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Rutte’s Dutch Government Has Collapsed:
Here Is What’s Next

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Posted By: FlyRight, 7/10/2023 5:45:59 AM

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s government abruptly collapsed on Friday amid infighting over migration policy. Rutte, who’s led the Netherlands since 2010, effectively brought his fourth administration to an end after he gave his coalition partners an ultimatum to limit the right to family reunions for refugees from war zones. The coalition partners — Rutte’s VVD, the Christian Democrats, progressive D66 and the smaller Christian Union — had been in talks over asylum policy for weeks. Though they were close to a deal, the conflict escalated Wednesday when Rutte abruptly introduced non-negotiable demands. The troubles snowballed from there.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: Venturer 7/10/2023 7:11:27 AM (No. 1509556)
They will be sorry they got rid of Ruttes.
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Zelensky slams Biden’s ‘unprecedented
and absurd’ stance on NATO membership
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Posted by FlyRight 7/11/2023 12:15:48 PM Post Reply
VILNIUS, Lithuania — Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky tore into NATO leaders including President Biden on Tuesday for not extending membership to his war-torn country — introducing fresh diplomatic drama into the annual gathering of the military alliance’s leaders. Zelensky slammed the reticence as “weakness” and “absurd” just moments after Biden referred to the development of new non-public language laying out steps for NATO ascension.
Watch: Vivek Ramaswamy Has Terrific Response
to Disruptive Woman at Town Hall
23 replies
Posted by FlyRight 7/11/2023 12:13:59 PM Post Reply
A lot of politicians talk about free speech. But then you wonder if they genuinely even understand the concept. Particularly those on the liberal side of the aisle who seem all too cool with trying to shut down free speech on social media. The Biden team got shut down for their efforts at censorship in a landmark free speech case. But as we saw, they’re still trying to appeal that in court. They got smacked down again on Monday when the judge denied the Biden team’s motion to stay the injunction against the efforts at censorship pending the appeal.
Thailand’s prime minister, who seized
power in a 2014 coup, quits politics after
losing election
2 replies
Posted by FlyRight 7/11/2023 12:10:00 PM Post Reply
BANGKOK  — Thailand’s Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha, who served almost nine years in office after seizing power in a 2014 military coup, said Tuesday that he is leaving politics. His announcement came after the political party for which he served as a prime minister candidate this year finished fifth in May’s general election, capturing just 36 seats in the 500-member House of Representatives. Prayuth, 69, a former army commander, made the announcement on the Facebook page of Ruam Thai Sang Chart, or the United Thai Nation Party. He had been their nominee to return as prime minister.
Want better governance? Then improve the
way we hire politicians
5 replies
Posted by FlyRight 7/11/2023 12:07:56 PM Post Reply
There has been a lot of aggressive politicking around election policies over the past few years. From sea to shining sea there have been battles over voting by mail, voter identification rules and the like. For the most part, these have been partisan fights. Democrats cry out for loosening rules to make voting easier, and Republicans try to tighten them. Sure, the contestants often speak in lofty terms about their aims, but their motivations are plain. Each party wants to adjust the rules in ways they believe will increase their odds of winning. This is nothing new in American politics. The March 26, 1812,
Victor Davis Hanson: Democrats and the
Media Are Starting to See the Bidens as
a Liability (VIDEO)
11 replies
Posted by FlyRight 7/11/2023 8:31:53 AM Post Reply
Victor Davis Hanson recently appeared on FOX News and talked about how strange it is that the Biden White House keeps Hunter Biden in the spotlight despite all the problems and scandals he brings with him. He also notes that for the first time in the past few weeks, we have seen journalists asking real questions about Hunter and how his scandals relate to Joe and the Biden family. He suggests that people on the left are starting to see the Bidens as a liability. Transcript via Real Clear Politics:
There are ways to stop voter fraud that
uses undelivered ballots
9 replies
Posted by FlyRight 7/11/2023 8:29:18 AM Post Reply
Jay Valentine makes a strong case that ballots should not be mailed out to addresses for which mail cannot be delivered (vacant lots), at which voters cannot reside (commercial or industrial addresses), or where mail cannot be accurately delivered (apartment or dorm buildings with no apartment number or dorm room number.) He recommends purifying voter rolls so that ballots will not be mailed out to addresses where mail cannot be delivered or voters cannot live. This can be done by compiling the Undeliverable Ballot Database (UBD)
U.S. Soldier Pleads Guilty To Terrorism,
But The Full Story Is Far More Treasonous
10 replies
Posted by FlyRight 7/11/2023 8:22:30 AM Post Reply
On June 14, U.S. Army Private First-Class Cole James Bridges of Ohio pleaded guilty to terrorism and attempted murder charges of helping the terrorist group ISIS kill his comrades on the battlefields in Iraq and Syria during 2020 and 2021. This plea triggered the usual perfunctory dance between uninspired government press release writers and disinterested journalists keener on a white supremacy terrorism case. But before yet another Islamic terrorism prosecution passes with no public contemplation, the story of Bridges as detailed in the court files demands a pause for telling because the death penalty-deserving high treason for which this turncoat was not charged blew far past tolerance norms.
