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Musk Takes Stand Against ‘Extreme Violence,’
Anti-Semitism on X

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Posted By: Dreadnought, 11/21/2023 9:58:22 AM

Billionaire Elon Musk says “X,” formerly known as Twitter, will suspend any user who calls for the genocide of Jewish communities. “Yes, decolonization” necessarily implies a Jewish genocide, thus it is unacceptable to any reasonable person,” Musk tweeted on Nov. 15 in agreement with a tweet of editor and Manhattan Institute Fellow Colin Wright discussing the origin of the term. Musk was responding to a comment he made earlier last week when he said that the term “decolonization” implied Jewish genocide. “‘Decolonization’ is the woke version of jihad,

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Reply 1 - Posted by: TexaTucky 11/21/2023 10:26:40 AM (No. 1602544)
Shouldn't free speech mean free speech? Regardless of who's speeching it?
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Reply 2 - Posted by: Jesuslover54 11/21/2023 10:52:51 AM (No. 1602557)
Gimme a break! Decolonization is the equivalent of "fire" in a crowded theater.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: TexaTucky 11/21/2023 11:42:25 AM (No. 1602580)
So when they're triggered by our words, they're snowflakes. But when we're triggered by theirs, it's fire in a crowded theater?
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Smoke bombs thrown at AIPAC president's home 1 reply
Posted by Dreadnought 11/24/2023 9:59:35 AM Post Reply
Smoke bombs and red paint were thrown at the California home of Michael Tuchin, the President of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), during a protest by anti-Israel demonstrators. The protest occurred at Tuchin's home in Brentwood, California. Protestors wore black masks and hoods and called Tuchin a "baby killer." "AIPAC spends tens of millions to control members of Congress who support genocide," the protesters shouted. Neighbors outraged at the vandalism and disruption confronted the protestors, leading to clashes which ended with the intervention of the police.
First group of Israel hostages with Red
Cross, making way out of Gaza – Israeli official
2 replies
Posted by Dreadnought 11/24/2023 9:47:53 AM Post Reply
The first group of Israeli hostages are now in the hands of the staff of the International Committee for Red Cross and are in ambulances on the way from Khan Younis in southern Gaza to the Rafah crossing into Israel, an Israeli official says. The families of the hostages are on their way to hospitals in Israel, where they are to be reunited later. Today’s release of 13 hostages — mothers and children — is the first of four expected stages. Hamas has agreed to release some 50 hostages over the four days of the truce with Israel — all children, mothers and other women. The sides
Report: CNBC Eliminates Climate Desk,
No More Dedicated Staff Covering Climate Change
18 replies
Posted by Dreadnought 11/24/2023 12:08:23 AM Post Reply
CNBC has reportedly shut down its climate desk and will no longer have dedicated journalists covering climate change. The Comcast-owned business news cable network hasn’t publicly commented on the decision, which was first reported by Bloomberg Green journalist Akshat Rathi. Rathi cited a LinkedIn post by recently laid-off CNBC “climate innovation and technology” reporter Catherine Clifford, who recounted a conversation she had with her “editor’s boss.” “As part of wider newsroom headcount reductions, there would no longer be any staff at CNBC dedicated to covering climate, this boss said,” Clifford wrote. ” The climate desk was being dismantled and my position covering climate tech and innovation
IDF Arrests Director of Shifa Hospital
over Evidence of Terror at Facility
5 replies
Posted by Dreadnought 11/24/2023 12:06:29 AM Post Reply
The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) arrested Mohammad Abu Salmiya, the director of the Shifa Hospital in Gaza City, in connection with an ongoing terror investigation, as he attempted to evacuate to the southern Gaza Strip along a humanitarian corridor. In recent days, the IDF uncovered the terror tunnels beneath the hospital, which had tapped into the hospital’s own electricity and water supplies. The IDF also concluded that soldier Noa Marciano, who was taken captive by the Palestinian Hamas terror organization on October 7, had been murdered in the hospital. The IDF also discovered surveillance footage of other hostages being moved through the hospital by armed Hamas terrorists
Hamas admits it has no idea how many hostages
it has -- because plenty are held by actual criminals
9 replies
Posted by Dreadnought 11/23/2023 10:07:07 AM Post Reply
Amid all of Hamas's bluster and gun-waving as a bigshot military organization taking on the Israeli war machine, negotiations for its hostages have revealed that actually, Hamas isn't quite sure how many hostages it's holding, owing to the fact that actual criminals are holding some of them. What? What is Israel dealing with here? According to Axios: [Hamas leader in Gaza, Yahya ] Sinwar has agreed in principle to increase the number of women and children who will be released under the two-phase deal to more than the 50 he originally agreed to, according to two of the sources. But Sinwar is demanding that Israel halt its aerial surveillance
Kentucky train derailment causes chemical
spill, forces evacuations
16 replies
Posted by Dreadnought 11/23/2023 1:01:08 AM Post Reply
A train derailed and spilled chemicals in a remote part of eastern Kentucky on Wednesday, prompting officials to encourage residents of a small town to evacuate. Gov. Andy Beshear said in a statement that local officials in Rockcastle County were encouraging residents of Livingston, with a population of about 200, to evacuate. In a news release, railroad operator CSX said that the derailment occurred a little before 2:30 p.m. local time north of Livingston and involved at least 16 cars. Two cars containing sulfur were "breached" and some of the sulfur caught fire, CSX said, indicting that sulfur dioxide gas was being released into the air.
