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POLL: Californians oppose gender
mutilation and sterilization bill

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Posted By: TipperMart, 9/11/2020 1:18:21 PM

Sacramento, Calif. -- Sixty-four percent of California voters do not want Gov. Gavin Newsom to sign a bill to pay for transgender drugs and surgeries known to sterilize minors and adults, according to a new poll. The survey, conducted by Spry Strategies in conjunction with the Women’s Liberation Front, shows that conservative Christians and radical feminists, who have joined forces to oppose AB 2218, are more in step with California voters than state legislators. The controversial bill passed the Assembly 54-10 and the Senate 28-9 late last month, and now sits on Newsom’s desk awaiting his decision.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: Northcross 9/11/2020 1:29:28 PM (No. 537650)
Hey California! Here's an idea! Stop electing these radicals
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Reply 2 - Posted by: happy conservative 9/11/2020 2:10:16 PM (No. 537676)
Herr Gavin the Terrible will sign it anyway. He cares not what the peasants think. California is going down the tubes. So sad. Born and lived here all my life. Soon going to be singing "Happy Trails" as we load up our "wagon" and head out. CAN'T WAIT!!! MAGA!!! KAG!!! Newsom the Loser in our rearview mirror will be a welcome sight!
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Reply 3 - Posted by: GoodDeal 9/11/2020 2:19:37 PM (No. 537684)
Soddomfornia is leading the way for the accelerated moral decay of our nation.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: ThreeBadCats3 9/11/2020 2:46:09 PM (No. 537719)
If people continue leaving California at the present rate, the percentage in favor of taxpayer supplied mutilation will increase. Sensible people are leaving in droves, while the deluded tend to remain. The foolish representatives will eventually leave also, as productive people abandon a loosing situation and their politicians' income dries up. Perhaps some day, the beautiful Golden State will be reborn.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: clayusmcret 9/11/2020 3:00:51 PM (No. 537746)
California voters, Newsom doesn’t care what you want. You voted away your choices already. Merry Christmas!! You’re getting exactly what you wanted.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: NeverForget 9/11/2020 3:07:34 PM (No. 537754)
California is a natural beauty ... and a political disaster. So sad.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: XCenturion 9/11/2020 3:20:29 PM (No. 537771)
That is unless the law is applied solely to members of the California legislature.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: DVC 9/11/2020 3:31:08 PM (No. 537783)
Still some sanity left in California. That is good.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: Starboard_side 9/11/2020 4:23:53 PM (No. 537821)
It does not matter what the average citizen in California believes, the elected officials will do what they want, how they want, and when they want. After all, it's a one-party state where the Democrats don't even have to ask a Republican in the Assembly or State Senate for ANYTHING since their votes don't matter.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: Edgelady 9/11/2020 4:28:53 PM (No. 537828)
I'm glad to see 64% are opposed to this ridiculous bill. No decent parent would be for it.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: pixelero 9/11/2020 4:47:11 PM (No. 537849)
Let’s just see if the will of the people actually prevails in this case.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: JHHolliday 9/11/2020 5:56:50 PM (No. 537897)
Good for you #2. I don't know where California thinks the money is going to come from...the state is bankrupt for all intents and purposes. For every productive, tax-paying citizen like #2 that leaves, they are replaced by an illegal or homeless bum. Not a very good swap to say the least.
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Reply 13 - Posted by: smokincol 9/11/2020 6:46:45 PM (No. 537925)
has ISIS taken over the govt in California? where do these people in the legislature come from making laws like this.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: Lucky5 9/11/2020 10:24:32 PM (No. 538025)
Our state ( Cal) voted against gay marriage, twice. The court did not care and overruled the voters. This state has become more fascist then I ever dreamed in my lifetime.
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Reply 15 - Posted by: mifla 9/12/2020 5:43:22 AM (No. 538158)
Voters? Voters? We don't need no stinking voters!
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POLL: Californians oppose gender
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Posted by TipperMart 9/11/2020 1:18:21 PM Post Reply
Sacramento, Calif. -- Sixty-four percent of California voters do not want Gov. Gavin Newsom to sign a bill to pay for transgender drugs and surgeries known to sterilize minors and adults, according to a new poll. The survey, conducted by Spry Strategies in conjunction with the Women’s Liberation Front, shows that conservative Christians and radical feminists, who have joined forces to oppose AB 2218, are more in step with California voters than state legislators. The controversial bill passed the Assembly 54-10 and the Senate 28-9 late last month, and now sits on Newsom’s desk awaiting his decision.
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The California State Senate approved a bill on Friday to lower the reporting requirements for some cases of statutory rape. The measure, authored by a Democratic Assemblywoman who was reprimanded for accusations of sexual harassment by male staffers, would change the reporting requirements for mandated reporters if the perpetrator is younger than 21, the minor victim is 16 or older, and the sexual activity is consensual. Should it become law, high school teachers or counselors who know one of their 16-year-old students or counselees is having sex with a 20-year-old would no longer be required to report it to authorities.
