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Posted By: earlybird, 7/28/2019 3:15:55 PM

Trump supporters are right to feel vindication after Robert Mueller's testimony before Congress. (SnipThe real truth is Mueller's testimony was never going to interrupt preexisting trends. Support for impeachment has been stable for a year at around 40 percent in the Fox News poll of registered voters. (Snip)But President Trump and Republicans would be wrong to assume that the Democrats' drive to impeachment has ended. The will to overturn the 2016 election never depended on Mueller. He was merely the most likely instrument of Trump's undoing. Democrats have called for impeachment since Trump's inaugural. What they have lacked is the means.


Second headline: Column: Why impeachment isn't going away

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Reply 1 - Posted by: Lucky5 7/28/2019 3:20:48 PM (No. 136387)
How are we going to act when one of their people gets in again? That is really my question. There is no way I am going to sit back and let it ride, like I have for my entire life. What they have done is reject a legitimate election results because they do not like it.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: mc squared 7/28/2019 4:11:00 PM (No. 136420)
The money quote: the impeachment debate is not about what Trump has done, is doing, or might do. It is about whether he and the social forces he represents are entitled to rule.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: MDConservative 7/28/2019 5:27:40 PM (No. 136480)
Impeachment isn’t in the cards, but the continued threat and coverage is part of the drumbeat we will hear through the summer, along with various allegations and screeching. After Labor Day will come the final Uniparty push to stop PDT’s re-election campaign. The GOPe has Mitt in the wings, and Weld has the band already back together.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: bad-hair 7/28/2019 6:17:32 PM (No. 136512)
I would prefer that they keep yelling "Impeach the MF" up to election day rather than have them pass some useful legislation that Trump might sign. Let the country see what a bunch of useless political jerks they are. Joe Biden for president !!! Seriously???
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DOS AND DON'TS Meghan Markle and
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HARRY and Meghan’s neighbours have been warned by royal flunkies not to talk to the couple or ask to see baby Archie. They must even avoid stroking the pair’s dogs should they bound over.The astonishing “do and don’t commandments” were issued at a residents’ meeting. One local said: “It would be funny if it wasn’t so over the top.” Narked neighbours ordered not to talk to Harry and Meghan said last night: “Even the Queen doesn’t demand this.” Flunkies issued the list of dos and don’ts for people living near the couple’s new Frogmore Cottage home on the Windsor estate.
Baltimore Burning: It's Not A
Matter Of Money. We Tried That
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With the surety of night following day, the Baltimore riots have been followed by calls for more government spending to fight poverty in our distressed inner cities. President Barack Obama says "massive investments in urban communities" could "make a difference right now." Representative Elijah Cummings, who represents Maryland in Congress, says, "We have to invest in our cities and our children." And House Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer, who also represents the state, says, "But we're going to have to as a country invest if we're going to have the kinds of communities we want." But the idea that we haven't been "investing" in Baltimore is nonsense.
Mueller Has a Reputation… 8 replies
Posted by earlybird 7/29/2019 10:56:48 AM Post Reply
It is apparently part of Robert Mueller’s contract with the media that he must always be described as “honorable” and a “lifelong Republican.” (After this week, we can add “dazed and confused” to his appellation.) If it matters that Mueller is a “lifelong Republican,” then I guess it matters that he hired a team of left-wing zealots. Of the 17 lawyers in Mueller’s office, 14 are registered Democrats.(Snip)As for Mueller being “honorable,” Steven Hatfill and the late Sen. Ted Stevens might beg to differ. After the 2001 anthrax attacks, the FBI, under Director Mueller’s close supervision, spent SEVEN YEARS pursuing Hatfill,
Santino William Legan: 5 Fast Facts
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Posted by earlybird 7/29/2019 10:36:38 AM Post Reply
Santino William Legan, 19, has been identified by CBS News as the suspect in the mass shooting at the Gilroy Garlic Festival in California. (Snip)Legan also shared his views that include fringe white supremacist book written in 1890. Called “…one of the most incendiary works ever to be published anywhere,” by a noted anarchist, Legan quoted from the book in a post accompanied by a Smokey the Bear sign about fire danger. He wrote: “Read Might Is Right by Ragnar Redbeard. Why overcrowd towns and pave more open space to make room for hordes of mestizos and Silicon Valley white twats?”
