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Time to Expose the Fraud
That Launched BLM

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Posted By: Magnante, 6/30/2020 4:36:13 AM

On Black Lives Matter's website, the organization's radical founders trace the creation of their movement "to the acquittal of Trayvon Martin's murderer, George Zimmerman." Had those founders paid any attention to the trial, they would have known that Zimmerman should never have been charged with murder, let alone tried. The fact that he was arrested can be attributed to a stunningly blatant fraud orchestrated by the attorney who has been prominently milking the racial divide he helped create, Benjamin Crump. As it happens, the one person capable of exposing this fraud is George Zimmerman.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: singermom9 6/30/2020 5:54:45 AM (No. 461520)
BLM is making millions from companies. Have you heard that the money has been given to ANY person of color? Where is that money going? Has it helped 1 person in the inner city? That money could be used for reparations.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: singermom9 6/30/2020 5:55:48 AM (No. 461521)
So suprised that they do not realize. Blacks make up about 13% of population or more and companies that BLM think support them like Google and Apple only have about 3% black employees. You would think BLM would start with those companies and DEMAND a more equal share of the workforce. Instead they want to torch our churches. When the riots are over what will they have gained? Their cities burned out. Companies leaving for better areas. No pharmacies or food stores. If they would take on the big companies they would have had better jobs for their people.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: singermom9 6/30/2020 5:56:46 AM (No. 461522)
BLM is making millions from companies. Have you heard that the money has been given to ANY person of color? Where is that money going? Has it helped 1 person in the inner city? That money could be used for reparations
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Reply 4 - Posted by: little guy 6/30/2020 7:06:44 AM (No. 461561)
The BLM (Bolsheviks Leading Morons) movement is just another race-baiting, poverty-pimp hustle. Shake down The Man, i.e., 'the government" and line your own pockets. The fact that America burns just adds to the joy of the blackmail. "As long as I get my piece of the pie, I don't care what happens" ... says Al Not-so-Sharpton.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: Ida Lou Pino 6/30/2020 7:12:42 AM (No. 461565)
The demonrats are planning the same sort of substitution this Fall. The "Joe Biden" you see at the debates - - will actually be former Red Sox shortstop Nomar Garciaparra wearing a hairplug wig. Don't be fooled - - that will NOT be Joe.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: udanja99 6/30/2020 7:53:35 AM (No. 461605)
#1, 3 - a lot of it is apparently going to the Biden campaign. If he wins, guess who will be running his administration?
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Reply 7 - Posted by: starboard 6/30/2020 8:35:57 AM (No. 461639)
# 4 Are we still allowed to call it blackmail? I'm sure that change is coming. I'm waiting for someone to say, "I don't need someone to tell me how to talk"
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Reply 8 - Posted by: Clinger 6/30/2020 8:48:24 AM (No. 461648)
I couldn't agree more with the value of reassessing BLM. That process should also include the Lil'Mikey Brown story since that is where it gained so most of its momentum. Not to mention that established a pattern. The pattern being that the most visible calls to action getting the entire movement up and raiding were both complete frauds. But that alone isn't sufficient, we then must demand an answer to the question: If innocent young black men and boys are executed daily by cops and rednecks why did they pick fraudulent examples as they rallying points? Until George Floyd they didn't have a clear example of someone needlessly dying under the control of a police officer? Would that not be evidence of the exact opposite of what they assert? And we don't even know if racism was the motivation in the Floyd case. Patterns are needed to prove systemic issues and the only pattern we have is of fraud behind the claims used to present the case that there is systemic racist police brutality.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: Strike3 6/30/2020 9:46:12 AM (No. 461711)
Details of the Treyvon Martin case do not count no matter how much fraud there was in the defense. The only "fact" that counts was that a black boy was killed by a white Hispanic. Reason does not matter. Treyvon's criminal history does not matter. Treyvon picked the fight, attacked George Zimmerman and was successfully stopped. That should have been the end of the story. Unfortunately he looked like Obama's son.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: DVC 6/30/2020 10:09:49 AM (No. 461751)
Ben Crump is one of the biggest criminals currently working to destroy this country. Jack is right, Zimmerman winning his case in court against all their evil and lies was great, and the fraud that was used against him by Ben Crump needs to be exposed. Remember, Ben Crump is also the Floyd family lawyer, too, and his PR staff has been pumping lies on that case since the beginning.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: TrueBlueWfan 6/30/2020 10:11:41 AM (No. 461752)
BLM (spit) is a socialist/marxist movement that could not get traction until they hid their intentions behind Racial Injustice. Now, any criticism of the draconian, ridiculous, destructive "demands" from them is immediately slapped down as "Racist!". And that's how they do it. There are so many stupid, guilty white people (mostly women) that want the perceived injustices to stop and so they fall in with the marxists because of the name BLM. They have no idea what they are supporting.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: Kafka2 6/30/2020 10:33:28 AM (No. 461776)
The Black on Black killings rate is well over 100,000 to 1 compared to bad cops. Yet BLM totally ignores this fact. If BLM believed for one minute that Black lives really mattered, they would do something about Black on Black killings.
