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The Democrats’ partisan damage

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Posted By: Pluperfect, 9/13/2020 4:03:27 AM

First, it was the United Arab Emirates and Israel making peace. Then it was Serbia and Kosovo agreeing to set aside political disputes to sign an economic deal. And now Bahrain and ­Israel are set to sign a peace treaty. The last month has been a remarkable one for the Biblical injunction to turn swords into plowshares. Most dramatically, the number of Arab countries recognizing Israel’s right to exist has doubled, from two to four, a leap that is reshaping 75 years of Middle East politics before our eyes. These breakthroughs were brokered by President Trump and his administration.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: jj1319 9/13/2020 6:44:40 AM (No. 539100)
FTA: "Worse than personal slander, it was character assassination masquerading as concern for national security." AA's call this a polite form of murder by character assassination. The same is true for Rats but it is anything but polite.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: a man over thirty 9/13/2020 7:42:06 AM (No. 539131)
Democrats' petulance in the wake of Hillary's unexpected loss and their subsequent, multiple attempts to de-legitimize and destroy Trump's presidency is one of the worst examples of sedition and treason this nation has ever seen. And it wasn't just one person or a small cabal. It was virtually the entire American Left acting like traitors with no regard for their nation's viability. We need to win the presidency and both houses in November and then make sure the National Guard has sufficient live ammo for the chaos that will follow.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: pros7767 9/13/2020 7:42:30 AM (No. 539132)
Excellent article!
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Reply 4 - Posted by: NancyD 9/13/2020 7:54:23 AM (No. 539146)
I think #2 post should be made into a campaign ad. I'm serious. Great post.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: edgar 9/13/2020 8:08:49 AM (No. 539160)
Bottom line, the dem's political violence is not a winning strategy. To call Trump's International Peace Deals a side show is to ignore his peace through law and order stand domestically. This guy walks the walk and has delivered on peace. Everyone has noticed, Nancy.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: BillW. 9/13/2020 8:28:22 AM (No. 539177)
Agree about the #2 post. Kudos! You know, I see a lot of Beijing-Heels-Up signs in the neighborhoods down here in Clearwater, but not many advocating Trump-Pence. I think that's because Dems are afraid when BLM-Antifa thugs rampage the area they'll stick to ransacking the homes of patriots for their "reparations," leaving their follow Marxists be. --Vets for Trump 2020
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Reply 7 - Posted by: Strike3 9/13/2020 8:39:13 AM (No. 539186)
What we are seeing is the democrat party in violent death throes, willing to do everything legal or illegal to regain power. They must not succeed. Donald Trump does not stand alone because he has earned our respect and support. Anybody wanting to conduct a coup now has to go through We the People. The only reason the DNC still exists is because of the media. Come on, November 3rd, we are more than ready.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: Catfur27 9/13/2020 8:42:13 AM (No. 539191) in Buffalo, NY the local news rag FINALLY acknowledged the President was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize !! ...they posted a one paragraph AP notice the bottom of page A-12 !!?? ...they are a shameful , disgusting excuse for a "newspaper"
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Reply 9 - Posted by: mifla 9/13/2020 8:47:46 AM (No. 539194)
The branch of my family that suffers from TDS is getting quieter and quieter.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: Paperpuncher 9/13/2020 8:49:12 AM (No. 539196)
Poster 6, another reason you don't see many Trump posters is the rats come out at night and steal them. You are also right, many Trump supporters just do not want their property vandalized and do not want their homes targeted by antifa and blm. However, they will be first in line to vote for Trump in person on November 3rd.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: udanja99 9/13/2020 8:52:29 AM (No. 539199)
#6. It’s more likely that all of the Trump supporters down there are not advertising their candidate because they don’t want the Fingers/Adulteress supporters to trash their homes and cars.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: Dodge Boy 9/13/2020 9:11:41 AM (No. 539222)
It's not just the dims who have damaged America. International forces have been hard at work here to inflict their own damage. And then there is the propaganda arm of the dims - the msm whose hate for the President is off the charts. The hate and chaos are designed to achieve the left's final solution - the transformation of America in order to institute the new world order. These were Obie's original marching orders brought to him by the international forces - the Chinese military, the Rothchilds, the Rockefellers, Bill Gates, George Soros, the ultra secret Bilderberg group (of which former Colorado Governor Hickenlooper was recently invited to attend and illegally spent tax payer dollars to be there), the European central committee, Putie, and Erthel Merkle. I thought Goodwin's piece was mostly ok, except for the swipe he took at the President when Goodwin claimed (Mike, so was your piece an editorial or a news article?) the President wasn't attracting swing voters. Guess again on this one, Mike.
