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Mr. President, It’s Time to Investigate George
Soros for Funding Domestic Terrorism

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Posted By: ladydawgfan, 6/5/2020 2:22:52 AM

Mr. President, you’ve taken step one: Declaring Antifa a domestic terrorist organization. That was a brilliant move. Now it’s time for step number two: Cut the head off the snake. We’ve got to move to aggressively cut off the funding of domestic terrorism. Those who provide funding are terrorists themselves. Who is providing the funding? There are many suspects. Suspect number one is globalist billionaire George Soros and his Open Society Foundation. It starts there. Is Soros guilty? That’s way above my pay grade. That’s why we need a global investigation. And indictments and a trial.


Excellent advice!!

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Reply 1 - Posted by: JonR 6/5/2020 2:54:14 AM (No. 432967)
Finally someone is calling for the obvious! No other nation on earth would tolerate a pathological hater like Soros to operate and destroy with impunity! Unfortunately, Soros owns half of Congress!
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Reply 2 - Posted by: chumley 6/5/2020 3:27:03 AM (No. 432970)
Its time? It was time in the 1970's when he started bragging about it. Where were all these pundits for the last 50 years?
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Reply 3 - Posted by: HisHandmaiden 6/5/2020 5:41:04 AM (No. 432993)
Definitely a Must Read... then pray AG Barr and Steven Miller see this, and both become America’s Mordecai. KAG
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Reply 4 - Posted by: anniebc 6/5/2020 6:11:00 AM (No. 433022)
It's long overdue, but at least the President is saying it. George Soros will be dead before he ever gets close to seeing justice. It's best to let the CIA do what it do.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: DCGIRL 6/5/2020 6:14:31 AM (No. 433025)
Mr. President it needs to be done because it is way overdue. Soro's assets need to be frozen worldwide. Also freeze the assets of everyone funding these terrorist organization, including the crazy movie stars. By doing so, you will dry up these organizations, then your agencies can come in and dismantle them. We innocent people in states with democrat governors are still in lockdown. This is CRAZY. We are in lockdown watching our businesses destroyed while these terrorists are running free and are praised by the media. This is NUTS. What is scary, the democrat governors took an oath to protect their city is in on it to destroy the very people that put them in office. They don't give a damn about you just like they did with those defenseless elderly people that they killed in the nursing homes.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: ARKfamily 6/5/2020 6:30:43 AM (No. 433046)
I sure hope President Trump lets the hot air out of this buffoon. I tire very easily of George Soros, Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, George Bush etc. I kneel for God only. Not all these earthly people.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: Sorosisbehindit 6/5/2020 6:34:17 AM (No. 433051)
It is so far part time to do this, that it might be too late! We complained about our universities indoctrinating our kids. But we kept going into debt to send them to college didn’t we? Fools who funded their own destruction.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: stablemoney 6/5/2020 6:45:53 AM (No. 433057)
If Soros is paying for this, he should be sued by every business owner, and every victim personally. Soros has no sovereign liability protection.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: George R. 6/5/2020 6:52:51 AM (No. 433063)
I'm very surprised that Soros and sons are still above ground. He should have been "sanctioned" years (decades) ago.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: BillW. 6/5/2020 7:02:22 AM (No. 433072)
It's been time for that for a long, long while.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: Krause 6/5/2020 7:08:37 AM (No. 433077)
The democrat party will welcome any no-account, thief, subversive, terrorist, criminal, etc., into their party, especially if they have lots of money, and minimally, just for their vote. The democrat party has no morals, ethics, honesty, patriotism.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: udanja99 6/5/2020 7:38:47 AM (No. 433110)
Why do we need an investigation? Soros has been doing his evil right in our faces for decades. There was video last week of one of his henchmen bragging about getting paid directly from Soros and explaining the Ponzi scheme where he gets paid more for each new recruit and Soros provides the cash for him to pay his new recruits. Declare Antifa a terrorist organization and then stage a Roger Stone style arrest of Soros an d his sons. Either put them in Gitmo to await trial and see how long they survive or extradite them back to Hungary where the government and people there will flay all of them on live television.
