snip)There’s overwhelming evidence that — from the intelligence community that the Russians are engaged. I mean, look, this is — my son’s an honorable man.
Facebook censorship board is comprised
mostly of foreign nationals with ties
to George Soros
36 replies
Posted by GustoGrabber 11/1/2020 4:37:49 AM Post Reply
The recently appointed Facebook oversight board tasked with deciding which posts get blocked from the world’s most popular social networking website is stacked with leftists and foreign nationals who will be functionally regulating the speech rights of American citizens in the United States. The Board includes a close friends of leftwing billionaire George Soros who generously funds the Open Society Foundations (OSF), a network of left-leaning groups across the world that ostensibly function as non-profit organizations. Soros dedicates huge sums to spread an agenda ideologically driven by the objective of global market integration, which threatens the sovereignty of nations.
A woman says American flags
are 'disgusting' and a
'public display of force'
30 replies
Posted by Magnante 11/2/2020 8:35:30 AM Post Reply
For four years, the media have told every lie in the book to convince Americans that Trump is a Russia-loving, racist totalitarian. We know that the Russia collusion claim is a proven hoax; the racism accusations are proven lies; and Trump has shrunk, not grown, government power. Still, credulous people believe the media's propaganda. You can see how this propaganda affects people in a video showing a hysterical, frightened woman begging the police to disperse Trump-supporters with American flags because they're a dangerous "public display of force."
Watch: Lady Gaga Appeals to Voters:
Wears Camo, Crushes Beer Can
by a Truck
29 replies
Posted by Imright 11/1/2020 6:38:33 PM Post Reply
Lady Gaga has launched an effort to win votes in the swing states by dressing in camouflage and crushing a beer can by a pickup truck.On Saturday, she announced that she would be riding into an unnamed swing state to drum up votes for Joe Biden: (Tweet/Video) [Opens beer can]Hey. This is Lady Gaga. I’m voting for America, which means I’m voting for Joe … Biden. And if you live in Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Florida, or Arizona, I encourage you to vote. And if you have a friend that lives there, tell them to vote.I’m gonna be in one of these states tomorrow. Guess which one I’ll be in?
George Soros's Plan B If Biden Loses 29 replies
Posted by mc squared 11/1/2020 1:26:27 PM Post Reply
Billionaire George Soros is spending big—$70 million at last report—to evict Donald Trump from the White House. The radical philanthropist vilifies Trump as nothing more than “an impostor and a con man and a would-be dictator.” He considers America’s 45th president a "danger to the world" who would like to establish a “mafia state” here at home. Which is why Soros is determined to oust the president and push the "Big Guy"—aka Joe Biden—over the finish line in first place on Nov. 3. But what if Biden loses? Well, don't expect Soros to give up and go home.
The Pope really doesn’t like Republicans 28 replies
Posted by MissMolly 11/2/2020 4:19:45 AM Post Reply
Last week we learned that Pope Francis has torn up the Catholic Church’s teaching that same-sex civil partnerships are gravely immoral. This week he will be rooting for the pro-abortion candidate in the US presidential election. These two surreal developments are causing distress bordering on spiritual despair to conservative American Catholics. Whether you feel any sympathy for them depends on your point of view. The Pope, it is safe to say, is unlikely to lose any sleep over the matter. Francis dislikes the United States in general and its president in particular.
Obama, Biden make first joint appearance
in Michigan: 'We're done with the chaos'
27 replies
Posted by Pluperfect 11/1/2020 3:26:10 AM Post Reply
Democrats brought their firepower to Michigan, a critical swing state that helped seal President Trump's 2016 victory. Former Vice President Joe Biden and former President Barack Obama made their first joint 2020 campaign stop on Saturday afternoon in Flint before heading to Detroit. They hit Trump hard on his handling of the coronavirus pandemic and said it's time to restore decency to the White House. During the Obama Biden Halloween campaign stop Saturday, they were joined by Motown legend Stevie Wonder, whose “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” became an anthem of sorts for the Obama campaign in 2008.
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