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Reply 13 - Posted by: gone2pot 9/13/2020 9:29:54 AM (No. 539242)
Oh brother. Good things for their constituents is not and has never been the Marxists' objective. (Rio Lindans, again, the Democrats ARE the Marxists). Partisan damage is not and has NEVER been their concern either. Destruction of a representative republic under the Constitution changed into a Marxist tyranny IS. THEIR. ONLY. GOAL. It's sad that so many "conservative" pundits will suddenly realize that if Biden wins, they'll act as if they discovered a new secret sauce that no one knew about, and they just have to tell us right before they are arrested by the new Marxist government. Donald Trump is alone right now, standing between open tyrannical Marxism (that will get its hair but not yours, blown) and the Constitution to protect the American people. Republicans are wasting their time dorking around with appeasement (Juneteenth and job saving for immigrants when 30 million Americans are out of work by my senator Lankford in OK, investigations of Netflix by Ted Cruz, Ms Graham furrowing his eyebrows once a week on Hannity, etc) instead of getting ahead of the obvious and clear upcoming theft of the elections by the Marxists. Republican leadership is openly supporting the Marxists by pretending to "care." I've never seen anything like it in my life. The GOP is comfortably numb supporting Marxism.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: HotRod 9/13/2020 9:32:30 AM (No. 539247)
FTA: ''He can be difficult to the point of exasperating, insufferably boastful and gratuitously mean in his personal attacks.'' Compared to whom? Why does this concern not apply to Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler, Schiff, and all the other democrats? Why does it not apply to the MSM, who have called him the worst names possible, including NAZI, racist, Russian agent, and all the rest? President Trump knows how to deal with those people, and it's not by turning the other cheek! That has been proven, by former presidents, to NOT work! It did, in fact, help President Trump beat Hillary! Media people, like Goodwin- who is supposedly a Republican(?) just can't write a piece without gratuitous, critical, mention of President Trump's style. People who would rather have a Bush or Romney type care more about style than results, and who roll over for democrats!
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Reply 15 - Posted by: starboard 9/13/2020 9:47:26 AM (No. 539268)
I often wonder who is the ultimate decision maker for the Democrat party. It has to be Obama. Who else? Soros perhaps or both. The Democrats have a small percentage of intellectual snobs and elitists among them, but the majority are angry ignoramuses who will respond on cue to the latest talking points like a bunch of trained seals. The only thing they have is numbers with unions. Although that is also diminishing. It's not difficult to feel that there's a higher power at work who is making everything they attempt fail. The Antifa will see Karma make a striking an appearance soon. The Democrat party has become nothing more than a ship without a rudder.
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Reply 16 - Posted by: little guy 9/13/2020 9:54:00 AM (No. 539276)
I like Goodwin but he always digs Trump about his personality ... before he moves on and says a few nice things. Very annoying! I personally don't give a hoot if our POTUS was the exact re-incarnation of the obnoxious, disgusting and morbidly obese King Henry VIII --- dead wives and all. I'm am only interested in what he does and the results therefrom that accrue to our society becoming closer to my image of what it should be. I will not be putting up a Trump sign as it will last but a minute in my neck of the woods. Heck, someone threw paint on my McCain sign years ago! Those who put up signs for Badfinger and Heels-Behind-Her-Ears and basically telling the world they are so dumb they will support a tree stump and a you-know-what even if they lose their homes through taxes and reparations. It won't save them a second of thought before BLM throws the Molotov cocktail.
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Reply 17 - Posted by: Krause 9/13/2020 10:17:02 AM (No. 539304)
The entire democrat party was a part of the coup attempt to overthrow Trump, including 95% of dem voters. The dem party is disgusting, totally against patriotic American values. Trump is head and shoulders above Obama, Clinton and Biden, as a human being.
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Reply 18 - Posted by: Kafka2 9/13/2020 10:40:34 AM (No. 539336)
The reason the political elitists and the Democrats in particular hate President Trump so much is that, in three and a half years, he has managed to accomplish more than they have in 40 years. And, this while they worked to obstruct him every inch of the way. By his accomplishments, he has shown by contrast how incompetent, lazy, or dishonest they have been. If I have to choose between somebody who speaks roughly but does what he tells you and somebody who sweetly lies to me to cover their blunders and dishonesty, I will choose the former every time.
