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The curious case of Ilhan Omar

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Posted By: MissMolly, 3/22/2019 5:17:55 AM

Ilhan Omar has refused to answer substantive questions regarding her marriage to husband number 2, Ahmed Nur Said Elmi. I think is fair to infer that Elmi is her brother and that she entered the marriage for some dishonest purpose. If so, the dishonest purpose would likely have something to do with student aid while she and Elmi went to college in Fargo at North Dakota State University. If Omar is not Elmi’s sibling, the marriage nevertheless appears to involve some serious dishonesty she has concealed. I originally raised the question regarding Omar’s marriage to Elmi in 2016.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: winmag 3/22/2019 5:46:34 AM (No. 9034)
Every time she asks a question in a hearing, the person being grilled should ask her about this marriage.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: Rinktum 3/22/2019 6:27:33 AM (No. 9038)
Omar is a disgusting piece of work playing the system like most Muslims migrants do. They are here to game the system. However, the media also play a big part in enabling their dishonesty by ignoring and protecting them for no other reason than that they are Muslim. Clearly, their self-righteous protection of people they know have defrauded the government is a high priority for these leftist enablers. Imagine for a moment this country with an honest press whose main focus is making sure that the truth is told. While the media may applaud one another for their obvious bias in reporting only what they deem relevant, the American people know they are liars and enablers of first order and are not to be trusted. The media in this country is an enemy of truth and are interested in one thing, pushing forward the progressive agenda. I. Am old enough to remember when a story like this one would be covered extensively in an attempt to reveal the truth. Today it is ignored because it will negatively impact the democrat party and their desire to defend the indefensible. Omar is a liar, cheat, and should never be in a position of power.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: Lazyman 3/22/2019 7:04:46 AM (No. 9031)
This is why they love America. You can game the system here and they love you but back in their country they cut your arms off.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: CountryDoc 3/22/2019 7:23:40 AM (No. 9030)
This is why all manipulators love America. It was founded on two principles: The innate goodness of the individual as a God created individual with rights and freedoms on one hand, and a distrust of the innate greed of people when given too much power. Manipulators use the desire for goodness of people to gain control of the victims and exploit them. Yet they, themselves absolve themselves of the moral obligation to submit to the same principles of goodness, morality, or goodwill for all.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: RCFLyer98 3/22/2019 7:33:29 AM (No. 9027)
Takiyya? Unfortunately, the do-gooders and our State Department has foisted the disaster of this on us. "All they need is a job and a hug", paraphrased as Marie Harf, State Department spokesperson once said. We will rue the day!
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Reply 6 - Posted by: Calamity Kate 3/22/2019 8:15:01 AM (No. 9049)
My parish priest holds a semi-monthly bible study. Yesterday he brought up the Battle of Lepanto, one of the most important (and overlooked!) battles of Western Civilization. 1571, the Ottoman Turks began a naval assault on Europe (they had already been turned back on land at Vienna). This was the last naval battle that used galley ships - ships powered by rowing.

The Muslims used captured slaves, specifically Christian slaves, to power their ships in their assault on Christian Europe. (This posed a moral dilemma for the Christian naval commanders, obviously, but counted those poor enslaved souls as martyrs).

I can´t help but draw an analogy to modern times.

The Ottomans were sorely defeated and it stopped their Westward expansion. But today, their Westward expansion is all at the expense of the Western welfare states. The Ottomans waged war using the slave labor of Christians, and today their descendants wage a subversive war on the West by exploiting our generosity via welfare and handouts (literally, our labor/taxes enables them to move en-mass to the West.)

What the Muslims were unable to do militarily and overtly 500 years ago they are currently accomplishing subversively, AND WE ARE LETTING THEM DO IT!!!!

Who will come to rescue the West before it´s too late?

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Reply 7 - Posted by: Strike3 3/22/2019 8:18:10 AM (No. 9040)
Omar is not one of the "good" muslims that we continue to hear about who are working and contributing to society. I have known some personally and they are first rate citizens. She is a blight that will continue to spread hatred and has nothing good to offer.

After she is thoroughly investigated as a troublemaking mole I would like to see Barack Obama exposed for the super fraud who somehow made it to the top. It´s time.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: jinx 3/22/2019 8:19:15 AM (No. 9035)
She is a liar and a cheat. Fits right in with the other Socialists in Congress. I say kick her out.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: Patchy Groundfog 3/22/2019 8:26:18 AM (No. 9039)
#2 is correct. Americans may try to stay vigilant but it´s still easy to forget just how decadent and luxurious this nation is especially compared to the Third World.

