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KOMO News’ Special: Seattle Is Dying

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Posted By: MissMolly, 3/19/2019 3:55:42 AM

“People didn’t use to use the word embarrassing about Seattle, but they use it a lot now,” the narrator to a new KOMO News special titled “Seattle is Dying” says. The focus of the special is homelessness and the ways in which it has changed the city. There’s a section featuring angry residents of one area of the city who are screaming at their representatives for action. They want the tent cities managed and they’re tired of calling the police only to find out the police can arrest people

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Reply 1 - Posted by: doctorfixit 3/19/2019 4:06:28 AM (No. 5494)
Arrogant Seattle, like arrogant San Fransicko is getting what it deserves. Anyone supporting socialism deserves to live in squalor. Just don´t let them emigrate to pollute some other community.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: Maggie2u 3/19/2019 4:31:55 AM (No. 5495)
I live in Shoreline, just immediately north of Seattle city limits. I watched this special this past Saturday and I know that the bums and drug addicts are slowly trickling into my little town. The jackass in the room, is the reporter didn´t say what the main problem is. The GDdemocrats (sorry, that´s not swearing, it´s a prayer) that run the city. They have outright communists on the city council and they could NOT care what happens to the city. I´ve come to believe that letting these cities rot is a calculated effort but I cannot for the life of me figure out why.
And another thing, the reporter interviewed the City Attorney, asking for his ideas on rescuing the city. He is a known drug user. A few years ago he was observed buying marijuana and taking it into city hall. Going to him for advice is criminally stupid, he is part of the problem.
In the show, there is film where some of the councilmembers are at a North end district where the people are furious about the bums and drug use in their neighborhood. One of the councilmembers is smiling and the crowd goes ballistic and starts shouting at him. Every single person that´s interviewed in the special, talks about the bums and how drug use affects them. And I start shouting at the TV saying WHO DID YOU VOTE FOR, YOU IDIOT. My husband doesn´t like watching TV with me.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: Strike3 3/19/2019 5:06:03 AM (No. 5486)
Well that didn´t take long. Dim cities usually can go for a couple of decades until the voters figure out that they are in quicksand up to their necks.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: M2 3/19/2019 6:10:36 AM (No. 5508)
The problem with all these liberal-run cities is that their people move out because of liberalism and move into conservative cities, whereupon they go about doing the same things that wrecked their city of origin. We just cannot allow liberals to run anything.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: walcb 3/19/2019 6:42:43 AM (No. 5490)
I have NO sympathy for these pathetic people who´s sole concern in life is finding a way to get drugs to mess up their mind. Cut all aid to anyone who tests positive for drugs and keep yourself well armed for when the zombies come at night. If all of the suburban and rural communities use this philosophy maybe we can keep these losers restricted to the cities where they are welcome.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: janjan 3/19/2019 6:57:10 AM (No. 5476)
This is what liberal utopia looks like. That’s why their rulers are smiling.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: Dodge Boy 3/19/2019 7:11:55 AM (No. 5503)
Seattle has become the new Detroit. Congratulations, Seahawks fans.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: govlawyer 3/19/2019 7:27:41 AM (No. 5474)
I´m sure some nimrod of a politician will say that the solution to the problem is that the price of drugs on the street are too high, and that the city needs to provide free heroin along with the free needles.
After all, it is Freeattle.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: watlines 3/19/2019 7:36:51 AM (No. 5484)
Seattle has become a liberal dystopia, an example of what George Orwell predicted in his novel, 1984.

The language of oppression invented by the totalitarians is called Newspeak. It´s designed to discourage free thinking.

Hey, George you were right. You just got the date wrong.

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Reply 10 - Posted by: Sunhan65 3/19/2019 7:53:32 AM (No. 5475)
By the time I first began weekly visits to Seattle in 2016, it was no longer safe. I took a hotel near Pioneer Square thinking it would be convenient to the US Consulate where I had some business. What a mistake. I had to ask the front desk if it was safe to walk the four or five blocks to a restaurant nearby. He said it was, but I would be accosted several times. It wasn´t, and I was.

