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Tricky Wiki Giving Democrat Jeff Epstein

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Posted By: Cavallodifiero, 7/12/2019 1:47:55 PM

Not only can you be anyone you want on the Internet, and trust that Google is FOREVER, but you can—with the right powerbroker connections—have Wikipedia (Wiki) replace WHO and WHAT you are whenever scandal strikes. Alleged sexual child trafficker Jeffrey Epstein has been Tricky Wiki sanitized into just another, run-of-the-mill, white billionaire pedophile REPUBLICAN guy/goy Here’s the overnight proof:


I love it when a story contains proof and not just hearsay,

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Reply 1 - Posted by: Shadow722 7/12/2019 1:52:54 PM (No. 121727)
Your linky no worky, try this one:
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Reply 2 - Posted by: poliposter 7/12/2019 3:03:18 PM (No. 121782), everyone.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: DVC 7/12/2019 3:28:52 PM (No. 121794)
Wikipedia, on any topic which is even remotely political, is entirely unreliable. In fact, hordes of human drones stand by to immediately "correct" any facts which might be placed on a wikepedia page which will disprove or interfere with "the narrative" - basically that conservatives and Republicans are always bad, and Dems and leftists are always good. Much disinformation is on wikipedia.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: trackman999 7/12/2019 3:43:29 PM (No. 121799)
I typed in" epstein and clinton", top of the results was a story that trump and clinton are sweating Biased? You bet.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: ZeldaFitzg 7/12/2019 3:48:54 PM (No. 121808)
One of my family lines began in the Virginia Colony, settling finally in a particular Tidewater county. I had researched the county well over the years, obtaining books and genealogical publications, and knew its rich history. Patrick Henry, for example, had lived there for a time, and some important battles had been fought there. It was otherwise important in many areas. A few years ago, I looked at its article in Wikipedia and was shocked to see that the article was almost entirely about current and past race relations in the county.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: qr4j 7/12/2019 4:50:59 PM (No. 121832)
The only thing I have read that remotely connects Mr. Trump to Epstein was a comment Mr. Trump made back in 2002 (I believe) in which Mr. Trump says Epstein is a great guy who likes younger women. Mr. Trump likes beautiful women (look at the First Lady -- off-the-charts gorgeous!) -- whether exclusively younger than he is, I don't know. But Mr. Trump is NOT "into" children. Period. If he wanted to play the field of WOMEN, he doesn't need an Epstein to find them. Also, how was Mr. Trump to know Epstein really was NOT a nice guy back then? The Left has claimed that Bill Clinton is a "great guy." Even the Bush Family has said so. What if we find out with certainty that Clinton participated in activities related to sex trafficking? Does that impugn the Bush Family? Does that mean the Left needs to grovel? Criticize Mr. Trump and his policies if you will. I'll disagree with you. I'll be respectful to you if you're respectful to me. But don't be throwing Mr. Trump under the PERVERT BUS of Epstein!
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Reply 7 - Posted by: bad-hair 7/12/2019 5:39:19 PM (No. 121852)
Wiki ain't going to help much. Jeffi is toast and ratting out Mr. Bill with video ain't gonna save him.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: curious1 7/12/2019 7:26:44 PM (No. 121905)
#6, and don't forget to mention to any leftard who brings up Trump's comment that back then Trump was a democrat. Keep duct tape handy for them.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: hershey 7/12/2019 9:28:22 PM (No. 121972)
Wikipedia and Snopes.....birds of a feather....
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Reply 10 - Posted by: The Remnants 7/12/2019 10:14:19 PM (No. 121994)
So pathetic! Another example that too many have no respect for truth anymore.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: Trigger2 7/13/2019 2:30:02 AM (No. 122077)
I bet these commie professors will allow Wiki references if it's favorable to the Communist Demonrat Party.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: MickTurn 7/13/2019 8:01:53 AM (No. 122167)
Wiki is now Wako.
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Tricky Wiki Giving Democrat Jeff Epstein
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Posted by Cavallodifiero 7/12/2019 1:47:55 PM Post Reply
Not only can you be anyone you want on the Internet, and trust that Google is FOREVER, but you can—with the right powerbroker connections—have Wikipedia (Wiki) replace WHO and WHAT you are whenever scandal strikes. Alleged sexual child trafficker Jeffrey Epstein has been Tricky Wiki sanitized into just another, run-of-the-mill, white billionaire pedophile REPUBLICAN guy/goy Here’s the overnight proof:
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The music theme from the ‘Rocky’ movie should be playing in the heads of Jim Acosta and other journos whenever they hear the name of new White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham. But members of the mostly anti-Trump White House press corps will, rather than being grateful that she cleared the path for
Oregon farmers, truckers, loggers and
senators rebel against Dems
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In an effort to save Oregon agriculture, transportation and natural resource industries from bearing the burden of a boundless cap and trade bill (Oregon HB 2020), 11 republican senators ditched the state capital to prevent a quorum in the chamber. It was a stand made to force the far-reaching plan into a referendum vote rather than allow a super-majority legislature, packed with politicians lacking business experience, to set policy.