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Reply 13 - Posted by: rytwng 6/30/2020 11:24:37 AM (No. 461825)
Can we still have White Castle?
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Reply 14 - Posted by: Chuzzles 6/30/2020 1:11:09 PM (No. 461950)
I think we all know where this is leading, and we would be right. Former president Stinky has had his fingers into everything evil both during his 8 years, and now beyond. He just is good at working behind the curtains is all. But I would bet that Trump and Barr have some interesting cards of their own to play here as well. I just wish they would get to it.
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Reply 15 - Posted by: Polecat49 6/30/2020 1:53:58 PM (No. 462012)
The BIGGEST LIE being sold Today is "Black LIves Matter" by the demoncRATS and antifa. If they mattered these groups of LIARS would do something about the number of black innocents killed each and every weekend in chicago, new york, seattle and other places.
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Reply 16 - Posted by: RedWhite&Blue2 6/30/2020 2:45:18 PM (No. 462075)
If they’re mad at white hispanics For the murder of that thug Martin They sure have their signals crossed Let’s see BLM go into the barrios And challenge the people they’re mad at The people whose word “negro” means black Come on your fight is with THEM Not us You’re being DUPED By money-pockets Soros! Woke up!
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Reply 17 - Posted by: Zigrid 6/30/2020 3:03:24 PM (No. 462100)
We ole folk know how it works.... it's no different than the rainbow coalition of the 70's and 80"s....revrump JACKSON WENT TO THE BIG Anheuser Busch and threatened them with chaos unless it was made worthwhile to him... surprise... his son got a lucrative position at the company....and so on and so on....
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Reply 18 - Posted by: leonardo 6/30/2020 3:59:30 PM (No. 462167)
BLM & AntiFa are merely doing what Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have been doing for YEARS, except that BLM and AntiFa are effecting their extortion with threats of violence and/or Cancel Culture. Predictably many "liberals" and some corporations are willing to pay to virtue signal their supposed goodness to these radical entities.
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Reply 19 - Posted by: DVC 7/1/2020 12:32:29 AM (No. 462546)
I see very little difference between the Symbionese Liberation Army and these latest violent Marxist black racist haters, who call themselves BLM. It's a shame that they won't have the same ending. "Regardless of race, all lives are equally precious." That is my reply to those who say, "You must say out loud, ...." the words which stand for a violent Marxist black racist hate group, and I will not say it. I will say, "Regardless of race, all lives are equally precious." And I really support that, and not the other.
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We’re just one election away from full-blown socialism,” a man recently said to me during a short conversation. This sentiment has become increasingly common lately, even, notably, among the previously apolitical. (snip) only the spark, the George Floyd situation, and the fire were sudden, and something else could have triggered the blaze as well. The kindling, however, and the many-layered sea of morally dead and intellectually dry wood had long been burgeoning. And the spark only catalyzed the firestorm because we’d reached a point of critical mass.
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Since its founding in the 1820’s, the Democrat party has been the most pernicious and most schizophrenic entity in American politics. Today, the two dominant factions within the party are the ultra-wealthy beneficiaries of capitalism plus college educated sanctimonious elites (collectively the vast bulk of the ruling class) on the one hand, and Marxist indoctrinated self-described democratic socialists on the other. (snip) the establishment within the party and their financial and media benefactors believe they will be able to maintain control of the party by buying off their incongruent bedfellows with symbolism and minor compromises.
