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I am coronaed out

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Posted By: ladydawgfan, 3/17/2020 9:09:07 AM

After watching “Family Feud,” Mary and I usually flip to Tucker Carlson on Fox News, followed by Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham. For the past few days, we have not tuned into Fox. Folks, I have had my fill of corona-mania. Also, I am sick of people accusing me of being irresponsible and insensitive for not surrendering to the absurd Democrat and fake news media narrative that says Trump is handling the virus wrong and we're all going to die. Mary is a member of a keto diet Facebook group. Someone posted, “Does anyone have a recipe how to make toilet paper with cauliflower?” We both laughed out loud.


Keep calm and carry on!!

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Reply 1 - Posted by: Lawsy0 3/17/2020 9:25:51 AM (No. 348783)
Doggone it, but Lloyd Marcus sounds exactly like my parents. My dad would say, ''This too shall pass.'' My mom would say, ''Stick to your own knittin'.'' Do yourself a favor and check out Lloyd's website. (Link at end of article.)
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Reply 2 - Posted by: ROLFNader 3/17/2020 9:33:12 AM (No. 348799)
Hard to watch the video of his "Trump Train" without stompin' and clappin'!
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Reply 3 - Posted by: ladydawgfan 3/17/2020 9:35:42 AM (No. 348802)
My thanks to staff for repairing the link and intro. I goofed.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: Bur Oak 3/17/2020 9:38:19 AM (No. 348805)
Me too! Enough of this sheeple propaganda.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: coyote 3/17/2020 9:40:35 AM (No. 348810)
I like my Corona with lime.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: Dodge Boy 3/17/2020 10:13:52 AM (No. 348841)
Not coronaed out yet. We noticed at the local liquor stores that Corona beer is sold out. The guys are having their beer parties and keggers with Corona Lite and Corona Especial.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: spacer 3/17/2020 10:22:33 AM (No. 348850)
Dobbs did it for me. His rants and attacks on ANYONE that dare say Covid 19 is not what it is cracked up to be. Haven't watched his nonsense for over a week.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: Peach1 3/17/2020 10:25:41 AM (No. 348855)
I’m right there with ya Lloyd. It’s just too damn depressing. I also watched Family Feud last night! Just needed some humor.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: msjena 3/17/2020 10:34:37 AM (No. 348866)
I read today about how a cruise ship passenger (age 77) was led off the ship in California, crowded into a bus by people in hazmat suits, herded onto a plane headed for Arkansas, shown to a room on a military base with no towels or soap (and none of her luggage, of course). Despite the absence of symptoms, she is being denied the right to return home to Illinois to isolate at home by Governor JB (Tubby) Pritzker, unlike Wisconsin residents in the same situation. This is an example of how authoritarian dictators were easily able to herd people onto trains for "resettlement" or worse.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: HotRod 3/17/2020 10:46:28 AM (No. 348884)
Why, what other news could there possibly be? Nothing else is happening in the world. /s/ That's the trouble with all the media. The get fixated on one thing, to the exclusion, for the most part, of other news. During the Mueller/Russia hoax, the impeachment fiasco, the Corona virus- just more and more talking heads saying the same things every hour, every day! Meanwhile, other news of interest goes unreported...
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Reply 11 - Posted by: judy 3/17/2020 11:01:35 AM (No. 348900)
Fox has gone bonkers , they allow Neil & Dobbs to rant about the virus for hours then place Trish & Kennedy's show on hiatus??? Sorry but I can't take the media any longer the endlesssssss Doctors opinions are getting sooooo old. Telling us to wash our hands is getting sickening. One thing for sure I will never watch Dobbs or Neil's shows again.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: RedWhiteBlue 3/17/2020 11:30:55 AM (No. 348934)
We wanted to have NEWSMAX put on our lineup on SPECTRUM cable company so that we won't have to watch FOX so much...and we were told that we would have to go to a MORE EXPENSIVE tier to be able to view that channel!!!! Now why would SPECTRUM put it on a more expensive tier? They should put CNN, MSNBC, ext. on them. I was so ticked off. And that tier would include 40 more channels that we would NEVER watch!!!!! SPECTRUM SUX!!!!!!