What Trump's Legal Team Just Filed Might
Not Please Special Counsel Jack Smith
6 replies
Posted by FlyRight 7/11/2023 8:17:50 AM Post Reply
It’s news that no one wants to hear regarding the trial over the alleged mishandling of classified materials by Donald Trump. It’s the second indictment slapped against the former president, with the first being related to Trump's hush money agreement with ex-porn star Stormy Daniels. That legal entanglement is a circus drenched in partisan politics. The legalese etched in the Daniels indictment brought forward by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg is viewed as exceptionally shoddy, but there will be a trial next year, nonetheless. That’s the point: damaging Trump through death-by-a-thousand legal cuts could work.
Supreme Court Delivered on Workplace Religious
Accommodation. It's Up to Employers to Respond
3 replies
Posted by FlyRight 7/11/2023 8:16:32 AM Post Reply
With major rulings on affirmative action, student loan “forgiveness,” and free speech, it’s safe to say the most recent term at the U.S. Supreme Court ended with a bang. But among the fireworks at the high court, it would be easy to underestimate the importance of the court’s unanimous ruling in Groff v. DeJoy. That ruling requires employers to provide stronger religious accommodations in the workplace for employees of all faiths under a federal law known as Title VII. In 2012, Gerald Groff was hired by the United States Postal Service as a mail carrier—a position which, at the time,
GOP battle brews over defense bill as
McCarthy under pressure to appease the
right on social issues
4 replies
Posted by FlyRight 7/11/2023 6:23:55 AM Post Reply
House GOP leaders are confronting a legislative landmine over a massive defense bill as right-wing lawmakers are pushing for a slew of hot button amendments that could put moderate Republicans in a complicated position and threaten Democratic support for the must-pass bill. The lawmakers are demanding amendment votes this week on a wide-range of controversial issues – everything ranging from abortion to transgender rights to diversity programs at the Pentagon – and are even privately warning that they could scuttle the defense bill on the first procedural vote if they don’t get their way.
France Is Facing An Immigration Crisis,
Not A ‘George Floyd Moment’
16 replies
Posted by FlyRight 7/10/2023 6:15:37 AM Post Reply
France is on fire again. For over a week, rioters in urban centers across the country have looted and torched stores, public buildings, and vehicles. French law enforcement has cracked down on the destruction, arresting thousands of the rioters. The death of Algerian 17-year-old Nahel Merzouk triggered the riots, after police shot him. The corporate media have done their best to stress that Merzouk was a generally good kid who didn’t have a criminal record, liked to play rugby, and was studying to become an electrician. Yet he attended a school for troubled kids.
Latin American Countries Reject EU’s
Stance on Ukraine Help, Pushback Against
Environmental Rules for Trade Deal –
Demands for Reparations for Slavery Bring
Discord Ahead of Summit
11 replies
Posted by FlyRight 7/10/2023 6:12:50 AM Post Reply
33 Latin American and Caribbean heads of States (from CELAC group) will travel to Brussels for the 17-18 July Summit with the 27 United Europe members. But the historical upcoming CELAC-EU summit is facing an unexpected amount of discord over a range of issues, most notably the stance on the war on Ukraine. That the two groups are not seeing eye-to-eye in this issue has become clear after the dispute over the attendance of Ukraine’s President Zelensky, who was invited by Spain, only to be ‘uninvited’ after heavy pushback from Latin American leaders.