Baltimore Rat Infestation Is So Bad
They Made A Documentary About It
2 Years Ago
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Posted by earlybird 7/29/2019 9:26:52 AM Post Reply

The Baltimore rat problem President Donald Trump tweeted about Saturday is apparently so extensive that it was the subject of a documentary two years ago. (Snip) The Baltimore Sun’s editorial board published a scathing op-ed later in the day that simultaneously waved off the city’s rat problem while calling Trump a rat. “Better to have a few rats than to be one,” blared the headline.  But according to earlier reports from The Baltimore Sun, that rat problem is actually quite a bit more extensive than the editorial board implied. (Snip)In April of this year, the same editorial board published another op-ed

Trump makes Baltimore the symbol
of Democrats
13 replies
Posted by earlybird 7/29/2019 8:55:13 AM Post Reply
Democrat Elijah Cummings enjoys a safe seat in Congress, so safe that the congressman thought he could front the clan that wants to impeach President Donald John Trump. In response, President Trump showed the nation how third world parts of Cummings' district in Baltimore is. Baltimore's last Republican mayor was Theodore McKeldin, whose term ended 52 years ago. His successor was Nancy Pelosi's brother, Thomas D'Alesandro III. The population was 939,024 and mainly white back then. Now the population is 602,495 and mainly black. In 2018, USA Today dubbed Baltimore the most dangerous city in America.
Ginsburg defends Kavanaugh, Gorsuch
as 'very decent, very smart individuals'
17 replies
Posted by earlybird 7/28/2019 6:08:44 PM Post Reply
Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Wednesday night defended Associate Justices Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch as "very decent" and "very smart" individuals after one of her former law clerks suggested that new nominees lack personal decency. (Snip) At an hourlong question-and-answer session, Duke Law professor Neil Siegel lamented that "nominees for the Supreme Court are not chosen primarily anymore for independence, legal ability, personal decency, and I wonder if that’s a loss for all of us." Ginsburg shot back, "My two newest colleagues are very decent, very smart individuals."
Schiff: Trump Obstructing Congressional
Oversight Might Be Grounds for
25 replies
Posted by earlybird 7/28/2019 4:24:12 PM Post Reply
Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” House Intelligence Committee chairman Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) said President Donald Trump stonewalling Congress in their investigations might become an impeachable offense. (Snip) “He is violating a different provision of the Constitution by obstructing the Congress in its lawful and constitutional duty. That would not be a crime, that would be a misdemeanor. And the founders had a different idea of what misdemeanor meant. It’s not a lesser crime, but it’s demeaning the office. And I think violating the separation of powers would be such a misdemeanor. So this is why I say the President is
Elijah Cummings Is a Partisan Hack,
Not an ‘Oversight’ Chair
2 replies
Posted by earlybird 7/28/2019 3:45:01 PM Post Reply
President Donald Trump criticized House Oversight Committee chair Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) on Saturday for failing to help his district. He could just as well have pointed out Cummings does a terrible job of “oversight.” Whether as chair of the committee or ranking member, Cummings has been a partisan hack. He abuses his power for vendettas against the Trump administration. And when Obama was in charge, Cummings shielded him from scrutiny. In February, Cummings conducted a farcical hearing that featured former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen. Cohen had already been convicted of lying to Congress and was already on his way to federal prison. Cummings did not care:
Resistance, Inc. 4 replies
Posted by earlybird 7/28/2019 3:15:55 PM Post Reply
Trump supporters are right to feel vindication after Robert Mueller's testimony before Congress. (SnipThe real truth is Mueller's testimony was never going to interrupt preexisting trends. Support for impeachment has been stable for a year at around 40 percent in the Fox News poll of registered voters. (Snip)But President Trump and Republicans would be wrong to assume that the Democrats' drive to impeachment has ended. The will to overturn the 2016 election never depended on Mueller. He was merely the most likely instrument of Trump's undoing. Democrats have called for impeachment since Trump's inaugural. What they have lacked is the means.
Trump winning border fight 3 replies
Posted by earlybird 7/28/2019 3:03:18 PM Post Reply
Under President Donald John Trump, the definition of protective tariffs widened to protecting our borders. On Friday, Guatemala chose to help stop illegal immigration over paying a tariff on goods they sell here. Mexico did the same thing last month. President Donald John Trump has both countries agreeing to give asylum to people from other countries instead of waving them through on their way to the USA. Mexico had been providing buses for them. The Associated Press said, "President Donald Trump on Friday heralded the concession as a win as he struggles to live up to his campaign promises on immigration.
