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Proof positive Kamala Harris
is a lying phony

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Posted By: Magnante, 9/26/2020 11:38:38 AM

Even in a profession known for phoniness, Kamala Harris stands out as remarkably fake. We expect politicians to lie — "what a beautiful baby!" — but we also expect them to be reasonably skilled at it. Being unable to convincingly name a favorite thing takes a lot of experience in counterfeiting feelings. Yet, yesterday, in the softest of softball interviews on CNN, where she was asked about her various "favorites" — roast chicken is her "go-to" dish to cook (as if she spends a lot of time in time kitchen [snip]) — she stumbled and revealed that she only pretends to listen to rap music.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: Chuzzles 9/26/2020 11:50:33 AM (No. 553131)
I am not going to forget what a Dirty Cop Ms. Harris is. Even the Left were furious that Biden picked her. The anger was palpable in the comments I surfed the night of the announcement. She is a woman who will leave innocent men in prison for years before letting them go. She is awful, truly awful. I also hope losing in November sinks her congressional career as well.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: TrueBlueWfan 9/26/2020 12:33:38 PM (No. 553208)
Slightly off topic, but I saw video of her at the Capitol viewing RBG's casket, and she was like a little kid, fidgeting, looking around, in short - very disrespectful. At least she put on a skirt. Why do liberal women think wearing pants all the time is ok? I wear pants all the time, but I am not running to be VP. I really don't like her, and don't like that she gets to interrogate Trumps SCOTUS pick either.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: hershey 9/26/2020 12:36:02 PM (No. 553213)
And speaking of RBG's viewing, who the devil was that dumbazz doing pushups by the casket? What a giant POS...I didn't like RBG or her politics, but that was truly nasty...
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Reply 4 - Posted by: jinx 9/26/2020 12:36:08 PM (No. 553214)
That hysterical laugh comes whenever she is lying. Watch for it. She said that she cooks roast chicken which is the exact same thing Dutchess Kate said she likes to cook. I don't believe either of them. It is just an easy believable lie. Was she lying when she accused Biden of being a racist? Has she ever told the truth? Nope. She is for BLM run by Marxists and violent riots that are killing innocent business owners and burning down their businesses. How can she run the country? We know Biden can't. Who is behind the curtain. pulling their strings?
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Reply 5 - Posted by: enemyofthestate 9/26/2020 12:43:05 PM (No. 553233)
Yeah, Harris is lying by more than one definition of the word. Ask Willie Brown.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: rytwng 9/26/2020 1:35:11 PM (No. 553312)
The ho is a liar.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: Smart11344 9/26/2020 2:08:53 PM (No. 553353)
It was easy to figure out. She is a damnocrat.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: DVC 9/26/2020 2:48:53 PM (No. 553392)
She said that Biden was guilty of sexual assault, and now she has forgotten that entirely. She is a whore. She whored herself out for power to Brown in Cali, and now whores herself out, a bit less literally, with Joe.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: Hermit_Crab 9/26/2020 2:55:16 PM (No. 553402)
On the other hand, if she actually liked that rap 'music' (rap, I'd think even less of her. How anyone can enjoy listening to that evil noise is beyond my comprehension.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: cor-vet 9/26/2020 5:22:03 PM (No. 553514)
Given her heritage, I'd have guessed 'jerk' chicken, but then I remembered she'd magically become bLACK!
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This was a Coup. It lacked, at least for the moment, the spilled blood often associated with a classic coup d’etat but make no mistake about it – this was a coup. (snip) platitudes simply won’t fly this time. These corrupt actions by corrupt people who believe they can steal the presidency with impunity will not be swept under the rug by virtue of sheer media sleight-of-hand. Unlike the complex and faraway felonies recently disclosed in Hunter Biden’s laptop, these crimes against democracy have immediate and discernible individual victims whose disenfranchisement can be neither denied nor tolerated.
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Imagine, for a moment, that the night of November 3rd, 2020, had gone a bit differently, with the circumstances reversed. (snip) If it is proven that Democratic Party operatives illegally introduced hundreds of thousands of illegitimate ballots in order to swing an election in their Party’s favor, it will have been the single most dangerous crime in modern American history. (snip) President Trump has beaten back the many other attempted coups that the Democrats and media have foisted upon the American people over these past four years, and if you think he’ll do any less
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A rumor circulated widely that more people voted in Wisconsin than were registered. Although not true, it strikes me as an honest mistake. The originator of the rumor was looking at the registration numbers for 2018. More people did vote in Wisconsin in 2020 than were registered in 2018. The real numbers are almost as incredible. In 2020, an astounding 88 percent of those registered to vote seem to have voted. In Ohio, another battleground state, the turnout was a much more typical 68 percent. (snip) In 2012, the last year for which data are readily available for Wisconsin, the turnout was 65 percent.