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The California Senate and Assembly are considering six odd pieces of legislation in the last week of the 2020 legislative session. They include: AB2218, which would fund sterilizing drugs and surgeries for children and adults with gender dysphoria. SB132, authored by Sen. Scott Wiener (D-SF), gives male inmates the legal right to live in women’s prisons and requires guards to use language confirming gender identities such as “transsexual, non-binary, two-spirit and māhū.” Another Wiener bill, SB145, lowers the penalties for adults who have sex will same-sex minors. The California Family Council includes these in its ranking of worst remaining bills. Correction*

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A California Highway Patrol division has prohibited officers from displaying Thin Blue Line items, meant to honor law enforcement. Meanwhile, the San Francisco Police Department is decorating its precincts with materials celebrating Black Lives Matter, an organization calling for the defunding of the police. The CHP memo, a leaked roll call briefing document with the Border Division, directed officers to “remove all Thin Blue Line paraphernalia, including anything resembling it … immediately.” Around the same time, SFPD unveiled prominent Black Lives Matter posters to display in city police stations. The San Francisco Police Commission passed a resolution requiring the messaging. Correction*

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When a California lawmaker convened a routine televised meeting recently, little did she know the firestorm that would ensue. “The initial live video view was, one could say, a little risqué,” tweeted Dan Walters, a veteran political journalist in Sacramento. “Someone must have said something, because after a recess, the camera angle was much different and G-rated.” Diplomatically, Walters did not mention the name or sex of the Appropriations committee chair, but the Twitteriti soon identified her as Lorena Gonzalez (D-San Diego), author of the much maligned gig economy law backed by the unions that cratered the state’s freelance economy.
California hires stealth Dem activists to manage ‘non-partisan’ mail-in ballots 19 replies
Posted by TipperMart 8/21/2020 4:17:27 PM Post Reply
As the state of California prepares to send mail-in ballots to more than 20 million registered voters ahead of the general election, concerned citizens have raised questions about the role of hired experts with ties to partisan Democratic groups. The Democracy Fund, hired by Secretary of State Alex Padilla in to oversee the mail-in ballot program in California until January 15, 2021, purports to be non-partisan. But its primary sponsor, Pierre Omidyar, an eBay billionaire who attended the University of California, Berkeley, has given millions of dollars to leftist causes and media outlets and Democratic Party candidates and groups.
Watch: ‘Our families are starving. We’ll become revolutionary citizens soon’ 17 replies
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Redding, Calif. – A military veteran and business owner expressed the frustration of many when he addressed elected leaders in a public hearing over California’s prolonged lockdowns. Carlos Zapata took the Shasta County Board of Supervisors to task at the public forum, saying the coronavirus restrictions are threatening the lives of his family and many others. “I’m telling you our families are starving [but] you guys can sit here with your jobs — you’re going to sit here and get paid to fall asleep,” he said. “You better be happy we’re good citizens, but it’s not going to be peaceful much longer.”
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Santa Clara, Calif. – The freak weather plaguing California took a strange twist in the wind this week, as a mysterious circle of black smoke wafted over the South Bay. Shocked residents captured it on video as heavy thunderstorms bombarded the Bay Area. Such a rare phenomenon usually takes place over active volcanoes, which can eject smoky vortexes of steam and gas, sometimes as wide as 600 feet in diameter. The cause of this smoke circle remains unknown. However, it was associated with a powerful lightning bolt that struck moments before next to Levi Stadium, home of the 49ers.
Broke California wants to fund youth sterilizations and sex changes 14 replies
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The California Senate is considering legislation to use taxpayer funds to pay for hormone blockers and sex change operations for minors. The bill, after passing the Senate Health Committee by a 7-1 vote last week, moves to the Senate Appropriation Committee and then the Senate floor before the end of the month. As noted by health experts, the use of cross-sex hormones and surgeries for adolescents would permanently destroy their reproductive systems, a fact which bill backers seem inclined to ignore. AB 2218 initially asked for $15 million to start the fund. It passed the State Assembly with little debate.
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"Welcome to Freedom!" exclaims real estate agent Ashley Scott as she surveys the nearly 97 acres of land that she and a group of 19 Black families purchased in August. "I'm hoping that it will be a thriving safe haven for people of color, for Black families in particular," Scott says. The land sits just East of Macon in rural Wilkinson County, Georgia. Scott and her friend, investor and entrepreneur Renee Walters, didn't initially plan on buying a large plot of land, but they had a vision that was clear—to create a safe space for their Black families.
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William Shakespeare famously observed that “all the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.” One of these players, Joe Biden, is currently trying out for the biggest role of his life. Unfortunately, he’s in danger of bombing the audition. He’s flubbing lines, breaking character, and occasionally forgetting the plot. His rambling, often incoherent speech in front of a supportive audience at a church in Kenosha, Wisconsin, on September 3 shows that he’s no longer playing the role of viable presidential candidate. Instead, he’s stumbled into the last scene of Shakespeare’s “strange, eventful history” — “second childishness and mere oblivion.”