Cummings Criticizes Border Conditions –
President Trump Reminds Cummings
of His Home District…
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Posted by earlybird 7/28/2019 12:18:44 PM Post Reply
Charity begins at home; so too does good governance. President Trump confronts Oversight Committee Chairman Elijah Cummings with the reality of his own district in Baltimore, Maryland, and the blight that’s been neglected for decades.It is worth remembering that Nancy Pelosi changed the House Rules last year, and specifically changed the role of Elijah Cummings. Within the Pelosi rules [page #2], the House Oversight Committee was modified to drop all other areas of government oversight, and focus exclusively on the White House. (Snip) Pelosi sets up a new, much narrower, oversight priority for Chairman Elijah Cummings; specifically to tailor
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NAACP: Impeach ‘Occupant’ of WH
for ‘Vile Racist Attack’ on Cummings
42 replies
Posted by M2 7/28/2019 9:00:13 AM Post Reply
The Chairman of the NAACP board of directors on Saturday said President Donald Trump should be impeached for his “vile racist attack” on Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) and the “despicable” attacks on Baltimore. Leon W. Russell, the chairman, also accused Trump of running a “criminal enterprise” and turning the White House into a “racist cesspool.” “Today is the absolute low point in an otherwise abysmal Presidential Administration. The vile racist attack on Congressman Elijah Cummings and the City of Baltimore is despicable. The White House is the seat of a criminal enterprise and a racist cesspool,” Russell said. “Given the racist and criminal nature of the occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue,
Barack Obama shares op-ed signed by
149 black members of his administration
calling President Trump 'un-American'
and criticizing him for the
'poisoning of our democracy'
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Posted by Ribicon 7/28/2019 2:40:24 PM Post Reply
Former President Barack Obama tweeted a link to a scathing op-ed denouncing current President Donald Trump as wielding 'racism, sexism, homophobia and xenophobia.' Under the headline, 'We are African Americans, we are patriots, and we refuse to sit idly by,' 149 African American members of the Obama administration proclaimed that they 'refuse to sit idly by' during 'the poisoning of our democracy,' and Obama seemingly signaled his agreement. The op-ed, published on Friday by The Washington Post, was written in response to Trump writing that four progressive women of color currently serving in Congress—three of whom were born in the US
Teen Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg to
shun plane for sailboat as she heads to summits
36 replies
Posted by NorthernDog 7/29/2019 1:35:43 PM Post Reply
Greta Thunberg, the Swedish teenager whose social media-savvy brand of eco-activism has inspired tens of thousands of students in Europe to skip classes and protest for faster action against climate change, said Monday that she plans to take her message to America the old-fashioned way: by boat. The 16-year-old tweeted that she’ll sail across the Atlantic aboard a high-tech racing yacht, leaving Britain next month to attend U.N. climate summits in New York in September and Santiago, Chile, in December. Thunberg told The Associated Press ahead of her announcement that she spent months trying to figure out how to travel
Parents reveal BOTH of their children
are transgender after they decided to
transition aged five and seven—and
insist they're happier than ever
32 replies
Posted by Ribicon 7/29/2019 12:43:28 PM Post Reply
The parents of two transgender children have told how they supported them unconditionally, after they both decided to transition to the opposite sex from an early age. Ben Faryna and Sara Kaplan, from Berkeley, California, welcomed a biological daughter and then a biological son, to their family. But at the age of eight, James Kaplan, now 11, who was born a biological girl, realised he had to transition from female to male. And just a few years later Olivia Kaplan, now 7, who was biologically born a boy, realised at 4 that she wanted to transition from male to female.