As always in situations like this, I looked for the standard magnets. Yep, the welfare mission. The soup kitchen. All the "let´s take care of the indigent" folks doing what they do, which is give out free stuff to people who didn´t earn it so that they can be sustained in self-destructive patterns that would be unsustainable otherwise.

I have only one rule when it comes to helping vagrants. Don´t. Don´t give them anything. Not one cent. Don´t acknowledge them, don´t explain to them. The last thing anyone needs is some do-gooder feeding their self-destructive spiral out of misplaced so-called compassion. You can´t fix these people, but a concerted effort can shift them out of places that aren´t paying off.

Vagrants are mentally ill and need to be institutionalized so they no longer pose a threat to themselves or others. And the threat to the rest of us is very, very real. There are now plagues centers growing in encampments. Typhoid is recurring in Los Angeles. When pneumonic plague kicks off in urban centers, thousands will die, starting with the homeless who caused it.

Not all will die of the disease.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: MOAB 3/19/2019 8:40:38 AM (No. 5487)
Would some ISIS terrorist please set of a suitcase nuke in Seattle and wipe that s-hole city off the face of the planet. The only way to get rid of cockroaches.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: Rinktum 3/19/2019 8:45:17 AM (No. 5506)
Never ever vote for a democrat. Seattle, Detroit, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Chicago and rest will be your future. Drive them out of every office. It is the only way to stop the madness. Anyone who can destroy cities and states and call it success are insane. They care nothing about your quality of life. All they want is the power to rule every aspect of your life. It’s all about power. Never ever give them any power or you will regret it. We must wrest the power they have out of their evil hands.
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Reply 13 - Posted by: Ida Lou Pino 3/19/2019 8:49:02 AM (No. 5510)
But - - but - - they vote demonrat - - so - - - - - - - -
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Reply 14 - Posted by: joew9 3/19/2019 9:09:55 AM (No. 5511)
In the 1980´s Seattle started giving money to the homeless. They were blaming homelessness on Reagan but in fact it was mostly that the mentally ill had been turned out of mental hospitals for the past couple of decades.(See book Madness In The Streets)

The money attracted thousands from all over the country. The downtown streets had beat up vehicles parked everywhere. Disheveled bums begging everywhere downtown. And that was the convention area. It was an unpleasant convention to attend. And scary just to leave the hotel and walk to a restaurant.

They also wouldn´t serve water in the restaurants because they had a "drought". Yes, Seattle known for abundant rain didn´t have enough water. It was because they refused to build water facilities. They had also refused to finish their interstate highways so the traffic was jammed.

I was interviewing for a job in that same decade and they didn´t make an offer it turned out because some manager thought all Southerners were too stupid. And I also noticed that while they spoke against racism (and against the South) and they had a street named MLK Blvd. I heard many of them express their distaste for Native Americans. They said they were all bums and criminals and the only places they worked were fast food restaurants. So about halfway through the convention I quit going to the downtown restaurants and ate exclusively at a KFC and was served politely by some nice native Americans.
They finally made and offer and I refused it.
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Reply 15 - Posted by: TennDon 3/19/2019 9:18:02 AM (No. 5502)
Hey, #1, shouldn’t that be Sickattle.
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Reply 16 - Posted by: LC Chihuahua 3/19/2019 9:20:33 AM (No. 5513)
From each according to their abilities to each according to their needs. Who knew the neediest were the people in charge? So much so, their needs eclipse everybody else´s needs. Who knew there were so many needy people? Or are they people just looking for a handout? Socialism does not work!

The people that voted for this didn´t see it coming? Are they blind? Are they stupid? Are they dishonest? Why is Seattle dying?

