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Warren rises as solid Democratic
option behind Biden, Sanders:
Reuters/Ipsos poll

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Posted By: cThree, 9/11/2019 11:34:17 AM

Support for U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren rose more than that of any other Democratic presidential hopeful over the past month, according to the Reuters/Ipsos poll, solidifying her status as a top contender behind Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. The Sept. 9-10 poll found that 11% of Democrats and independents said they would vote for Warren in their state’s nominating contests, up 3 percentage points from a similar poll that ran Aug. 1 to 5.


22% Biden, unchanged, and 16% Sanders, down 2%. Harris & Butti at 4% each, Yang and Spartacus at 3%. All other less than 2%, including Beto the Miracle Boy and DeBlasio the Most Tall.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: cThree 9/11/2019 11:37:28 AM (No. 177177)
So it would seem to be winnowing down to three, but I doubt it. Biden at 22, Sanders at 16, plus Warren at 11 add to 49%, not quite half of the Dems.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: SALady 9/11/2019 11:41:18 AM (No. 177181)
Does it scare the snot out of anyone else that the entire Demon-Rat field of candidates are all pure evil, and whose beliefs will weaken (if not absolutely destroy) our economy and country?!?!?!?!? And given all the massive cheating that the Demo-Rats have mastered, along with their brain-dead base of voters, one of them could actually win in 2020. Civil War 2 to start shortly thereafter!!!
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Reply 3 - Posted by: bighambone 9/11/2019 11:47:26 AM (No. 177185)
Warren won’t win as the Wall Street money men and women don’t like her or her socialist policies.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: Kate318 9/11/2019 11:47:49 AM (No. 177187)
Most of this is can be laid at the cloven feet of George Soros. The dems danced with the devil, by relying on his dark money, and now his radical, socialist agenda bill has come due. They have no choice.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: NorthernDog 9/11/2019 11:51:41 AM (No. 177193)
I don't think Dems would nominate Red Bernie under any circumstances. That pretty much leaves just Ma Warren and Crazy Old Joe. I am surprised Harris is being discarded so thoroughly now.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: cThree 9/11/2019 1:22:19 PM (No. 177245)
#2 I've been scared snot-free for years; certainly since 2008. Obama was golden, but anti-American to the core. Hillary was worse. Is worse, I should say. The current crop of humorless demagogues are all body surfing in the foam and spittle of the left-most Democrats, but none is a leader the way Trump is, even for their perverse ideology. And for that we should thank God Almighty. Right now they look to me like crabs in a bucket, all clawing at each other and so preventing anyone from escaping the bucket. I'm not yet convinced no other candidates will enter the fray.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: lakerman1 9/11/2019 1:29:35 PM (No. 177250)
If there is a deadlocked convention, we don't really know who the nominee would be - likely to be someone whop has not yet entered the race. Bernie was bought off in 2016 - unlikely that would work this time.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: enemyofthestate 9/11/2019 1:58:09 PM (No. 177272)
The fake Indian, and she has decades of fraudulently claiming Indian ancestry to advance her career in academia. No, thank you. Now, get me a beer, Lizzie.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: Scribelus 9/11/2019 2:18:46 PM (No. 177303)
The emerging cockroach's choice.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: Penney 9/11/2019 2:59:58 PM (No. 177330)
How can this be when her voice itself is so harpy & her message is repulsive to thinking people?! Seh is worse than Nurse Ratchet! Her ratings pushed by the dems' media MUST be more Fake News.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: DVC 9/11/2019 4:38:30 PM (No. 177403)
Pocahantas speaks with forked tongue.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: Smart11344 9/12/2019 3:15:33 PM (No. 178174)
I don't know the number of the democrats left standing as they try to outleft themselves to win. I can only hope and pray they will annihilate each other and President Trump will remain in office four more years.
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Warren rises as solid Democratic
option behind Biden, Sanders:
Reuters/Ipsos poll
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Support for U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren rose more than that of any other Democratic presidential hopeful over the past month, according to the Reuters/Ipsos poll, solidifying her status as a top contender behind Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. The Sept. 9-10 poll found that 11% of Democrats and independents said they would vote for Warren in their state’s nominating contests, up 3 percentage points from a similar poll that ran Aug. 1 to 5.