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Reply 13 - Posted by: LadyHen 3/17/2020 11:50:32 AM (No. 348958)
I am personally suffering from a YUGE case of PANIC FATIGUE.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: skacmar 3/17/2020 11:51:57 AM (No. 348960)
It's all Corona all the time. Sorry, but the wash your hands and self-isolate news reported twenty times per hour everyday all day is really getting old! I get that this is a bad virus and we ant it to stop. However, the non-stop reporting on Corona and only Corona, reporting every time someone sneezes or coughs, sying "its way worse than we thought but don't panic", does nothing to calm people down. Lets hear some other news. There must be something else going on in the world that is also important.
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Reply 15 - Posted by: farmwife 3/17/2020 11:55:33 AM (No. 348964)
I, too, am tired of the sky is falling rhetoric/ I'm 76, and if I get the virus, I will either get over it or die. I don't see the point in sitting in my house waiting for the Grim Reaper. Of course, I don't live in downtown Seattle.
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Reply 16 - Posted by: privateer 3/17/2020 12:07:28 PM (No. 348974)
I think I see what's happening with this inordinate concentration on the 'panDEMic'. The reason why the shiny object approach works on so many people is that they have the reasoning powers of a cat, or in too many cases, a goldfish. The purpose for this is---like a magicians mis-direction---to conceal what the left is planning to perpetrate. I.E., another coup, but this time, they are using an 'emergency' to justify their heightened level of attack; up to, and including acts of mass violence. Remember the commiecrat motto: whatever it takes.
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Reply 17 - Posted by: BeatleJeff 3/17/2020 1:51:18 PM (No. 349052)
I'm with you, buddy. I believe the response to this virus has been excessively out of proportion. Yes, we should take care to protect the elderly population who are most susceptible to this disease, but the rest of us should carry on with our normal lives. Maybe it's my Gen X tendency to be skeptical, cynical, and jaded, but a big part of me is believing that there are ulterior motives behind these draconian measures besides saving people's lives. Since when do liberals care about saving lives? Pelosi's attempt to use the recent response bill to sneak funds to Planned Parenthood, not to mention Obama's death panels, is the tip-off that the Rats are more interested in decreasing the surplus population than they are with saving lives. I'm in a defiant mood right now. I heard some "expert" say this morning to cancel dentist appointments. Guess what, I just came back from my dentist appointment, I insist on carrying on with life, and my prediction is that if this is still going within the next two to four weeks, more and more Americans will be joining me in that defiance. Rant over.
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Reply 18 - Posted by: judy 3/17/2020 5:46:35 PM (No. 349292)
The dems & fake media have cried wolf soooooooo many times no one believes a word they say. They are are willing to sacrifice our country to get rid of Trump....for who Biden....unbelievable !!!
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After the Dropkick Murphys were forced to cancel their St. Patrick’s Day performances because of the COVID-19 coronavirus, the band figured out a way to ship out a bit of Boston to the world, livestreaming a concert Tuesday night. The Boston punk rockers are hardly the only musical acts turning to livestreaming or posting homemade videos to entertain fans during the pandemic. On Monday, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin announced an impromptu concert on the band’s Instagram page as part of Australian nonprofit Global Citizen’s “Together at Home” initiative. Shortly after Martin announced his concert, singer John Legend introduced one of his own.
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Several distilleries are making sure their communities have what they need during the Chinese coronavirus pandemic. When Eight Oaks Farm Distillery founder Chad Butters heard the price of hand sanitizer had skyrocketed, he decided to be the solution to the problem, according to the Associated Press (AP). Monday, his distillery in New Tripoli, Pennsylvania, filled 20 bottles with homemade alcohol-based disinfectant that will be donated to charitable groups who have none. This week, the distillery plans to ramp up production and offer the bottles at local farmers’ markets and on its website.
Amazon to Add 100,000 Jobs, Raise Pay During
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Amazon announced Monday it will invest over $350 million to open up 100,000 new jobs and to increase pay by $2 per hour in the U.S. and around the world during the coronavirus pandemic. The Seattle-based multinational e-commerce company, said Dave Clark, senior vice president of worldwide operations, in a press release that it is seeing a “significant increase in demand” and accompanying “unprecedented” labor needs. The 100,000 new jobs would be full- and part-time positions “across the U.S. in our fulfillment centers and delivery network to meet the demand from people relying on Amazon’s service during this stressful time, particularly those most vulnerable to being out in public.”
Colleges Canceling Graduation Ceremonies
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Colleges and universities around the country are beginning to cancel their graduation and commencement ceremonies in response to the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak. According to a report by Campus Reform, some universities and colleges have decided that they are preemptively canceling graduation and commencement ceremonies as a precautionary measure against the spread of the Wuhan coronavirus. The University of Michigan and UC Irvine are among the schools that have already called off their graduation festivities. The Associated Press released a report this week detailing graduation ceremony cancellations. The report noted that universities and colleges often spend substantial sums on graduation ceremonies. Canceling commencement can carry financial implications for schools.