Who is John Galt? Seattle is becoming Starnesville from Atlas Shrugged. Many lefty cities are sharing the same fate.
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Reply 17 - Posted by: Krause 3/19/2019 9:21:53 AM (No. 5509)
It´s amazing the extent of the muddled
do-gooder thinking of lefty politicians. I was naive back in the day but as soon as I experience real life a little bit you learn to see what works and what doesn´t. It´s not hard. I suppose these same politicians coddle their children also instead preparing them for the real world.
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Reply 18 - Posted by: red1066 3/19/2019 9:30:03 AM (No. 5498)
Come election time, they will dutifully march off to the ballot box and vote demoslut and hope a new batch of demosluts will fix their problem. Look at any major city in the country. It´s run by demosluts and have been for decades, and every one of them is a social disaster.
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Reply 19 - Posted by: jacksin5 3/19/2019 9:44:57 AM (No. 5516)
This is what Social Justice looks like. Subsidize the worst behavior in our society,then complain when the dregs flock to your Nirvana.

Next up, Free Money in Newark N.J. Maybe the bums and junkies will leave the west coast to go there.
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Reply 20 - Posted by: texaspast 3/19/2019 9:59:49 AM (No. 5478)
I live in a small town of less than 20,000 near a city of around 100,000. The larger town has a homeless problem, our little town doesn´t. Two reasons for this: first, the larger town has three different privately-run homeless shelters and feeding centers. Our little town has none, although some kind-hearted people are trying to drum up support for one; and second, 36 freight trains go through our little town every day - and hardly any of them stop here. They all stop in the larger town. The larger town even has free bus service. Few people but the homeless ride the buses, which has a route from the park where they all hang out during the day to the ´rescue missions´ where they go to eat and some stay there overnight.
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Reply 21 - Posted by: F16 guy 3/19/2019 10:03:30 AM (No. 5504)
What a wonderful example for Trump to use in debates against the CLOWN CAR of democrats running against him.
AOC and Sanders hardest hit.
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Reply 22 - Posted by: janjan 3/19/2019 10:08:35 AM (No. 5491)
Sorry to post twice but I see several comments about Seattle ´becoming Detroit´. There is no neighborhood in Detroit that even approaches what is happening in Seattle. Never has been. I lived there.
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Reply 23 - Posted by: panther361 3/19/2019 10:30:21 AM (No. 5480)
I had the opportunity to go to Seattle several times in my career, late 90´s to 2006, to support a customer, Boeing. I would take a little time to experience the city. I recognized it´s geographic similarity to San Francisco´s hilly streets and view of the bay. The big difference was Seattle was a good deal cleaner overall, but it was missing the icon of Alcatraz Island. I very much enjoyed that duty. It is particularly saddening to learn of it´s demise at the hands of another installation of the counter productive destruction of socialist ideals.
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Reply 24 - Posted by: NotaBene 3/19/2019 10:52:52 AM (No. 5514)
At least Seattle has kept its statue of Vladimir Lenin.
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Reply 25 - Posted by: zephyrgirl 3/19/2019 11:29:13 AM (No. 5499)
Denver is going down the same road - homeless encampments in the parks and certain neighborhoods. Do-gooders whose "help" is just encouraging more to come. Depressing.
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Reply 26 - Posted by: PHD 3/19/2019 11:30:04 AM (No. 5507)
So it seems to me that the street people who live in these tent cities rarely, if ever, reproduce. Yet their numbers continue to increase, rather than decrease as a result of that population dying off. It seems, then, that this population is constantly fed with new vagrants. As a society we need to attack the constant regeneration of this population. It would seem that various addictions are the root cause.
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Reply 27 - Posted by: Shells 3/19/2019 11:43:00 AM (No. 5481)
Marty Crane is rolling over in his grave.
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Reply 28 - Posted by: skofla 3/19/2019 12:13:03 PM (No. 5515)
I worked in downtown Seattle (3rd and Pine) in 1977 when I was 17. If I worked late, I had to catch my bus next to Pike Place Market. I was constantly accosted by pimps. I had a gun pulled on me by some nut for refusing to engage in conversation with him. Seattle cops were a joke - more concerned with traffic infractions than street crime. Pioneer Square was jammed full of drunken Indians. Seattle "leaders" were already making the stupid decisions back then that have lead to the morass it is today. I fled in 1982.
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Reply 29 - Posted by: slrobi 3/19/2019 12:21:39 PM (No. 5497)
I watched the special. What it´s saying is true - Seattle has a drug problem. The city leaders do not let the cops enforce the laws.
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Reply 30 - Posted by: anniebc 3/19/2019 12:30:55 PM (No. 5496)
Very sad. It used to be such a beautiful city. My daughter was born there.
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Reply 31 - Posted by: PIApilot 3/19/2019 12:31:44 PM (No. 5512)
If I was a mayor of a town that had a burgeoning homeless problem I would solve it by providing the homeless a bus ticket to the Democrat stronghold of their choice - San Francisco, LA, Seattle, Portland, Detroit, Chicago, New York or Minneapolis.