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Reply 13 - Posted by: Venturer 6/5/2020 7:48:32 AM (No. 433119)
I understand why Soros has gotten away with this for years. Soros owns the Democrat party and has inroads into the republican party. He owns so many politicians that is it politically impossible to get to him without major complications. I might add he has inroads into the media also.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: Rinktum 6/5/2020 8:02:56 AM (No. 433130)
#1, you are right. Soros has bought a lot of our political class and that is why there is no interest in investigating him or his organizations. The ones who support him philosophically and the ones he has paid off are solidly in his corner. I would imagine there are many politicians who want nothing to do with looking into who he has given money to and why. He is an evil old guy who enjoys the chaos he creates all over the world. It is a shame that these really wealthy people use their money to destabilize countries, fund senseless wars and revel in their power to control the destinies of others. Soros is one of those individuals who is very much like an archetypal villain in a James Bond movie. He is an evil puppeteer pulling the strings of elite political class stooges who will go along with his plan to destroy this country. We are living in comic book reality right now where it is the good guys versus the bad guys. However, there is no super hero coming to rescue us. This President and we the people are the only thing standing between freedom and tyranny and this is one war we cannot lose.
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Reply 15 - Posted by: smak90 6/5/2020 8:12:10 AM (No. 433144)
Soros has been worse for this country than Osama Bin Laden.
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Reply 16 - Posted by: Daisymay 6/5/2020 8:19:30 AM (No. 433153)
His Bio is very interesting. He actually helped the Nazis pillage the Jews belongings (even though he is a Jew)! He said it doesn't bother him at all that he did that! He is a Naturalized U.S. Citizen. I think that's where Trump should begin,. Revoke his citizenship. Throw him out of the Country that he hates so much. Then go after his money. Take away his ability to fund these groups like Antifa. Lastly, expose those members of our Congress who took money from him. It should be illegal for anyone in this country to take money from Soros (I believe it already is illegal to take money from any foreigner, but he gets around that by being a Naturalized citizen). The FBI should be able to find out the ways he funnels his money to anyone here! Time to take this horrible man down!
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Reply 17 - Posted by: HotRod 6/5/2020 8:23:43 AM (No. 433157)
''Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti Will Cut $150 Million From LAPD Budget, Reinvest Money in Black Communities.'' That's called positive reinforcement, for crime. Crime pays in LA. Come get cash money in LA!
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Reply 18 - Posted by: bigfatslob 6/5/2020 8:38:52 AM (No. 433168)
The baggy eyed Nazi collaborator, Soros, has been above ground and active way too long.
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Reply 19 - Posted by: The Remnants 6/5/2020 8:47:56 AM (No. 433175)
And isn't it about time that social media sites be investigated for inciting riots and mayhem? i heard someone say that social media sites are anti-social, and I think that is very true.
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Reply 20 - Posted by: dbdiva 6/5/2020 8:55:03 AM (No. 433185)
The Trump Administration may very well be investigating this already and they may already have infiltrated Antifa. If this is the case it has to be done under the radar; they would not want to publicize it. I follow Praying Medic on YouTube. Q has indicated that their revenue streams are being investigated and they do know who the leaders of this "leaderless" organization are. I would assume there are sealed indictments ready and waiting, Because we hear nothing does not mean nothing is being done. Q: "This is a marathon not a sprint."
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Reply 21 - Posted by: Dodge Boy 6/5/2020 9:42:52 AM (No. 433247)
Soros has an evil history. During WWII and as a young teen, Soros, ratted on the anti-Nazi activities of his Hungarian family and friends to the Nazis who then came for them and sent them to the German death camps where they were never seen again. He worked with the Nazis where the mass persecutions took place. Recall that Soros became a currency trader earlier in his life and in the early 1900s, he shorted the British pound and rake in his first $1 billion for his effort. England since banned Soros from ever setting foot in the UK again. With the $1 billion, he obviously went on to become one of the richest people on the planet. For a long time now, he has used his wealth to break governments, banks, and societies and remold them to his fascist liking. Recall that Soros is the same guy who funneled over $30 million to activists in Ferguson Missouri to inflame the rioting there following the Michael Brown killing. And by the way, Soros is the guy who invested in a microbiology lab in Sierra Leone where an Ebola virus was synthesized and surprise surprise, it was patented by our own CDC. You don't suppose Soros has anything to do with the development of Covid 19? Hmmm. And then there are the many millions of dollars he and his sons have funneled into the campaigns of both dim and pubbie representatives, senators, and presidents to help promote his fascist dictates. Nothing new here. We have allowed this to go on for decades now. No wonder no one dares to touch him less they experience the Soros version of Arkancide. An international terrorist? You betcha.
