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Vindman, Zaid, Schiff:
Foul birds of an ugly feather

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Posted By: M2, 11/8/2019 6:14:04 AM

Lieutenant colonel Alexander Vindman was reportedly reprimanded by a superior when it became known that he repeatedly made fun of Americans; American culture; and, as he said, "Americans not being educated or worldly." He did this in front of foreign diplomats, constantly. No wonder he remained an Obama loyalist and has tried to undercut President Trump. After all, Obama considered himself first and foremost "a citizen of the world" and did not find anything exceptional in America in and of itself. President Trump loves America and is representative of a patriotic heartland mindset. After all, Trump believes in America first.

Text edited to reflect correction at source.  Lt  Col. Vindman is not retired.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: John C 11/8/2019 6:25:17 AM (No. 229835)
Good choice for must read.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: GO3 11/8/2019 6:29:16 AM (No. 229842)
Vindman is retired now? Man, that was quick.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: Rinktum 11/8/2019 7:26:33 AM (No. 229885)
I guess I am naive because I am shocked at the number of anti-America zealots in our military and working in the government. It really is disheartening to learn that so many are living on taxpayer money while hating this country. This guy Vindman is a such a weasel. How could he possibly be working in the White House? Once the guy was openly bashing the country and its people that should have been a huge red flag. Surely, that kind of behavior does not lead to promotion. Always before when I saw men and women in uniform I just assumed they were patriots. Now, not so much. Clearly, for some it is just a paycheck and the country is worse off for it. Zaid is just a typical democrat lawyer. A know-it-all progressive that feels he is above the law. Shakespeare was right. Schiff is in a category all of his own. He is an evil man given to lies and lawlessness. He is the very worst kind of human being. The kind who believes whatever he does is right. Guys like this should never ever be given any power because they will always abuse it for their own purposes. All three of these guys are rancid democrat operatives. What they are doing now is terribly destructive to the country. The country cries it for justice but people like these reprobates never seem to pay a price for what they do.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: VietVet68 11/8/2019 7:43:46 AM (No. 229903)
We need to find out how many Obama era sleepers have been placed in the government and eradicate them. This leftist assault on America won't stop until they're all gone.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: Franz 11/8/2019 8:10:10 AM (No. 229928)
What is so disgusting is that none of these partisans will be charged, much less prosecuted, for lying to Congress.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: earlybird 11/8/2019 8:18:26 AM (No. 229939)
Re #2, I believe that that is an error. I don’t believe Vindman is retired…
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Reply 7 - Posted by: preciosodrogas 11/8/2019 8:34:48 AM (No. 229953)
Remember we had 8 years of Obama appointing upper level military officers. Obama had the anti-midas touch. Everything he touched he purposely turned to ... the. opposite of gold. No surprise. What does concern me is President Trump not getting rid of these people. His picker seems to be broken. There are known anti- Trump people in positions that enable them to undermine him, and they remain. Take Wray for example. Why is he still there? And this creep. Why was he there?
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Reply 8 - Posted by: Dodge Boy 11/8/2019 8:48:45 AM (No. 229968)
After Obie was erroneously elected in 2008, I recall how he had replaced some 200 military Generals with progressive-minded clones of the Vindman bent. Unfortunately, there are many others like Vindman who lurk like little moles within the ranks of the military. They either must be purged out or as a minimum, never put in command of anybody or anything. I see that Vindman is "retired" now. Whew. That "retirement" came with lightening speed. Thank you, Mr. President.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: NotaBene 11/8/2019 9:07:38 AM (No. 229985)
Seems that the Military brass needs a spring cleaning. Vindman is not retired. He disobeyed his Commander in Chief to favor the Democratic Party that harbors our antisemites like Omar and Talib. The rabbis need to preach America First stronger.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: Casper27 11/8/2019 9:25:20 AM (No. 230000)
We have been watching America disintegrate before our very eyes since 1962. It has now come to a conclusion. You know what happened in 62. The CIA took over and infiltrated every institution with disloyal Americans who promote a global agenda at any cost. Mystery Babylon that is America and the volcano of the end time is heating up. You can't mix cultures. It did not work in the past, and it will not now.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: starboard 11/8/2019 9:30:20 AM (No. 230005)
Unless there are consequences to this type of conspiracy and activity perpetuated on us, the American People, nothing will get resolved. I hope all who were / are complicit to the ousting of our President will go to prison for a very long time. We want justice for this. How dare the Democrat party spend our money and time and put us through this hell which is where they all end up.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: bigfatslob 11/8/2019 9:53:05 AM (No. 230033)
Vindman is a retired Army officer then showing up in military uniform makes him doing a bit of 'stolen valor'. If he was active Army military the he should be court martialed and sent to prison for attacking the Commander in Chief it's real simple. The man should be mocked.