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Tucker Carlson now has the highest ratings of any program in cable news history, adding extra weight to his historic program last night, in which he laid out the peril ahead if Biden wins, and a clear strategy for the clueless GOP to follow in order to prevent that from happening. (snip) "Republicans at all levels could lose this fall. If they do, there will be profound consequences for you. People who supported Donald Trump will be punished, there's definitely no question about that. There's never been an American political party as radical and as angry as the Democrats are now. Imagine them with unlimited power
Obama admits it: Riots and protests
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Joe Biden is hiding in his basement, but maybe that's because the rabid-left looters, rioters, and protesters are carrying out his presidential campaign just fine for him. What else can be concluded but that, given that President Obama has cynically admitted that the civil unrest covering the U.S. is "tailor-made" for electing Joe Biden? Here's a report from National Review: Former President Barack Obama told aides this month that the nationwide protests following the death of George Floyd are "a tailor-made moment" to help his former vice president Joe Biden defeat Donald Trump in November.
Time to Expose the Fraud
That Launched BLM
19 replies
Posted by Magnante 6/30/2020 4:36:13 AM Post Reply
On Black Lives Matter's website, the organization's radical founders trace the creation of their movement "to the acquittal of Trayvon Martin's murderer, George Zimmerman." Had those founders paid any attention to the trial, they would have known that Zimmerman should never have been charged with murder, let alone tried. The fact that he was arrested can be attributed to a stunningly blatant fraud orchestrated by the attorney who has been prominently milking the racial divide he helped create, Benjamin Crump. As it happens, the one person capable of exposing this fraud is George Zimmerman.
Driving Conservatives Underground 13 replies
Posted by Magnante 6/29/2020 4:45:58 AM Post Reply
Cultural tyranny reigns in America, the last step before full-fledged political tyranny. (snip) When people can’t put a bumper sticker for their preferred candidate on their car, they have suffered a loss of liberty. No Republicans who have paid even a little bit of attention expect the prevailing powers in Democrat areas to safeguard their property, or even their lives and liberty. The very reason for establishing a government has been upended. In this area, liberty-minded people almost operate like a secret society sending quiet signals to one another. Democrats in this country do not feel they need to hide their political allegiance or culturally approved viewpoints.
God Save Us from the Woke Pastor 20 replies
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The skinny jeans. The nonfunctional glasses. The spray tans. The tight muscle shirts. The obscene shopping bill at Nordstrom. And the social justice sermons more fitting for the faculty lounge at Wellesley than for a Bible-believing church. Behold, the Woke Pastor, and he’s gunning for your White Privilege and ready to tackle America’s systemic racism, one vegan protein shake at a time. There are myriad examples of the Woke Pastor today, with ministers falling over themselves publicly to prove their progressive bona fides in the wake of George Floyd’s awful death. Let’s focus on two in particular. Both lead megachurches
CNN picked the wrong person to
interview about police and BLM
22 replies
Posted by Magnante 6/28/2020 8:05:28 AM Post Reply
What’s a CNN host to do when confronted with a guest who doesn’t accept The Narrative? In the case of Don Lemon interviewing former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, the answer is: tell him to “keep it down,” refuse to listen to what he is saying, and then abruptly cut him off. It’s not as if they are interested in anything that doesn’t support The Narrative. Much less explodes it with data on cops being killed. Unintentional comedy lasting 2 awkward, hilarious minutes.
Judicial Watch uncovers emails
showing Ben Rhodes and aides
joking about Benghazi lies
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Posted by Magnante 6/28/2020 4:42:47 AM Post Reply
Judicial Watch once again has proven to be invaluable in uncovering official perfidy. (snip) Rhodes says to Sullivan and other redacted officials: At least you’re only a liar. Could be worse – we’re liars and also allegedly leakers. So you’ve got that going for you, which is something. Sullivan replies: “We’re only lying footsoldiers [sic]. You’re lying masterminds. That’s cooler.” A redacted official replies to Sullivan: “I prefer that we go by henchmen. Has more of a Marvel comic sinisterness to it. There should be a cable show where all the guests, and the anchor, have to wear polygraphs."
