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The Democrats: A Corrupt,
Insane Posse Masquerading
as a Political Party

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Posted By: cThree, 2/9/2020 6:40:17 AM

Eleven years ago, the writer Michael Walsh wrote (under his penname David Kahane) “Think of the Democratic Party as it really is: a criminal organization masquerading as a political party.” After the Democrats’ Russia, Kavanaugh, Mueller, and Ukraine fiascos, the Iowa caucus debacle, and Friday’s bizarre Democratic debate, (Snip) To say the Democrats’ behavior was disconsonant with any message of sober adult solons is to understate it.


Ms Feldman surveys the smouldering battlefield, her sharp pen putting the vanquished out of their misery.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: jinx 2/9/2020 7:25:26 AM (No. 312729)
Oh, Clarice, you made my day. This is a wonderful summary of the Democrat/Socialist campaign. I am still laughing at Pete's comment. Another proof of Harvard's incompetence.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: Highlander 2/9/2020 7:46:42 AM (No. 312742)
Now we know the democrat party is a criminal organization acting as a political party, what’s it going to take to make it disappear down the memory hole? I don’t think trusting the election process works anywhere near as well as anyone, who thinks right, expects. We have a vast population of freeloaders, lay-abouts, anarchists, socialists, and illegals to fight and beat if we are truly ever going to get the upper hand for our succeeding generations to live in freedom. After Trump, who’s the next leader going to be? He is so unique, that there’s nobody I know of who can keep the momentum going after he’s finished in 2024.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: Highlander 2/9/2020 7:47:42 AM (No. 312745)
And let’s not forget the damnable media!
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Reply 4 - Posted by: blueline 2/9/2020 8:04:02 AM (No. 312761)
Milwaukee in the summer; a place NOT to be. If Bernie isn't the nominee at the end of the convention, it will be carnage. I feel sorry for the cops in that area. If I were a resident of Milwaukee, I'd be selling now, and getting the heck out. It'll be 1968 on steroids.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: Lawsy0 2/9/2020 8:22:37 AM (No. 312778)
Today's column from our Clarice was indeed a large size share bag of Clarice's Pieces. From the artfully composed (Message: I am woman -- hear me meow chasing the laser red dot.) to the notice of tech expertise by a ''prep cook for Starbucks.'' Then there was my sad let-down by Judge Judy* being paid high dollars for her stirring ads for Bloomberg. And finally, using a street dictionary, I actually had to look up the word 'cosplay.' (*Clarice didn't actually mention Judy, I just happen to have watched every one of her shows.)
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Reply 6 - Posted by: BarryNo 2/9/2020 8:24:36 AM (No. 312779)
I have always found it amusing that the DEMOCRAT Party runs their 'caucuses' like a banana republic. They have primary day, and do the masses vote? No its all determined by representatives, most of whom have no reason to be loyal to the people of that state. Their candidate is selected by the most un-democratic process, then shoved down the voter's throats as 'Our way or the highway'. The process is very like Orwell's 'Animal Farm'. Except the bunch are insane donkey's. No other animals allowed.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: Rinktum 2/9/2020 8:25:10 AM (No. 312780)
I only have time this morning before church to read and comment on one article. Thank goodness I picked Ms. Feldman’s. It is a priceless piece that warms my heart this cold morning. To look at the democrat field is to catch a glimpse of the characters in the Star Wars bar scene if they were democrat candidates stopping by for a drink. What a group of characters. Each one is more weird than the next. The democrat party has allowed the radicals to take over and they will pay a price for that. Even the so called thinkers in the party have succumbed to the radicals. Everyone now appears to be a trend follower and their trends are doozies from gender liquidity to open borders to refusal to prosecute criminals, they embrace it. What we cannot lose sight of is the critical need to win in November. Regardless of the articles that spell doom and gloom for the democrats, we must get out the vote like we are 20 points behind. We cannot rest on our laurels. We must turn out in massive numbers to make sure the democrats are defeated but also to make a statement that says we the people are not going to let the radicals in this country destroy it. I am optimistic, but I am also aware of democrat tactics. They are lawless and will do whatever they believe will give them the victory. Pray hard and work hard for the biggest victory in history on November 3, 2020. Now more than ever, Trump 2020! Don’t take anything for granted.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: raspberry 2/9/2020 9:19:47 AM (No. 312831)