A Mischief of Rats 31 replies
Posted by MissMolly 7/28/2019 5:18:49 AM Post Reply
This editorial is intended as a friendly, cheer-up gesture to our friends in the 7th District of Maryland. They’re stinging from the insults of President Trump, who, in a feud with Congressman Elijah Cummings, sent out a twitter characterizing the district as a “disgusting, rat and rodent infested mess.” The jibe was met with a riposte by a Baltimore native, CNN’s Victor Blackwell, who choked up in broadcast that has gone viral. We hope Mr. Blackwell can take some comfort in the fact that when it comes to rats, Baltimore has got nothing on Mr. Trump’s hometown. The other day we were transferring trains
Sen. Ron Wyden Escorts 8 1/2 Months
Pregnant Mexican Woman and Her
Family Across Border Into US
30 replies
Posted by Imright 7/28/2019 8:46:44 PM Post Reply
Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) posted a video Saturday bragging about how he had escorted an eight-and-a-half months pregnant migrant from Mexico into the U.S. because the woman allegedly was having a difficult pregnancy. Wyden does not tell viewers that the woman is a Mexican citizen and that she brought her husband and 3-year-old son with her across the border. Apparently there are no competent maternity hospitals in Mexico. (Photos) Wyden said he was touring a migrant facility in Juarez, Mexico accompanied by a doctor who diagnosed a pregnant Mexican woman seeking asylum
Father charged with homicide after accidentally
leaving twin infants in hot car while at work: Police
29 replies
Posted by NorthernDog 7/28/2019 8:27:14 AM Post Reply
The father of infant twins has been charged with homicide after the pair was discovered dead inside a car in the Bronx Friday afternoon, New York City police said. Police are investigating whether the twins died from heat exposure .Investigators said the father, identified as Juan Rodriguez, told them that he accidentally left the twins, a boy and a girl approximately 11 months old, in their rear-facing car seats in his car Friday morning on his way to work at a nearby Veteran's Administration Medical Center around 8 a.m. Police said that he told them that he went back into
John Brennan Calls DNI Pick John
Ratcliffe a ‘Servile Trump Loyalist’
28 replies
Posted by Imright 7/29/2019 1:06:11 PM Post Reply
Former CIA Director John Brennan appears none-too-happy with President Donald Trump’s selection for the next Director of National Intelligence (DNI), calling Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-TX) a “servile Trump loyalist.” “Dan Coats served ably & with deep integrity. Ratcliffe showed abject subservience to Trump in Mueller hearings,” Brennan wrote on Twitter Monday. “The women & men in the Intelligence Community deserve a leader like Coats who puts nation first; not a servile Trump loyalist like Ratcliffe.” (Tweet)
'Storm Area 51' turnout
overwhelms Nevada town
28 replies
Posted by MissMolly 7/29/2019 4:57:37 AM Post Reply
LAS VEGAS — At first, the co-owner of the quirky alien-themed motel down a Nevada highway from the mysterious Area 51 site didn’t take a posting for a prank Facebook event too seriously. Then, her phone started ringing. “It doesn’t stop, our phone won’t stop ringing,” Connie West, of the Little A’le’Inn, told the Las Vegas Sun. The 10-room motel is one of few businesses in Rachel, a town of 54 residents now gaining celebrity status among aviation and UFO enthusiasts attracted by the posting about a Sept. 20 event dubbed “storm Area 51.” More than 1 million people have responded to the internet post calling for people to “Naruto run” at 3 a.m.
Purity Expert Josh Harris Announces 'I am Not
a Christian,' Apologizes to LGBT Community
25 replies
Posted by NorthernDog 7/29/2019 4:23:08 PM Post Reply
A leader in the Christian purity movement has announced he is "falling away" from Christianity and says he regrets his teachings on dating and sexuality. Joshua Harris, who first came to notice when he wrote I Kissed Dating Goodbye as a 21-year-old, also shared that he and his wife, Shannon, are splitting up and "will continue our life together as friends." "I have undergone a massive shift in regard to my faith in Jesus," Harris wrote Friday in an Instagram post. "The popular phrase for this is 'deconstruction,' the biblical phrase is 'falling away'. By all the measurements that I
Al Sharpton responds to Trump: I'm
happy to make trouble for racists
and people like you
25 replies
Posted by Imright 7/29/2019 9:52:19 AM Post Reply
The Rev. Al Sharpton confirmed President Trump’s assertion that he’s a troublemaker.Sharpton says he’s happy to keep making trouble for racists and “people like” Trump.Trump accused Sharpton of being racist against white people and a political swindler in an early-morning tweet Monday.“[Trump’s] going to attack the most visible black person that comes across his desk and he thinks can set a tone. I’m not going to bite the bait,” Sharpton said Monday on MSNBC’s Morning Joe.The president suggested Sharpton was nothing more than a race-baiting “troublemaker” and a “con man”
Tlaib on Trump’s Cummings Attacks:
‘Our President Has a Hate Agenda’
25 replies
Posted by M2 7/29/2019 6:55:00 AM Post Reply
unday on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) reacted to President Donald Trump’s attacks on Rep Elijah Cummings (D-MD) and Baltimore. Tlaib said, “He continues to say things about American cities across this country. Look, our president has a hate agenda. He doesn’t have a policy agenda, and that is what he falls down on. Right now as people are in my district every single day I talk to folks losing jobs, not getting paid what they need, they’re working three or four jobs just to make ends meet. So many folks at the front line are really suffering. And they want somebody that is going to follow
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