Never Bring A Republican
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Street fighting is different from just showing up. There is the movie cliché about never bringing a knife to a gunfight; nothing quite makes the case more than never bringing a Republican to a street fight. We have one party in America that openly wants to fundamentally change our entire form of government into a one-party totalitarian state. (snip) We are now reaping the crop of 50 years of acquiescence by the Republicans. (snip) The real story is how this has gone on for generations and the result is always the same. The Republican candidate, who likely won, is out.
Democrats are turning on the
NeverTrump Lincoln Project
for its failure to deliver on promises
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Posted by Magnante 11/5/2020 8:05:51 AM Post Reply
A reckoning is coming for the turncoat former Republicans that founded The Lincoln Project and raised just under $100 million as of 3 weeks ago. Instead of diminishing the share of Republicans voting for Trump his share actually increased. Despite their showy outreach efforts, increased Hispanic support for Trump was a disaster for Biden in Florida and Texas, among many other states. (snip) The Lincoln Project’s belly flop on luring Republicans away was spectacular. Trump actually garnered even more support from GOP voters than in 2016. (snip) Some of the less charitably inclined ae noticing how much money some of the principals at the Lincoln Project made for themselves
The left’s attempt to steal
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night in the deep state
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The American left never for one moment accepted their loss in 2016. (snip) So, when on Tuesday night it was clear that all the battleground states were going Trump’s way, they acted. The network shut down the state victory calls for Trump the moment all the betting odds were favoring a Trump win. The Chinese yuan began to tank. Fox fatuously called Arizona for Biden long before they should have and refused to call for Trump the states that he had clearly won: North Carolina, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. All those states were won by Trump on election night.
Stealing Pennsylvania 10 replies
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Regardless of the outcome, Pennsylvania Democrat Governor Tom Wolf, the Pennsylvania state courts and the Democrat State Party have pulled every dirty trick in the books. (snip) During the day in Montgomery County, Republican poll workers, and committee people received an alert. The Democrats had sent an army of spies into Montgomery County, wearing badges reading iterations of ‘Voter Protection.’ They were posing as poll watchers. (snip) My poll was visited by one such spy. He sat outside the poll all day long with a laptop. It was obvious what he was doing
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George W. Bush congratulated Joe Biden on his election victory Sunday—and delivered an unmistakable message to Donald Trump that he must now concede. The only living former Republican president broke his silence more than 24 hours after Biden was declared the winner in a call by TV networks and the Associated Press to say that he had spoken to the Democratic victor, and to Kamala Harris, the vice president-elect. 'I just talked to the President-elect of the United States, Joe Biden,' he said in a statement. No Republican leader has so far called Biden president-elect. 'Though we have political differences,
Time for Fox News to climb out of
the hole it's dug
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Posted by Magnante 11/8/2020 6:39:01 AM Post Reply
Suppose that you are an intrepid reporter — accent on the "intrepid." You witness voter fraud so vast that it reverses the outcome of a presidential election in a few states, enough to cause what should be the losing candidate to win. As a reporter, what do you want to do? (snip) If Fox wants to win back the respect of conservatives, it should unleash its intrepid reporters. Most conservatives would greatly enjoy learning how voter fraud can be committed, how much has occurred in past elections, and how successful prosecutions have been. They would also like to hear from judicial scholars
Trump Campaign Refuses to Concede
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The Trump campaign refused to concede defeat in the presidential race on Saturday after networks projected a win for Joe Biden. The Democratic nominee is projected to win at least 290 electoral votes, with victories predicted in Pennsylvania and Nevada, according to the Associated Press. However, President Trump and allies have repeatedly claimed, without evidence, that the election is being “stolen” due to widespread voter fraud. “The simple fact is this election is far from over,” Trump said in a statement after multiple networks called a victory for Biden. “Beginning Monday, our campaign will start prosecuting our case in court
Biden wins 2020 election. America has
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The American people have elected former Vice President Joe Biden to be our next president — in effect telling President Trump: “You’re fired!” Unless one or more of Trump's baseless sore-loser lawsuits prevails, we can expect Biden to replace Trump in the Oval Office on Jan. 20, sending Trump into political retirement and restoring stability, competence, integrity and honesty to the White House. This will be a welcome development after four years of Trump’s chaotic and failed administration that has been like none in modern American history.
