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Most ‘swing voters’ sticking
with Trump, don’t blame
him for COVID

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Posted By: Dreadnought, 10/16/2020 10:58:31 AM

A six-month survey of battleground “swing voters,” those who chose Barack Obama in 2012, then President Trump in 2016, has found that most not only plan to stick with the Republican but expect him to be reelected by a wide margin. Overall, the survey said that 68% of swing voters polled in Minnesota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin are voting for Trump. They believe that he has done a good job with the economy and is “working hard” to end the coronavirus crisis. The “Swing Voter Project” from Engagious, a partner in the “Back to Normal Barometer” often featured in Secrets, and the Schlesinger Group found

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Reply 1 - Posted by: Trump'sCousin 10/16/2020 11:03:21 AM (No. 574445)
WOW! It must have practically torn the Washington X to print that!!!!
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Reply 2 - Posted by: Dodge Boy 10/16/2020 11:15:35 AM (No. 574461)
This is a good sign. I'd like even more support from the swingers. But, this is a good start.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: Daisymay 10/16/2020 11:42:02 AM (No. 574497)
It's common sense. Apparently, there are still some people left in this country who have some! Imagine that! They sure don't have a "D" behind their name!
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Reply 4 - Posted by: bighambone 10/16/2020 11:52:37 AM (No. 574509)
Common sense will tell you that no politician in any country outside Communist China is responsible for the spread of the very contagious Chinese COVID-19 virus into their countries, and no politician anyplace in the world is going to get that virus under control, in the USA that especially relates to Joseph Biden who clearly has age related declining cognitive abilities that are clear for everyone to see with their lying eyes. Biden’s Democrat handlers try to hide Biden’s inability to clearly speak more than a couple of sentences by relying on Biden using electronic devices like monitors and telepromptors that they locate off screen when Biden speaks, in ways that they hope the general public will not notice. The only entities that may have the ability to bring the virus are involved in advanced medical science and only after much experimentation and study will they come up with effective therapeutics and a vaccine. Remember the virus was unknown in the USA and the greater world outside China until about January or February this year, with only limited data and information becoming available until months afterwords, so politicians, including President Trump who were running countries around the world, had to make decisions based upon information given to them by medical scientists back during those months and up to today. The Democrats and Biden have politicized the virus pandemic by Monday morning quarterbacking decisions made by Trump back to the start of the pandemic, and are putting down the safety of any vaccine developed during the Trump Administration time in office, along with hinting to low information voters that Biden, once elected, will come up with a magic cure for the virus. Common sense will tell you that is not going to happen, and by dwelling on the pandemic, and especially face masks daily, that Biden and the Democrats are trying to obscure the very unpopular socialist political agenda that they will attempt to implement throughout the USA if Biden is elected.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: MattMusson 10/16/2020 12:10:09 PM (No. 574531)
Do you know anybody who voted for Trump last time that is switching to Biden?
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Reply 6 - Posted by: SkeezerMcGee 10/16/2020 12:28:29 PM (No. 574550)
Yesterday at his Town Hall meeting, Joe Biden admitted that the feds have no authority to control our behavior regarding COVID-19 except with regard to real property owned (or controlled by leases, etc.) by the U.S. Government. He referred to federal office buildings, court houses, and parks.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: earlybird 10/16/2020 12:37:05 PM (No. 574555)
Because they have common sense. An attribute that is pretty consistent for Trump voters.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: dbdiva 10/16/2020 1:03:44 PM (No. 574576)
I don't blame the President at all. I blame the Chinese (aka Joe Biden's employers.)
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Reply 9 - Posted by: TJ54 10/16/2020 1:03:57 PM (No. 574578)
I also saw a poll where 60% were concerned about Biden's age. This does not spell a Biden win or landslide to me
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Reply 10 - Posted by: hershey 10/16/2020 1:31:33 PM (No. 574608)
I'm looking for a 400 vote Electorial blowout so the stinking swamp dwelling democraps can't find a leg to stand on to try and overturn the election...