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Reply 19 - Posted by: Luke21 9/13/2020 3:15:28 PM (No. 539603)
"None of this is to suggest that Trump is easy to deal with or predictable. He can be difficult to the point of exasperating, insufferably boastful and gratuitously mean in his personal attacks. He might well lose the election because he cannot discipline himself enough to attract swing voters." Blah, blah, blah. .
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Reply 20 - Posted by: jeffkinnh 9/13/2020 4:57:14 PM (No. 539701)
I also dislike Goodwin's ever present whines about Trump. Trump isn't bragging, he is highlighting successes for the American people. Why does he need to do that? Because our media either ignores them or distorts them. We the People need to hear about them and Trump lets us know. As others point out, the media and the Left paint Trump as evil incarnate, yet looking at what Trump has actually done there is no justification for their hate. Trump has made Conservative policy decisions. As president, he was elected and entitled to make such changes, within the law, which Trump holds to. Obama made such changes as well but frequently colored outside the legal lines and got rebuked for it. Obama also lied and lies, flagrantly. So, considering the vituperation of his opponents, is it too surprising that Trump might sling a few zingers back to these low lifes? Overlooking Trump obvious successes is damaging for the dems because the scope of them is large. Historic economic success and record low unemployment, effectively erasing wide differences between races and men and women. The first Middle East peace agreement in 25 years. The destruction of ISIS. Voters are not stupid. They KNOW about these things AND they give Trump credit for them. The dems trying to shrug them off only makes dems seem petty and weak, which they are. What do the dems put on the table? Riots. Defunding the police. Socialism/Communism. Economic stagnation (Thanks BO for showing us how it's done.). Transparent schemes and lies. Hatred of America and Americans. All things the public eschews. This is far worse that mere "damage". The dems offer complete destruction of our nation.
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Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden on Sunday called for gun control less than 24 hours after two Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies who were critically wounded in Compton after a gunman opened fire on their squad car in an apparent ambush. “Weapons of war have no place in our communities,” the former Vice President tweeted. “We need to ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.” Earlier Biden had called the shooting “unconscionable” and for the suspect to be brought to justice. He also said anyone who commits an act of violence “should be caught and punished.”
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Whence the story that Robert Mueller’s maleficent miscreants wiped their government phones? Judicial Watch strikes again, as the organization explains in this press release. The press release announces that Judicial Watch received 87 pages of records from the Department of Justice that show senior members of Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel’s Office repeatedly and “accidentally” wiped phones assigned to them. The Department of Justice has posted the documents online here. Politico’s story doesn’t mention Judicial Watch, but let’s give credit where credit is due. PJ Media’s Matt Margolis draws on Brooke Singman’s Fox News report capturing this quotable quote from Rep. Devin Nunes: “It’s an amazing coincidence that all these professional
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First, it was the United Arab Emirates and Israel making peace. Then it was Serbia and Kosovo agreeing to set aside political disputes to sign an economic deal. And now Bahrain and ­Israel are set to sign a peace treaty. The last month has been a remarkable one for the Biblical injunction to turn swords into plowshares. Most dramatically, the number of Arab countries recognizing Israel’s right to exist has doubled, from two to four, a leap that is reshaping 75 years of Middle East politics before our eyes. These breakthroughs were brokered by President Trump and his administration.
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ore Americans say former Vice President Joe Biden has the mental clarity to be president versus Donald Trump, according to the latest Fox News poll released Sunday. Despite the Trump campaign and the president himself repeatedly questioning the mental acuity of Biden, a larger percentage of U.S. adults say they believe the Democratic presidential candidate has the traits best suited for the job. A slight majority of likely voters—51 percent—told Fox News they believe Biden, 77, has the "mental soundness" to be president, compared to 47 percent who say the same about Trump, 74.
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(Tweet) Morning March Seattle, which advocates to abolish the police and invest in black communities, organised the gathering at the local grocery store to educate customers on the barriers black residents face such as gentrification. This comes as leftists conflate Trader Joe's and gentrification, according to The Atlantic in a 2019 article on the "conflicts between white Portlanders and long-time black residents" over "widening bicycle lanes" and "the construction of a new Trader Joe’s."
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Normally, I would spurn the idea of citing an anonymous post that purports to contain inside information on a presidential candidate. But two factors currently weigh on my mind, causing me to make an exception. One is that MSM Trump-haters have no compunction at all over relying exclusively on anonymous sources (snip) But the other factor is more serious and directly relevant to the anonymous post I am about to cite. The Biden campaign clearly is hiding their candidate from exposure to circumstances that might test his mental acuity and vigor on a sustained basis. We now have direct evidence that the campaign has been deceiving the public by using a teleprompter
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I woke up in the morning wondering about the dark red rays coming from behind the curtain. While I expected the darkened sky, the degree of darkness and the fact that I couldn’t smell fire surprised me. Northern California fires have become increasingly common over the last decade as a consequence of mismanaging the environment. Native Americans staged controlled burns to safeguard their villages and create favorable hunting conditions. We failed to emulate that practice, and, as even Mother Jones concedes, so much fuel accumulated in the wilderness that megafires began burning year after year.