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Report: 40% of Brown University Students
Identify as LGBTQQIAAP2S+
36 replies
Posted by Imright 7/10/2023 9:15:02 AM Post Reply
The number of students who identify as LGBTQI+ at Brown University stands at just under 40% of the total enrollment, the institution’s Brown Daily Herald reports. Latest data outlines between 2010 and 2023, identification as LGBTQI+ has almost tripled among the student body at the Providence, Rhode Island, university (from 14 percent in 2010 saying they were not heterosexual to 38 percent now).“The Herald’s Spring 2023 poll found that 38% of students do not identify as straight — over five times the national rate ,” student newspaper reported. “Over the past decade, LGBTQ+ identification has increased across the nation, with especially sharp growth at Brown.”
Pence says some 'just don't understand'
why we must endlessly support Ukraine
30 replies
Posted by Dreadnought 7/10/2023 5:18:27 PM Post Reply
Former Vice President Mike Pence remains committed to doling out military aid for Ukraine against Russia’s invasion if he wins the presidency in 2024. He isn’t very good at explaining why voters should agree with him. The Associated Press interviewed Pence about the “call for limited military assistance to Ukraine” from former President Donald Trump and Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL), his top GOP rivals. “With all due respect,” he said, “I think the former president and the governor of Florida just don’t understand Americans’ national interest in supporting the Ukrainian military in repelling the Russian military in Ukraine.”
Nikki Hiltz dedicates USATF Championships
win to transgender supporters: ‘LGBTQ
community needed a win’
25 replies
Posted by AltaD 7/10/2023 9:01:12 AM Post Reply
The dream season for Nikki Hiltz continued on Saturday when the runner took first place in the women’s 1500-meter race at the 2023 USATF Championships. The surging runner, who identified as transgender nonbinary in 2021, isn’t just winning for them. They said it was a win for the transgender community, too. “It was awesome,” Hiltz said after the win. “I think there’s so much hate right now, and specifically the bills being passed for trans youth. I feel like the LGBTQ community needed a win and there’s so many things that go through your mind in the race, and for whatever reason that was kind of in the back of my mind.”
Video: King Charles Leads Confused Biden
Around at Windsor Castle Ceremony
24 replies
Posted by earlybird 7/10/2023 5:46:56 PM Post Reply
President Joe Biden called in on King Charles III at Windsor Castle on Monday on his way to this week’s NATO summit, being treated to tea and talk on climate change. The U.S. leader was met with a parade and band at Windsor Castle on Monday afternoon, (snip) Biden appeared transfixed for a moment when he received a traditional sword salute presenting of arms from an officer of the Guards (snip) leaving Britain’s King Charles having to work to regain the President’s attention. Appearing confused, or even consciously ignoring Charles III, Biden seemed to be trying to engage the guardsman in conversation.
White House has STILL not named the cocaine
culprit a week after drugs were discovered:
Pressure grows on Secret Service to track
down suspect as Biden administration keeps
changing stories
24 replies
Posted by Imright 7/10/2023 12:41:51 PM Post Reply
More than a week after the Secret Service discovered cocaine at the White House it appears Americans are no closer to receiving answers on how the illicit drug made its way into one of the most secure areas in the U.S. What former officials told is a 'straightforward' investigation has now entered its second week and the White House continues to brush off questions on the incident as President Joe Biden left the country Sunday for meetings in London ahead of the NATO Summit in Lithuania. The White House evacuated with a hazmat situation last Sunday, July 2 when a uniformed USSS agent found cocaine in a lockbox
Watch: Vivek Ramaswamy Has Terrific Response
to Disruptive Woman at Town Hall
23 replies
Posted by FlyRight 7/11/2023 12:13:59 PM Post Reply
A lot of politicians talk about free speech. But then you wonder if they genuinely even understand the concept. Particularly those on the liberal side of the aisle who seem all too cool with trying to shut down free speech on social media. The Biden team got shut down for their efforts at censorship in a landmark free speech case. But as we saw, they’re still trying to appeal that in court. They got smacked down again on Monday when the judge denied the Biden team’s motion to stay the injunction against the efforts at censorship pending the appeal.
