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Impeachment Is Destroying Democrats

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Posted By: Pluperfect, 11/24/2019 4:15:42 AM

The goal of the House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and other Democratic Party leaders in the U.S. House of Representatives has been to use the impeachment inquiry to destroy President Donald Trump. They hope to impeach him, followed by conviction and removal from the U.S. Senate. Otherwise, they believe he will be so politically damaged that he will resign before the next election. Ironically, the exact opposite political result is occurring. The past two weeks, the nation was subjected to partisan impeachment hearings orchestrated by House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA). The process has been unfair to not only House Republicans but also to the target of their investigation, President Trump.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: PChristopher 11/24/2019 5:17:47 AM (No. 243886)
The American people are tiring of the Democratic Party’s political antics. You are being WAY too genteel. The American people are bloody well sick and (Expletive) tired of it what it is...coup! The perpetrators of this obscenity need to be dragged to prison to await their fates, which I hope will be ten times worse than anything they had planned for the president!
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Reply 2 - Posted by: jj1319 11/24/2019 6:51:35 AM (No. 243914)
The malpractice being utilized by the democrats is incredibly stunning.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: Venturer 11/24/2019 7:01:27 AM (No. 243920)
They appear to have lost their collective minds. TDS is a fearsome disease.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: Rinktum 11/24/2019 7:17:47 AM (No. 243932)
Evil of this magnitude never rests. It is always pushing forward. Retreat or surrender is not an option because the democrats have bet everything on their being able to destroy this President. They have gone all in and will fight to the death because they know they have no other alternative. This leaves one option for the good guys. The democrats must be politically destroyed. The party’s corruption must be exposed and prosecuted. What other option is there? We have seen the evidence of crimes that would have sent Republicans to federal prison long ago. The verdict would have been harsh and swift. Now the democrats are facing the consequences of their actions. They will not back down even if it devastates the country. However, we must not let their determination to destroy divert our duty to hold them accountable. We cannot afford another “for the good of the country” scenario. Justice must be done. The country will emerge stronger and better equipped to deal with political corruption going forward. Self-destruction is not the same as being held accountable for grave crimes against the Republic. Democrats must be forced to face justice and not be allowed to slither away in defeat only to regroup down the road. Justice is the only way the country will heal the wounds the democrats have inflicted upon it. Americans must be assured that the guilty will be punished regardless of their position or status. We are a nation of laws, not men. Now is the time to prove it.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: Lawsy0 11/24/2019 7:48:57 AM (No. 243948)
Impeachment Is Destroying Democrats and not a moment too soon. That said, they have been hoist on their own pitard. Fittingly.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: udanja99 11/24/2019 7:49:24 AM (No. 243949)
You’d think that the fund raising numbers alone would be enough for the demonrats to give up their coup. PDT has been raising about a million each day of the impeachment farce while the dims are $7 million in debt. Are they really that blind to what is going on out here in the real America?
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Reply 7 - Posted by: Dodge Boy 11/24/2019 8:06:34 AM (No. 243965)
The dims, deep state, and the msm aren't finished yet. After this impeachment circus disappears from the news cycle, they will launch their scorched earth strategy. I remain convinced that their scorched earth strategy is to sweep their corruption under the rug and attempt to crash the US stock markets and the world's financial systems next year. This will be coordinated with various foreign powers (for example, which country deeply resents America being the world's largest economy and intends to replace us?). The objective will be to destroy the President's flagship success - a robust and prosperous America, thus, making next November's presidential election an economic reform referendum. But, at the same time, never underestimate our President. He obviously knows how the dims, deep state, and msm operate and he may find a way to preempt their plan. I know, I know, this all sounds like the premise for a sci fi novel, but, are we so sure?
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Reply 8 - Posted by: sagman 11/24/2019 8:41:35 AM (No. 243988)
I've believed for some time that one of the chief driving forces of this sham is to impeach the president before RBG dies. Then the hue and cry will shift to, "An impeached president should not be nominating for SCOTUS." And if a Senate trial takes place, it will be in 2020, and we'll hear, "No nominations in an election year!"