Tucker Carlson misreads Trump’s
pre-election strategy
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Posted by Magnante 6/26/2020 9:27:34 AM Post Reply
Since 2020’s craziness began, Tucker Carlson has been brilliant. (snip) demoralization was front and center in Carlson’s monologue on Thursday night. He opened by saying there’s a good chance that Trump can lose the election, making Biden president. (snip) I think Tucker’s wrong. Trump is not silent because of fear or exhaustion. Instead, he’s pursuing a deliberate strategy. Whether it works is another thing, but there’s a strong rationale and intelligence behind Trump’s response to both the virus and the riots.
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Hundreds of former George W. Bush
officials set to endorse Biden: report
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Posted by Ribicon 7/1/2020 1:07:56 PM Post Reply
Hundreds of former officials who served under President George W. Bush are gearing up to endorse presumptive Democratic Nominee Joe Biden. The group of officials—which include members of Mr. Bush’s cabinet and other senior officers—has reportedly formed a political action committee dubbed 43 Alumni for Biden. Mr. Bush was the 43rd president. “We know what is normal and what is abnormal, and what we are seeing is highly abnormal. The president is a danger,” Jennifer Millikin, one of the 43 Alumni organizers, who worked on Bush’s 2004 re-election campaign and later in the General Services Administration, told Reuters.
Seattle mayor slams protesters for
showing no 'regard for' her 'safety'
as demonstrators circle her home
62 replies
Posted by Pluperfect 7/1/2020 4:11:09 AM Post Reply
A group of protesters marched to the home of Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan on Sunday afternoon, upset that she pledged to dismantle the police-free "Capitol Hill Organized Protest" zone, known as CHOP. Seattle City Councilwoman Kshama Sawant joined a group of dozens of demonstrators gathered at Durkan's home who were holding signs, chanting, and demanding she leave the area alone or meet protesters' demands. Durkan said last week that police would soon return to Seattle's East Precinct, which has been overrun by protesters who set up the CHOP zone, but gave no timetable.
Harvard grad blames Trump supporters for
being fired from her 'dream job' at Deloitte
after posting a TikTok saying she'd STAB
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Posted by zephyrgirl 7/2/2020 8:28:42 AM Post Reply
The Harvard graduate who went viral for saying she'd 'stab' anyone who told her 'all lives matter' in a TikTok video has tearfully returned to the video-sharing site to reveal that she's been fired from her dream job at Deloitte. Claira Janover, who graduated in May with a degree in government and psychology, posted a TikTok video this week where she said angrily: 'The next person who has the nerve to tell me All Lives Matter... Imma stab you. 'Imma stab you and while you're bleeding out, imma show you my paper cut and say, "my cut matters too."'
Musical ‘Hamilton’ goes from Broadway
to America’s living rooms
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Posted by Imright 7/1/2020 11:55:51 AM Post Reply
NEW YORK – Five years after taking Broadway by storm with its multi-racial, hip-hop take on America’s founding fathers, “Hamilton” arrives in millions of homes around the world on Friday as a film.Shot over three days in 2016 at the stage musical featuring the original cast, the film lands on the Disney+ streaming service as America celebrates Independence Day weekend.For creator and star Lin-Manuel Miranda, it’s a chance to connect with people at a time of global restrictions to combat the coronavirus pandemic. Live theater in the United States has been shut down since mid-March.“It actually feels great that we have the ability to give this as a gift
Republican senators propose
replacing Columbus Day with
Juneteenth for fiscal reasons
42 replies
Posted by Ribicon 7/1/2020 6:45:35 PM Post Reply
It’s all about the Benjamins. A couple of Republican senators rolled out a proposal Wednesday to cancel Columbus Day and replace it with Juneteenth, saying they don’t want to just list both dates as federal holidays because that would “put us further in debt.” Sens. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin and James Lankford of Oklahoma made the fiscally hawkish suggestion in an amendment to a bipartisan bill that would make Juneteenth a federal holiday commemorating the end of slavery without tinkering with Columbus Day.(Snip) Rather, Johnson said he and Lankford picked Columbus Day because it’s “lightly celebrated” and its cancellation would be “least disruptive
Pitchfork-wielding protesters
descend on wealthy Hamptons estates
41 replies
Posted by Ribicon 7/1/2020 11:05:11 PM Post Reply
A caravan of protesters—some wielding plastic pitchforks—descended on the Hamptons Wednesday to blast the rich and decry the nation’s rising income inequality. More than 100 drivers and about 200 marchers paid a visit to the homes of some of the world’s wealthiest people, including ex-New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg. “Tax the rich, not the poor!” the protesters chanted outside Bloomberg’s $20 million Southhampton mansion, with some calling the failed presidential candidate a “looter.”(Snip) They noted that while the virus outbreak has deeply impacted low-income and communities of color, the wealth of US billionaires has surged.