´Streets paved with gold´ is a hyperbolic cliche but there is still plenty of (government) money on offer...and Third World immigrants are obsessed with it. They talk about scamming welfare - any kind of welfare - the way you and I talk about sports, films or our children´s activities. It is the first thing mentioned - openly and brazenly - after they initially greet each other and the plotting goes on 24/7...old, young, male, female, even kids. They know every loophole, every office, every soft touch service rep. When the occasional question or challenge to their eligibility or take arises, they play dumb or they claim they´re being picked on.

Governors moaning about funds for roads? US Congressmen moaning about funds for Medicare? It´s cry wolf stuff until and unless they address the daylight robbery committed by these people, many of whom were brought here and settled by those selfsame governments.

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Reply 10 - Posted by: PostAway 3/22/2019 8:28:06 AM (No. 9050)
The retribution for allowing this group into the West will come. The longer it waits the more violent it will be. Do-Goode liberals are like slow children in a class in school. They take a long time to understand what the smarter kids learn in very short order. In school, holding everyone up for the stupid is inconvenient but this is deadly.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: caddyjak 3/22/2019 8:34:11 AM (No. 9041)
What´s the big deal? Muslims have been inter-marrying for 1400 years. There is severe insanity as the result. But the real insanity occurs in America where we dum-dums allow muslims to conquer cities in Michigan, Minnesota, etc. with population expansion. And we pay for it!!!
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Reply 12 - Posted by: winnie1 3/22/2019 8:48:24 AM (No. 9044)
I thought a muslim divorce is easy you spin around 3 times repeating "I Want A Divorce" three times. Over & Done.
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Reply 13 - Posted by: Paperpuncher 3/22/2019 8:56:22 AM (No. 9029)
If she were a republican Christian you would not be able to keep the press away. They would’ve like a pack of wolves chasing after her everywhere she went!
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Reply 14 - Posted by: Catfur27 3/22/2019 9:04:06 AM (No. 9032)
...look around the world ...can anyone name ANYWHERE that has benefited from the global invasion of muslims...??
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Reply 15 - Posted by: gone2pot 3/22/2019 9:05:33 AM (No. 9046)
6, yep there are several analogies I´ve seen with my own eyes in Beirut back in ´83 and ´84. Casper the Depends Filling Ghost Weinberger ignored the heads of rags who set up their missile launchers in mosques, on the roofs of hospitals, and especially the ZSU-23-4 set up on the back of a flat bed truck that went from school to school, and many times used its radar straight down the runway at BIA to light up Marine helicopters. The Marines IN Beirut couldn´t possibly see what Casper could from DC. Thankfully Soviet radar sucked at targets below the horizon, that´s the only thing that saved us. But we could never engage a hospital mosque or school, no matter what. And, even back then, those religion of peaceniks were ignored by our wonderful State Department who mandated empty M-16´s to be loaded only with the permission of guess who? Donald Rumsfeld, then special envoy to Lebanon. After the Marine barracks was destroyed by the peaceniks, Don was promoted and replaced and only then could we return fire with loaded weapons (but never to schools, mosques, or hospitals). Who was blamed for the bombing? The one who warned for months about the stupidity of State´s orders to concentrate Marines in the barracks, Colonel Geraghty. We are doing this on purpose to ourselves and both parties are involved, not just the Marxists. The Marxists merely say, "Well, hell if the GOP is THAT idiotic, let´s try this and see how stupid they really are!"
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Reply 16 - Posted by: bpl40 3/22/2019 9:31:03 AM (No. 9036)
Fraudulently marrying someone to get them a green card is a felony crime. She should made to serve her time and then thrown out.
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Reply 17 - Posted by: Jebediah 3/22/2019 9:36:16 AM (No. 9045)
Who did NOT run against Israel and/or Jews in her campaign..........I sort of get a satisfaction knowing all those Jews who voted for the woman, smug in their voting for a Muslim and virtue signaling to the skies. Might have been better if they had actually LOOKED at her antecedents, eh?
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Reply 18 - Posted by: trackman999 3/22/2019 9:58:57 AM (No. 9043)
The only curious ( not really) thing about Omar is that her marriage history is not being investigated and reported on by the msm. I know I repeat myself, but she´s a deomocrat, muslim, female, black. The msm doesn´t give a damn to know anything other than what´s on the surface.
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Reply 19 - Posted by: Marjbaldwin 3/22/2019 10:02:40 AM (No. 9037)
Didn´t ancient Egyptian pharaohs intermarry with their sisters and mothers? This make Omar like a kind of royalty, since the Democrats also are, according to the media, like pharaohic god-people.
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Reply 20 - Posted by: zek 3/22/2019 10:16:01 AM (No. 9051)
I still believe that is why Obama’s college records are sealed. I believe he claimed foreign status also.
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Reply 21 - Posted by: zoidberg 3/22/2019 10:24:32 AM (No. 9052)
Lots of inbreeding in Muslim societies. Explains a lot.
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Reply 22 - Posted by: snowoutlaw 3/22/2019 10:49:14 AM (No. 9054)
All this does is make her the perfect Democrat.
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Reply 23 - Posted by: Timber Queen 3/22/2019 11:03:36 AM (No. 9053)
#6 – The victory at Lepanto is still celebrated annually on October 7th with honoring Our Lady of the Rosary, as well as October being dedicated to the Most Holy Rosary. The Catholic faithful of Europe were called upon to petition Our Blessed Mother for victory over the Musselman and, since that time, her intercession is credited with turning the tide. The Catholic Church remembers.