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Reply 9 - Posted by: planetgeo 11/24/2019 8:57:36 AM (No. 244001)
If it's destroying them how come they are in control of EVERYTHING? Media. Schools. Entertainment. Churches. Everything. They are fanatical, and they are tenacious. Like rust, they never sleep, and they never quit. Sorry, I don't see any election stopping them. They will simply lie, cheat, steal, open the borders some more, and stuff the ballot boxes some more until they retake everything again. I know. I just escaped from Mexifornia. How can you reason with people who not only believe fervently that there are more than two sexes but also demand that you believe it too under penalty of loss of job and social exile? These people have become like zombies and the only way they're going to be "destroyed" is the same way zombies get destroyed. I don't know when the zombie apocalypse is going to happen, but it's becoming clear that that's the only thing that's going to stop them.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: Strike3 11/24/2019 9:00:04 AM (No. 244007)
Pelosi is the only one of the Get-Trump gang who instinctively foresaw that Impeachment wasn't exactly a clear path back to democrat power but she let herself be persueded by the more fanatical elements around her. She eventually made the wrong choice. We knew what was going to happen before she gave in and unfortunately for her there is no reset button, her career ends in disgrace just like the rest of them. If not for Ukraine their only recourse was to die quietly so they are only doing what cornered rats do.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: anniebc 11/24/2019 9:04:44 AM (No. 244014)
Their self-destruction is a beautiful thing. May their self-work continue until IT IS FINISHED!
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Reply 12 - Posted by: VietVet68 11/24/2019 9:28:10 AM (No. 244034)
"Impeachment is destroying democrats".....I'll enjoying dancing on the grave of the democrat party when that happens.
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Reply 13 - Posted by: Deety 11/24/2019 9:39:46 AM (No. 244051)
What would destroy Democrats even more is finally being jailed for their crimes.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: RuckusTom 11/24/2019 9:44:38 AM (No. 244062)
Did you see the news that Ruth Bader Ginsberg went to the hospital again? How difficult will it be for an "impeached" president to name any additional supreme court judges? You can see the headlines now - "Dirty President names Dirty Judge to Supreme Court".
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Reply 15 - Posted by: HotRod 11/24/2019 9:53:32 AM (No. 244073)
Someone mentioned scorched earth. I would be willing to bet that President Trump has the data to scorch many of the democrats, as well as anti-Trumpers. Democrats have shown that they are dishonest, criminal, and abusers of the law. All that information exists, and there are people inside and outside government who have the documentation. Especially about money. If that isn't bad enough, crimes- up to treason- that will send people to prison are already known reported and, as democrats like to say: where there is smoke, there is fire. We have seen roaring flames, not to mention thick smoke! By the way, as democrats like to parrot: No one is above the law.
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Reply 16 - Posted by: starboard 11/24/2019 10:00:19 AM (No. 244081)
This game the Dems are practicing is called mob psychology. That's all they can do. After the grenade from the Durham report is thrown at them, they will become temporarily disrupted and suffer a knock out blow. However, they will return more vicious than ever... Although damaged goods. This has always been their style. Instead of taking the high road they always go underground and try mob like tactics. Instead of finding a viable candidate to groom, they waste their energy on trying to destroy the opposition. In the past it may have worked. But this time around we have a different type of leader who is smarter, experienced and not afraid to throw a punch. Those wimpy Republicans who don't like the tone of potus need to be replaced. Going forward we want smart, articulate, and ethical warriors in both the House and especially in the Senate.
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Reply 17 - Posted by: fayebeck 11/24/2019 10:21:24 AM (No. 244101)
Democrats don't give a rip because the know the republicans will rescue them in some stoopid way.
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Reply 18 - Posted by: HisHandmaiden 11/24/2019 10:53:16 AM (No. 244144)
Dear #9, never underestimate God Almighty. He is still sovereign. We have no idea how many prayer warriors are praying around the world for our President and America. God hears our prayers. “I will never leave you, nor forsake you,” ~ Joshua 1 KAG
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Reply 19 - Posted by: MindMadeUp 11/24/2019 11:00:27 AM (No. 244150)
Yes, Democrats are desperate. But several have pointed out that there is enough known publicly to have thrown conservative politicians who had done the same out of office and into jail already. Nothing has happened. None have been held accountable. It's the dog that didn't bark. Schiff and gang simply get more blatant and outrageous. Our government may already be so full of worms that it has been ruined. I fear for Trump's life. The Democrats have gotten away with so much already (including murder) that they may think they can get away with Presidential assassination as well. And they may be right.
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Reply 20 - Posted by: thewarden 11/24/2019 11:27:01 AM (No. 244174)
I dunno...I’ll hang onto my garlic, cross and wooden stakes, just in case.
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Reply 21 - Posted by: FLCracker 11/24/2019 11:58:48 AM (No. 244197)
FTA: "Democrats did nothing with their power except pursue impeachment and other harassment schemes caused by their unrelenting case of “Trump derangement syndrome.” " They are spending all their time on this dog-and-pony show while the report that the Federal Government is running -again- for one more month on a budget continuing resolution.