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Senate Republicans hoping to go on offense this week found themselves instead playing defense once again because of controversial remarks by President Trump — this time to Watergate reporter Bob Woodward. It was a familiar dilemma for GOP senators used to being chased by reporters over their thoughts on Trump’s latest furor, but in this case it came with terrible timing — eight weeks before an election in which the Senate is on the line and as they hoped to call attention to Democrats blocking a coronavirus relief bill Thursday on a procedural motion.
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Left-wing pop star and actress Cher declared President Donald Trump a “mass murderer” and floated death as a punishment in a now-deleted tweet. Cher stated that it is “CALLED MURDER IF YOU MURDER MORE THAN ONE PERSON,” which is apparently a reference to President Trump’s handling of the Chinese coronavirus pandemic. Indeed, the Moonstruck star has made that same connection in the past.The “Strong Enough” singer wrote: There's A Blame 4 Killing Someone....Its Called "Murder"
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It’s been hard to miss the steady drumbeat of articles and think-pieces over the past few months about Election Day war games and post-election planning underway on the left, rooted in obsessive fears that President Trump will refuse to accept an electoral loss, triggering a constitutional crisis and maybe even widespread civic unrest, all in a desperate attempt to cling to power. “The Left Secretly Preps for MAGA Violence After Election Day,” reads a recent headline at The Daily Beast. “Is Trump Planning a Coup d’État?” asks another recent piece at The Nation. “Is America in the Early Stages of Armed Insurgency?” frets Slate.
Weather Underground Terrorist Bill Ayers
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As violent and destructive antifa and Black Lives Matter riots continue to ravage American cities like Portland and Kenosha, a self-described communist who plotted to blow up the U.S. Capitol in the 1970s suggested that America’s second Civil War has already started. “Am I the only one, or do you feel eerily that we’re living in Kansas, 1859, and that tensions are boiling over, but only years later will people say, ‘Yes, the Civil War began there and then?'” Ayers posted on Facebook. He posted the same statement on his website, Ayers, who co-founded the Weather Underground in 1969, took part in the bombings of the New
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“I don’t know what happened to Jon,” Jane Fonda told Howard Stern about Jon Voight in a Wednesday interview. “We were pretty close. He was my best friend among Hollywood people. We won Academy Awards together for Coming Home.” But now, because the star of Midnight Cowboy, Deliverance, and The Champ sees the world through a new lens, Fonda rules out the possibility of any friendship. “I couldn’t, no,” she says of holding a friendship with someone who holds very different political views. “I couldn’t.” “He changed into an extreme right-winger,” which she called “very sad.” Others who recall the half-century friendship between the liberal Democrat Henry Fonda
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Former Covington Catholic student Nick Sandmann fired back Thursday at an ACLU associate and a college professor who warned that he was “dangerous” and a “provocateur” and should be watched closely when he begins his freshman year at Kentucky’s Transylvania University, telling the pair that he is a “pro-life conservative Republican college student who won’t let cancel culture silence me” in a Fox News op-ed. On Wednesday, The Daily Wire reported that Sandmann was the target of a two-pronged attack that began when a graduate of Transylvania University, who became an associate attorney for the ACLU, warned that Sandmann’s presence at the school was a “bit of a stain”
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Texans season opener
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The NFL is back. Spread the word. Thursday night’s season-opening matchup between the Chiefs and Texans attracted 19.3 million viewers between 8 and 11 p.m. That marks a 12.3% drop from last year’s ratings, which ended with an audience of 22 million. Deadline noted that the key 18-49 demographic pulled in a 5.2 rating, falling from last year’s 12.8 mark. It is likely that multiple factors played into the drop, including social justice messages, which have been present, while audience sizes have reduced across all sports in recent months. An uncompetitive game—a 34-20 Chiefs win, during which they led
Portland Mayor Bans Police Use of
Tear Gas After 100 Days of Rioting
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Posted by ConservativeYogini 9/12/2020 6:52:56 PM Post Reply
Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler has banned the use of tear gas on rioters in the Oregon city. [snip] have used tear gas to quell riots over nearly four months. “We need something different. We need it now,” the mayor wrote, adding: It’s time for everyone to reduce the violence in our community. We all want change. We all have the opportunity and obligation to create change. We all want to focus on the fundamental issue at hand–justice for Black people and all people of color. Wheeler said his administration and Oregon’s Legislature are seeking “safer alternatives” to the nonlethal gas.
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Despite delays in trials and no tangible vaccine in final stages of development in the U.S., Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden's coronavirus adviser Dr. Vivek Murthy says the candidate has "already started" work on his plan for expanding testing, building contact tracing capacity and distributing a vaccine.(Tweets) Murthy, who served as Surgeon General during the Obama administration, told "Face the Nation" moderator Margaret Brennan in an interview on Friday that should Biden become president, adequate distribution of a vaccine would be vital to "re-building public trust in the COVID-19 response" "It will mean putting in place the strategy and resources necessary to reopen schools and workplaces.
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