The Democrats are trying to create another
“fine people” hoax against Trump
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Posted by ladydawgfan 3/18/2020 9:17:36 AM Post Reply
We all know that Democrats, in the media and politics, lie about Trump. The most famous is the assertion that President Trump called white supremacists “fine people.” That hoax’s reach perfectly exemplifies the old American saying that “falsehood will fly from Maine to Georgia, while truth is pulling her boots on.” Even though it’s been repeatedly, and definitively, debunked, myriad people will state with fervor that Trump is a racist who loves Neo-Nazis. With coronavirus in the air and an election looming, the same culprits behind the “fine people” hoax are now trying to tar Trump with a different hoax. This one is the claim that he and John Bolton,
A little perspective helps 3 replies
Posted by ladydawgfan 3/18/2020 9:07:46 AM Post Reply
What’s worse? The rapid spread of a novel virus which originated in China or the media hysteria created and broadcast around the world? If it was the intent of the American media to create a state of fear and panic, they’ve succeeded brilliantly. The dissemination of information pertinent to the virus has morphed into a murky river of rumors, innuendo, outright lies and blather proffered by pundits who are neither doctors nor experts on much of anything other than opinionating. Despite the media hype, COVID-19 is not the first world pandemic and it won’t be the last. As long as humans have walked the earth,
HERE WE GO: Idiots Participate in New
“Coronavirus Challenge” and Start Licking
Airplane Toilet Seats (VIDEOS)
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Posted by ladydawgfan 3/18/2020 3:25:45 AM Post Reply
Eating Tide Pods is so last year. The kids went from chomping on Tide Pods to licking public toilet seats in a new “Coronavirus challenge.” A 21-year-old young woman from New Jersey named Ava Louise licked a toilet seat on an airplane and posted the footage to Tik Tok. She said that Coronavirus is for “poor people” and she hopes it will take her out so she doesn’t get old and ugly, RT reported. She also said she wanted to “troll the media” and hoped the virus would knock out the Boomers (referring to the older Baby Boomer generation). WATCH: [videos]
MSNBC Legal Analyst Claims President
Trump Could Be Charged With Murder Over
Handling of Chinese Wuhan Virus
21 replies
Posted by ladydawgfan 3/18/2020 3:08:44 AM Post Reply
One of the few things this Wuhan virus panic has been good for is getting us all a nice close look at what constitutes #Resistance–leftist and NeverTrump alike–self-pleasuring material. As with so much else that has been thrown at President Trump, the allegations of misfeasance and malfeasance melt away under any scrutiny. No, President Trump didn’t disband the NSC’s capability to deal with pandemics. No President Trump didn’t cause the delay in developing a US test kit. Yes, President Trump has removed bureaucratic impediments to approval of testing devices.
Majority of Independents Aren’t On Board
With Media’s Politicization of the
Wuhan Virus
1 reply
Posted by ladydawgfan 3/18/2020 2:59:51 AM Post Reply
“Never let a crisis go to waste.” That famous quote has become a hard rule in the left’s playbook and they use it to the point of abusing it. It doesn’t matter what it is, be it the loss of innocent life at the hands of a madman or a pandemic that started in a foreign country and now threatens ours. The media has been working overtime to see to it that the Wuhan virus pandemic that has swept the globe is a consistent weight on Trump’s presidency. Be it telling flat-out lies about Trump’s actions or declaring Trump racist for calling the virus
Did Obama Botch the Response to the
H1N1 Outbreak? Here’s What the Media
Isn't Telling You
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Posted by ladydawgfan 3/18/2020 2:36:48 AM Post Reply
There appears to be a coordinated effort amongst Democrats and the media to destroy the public’s confidence in the Trump administration’s response to the coronavirus pandemic. It’s irresponsible and causing panic. I have no doubt that when this pandemic is over it will be clear the Trump administration handled it far better than Obama handled the H1N1 pandemic. I think the media knows this too, so they’re working overtime trying to erode the public’s faith in the Trump administration’s response in the hopes of ruining his chances of being reelected. And Trump, being Trump, isn’t letting them get away with it. He’s compared the Obama administration’s response to the H1N1 pandemic
Uh Oh. German Brothels Latest Victims
Of Pandemic
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Posted by ladydawgfan 3/17/2020 11:00:24 PM Post Reply
All sorts of businesses are being negatively impacted by emergency orders shutting down various social activities. This is particularly true of bars and restaurants, and operations ranging from veterinary offices to theaters are feeling the pinch. But what about sex workers? It turns out that brothels are seeing a massive drop street traffic (if you’ll pardon the pun) as people hunker down in their homes to wait out the COVID-19 storm. And that’s particularly true in Germany, where brothels are both legal and numerous in the larger cities. (Associated Press) It’s 7 p.m. on a Friday night, a time when Aurel Johannes Marx’s three-room brothel on the edge of Berlin
Now Hiring: Grocers Respond To
Increased Demands
9 replies
Posted by ladydawgfan 3/17/2020 10:43:09 PM Post Reply
In order to keep up with increased demands for food and household supplies grocery store chains are ramping up hiring. This is a bit of a silver lining for many who are temporarily unemployed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Radical steps are being taken across the country in response to the coronavirus, especially during the next fifteen days, a period of time the public health professionals view as critical. If you saw the Trump administration’s press briefing with the COVID-19 task force, you know that the next 15 days will likely determine the severity of the spread of the virus across the United States.