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Reply 22 - Posted by: LC Chihuahua 6/5/2020 9:50:08 AM (No. 433258)
None of this is occurring in a vacuum. its all organized. Follow the money. See where it goes. Who are the big-money sources? Bet its more than Soros. Soros has merely taken point. Who in our government is supporting this subversion? Obama, at the very least, has been sympathetic to their cause. He helped them organize. They had 10 years to get to where they are at today. Are there any foreign influences? My bet is yes. Antifa is full of America-haters, and there are many sources for that: Just look at any Communist or Muslim country.
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Reply 23 - Posted by: little guy 6/5/2020 9:56:07 AM (No. 433272)
Finally declaring Antifa a terrorist organization will go far towards chocking off the funds. (Why this wasn't done sooner is another story.) This new step means that the few remaining patriots at the FBI actually can follow the money from any check cashed --- even if it passes through international banks. It also means that it forces the suppliers of funds (Soros, China, etc.) to take extra steps to clear through fourth and fifth parties. Or they have to go all cash or gold which has it's own problems. Muslim terrorists get around bank accounts by having the money given to relatives and other member of their tribe in their home countries. Luckily, most of these rioters don't have those kinds of connections. Lastly, the Unmoved Mover will call Soros to pay the piper in due time and it will take place in the manner He wants --- just as He has done with Mao, Stalin, Hitler, Castro, etc. But don't count too much on things getting better as Soro's son is just as nutty.
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Reply 24 - Posted by: Dodge Boy 6/5/2020 9:59:48 AM (No. 433279)
Oops. typo. "early 1900s" should be "early 1990s".
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Reply 25 - Posted by: starboard 6/5/2020 10:03:47 AM (No. 433283)
Even though Soros is the King Pin, he has to have a few generals and lieutenants calling the shots. This is not a one man organization. It has tentacles. Follow Laura Logan. She has insight into this. I agree with # 20 even though we don't hear anything, that doesn't mean we aren't using are intelligence resources. My gut feeling is Antifa is in bed the China. The Democrats who want to disband to defund our Police need to be investigated and put through the wringer. Make them suffer for their stupidity and causing people to live in fear. Garcetti and DeBlasio need to be humbled and exited from power. The youth who think mayhem and rioting in the streets is like going to a block party have some hard lessons to learn. I hope fingerprints and photos are being taken on everyone. This will end when we make it end and unfortunately there will be causalities.
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Reply 26 - Posted by: hershey 6/5/2020 10:18:24 AM (No. 433300)
I've been saying this for a week now...get a looter, haul him/her to a 'black' site, find out where the money came from, trace it back up the line, repeat as many times as you need...there you go....
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Reply 27 - Posted by: Ebuilder 6/5/2020 11:14:54 AM (No. 433363)
Trump knows who is behind this. Demons in high places. Witches and "spirit cookers" in high places -- who know that "His people perish for lack of knowledge". Remember the 10,000 subpoenas all ready to go in 2018-19? The charges are being blocked as the democrats unload their "Final Solution" -- pestilence and the coming strategy of "spikes of Covid" information [or new viruses[ forcing more lockdowns and stopping the Election Biden can't win & the perfection of Obama's race wars [now into its dominance & submission games on the blind snowflakes all over the world]: & the Cloward-Piven overspending [soon to include demands for cities to be bailed out and rebuilt -- or else]. We are past political disagreements, where both sides were at least American. We are in a religious war with ourselves. And the Lord will win this battle for His people -- unless His people go wobbly and Laodicean -- and willingly become apostates.
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Reply 28 - Posted by: Petronius 6/5/2020 11:27:48 AM (No. 433376)
Prosecute him under RICO, shut down his "foundations" and confiscate every last penny of his wealth.
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Reply 29 - Posted by: Arby 6/5/2020 11:45:45 AM (No. 433397)
Amen. This is the result of self-hatred. Soros betrayed the Jews; now he is racked with guilt and betrays all of the rest of us to expiate it. Unfortunately his machinations are unlikely to die with him.
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Reply 30 - Posted by: Chuzzles 6/5/2020 11:57:13 AM (No. 433413)
Who is to say that Trump hasn't already been having this done for the past three years already? He has some amazing lawyers on his team right now. Everyone knows how corrupted Soros is, and he has had no problems being proud of his evil. Starting back with his collaboration with the Nazis. He is not ashamed of his crimes, and he is the definition of psychopath/sociopath.
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Reply 31 - Posted by: DVC 6/5/2020 12:14:51 PM (No. 433443)
Yes, this is part of a large RICO investigation. They could roll up a hell of a lot of folks in this.