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Reply 11 - Posted by: Heraclitus 10/16/2020 3:09:11 PM (No. 574697)
If you watched the covid task force presentations, you knew what was happening daily. If you also watched the news and read articles, you knew what the Dems were doing and weren't doing and how they had to rely on the Federal government to bail them out. If you watched FOX, you saw the many events the President held, including celebrating truckers for being a major part of keeping merchandise and produce moving across the country at no small risk to themselves. He celebrated manufacturers who "stepped up to the plate" in retrofitting machinery in order to make ppe and other necessary items, including hand sanitizer! Not everyone watches Fox, not very many people actually read anything other than local papers which carry the AP, Reuters and the like. I know up here in NH the local paper (including Maine, not to mention MA) has no independent journalists. Now the editorial pages have gone liberal, a hairsbreadth from the Left. sad. So if that's all you see and read, you simply will not have the whole truth and nothing close to truth, biased, distorted, omitted important facts, inserted opinions not favorable to Republicans, let alone Conservatives. If you ask your liberal/Dem/Left friend about certain important events or issues not of interest or importance to them, they will not have a clue. So we are dealing with a lot of ignorance. Knowledge or even curiosity are the remedies, but they just don't really care.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: red1066 10/16/2020 3:15:03 PM (No. 574703)
I don't get the whole blame Trump thing with the Chinese virus. Do they really think this strategy is or will work with most people? What exactly did Trump do or not do that the demosluts would have differently? They never say, because they've got nothing. The blame Trump people apparently have short term memory problems, and their brains can't transfer short term information to long term memory. The democlown party just keeps repeating the lie hoping people think it's the truth.
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Reply 13 - Posted by: bighambone 10/16/2020 3:28:54 PM (No. 574714)
When the Biden COVID Plan is explained, it turns out to be a plagiarized copy of the Trump Administration Plan, with one difference, Biden at first was going to implement his plan on a national level, instead of through the State Governors as Trump did, but after being told that would not be constitutional, Biden’s Plan became unclear and has remained so until today, everyday Biden says wear a face mask and social distance yourself from others. So you have to figure that is the Biden Plan!
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Reply 14 - Posted by: YorkieMom 10/16/2020 5:00:00 PM (No. 574763)
This is a good sign. If I weren’t so worried about ballot harvesting and cheating in my state, I’d guarantee Trump would carry it. Our morning paper told of people getting 5 mail in ballots when only 2 people live there. Regardless, the Trumps are still campaigning here, so they must think they can win.
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Reply 15 - Posted by: Sunhan65 10/16/2020 9:16:54 PM (No. 574950)
Hopeful news. And thanks also to #14 for the update.
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Most ‘swing voters’ sticking
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A six-month survey of battleground “swing voters,” those who chose Barack Obama in 2012, then President Trump in 2016, has found that most not only plan to stick with the Republican but expect him to be reelected by a wide margin. Overall, the survey said that 68% of swing voters polled in Minnesota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin are voting for Trump. They believe that he has done a good job with the economy and is “working hard” to end the coronavirus crisis. The “Swing Voter Project” from Engagious, a partner in the “Back to Normal Barometer” often featured in Secrets, and the Schlesinger Group found
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WILMINGTON, Del. -- Joe Biden's presidential campaign said Thursday that vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris will suspend in-person events until Monday after two people associated with the campaign tested positive for coronavirus. The campaign said Biden had no exposure, though he and Harris spent several hours campaigning together in Arizona on Oct. 8. Harris was scheduled to travel Thursday to North Carolina for events encouraging voters to cast early ballots. The campaign told reporters Thursday morning that Harris' communications director and a traveling staff member for her travel to Arizona tested positive after that Oct. 8 trip. Harris and Biden spent several hours together that day
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The New York Post obtained emails showing that Joe Biden lied about not knowing what his son, Hunter, was doing regarding his Ukrainian activities. Hunter Biden was allegedly selling access while sitting on the board of a Ukrainian energy company, despite having zero experience in this field, while earning tens of thousands of dollars a month. This corrupt arrangement occurred back in 2014 when Joe was leading anti-corruption efforts in the country. Multiple people raised the alarm over this gig. And it’s a sore subject, as evidenced by Joe Biden’s aggressive reaction toward it (via NY Post):
If ‘unreliable’ is the issue,
why did social media never
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This is what totalitarianism looks like in our century: not men in darkened cells driving screws under the fingernails of dissidents, but Silicon Valley dweebs removing from vast swaths of the Internet a damaging exposé on their preferred presidential candidate. That’s what Facebook and Twitter did to the New York Post’s bombshell report on Hunter Biden, revealing why the illustrious vice-presidential son was hired by a shady Ukrainian energy firm in exchange for at least $50,000 a month. According to e-mails obtained by The Post, Hunter introduced the firm’s executives to his father — just when Joe Biden was the second-most powerful man on earth
President Trump Rakes Facebook
and Twitter Over the Coals for
Censoring Hunter Biden Story
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Posted by Dreadnought 10/14/2020 7:16:44 PM Post Reply
On Wednesday, The New York Post published a blockbuster story about a “smoking gun” email allegedly proving that then-Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter introduced the VP to an executive at the notoriously corrupt Ukrainian gas company Burisma — before Joe Biden pressured the Ukrainian president to fire a prosecutor looking into Burisma. Facebook announced that it was reducing the article’s distribution, even before any fact-check. Twitter also apparently prevented an editor at the Post from tweeting the article. President Donald Trump was livid. In fact, he called for legislative action — a repeal of Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act.