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Is this panic over
coronavirus justified, or not?
50 replies
Posted by MissMolly 3/17/2020 5:05:26 AM Post Reply
A friend tweeted from Ireland (in time for St. Patrick’s Day), blaming President Trump for the major decline in the value of stocks. This same friend credited Barack Obama’s economic policies when the Dow Jones Industrial Averages approached 30,000. This — and more — is part of our political, economic and medical divide with mixed messages coming from supposed professionals, amateurs and people who don’t know what they are talking about. According to, “panic” is “a sudden overwhelming fear, with or without cause, that produces hysterical or irrational behavior, and that often spreads quickly through a group of persons or animals.”
Vice-president Stacey Abrams would make
the US a real democracy for the first time
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Posted by NorthernDog 3/17/2020 12:34:24 AM Post Reply
Democratic debates in times of coronavirus make for even less interesting television than during normal times, whatever that means in the Trump era. In Sunday night’s debate, Bernie Sanders had a double task. For the believers, to make a last pitch that he is the better candidate (which, in terms of the presidency, he clearly is). For the realists, his task was to push the inevitable nominee, Joe Biden, more to the left. He probably achieved neither, as Biden stole the show, by announcing (cleverly) that he will pick a female vice-presidential candidate, a progressive weak point of Sanders (who
EXCLUSIVE: Meghan demands staffers wear latex gloves
and follow a strict hygiene protocol, as
she tells friends Harry feels 'helpless and
is concerned about Queen and Prince Charles'
falling ill with COVID-19
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Posted by zephyrgirl 3/17/2020 3:10:33 PM Post Reply
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are self-isolating in Canada, as Meghan confides in friends that Harry feels 'helpless' and is 'concerned' about the Queen and his father Prince Charles catching coronavirus, a close friend exclusively told 'Meghan said they are grateful, especially Harry, that they could spend time with his family before all this insanity began,' the insider explained. 'Meghan said [Harry] has been in contact with the both his father and grandmother. He urged them to stay safe and to take extra precautions.'
Coronavirus: Hillary Clinton Calls to ‘Make
Voting by Mail the Norm’ in 2020
39 replies
Posted by Imright 3/18/2020 5:21:50 PM Post Reply
Former Democratic Party presidential nominee Hillary Clinton called on Congress to “make voting by mail the norm” with “free postage” as a result of public health concerns due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.President Donald Trump said earlier this week that he expects the current national emergency to last through July or August. The White House has not yet said what, if any, preparations might be needed for the November election.Clinton’s call echoed a similar demand by Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs (D), who asked legislators to allow all-mail voting this year.
‘Americans Need Cash Now’—Donald Trump
Wants to Send Checks to Households Immediately
39 replies
Posted by Imright 3/17/2020 1:35:59 PM Post Reply
President Donald Trump said at the White House Tuesday he wanted the federal government to send direct payments to Americans suffering economically from the coronavirus as part of a larger rescue package. “We’re going big,” Trump said, adding, “We want to go big, go solid.” The proposal was detailed by Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin on Tuesday during a press briefing at the White House.“We’re looking at sending checks to Americans immediately,” Mnuchin said, adding,
Baltimore Mayor begs residents to stop
shooting each other and 'clogging up'
hospital beds which need to be kept
open for coronavirus patients after
seven people are shot in a single night
36 replies
Posted by Ribicon 3/18/2020 4:25:12 PM Post Reply
The mayor of Baltimore is begging residents to stop shooting one another to allow doctors and nurses to focus on saving coronavirus patients and not gunshot wound victims. In a statement on Wednesday, the Mayor Jack Young said: 'I want to reiterate how completely unacceptable the level of violence is that we have seen recently. 'We will not stand for mass shootings and an increase in crime. 'For those of you who want to continue to shoot and kill people of this city, we’re not going to tolerate it. 'We’re going to come after you and we’re going to get you.