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Reply 32 - Posted by: ussjimmycarter 3/19/2019 1:05:16 PM (No. 5485)
I remember when my job took me to Seattle at least once a month. I loved Puget Sound, the beauty of the place. Hated the traffic! Rush hour from the airport downtown at midnight is fun...but I use to take off from my hotel and walk down to the wharf and around town.

I wouldn´t travel to that filthy hell hole now if you paid me to go there!
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Reply 33 - Posted by: DVC 3/19/2019 1:20:04 PM (No. 5479)
They caught the Severe Leftist Infection and that is entirely fatal, no cure except Capitalism and Republicanism, applied many times a day, dilligently used. Certain to net even be tried.

But, they are reveling in their disaster, circling the drain, like all other Dem run cities.

Their disaster, let them stew in it.
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Reply 34 - Posted by: thatsomewhereplace 3/19/2019 2:21:58 PM (No. 5500)
I left Seattle in 1960, age 18. I have not returned. Will not return. I live in the deep south and my bones will rest here.

The rulers of Seattle are crazed liberals. When an election comes along if they lose, they want another vote. Seattle controls western Washington. The rulers write the laws, dreams etc. for themselves. Truly, there are people in Seattle who are not happy with these rulers. However, the rulers make the rules without the consent of the people. Rulers don´t live on 33rd NE. They live in posh neighborhoods on Lake Washington.

I, like everyone here, don´t understand why. Why are the rulers destroying a beautiful city? Seattle-ites must be smoking a lot of mari-juana. Must be part of the uniform of the day.

When I see a car licensed in WA I wonder if the person(s) in the car want to move here. I don´t want any west coaster moving here unless they give up their bad habits formed in Seattle and SFran.

I´m going "home" to Seattle in September to visit my son. We may go to Pike Place Mkt. to get a huge bouquet of flowers. Don´t plan on any other major trips into the city. OBTW, Pioneer Square has always been a place for Amer. Indians to drink/get drunk. Has not changed, sorry to say.

Buh bye, Seattle!@!!
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Reply 35 - Posted by: rochow 3/19/2019 2:22:08 PM (No. 5482)
Seattle, you deserve what you got. You stupids keep voting the lefty trash into office!
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Reply 36 - Posted by: StormCnter 3/19/2019 2:35:27 PM (No. 5477)
I was in Seattle for the first and hopefully the last time a year ago. It was the worst traffic I have ever driven in and I´ve experienced most of the major cities in this country. Yes, the Sound is lovely, the weather was spectacular, but I have no reason to return.
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Reply 37 - Posted by: 4given 3/19/2019 2:43:54 PM (No. 5483)
I am a native of Portland and the liberal Mayor and City Councul are taking us down the same path. What was once a beautiful city is beset by homeless camps set up by freeways and on the expensive bike paths. There is filth everywhere and panhandlers everywhere. Downtown businesses deal with harassment of their employees and customers and human excrément in their doorways and the cry from liberals is for more and more aid for them. Just yesterday a disturbing video was posted by a cyclist who commutes to work (Portlanders are avid bike commuters) showing the filthy mess campers have made of a costly route next to I205 and tells of the many times he has been accosted and threatened by hostile campers. Mental health issues and rampant drug use are keeping them out of shelters and it is said that they choose this lifestyle over complying with regulations. All I know is that a conservative city in a once conservative state has been brought to this deplorable condition by the same policies that have wreaked havoc everywhere they have been applied.
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Reply 38 - Posted by: Sorosisbehindit 3/19/2019 4:56:44 PM (No. 5501)
I watched the entire hour video, and then sent it to my city council and my police department. It is a cautionary tale that should be seen by those in authority of every city that has people standing on the street corners with signs. It is a lesson in how to show compassion without being stupid, and harmful to all parties involved.
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Reply 39 - Posted by: earlybird 3/19/2019 5:26:03 PM (No. 5517)
Seattle has been a Democrat bastion for decades. In olden times when we lived there - in the early 60s - it was run by a few corrupt Dem politicians who also had a tight hold on liquor licenses. There taverns that could serve beer. Markets could sell wine (but not on Sunday). There were state package stores for hard liquor. And only full service restaurants could have full service cocktail bars.