About that running mate: 72% of
Democrats in USA TODAY poll say it's
'important' Biden pick woman of color
39 replies
Posted by NorthernDog 7/1/2020 3:11:00 PM Post Reply
Seven of 10 Democrats in the new USA TODAY/Suffolk Poll say it is important to them that presumptive nominee Joe Biden picks a woman of color as his running mate on the Democratic presidential ticket this fall. A third of Democrats, among both Black and white Americans, call it "very important." The potential contender who generates the most enthusiasm as a vice presidential nominee among those surveyed is California Sen. Kamala Harris, followed by former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren. Many of the other possibilities reportedly being vetted by the Biden campaign aren't familiar
‘Pandemic Potential ’: New Virus That Can
Infect Humans Found In China, Report Says
38 replies
Posted by ladydawgfan 7/1/2020 12:21:37 AM Post Reply
A new flu virus has been discovered in China that can reportedly infect humans and that experts are warning has “pandemic potential” as the world still grapples with the coronavirus pandemic, which also originated in China. Scientists say that the new flu strain was recently discovered in pigs and they are “concerned that it could mutate further so that it can spread easily from person to person, and trigger a global outbreak,” the BBC reported. “They say, it has ‘all the hallmarks’ of being highly adapted to infect humans and needs close monitoring. As it’s new, people could have little or no immunity to the virus.”
CNN’s Cuomo Accuses Mark McCloskey
of Being the ‘Face of White Resistance’
to Black Lives Matter
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Posted by Imright 7/1/2020 11:41:30 AM Post Reply
Tuesday, on his CNN program, host Chris Cuomo challenged St. Louis homeowner Mark McCloskey on the merits of his use of self-defense of life and property by brandishing a firearm in front of his home as a mob of protesters threatened him and his wife.According to Cuomo, by doing so, McCloskey and his wife had become the “face of white resistance” to the Black Lives Matter protest movement.“[Y]ou have been used and politically weaponized as a face of white resistance to that movement,” Cuomo declared. “And that’s why I asked you that, not because that’s how you see yourself. But that’s how you are being seen.
Are we being set up for
another stunning Trump win?
35 replies
Posted by Pluperfect 7/1/2020 4:30:11 AM Post Reply
With five months until the election, things couldn’t look any worse for the president of the United States. His approval rating is down to 40%. People are getting tired of his antics and the insults he hurls at his opponents. The media is increasingly confident that, come November, the voters will elect a new chief executive. This might sound like June 2020, but I’m actually referring to June 1948 — when President Harry Truman, a Democrat, was running to keep his job against Republican Thomas Dewey. The similarities between the 1948 and 2020 elections are striking.
Prince Harry apologizes for ‘institutional
racism’ during Princess Diana Awards ceremony
30 replies
Posted by NorthernDog 7/1/2020 7:14:24 PM Post Reply
Prince Harry delivered a special message during the 2020 Princess Diana Awards on July 1, which would have been the late humanitarian’s 59th birthday. During the virtual ceremony, Harry, 35, focused his message toward the young changemakers who are doing work to combat racism and injustice. He stated Diana would have been “fighting [in] your corner” if she was still alive. “My wife [Meghan Markle] said recently that our generation and the ones before us haven't done enough to wipe the wrongs of the past. I too am sorry,” the Duke of Sussex began. “Sorry that we haven't got the
National mask mandate could save
5 percent of GDP, economists say
29 replies
Posted by zoidberg 7/1/2020 9:46:11 AM Post Reply
After a late-spring lull, daily coronavirus cases in the United States have again hit record highs, driven by resurgent outbreaks in states such as Florida, Arizona and California. Hospitals in Houston are on the brink of being overwhelmed, and public health experts worry the pandemic’s death count will soon be climbing in tandem with the daily case load.(Snip) Against this backdrop, a team of economists at Goldman Sachs has published an analysis suggesting more painful shutdowns could be averted if the United States implements a nationwide mask mandate.
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