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez America’s
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Much is being written and said about Modern Day Harpy Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), but no one sys it better than author/journalist Marilyn MacGruder Barnewell: Through AOC, “We’re actually living SNL!”(Saturday Night Live). SNL became a surrealistic every day reality, when top staff of Bolshevik Bernie Sanders opened Pandora’s Box and let a rarin’ to go, fully scripted, screaming meemie AOC out.
Surviving The 2020 Presidential Election
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The main strategy of the ‘progressives’ during the 2020 presidential election campaign is to dispirit Hillary’s deplorables. The mantra of the day, backed by polls, seems to be ‘President Donald Trump doesn’t have a chance; no point voting for him’. To avoid becoming dispirited by what will be be wall-to-wall, one-sided media coverage of the 2020 presidential election campaign, stick to this simple rule of thumb: God 1st, family and country 2nd and third, and politics only when absolutely necessary.
2020 Election is NOT Google’s To Win 0 replies
Posted by Cavallodifiero 6/24/2019 4:38:38 PM Post Reply
If Google couldn’t stop Donald Trump being elected in 2016 (and God only knows how hard they tried!), how can they can stop Trump’s re-election in 2020? We all know that it wasn’t just Google, but Facebook, Twitter and all social media that pitted their considerable strength against Trump in 2016, but that they all failed—and failed abysmally. Google employees were embedded right in the White House during the entire 8-year-long Obama regime, having
Prison Time For Democrat's
'Vicious' Doxxing Of Republicans
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Posted by Cavallodifiero 6/24/2019 7:21:51 AM Post Reply
A Democrat U.S. Senate staffer who doxxed Republican senators during the nasty confirmation battle over Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, committing what prosecutors called “the largest data breach in Senate history,” was sentenced to four years imprisonment. “Doxxing,” according to the U.S. Department of Justice, “is the act of
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president should 'admit climate change is real'
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President Donald Trump should "admit that climate change is real" and start figuring out ways to confront it. That wasn't advice from prominent congressional Democrats Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez but rather from one of the president's staunchest allies in Congress: Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina. "I'm tired of playing defense on the environment," Graham told reporters on Capitol Hill Wednesday as he and other GOP lawmakers announced the formation of the Roosevelt Conservation Caucus, which will "embrace and promote constructive efforts to resolve conservation and environmental problems." In response to a question about the president's environmental record, Graham said Trump should agree
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U.S. women’s soccer star Megan Rapinoe told MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow on Wednesday evening that her girlfriend—WNBA and UConn legend Sue Bird—told her that she needs to slow her roll because left-wing activists are “going to ask you to run for president.” While leading the women’s soccer team to its fourth World Cup, Rapinoe emerged as one of the symbols of the anti-Trump resistance by refusing to put her hand over her heart and sing the national anthem.
Maxine Waters to ‘SOB’ Trump:
‘We Don’t Take Sh*t from Nobody’
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Posted by M2 7/12/2019 7:13:44 AM Post Reply
Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) over the weekend reportedly called President Donald Trump an “SOB” and declared, “We don’t take sh** from nobody.” Waters ripped Trump at Essence Fest for labejlling NFL national anthem protesters like Colin Kaepernick “sons of bitches” and reportedly said of Trump, “He’s the only SOB I know.” “I’m not intimidated. I’m not afraid,” Waters reportedly added. “All of my life I have been trained to deal with demagogues like him. I will take him on any day of the week. And so what I want to leave with you today is this is our time, ladies.”
E Jean Carroll says she received death
threats after accusing Trump of rape
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Posted by Ribicon 7/13/2019 10:31:16 AM Post Reply
E Jean Carroll, the esteemed New York journalist who has alleged Donald Trump raped her in the Bergdorf Goodman department store in Manhattan in the 1990s, now sleeps with a loaded gun by her bed having received online death threats. In the course of a two-hour interview with the Guardian in her upstate New York cabin, the advice columnist described the fallout of her decision to go public last month with the most serious allegations of sexual assault yet leveled at the US president.(Snip) “I’m not stupid,” Carroll said in reference to the threats and the loaded gun.