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In a major victory for both President Trump and national Republicans, North Carolina GOP state Sen. Dan Bishop was projected to win a fiercely contested special U.S. House election that was widely seen as a bellwether for the president's chances in the 2020 election. Another Republican House candidate won a separate special election in a GOP-leaning district elsewhere in North Carolina earlier in the evening -- frustrating Democrats who spent millions trying to avert the clean sweep and fire a warning shot against the president's bow, only to come up well short.
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Former congressional candidate Jon Ossoff said he will challenge Republican U.S. Sen. David Perdue and “mount a ruthless assault on corruption in our political system” that’s prevented Congress from addressing urgent issues. The Democrat told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution he would “raise a grassroots army unlike any this state has ever seen” by expanding the network of supporters who helped him raise roughly $30 million in a 2017 special election he narrowly lost. “We have squandered trillions on endless war. We have squandered trillions on bailouts for failed banks. We have squandered trillions on tax cuts for wealthy donors. Then we’re told there’s nothing left over for the people,” he said....
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All four of the crew members of a South Korean cargo vessel were rescued from their ship's hull on Monday after it turned onto its side off the coast of Georgia, U.S. authorities said. The U.S. Coast Guard shared photos and video of the final crew member being removed from the ship, which caught fire Sunday in the St. Simons Sound near Brunswick, Ga., near the Atlantic Ocean. Three were rescued earlier in the day, but the fourth was separated from the others by glass in an engineering control room and remained trapped on the vessel until Monday evening.
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A dozen international media organisations, including AFP, have signed up to a new initiative launched by the BBC to fight misinformation. AFP said in a statement on Saturday it has joined the BBC initiative, alongside organisations such as the European Broadcasting Union, the Financial Times, First Draft, The Hindu, the Wall Street Journal, CBC/Radio Canada, Reuters and the Reuters Institute, as well as partners Facebook, Google and Microsoft. (Snip) The BBC's initiative includes a joint online media education campaign, sharing experiences, especially around major elections, and is also concerned with facilitating access to public information during elections.  Source corrected.

Why Are Republicans Caving
to Socialist Price-Setters?
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If you look around, it's hard not to conclude that we are in an especially critical political moment. The Democrats, half driven to madness by anti-Trump rage and freed to state their true convictions by Trump's unsettling of the status quo, headed straight to the Loony Left. The Republican picture is more complicated.(Snip) Price controls inevitably lead to rationing, shortages, black markets, and many other symptoms of the disorder created by trying to force economic irrationality on a market. The end result is anguish. The recent resurgence of this idea is worrying, and should be quickly extinguished.
San Francisco Declares
NRA a 'Domestic Terrorist Organization'
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San Francisco, the "sanctuary city" for illegal aliens -- now crowded with homeless people camping and defecating on sidewalks -- has just declared the National Rifle Association a "domestic terrorist organization." The resolution, which the Board of Supervisors passed unanimously Tuesday, urges the rest of the country to "do the same." The resolution accuses the NRA or mustering "its considerable wealth and organizational strength to promote gun ownership and incite gun owners to acts of violence."
Hong Kong’s Carrie Lam
formally withdraws extradition bill
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Carrie Lam, Hong Kong’s embattled chief executive, formally withdrew the controversial extradition bill that sparked months of tense protests that played out on an international stage. The bill allowing Hong Kong residents to be sent to mainland China for trials sparked massive protests that have rocked the city since June. Lam had suspended the bill, but protesters wanted it entirely withdrawn. Pro-government lawmaker Michael Tien confirmed he was notified on Tuesday of the meeting, which includes members of the National People's Congress and the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference. He said he has no details of the agenda.
10 Democrats set
for next debate as several others
miss cut
18 replies
Posted by cThree 8/29/2019 12:55:19 AM Post Reply
Struggling Democratic presidential candidates are facing the bad news that they are not among the 10 who have qualified for the next debate, a predicament that is likely to spell doom for their campaigns. (Snip) The 10 candidates who qualified for September’s debate are Joe Biden, Cory Booker, Pete Buttigieg, Julián Castro, Kamala Harris, Amy Klobuchar, Beto O’Rourke, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Andrew Yang.