Watch: IDF Releases Extensive Footage
of Hamas Tunnels Under Hospital—Bathrooms,
Weapons, Even A/C
8 replies
Posted by Dreadnought 11/23/2023 12:56:02 AM Post Reply
Stunning video posted to social media by Israel Defense Forces shows extensive Hamas tunnels underneath the Shifa Hospital complex, complete with air conditioning, bathrooms, and large caches of weapons. In the first clip, a young soldier faces the camera and says the footage proves that Hamas used the hospital as a terrorism base: We just entered the Shifa Complex. Behind me is the wall that guards it... ...we're here to see the tunnels and to go inside. What they discovered here in the last 48 hours is baffling and just more evidence that Hamas uses this place as a command and control Center and is a terrorist hub underneath this hospital.
Anti-Racists Dropped by CAA Over Anti-Semitic Comments 3 replies
Posted by Dreadnought 11/23/2023 12:43:31 AM Post Reply
On November 13, Saira Rao announced that she and her business partner Regina Jackson had been dropped by their agency for “denouncing genocide.” In case you’re not familiar with Rao and Jackson, they are the duo who started Race2Dinner, a private dinner party for white women who wanted to be called racist by two genuine BIPOCs for $5,000. I wrote about them back in 2021 and here’s how their grift was described at the time. Jackson and Rao ask guests to describe racist things they’ve recently done and press them on any evasions. Often the examples that emerge involve silence: failing to speak up or
The federal government and states have
the power to go after rampant antisemitism
4 replies
Posted by Dreadnought 11/23/2023 12:29:05 AM Post Reply
What to do with the Jew-haters who walk among us? They fall into two broad categories: non-citizens and citizens, and the answer depends on the category into which they fall. For the non-citizen category, Newt Gingrich writes, “Americans overwhelmingly believe that activities designed to intimidate or frighten Jewish Americans can be punished legally (66 percent to 17 percent)” and “By 66 percent to 22 percent, Americans would deport non-citizens who publicly support the killing of Jews or support Hamas or other terrorist organizations.” Newt calls upon Congress to enact legislation that mandates deportation. As for the citizen category, when it comes to our mostly home-grown
WaPo: Immigration Polling Looks Bad, So
Maybe Dems Should Change Policy
13 replies
Posted by Dreadnought 11/23/2023 12:27:06 AM Post Reply
Either having open borders is a good public policy or it isn’t. At least in my simpleminded view people whose job it is to set policy should do so based on what is good for the country. That’s not how Aaron Blake of the Washington Post sees things, at least from his point of view as a political analyst. For him, it is all about the polling. Democrats could get away with open borders while the Democrat base was OK with it. But now that Democrats don’t care for it, it may be time to change policies. At least he is open about it; Democrats can harm the country all they want until
Netherlands election: Populist Geert Wilders
claims victory - but it is very unlikely
he will become prime minister
8 replies
Posted by Dreadnought 11/23/2023 12:24:03 AM Post Reply
Geert Wilders, one of Europe's most prominent, controversial and inflammatory populist politicians, is heading for victory in the Dutch general election. Mr Wilders, leader of the Freedom Party (PVV), is predicted to win 35 seats in the 150-seat Dutch parliament - the best result in a political career that spans decades largely spent berating Islam and mainstream politicians. "The PVV can no longer be ignored," he said in the wake of victory. "We will govern." The left-wing coalition led by Frans Timmermans is predicted to come second with 25 seats while the VVD, which has led the government for the past 13 years under the leadership of outgoing prime minister
‘No Sign of Terrorist Activity’ in
Vehicle Explosion at U.S.-Canada Border,
Hochul Says
28 replies
Posted by Dreadnought 11/22/2023 9:19:54 PM Post Reply
The vehicle explosion that occurred near a U.S.-Canada border crossing Thursday afternoon is not believed to be the result of terrorism, New York governor Kathy Hochul said early Wednesday evening. Two passengers are reported dead after a vehicle exploded near the Rainbow Bridge border crossing separating the United States from Canada. A border agent was also reportedly injured in the attack. Sources told Reuters that it is now likely believed that the blast was the result of reckless driving, contrary to earlier assessments of a terrorist attack initially reported by Fox News.