The licenses for those special restaurants were few and very costly as politicians’ pockets were filled with “contributions”. Needless to say, there were not a lot of restaurants with cocktail service.

Boeing controlled the city’s economy. When Boeing was doing well, so was Seattle. When Boeing lost a big contract and began laying workers off, the entire city economy sank.

My DH was not employed by Boeing, and had the option to leave Seattle for another office. We made a run for it - to San Diego - and never looked back except for visits to friends in the city and on Bainbridge Island.
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Reply 40 - Posted by: MickTurn 3/19/2019 6:57:24 PM (No. 5488)
It is plain to see the universal truth...Everything a Liberal touches turns to SHEET!
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Reply 41 - Posted by: Congar 3/19/2019 7:06:49 PM (No. 5493)
One terrific video that confronts a huge problem and gives some hope.
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Reply 42 - Posted by: TCloud 3/19/2019 8:39:57 PM (No. 5505)
MAGA/KAG? Or go third world!
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Reply 43 - Posted by: Tianne 3/19/2019 9:07:24 PM (No. 5489)
This is one of the most interesting and informative threads that has ever appeared on Lucianne.com.

Thank you, every poster, for your comments.
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Reply 44 - Posted by: TXknitter 3/20/2019 4:38:27 PM (No. 5492)
Speaking of Boeing, I personally know of engineers who were being wooed to work there but no amount of money was worth living anywhere even close to Seattle. Its a lovely company if you are a lefty.
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Americans today are more closely divided than they were earlier in the last century when asked whether some form of socialism would be a good or bad thing for the country. While 51% of U.S. adults say socialism would be a bad thing for the country, 43% believe it would be a good thing. Those results contrast with a 1942 Roper/Fortune survey that found 40% describing socialism as a bad thing, 25% a good thing and 34% not having an opinion. The Roper/Fortune survey is one of the oldest trend questions measuring attitudes on socialism in the U.S. Gallup's update of the question in an April 17-30 survey finds
AOC, Warren disappointed by
'Game of Thrones' finale:
'Ugh, this was written by men'
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Posted by NorthernDog 5/21/2019 10:25:30 PM
Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., joined the legion of “Game of Thrones” fans disappointed by the show’s finale. “I’m sad,” said Ocasio-Cortez in a video of the two legislators posted to Warren’s Twitter account Tuesday. “Disappointed about it.” “I was just really… meh,” said Warren. The pair bemoaned the arcs of the female characters who seemed prime to rule at the end of the series. Instead, one “went crazy” and the other settled for ruling only part of the continent. The lawmakers were not alone in their distaste for the series’ treatment of its female characters
A federal judge’s ‘tell’ in his order
forcing Trump to turn over financial records
to House committee
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Posted by Magnante 5/21/2019 7:23:40 AM
The political zealotry of the federal judge who ordered ten years’ worth of Donald Trump’s financial records be turned over to the House Oversight and Reform Committee chaired by Elijah Cummings has been revealed with a highly unusual provision of his order. (snip) The remedy for potential political bias in a federal judge’s ruling consists of the appeals process, with the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia and ultimately the Supreme Court able to reverse such a decision. But Judge Mehta’s order forbids this
What's Mitt Romney's problem? 22 replies
Posted by ladydawgfan 5/21/2019 2:43:23 PM
After taking President Trump's endorsement to get himself elected senator, Mitt Romney has made quite a show of turning on Trump. The last two incidents have been notable: He declared GOP "maverick" congressman Justin Amash "courageous" for joining the Democrats and calling for the impeachment of President Trump in the House. He also made this ad hominem attack on Trump over the weekend, playing Puritan for us: On Sunday, Romney was back at it, attacking the president's character. "I think he could substantially improve his game when it comes to helping shape the character of the country," Romney said on CNN.
New Gallup Poll finds Americans liking
the idea of socialism more