Guy poops in Pelosi’s driveway, live streams it 32 replies
Posted by TipperMart 9/13/2020 1:28:11 PM Post Reply
San Francisco, Calif. -- The Poopalosi protestor live streamed this performance piece from Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s residence in the posh Presidio Terrace neighborhood on YouTube. Believe it or not, thanks to District Attorney Chesa Boudin, this act is quasi-legal in San Francisco. When Boudin, a public defender who ran on an anti-police campaign platform, was elected in 2019, he promised not to prosecute so-called “quality of life” crimes, including public urination, defecation and prostitution. Within hours of posting on Friday, Lifes Mavrek, the moniker on YouTube of this Cuban-American vagabond, raised thousands of dollars and generated tens of thousands of views.
Bubba Wallace Quits Richard Petty Motorsports After Noose Hoax Rocked Race World 31 replies
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In late June NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace made national headlines after he claimed nefarious characters hung a noose in his garage at Talladega. Bubba is one of two black NASCAR drivers. At the time NASCAR released a statement revealing that a noose was reportedly found in top driver Bubba Wallace’s Talladega garage stall. But after several days of investigating by several agents the FBI released a statement on its investigation at the Talladega Superspeedway and determined that Bubba Wallace was not the target of a hate crime.
Democratic Derangement: Party ‘Games’ A
Possible Coup If Trump Wins In November
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Posted by RockyTCB 9/14/2020 6:05:08 AM Post Reply
The strength of America’s elections lies in people’s confidence that votes will be fairly tallied, and that the losing party will bow out gracefully and become the loyal opposition. But what if a loser refuses to acknowledge the results of a free and fair election? What if it instead takes to the streets to commit violence and mayhem? Or even attempts a coup? We ask because there’s every sign now that the Democrats, in a panic over candidate Joe Biden’s lackluster basement campaign and growing evidence that he is suffering age-related mental impairment, will refuse to acknowledge President Donald Trump
The Bishops Bail Out Biden 30 replies
Posted by MissMolly 9/13/2020 4:11:15 AM Post Reply
Were the Republicans to run a Catholic for president who supported, say, segregation, the bishops wouldn’t hesitate to condemn that figure and warn their congregations not to vote for him. But the bishops apply no such condemnation or warning to Joe Biden, who is a dissenter in favor of abortion rights and gay marriage. Even Biden’s officiating at gay marriages, an egregiously disobedient act for a Catholic, is met with silence from most bishops. While Pope Francis felt no reservations about condemning Trump’s faith — he called him “not Christian” for supporting border walls — he and his like-minded bishops refuse to question Biden’s
Michael Moore Compares Trump to Osama
Bin Laden: ‘He Is a Mass Killer’
26 replies
Posted by Imright 9/13/2020 6:54:42 AM Post Reply
Left-wing documentary filmmaker Michael Moore launched a profane, fallacy-filled rant on September 11th, calling President Trump a “mass killer” and likening him to Osama Bin Laden. Moore insisted that “no American other than Confederate President Jefferson Davis and his General Robert E. Lee has killed more Americans than Donald J. Trump.”“My friends. This is murder. In the extreme. No American other than Confederate President Jefferson Davis and his General Robert E. Lee has killed more Americans than Donald J. Trump,” Moore said in an “Emergency Podcast Episode” of RUMBLE, referring to the U.S. death toll of the Chinese coronavirus.
Pennsylvania cops shoot dead man for
charging at officer with a huge blade—
as protests erupt outside precinct in
support of the knifeman who stabbed four
people last year including a teenager
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Posted by Ribicon 9/14/2020 9:59:34 AM Post Reply
Police shot dead a 27-year-old man—who was awaiting trial for stabbing and seriously injuring four people—after he charged at an officer while brandishing a huge knife over his head. Officers in Lancaster, Pennsylvania were called to a home at 4.15pm yesterday by Ricardo Munoz's sister who said he had become aggressive toward their mother and was trying to break into her house.(Snip) Yesterday's shooting sparked protests in the city, with people marching from the scene of the shooting to the Lancaster Police Department while chanting 'this is what democracy looks like'. WGAL-TV reported that protesters also smashed
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