Feds Issue Violation Notice To UVMMC
After Nurse Reports Performing
Abortion Against Conscience
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Posted by cThree 8/29/2019 12:30:22 AM Post Reply
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services alleges University of Vermont Medical Center illegally coerced a nurse into assisting with what the department described as an elective abortion. This is the first enforcement action of this kind from the department's new Conscience and Religious Freedom Division. The hospital disputes many of the allegations. (Snip) "We do not want a society where, on the issue of life and death, people are forced to violate their deepest held beliefs about it," said OCR director Roger Severino during a press call Wednesday morning.
Knives, Rifles, and a Suicide 1 reply
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Another bad week for Democrats. After the latest debates “No candidate received a polling bump,” according to Morning Consult analyst Anthony Patterson, and the inestimable Michael Barone analyzes the various constituencies -- often conflicting -- that make up the present Democratic party. (Snip) [T]his very weak field of candidates seems to encourage them to further madness. This week it was to blame mass shootings in Dayton and El Paso on the President and to demand gun control measures, some of which are already in place. For the most part the arguments are demonstrably specious and opportunistic.
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Why Do So Many Republican Voters
Support Trump? A Theory
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Early Monday morning, Donald Trump tweeted: “94% Approval Rating in the Republican Party, a record. Thank you!” Where the president got this specific number remains a mystery. Recent polls by YouGov put his GOP approval roughly ten points lower, and Gallup, which has tracked Trump’s popularity since he took office, puts him at 88 percent. But I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised that Trump used his Sharpie to round up his score. He’s deeply invested in being — or at least claiming to be — the most popular Republican president in history.
Ocasio-Cortez: Republican Party Is
‘Scared’ of Us ‘Because They
Know How Powerful’ We Are
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Posted by M2 9/12/2019 7:05:26 AM Post Reply
The far-left members of the “Squad” – Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), Ilhan Omar (D-MN), Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), and Ayanna Pressley (D-MA) – participated in an NAACP forum Wednesday evening and declared that members of the Republican Party are “scared” of them “because they know how powerful” they are. Ocasio-Cortez talked about her background as a waitress and told the moderator, Angela Rye, that she does not “shy away” from her background of working in restaurants because it prepared her for her current job as a congresswoman. “Nothing will give you the ferocity of advocacy like having that kind of experience,” Ocasio-Cortez said.
Show of faith
Ashura festival sees children left
covered in blood as devout Muslims
use knives to slice their heads open
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Every year, thousands of Shia worshippers take part in the ceremonies, performed to mourn the death of Husayn ibn Ali, a grandson of the Prophet Muhammad. The commemorations take place on Ashura, the tenth day of the first month of the Islamic calendar. They mark Husayn's death at the Battle of Karbala, fought between Husayn and Yazid I on October 10 680AD to determine who should succeed the prophet as the leader of Islam.
Trump’s Only Real Weakness
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This is the time for President Trump to deprive his enemies of the last weapon that could be employed against him that could cause him any harm: the largely false, but still troublesome, issue of his personality and routine behavior. Other lines of attack have come to naught: Collusion with Russia, accusations of racism provoking outbursts of mass murder (by uttering “racially charged statements,” in the inadvertently Orwellian words of CNN’s most witless talking head, Don Lemon), the verbal recession confected by the world-renowned economists of CNN and MSNBC, all of it has collapsed. Illegal border crossings are in sharp decline as the wall is steadily extended,
Contractors may have to reveal
past ties to slavery to get
business with New York City
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City contractors would have to reveal past ties to slavery under a Council bill that will be introduced on Thursday. The legislation would require companies to search their history and records to determine if they or any affiliated entities engaged in or profited from the slave trade when they enter in or renew city contracts of $100,000 or more. “New York City is the financial capital of the world, and the ugly truth is that its stature as such has roots in the slave trade,” Councilman I. Daneek Miller, a co-sponsor of the legislation with Councilwoman Inez Barron (D-Brooklyn).