The West has abandoned its Judeo-Christian roots and the entire concept of Christendom. It has turned its back on the wisdom of Scripture to instead embrace the siren song of socialism. The humanists have elevated the creature over the Creator, mercurial feelings over rational thought and relativism over object fact. The “social sciences” have replaced Natural Law. Its no wonder we are easy pickings for 7th century pagans who have faith and zeal.

There are political and military solutions to the existential threat posed by Islam. However, those that would be effective are dependent upon a citizenry and leadership who once again embrace the morals, values and virtues taught in the Old and New Testaments. Our hope must once again come from God, not men. Whether or not our country is blessed with another Great Awakening is up to the remnant faithful. This weekend take your family to church or synagogue, and invite a friend. Be bold in sharing your faith.

MAGA – One Nation Under God.
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Reply 24 - Posted by: mc squared 3/22/2019 11:14:11 AM (No. 9033)
I strongly resent Omar and her ilk lording over our country from Congress and planting the poison of Islam.
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Reply 25 - Posted by: rochow 3/22/2019 11:16:21 AM (No. 9048)
She will claim she is of pharaonic decent! It´s a thing they used to do, marry one of your siblings!
Reporters are too stupid to ask the question and too lefty correct!
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Reply 26 - Posted by: bighambone 3/22/2019 11:39:10 AM (No. 9055)
If Omar did enter into a marriage with her biological brother in the USA that marriage would constitute a criminal fraud in the legal jurisdiction where the marriage took place. As in order to marry in the USA, the parties must first apply for and be issued a marriage license from a State governmental entity. Such a marriage license would never be issued if it were known that two biological siblings were going to use that marriage license to marry, that woulld constitute a criminal fraud that could be prosecuted through State level criminal courts.

In addition, if after the marriage took place, if Omar filed any sort of immigration application or petition with the federal immigration authorities looking to grant her alien biological brother any sort of immigration benefit or status as her spouse, that would have been based upon a fraudulent and invalid marriage, that action would constitute a federal criminal immigration fraud that could be prosecuted in the federal criminal courts. Since it does not appear that any immigration application or petition was filed, if Omar did marry her brother, the motive probably had something to do with the brother qualifying for student loans, that in itself would be a financial fraud.

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Reply 27 - Posted by: DVC 3/22/2019 2:48:59 PM (No. 9042)
Why is there no FBI or ICE investigation of her clear fraud?
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Reply 28 - Posted by: bubby 3/22/2019 4:49:45 PM (No. 9056)
Amen #2 ! Why Hitler and now the Democrats get along with radical muslims, their hatred of Jews! Simple as that, nothing curious about it!
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Reply 29 - Posted by: enemyofthestate 3/22/2019 8:22:49 PM (No. 9028)
As libs love to say: this is not us, these are not our values.

Omar is not us. Omar´s values are not ours. She should never have been allowed entry into our country.
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Reply 30 - Posted by: ColonialAmerican1623 3/23/2019 1:59:41 AM (No. 9047)
Unless Americans "demand" an investigation, typing and gripping will do nothing. I still question how a refugee was elected. She came from a camp in Kenya under Obola´s admin.
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