Your wisdom #7 adds to the wisdom of Feldman's insightful column. Add this collection of wisdom to the recognition of the Democrats hate and power lust and you have a seriously dangerous party. We must support Trump with everything we can do and have.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: udanja99 2/9/2020 9:29:43 AM (No. 312847)
“ The party’s best outcome would be for Bernie to lose decisively in both the primary vote and delegate count -- so decisively that his followers believe the process was fair and the nominee legitimate.” Never going to happen. Even if true, Bernie’s thugs will never buy it. There will be a lot of violence in the streets and then they will stay home and get stoned on November 3.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: wakeupcall 2/9/2020 9:51:34 AM (No. 312891) The following is just part of a very long read into the truth of the Obama administration and the American Communist democrats stealing money from Ukraine USAID funds and Ukraine's Burisma Gas company hence US taxpayers and the Ukrainian customers. We're talking about Billions of dollars over $10 Billions of dollars. Please read this article. The Plundering of Ukraine by Corrupt American Democrats A talk with Oleg Tsarev reveals the alleged identity of the "Trump/Ukraine Whistleblower" ISRAEL SHAMIR OCTOBER 25, 2019 Top Dems are involved in the plundering of the Ukraine: new names, mind-boggling accounts. The mysterious ‘whistleblower’ whose report had unleashed the impeachment is named in the exclusive interview given to the Unz Review by a prominent Ukrainian politician, an ex-Member of Parliament of four terms, a candidate for Ukraine’s presidency, Oleg Tsarev. Mr Tsarev, a tall, agile and graceful man, a good speaker and a prolific writer, had been a leading and popular Ukrainian politician before the 2014 putsch; he stayed in the Ukraine after President Yanukovych’s flight; ran for the Presidency against Mr Poroshenko, and eventually had to go to exile due to multiple threats to his life. During the failed attempt to secede, he was elected the speaker of the Parliament of Novorossia (South-Eastern Ukraine). I spoke to him in Crimea, where he lives in the pleasant seaside town of Yalta. Tsarev still has many supporters in the Ukraine, and is a leader of the opposition to the Kiev regime. Oleg, you followed Biden story from its very inception. Biden is not the only Dem politician involved in the Ukrainian corruption schemes, is he? Indeed, John Kerry, the Secretary of State in Obama’s administration, was his partner-in-crime. But Joe Biden was number one. During the Obama presidency, Biden was the US proconsul for Ukraine, and he was involved in many corruption schemes. He authorized transfer of three billion dollars of the US taxpayers’ money to the post-coup government of the Ukraine; the money was stolen, and Biden took a big share of the spoils. It is a story of ripping the US taxpayer and the Ukrainian customer off for the benefit of a few corruptioners, American and Ukrainian. And it is a story of Kiev regime and its dependence on the US and IMF. The Ukraine has a few midsize deposits of natural gas, sufficient for domestic household consumption. The cost of its production was quite low; and the Ukrainians got used to pay pennies for their gas. Actually, it was so cheap to produce that the Ukraine could provide all its households with free gas for heating and cooking, just like Libya did. Despite low consumer price, the gas companies (like Burisma) had very high profits and very little expenditure. After the 2014 coup, IMF demanded to raise the price of gas for the domestic consumer to European levels, and the new president Petro Poroshenko obliged them. The prices went sky-high. The Ukrainians were forced to pay many times more for their cooking and heating; and huge profits went to coffers of the gas companies. Instead of raising taxes or lowering prices, President Poroshenko demanded the gas companies to pay him or subsidize his projects. He said that he arranged the price hike; it means he should be considered a partner. Burisma Gas company had to pay extortion money to the president Poroshenko. Eventually its founder and owner Mr Nicolai Zlochevsky decided to invite some important Westerners into the company’s board of directors hoping it would moderate Poroshenko’s appetites. He had brought in Biden’s son Hunter, John Kerry, Polish ex-President Kwasniewski; but it didn’t help him. Poroshenko became furious that the fattened calf may escape him, and asked the Attorney General Shokin to investigate Burisma trusting some irregularities would emerge. AG Shokin immediately discovered that Burisma had paid these ‘stars’ between 50 and 150 thousand dollar per month