Biden calls for unity, healing
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President-elect Joe Biden called on a deeply divided United States to come together and "heal" on Saturday, moments after he was declared the winner of the presidential election. In a statement, Biden said he was "honored and humbled by the trust the American people have placed in" him and his running mate, Vice President-elect Kamala Harris. "With the campaign over, it's time to put the anger and the harsh rhetoric behind us and come together as a nation," Biden said. "It's time for America to unite. And to heal."
Joe Biden Wins U.S. Presidency
After Bitter Contest With Trump
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Posted by Dreadnought 11/7/2020 11:56:50 AM Post Reply
(Bloomberg) -- Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. has defeated Donald Trump to become the 46th U.S. president, unseating the incumbent with a pledge to unify and mend a nation reeling from a worsening pandemic, faltering economy and deep political divisions. Biden’s victory came after the Associated Press, CNN and NBC showed him winning Pennsylvania and gaining more than the 270 Electoral College votes needed to secure the presidency. Trump sought to undermine the outcome, baselessly accusing Democrats of trying to steal the election and claiming victory before the race was called.
Newsmax rises. Fox falls. 43 replies
Posted by earlybird 11/7/2020 1:20:29 PM Post Reply
The Wrap reported, "Ratings: CNN Beats Fox News Again on Night 3 of Election Coverage.”(Snip)"Fox News had 5.6 million viewers last night, MSNBC got 4.9 million." Hahahaha. They cry all the way to the bank, sure, but nevertheless, they cry.Fox won Election Night bigly. Their 14 million viewer were yuge. Then the network began showing its RINO side, and then its liberal side. WTMA reported, "Conservatives ditched Fox News for Newsmax TV’s election coverage in droves.
Joe Biden Claims ‘Mandate’ But Stops
Short of Declaring Victory
35 replies
Posted by Imright 11/7/2020 1:31:14 AM Post Reply
Joe Biden appeared late Friday evening and claimed he received a “mandate” from American voters, but he stopped short of declaring victory.“We don’t have a final declaration of victory yet,” he said, and argued the numbers tell “a clear and convincing story: We’re going to win this race.”Biden touted his new-found leads in Georgia and Pennsylvania. He said he is winning Arizona, a first for a Democrat in 24 years. Similarly, he is the first Democrat to claim victory in Georgia in 28 years.He said he is on his way to “over 300 Electoral College votes.”Before saying he is going to be a president for all Americans, Biden bragged
Romney congratulates
Biden after victory
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Posted by Imright 11/7/2020 4:10:33 PM Post Reply
GOP Sen. Mitt Romney (Utah) congratulated President-elect Joe Biden after he was projected to win the White House race over President Trump. (Photo) "Ann and I extend our congratulations to President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris. We know both of them as people of good will and admirable character. We pray that God may bless them in the days and years ahead," Romney tweeted, referring to his wife. (Tweet)Romney, who was the GOP presidential nominee in 2012 against the Obama-Biden ticket, has been one of the most outspoken critics
FNC's Wallace: Ted Cruz is Like a
Japanese Soldier Who Thinks The
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Fox News host Chris Wallace said on Sunday that Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) was like a Japanese soldier who thinks World War II is “still going on” because he is questioning the presidential election results. Wallace said, “It would seem to me that Republicans on Capitol Hill have a role to play in this. A very few of them have said, look, you pursue your legal options, but, you know, damn down the rhetoric, like Mitt Romney, like Pat Toomey.” He added, “There are a lot who are just silent. And then there are some — I mentioned Ted Cruz — you know who are like the Japanese soldiers
Biden Vows to Unite the
Country, Will the Left Let Him?
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Posted by Pluperfect 11/8/2020 5:03:56 AM Post Reply
Speaking from Wilmington, Delaware Saturday night, former Vice President Joe Biden promised to "unite the country" as president and claimed he has a "mandate to march on the course of decency."(Snip for tweets)But will the leftists in Biden's Democrat Party allow him to do so? After all, the newest members want to keep track of Trump supporters so they can be punished, list Trump administration staffers so they can remain unemployed and members of the media want to "burn down" the Republican Party with "no survivors."
The Left Threatens GOP: 'We
Have a List' and You'll Never
Work Again if You Helped Trump
30 replies
Posted by Pluperfect 11/8/2020 4:49:21 AM Post Reply
Former President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden used the power of the office to spy on the media and political enemies, including, of course, Donald Trump. Obama kept a disposition matrix, an assassination list. And now the D.C. Left is trotting out a new list. It goes something like this: If you complain about potential voter fraud in the 2020 election, you’ll never work in this town again and if you ever worked for Trump, you’re through. The threat has been issued by Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin, who explicitly threatens to cancel any Republican “making baseless allegations of fraud,” among other things. Of course, as per usual,
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