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Reply 32 - Posted by: RedWhite&Blue2 6/5/2020 2:36:42 PM (No. 433591)
Mist of our “leaders” are money whores... Soros knows this and dutifully pays his whores.... $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ What’s to “investigate”?
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Reply 33 - Posted by: Zigrid 6/5/2020 3:01:42 PM (No. 433615)
I agree with JonR... Soros destroyed the English Pound and brought England to her knees.... he made a fortune and now buys American Congressmen and Senators with bribes and lobbying money... AND... I'm convinced Epstein blackmail tapes.... which is why Epstein was eliminated ......The deep state is determined to bring America to it's knees....and God sent in President Trump.... no wonder they hate him!!
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Reply 34 - Posted by: ColonialAmerican1623 6/6/2020 1:34:27 AM (No. 434150)
You forgot he changed his name from Gyrogy Schwartz. He and his father did "inventory" of Jewish homes before they were sent to camps. G-d will deal with him if no one of earth will. I was almost thrown out of a class when someone said "He was a nice man who did things for (black) people.
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Fiona Onasanya, a Black Lives Matter activist and former member of the UK parliament, claims that Kellogg’s Rice Krispies is a racist cereal because it has “three white boys” as mascots. Now that’s “systemic racism”! If Ms. Onasanya had stopped there, she would simply be dismissed as a fool and that would have been that. But. in her eagerness to prove racism, Onasanya doubled down on her charge and, in the process, proved she is an ignorant fool. [Tweet] It’s an idiotic point, even if it were true. It isn’t.
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Atlanta police officers are still reportedly calling in sick to work in protest of charges against the cop who fatally shot Rayshard Brooks, as it's announced every officer will receive a $500 bonus for working amid civil unrest. On Thursday the Atlanta Police Department saw cops continue to call out of work, in protest of 11 charges, including felony murder, announced Wednesday against fired officer Garrett Rolfe.(Snip) The call outs come after 'scores' of officers failed to turn up for work for Wednesday's evening shift and people monitoring the police scanner reported near radio silence. For Thursday’s shift 'most' officers called out sick,
Pelosi Orders Removal Of Portraits Of
House Speakers Who Served In Confederacy.
James Woods Fires One Question at Her.
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On Thursday, as part of her effort to “appropriately observe Juneteenth” on Friday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi ordered the removal of portraits in the Capitol of House Speakers who had served in the Confederacy.Actor James Woods, whose disdain for Pelosi has been on display many times before, fired a salient question at her, tweeting, “How about your buddy, KKK leader Robert Byrd?” (Tweet) Byrd, the longest serving senator and member of Congress in U.S. history, served as Senate Majority Leader between January 3, 1987 – January 3, 1989and
Supreme Court rules for 'Dreamers,'
rejects Trump's repeal of immigration program
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In a striking rebuke to President Trump, the Supreme Court Thursday rejected his plan to repeal the popular Obama-era order that protected so-called Dreamers, the nearly 800,000 young immigrants who were brought to this country illegally as children. Led by Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr., the court called the decision to cancel the program known as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, as arbitrary and not justified. The program allows these young people to register with the government, and if they have clean records, to obtain a work permit. At least 27,000 of these DACA recipients are employed as healthcare workers.
Trump calls for ‘new justices’ on Supreme
Court, as conservatives rage at Roberts
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President Trump, in the wake of Thursday's defeat at the Supreme Court in his efforts to repeal the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, called for new justices as conservatives took aim at Chief Justice Roberts for what they called a “pattern” of siding with the liberal wing in key decisions. (Snip) If the Radical Left Democrats assume power, your Second Amendment, Right to Life, Secure Borders, and ... Religious Liberty, among many other things, are OVER and GONE!” he tweeted.
Atlanta PD Stage Walkout While Mayor Asks Them To “Keep Their Commitment" 21 replies
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Atlanta got its first brief look at what abolishing the police looks like after their officers walked off the job overnight in protest of charges in the Rayshard Brooks killing. Entire shifts reportedly walked out and neighboring jurisdictions reportedly refused to assist Atlanta except to back up officers on the job, although the city tried to downplay the wildcat action: [Tweet] That’s not what the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported last night, and it’s not what those listening to police scanners heard, either. A reporter from the local CBS affiliate said her sources confirmed the walkout: [Tweet] The union didn’t seem interested in downplaying it, anyway:
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