Jennifer Rubin’s death wish for Republicans
is factually wrong -and the maps prove it
30 replies
Posted by Magnante 3/17/2020 6:37:16 AM Post Reply
Once upon a time, Jennifer Rubin was an intelligent woman. Things started to go downhill when she went to work for the Washington Post, but what really flipped the switch in her brain was seeing Donald Trump become president. Not only did she lose perspective, but she also lost intelligence, self-restraint, and decency. Her latest flight of NeverTrump nastiness has her speculate about possible Republican deaths during a time of coronavirus. Her speculation not only reveals an even further degradation of mind and soul, but she's got things entirely bass-ackwards wrong – and a couple of maps prove it.
We Are in This Crisis because of the
Decisions of the Chinese Government
28 replies
Posted by MissMolly 3/17/2020 4:58:02 AM Post Reply
As a country, we’ve got our hands full right now. But while we’re sitting in various forms of self-quarantine, we — and a lot of other people around the world — will have a lot of time to read about the Chinese government destroying samples and suppressing information about the coronavirus in December: Chinese laboratories identified a mystery virus as a highly infectious new pathogen by late December last year, but they were ordered to stop tests, destroy samples and suppress the news, a Chinese media outlet has revealed. A regional health official in Wuhan, centre of the outbreak,
Oil prices could fall below zero:
26 replies
Posted by MDConservative 3/18/2020 12:14:45 PM Post Reply
Plunging oil prices could be headed a lot lower – possibly below zero, according to one Wall Street analyst. West Texas Intermediate crude oil, the U.S. benchmark, fell by more than 10 percent Wednesday to near $24 a barrel, a level last seen in April 2002. “Oil prices can go negative,” wrote Paul Sankey, managing director at Mizuho Securities.
FDR at Yalta, and why
Joe Biden's mental acuity matters
25 replies
Posted by Pluperfect 3/18/2020 4:57:58 AM Post Reply
On August 18, 1944, Senator Harry S. Truman met President Franklin D. Roosevelt for lunch at the White House. Truman had just been nominated to be Roosevelt’s running mate that year, and the two men dined on the White House lawn and chatted about the upcoming campaign. Truman had not seen the president for over a year and was shocked at Roosevelt’s haggard appearance. He noticed that FDR was so ill that he couldn’t even pour cream into his coffee. Despite seeing direct evidence of Roosevelt’s poor health, Truman told reporters afterwards that Roosevelt “Looked fine...He’s as keen as a briar.” Truman was lying. Roosevelt was a dying man,
Fox News gives showboat Andrew Cuomo
airtime to pretend he’s POTUS
25 replies
Posted by Imright 3/17/2020 11:14:30 AM Post Reply
New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo sparked a backlash for his grandstanding criticism of the federal government’s response to the coronavirus crisis. The Democrat governor called out the “chaos” of Washington’s handling of the pandemic, essentially calling for the country to turn from its founding principles by urging coordinated action on a national level.(Video) “You look at the countries who have handled this, I don’t care if it’s China or South Korea, if it’s Italy. They were all handled by national leadership,” Cuomo said in a press conference on Monday. “This is a national problem. It can not be done in a piecemeal method. You need federal parameters
Why Can’t Liberals Do Arithmetic? 25 replies
Posted by MissMolly 3/17/2020 4:54:46 AM Post Reply
Who can forget the wonderful moment on MSNBC when Brian Williams and a guest from the New York Times Editorial Board assured us that Michael Bloomberg’s $500 million campaign spending worked out to $1 million for each one of the 327 million people in the United States? That was mind-numbingly stupid, but Bernie Sanders’ press secretary has equaled it, curiously with another 500 million mistake:(Snip for tweet) There are not 500 million Americans, let alone 500 million who go bankrupt each year, let alone 500 million who go bankrupt on account of medical expenses. It is hard to understand where Ms. Gray got her 500 million figure. The actual number
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