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Reply 13 - Posted by: EatMeIfYouDontLikeMyOpinion 11/8/2019 10:35:46 AM (No. 230067)
Vidman bad man, very very bad man.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: Bohallx 11/8/2019 10:38:12 AM (No. 230072)
TWO things we need to dwell on at every opportunity: (1) Schiff's biggest donor and arguably his best buddy (socially and politically) is ED BUCK. Ed is currently in jail awaiting trial for selling unlawful hard narcotics and murdering black men ~ to wit, Schiff's BFF is literally a dope dealing serial killer. It is inconceivable Schiff did not know of these matters. Not a single Democrat has made the slightest move to defend Adam Schiff. (2) The KGB, years ago, decided to place SEVERAL deep imbed spy rings in the USA. These people would attempt to assimilate as much as possible ~ living lives like everybody else here ~ and then, on call from the Kremlin they'd undertake actions against specific Americans or institutions. One such cell was placed in the Maryland suburbs and was busted about 2011 ~ by no less a personage than Peter Strzok, who got promoted into the counter-espionage division of the FBI. You need only look up the name ANNA CHAPMAN to find the rest of the story. There are hundreds of thousands of references to it on the net. All of that being so, we do not know if Peter caught them all... and we don't now how many other people like that Peter knows of, but he needs to be FORCED to disgorge everything he knows about the deep embed Russian spy ring(s) in the DC area before he is ever allowed out of prison ~ should they ever figure out how to put him in there. Obviously Vindman is a second generation deep embed agent. Who are the others? Did Peter ever clear Alexander?
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Reply 15 - Posted by: Lawsy0 11/8/2019 10:58:49 AM (No. 230090)
Neither Russia nor China would tolerate someone on their soil who spoke ill of China. We, on the other hand, give these malcontent turncoats government pensions.
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Reply 16 - Posted by: Zumkopf 11/8/2019 11:30:15 AM (No. 230123)
#3, denigrating America was practically a job requirement in the Obama Administration. Exhibit #2 is Brennan, #3 Ben Rhodes, #4 is Michelle. Trump’s big mistake was treating the White House like a Business: when you take over a new business, you keep the old hands around until you know how things work, and can tell who is capable and who is not. Trump should have treated the entire White House staff like a nest of spies, which it was, and fired the lot of them from the beginning. Same for all the Departments and Agencies. Making amateur mistakes is a whole lot less damaging then having your own people out to undermine you.
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Reply 17 - Posted by: Heraclitus 11/8/2019 11:57:22 AM (No. 230159)
Agree with #4. Let's not forget that BO installed at least a couple dozen "czars" to do who knows what for his EIGHT years. Where are they? What did they do? As for the military, we remember that some of our great officers were driven out (a lot missing the timeline which would have ensured their retirement benefits). Who was promoted? Were they patriots? (just look at the JAG cases, and the traitors who got away with their treachery, even celebrated by BO and regime). Were those promoted political operatives, loyalists to a foreign ethos rather than our Constitution? Why has Soros become so embedded in our elections systems?
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Reply 18 - Posted by: mc squared 11/8/2019 12:03:53 PM (No. 230167)
Anybody still sure the military would honor their oath to the Constitution if the coup continues and a Commiecrat becomes POTUS?
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Reply 19 - Posted by: DVC 11/8/2019 12:08:02 PM (No. 230169)
#2 a search for information on LTC Vindman being retired turned up nothing. So, not sure. Hope both Vindmans are gone, one way or another.
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Reply 20 - Posted by: DVC 11/8/2019 12:10:38 PM (No. 230170)
Note: A line was added on the American Thinker article at the end which says: "Correction: Lt. Col Vindman is not retired." The Army should be doing some serious things with both of them. They have definitely violated the UCMJ, and their courts martial should be coming up.
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Reply 21 - Posted by: Deety 11/8/2019 12:34:26 PM (No. 230189)
Isn't it "odd" how the actions and interests of the NeverTrumpers and the disgusting Democrats seem to always align so perfectly......?
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Reply 22 - Posted by: RedWhite&Blue2 11/8/2019 1:10:13 PM (No. 230214)
Did any of us ever imagine a coup against such a great leader? Since 2017? The real coup should have started in 2008! Veterans for Trump 2020 Bury the rats in 2020!
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Reply 23 - Posted by: buckeye1 11/8/2019 2:41:02 PM (No. 230271)
Politics plays a part of the military. It is not apolitical, especially when you get your stars.