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Open Borders Lobby: Americans Should ‘Open
Up Their Homes’ to Illegal Aliens This Thanksgiving
29 replies
Posted by mc squared 11/23/2023 1:50:03 PM Post Reply
In Massachusetts, where the first Thanksgiving is considered to have been celebrated, Americans are being urged by one of the nation’s leading open borders groups to “open up their homes” to border crossers and illegal aliens. While tens of thousands of border crossers and illegal aliens continue flocking to the sanctuary state of Massachusetts — which now offers driver’s licenses to those in the United States illegally — Jewish Family Services is asking residents to consider bringing new arrivals into their homes. /snip/ The request comes as the state of Massachusetts has reached capacity in terms of being able to house border crossers and illegal aliens,
Report: Andrew Cuomo Considering Running
for Mayor of New York City as Eric Adams Implodes
28 replies
Posted by Imright 11/23/2023 5:28:36 AM Post Reply
Former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is reportedly considering a run for mayor of New York as current Mayor Eric Adams is falling apart in the polls. New Yorkers are outraged by proposed cuts to services from Adams as the city struggles with a massive influx of illegal border crossers. The funny thing is that even though Cuomo resigned under disgraceful circumstances, he would probably have a shot in this race. Politico reports: Cuomo weighs run for NYC mayor amid Adams’ woes
Kathy Griffin Says She Meows Like a Cat,
Moos Like a Cow to Deal With Her Trump-Induced PTSD
25 replies
Posted by Beardo 11/24/2023 10:56:27 AM Post Reply
Kathy Griffin says she meows like a cat and moos like a cow during yoga in order to deal with her Trump-induced PTSD. (snip) The comedian explained that she makes animal noises while doing the cat and cow poses during yoga. (snip) As Breitbart News reported, Griffin announced in 2021 that she had been diagnosed with lung cancer, and had to undergo surgery to remove half a lung.
Chevrolet Has a New Christmas Ad, and
Break Out the Tissues, It's Wonderful
25 replies
Posted by ladydawgfan 11/24/2023 6:20:16 AM Post Reply
Two years ago, my colleague Joe Cunningham wrote about the beautiful ad that Chevrolet did for Christmas with a man who is sad at the holidays because his wife has died. The daughter then lovingly has the wife's car -- which is under wraps in the barn, unused for a while -- restored, unbeknownst to the father, to surprise him and bring back those memories of the love of his wife he so misses. “It’s what mom would’ve wanted,” the daughter says. It was a wonderful ad, at a time during the pandemic when we'd been through so much with lockdowns and a change in society and the White House,
Pro-Palestinian Protesters Disrupt Macy’s
Thanksgiving Day Parade, Glue Themselves
to 6th Avenue
23 replies
Posted by Imright 11/23/2023 2:36:17 PM Post Reply
A cadre of pro-Palestinian activists disrupted the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade when they covered themselves in fake blood and glued themselves to the middle of 6th Avenue. “Several protesters — wearing white jumpsuits with protest slogans and already splattered with red — interrupted the floats and balloons just before 11 a.m., forcing the parade to be halted,” noted the New York Post.“They walked 6th Avenue with large signs including ‘Liberation for Palestine and Planet,’ a message they also chanted,” it added. “Several then pretended to be dead on the ground as others walked around pouring fake blood over them and the road —
Far-Left Nation Debates Whether U.S. Should
Abolish or ‘Decolonize’ Thanksgiving:
Americans Can ‘Give Thanks by Giving
Land Back’
22 replies
Posted by Imright 11/24/2023 9:10:21 AM Post Reply
The Nation is honoring this year’s Thanksgiving by featuring a debate over whether America should keep celebrating the national holiday or not. One side is claiming it is “steeped in colonialism, violence, and misrepresentation” and needs to be “decolonized,” while the other goes further, describing Thanksgiving as a “lie” that should be completely abolished and replaced with a “Truthsgiving,” where Americans can “give thanks by… giving land back.” The essay, titled “Should America Keep Celebrating Thanksgiving?” and published in the left-wing magazine’s latest issue, details the positions of Lakota Chef Sean Sherman,
In a political shift to the far right,
anti-Islam populist Geert Wilders wins
big in Dutch election
22 replies
Posted by FlyRight 11/24/2023 4:12:23 AM Post Reply
Anti-Islam populist Geert Wilders said Thursday that he is ready to join the next Dutch coalition government after he surged to a huge election victory that marked a stunning lurch to the far right for a nation once famed as a beacon of tolerance. The result is sending shockwaves through Europe, where extremist nationalist ideology is putting pressure on democracies that now face the possibility of having to deal with the first far-right prime minister of the Netherlands. “It is going to happen that the PVV is in the next Cabinet,” Wilders said, using the Dutch abbreviation for his Party for Freedom.