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Reply 22 - Posted by: Sully 11/24/2019 12:23:48 PM (No. 244221)
Sorry the author is wrong. Phony impeachment is the best of the dems bad options. W o impeachment saturating the media the Presidents approvals would be pushing 60% Do not expect the dems to stop for self preservation. Their cost-benefit analysis is completely rational. Diabolical but rational.
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Reply 23 - Posted by: Patchy Groundfog 11/24/2019 12:28:24 PM (No. 244225)
The current FedEx logo is famous, among others, for its use of negative space ie the area between the E and the x forms an arrow - as in express, as in speed. Because 95% of the media are infatuated with the fatuous impeachment, intelligent individuals must rely on the negative space also ie what is not said or what is substituted. The Dems claimed they had evidence, reports, witnesses, etc. They run the show. They were given copious airtime. Their reports were nothing more than double-spaced footnoted boilerplate - entirely predictable given the absence of crimes or misdeeds. Their witnesses were a load of jumped-up self-regarding bureaucrats who tsk-tsked about losing their sinecures and were 'alarmed' by this and that. We've probably all seen the hilarious 'bombshell!' video compilation of media feigning excitement and logic. Which leads us to the present day. I walked past a rack of newspapers - the ones still surviving, that is. Very little on impeachment. No big scare headlines, no impending doom. We're less than 72 hrs from the hearings, mind you. Nadler botched the job so badly he was vanquished. Schiff is trying to outdo him in the empty vessel stakes. The mark of Pelosi's brand of leadership is that she let these two mindless dogs off the leash and expected them to hunt. That will leave only her as the face of impeachment (ugh) which she now must push through on a party line vote to save that face (ugh again). Media pundits are in the negative space, actively ignoring all the above and faulting the GOP although we're not sure why - the GOP were mere bystanders. The media are also blaming YOU (again) for failing to panic on cue.
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Reply 24 - Posted by: biffer 11/24/2019 12:30:46 PM (No. 244229)
What you are seeing is the Democratic Party 2020 campaign. It’s what they got
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Reply 25 - Posted by: Smart11344 11/24/2019 12:37:56 PM (No. 244244)
Best news of the day.
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Reply 26 - Posted by: dbdiva 11/24/2019 12:38:23 PM (No. 244245)
Thank you #18 for your comment. The Lord installed our President in order to accomplish His agenda for this country. Because that is the case He will keep President Trump safe from harm. At some point when HIS time comes those who are corrupt will finally reap what they have sown. In fact they will reap more than they have sown. It will come, make no mistake and I trust that the President will assist in that endeavor.
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Reply 27 - Posted by: RedWhite&Blue2 11/24/2019 1:36:18 PM (No. 244298)
I wish God would cast all the “rats” into hell—— TODAY! Veterans for TRUMP 2020 God bless America
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Reply 28 - Posted by: udanja99 11/24/2019 6:55:35 PM (No. 244513)
#8, I believe the “not in an election year” rule (The Biden Rule, IIRC) applies only when the president is finishing up his last term in office and it is meant to let the new president nominate a justice. That is not the case here.
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Reply 29 - Posted by: tom7 11/24/2019 8:41:35 PM (No. 244591)
Water "swirls" - ballerinas "twirl".
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Reply 30 - Posted by: FLCracker 11/25/2019 1:20:27 PM (No. 245290)
Amen, #29. I had thought about commenting on that, but got lazy. Swirl -moving around a center point Twirl -pivoting on a center point So, "circling the drain" is swirl.
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The House impeachment investigation into President Trump is soon heading back to the Judiciary Committee, where partisan bickering and theatrics during public hearings last summer prompted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to shift the investigation to the House Intelligence Committee. The Intelligence panel appears to have wrapped up a series of public hearings. No new hearings or depositions have been scheduled. Under an Oct. 31 resolution passed by Democrats, the matter is supposed to fall back to the Judiciary Committee, which will hold its own hearings and draft articles of impeachment against Trump.
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WaPo reporter: We’re hearing behind the
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’ll take the opportunity up front to double down on this post from Friday. I’d bet my life savings plus several internal organs that Pelosi will have 218 to impeach. That’s based on the simple reality that failing to do so at this point would cost Democrats more politically than proceeding with impeachment would. Voters who hate Trump would be furious and voters who like Trump wouldn’t give Pelosi and Schiff an ounce of credit for standing down in the end. The president would gloat about it every day unto eternity. Pelosi, long respected by both sides for her ability to whip votes, would be humiliated utterly.