Real Hedge-Fund Managers
Have Some Thoughts on
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Posted by Pluperfect 7/12/2019 4:59:30 AM Post Reply
Long before Jeffrey Epstein pleaded guilty to prostitution charges in Florida more than a decade ago, his fellow Palm Beach resident and hedge-fund manager Douglas Kass was intrigued by the local gossip about his neighbor. “I’m hearing about the parties, hearing about a guy who’s throwing money around,” says Kass, president of Seabreeze Partners Management. While stories about young girls swarming Epstein’s waterfront mansion and the sex parties he hosted for the rich and powerful were the talk of the town, Kass was more focused on how this obscure person, rumored to be managing billions of dollars, had become so wealthy without much of a track record. Kass was well-connected
Trump issues Jeffrey Epstein
challenge to press: 'Find out
the people that went to the island'
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Posted by Pluperfect 7/13/2019 5:30:01 AM Post Reply
President Trump has a challenge for investigative journalists everywhere: Find out who visited convicted sex criminal Jeffrey Epstein’s island. The billionaire whose plane was called “Lolita Express” by pundits often brought the rich and powerful to his private island. The president on Friday noted that reporters now focused on outgoing Labor Secretary Alex Acosta’s prosecution of Mr. Epstein should dig into who visited what became known among locals as “Orgy Island.” “Other people, they went all over with him,” Mr. Trump said from the White House lawn. “They went to his island and all over the place. He was very well known in palm his island —
Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Bans ICE
from Police Database Before Raids
26 replies
Posted by AltaD 7/12/2019 1:03:49 PM Post Reply
Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) said Wednesday that the Windy City has made moves to bar Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) from accessing its police databases amid reports of potential raids in more than 10 major U.S. cities slated for Sunday. “They will not team up with ICE to detain any resident. We have also cut off ICE access from any CPD databases and that will remain permanent,” Lightfoot said. “Chicago is and will always be a welcoming city that will never tolerate ICE tearing our families apart.”
Jilted Again! The NeverTrump-Left
Alliance Crumbles
26 replies
Posted by Garnet 7/12/2019 4:58:23 AM Post Reply
The political misfits known as NeverTrumpers are begging for allies ahead of next year’s presidential election—and, as usual, they aren’t looking to the Right. This collection of failed magazine editors, Iraq War propagandists, washed-up columnists, Russian collusion pimps, and losing campaign consultants have dogged Donald Trump and his supporters for three years. While some anti-Trump “conservatives” who contributed to National Review’s infamous “Against Trump” issue in early 2016 have become supporters of the president, others cannot let go—but their obstinance is less about principle and more about grift: Acting as the useful conservative idiot for the Washington Post or MSNBC
AOC Aide Admits the Green
New Deal Isn’t About Climate
25 replies
Posted by Harlowe 7/12/2019 10:26:33 PM Post Reply
RUSH: I want to go back a number of years to the very outset of this program when we began discussing — stick with me on this because I know when I start mentioning these two words some people say, “Not again.” Climate change. This is important, folks. Stick with me here. When this program began, climate change was a big bugaboo of mine even before this program began. When I was hosting this program, but only in Sacramento, it was a primary subject and major topic because it’s been a hoax from the get-go. It’s been something that has been a trick from the get-go.
Megan Rapinoe Is No Leader 25 replies
Posted by Imright 7/12/2019 9:31:41 AM Post Reply
Megan Rapinoe, the captain of the World Cup-winning U.S. women’s soccer team, has become the latest ideological thorn lodged underneath the collective skin of conservatives. But Rapinoe kneeling during the national anthem or saying that isn't “going to the f***ing White House” seems downright inoffensive compared to her behavior over the course of the past few days. Appearing on multiple news outlets, Megan Rapinoe appeared self-centered and divisive. She criticized President Donald Trump, as expected. She made accusations of homophobia, as expected. And an adoring Rachel Maddow called for Rapinoe to run for president, as expected.
The AOC-Pelosi War
Was Inevitable
25 replies
Posted by Garnet 7/12/2019 5:05:34 AM Post Reply
For months now, almost since the opening of Congress, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and freshman Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have been at odds with each other. It started with gentle gibes, Pelosi talking euphemistically about AOC’s “enthusiasm,” for example. But over time it has grown more contentious, and now AOC is fighting back. (Snip) “The persistent singling out . . . it got to a point where it was just outright disrespectful . . . the explicit singling out of newly elected women of color.” She has even gone so far to somewhat bizarrely claim that she was loaded with excellent committee assignments just to keep her busy.
Warren Promises to Import at Least
700 Percent More Refugees to U.S.
25 replies
Posted by Imright 7/12/2019 12:50:28 AM Post Reply
Democrat presidential primary candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) is promising to import at least 700 percent more foreign refugees into the United States if she becomes president.In her national immigration plan released this week, Warren broke from her economic patriotism agenda wherein she has committed to holding multinational corporations accountable for outsourcing American jobs overseas and shifting to a permanent nationalist trade policy that puts the needs of American workers first.Warren’s immigration plan now includes drastically increasing legal immigration and refugee resettlement to provide businesses and corporations with a never-ending stream of cheaper foreign workers that America’s working and middle class will be forced to compete against.
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