Ex-CIA Director Michael Hayden Smears
Patriotic American Christians: ‘No Different’
from Hamas Terrorists
22 replies
Posted by Imright 11/23/2023 6:08:34 PM Post Reply
Former NSA and CIA chief Michael Hayden, who has fashioned a post-government career attacking and censoring conservatives, is spending his Thanksgiving week smearing patriotic American Christians who own firearms, claiming they are “no different” from Hamas terrorists. On Wednesday, Michael Hayden responded to a post on X that juxtaposed two photos: one of a woman holding an American flag, Bible, and handgun; the other of Palestinian terrorist Reem Riyashi, who killed herself along with four Israelis in a 2004 suicide bombing that was claimed by Hamas and the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade. “No different at all,” Hayden chimed in.
Now Big Brother Wants to Control the Gas
Pedal in Your Car
21 replies
Posted by ladydawgfan 11/24/2023 5:11:17 AM Post Reply
‘Fully prevent drivers from exceeding the speed limit’ Just when you thought there were no parts of your life not already under the thumb of the federal government, a new idea emerges. This time it comes from the National Transportation Safety Board and it involves outsiders having control of the gas pedal in your car. While you’re driving, of course. The proposal from the NTSB is to install “intelligent speed assistance” tech in all cars, a system that uses a car’s GPS location and local speed limit postings “to help ensure safe and legal speeds.” What the NTSB wants is to require systems that “warn” when a driver is speeding,
New York City Mayor Eric Adams denies
1993 sexual assault and says he doesn't
know who the accuser is
21 replies
Posted by Imright 11/23/2023 9:49:21 AM Post Reply
City Hall is pushing back against a sexual assault claim against Mayor Eric Adams, insisting he does not even know his accuser. The unidentified female accuser filed a summons in civil court late last night, accusing Adams of sexually assaulting her in 1993 when they were both working for the city. It was first reported by The Messenger. At the time, Adams was 33 and working as a captain within the NYPD. Details of the allegations have not yet been made public but a City Hall spokesperson told The New York Post today Adams doesn't know the woman. 'If they ever met, he doesn't recall it,' they said.
‘Impeccable’: Investigators Reveal
Details on Brothel Ring Serving Politicians,
Military Officials
20 replies
Posted by Imright 11/24/2023 1:05:10 AM Post Reply
Federal investigators have released further details on a network of “sophisticated high-end brothels” that serviced politicians, military officials, and government contractors, revealing that the alleged ringleaders kept “impeccable” records of their million-dollar operation. The prostitution ring was busted earlier this month by the Department of Justice (DOJ), with three Korean nationals arrested for their alleged roles in orchestrating the criminal network. Han Lee, 41, James Lee, 68, and Junmyung Lee, 30, “walked through the border safeguards that have been relaxed by President Joe Biden’s border chief, Alejandro Mayorkas,” Breitbart News reported after their arrests on November 8.
ABC News: Thanksgiving Dinner ‘Could
Soon Become Another Victim’ of Climate Change
19 replies
Posted by Imright 11/23/2023 9:06:31 PM Post Reply
Thanksgiving “could soon become another victim of climate change,” a recent report by ABC News warned. The report said rising temperatures “threaten the abundance and quality” of ingredients that make up a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. “As a result, these essential food items could become increasingly scarce and more expensive, potentially forcing families to omit or make substitutions in key recipes on their Thanksgiving menus,” the report said.
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