Social media goes wild after Biden appears
to be wearing NO socks with his Skechers
before boarding Air Force One for NATO summit
23 replies
Posted by Imright 7/10/2023 12:15:19 PM Post Reply
Social media went into meltdown after Biden wore Skechers without socks before boarding Air Force One for the NATO summit. The 80-year-old was dressed in a button down shirt, suit jacket and sleek pants as he approached the plane but he didn't appear to be wearing socks with his slip-on Skechers. The move left many on social media divided, with hundreds of commenters explaining that the shoes are a breathable material and are meant to be worn without socks. Others said the president could have been wearing no-shows.
NBC's Todd: GOP Ugly for Pointing Out
Biden Ignores 7th Grandkid
23 replies
Posted by Imright 7/10/2023 8:52:44 AM Post Reply
On Sunday's NBC Meet the Press, moderator Chuck Todd took issue with Republicans criticizing Joe Biden for refusing to acknowledge his seventh grandchild who his son and well-known drug addict Hunter had with a stripper out of wedlock. To Todd, the issue was not that the Biden family have shunned to poor little girl that Hunter and the stripper had together, it's Republicans who are the villains of the story in Todd's delusional mind. "I think we all understand the personal challenge and concern and all of these things that the President has here, but his political foes see this and they're trying to exploit," Todd lashed out
Biden lets American military info slip
during live interview, sparking backlash
23 replies
Posted by Imright 7/10/2023 2:14:42 AM Post Reply
President Biden sat down for a recent interview in which he said the United States is low on 155 mm artillery ammunition rounds, sparking outrage and questions of competency from conservatives on social media. During the interview, which aired Sunday morning, Biden defended his administration for sending cluster munitions to Ukraine as a "transition period" until more munitions are produced. "This is a war relating to munitions. And they’re running out of that ammunition, and we’re low on it," Biden told CNN's Fareed Zakaria. "And so, what I finally did, I took the recommendation of the Defense Department to – not permanently – but to allow for this transition period
Vivek Ramaswamy's Soros connection 21 replies
Posted by earlybird 7/11/2023 1:59:11 PM Post Reply
To me, voting records are the best indicators. I knew exactly who Mitt Romney and Ted Cruz were when they ran for president(snip)Without voting records, candidates can say anything they wish, without a single vote to prove anything. This is the political unknown where Vivek Ramaswamy comes from.(snip) there are serious red flags that attach him to Soros. In 2011, Ramaswamy was the beneficiary of the Soros Fellowship, which was used help cover the costs at Yale for a future law degree. His connection to anything Soros related raises serious red flags, especially with Ramaswamy never bringing up that connection.
Joe Biden Meets with King Charles at Windsor
Castle – Can Barely Walk
20 replies
Posted by Imright 7/10/2023 10:46:14 AM Post Reply
On Monday Joe Biden met with King Charles at Windsor Castle. Joe Biden was visibly struggling to walk with Charles. The fake news media continues to push the joke that Joe Biden is in charge of the United States. This is the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on the American people. (Tweet/Video) This comes after Joe Biden was spotted shuffling through the sand on the Rehoboth beach in Delaware on Saturday — and nobody cared.
Republicans roll out new national voting
law, warn Americans to watch out for Democrat deception
19 replies
Posted by Imright 7/11/2023 1:00:47 AM Post Reply
ATLANTA – House Republicans have introduced a bill aimed at securing election integrity across the country while also issuing a stark warning to Americans to watch out for possible Democrat deception surrounding the legislation. Five Republican members of the Committee on House Administration (CHA) held a press conference at the famous Marietta Diner near Atlanta on Monday to officially roll out the American Confidence in Elections (ACE) Act, something they say will give states the tools they need to not only protect the integrity of their elections, but also restore voter confidence in the elections process. The bill includes a photo ID requirement to cast a federal election ballot, bars non-citizens
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