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Posted by SurferLad 5/21/2019 5:20:30 PM
Here’s a revealing — and disturbing — new poll that bears on the current gang fight among leftists for the soul of the Democratic Party and its 2020 presidential nomination. See Also: ESPN chief: You’ll never guess what our viewers want to hear nothing about Almost half of Americans in a new Gallup Poll believe that socialism would be a good thing for the United States to have. Almost half (43 percent). A good thing. Democrats like Bernie Sanders driving that party to the left may be on to something for a winning theme in next year’s vote. Today, a bare majority (51 percent) says socialism would
“Something Strange Going On” At Fox News,
And Not For the Good of America
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Posted by Cavallodifiero 5/21/2019 1:59:04 PM
There’s no longer any way to avoid it: “Something strange is going on at Fox News.” “Something strange is going on at Fox News. Something very strange,” President Donald Trump told a throng of thousands at his Pennsylvania rally last night. “The audience showed their agreement by booing Fox News.” (The Blaze, May 21, 2019) According to the Blaze "President Donald Trump
Jerry Nadler’s cynical, cowardly show 19 replies
Posted by MissMolly 5/22/2019 3:57:46 AM
Jerry Nadler was at it again Tuesday, waxing indignant about former White House counsel Don McGahn’s refusal to testify before the House Judiciary Committee. It’s all a show, meant to keep old news in the headlines, and to appease the large “Impeach Now!” wing of the Democratic Party without actually doing anything. Everyone on Judiciary knows perfectly well that Congress can’t compel testimony from top presidential advisers except in the most extraordinary circumstances: The chief executive’s right to frank, confidential discussions with his staff is well-established. So Nadler’s bluster about how he’ll “go to court to secure” McGahn’s appearance is just noise for the cameras. Then again, that’s all
House Judiciary Chairman Nadler: Trump
is making it 'more difficult' not to consider
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Posted by Hazymac 5/21/2019 11:38:19 AM
House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler, D-NY, accused the White House of "intimidating" former White House Counselor Don McGahn from testifying on Capitol Hill and said it was becoming "more and more difficult" to not consider President Trump's impeachment on Monday night. Nadler told CNN anchor Chris Cuomo that his committee will hold McGahn "in contempt" for not complying with the subpoena and will take the battle to court. "You are dealing with a lawless president who is willing to go to any lengths to prevent testimony that might implicate him, that does implicate him," Nadler said. Nadler expressed that Trump's "lawless behavior"
Self-driving trucks begin mail
delivery test for U.S. Postal Service
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Posted by NorthernDog 5/21/2019 10:30:55 AM
The U.S. Postal Service on Tuesday started a two-week test transporting mail across three Southwestern states using self-driving trucks, a step forward in the effort to commercialize autonomous vehicle technology for hauling freight. San Diego-based startup TuSimple said its self-driving trucks will begin hauling mail between USPS facilities in Phoenix and Dallas to see how the nascent technology might improve delivery times and costs. A safety driver will sit behind the wheel to intervene if necessary and an engineer will ride in the passenger seat. If successful, it would mark an achievement for the autonomous driving industry and a possible
Democrats Embrace Socialism:Are We
Headed Towards 'Atlas Shrugged'?
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Posted by Hazymac 5/21/2019 8:45:28 AM
There's a recurring theme in American science fiction where the country loses its way, endures some horrible but cleansing disaster, and then rediscovers the blessings of liberty. You'll find it in Robert Heinlein's "Future History" stories, where the Crazy Years -- a period of rapid technological advances, decaying social norms, and mass psychosis -- leads to the backlash of a religious dictatorship. The Prophets regime is eventually toppled by a liberty-loving group dedicated to individual rights. The theme is even more pronounced in Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged, where a socialist regime puts the country into another Great Depression, only worse. The country's capitalists
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