Hunter Biden and the
Big Tech information coup
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There is nothing to see. In 2014, Hunter Biden joined the board of the Ukrainian energy company Burisma on a reported salary of $50,000 a month. Hunter knows nothing about the energy business, and he doesn’t seem to speak Ukrainian. ‘I have never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings,’ Joe Biden said in 2019, though he had been photographed playing golf in the Hamptons with Hunter and another Burisma board member, Devon Archer, in 2014. But there is nothing to see. On Wednesday, the New York Post published an email from Vadim Pozharskyi, an adviser to the Burisma board, from April 2015. Pozharskyi thanks Hunter for ‘inviting
Twitter Cites ‘Hacked Materials
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Twitter said Thursday that it censored a New York Post article based on emails between Hunter Biden and a Burisma executive in accordance with its “hacked materials policy.” “In line with our Hacked Materials Policy, as well as our approach to blocking URLs, we are taking action to block any links to or images of the material in question on Twitter,” a Twitter spokesperson told National Review when asked why the platform was not allowing users to share the Post’s article. Twitter’s Hacked Materials Policy states that it does not “permit the use of our services to directly distribute content obtained through hacking that contains private information
Merriam-Webster Alters
Definition Of Sexual
“Preference” To Say It’s
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As far as I can tell, critics have them dead to rights on this. Check the Wayback Machine and you’ll find that Merriam-Webster’s definition of “preference” said nothing about the term being offensive as of September 28, the last time the page was archived. Today the label “offensive” has been attached, with this note about usage: Usage of Preference The term preference as used to refer to sexual orientation is widely considered offensive in its implied suggestion that a person can choose who they are sexually or romantically attracted to. It’s … strange that the alleged offensiveness of the term came to M-W’s attention only recently if it’s “widely considered” to be taboo.
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First, CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield warned that sharing Thanksgiving dinner indoors with a group of loved ones was very, very dangerous. Now, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Mendacious Midget™, is joining the chorus. In an interview with Norah O’Donnell on CBS News, the media darling said the following about the holiday: "That is unfortunately a risk, when you have people coming from out of town, gathering together in an indoor setting. It is unfortunate, because that’s such a sacred part of American tradition — the family gathering around Thanksgiving. But that is a risk. Given the fluid and dynamic nature of what’s going on right now in the spread and
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Fox News Channel’s anchor Chris Wallace commented on a New York Post article that purports to show emails from Hunter Biden linking his father, former Vice President Joe Biden, to his Ukraine business dealings, Friday on “America Newsroom.”Wallace said, “I can understand the concern about this story. It is completely unverified, and frankly, Rudy Giuliani is not the most reliable source anymore. I hate to say that, but it’s just true.” He continued, “There is a story in the Washington Post in The New York Times today saying that the National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien had to tell the president in December of last year that the intelligence agencies
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Conservatives have erupted in anger after NBC's Savannah Guthrie grilled Donald Trump with a 'question every 12 seconds' while ABC's George Stephanopoulos was accused of forgetting to ask Joe Biden about his son Hunter's emails.Trump and Biden both held their town halls Thursday evening, with viewers forced to choose between the clashing timetables after the president scheduled his to go head to head with his competitor. On NBC, Trump was asked about coronavirus, QAnon, his own diagnosis and his taxes by Guthrie while, on ABC, Biden spoke LGBTQ rights, court packing and the 1994 crime bill with Stephanopoulos. But Republicans voiced outrage about the president's campaign event, accusing Guthrie
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Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer says that Democrats will not supply a quorum with which to advance the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. Schumer defended this move, saying that Barrett’s nomination is “illegitimate, dangerous and unpopular.” There’s no point debating Schumer on these partisan claims. The question is whether the Democrats can block Barrett’s nomination through this ploy.I don’t think they can. A quorum in the full Senate is 51 members. In the Judiciary Committee it’s nine members including two from the minority party.