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Reply 24 - Posted by: bighambone 11/8/2019 4:31:52 PM (No. 230342)
Remember back before and during the 2016 election. The American people elected Donald Trump and sent him to DC to drain the UniParty and Deep State Swamp there. Vindman, Zaid, and Schiff are all member of that DC Swamp in one way or another. After Trump arrived in DC he set new foreign policy goals very different then the Obama foreign policy, and the foreign policies under which Vindman, Zaid, and Schiff, and many others, had been operating for a long time, so obviously they did not like that one bit, and set out by all means available to resist and remove Trump from office and thus undo the 2016 election. This is just the latest UniParty and Deep State dirty trick try to get rid of Trump, this time through a bogus impeachment inquisition. Now the Democrats are claiming that any attempt by Trump to defend himself against their bogus impeachment inquisition is an obstruction of Congress and will be an article of impeachment in their latest bogus attempt to undo the 2016 election. Notice that a lot of DC politicians and civilian and military bureaucrats want as much US foreign aid money as possible to be handed to Ukraine that has been known to be one of the most corrupt countries out there, along with the fact that they are against all investigations into Ukrainian corruption some of which is suspected to involve Americans. Could the reason for that be that an undetermined amount of that US foreign aid money may well have ended up either in the foreign bank accounts or the pockets of corrupt politicians and bureaucrats some of them American Democrats?
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There’s something my former CBS News colleague Lesley Stahl said a while back that continues to haunt me. It was something she says President Trump told her, off camera.... She says she told him that his constant bashing of the media was tiresome. “Why are you doing it?” she says she asked him. According to Stahl, (he) responded with this: “I do it to discredit you all and demean you all so when you write negative stories about me no one will believe you.”
Will Mollie Hemingway still have
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Posted by Magnante 11/11/2019 5:12:43 AM Post Reply
Fox News Contributor Mollie Hemingway, senior editor at The Federalist and a highly regarded independent journalist, created a stir during a panel discussion on FNC’s Sunday morning program Media Buzz hosted by Howie Kurtz. At 11:19 A.M. E.T., as the program was being broadcast from Washington, D.C. without a delay, the topic of the “whistleblower,” who set the ball rolling on the move to impeach the president because of the July 25th Trump-Zelensky phone call, came up. (snip) Hemingway: And Real Clear Investigations has identified a man named Eric Ciaramella as the whistleblower. So it’s already out there.
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Republican Congressman Peter King announced Monday morning he will not seek re-election in New York's 2nd Congressional District. "I have decided not to be a candidate for re-election to Congress in 2020. I made this decision after much discussion with my wife Rosemary; my son Sean; and my daughter Erin. The prime reason for my decision was that after 28 years of spending 4 days a week in Washington, D.C., it is time to end the weekly commute and be home in Seaford," King wrote on his Facebook page. "This was not an easy decision. But there is a season for everything and Rosemary and I decided that,
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Michael Bloomberg would face a tough start to his presidential bid — as a new poll Sunday has found him with little support and nearly a quarter of Democratic primary voters who dislike him. Despite grabbing wall-to-wall press coverage over the past week since hints of his possible run surfaced, Bloomberg came out as the favorite candidate for just 4-percent of Democratic primary voters, according to the Morning Consult poll. It puts the former New York mayor in sixth place, just behind Sen. Kamala Harris and Mayor Pete Buttigieg and clearly trailing Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Sen. Bernie Sanders, with 18- and 20-percent support respectively.
Name of Obama Mole ERIC CIARAMELLA
Should Be Shouted From Patriot Rooftops
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Posted by Cavallodifiero 11/11/2019 1:57:25 PM Post Reply
Fox News contributor Mollie Hemingway called out the name of alleged whistleblower Eric Ciaramella on-air following a Fox Management network ban on hosts and personalities ever mentioning it. It’s a good start and one we hope that doesn’t cost the courageous Hemingway her future contributions to Fox News. But the name ERIC CIARAMELLA should be shouted from every patriot rooftop because in real life, Ciaramella’s the Barack Obama handpicked mole installed in the
Schiff’s Committee Published Name
Of Alleged Whistleblower Last Week
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Posted by Pluperfect 11/11/2019 4:43:27 AM Post Reply
Last Wednesday, the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI), chaired by Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff, published the unredacted name of a man alleged to be the so-called whistleblower who helped launch impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump. During HPSCI testimony, William Taylor, the charge d’affairs of the U.S. Embassy in Kyiv, Ukraine, was asked by a staff lawyer on the committee whether the name Eric Ciaramella was familiar to him. “Does a person by the name of Eric Ciaramella ring a bell for you?” asked Steve Castor, a committee staff counsel asked Taylor during a deposition on October 22.
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