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A luxury red Cadillac adorned in Trump bumper stickers burst into flames in an ultra-liberal Brooklyn neighborhood - with some speculating the owner's choice of decor may have sparked the fire The $45,000 red car, complete with a Florida license plate, was parked on Carroll Street, in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn when it caught fire late on Friday evening, authorities said. The 2018 Cadillac's charred remains drew a crowd of gawking onlookers over the weekend, with a number speculating the MAGA (Make America Great Again) stickers
Two (!) polls find black
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Posted by M2 11/25/2019 6:32:25 AM Post Reply
One poll could be an outlier, but when two resected polls find the same outcome, it’s time to realize that, most likely, something serious is going on. Rasmussen, whose own daily tracking poll revealed that 34% of black likely voters support President Trump, was initially cautious about interpreting that result, as this response to a tweet by Dineen Borelli shows: So when Mrs. @deneenborelli - a friend & an engaged supporter of @realDonaldTrump today presents a snapshot of our privacy-focused daily likely voter results, please remember, not all survey samples & collection techniques are equal or comparable. (Remember Nov 9th 2016?) 3/3 — Rasmussen Reports (@Rasmussen_Poll) November 23, 2019
CNN’s Joan Walsh attacks president
Trump, Melania’s treatment of hero dog
Conan: ‘Terrifying’
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Posted by Imright 11/26/2019 7:29:28 AM Post Reply
If CNN contributor Joan Walsh has a say in the matter, the Democratic Party has just been given another article of impeachment in the wake of President Donald Trump’s “terrifying” aloofness toward the military dog Conan.Hey, when hating Trump is your business, it doesn’t take much to get you worked up.Conan, the hero dog who was injured in the raid which led to the death of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, was honored at the White House on Monday, receiving both a medal and a plaque. Yet, Walsh opted to respond to what proves to be a proud moment for military dogs and their effectiveness by trashing Trump
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Fired Secretary of the Navy Richard Spencer lashed out at President Trump in an interview with CBS News on the steps of the Pentagon Monday evening. Spencer, who mutinied against Trump over his order to not kick Chief Petty Officer Eddie Gallagher out of the Navy SEALs, also attacked Trump in his letter acknowledging his firing this past weekend over the Gallagher case.(Photo) Spencer said of Trump, “What message does that send to the troops? That you can get away with this? We have to have good order and discipline
The billionaire with his own media megaphone:
Michael Bloomberg's media company announces
it will no longer investigate him -or any other
Democratic candidates - but all bets are
off with Trump
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Posted by Imright 11/25/2019 11:19:58 AM Post Reply
With Michael Bloomberg now running for president, the news service that bears his name and has served as his mouthpiece for three decades has said it will not 'investigate' him or any of his Democratic rivals but will continue investigative coverage of President Donald Trump's administration. Bloomberg Editor-in-Chief John Micklethwait announced the new guidelines for presidential campaign coverage in a note to the $22.5billion news organization's 2,700 journalists and analysts on Sunday, shortly after the former New York City mayor announced his candidacy.
Transgenderism and the Olympics 21 replies
Posted by Magnante 11/26/2019 6:01:23 AM Post Reply
Next year’s Tokyo Summer Olympics may spell the swift death of the transgender movement as a dominant politically-correct touchstone. Biological men, self-identifying as women, are poised to make a clean sweep of the Women’s Olympics, triggering a very public debate on this third-rail subject. That firestorm, pitting pro-women feminists against extreme pro-transgender progressives, will begin July 24th, just as the Presidential sweepstakes moves into its sprint to the finish line. The International Olympic Committee -- the IOC -- recently admitted they couldn’t come up with fair guidelines governing how and when transgender women can compete as women
An Antifa Member Tries to Block a Car and
Assault Someone, It Doesn’t Go Well (Seriously)
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Posted by ladydawgfan 11/25/2019 10:22:42 PM Post Reply
The tactic of protestors, specially those tied to Antifa and the climate change movement, blocking roadways is becoming more and more common. We saw some in Europe even try to hold up trains, leading to violent encounters. Normal people with jobs and responsibilities are getting tired of it. Someone’s pet issue doesn’t change the fact that the clock has got to punched or the children have got to be picked up. Yesterday, a video surfaced of an Antifa protestor trying to block an SUV. The protestor has some kind of weapon in his hand (which you’ll see later clearly) an is wearing a black mask and backup (the typical getup). Then this happens.
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