Trump never had COVID, say three of ‘The
View’ hosts who now believe he faked the
whole thing
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Posted by Imright 10/17/2020 4:10:26 PM Post Reply
Two of the hosts of the ABC talk show “The View” admitted this week that they believe President Donald Trump’s coronavirus diagnosis was fake.Their admission came Thursday, a day after tech giants Facebook and Twitter began suppressing an unconfirmed story about Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden’s youngest son, Hunter, that media pundits had claimed was a “conspiracy theory.” The first admission was made by co-host Whoopi Goldberg as she was responding to a fellow co-host’s complaints that the idea of herd immunity — which is currently being considered by the White House — “seems cruel, seems callous.”“It doesn’t look good anywhere,” Goldberg responded before suddenly trotting out
‘Trans Lives Matter’ — Biden Pledges to
Sign Bill to Force Schools to Allow
Boys to Play Girls’ Sports
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Posted by earlybird 10/17/2020 3:24:38 PM Post Reply
In yet another glaring example that today’s Democrat Party is not the same Democrat Party of not all that long ago, Joe Biden pledged on Friday to sign the so-called “Equality Act” — a bill would that force public schools to allow biological boys who identify as transgender girls to compete in girls’ sports. Let’s just let that sink in for a moment. As the Daily Caller reported, the Equality Act passed the House with unanimous support from Democrats in May 2019 but didn’t come up for a vote in the Republican-controlled Senate. This is yet another example of what will happen to this country if Biden wins the White House
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Harvey Weinstein is broke and will likely die if he remains in prison, his lawyer said Friday at a hearing over whether the former powerhouse producer should be freed on bail pending an appeal of his Manhattan rape conviction. “[Weinstein’s] physical and mental condition has so deteriorated, I do not think it’s an overstatement to say that if he is not released as part of this application, his chances of surviving in prison are rather low,” one of his lawyers, Barry Kamins, told Judge Angela Mazzarelli during a virtual hearing in the Appellate Division First Department.
Joe Biden’s town hall drew more
TV viewers than Trump’s, early
ratings show
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Posted by viola 10/16/2020 5:25:02 PM Post Reply

Joe Biden’s town hall drew more TV viewers than President Trump’s competing event on Thursday night, according to early figures. An average of 13.9 million viewers tuned in to ABC to watch Biden field questions from voters from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m., compared to 13.1 million who watched Trump do the same on NBC, MSNBC and CNBC, initial Nielsen ratings show, according to the Wrap.  Correction*

Buckle up: Hunter Biden laptop
scandal may be about to
get a whole lot worse
27 replies
Posted by Magnante 10/16/2020 7:40:28 AM Post Reply
Facebook and Twitter sacrificed the final shreds of their integrity to try to censor the N.Y. Post article revealing the existence of Hunter Biden's laptop. But in their rush to throw themselves in the path of the bullet to save Joe, there was a big problem. They forgot that Rudy Giuliani has the evidence. The N.Y. Post article was an exclusive. That means all "fact checkers" that Facebook and Twitter will unleash to fact-check the article will be based on speculation, not fact. Because they don't have the laptop. And, judging from a new video from Giuliani, things may be about to explode
NBC repositioned ‘nodding lady’
Mayra Joli behind President
during town hall without
realizing she supports him
26 replies
Posted by clayusmcret 10/17/2020 12:20:58 PM Post Reply
Arguably the biggest sensation to come out of the debacle of a town hall NBC had with President Trump was the so-called “nodding lady.” Positioned directly behind the President’s left shoulder for one of the most widely used camera angles, she was applauded by some and attacked by others for nodding her head and displaying thumbs up in agreement when the President answered many of the attack questions posed to him by Savannah Guthrie. But she wasn’t originally positioned there. Before the town hall began, a Caucasian lady was originally positioned there.
FBI probing if Russia involved in
Hunter Biden email story
25 replies
Posted by Imright 10/16/2020 4:48:31 PM Post Reply
WASHINGTON— The FBI is investigating whether emails that were published by the New York Post related to Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, are connected to a possible Russian influence operation to spread disinformation, according to a person familiar with the matter. The newspaper said in its story Wednesday that it had obtained a hard drive from Rudy Giuliani containing the emails, and that the messages were found on a laptop that had been left last year at a Delaware computer repair shop for service but never retrieved. The unlikely account of how the emails surfaced raised immediate questions about Russian involvement, particularly because U.S. officials have warned that Russia —
The Topics for the Final Presidential
Debate Have Been Announced
24 replies
Posted by Imright 10/17/2020 12:02:20 PM Post Reply
The topics for next week’s final presidential debate between President Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden have been released.Trump and Biden, as of now, are expected to meet Thursday at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee.The currently embattled Commission on Presidential Debates announced Friday that the candidates will discuss leadership, the coronavirus pandemic, issues of race, families, national security and climate change.(Tweet) Kristen Welker of NBC News, the moderator of the 90-minute debate, selected the topics.The debate commission called off the second debate after the supposedly nonpartisan body unilaterally decided to make the forum virtual.
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