each just for being on the list of directors. This is illegal by the Ukrainian tax code; it can’t be recognized as legitimate expenditure. At that time Biden the father entered the fray. He called Poroshenko and gave him six hours to close the case against his son. Otherwise, one billion dollars of the US taxpayers’ funds won’t pass to the Ukrainian corruptioners. Zlochevsky, the Burisma owner, paid Biden well for this conversation: he received between three and ten million dollars, according to different sources. AG Shokin said he can’t close the case within six hours; Poroshenko sacked him and installed Mr Lutsenko in his stead. Lutsenko was willing to dismiss the case of Burisma, but he also could not do it in a day, or even in a week. Biden, as we know, could not keep his trap shut: by talking about the pressure he put on Poroshenko, he incriminated himself. Meanwhile Mr Shokin gave evidence that Biden put pressure on Poroshenko to fire him, and now it was confirmed. The evidence was given to the US lawyers in connection with another case, Firtash case.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: Strike3 2/9/2020 9:53:48 AM (No. 312893)
A little harsh, no? ... No. The correct way to design a computerized app is to first create a logically sound flow of data and work on paper that reaches a successful end result under all conditions. It sounds like these incompetent amateurs just started coding random things that a phone could do and ended up with strange dead ends and loops which produced little or no results. The Obamacare web page keeps coming to mind. Robby Mook? Who would think that he is still surviving but then who would have thought we would be hearing from Hillary four years after her spectacular nosedive? Bernie's army of apes must be livid.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: Dodge Boy 2/9/2020 10:02:52 AM (No. 312903)
I like our chances of a Trump]/Pence mega landslide on November 3rd. But, we mustn't drop our guard, not for an instant. The snakes in the grass on the left will continue to do whatever they think is necessary to steal this election. And I mean anything. As Clarice points out in her column, the dims have exposed themselves as a mafia-like "criminal organization". Every one of us needs to stay out there and talk it up everywhere as if we are the ones running for President and are running against the worst possible evil on the planet. May God continue to protect the President of the United States and his family.
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Reply 13 - Posted by: Saryden 2/9/2020 10:11:28 AM (No. 312911)
Yes... many Dems are only now catching on that, like the FBI, they have been taken over by some bad people who are only interested in power and money... more of a 'religion' than a political party. On the other hand ... many are now seeing that Islam is more of a political entity than a religion... only interested in power and 'ruling the world'. It appears these two support each other... until Conservatives can be defeated... then they will fight; and we will not have a side to be on. We must support our President and get out the vote!
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Reply 14 - Posted by: GoodDeal 2/9/2020 10:52:01 AM (No. 312935)
The corrupt insane clown posse. Pelosi and Schiff are the ringleaders of the cuckkoos next circus. This is joyful to watch. Their public display of absolute stupidity hate rage and complete obsession is staggering and amazing. The good thing is they still have 9 months to impeach Trump again! Bring it suckahs.
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Reply 15 - Posted by: DVC 2/9/2020 11:15:09 AM (No. 312972)
As usual, a great summary of the topic. Here is one prediction that I dearly hope will come true, and seems fairly likely. FTA: "Worst of all would be one where Bernie arrived with the most votes and delegates but fell short of a majority and came away empty-handed. He would blame party leaders and their back-room deals to benefit billionaires, corporations, and corrupt politicians. If that happens, the party will be in real trouble. Bernie will scream, Trump will exploit the divisions, and left-wing voters will spend November 3 in a purple haze, eating Ben and Jerry’s. What they won’t do is trudge to the polls and vote Democratic."
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Reply 16 - Posted by: starboard 2/9/2020 11:44:40 AM (No. 313015)
Adding to #7. We also need to invite unhappy Democrats to vote R in November. Let's be proactive and recruit them into the American First tent, a place where everyone is respected, and nobody is called a racist. Moreover, the economy will continue to roar.
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Reply 17 - Posted by: slsusnr 2/9/2020 12:03:12 PM (No. 313030)
#5 I also liked her clever reference to the great old radio show "The Shadow." "Only the Shadow apparently knows...."