Pete Buttigieg's twisted
Bible teaching on abortion
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Posted by MissMolly 9/12/2019 5:50:00 AM Post Reply
Mayor Pete Buttigieg ought to crack open the Bible, turn to Psalm 139, and read how God formed humans “fearfully and wonderfully” — and after, take a second look at his views on abortion and repent, said his brother-in-law, Rhyan Glezman, an evangelical pastor from Michigan, on Fox News. Good advice. It is a curiosity how a self-declaring Christian can still stand strong on the side of abortion rights. This is what Buttigieg said a few days ago on a “Breakfast Club” radio interview: “Right now, [conservatives] hold everybody in line with this one piece of doctrine about abortion, which is obviously a tough issue
Hillary Clinton Mocks US From Abroad –
Then Taunts House Republicans,
‘I Found My Emails’
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Posted by Imright 9/12/2019 5:18:28 PM Post Reply
Crooked Hillary mocked the US from abroad then taunted House Republicans over her email scandal. Hillary Clinton visited an art exhibit in Venice, Italy this week which displayed 60,000 pages of her ’emails’ she sent over her private server. The artist, Kenneth Goldsmith, printed up 60,000 pages of Hillary Clinton’s emails that somehow managed to survive her BleachBit spree and called the exhibit, “HILLARY: The Hillary Clinton Emails.” According to The Hill, Hillary spent nearly an hour rifling through her emails at the exhibit, then posed for a picture.This wasn’t enough for Hillary — she
Foes attack Melania’s 9/11 dress …
say it shows plane crashing
into building
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Posted by Imright 9/12/2019 11:58:07 AM Post Reply
In honor of the 18th anniversary of the Sept. 11 terror attacks, on Wednesday President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump both posted tweets that pictured them standing on a balcony underneath or above the words “We Will Never Forget.”While conservatives appeared to respond to the posts by issuing their own Sept. 11 tributes and thanking the president for his efforts to protect America from further terror attacks, many on the left reacted to it with scorn, derision, and highly disturbing conspiracy theories. Look at the posts below:
AOC reveals her student loan balance and
makes payment during congressional hearing
23 replies
Posted by Ribicon 9/11/2019 7:10:50 PM Post Reply
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made a payment towards her student loan debt during a committee meeting and called on Congress to take swift action on the issue. “I literally made a student loan payment while I was sitting here at this chair, and I looked at my balance and it was $20,237.16 (£16,410.62),” the New York Democrat said at a meeting of the financial services committee focusing on student debt. “I just made a payment that took me down to $19,000 (£15,412),” she added, “so I feel really accomplished right now.”(Snip) Democrats like Ilhan Omar and Bernie Sanders have also called on Congress
Dems Outspent The GOP In North Carolina
Races But Here's How Republicans Came
Out Victorious
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Posted by Imright 9/11/2019 5:22:31 AM Post Reply
Although the Democrats were heavily focused on winning in North Carolina's 3rd and 9th Congressional Districts and they outspent the GOP heavily, Republicans Dan Bishop and Greg Murphy came out victorious on Tuesday night. But how did they win when the odds were stacked against them, at least on the monetary front? According to Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel, President Donald Trump rallied voters and helped push the candidates over the finish line. In particular, Trump's last minute stump on Monday night gave Bishop a last minute boost,
Houston Ship Channel shut down after
11 Greenpeace activists dangled off
bridge ahead of 3rd Dem debate
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Posted by Imright 9/12/2019 5:27:30 PM Post Reply
AUSTIN— Twenty-two Greenpeace USA activists created a blockade on the Fred Hartman Bridge in Baytown, Texas early Thursday ahead of the third Democratic primary debate in Houston. Eleven of those climbers are dangling over the side of the bridge, an activist said in a Facebook Live video. The climbers held colorful ribbons and streamers to block traffic under the bridge. The group aims to “shut down the largest oil export channel in the U.S.” for 24 hours. Law enforcement officials told the local NBC affiliate that Houston Ship Channel was temporarily closed down because the protesters threatened to lower themselves to stop ship traffic.
Lawsuits. Possible bankruptcy.
Declining members. Is there a
future for the Boy Scouts?
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Posted by NorthernDog 9/12/2019 12:01:01 AM Post Reply
Parents clutched shiny new folders and shuffled 7-year-olds through crowded, brick-walled hallways. Past the booth with the spirit-wear sale and sign-up forms for the PTA stood Julie Bostian, tan uniform tucked into army-green shorts, ready to recruit. (Snip) As the new school year begins, Bostian and Scout leaders across the country are vying for the future of an organization facing unprecedented threats from several corners. Looming over the Boy Scouts are lawsuits that threaten to tarnish its image, reports of a potential bankruptcy and a struggle to define what it means to be a Scout today. Most recently, a group
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