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Reply 18 - Posted by: TrueBlueWfan 2/9/2020 12:47:55 PM (No. 313071)
#2 - I also wonder who will succeed Pres. Trump. While VP Pence has been wonderfully loyal and I like him, I do not think he is young enough or strong enough to fight these demonic democrats head on like Pres. Trump does tirelessly. IMO, right now the best successor to Pres Trump is Donald Trump Jr. He is as fearless as his father, and knows what evil we are up against.
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Reply 19 - Posted by: WhamDBambam 2/9/2020 3:29:36 PM (No. 313201)
The headline doesn't go far enough.
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Reply 20 - Posted by: XCenturion 2/10/2020 2:09:35 AM (No. 313520)
I encourage what sane Democrats are left to join with patriot Americans and vote out of office the Anti-American Socialists that have taken over your party. To vote for a Democrat while our country is flourishing is comparable to shooting yourself in the foot.
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Oprah interview bombshells: Meghan claims
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pregnant, Kate made HER cry and Royals
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Posted by Imright 3/8/2021 8:21:02 AM Post Reply
The Royal Family was left reeling this morning after Meghan Markle tearfully revealed that the stress of royal life made her suicidal when she was five months pregnant, claimed Archie was denied the title of prince because he is mixed-race and said Kate Middleton made her cry before she married Harry in a bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey.The couple also chose to reveal that they are having a baby girl to the tens of millions of people watching the CBS show broadcast in the US before accusing the Royal Family of racism and revealing the deep rift 'Megxit' has caused with Prince Charles and Prince William.
Meghan Markle openly
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Posted by Magnante 3/8/2021 5:26:07 AM Post Reply
I’m probably second to none in my dislike for Meghan Markle. There’s something unattractive about a mature woman marrying into the British Royal family with one of the world’s most expensive weddings, hanging out with the Queen, living in insane luxury…and then whining non-stop about the horror of her life. There’s something even less appealing when that woman accuses the Royal family of race hatred. And the problem is that, when it comes to that left-wing diva, Meghan Markle, it’s hard to believe most of what she says. After weeks of hype, CBS finally televised Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s interview with Oprah.
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Posted by Imright 3/8/2021 4:56:55 PM Post Reply
Without question, the vast majority of Americans who support former President Donald Trump were angry and frustrated throughout 2020 passed with barely a mention of then-U.S. Attorney John Durham’s criminal investigation into the FBI’s fraudulent “Russiagate” counterterrorism operation directed at his 2016 campaign.In the weeks before the November election, word got out that then-Attorney General William Barr wasn’t going to announce any indictments or even a report on Durham’s investigation because he did not want to influence the outcome.So far, in fact, the only indictment to come out of the Durham probe is that of former FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith, who essentially got a slap on the wrist
Democrats renew calls to remove
J. Edgar Hoover's name from FBI building
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Posted by Ribicon 3/8/2021 2:56:29 PM Post Reply
Rep. Steve Cohen vowed to renew the push to remove former FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover’s name from the bureau’s downtown Washington headquarters, according to an interview released Monday. Appearing on Yahoo! News’ Skullduggery podcast, the Tennessee Democrat said the effort is getting a fresh look after the release of a new movie highlighting the FBI’s secret program to discredit civil rights activists. The Washington Times in 2019 first reported Democrats’ bid to strip the longtime FBI director’s name from the bureau’s headquarters. Mr. Cohen said the impetus to revive the bid is the new movie, “Judas and the Black Messiah.” The movie details
Jill Biden, the Meghan Markle
in the WH, is egregiously
guilty of elder abuse
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Posted by Magnante 3/9/2021 4:40:38 AM Post Reply
“There must have been a moment, at the beginning, when we could have said –-no. But somehow we missed it.” Tom Stoppard The millions of Americans who were paying attention throughout the 2020 election campaign all became painfully aware of the fact that Joe Biden’s cognitive abilities were slipping and slipping fast. His wife, as the person closest to him, should have been the one to call the campaign quits in order to reduce stress on the man. Instead, apparently so anxious to become the First Lady by any means necessary, Mrs. Biden continued to push her failing husband’s campaign forward as if he were mentally qualified.
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